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They drove down the highway in the night, they left the city a while ago now so it’s just them, the truck, and Spider-Man with Sable guarding it,

 “You sure this is the route it’s taking?” Fancy Dan asked aloud to the group in the vehicle and Montana was cleaning his pistol,

 “Yeah, the boss said his source got him a mapped out route of the truck and there’s about 20 armed guys guarding it along with the two rascals we’ve been dealing with.” He replied and Ox looked at the other individual riding with them,

 “So…why’s he here again…?” He asked and the man rolled his eyes and Dan spoke up,

 “The boss wants him on this one…he got him to get the birdguy so now he trusts him.” He said as he looked over his new upgraded lasso while Ox looked over the man, he narrowed his eyes,

 “So you're saying you took out the bird guy? The bald one right?” He asked him and the man nodded as he too looked over his gear,

 “Yes sir, easier than you think….especially with these babies…” he said with a smile as he worked on his gauntlet and the others looked at the item,

 “So what is that exactly…just a giant glove?” Monatana asked him and he winked at his co-workers,

 “Just wait and see…” he said. 


He had finished inside her so now she was getting dressed and about to head out, he smiled at her and she smiled at him,

 “So you kissed the man?..” Hammerhead asked with a smirk and Tess smirked back,

 “Playing a role, and I made it up, did I not?” She asked and he chuckled making her giggle,

 “So who did you send this time?” Tess asked him as she grabbed her coat,

 “I sent the same men who put that Spider in the ground for a couple of hours along with a new one who helped take care of another traitor.” He said as he rubbed his hands together and Tess kissed him once more,

 “I hope they can handle it….we’re running out of options here and soon we’ll have the Captain’s death on his hands.” Tess said with a grin and Hammerhead cupped her ass with a smile,

 “Soon…we won’t have to hide.” He whispered to her. 


Peter was on his phone playing a game as he sat in the large truck as it drove down the highway, it had been a while so Peter had no idea where he was so he checked his phone for a second and he saw he was entering Vermont, he raised an eyebrow and he called up Sable. 


Sable picked up her phone when it rang,

 “Sable here.” She said,

 “So what are we doing in Vermont?” Peter asked her,

 “Passing through, we’ve not reached our destination yet.” She said with a smirk and Peter huffed,

 “How far are we going then? I have school tomorrow.” He complained and Sable scoffed with a smile,

 “Did you honestly just say that?” She asked and Peter sighed heavily,

 “Yes okay I go to school, so how far are we going? I can’t keep missing school or else I’m screwed and not in the incredibly awesome way like when my girlfriend and I have a quickie in the janitor’s closet during lunch.” He whined to Sable and she laughed at that,

 “Calm down…if you must know we are going to Toronto.” She replied and he groaned,

 “And what are we going to do in Canada?” He asked with annoyance and Sable scoffed with her own annoyance,

 “You’ll see, now calm down because if your bored I’ll send you company.” She replied and hung up. Then she looked up another number and called it,

 “Hello.” Said Felicia Hardy on the other end,

 “The Spider is growing restless and bored in the truck so go over there and relieve him of his stress.” She said as an order to the woman who chuckled at Sable,

 “And what makes you think I’ll do what you say?” She asked and Sable once again smirked even though Felicia couldn’t see it,

 “I just said to relieve him of his stress…you do know what I mean do you not?” She asked with sarcasm and Hardy just hung up. 


“Where are you going!?” A shocked Nat asked Felicia who was in her suit and mask readying to jump out of the window, she smirked at Romanoff,

“I’m gonna go have some fun while on this road trip, see ya later red!” She yelled and jumped out while using her grapple gun to swing and jump around the cars and trucks on the highway…many of the male drivers admired the athletic, curvy, luscious woman’s body as she moved around to reach the truck…


Peter just laid back and just planned out what to do should things go sideways but he wondered about the company Sable mentioned earlier, then there was a knock on the hatch above him…Peter raised an eyebrow as he jumped up to open it, his Spider-Sense didn’t go off so he figured it was Sable,

“Yello” he said as he opened the hatch and he scoffed a laugh when he saw a familiar white-haired, tight spandex wearing, voluptuous woman smirking at him,

 “What are yo…” Peter’s question was cut off when he Felicia put her gloved finger on his lips,

 “Questions later husband…now let your wife inside it’s chilly out here.” She said with a purr and Peter moved inside for her to hop in. 


