Parker and Stacy(s)

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(Warning...I took this in a dark direction but only for this chapter...Readers descretion is advised)

The beautiful redhead stood there with a curious smile on her face. She wore tight blue jeans with a simple black T-shirt and a dark brown leather jacket, her hair was tied in cute braid, she had a curious smile on her face,

 “You better have an explanation as to why you wanted to meet up at someone else’s home Mr.Parker” said Natasha with a smirk, Peter smiled at her as he motioned for her to come in which she did, and he slapped her ass as she walked past him and she turned with a smile on her face,

 “You can’t go a day without doing that can you?” She asked him as he put an arm around her shoulders and walked her to the table,Natasha smiled at him and chuckled,

 “What is this?” She asked and he guided her to her seat and pulled it out for her, she chuckled as she sat while he pushed the seat it, he sat opposite of her with a smile,

Well…I figured you’d probably spend Christmas Eve on your own since…the other life has a price..” he started and she looked at him with curious eyes yet yearning for him as he placed his hand on hers, 

 “and I didn’t want you to be alone tonight…or any other night you can have someone by your side…I’d like to be that person Natasha” he said with a soft voice and Natasha blushed and she actually had tears building in her eyes…she pulled her hand away and looked away from Peter,

 “I can’t….I can’t keep doing this…you’re a kid and I’m an international operative who basically handles assassinations and espionage missions that at times included…seducing certain targets…I have…problems…with this type of….you don’t want to he involved with me Peter” Natasha said while looking out the window that allowed a view of the city skyscrapers in the winter night as it gently snowed. She got up and was heading for the door,

 “Then let’s fight” Peter said out of nowhere and Nat stopped in her tracks and turned around,

 “What?” She asked with a confused eyes but with a mocking smirk,Peter stood up and talked as he walked to her,

 “You still have to evaluate my skills right? So test me, and winner take all…if you win, I’ll do whatever you want…and If i win….you have to birth my child” he said with a amusing smirk….but then a second later she had pounced on him…pinned him with her thighs and legs…and was repeatedly punching his face and abdomen…hard and furiously…he could barely see her through the incredible flashes of her fist hitting him square in the face….and he couldn't move…but he could hear her panting and grunting angrily,

 “YOU BASTARD, HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT TO ME WHEN I…AHHH I’LL KILL YOU” she yelled as all he could do was just lay there and took the beating as she kept grunting…she stopped after a whole 2 minutes and dropped him as she had been holding him up by gripping his T-Shirt and she calmed herself down…she looked at what she had done with tears in her eyes…Peter just looked at her through bruised eyes…his nose was defiantly broken..and he knows he swallowed a tooth at some point,but he knew his healing will work by morning so ne didn’t care…but he wanted to know what caused that reaction, he struggled to get up…when Natasha helped him up and they gently walked to the sofa arms interlocked, Peter sat with a hiss and Nat sat next to him with red teary eyes,

 “I can’t have kids” she said plainly and Peter felt the avalanche of shame and guilt in his bones..and his soul…he sighed deeply and saldy,

“Natasha…I didn’t know…I’m so sorry” he said truthfully and she looked at him with a tear going down one eye as she had a small understanding smile on her face,

“I know you wouldn't have even mentioned the subject if you knew” she said and then she got up and went to the kitchen for a moment and came back with a bowl of hot water and some rags for his face,

 “Sorry I lost it there…it’s been years since the mention of kids has been made towards me…last time I kinda put the individual in a body cast for several months” she said as she began to clean his face from the blood, he winced slightly and she kissed his neck softly as a apology, she looked deep into his brown eyes,

 “Can I ask….no nevermind forget I said that” Peter said quickly but she sighed softly as she kept cleaning his face,

 “Years ago…when I was a teenager…and in training for…well some bad people… they performed some kind of chemical procedure in their female operatives…to prevent us from having….something to leave the life for” she said with hesitation remembering the events of her teen years,being in a hospital gown..being rolled down a dark hallway…she remembers her eyes watering back then at the sight of a red door..where the women would lose their chance to become mothers. She pushed her mind off it and she was done wiping the blood from his face and kissed his cheek with a smile and Peter chuckled at that,

 “You’re so strange…a super spy who beat the crud out of me is now cleaning my face while kissing my neck” he said with humor and she matched his humorous face with a smile..then she leaned in and kissed his lips, it started slow..then she pushed herself deeper into his mouth while her hands caressed his face while his went to her hair and back,

 “Are we alone?” Natasha asked in a whisper with low eyes as her lips hovered over his and he smiled slightly with low eyes too,

 “Everyone’s asleep…we can take the bedroom if we’re quiet” he answered through her eyes narrowed at him,

 “What if I want to be…loud..?” She asked in a daring tone with a small smirk on her lips and he gave her a chaste kiss,

 “Then I guess it’ll be a challenge for the infamous Black Widow: can she resist her screams of passion brought on by her lover” he said in a mock announcement tone which made the red head giggle, a sound the world rarely heard, and she smiled at him,

