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MidTown High Schhol-8:25 AM 

George Stacy walked the midtown high corridors after having been surprised by his loving wife who brought him a proper home cooked lunch, she said ‘better than a 2 dollar PB&J sandwich right’ he remembered as he held a binder containing the materials for his first class as a teacher, he was comfortable knowing Gwen was going to be in it, he could witness her intelligence first hand after always hearing her teachers rave about her. The faculty members were among the comotion of traveling students to their classes as teachers also traveled fastly to their class to teach, well try to teach, these youthful minds. George made it to the door of his class where he could see through the square glass window that the students were seated and ready, he entered and reached the chalkboard as he placed his binder on the wooden desk as he turned and introduced himself 

  He saw Gwen in the far end of the room, he figured she wanted to hide herself since it is her dad teaching the class, so he just smiled at her and continued to explain away what the class lesson and assignments will be like. He went to sit on the office chair by the office desk...however he felt a wet sensation on the chair which made him stand… ‘What the hell’ he thought….He simply reached for some clorox wipes and wiped the unknown substance….unbeknowinst to him the students were snickering, having already seen the stain and being horny high school students, they put two and two together.

   Peter was seated closely by Gwen at the near back of the room...the 3 students seated around them were either dozing off already or wearing headphones….so they never noticed Peter Parker’s hand under their teacher’s daughter blue polka dot belted dress..Gwen simply faced the window and hoped no one would notice her red face or whimpering legs as her snatch was being invaded by two finger, and she remembered what they did earlier….in their English class. 

     7:02 AM

       Peter had decided to meet up Gwen at the school instead of picking her up to see whether or not she’d show up...Gwen was wearing a blue Polka dot belted dress, that reached her toned thighs that barely reached her knees, with a dark blue tessa cardigan on top, and beige boots.. she used the ‘I wanna study at the library’ excuse when asked by her parents why so early...least she got a ride from her mom who said she wanted to wait her dad to arrive as she carried a bin with food in it, arriving at the school they went their separate ways as she made her way to the classroom that was where she firsted offically talked to peter...she walked in and saw him sutting at his usual seat..’What’s your name?’ She remembered asking him…’You don’t know my name?’ He replied shyly…..Peter had gotten up from his seat and wrapped his arms around gwen as she did the same and they began a heated make out session. 

   Tongues mixing together as their saliva made their lip dancing loud as it echoed in the currently empty class...Soon they seperated and looked at each other properly, 

  “Morning beautiful” he said to her as she smiled at him…”Morning stud” she said back. 

   He took a proper look at her attire as he growled lowly when his eyes traveled down her smooth legs. He had to ask.. “What’s the color of today?” 

  Gwen gave a shy smile and looked down.

  …”red” she said as her face blushed heavily… 

    Peter began to kiss at her neck and collarbone, gwen began to moan, trying to keep it down in case any wandering faculty or early morning students, but it proved difficult since its clear peter knew how to work his lips on her smooth skin..he cradled her head in his hands as her hair was tied in a ponytail...her hands went to his shoulders as she moved her head and landed contact to his lips. 

  Peter’s hands traveled down her legs as he knelt down and his hands landed on her creamy thighs,that were barely visible under the blue dress, and gwen moaned in his mouth, she knew what to do as he lifted her off the ground and her legs were at his sides as her arms went around his neck holding him close to her as she continued to assault his lips with wet french kisses. 

   He carried her to the low bookshelves placed by the windows as they continued to make out but Peter wanted more..

   Peter nestled himself between her legs as she spread them allowing him to, his hands began to stroke her thighs, and she started breathing hot in his face, the heat hitting his face as she moaned an open mouth and eyes closed...her hands traveled to to cute blue string belt that tied the blue dress around her waist, it fell off as her whole body was now accessible under the dress. Peter began to take his massaging hands further up her thighs...gwen gasped longer and longer as he reached..her high thigh..her smooth waist...and he wandered into the band of her panties. Began decided to relatilate by unzipping his jeans and her cute little hand reached inside his boxers fished his already hardened prick out as she stroked it.Peter started to rub her panty covered clit and she gasped right in his mouth, neither wanted foreplay right now so peter took the initiative and looped his fingers on the band of her panties, Gwen’s hands gripped his shoulders as she lifted herself slightly off the bookstand, allowing peter to quickly pull her wet panties off and he crumbled them into a ball in his hand, she removed her cardigan sweater since it's still a classroom they left her dress and boots on, which only made this more fun. 