“Yeah she just went inside and I’m pretty sure the truck will be shaking from more than just the road..” Nat said with a roll of her eyes as she talked on the phone,

 “Great so I guess the skank who tricked my boyfriend into marriage is having her time while I’m here in vagina land.” Gwen said making Nat laugh,

 “I can’t believe you’re letting them think your not aware of their actions in Brazil, why is that?” Mat asked with a smirk and Gwen giggled on the phone,

 “I have some ideas for that skank, anyways how far are you guys, are you and Peter gonna miss school?” Gwen asked her and Nat looked at the closest sign on the highway and she huffed,

 “We’re in Vermont but it looks like we're going through the state and heading elsewhere, I’ll keep you informed.” Nat said and Gwen sighed,

 “Keep him safe for us okay Natasha.” Gwen said softly and Nat smiled at her voice,

 “I will Gwen. You Know I love You Both.” She replied and hung up, she looked at the truck and sure enough…it was bouncing from more than the road…


“So how long are we gonna wait?” Ox asked and Fancy Dan leaned back on his seat,

 “Boss said to wait til we see where the truck is heading.” He replied and Ox laid back with a huff,

 “I wanna blow something up already.” He complained and the other man chuckled,

 “We’ll have our fun soon enough. Once we see where Fisk is sending his goods we’ll attack and take everything.” He said. 


“Alright so who is sleeping where?” Gwen had asked the others earlier and basically May ended up rooming with MJ in her room so that left Gwen and Carol in Peter’s room in the dark Parker home, MJ and Gwen had school in the morning while Carol had some errands to run and May had to work so they need to sleep….but as usual that didn’t happen…


The girls giggled and sighed as they kissed and groped each other under the bedsheets, MJ felt up May’s wide thighs under her nightgown while May was slipping her fingers into Mary Jane’s PJ shorts,

 “Ahhhh ahhhhhh ohh” MJ started to moan feeling her neighbor’s fingers slide into her walls slowly to ease her into it, MJ sighed and grabbed May’s wrist,

 “Go faster..” she whispered and May captured MJ’s lips in hers as she pistoled her fingers in and out of the redhead’s pussy. They laid on their sides facing each other and holding each other,

 “Ohhhh ahhhhh my turn!” MJ snapped and she moved her hand up May’s nightgown and she hissed when MJ slipped her finger under May’s thong and pulled it down…soon both were moving into each other’s fingers with moans and hisses escaping their mouths as their bodies rubbed on each other, their breasts meshed and nipples hardened moving against the other, their fingers kept digging into each other’s folds making a sweet slick wet sound on both ends, they moved against each other moving the bed along with them,

 “Ohhhh Mrs.Parker ohhhh you are really good at this!” MJ moaned out feeling May dig her fingers into her and her lips kissed her neck and chest so MJ moved her fingers even faster to and her other hand went to gope May’s ass making her groan as she took MJ’s nipple in her mouth making the redhead scream in pleasure. 


“Wow! You’ve gotten really ahhhh Good at ohhh ahhhhh that!! Ahhhhh” Carol squirmed and moaned as Gwen was under the bedsheets in between her legs tasting and licking at Carol’s wet lips while pinching her clit with her fingers, 

 “Mhhmm hmmmhh ohhhhh mhhmmmm” Gwen let out a moan through her throat as she slurped  and swallowed Carol’s pussy juice that leaked out as she pushed her tongue and lips into the leaky skin folds leading inside her friend whose body was already heated from Gwen’s touch and it didn’t help that Gwen put her hands on her thighs to hold her down which left Carol to grip the sheets and bite her lip as Gwen kept sucking her up like a bear and a beehive. Carol just laid back, her chest heaving, her whole body sweating, and let her juices be sucked out of her and she decided to move her hand down under the sheets…she trailed a finger down her friend’s bare body who sighed as she kept eating her out, then she gasped when she felt Carol probe a few fingers into her asshole,

 “Ahhhhh ahhhhh Carol!! Ohhhh shit!!!!” Gwen gasped and moaned before she went back to her meal while Carol worked her fingers into her butt which caused her pussy to leak even more than it was onto Peter’s bed…Gwen will have to buy him some new sheets,

 “Ahhhhh ughhhh” Gwen groaned and moaned against Carol’s lips and Carol gasped feeling Gwen’s breath tickle her down there so she pushed a finger all the way inside Gwen’s ass which made the Gwen groan hard and stare at Carol while she smirked at her,

 “Oh Yeah Carol!” Gwen said with a grin and she dived into Carol’s pussy and used her fingers to pull her clit while her other hand went to Carol’s ass by snaking it around her waist so now Carol squirmed and screamed feeling her holes being punished by probing fingers and lips invading her tight walls,

 “Gwen!! Ahhhhhhh ahhhhhh you’re sucking me so hard ohhhhh ohhhhhh ahhhhhhh” Carol screamed out her friend’s name and kept gripping the pillow supporting her head as she gasped, screamed, and moaned feeling her insides burn and her juices being sucked dry out of her by a vacuum of sweet gums and lips. 