“So…you’re my lover now are you, quite the proclamation to make Mr.Parker” Natasha said in a soft tone as she gently sat on his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck while be put his hands on her sexy thighs in the tight blue fabric,

 “I better be….I won’t let anyone else have you Natasha” he said with confidence and she kissed him hard which he gleefully returned..she pulled back and looked at him through heated eyes,

“Let’s see who will scream first” she said with a smile and she got up, offered him her hand which he took, and she walked him down the hallway into Helen’s room while adding sway to her hips as she walked ahead of him while never letting go of his hand..he loved watching that ass swing side to side with her smooth legs and hips. They walked past Gwen’s closed door and went into Helen’s bedroom…they entered and she closed the door gently then turned to face him..she put her hands on his shoulders and sat him on the bed…Peter had a smile on his face when she slowly, and seductively, removed her leather jacket…then her hands went to her shirt and pulled it off…her body with clear toned abs on her abdomen which only made her more desirable with her breasts in a black lace bra…they looked at each other with desire in their eyes…

 Then her hands went to her jeans..Peter had removed his own shirt and was removing his pants while he watched Natasha give him a loving smile while her hands lowered the tight material down her powerful toned legs. She kicked her jeans away and she just stood there in front of him in black lace bra and panties..she had a nervous look on her face, Peter held out his hand as he sat on the bed in his boxers..Natasha gently took his hand and he pulled her she was standing right in front of him,her hands on his shoulders while his were on her hips..he looked right at her toned abdomen, he sighed as he kissed her abs,

 “I’m glad you like them…most men are intimidated by them” Natasha said with a tone of humor while sighing at Peter’s soft kisses on her belly..he wrapped his arms around her waist while she hugged him to her body while caressing his head in her arms and hands, they just held each other and sighed happily,

 “You belong to me now…you’re aware of that right…you are mine…as I am yours Peter Parker” she said as she gently laid him on his back on the bed, she climbed onto him and straddled him..her thighs hugging his waist while her hands raked his chest while his hands traveled up her slender hips and waist. She leaned down, her fine body truly showing how curvy and flexible she is with her sweet smooth back and an ass to die for in black panties, he felt up her back as she meshed her lips with hers in soft passion while feeling up his chest with her hands..she let out a contentful moan when he gently carresed her buttcheeks with his hands..feeling every inch of her rear for memory to last with him forever…she cupped his cheeks as they kept kissing, she pushed her tongue into his mouth and now their tongues swirled in between their mouths, spit and saliva mixing together. His boxers had a major dent which rubbed on her already damp pussy covered in the black material..but something about this is different…it felt…lovely….like it felt with Gwen only more….poetic…two people living dual lives…one to play normal while the other brought danger and excitement…he knew she felt the same when she moved her lips from his mouth to his neck and collarbone ..she nipped his ear and he hissed while she let out a low cute giggle right at his ear,

 “My my…sensitive aren’t we…мой маленький паук” Peter moved his head to look at her with a curious smile while she grinned at him,

 “Russian is my native language….another secret is now yours Peter…Могу ли я доверять тебе, любимый?” She asked him in her sexy natural russian accent which made her voice sound more beautiful than it had already sounded in English, she was ready to say that she had asked him if she could trust him when…

 “Ты всегда можешь мне доверять наташа” Peter replied in Russian that she could always trust him. Natasha was stunned to hear Peter speak in perfect russian…her eyes began to water as she caressed his cheek with one hand while the other went to lower his boxers…she felt his hard rod on her belly as she laid on top of him..Peter let out a sigh and his fingers went to the band of her panties,

 “You are so…amazing” Peter said in a whisper as his fingers slowly lowered the black material down her rear…he could feel more and more exposed skin…then he felt her asscrack, he felt her bare buttcheek smoothly while she shifted to allow the panties to fall to the floor, their lips met in a soft kiss and Natasha sat up and her hands went around her back and unhooked her bra, she tossed it aside, she took Peter’s hands and guided them slowly up her belly,abdomen..then her breasts being held in each hand..Peter’s boxers had fallen off already so now…