Peter groped her breasts through the dress, as gwen stroked him over and over..his precum leaking out as it spread in her hand, peter decided it was now or never and moved himself closer in between her legs, gwen raised her legs and her hand helped align his member, since the dress blocked the delicious view, to her clit as she kissed his neck. deciding on one last tease he brushed the tip against her folds, she shuddered and whimpered as her hips thrusted forward in an attempt to insert it herself, but he pulled back slightly making her whimper more… Finally he pulled her closer as her boot-cladded legs wrapped around his waist…

 He pushed in slowly..enjoying how her walls contracted against him, and her warmth on his already hot member… ‘Jesus I’m in heaven’ he said to himself as gwen simply bit his neck to stop herself from moaning, they were slow fucking now, Peter thrusting into her slowly while massaging  her thigh with one hand and the other went to the window behind her to steady their motions. They both let out low moans by each other's ear, hitting them with their hot breaths, Gwen began to whisper in peter’s ear as he thrusted a slow rhythm into her and she bucked her hips,

  “I love how you feel in me, I love how you know where to hit my weak spots..I Love how you called me when you got home…” she said hotly in his ear. Peter melted under her words and began to thrust slightly faster.. Gwen’s low gasping increased as well….but peter noticed something when he opened his eyes slightly and looked out into the covered window with posters, but he still see that they had a peeping Tom, he knew what to do, he winked and gave a wicked smile at the watcher who only a shocked expression. He only then noticed Gwen was still whispering in his ear, 

 “...I want it all with you...a house...picket and a dog” Peter began to faster as she continued … “I’ll let you fuck me everyday, I’ll let you put it in my ass, I’ll give you as many babies as you want, because you’ll have to fill me up inside” Peter was now pushing her against the window, creaking it, as he thrusted even harder and grunted in her ear while she was whimpering in his. 

   Unbeknownst to Gwen, Peter was giving a hard stare at the watcher as if to say “I dare to look away” as he knew the image the watcher was getting from the other side as he rocked this perfect girl with his rod. Peter went even faster but was careful not to over do or else they'll both scream and will surely be caught by school security. Peter was grunting as she moaned in his ear..her legs now trying to go around his waist but unable to because of the large boots, but peter made up for it by rubbing her thigh tightly and with a quick rhythm...she whimpered again and rocked her own hips against his with faster speed, Peter did something to communicate with the watcher and the individual ran off as peter’s eyes followed until the person was out of sight, he had a wicked smile on his as he decided face gwen. They both looked at each other and nodded...Peter pulled out of Gwen and she quickly turned around and pulled her blue dress up til her perky white ass was exposed to Peter and he wasted no time, he spit on his hand and ran it across his member to ensure easy entrance for them both. 

   He gripped her shoulder while the other went and held his hot and erected memeberas he aligned himself with her clit. He went in full force and his hand covered her mouth as she rocked her hard and fast, he was quietly grunting more and more as she moaned and groaned into his hand while the cheap bookshelf shook at their increasing speed. They had to hurry, the noise is surely going to draw attention from someone, he pumped faster, her breasts showing a little movement but he enjoyed the fact she was technically dressed but still being screwed in their classroom. 

  “I wanted to do this in your dad’s room” he said as he panted while thrusting at a easy steady pace, she panted lowly to remain quiet as she gripped the bookshelf to steady herself, she looked back at him 

 “What changed?...I was...surprised...when you….said……” she said between pants, then Peter gave her a loving smile which caught Gwen off guard a little, it’s obvious how they feel for one another but still. 

 “I you...where...I...First...Saw….You” He said, each pant he increases his speed making Gwen groan and moan more…then the bell rang 

 “Shit Peter!....The faculty staff are arriving, hurry up already!” Gwen said in a panic but not wanting to cut their lovemaking short, Peter nodded at her and sped up 

 “Gwen...Get run…” he said with lustful eyes and Gwen fully understood his meaning and nodded at him, he pumped into her rapidly, the bookshelf was shaking so much the books were falling over, she moaned louder than she should. He gripped her perky ass and gripped her shoulder with his hands 

  “Ahhhhh...ohhhh...ahhh..ohhh” she moaned as his hand caressed her rear, it's almost coming…

  “Yeah...Yeah...Oh yeah….Gwen Stacy you are mine” Peter said with confidence in the last line he was groaning as they shook. 