The truck’s movements made things hotter for them…they groped each other and held each other as they kept moving into each other with passion and lust…their suits laid all over the truck since they were frantically moving around, now a bare Felicia Hardy sat on Peter’s lap as he held her on him and had a hand on her back and the other cupping her sweating panting face and she slid her legs to his back to lock her feet together to keep his rod deep inside her as he kept his fast paced thrusts going into her open lips. Felicia just gasped and screamed, she put Peter’s face on her heaving chest using her hands,

“Ahhhhh Ahhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhh Godddd!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh Eat My Tits Spider!!!!! Ahhhhh Suck On Them!!!!!!!!!” Felicia screamed her wishes and Peter happily obliged them and he put his mouth, and teeth, on the breasts that were glowing with sweat and shaked as he moved her body with his own, he put his mouth on her breast…he sucked on her and nipped her skin with his teeth,

 “OHHHHHHHHHH AHHHH AUGHHHHHHHH UGHHHHHHHHHH BITE ME HARDER!!!!” Felicia said and Peter huffed with eyes closed, he moved his hips faster into her and he let her tit go and she looked at him with anger but he smirked at her and then….he opened his mouth like he was about to gorge on his food…and he took her breast fully in his mouth…he huffed and sighed as he took as much of Felicia’s tit in his mouth and Felicia just gushed out her juices with moans and hisses then….Peter sank his teeth into the breast….Felicia gasped with wide eyes and she screamed like crazy as her body went limp letting Peter take control by laying Felicia on her back so he could lay right on her with her legs still locked around his lower back while he kept sucking his full mouth on her breast and his other hand went to her face to slip his fingers into her mouth and Felicia happily opened it to let him as she just kept gasping and groaning with a dazed look on her red sweaty face. 

  Peter moved his hips deep into her with fever and he grunted and groaned feeling Felicia become tighter and tighter inside and her juices bathed his cock with heat as her walls hugged him all around, he felt Felicia’s hands snake around his neck to hold his head on her breast to keep the pleasure going,

 “Ohhhhhh ohhhh ughhhh ughh ahhhhh ughhhhh Jesus Felicia Fuck!!!!!!” Peter grunted with a scrunched face as he rammed himself into her again and again as the truck kept going making the pair more lustful and happier,

 “Ohhhhhh Spider!!!!!! Ahhhhhh ahhhhhh Yes!!!!!! Yessss!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhh Husband!!!!!! Ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh Like That!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhh Goddddd Yesssss!!!!! Ahhhhhh” Felicia Hardy had a happy look on her face, her nails dragged down Peter’s back so Peter put his hands under her smooth thighs and raised them up making her lower body raise up too so now Peter’s member was going fully inside her making Hardy groan and leak more and more overtime…she held him close, she gasped, she bucked her hips into him now and Peter looked right at her dark lustful eyes with grunts in his voice while Felicia gasped and moaned in his face,

 “Ughhhh ughhhhhhhh ohhhhh Jesus Felicia!!” Peter felt her pussy suck him in and hold him still like her walls and loins gripped his rod from all sides while her juices bathed his cock in it’s warm liquid, he gasped too while she gritted her teeth,

 “Ughhhhhhh Fuck!!!!! Ohhhhhhh Fuck!!!!” Felicia let out her own grunts now then she used whatever strength she had left in her arms and she pushed herself to make them roll until she was back on top with he thighs holding his groin, her hands on his chest feeling his muscles and she bounced her ass on him taking him inside her again and again with her face now laughing as she whipped her hair around in gleeful lustful ecstasy.  