 “Peter…this has to stay a secret…if anyone knew…we’d both be in danger” she said as she raised herself up and slowly her pussy lips and walls were invaded by his hot member…Peter and Natasha sighed at the feeling and he gripped her tits while she dragged her nails down scratching his chest. Now she’s bucking her hips into his rod at a fast pace, the bed was already creaking from their rocking as she scruntched her face to silence her moans while Peter gritted his teeth to quiet himself too..her hot wet walls sucked him up while her thighs and buttocks slid across his already sweating thighs making the friction faster..she raked her hands across his chest and now she’s bouncing on his rod and his hands went to her hips to pull her down as she went up…the bed was bouncing as hard as their rhythm and her ass slapped his thighs loudly while her tits swinged in the air since Peter had his hands on his face to focus on not cuming yet…Natasha really knew how to work it as she kept bouncing on him and he could hear low grunts in her throat as she kept going and had her eyes closed with her face red,sweaty, and scrunched since she too wanted their activity to last long and she has never experienced pleasure like this before in her life…she truly was addicted to this boy and she plans on keeping him close for when she needs a proper release. Natasha kept her pace as she bounced on him and he pulled her down hard making his full length strike into her and she groaned loudly in her throat and bent down to latch her lips on his..while her fine waist and hips kept grinding on his member while Peter gripped her jiggling ass with both hands and squeezed the smooth flesh..there was no molding since she was to toned and slender there was no extra skin..her skin was tight on her body which only made her ass and breasts more desirable knowing it's all her…their tongues danced in each other’s mouths..they moaned into each other’s mouths and Peter held her waist and he rolled them over so now he’s on top of her and Natasha instantly wrapped her legs around his back as well as her arms around his neck and moaned when he started to thrust into her at a faster speed than her grinding. Both sweating and panting lowly,the bed shaking, Peter’s hands were on the bed holding him up to have a better position to thrust and Natasha’s hands went to her mouth when she felt his spear strike her womb and he heard her muffled scream which made him go faster..and harder into her making her face red and more sweaty than fact they both were very sweaty to the point Peter was sliding in and out of her with ease and slick squish sounds sounding out of their groins. 

   Peter latched his mouth on her tit and bit her nipple hard…Natasha’s hand pushed against her mouth to silence her screams of pure pleasure as her walls were being rubbed vigorously by his long john, Peter kept his mouth on her tit and swirled his tongue around her hard nipples and sucked on the flesh and her cleavage like a baby would..Natasha responded by wrapping her arms around his head and held it to her tit,

 “Yes..Yes…worship my breasts…everyone does…I always feel their eyes on by breasts…then my ass…it’s how I was made by god” Natasha spoke in a egomaniac tone, she knew she had the body of a seductress goddess and she used it to her advantage on multiple she was enjoying the power of a superpowered teenager who was marking himself inside her by bruising her body and walls with his speed and strength..Natasha was now looking right at his face with a focused,hard expression and her eyes looked steely while his were full of hunger and desire which matched the tempo of his body sliding in and out of her..she panted right in his face, then she pulled his head close so that her mouth was right on his ear..she whispered something to him and Peter pulled back to make sure she was sure…she simply nodded and he nodded in return, he pulled out and he watched Natasha get on her hands and knees on the soft bed..she looked over her shoulder at him and smiled. Peter huffed and went behind her, his hands went to her waist while she put her waist higher by leaning her chest and head down on the bed…she groaned into the bed feeling her asshole being penetrated by his large member that stretched out her anal walls and they reacted by clinging onto his rod as it went up and down deeper inside her. Her face was bright red and sweating like crazy and she kept groaning with the bed muffling the sound while Peter had a tough time keeping it together while fucking the Black Widow raw in her ass, Natasha had her face up now and she looked at Peter, 

 “Да, трахни меня, трахни меня !!!!” (Begging for more) She said in a loud whisper to him and he grinned at her sexy russian accent and words,

 “Ты принадлежишь мне”(you’re mine) he responded and he felt her asshole become looser at his words letting him through more deeper into her ass while she screamed into the bedsheets and gripped them tightly balling up them up in her fists, after a few more thrusts he pulled out of her ass and she instantly turned and latched her lips onto his and he sat on the bed extending his legs and pulled her into his lap, she wrapped her legs around his back and locked them in place using her feet and she reached down and guided his member to her slit and 

 “Ohhhh ohhhhh” she moaned out loud by accident and Peter covered her mouth quickly and both were still with wide eyes looking at the door…after a few seconds of being uninterrupted they both looked at each other and let out low chuckles, then Peter started thrusting into her moist slit and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and placed her head on his shoulder too and started to pant into his ear with her hot breath traveling down his ear, he shuddered while keeping his rapid tempo…he grunted in his throat as he hugged her body as close to him as possible and he felt Natasha doing the same, he felt her arms snake around his back to hold him closer and she put her mouth right on his ear and kissed it and he even felt her tongue slick inside it and he couldn’t help but let out a giggle, it tickled. They kept rocking into each other while their sweaty bodies meshed together with her breasts being smushed into his chest and her thighs hugging his waist, their motions created a small puddle of precum and pussy juice on the bed with their sweat mixing as well. Soon their lips met again and they exchanged heated kisses mixed with their tongues swirling into each other while they both let out lustful moans, their speed increased along with their passionate kissing…then…they both released into each other..the puddle on the bed getting bigger with all the extra cum and pussy juice leaking out of their united shuddering bodies as they kept their tight grip on each other with their mouths open against each other to kiss but unable due to the amazing aura of love and passion they felt after cuming together. 