  “Kiss me” she looked back over shoulder and said, he leaned over her back while never stopping his pumping, his hand went around her neck as she twisted her head as far as she could to meet his lips, now they look like an oval. He was fucking her from behind while holding onto her neck to french kiss her while their liquids on both ends merged and mixed with one another

  “Ahhhh...ahhhh...ohhhh” she moaned into his mouth as she finally cam 

 “Ohhhh...ahhh...ohhhhh Yeah!!” He moaned back into her mouth as he cam just when she did. Once they both felt he emptied himself he pulled out, pulled up his boxers and jeans while she pulled her dress back down to its normal length just above knees and putting her sweater back on, she looked around and reached down to pick up her panties when peter grabbed her by the waist and held her back so he could grab them, she looked at him with curiosity in her eyes.

 “...I’ll hang on to them, it’ll make having fun today more easy” he said with a lustful smile and she blushed, he gripped her hand and led her out of the room before anyone can see where those noises were coming from, Gwen giggled as they fast walked to the cafeteria. It was 7:40, time flies by when you’re having fun, so the cafeteria was starting to fill with students either eating breakfast or just relaxing before the start of class. He kissed her and said he was going to handle to work at the lab, she offered to go with him but he warned her that being in a lab with her wearing a lab coat alone would be too good to pass up, she giggled and kissed his cheek as she made her way to her friends at the far end while Peter was running rounds around the school, he was looking for her….he tried the parking lot, the library, different classrooms as he heard 

“Oh…” A low moan, he turned to his right and saw that he had unknowingly made his way to George Stacy’s classroom and he barged in and the watcher from earlier jolted with a gasp as she was discovered in the dark room in a rather compromising position. Her hands were under her work skirt and he could see her beige panties as she moved the band aside to insert her fingers in herself . She looked at him with shock in her eyes while he looked at her back with humor and lust. He closed the door and locked it, the blinds were already closed by her so the room was hidden as he approached her while she scooted back on the officer chair she was sitting on.. he knelt down in front of her and grabbed her thighs, she gasped 

 “Hey what are you...ohhhh” she asked but he answered quickly as he dove in and starting having his own breakfast in the classroom while she gasped and shuddered as his tongue twirled in her, he massaged her legs and thighs making her more sensitive so the sensation was driving her insane, she reached up and gripped a breast with her hand as her gasping increased as loud slurping could be heard only in the class. She bucked her hips into his mouth...soon enough she cam, he sucked on her clit as much as he could eventually he backed up and stood while whiping his stained mouth and cheeks with a smirk. The woman was catching her breath as her busty chest went up and down, she calmed down and look at him then sat properly on the chair and started to unbuckle his jeans when his hands stopped her 

 “It’s 8:05...We’ll get caught,” he said as she looked disappointed and her hands fell off his belt. He kissed her and she could still taste herself from his gums, she moaned as they shared a kiss. He helped her stand up and noticed the stain on the chair, smiling to himself knowing he caused it. He walked towards the door and opened it slightly as he was about to walk out she spoke 

“Wait” he turned to face her, she continued 

 “When...can...are we….” she spoke with confusion and hope in her voice, Peter smiled at her 

 “We’ll finish this when we both have extra time” he walked to her and pulled out a pen from the desk 

 “ or text me whenever you want to finish this” he said as he wrote his number on her hand. He walked away and looked back as be opened the door, ready to start the school day after a good morning fuck and pussy breakfeast 

 “See you around….MRS.STACY” He said with lust on the name as he gave her a smile as he closed the door leaving her alone in her husband’s classroom. Helen Stacy couldn’t comprehend what just happened: 

 She had walked the hallways heading for the exit when she heard a moan from a familiar voice, she followed the noise to the outside as she saw what was happening in one particular classroom, her daughter was being fucked against the window by a classmate of hers, she watched with a gap in her mouth and eyes wide of shock. But what shocked her more was when Peter started to give her winks and swirled his tongue around his lips as he rested it on Gwen’s shoulder when he was pumping into her. She ran and found herself wanting a release after seeing that boy make those gestures at her, she remembered her husband’s room and thr hour his class started and she rushed inside to handle the job herself when he walked in and finished the job. Now she wanted more from him and she was hoping to experience what her daughter had said was ‘the best ride of her life’ and she was still dripping wet from the thought of being stuffed. 