Tess walked inside the office with a smile…she had gotten the information to Hammerhead so now she just had to wait until the team secures Fisk’s shipment which was part of his fortune, Tess went to her desk and booted up her computer to start he usual day of work…she could feel his eyes on her…she looked back and she saw Fisk smiling at her through the glass wall and she smiled back, she truly has him in her hand so now it will be easier to attack and take his territory and money, she was brought out of her thoughts when Fisk called in through the innercom,

 “Tess, can you give me an update on the delivery?” Fisk said,

 “Sure thing Wilson, would you like me to contact our asset for an update as well?” She asked Fisk and he said yes before hanging up. Tess grinned to herself as she thought of Hammerhead’s plans for the annoying webhead who has been a thorn in their side for far too long and luckily she had a close eye on him thanks to Fisk who was providing surveillance on him until the deal is done and he goes after Captain Stacy. 


The phone rang which woke up the nude couple from their slumber in the still moving truck, 

“Ughh really?” Peter complained as he moved from Felicia’s hold to get his phone from his pants, he looked back at a naked Felicia sleeping with cum stains on her pussy and asshole,

 “Hello?” He asked and he sighed heavily when he heard Tess ask about updates,

 “Yeah Yeah, we’re out of vermont and heading to the spot in Toronto with the shipment intact…” he replied and he listened to Tess talk but he smiled when he saw Felicia wake up and wink at him while he listened to the phone, she put a hand on her breast and squeezed her flesh while sticking out her tongue to tease Peter as he talked on the phone…well he tried to but Felicia was groping her own body to entice Peter for more action from last night, she licked her lips, ran her hands down her naked body and jiggled her breasts that were already hard from the cool air in the truck, Peter breathed in deeply,

 “Yeah Yeah uh Tess anything else?” Peter asked with impatience and Felicia giggled softly seeing Peter’s smile grow as well as his cock, 

 “Yeah I’m gonna fuck my wife til she’s sore.” Peter said after hearing Tess complain and he hung up and put his phone back in his pants while Felicia was on all fours facing away from him so her big ass was in his view, he chuckled seeing her shake it slightly to urge him on…


She was bored of the music on the road and was getting tired of driving all fucking night,

 “Fucking Hardy…you were suppose to switch with me after 3 hours.” Nat said with annoyance as she drove,

 “What are you up to now?” She said with a sneer when she saw the truck start to move more than it should on the road,

 “Really? You slept in there and now you’re at it again.” Nat said with a laugh and she pulled out her phone to call her best friend. 


“Ahhh Yes!! Yes!!!!! Yes!!!!!! Right There Baby!!!! Right There!!!! Fuck Me!!!! Fuck Me!!!!! Ahhhhhh Yesss!!!!! Ohhhhh Goddd!” Felicia screamed as her body was being squished to the cold wall of the truck as Peter pushed his rod and body against her roughly and quickly with his rod pistoling in and out of her gushing pussy that had burning walls of moisture bathing his rod. Peter snaked his arms around her waist and they went to her breast and the other went to her face,

 “Ahhhh ughhhhhhh Felicia!!!! Ohhhhh Fuck Felicia!!!!! You Feel So Wet!!! Ohhhhhh Shit it’s so sliperrly inside you!!!! Ahhhhhhhh Fuck!!!!” Peter groaned feeling his member become hotter and stern against his accidental wife’s pussy and womb which he felt on his tip…that made Felicia gasp and scream with laughter. 


Gwen’s phone went off waking her, and her friend, from their sleep,

 “Ugh, what time is it?” Carol asked rubbing her eyes while Gwen shifted to grab her phone,

 “Almost 7, hold on.” She said and answered the phone while moving stray hairs away from her face,

“Hey Nat what’s up?” She asked and she scoffed a smile hearing Natasha’s update, Carol meanwhile got up from bed, exposing her bare breasts and her ass in a cute pink thong which Gwen smiled at and even tapped her ass making Carol look back with a smirk before she went to the bathroom. Gwen listened to Nat with a growing smile and a giggle,

 “Well you should just ditch the car and hop in the truck, you know how and you should get a good rest after screwing around.” Gwen said after Nat finished and she laughed at Gwen’s response,

 “I think I will head in there, just gotta make my way there without causing a wreck when I ditch this thing.” Nat replied and Gwen got up now to ease her nude body, 

 “You’re Black Widow, you’ll find a way and when you do give him hell from me for always putting that crook ahead of me, I mean I know circumstances are different but still.” She complained and Natasha agreed before hanging up but before that,

 “Where are you guys?” Gwen had asked and Nat looked at the signs on the highway,

 “A few miles outside Vermont and we’re heading for our friendly neigjbor's turf, I wonder what they're gonna do out there, anyways I’ll text with updates while you’re in school, are you going to school?” Nat asked with a smirk in her voice, Gwen had a small smile on her lips, 

 “Well I mean, Peter isn’t going so…” Gwen said with a playful innocent voice but Nat scoffed with a chuckle,

 “You need to go, too many absences and they’ll call both your parents which means your dad will question why you are always late or don't show up at all.” Nat explained and Gwen groaned to complain, making Natasha laugh at her friend. 