   10:00 PM 

   Peter held Natasha close to him while she cuddled to his body as they laid under the bedsheets and just relaxed into each other’s bodies and talked. They talked about their lives, with Natasha letting out small details about her life in Russia as a child..a teen taken in by what she had believed to be a nurturing woman..only to break her and rebuild her as a 16 year old who would kill a American diplomat in his sleep as her first assignment, Natasha had let out a tear when she told Peter that story about her first kill and he licked it away with his tongue making her giggle…but when she asked him why he dresses up and plays superhero..he struggled to find his words…then he told her the truth…he had been petty towards a shop owner and let a robber get away..only for his uncle to get shot trying to stop the man himself..Natasha caressed his face and kissed his falling tear away, they just stared at each other with wide wondering eyes…then a voice,

 “Peter! Are you still here?” Peter heard Gwen’s voice out in the hallway and he immediately got up and got this point it took him mere seconds then he turned around,

 “Nat quick get…Nat?” He saw the bed already empty and no sign of her anywhere, he slowly looked around the room with the door still closed and he got a text,

 “I’m Shield’s top agent remember..See you soon my love” the text said and he grinned at the text..then the door opened, 

 “Peter? What are you doing in my mom’s room” Gwen asked with narrow curious eyes and he motioned to his unzipped jeans, 

 “Oh..well since you and your mom were sleeping I decided to um…to um…jack off to some photos” he said as he reached and held the Stacy family photo album with a pained smile at his lame excuse..and Gwen walked up to him with curious eyes,

 “And what photos…got you off exactly?” She asked with a raised eyebrow while flicking through the photos, Peter panicked inside but then he remembered a certain section, 

“These photos” he said with confidence when he used his finger to flick through the pages until he reached the Stacy vacation photos in Los Angeles…particularly of them on the beach….Gwen in her green bikini and Helen in a sexy blue one piece swimsuit which hugged her curves perfectly as they stood side by side in the picture with the ocean in the background, Gwen smirked at him as he growled at the photo with a smile, then he flicked to some other beach photos as they both smiled at them..then Peter felt her hand on his groin, he grinned at her,

 “Maybe tomorrow sweetie..I’m dehydrated now” he said with a sorry tone and she simply smacked his butt in reply and walked away with a smile,

 “I loved our little threesome” Peter said with a happy tone and Gwen looked back with a blushing face and went to her room, Peter saw her cuddling with her still nude mom. 

   11:30 PM

  Peter made it home, he had told Gwen that he should spend Christmas with his Aunt so he left with one last fuck with her while Helen was still knocked out from their threesome, his plan had worked…now to get them in deeper into this relationship…but for now he was content with how things were going, until he stepped inside and saw his Aunt in the kitchen pratically chugging a bottle of wine in her hand while sitting at the table, she sneered at him as he walked in,

 “Tired of abusing that innocent family…or harassing your teacher…or using that poor watson girl…my god what happened to you Peter” May asked with a still sober voice as she looked at him with disappointment…Peter looked down..then raised his head and huffed at her,

 “Really Aunt May? You need to ask what happened when you know what happened” Peter said raising his voice and she simply walked away..Peter watched her go in her long skirt and black button shirt..he growled and followed her..she panicked and started to run to her room only for him to run past her and grab hold of her..she struggled to get away while he held her close to sniffed her..she groaned in defiance,

 “You remember right?…what happened…cuz I remember everything” he said hotly in her face and…he latched his lips onto hers and she groaned in his mouth and tried to push him off…but her shameful…lustful memories of the past swept in her mind and she kissed him back while pulling him into her dark bedroom…his foot slammed the door shut.

 10 Years Ago- Manhattan- July 

    Peter( Age 7) was sitting in the closet as he just peered through the small crack of the open door, he had been playing hide and seek with his dad when he decided to hide in his parents bedroom closet and he had heard them laugh and giggle as they stumbled inside and landed on the bed, he saw his dad put something big in his mom and she had her mouth closed by his dad’s hand who was…humping her and he was sweating..Peter figured it was exercise like he would see his mom stretch her back and legs while watching a tv lady do it while dad was at work… he saw his mom do a similar stretch as his dad went faster with his humping and his mom was like a dog as she was on her hands and knees, Peter couldn’t understand why he could’t stop staring…he just kept watching..his parents were naked..he saw his mom’s special girls move and she giggled when he saw his dad spank her butt, she must’ve done something wrong is what Peter thought in his head,

 “Richard…where’s Peter…won’t he catch us?” He heard his mom say while breathing in and out like she was out on a run and his dad smiled and spanked her again,

 “He’s hiding in his usual spot in his room…we have plenty of time Mary '' he heard his dad and he watched him go even faster and faster into his mom…he heard her scream and she went to sleep on the bed a few seconds later. Peter waited for his dad to get dress and go look for him in his room, he slowly walked out and went close to his mom who laid on the bed, she was snoring and he could see her a pink opening in between her legs..and some white goo was slimming out..he spanked her butt and ran away,

 “Ohh Richard, that felt good that time” Mary Parker said, loving the feeling of that particular slap. 