9:00 AM

She left the building and was sitting in her car thinking about Peter and the power he had down there, she saw it when he was fucking her daughter in the classroom. She pulled her phone and texted the number Peter had written down, she knew he was in class but she did it anyway, she texted a simple hi and waited to see if he’d respond. 

 Her phone pinged and she gasped and her eyes went wide at his reply: He sent a picture of his erect cock, standing tall and firm 

“I was in the bathroom and started to think about you..your face...your ass and boobs” the text said and she got hot and her legs rubbed together as she saw the size of his rod, she could see the veins on it showing how much power it must have when its in action, she felt her panties getting wet and her phone pinged again 

“I wonder what you feel like inside?, like your daughter or more tighter?” She gaped at the question of comparing her and with her daughter, but…

“I’m better, I will rock your world in ways that prude can’t” she texted back with a confident smile. He texted back later on while she was at home doing daily chores, the message said 

“Got a few hours to kill? Wanna hang out?” and she felt giddy about a teenager texting her like a fellow teen she replied she’s busy with chores and he had said he could help her and she said ok and told him to come to the apartment. He arrived and he helped with the dishes, the moping and doing the laundry. He flirted with her when handling her bras and panties and she asked why would he say those things to the mother of the girl he’s screwing and he simply said 

“I don’t screw I fuck, and I want to fuck you” Peter didn’t care about rhe consequences and he was really turned on by the blonde mother of 3, a total milf, busty chest and a big fuckable ass. She reminded him of Reese Witherspoon which made him get a total hard on for her. Well his luck is in his favor as she grabbed his face and kissed him, then pushed him away and he knew he had to take it slow to get both Stacy ladies. He said it's ok to take it slow and he let himself out. 

 Later that night his phone pinged and he got some texts from Helen 

“Thinking of you...of your soft tongue, your sweet tasty lips” 

Then he got some photos 

Her face blowing a kiss a kiss at the camera

 She’s groping her boobs through her red lingerie nightgown.

She’s teasing her thighs as she raises the gown up her legs 

Now a video

She’s showing off her bright red thong under the gown while touching around the slit 

“Now you” she texted 

Peter smiled widely and decided to go extreme and facetimed her. But she didn’t answer and texted 

“Can’t right now, send pictures or videos” 

So he sent a vid of himself stroking his own dick as it got bigger and bigger 

“Thinking of that ass” he texted 

  • The Next Day 

 Peter got ready for the important day as he was supposed to go to Oscorp for his first day at the new internship he got where Gwen would techniqally be his boss, a boss he would fuck, in the lab with the other interns who he knew were imagining screwing his girl since she is a godess among teens. He was going to show them she’s his and his alone, but first he was going to have some fun with her mom since his first day happened to be on a Saturday and Gwen being the head intern would be required to head in early to help set everything up for the day.

He texted Helen early morning, well he sent a dick pic and texted “woke up thinking of you” and she didn’t reply for a while, Peter worried he went to fast but then his phone pinged while he was walking out the door, she sent a text

“Sorry, couldn’t reply to busy handling the kids, George took them to the carnival, and you know Gwen is at Oscorp early…” he knew what she wanted but she wouldn’t say it.she sent a video of her unbuttoning her jeans, showing her lace blue panties. Then she texted ‘had breakfast yet?’ and he bolted straight for the Stacy apartment. 

 He arrived and knocked, Helen answered the door only wearing a bathrobe, Peter went in and started to kiss her and she pulled him in as they kissed, he closed the door with his foot and soon they landed on the sofa, their lips never leaving each other, until she kneed him in the groin and he fell off. He looked at her and she said 

“Don’t just come here and start kissing me, anyone could’ve been here you horny idiot” she hissed while breathing in and out from the heated make out session, she stood up 

“Ok that’s all you get, now go” she said as she went to the bedroom and closed the door, Peter slowly approached and he heard the door lock 

“I'm serious,” she said through the door. 