“MJ get up! We gotta go to school!” Gwen called out after she and Carol finished getting dressed and they shared a kiss before Carol left but she told Gwen to call her up when she can hang out again. 


Tess was talking with Fisk about Captain Stacy and Vanessa and how to handle them best when the deal expires,

 “Why not just have them shot?” She asked while viewing the progress of the away team and Fisk snickered,

 “I would but that annoying insect will find a way to connect me to it, it needs to be done in discretion so that we may make our escape outside the country.” He said with a smile and Tess smiled back, though she herself snickered in her head seeing this fool play into her hands. Tess glanced at her pad,

 “They’re about to enter Canada, it seems, nothing has happened so far.” She said and Fisk nodded with a curious look,

 “It’s odd nothing has happened yet…usually bad luck seems to strike at the worst moments.” He said and Tess put a hand on his in support,

 “Maybe you’ll get lucky this time around.” She said and Fisk chuckled at her,

 “Perhaps,now where is my whore of a wife anyways?” He asked her since Tess had access to the tracker on Vanessa’s car which she checked,

 “It seems she’s driving down Manhattan.” Tess said with a monotone voice and Fisk scoffed,

 “Probably off shopping again.” He said and Tess nodded with her own look of annoyance…she hated having to play this role but soon everything will be done in time with everyone getting in the way being taken care of one by one…starting with the fat man giving her lovey dovey eyes which she had to play along to. 


“Yeah mom I will, don’t worry I’m not gonna go after him like I did in Brazil okay he has friends with him this time.No mom I’m not gonna ditch school, okay Love you too.” Gwen ended the call with her mom and grabbed her things from her locker in the noisy crowded halls of Midtown,

 “God I wish I was with you Peter..” Gwen said to herself as she closed her locker and went to her classes for the day,

 “Hey girlfriend!” MJ cheered as she walked beside her and Gwen smiled at her,

 “Hey MJ, so you had fun last night or what?” She asked with a smirk and MJ smirked back,

 “Well of course, I think I know where Peter got his skills from and I don’t need to ask you if you had fun, that place has thin walls.” MJ whispered and Gwen giggled as they walked to class while whispering to each other about their lovers’ talents. 


“I don’t care if you’re low on cash, don’t ask me for funds when you blow all your money on your whore.” Helen said with a sneer as she slammed the door in George’s face who had the nerve to ask for some money claiming he needs it for the boys but Gwen and Peter had warned her about his attempts to commit a crime and he needs funds to accomplish it, Helen rubbed her head with a sigh and she decided to take a nice warm bath to ease her morning….too bad her lover isn’t here to join her. 


“Where the hell is he!?” Vanessa said aloud in frustration as she waited in George’s place, she wanted to know where the funds were so she had assurances about their activities and she is running out of time since Wilson has been giving odd stares when they’re at home, Vanessa pulled out her phone and called George who put it directly to voicemail,

 “Ughhh you bastard!” She yelled and decided to leave since she had already looked everywhere for the cash. 


“What the hell is going on with those two?” Jessica Jones asked herself as she photographed Vanessa exiting George Stacy’s place but she had a frustrated look on her face,

 “Peter said he took all the cash from Stacy so maybe she’s trying to steal some for herself.” She said aloud and snapped some more pictures as Vanessa got in her car. 


George was sweating and breathing fast…and not from sex…he lost all the money…Vanessa had stolen it while he was out and now she had probably called him earlier to make her demands but he avoided that for now since he had a plan of his own. 