  The Next Morning 

  Peter had been with his dad at work since it was a slow day and Richard hated that his new position, and mission, was taking so much time away from his son so he wanted to bring him as much as he could when work wasn’t too demanding that day, they were playing together with his action figures when two people walked in, a tall man and a really pretty woman, his dad stood up,

 “Norman, Emily (Haley Atwell)”, how are you two today?” He asked and shaked their hands..the pretty lady called Emily knelt down with a huge smile on her face,

 “Aww and this must be your son, you have your father’s eyes, and your mother’s chestnut brown hair” she said as she adorably ruffled his hair and Peter giggled at the pretty lady…who had a big butt and big boobs,

 “You’re pretty” he said shyly with a smile and she smiled back at him and ruffled his hair again,

 “You definitely have your father’s charm” she said as Norman talked to Richard about some paperwork and what experiments would be conducted in the near future, Peter kept playing with his toys while the grown ups talked more and more. Eventually he saw the man named Norman pat Richard on the back with a smile,

 “Thanks Richard, I knew I could count on you to handle these sensitive matters, oh since you're on your way out can you walk Emily out,those pain in the ass board members want to have a meeting every 2 days” Norman said with disdain and his dad said sure and Norman kissed his pretty wife goodbye and his dad told him to get his stuff ready. Peter put all his toys back in his little bookbag and was walking with his dad and Mrs.Osborn down the hallway, then his dad knelt down,

 “Hey buddy how about a quick game of Hide and Seek before we leave huh? Emily will play too” He said with a excited smile and Emily giggled at him, Peter smiled widely and his dad closed his eyes and started counting..Peter ran off and was about to go to the empty cubicle that he usually hid in..but now his mind had grown enough that he figured a new spot would help him..he went into a supply closet and found a empty big box and climbed inside it, he pulled the four covers to cover himself in the dark room, he giggled as he waited for his dad to come find him. 

   Then the door was opened and he heard two people stumble inside and he could hear kissing and sounds he heard from his mom like she was in pain,

 “Oh my god Richard, I’ve been waiting for this all day” said Emily as Richard used his hands to open her button blouse and expose her gorgeous,round,big swelling tits confide in a white lace bra that struggled to contain her sexy melons, he kissed at her cleavage and tugged the blouse of her as she kept gasping at his hot kisses,

 “ taste so sweet Emily, Norman has no idea how lucky he is” he heard his father say as he kept kissing Mrs.Osborn frantically and he picked her up and planted her on the copy machine that had been stored away and he could see everything while the darkness and the box hid him from their sight..he saw the pretty lady put her legs around him and her hands went to unbutton his shirt,

 “Mary’s so lucky…I should’ve married you when you ask me all those years ago” she said sadly and Richard gave her a soft look,

 “We’re still together…in our own way” he said as he caressed her face..both smiling widely and then her hands went to his pants and undid the belt and zipper…now they were humping into each other and were hugging tightly while kissing, Richard buried himself into Emily and grabbed her thighs tightly while her arms went around his neck and held his head close to hers as her pussy was being stuffed by her college ex-boyfriend…she was now a married woman with a son but she couldn’t resist his cock any longer,especially after seeing what an adorable offspring Parker sperm brought into the world…Peter was so cute that she wished she could have a Parker baby…that skank Mary had been waiting for Richard to become single back in college and she practically threw herself at him right after he and Emily had broken up. They were both panting as he kept his fast tempo in her and was sucking on her tits while she was kissing his neck while raising her legs high in the air to allow more cock inside her…

 Peter just kept silent and watched from the box…he felt funny…he felt hot inside and…his little one was…stretching…

  A Few Days Later 

   Peter was in the backseat smiling excitedly in the backseat car while his mom drove them across the city,

 “Are you excited to see Aunt May and Uncle Ben Peter?” Mary Parker asked with an equally excited smile, Peter looked at his beautiful mother with a smile, 

 “Yeah they’re a lot of fun to play with, where’s dad? Why isn’t he coming this time?” He asked her,

 “Daddy has to work with Mrs.Osborn on a project for Oscorp sweetie, it involves early mornings and occasionally late nights” she answered back and Peter just looked out the window…remembering what he saw his dad and Mrs.Osborn do in the closet. 


  The day had gone like nothing…at least that’s how Peter felt after having so much fun playing with Aunt, Uncle, and Mom. They had gone to the zoo, the park and they ate pizza and burgers at a cool restaurant, when they had arrived back at his Aunt and Uncle’s place they played board games while watching Tom and Jerry Cartoons…Peter truly loved his family. He had woken up on the couch as he must’ve fallen asleep from typical child exhaustion after having so much fun, he rubbed his eyes and saw it was really dark outside and only the hallway light was on in the house..

 “Mom?” He called out and heard a grumble and some movement, he looked around and saw his mom laying on the carpet behind the sofa..he smiled and walked around to his mom,

 “Mommy…are we sleeping over?” He asked and she groaned and simply nodded,

 “Yeah honey, mommy had too much grown up juice with your Aunt and Uncle so go find them and ask them to put you to bed okay, mommy’s head hurts and she’s really tired…” she said in a drunken whisper and started snoring,Peter laughed at his funny mom, he and his dad often made jokes about her snoring which she denies adding the humor to it. 