“Fine, I’ll go meet with Gwen and handle this hard-on” he said before leaving. 

 He arrived at Oscorp, he spent the day pretending to learn since he knew all this crap like the back of his hand while the other interns were sure to be idiots compared to Peter, he knew they were wasting Gwen’s precious time and intellect, speaking of Gwen she was wearing a cute dark grey skirt that fell slightly above her knees, with black long socks, black button shirt with her white lab coat. She had her hair in her iconic ponytail style with the back headband he loved to see her wear. She was a goddess and he could see some of the male interns drool at her while the girls looked at her with jealousy like no nerd should be that hot. He kept shooting flirty looks at her as she explained away the materials and the projects, she simply smiled at him. At the end of the day, Peter was told to stay behind and help Gwen clean up, it was night by the time they finished and they just looked at each other while standing in the lab after cleaning it, Gwen took his hand and led him to an office, Dr.Connors office.  

  No one was around and Gwen removed her lab coat and unzipped his pants,knelt down, and took his prick in her mouth and bobbed her head. He groaned as his hands landed on her head just staying on there as she bobbed on his member 

“You shouldn’t be doing this with an intern Ms.Stacy” he sighed loving the fact that he was getting head from his girlfriend/boss. She went faster at calling her by her last name like an employee would, he gasped as she went faster and faster, her hand stroking his precum all over his member. She was surprised when Peter pulled her up and started kissing her, guess he has no problem with that, she wrapped her legs around his waist when he lifted her, he kissed and carried her to the small couch and laid her on her back, he looked down at her and she looked at him with pure love, he caressed her sexy legs and thighs slowly, never breaking the eye contact and neither did Gwen as she was lowly gasping at his touch 

 “I know what you did” she said, Peter gave her a look of confusion, 

“You want to get both Stacy girls huh?” Gwen questioned with humor in her voice as Peter's eyes went wide  “You know I play for keeps” she said as she pulled her skirt up her legs more and more while wrapping her legs around his waist as he lowered his pants to his legs. Soon he moved her thong to the side so he could thrust inside as she moaned. Her legs went around his back as he laid as closely as he could to her as he thrusted more and more into her snatch. She wrapped her arms around his back as their lips found each other in passionate kisses as they moaned into each other’s mouths as he moved her up the sofa slightly and softly, they were going slow, no need to rush, they were enjoying feeling each other for once rather than getting a release with sweat and heat. Peter could feel her walls expand and cling to his member as it went into her warm walls, he could feel how she was moving her hips to make her loins and clit cling to his body, as if to keep him from pulling out of her. Gwen felt the very hot rod invade her insides, it felt strange yet wonderful to feel Peter’s prick reach deep inside her as she moaned into his ear lowly and breathing hot breath as well, her toes curled as her legs locked on his back, both of his hands gripped the armrest above her head as he grunted into her ear and saying things in between like 

 “You’re so beautiful” 

“You’re my true love” 

 “You feel so tight and hot” 

All those things made her cling to him more as be thrusted harder and slower, letting her body absorb each thrust. His hands went to her shirt and she lifted up enough to expose her green bra, Peter’s mouth went to her breasts as he kissed and nipped at her flesh as she gasped and held his head to her chest as he continued to fuck her, but now he building up the tempo by going faster now and Gwen was moaning now and almost screamed when he pulled the cup of her bra and pinched her nipple. Now the couch started to stretch a little since its scratching the floor as they moved, both moaning and groaning now as they reached their end. Peter pulled out of her slowly and simply looked at Gwen: her skirt ridden up to show how thong moved aside to show her wet clit, her legs still spread apart, her shirt and bra exposed her left tit. Gwen got up and worked her skirt and shirt back in place and she and Peter made their way out of Oscorp. While on the streets of New York Gwen propositioned something 

“Hey how about coming over for a late night dinner?” She asked 

“It’s almost midnight, your family eats at this hour?” Asked a confused Peter 

“Not us but you, my dad’s busiest at night, and my brother’s are heavy sleepers” Gwen said and the last thing was said with an evil grin 

“My mom and dad haven’t gotten busy in a long time so she’s been using her dildo, i found it while looking for condoms for us”. Peter had a huge grin on his face which made Gwen laugh as she led him back to her place.

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