Gwen tried to pay attention in class but it was hard not knowing how Peter was doing, well she knows he’s with Nat and Felicia but still…Brazil happened on their watch so who knows what’ll happen now, she kept drawing the Spider Symbol Peter used on his suit since it was a habit at this point for her now to always draw Peter or something pertaining to him in her notebooks when she was bored in class. She decided to refocus on the subject since she knew thinking about Peter all the time won’t change a thing until she can actually do something about it so now she had to trust Felicia and Natasha to keep things under control while they’re out there handing things with Peter so that her dad won’t be killed for sleeping with a crime boss’s wife,

  “Ms.Stacy?” The teacher called out again pulling Gwen out of her thoughts,

 “Huh?” She said and some students snickered and others chuckled while the teacher rolled her eyes,

 “Ms.Stacy care to tell us what your mind is focused on instead of this lesson?” The teacher asked with a annoying smirk daring Gwen to respond….and Gwen smiled brightly at her,

 “Yeah sure, I was thinking about how awesome it feels when the tip hits the G-Spot.” Gwen said with a smile and you could hear a pin drop to the floor in the room from the shocked silence…

    LATER-3rd Period

“Oh my god I can’t believe you said that!” MJ said with a laugh and Gwen smiled proudly as their other friends joined in on MJ’s laugh,

 “Girl, why would you say that anyways?” Gloria asked with a chuckle and Gwen shrugged,

“That bitch was always annoying me so I decided to say something back for once.” Said Gwen and the others nodded in agreement with her choice,

 “So awesome I wish I could’ve seen it.” Liz said with a laugh, Gloria gave Gwen a knowing look,

 “So where’s Parker? He’s been absent lots of days lately.” Gloria asked and Liz huffed,

 “And why do you care, he’s not your boyfriend.” Liz said with a smirk and Gloria rolled her eyes at her,

 “I’m concerned for my friend’s boyfriend okay.” Gloria lied and Gwen smirked at her while MJ bit her lip to keep from laughing,

 “He’s visiting relatives in Canada, he’ll be back soon, don't worry.” Gwen answered with a wink to Gloria who winked back. 


Since Miles was at school…Rio used the free time to her advantage…she was on her bed grinding herself on the dildo she held under her so she slid into it,

 “Ohhhhh ohhh ahhhh” Rio let out some moans since it had been a while that anything had gone in down there but she yearned for the real thing…from a certain helper who saved her. 


Hammerhead watched on his screen the red blips moving on the map as he viewed the progress the shipment was making,

 “Tess really did get him good, he gave her access to the tracker.” Hammerhead said with a laugh as he saw the truck enter Canada,

 “I’ll have them hit it soon, no doubt their gear Tess provided will prove useful out there.” He said with a grin. 


The driver kept going on his route he was given by his boss and he was listening to music with a bored expression when there was a knock on the window of the passenger side, 

 “Ahh” he yelped and he looked and saw something unexpected,

 “What the hell?…” was all he said when a hot redhead chick was hanging off the door as he drove and he understood what she was signaling, he opened the door for her and she climbed in with a sigh,

 “Thanks, it was getting windy out there. I had to jump a winnebago just to clear the window.” Nat said as she fixed her back into a bun while the driver just nodded and drove like nothing happened,

 “So need something, food, water?” He asked and Nat shook her head,

 “No thanks. Just stopping bye before I get in there.” She thumbed to the load he was hauling before she climbed back out and kicked the passenger door shut as she climbed up the truck,

 “What a hot bitch.” He said with a smile as he kept driving. 



“Ugh what the hell…” Felicia whined as she woke up after another session with her husband, she moved out of his hold as he slept and she looked up at the hatch and smiled,

 “It’s unlocked Nat!” She called out as she rubbed her eyes to wake them, she heard the latch open and the breeze of cool air as Natasha opened the hatch and jumped inside. Natasha landed on the floor and she scoffed a smile seeing Felicia naked,smiling, and winking at her,

 “I see you’ve had your fun.” Nat said and Felicia  giggled as she looked over her shoulder at a equally naked sleeping Peter Parker,

 “Yeah we went a few times since I egged him on with the whole ‘I’m gonna tell your girlfriend’ threat which really got him going.” Felicia said with a wide smile as she remembered the rough fucking Peter and her shared, Nat snapped her fingers out of her trance and she huffed at Hardy,

 “You ditched me all night to drive so now it’s your turn to take the car.” She said sternly to Hardy who whined and pouted,

 “But I wanted a wake up fuck.” Felicia said with a fake pout which made Nat scoff and rub her forehead,

 “Alright if I let you use him right now you’ll leave me and him alone?” She asked with narrow eyes and Felicia nodded with a stupid grin,

 “If you’re gonna do what I think you’re gonna do…why should I leave?” Felicia asked with a sly smile and Nat couldn’t help but smile back.

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