    Peter went to get his blanket and covered his mom with it, she smiled and pulled the blanket to cover her body,

 “My son the gentlemen, how did I get so lucky to have a son like you” she said in a loving tone to Peter and he kissed her forehead goodnight like she would. He walked around the house looking for his Aunt and Uncle..he couldn’t find them…until he saw the note that Uncle Ben left saying he was working the night shift. Peter went to look for his Aunt..he heard someone crying and saw her in the pantry with the door slightly closed, he got close without exposing himself..she was on the phone, 

 “You fucked me last time you came over so why are you leaving me hanging this time huh?! To be with that british skank who’s married to your best friend…is that really better than fucking your sister in law…fine whatever” she said and hung up and kept softly crying to herself while whiping away the tears with her hands,then when she turned she caught a glimpse of Peter before he ran off. 

   Later that night Peter couldn’t sleep, his mind was on those humping things he saw his dad do with that pretty lady…his down area was hardening and growing and he was starting to panic over what was happening..that’s when his aunt walked in and saw him struggling, 

 “Peter what’s wrong…whoa” she said as she noticed the dent on his groin area…she smiled devilishly as he asked her what’s happening,

 “Don’t worry honey…Aunt May knows what to do..” she said with an evil smile as she pulled the bedsheets back…

Next Late Morning 

  Peter was staring blankly at the backseat of his mom’s seat as she rubbed her forehead while driving, 

 “I’m sorry mommy fell asleep sweetie, she had too much fun with your Aunt and Uncle but I’ll make it up to you with a breakfast feast okay?…Peter? You okay?” She asked when she didn’t get a response from her son..Peter snapped out of his trance and simply said okay. His mind was still replaying what had happened, his Aunt had..put her mouth on his thing and sucked on he did with lollipops and popsicles, she sucked him hard until..he felt really happy and dizzy..he fell asleep and was woken by his mother the next morning,then they left. 

   Several weeks passed and things between his Aunt May and him had gotten strange with each weekend visit…she would sneak in his room at night after getting his mom and uncle dizzy and happy with adult grape juice,she would rub his down area to make it big..then she would suck on it again and again each time. But now he was scared…his parents died…and now he was living with his Aunt and Uncle…he looked at the door he closed and hoped she wouldn’t come..but then he heard footsteps..and his door opened,and like all the other times she sucked him off. 

   Some Years Later 

  Peter was 11 now, and he and his Aunt have a strange relationship, anytime it was just her and him she would rub him and suck on him,he would be taking a bath and she would enter and tug on it under the water..when she would drop him off at school she would park in a alley to suck on him, she even did after he would come out from school. At one point he had said,

 “Aunt May we’re related, we can’t keep doing this” and his Aunt smiled like a evil witch at him,

 “It’s okay Peter…we're not blood related so it's not a bad thing” was what she said and he never tried to defy her again. Luckily his Aunt had stopped her sexual actions for a while since Peter got older and was obviously smart enough to know what was happening all that time so they both just kept silent on the matter, until those events supercharged Peter’s libido as all he did throughout his life was imagine sex..he’d picture it with anyone…MJ…his teacher…some cheerleaders…but above them all was Gwen Stacy…he could never stop staring at her since freshman year…her legs showing from her skirt or shorts, her breasts under her blouses that fit her figure perfectly, it wasn’t until 3 years later he would take her as his own, and he would be her first time..

    Present Day-Christmas 

 Peter awoke from his memories…his eyes slowly fluttered open…he was very exhausted, he struggled to open his was still dark out..once his vision was clear enough from drowsiness he looked at the night stand, the time on the clock is 5 AM, he blinked several times to clear his eyesight. He looked around the dark room as he laid under the covers of the bed, his eyes adjusted to the darkness and he turned his head and saw her….May Parker…sleeping next to him…naked…only from her abdomen was she covered by the sheets..her bare breasts in full view as she slept next to him. Peter rubbed his forehead,

 “This wasn’t supposed to happen” he thought to himself as he slowly got up from the bed and put on his jeans then he followed the trail of clothing out the door: his shirt…her jeans…his shoes…her blue thong…her jeans…her blouse and blue bra..he exited the room and quietly closed to door..he went into his room and sat on his bed..deep in thought as he sat in his room in the dark Parker household, he rubbed his head trying to recollect what happened and it was like trying to find a damn signal on a antenna TV..he would see static and then a quick glimpse at a memory of last night then its gone..then another image and its gone..almost like his mind didn’t want to remember..Peter’s eyes grew bigger and bigger with each imagine he got in between headaches: 

 May and him kissing in the dark room after slamming the door shut.

  Him taking off her blouse and kissing her tits in a sexy blue bra and hearing her gasp and moan.

 May took off his jeans while he caressed her breasts with his hands.

   Peter kissed May’s body as she was only in her bra and thong as they laid on the bed. 

 Then he got an image of pushing himself in her doggystyle and he punched his wall..creating a hole in it, he huffed and decided to just go with the flow and went back to sleep in his bed. 

   10 AM 

  Peter awoke to a clear bright day and went to his Aunt’s room, she wasn’t there and had clearly cleaned up their mess from last night..though he had taken her thong so he knew she would be wondering what happened to them. He heard movement all the way in the basement and went downstairs, then into the doorway leading to the stairs leading to the basement..he found her putting multiple items in the dryer, her stained bedsheets, he narrowed his eyes at her clothing..she was wearing high waisted jeans with a checkered button blouse that was tucked into her jeans showing off her curvy figure at age 56, her amazing body with her breasts and ass, he snapped out of his lustful trance and spoke up,

 “Last night…I don’t regret it” was all he said and he left her standing there with a uneasy expression as she just rubbed her head with both hands and her eyes widened in an instant, multiple images of the night before flashed in her mind: 

  She kissed her nephew’s neck and muscular chest.

  Her hands unhooked her bra and pulled his head to her breasts and he started kissing and sucking them. 

  She had her hands on his chest as she bounced on him on the bed with her bedroom door closed entrapping their sinful act in the darkness of her room. 

  She groaned in annoyance and slammed her hand on the washing machine in frustration…once the machine stopped she took out the laundry and went straight to her bedroom and slammed the door shut. Peter had gotten fully dressed and just paced around his room in deep thought,then he decided to go to the garage to really be alone with his thoughts. He went in and just sat on the small couch he put there and decided to jack off to his girls, though he did leave voicemails to Gwen, Helen, MJ and Nat saying Merry Christmas and he can’t wait to see them again, and of course in return he got selfies, though they were not the images getting him hard in this moment…it was the memory image of Aunt May in her bra and thong

 “No No No…get out of there” Peter said in annoyance as he smacked his own forehead as if it would help delete the memory..he looked down and saw his erection under his sweatpants..he huffed and thought of Gwen naked…nope it switched to Aunt May. He tried to think of Helen in his shirt the morning after…and it switched to May riding him…he groaned and desperately thought of Natasha pulling him into an Oscorp office and just taking control of him…and it switched to Aunt May pushing him off and mounting as he latched his mouth on her tit and she gasped and moaned..

  Peter was smacking his head around trying to think of something else before…the auditory memory kicked in: 

 “Ohhh ahhhh ohhhh ahhhh Peter'' The memory of Aunt May played like a movie in his head…he groaned in pure frustration and he opened his eyes to see,and feel, how erect his cock had become…at the thought of her..Peter was breathing in deeply and his eyes become focused and narrow. He stood up and went outside, it was snowing with the day cloudy as ever and coldness in the air, he glanced and saw his Aunt watching him through her bedroom window, he looked at her and she at him..they both had pained uneasy expressions on their faces, Peter closed his eyes and huffed one last time: he made a choice.He saw his Aunt was still looking at him and so he walked back into the dark house and just walked upstairs, he approached her door and tried to open it but it was locked…he knocked on it, 

 “Aunt May…it's me” he said…then he heard a click on the door and his eyes widened, he waited a full 2 minutes before opening the door it… was pure dark as she closed the blinds..though he could still see her…standing there with wet eyes and a fearful expression on her face..he met her expression with his focused, narrow expression as he walked in her room…and gently closed the door. 

   1 Hour Later 

  Gwen was giggling as she slowly made her way up the stairs that led to the door. She pulled out her key that Peter had given her for entry whenever she wanted. She entered the Parker household and shook off the snow that had collected on her fluffy coat and beanie.She placed both on the hanger and noticed how…dark and gloomy the home looked, despite it being daylight outside the home itself had the window blinds shut and no christmas lights, or general lights, were on only adding the darkness in the home as she looked around with curiosity, 

 “Peter? You home?…I managed to get out of the family brunch so I came over…Peter?” She called out again and was met with silence. She walked around the first floor before making her way up the stairs..she made it to the top when she heard some low groans…her eyes grew with excitement, she began to unbutton her shirt with a smile when she noticed the sounds were coming from the room across from Peter’s, 

 “Wow…Aunt May’s finally getting some” she said with a tone of humor as she was aware of how alone she had been since Peter’s uncle died, she was chuckling as she heard her moans get louder and she had a bitch idea, with a humorous smile she knocked on her door,

 “Excuse me Mrs.Parker, do you know where Peter is?” She asked nonchalantly and she heard a gasp inside and some clear tumbling from panicked interruption and she laughed to herself as she heard May stepping around in her room and she unlocked her door and slowly cracked it open..Gwen wanted to laugh at how she looked: May had clear bed scruffy hair from clear rapid movement on her back, her face was blushing red and was sweaty, she wore her cotton robe that was tied in the middle hiding her clearly nude figure and her chest was lightly heaving from being interrupted during an intense fuck session. May wiped some of the loose strands of her hair way from her eyes obscuring her vision, 

 “Oh Gwendolyn, I know Peter gave you a key but please announce yourself when entering our home…judging by your smirk I guess you did I didn’t hear you…anyway Peter is um…out” she said lamely and Gwen narrowed her eyes,

 “Okay…um..Is it okay if I wait here?” She asked and May’s eyes went slightly big, 

 “Oh umm…yeah that’s okay just you mind waiting in Peter’s room, I have…a gentleman caller who wishes to remain anonymous” she said lamely and Gwen smirked at her, 

 “Okay sure…don’t tell me…he’s married isn’t he?” Gwen asked in a scandalous tone and May blushed heavily,

 “Um..well….he’ a relationship” she said in a low and shameful voice, Gwen giggled at her,

 “Ohh Mrs.Parker you are a bad lady, it’s okay I’ll go to my friend’s house for a bit, tell Peter to call me when he’s back…I’m sure he’ll be happy to see you diving back in the sack” Gwen said in happy tone for her and May just giggled of all things,

 “Oh..I’m sure he’ll be happy” May said as she watched Gwen walk away and heard the front door close. She closed her own door and turned around to see him on her bed,

 “Get over here” he said and she slowly walked back to the bed,untying the robe and letting garment fall off as she was swaying her hips as her ass and breasts lightly jiggled with each step, once she was close enough he reached out and pulled her back to him on the bed and started to kiss and grope her body as he sat on the bed while she straddled him again after being interrupted, he latched his mouth on her hard tit and pulled her nipple making her gasp, 

 “Ahh Peter ahhh ohhh my god Peter sweetie” she moaned as she held his head to her breasts while he rubbed his rod on her thigh coaxing it with his precum and he felt May’s body shudder from the feeling. He lifted her and planted her on the bed making her ass and breasts jiggle from the bounce and he growled at her making her fearful of his primitive lust.. he started to kiss at her skin..first her neck..then her collarbone…then he went to her cleavage and kissed her breasts while his hands caressed her legs and thighs, May’s body was shuddering and getting hotter and hotter as were her moans getting louder too. He kissed and licked her belly and reached her lips..he let out a hot breath on her moist lips and he had to say what was on his mind in this moment,

 “Do you really want to do this, Aunt May? There is no turning back…I won’t let you” he said with narrow and she immediately wrapped her legs around his head, gripped his head with both hands…and slammed him into her lips and he started sucking and darting his tongue while gripping and twisting her nipples with his hands, 

 “Ohhhh ohhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhh ohhhh my god ohh my goodness” May groaned as her nephew was feasting on her lips and feeling her walls with his tongue while gripping her tits and she started gripping the bed sheets with her hands from the pressure he was putting her under. Peter then moved up to her face and kissed her with force and let out some of her pussy juice in her mouth and she groaned in defiance but he held her down as he spread her legs and positioned himself…she stopped moving and he looked at her eye to eye,

 “I’m gonna put it inside you now…and I’m gonna finish inside you..again” and he started thrusting into her with fierce force and she raised her legs against his waist and groaned from the feeling. They had started on unexpected lust and now it escalated to making love on her bed…again. 

 “Ohhh ohhhh '' May let out low moans when she felt his lips go in between her breasts and started to lick at the skin of her cleavage, she wrapped her legs around his waist and started to leave her own kisses on his neck and shoulder,

 “Oh god…you taste so sweet..ohhh” May was humping into him now and Peter sighed as he too started to rock into her, their pace was nice and slow since they wanted to truly feel this horrible,depraved, sinful act as his hands went to grip her ass as she grinded on him and she groaned feeling his fingers dig into the skin of her sweating ass. May looked right at his eyes, his were narrow with focus and anger behind them, that’s when Peter’s grip on her ass hardened and he rocked himself faster and harder into her making her gasp and moan loudly right in his face as he groaned feeling her walls hug him tighter and tighter as he kept increasing his speed piercing her tunnel that was gushing out already…

 “Ahhh ohhhhh ohhh oh my god oh my god ahhhhhhh” May screamed as she cam…she hugged Peter tightly as he just let himself go inside her..May’s eyes went wide and she immediately pulled away but Peter kept a tight hold on her waist preventing her from separating her vag until he finished,

“Oh god Peter…you cam so much…ahhh It feels so warm” she whispered hotly in his ear and he slapped her rear making her gasp and he chuckled at her,

 “God you feel amazing Aunt May” he whispered back and she giggled at his words as they just sat there hugging each other. They separated and got dressed with Peter growling at her body and she smirked at him, 

 “Your little girlfriend almost ruined it, we have to be careful…if anyone even has the idea of something…well everything will go to hell” May said in a serious tone only for Peter to scoff a laugh at her,

 “Really, now you’re worried about it being seen as wrong? Aunt May I’m gonna take you whenever I want…just like you did all those years remember” he said as he was now fully dressed and watched her button up her blouse after zipping up her jeans, she turned to face with a humorous expression,

 “What if I’m not in the mood?” She asked him and he went nose to nose with her,

 “I’ll take you anyway”, he replied with pure lust and she giggled at him, he slapped her rear and went on his way out, pulled out his phone and called Gwen.

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