Parker and Stacy(s)

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Peter still couldn’t understand what was going on as he was being led by the sexy ebony cheerleader to her car nearby the school, she chuckled seeing his still stunned face,

 “Relax cute hipster, I’ll explain everything on the way over.” She said and opened the passenger door for Peter and he just sighed and went with it and got in the car, Gloria bit her lip in excitement…she had noticed little Parker had grown some pounds of muscle in a semester so she is curious to see what was hidden under that jacket, sweater and shirt…and what’s under his skinny jeans. 


‘What is he doing now?’ Sable thought to herself as she watched the asset enter the vehicle of another student and not depart with the blonde, who Romanoff had told her not to touch should she want a bullet in her head, she watched them drive off and she had no choice but to follow and so she maneuvered off the rooftop using her slender and flexible body and went to her motorcycle, that had her bag strapped on it, and followed them down the road. 


After about a half hour drive they arrived at what was clearly the female’s home since she had already followed the subject back to his home so now she had to wait and see why he made a departure from his routine, she watched them enter her home and she looked at the surrounding houses and she picked which one to use, she got off her bike, looked unhooked her bag and made her way to the home next door. Sable knew by know she had to do no direct harm to the subject since his odd sense will alert him of her presence, she remember how it only worked whenever she made a move on him so she decided it only activates when there is about to incoming physical harm to the individual. She went up to the home and just knocked on the door….with a pistol in hand,

 “Who is it?” Asked a woman,

 “Pizza Delivery.” Sable replied in a American accent,

 “Oh great we’re wondering wha…” the woman was cut off as she was shot with a dart as soon as she opened the door, she dropped,unconscious,to the floor and Sable quickly pushed her body inside and closed the door,

 “Mom?” Called out a young girl and Sable shot a dart at her as soon as she walked in and she dropped to the ground, Sable quickly looked around the home and saw no one else was home and once she saw the family photos of just the mother the daughter…she smiled knowing she had a lot of time for her surveillance. 


“So what do I do? Do I file a report or just pull out any money I have left over?” Rio asked Jones who reviewed the damage done to her fiances,

 “You could file a report but those slobs will take forever to even look at the report and the banks will take double the amount of time to charge you more in the end…” Jessica replied and Rio groaned….then Jessica had a thought,

 “Listen…I might know someone who can help you..” she said slowly and Rio had a look of surprise,

 “You do!? Who!?” She pleaded and Jessica gave her a look of uncertainty,

 “Well… just keep an open mind here okay….Spider-Man can help you.” She said and Rio’s eyes went wide,

 “What!? That masked vigilante?! Are you serious!?” She said in shocked and Jessica just nodded with a smile,

 “Just let me talk to him okay.” She said and Rio rubbed her head,

 “Guess I have no choice…” she said with bitterness but then a small smile grew on her lips,

 “But I guess being saved by Spider-Man wouldn’t hurt.” She said with a smile and Jessica smirked,

 “Try fucking him.” She said and Rio had wide eyes on her…then she grinned,

 “I just might….you have no idea how much Jefferson hated the masked hero….he fucked other people so why shouldn’t I fuck someone he hates.” She said with a smile and now Jessica had wide eyes on her.


“So when exactly are we gonna get this girl anyway?” Fancy Dan asked as he lit a cigar and Montana smirked at him as they looked at the building Sable owns from the skyscrapers,

 “Soon Danny Boy soon, I just wanna make sure she’s there to experience what we did to her office..” Montana said as he looked down at the building that he had infiltrated posing as a plumber to handle a broken toilet….did made a mistake hiring genuine workers to shield her actual base of operations which meant they wouldn’t suspect a plumber to show up out of the blue to repair the bathroom. Ox finished his soda and tossed it aside,

 “So what exactly are we doing here? We are making less than usual cuz fathead is barely scraping by so why help him deal with an international Arm’s Dealer?” He asked Montana who crunched his teeth,

 “Like I told Danny Boy, I have a plan and I just need you boys to wait till I need you to do your parts which I will reveal when it’s time, but trust me boys….we do this right we’re leaving with everything: the money, the drugs, and that Hammerhead’s….head.” He said ending with laughter and his crew joined in. 


He quickly put all the money in the duffle bag, stacks of 50’s and hundreds piled ontop of eachother for space, he couldn’t help but laugh at the success of this last minute idea. There was a knock on the door and he finished putting the money in the large bag and shoved it under his bed and surrounded it with shoe boxes before he went to open it, he let Vanessa Fisk inside,

 “So….you called and said you had a plan?” She said to him with a curious look and he smiled at her,

 “I did….but….it’s been a while….since…” he said slowly and inched closer to her and put his hand on her forearm softly and she sighed,

 “Last time was…difficult.” She said with hesitation and….George picked her up and carried he to the bed which made the brunette scoff a laugh,

 “What’s this?” She asked with a grin then he threw her on the bed and climbed on top of her,

 “A restart.” He said and kissed her all over making her moan while he gripped her jean covered thigh….


George panted with a smile as Vanessa was moaning and groaning while he thrusted into her open pussy as she laid on the bed with her body bare for him to touch and grip.


She had finished setting up her gear: the mini radar to listen in through her devices and several focused cameras with a scope to peek into the windows of the exposed home. She was lucky that this neighborhood was quiet which allowed her to go around placing mini cameras in the back and the top windows. Now she had a laptop where all camera points were shown,

 “What are you up to?” Said a voice from behind startling Sable and she pulled out her gun only to scoff,

 “I should pull the trigger.” She said while placing the barrel right in between the woman’s eyes,

 “You could but….he’d be very upset with you.” Felicia Hardy replied while pointing a finger to her screen where Peter could be seen with the teenage girl in what appears to be a tutoring session, Sable rolled her eyes at the latex wearing tease,

 “For once…I would’ve preferred Romanoff here.” She said and put her gun back in it’s holster while Felicia gave a mock offended look,

 “Well fuck you too, anyway what chu doin?” She asked in a sing along voice only annoying Sable even more,

 “ Surveillance“ she replied and Felicia came next to her to view,

 “Wow…he’s pulling in a black cheerleader, he’s got game, I guess she wants to see what a white boy can do.” Felicia said with humor and Sable rolled her eyes,

 “Why does he allow himself to be distracted? He claims to be a hero of this city yet he allows his time to be consumed by females.” Sable said with disgust and now Felicia rolled her eyes at that comment,

 “You seem to forget he’s a horny teenage boy, of course he’s gonna chase a piece of ass over stopping a petty crime that will likely happen again in 5 minutes, besides look at that skank, big boobs and a wide bouncy ass…perfect cheerleader body.” Felicia said and Sable sighed heavily,

 “You would find reason within sex, I bet you desire him as well.” She said with a smirk and Felicia smirked back,

 “Well once you have a taste…” she said with love as she looked through the lense and she scoffed with a grin,

 “Well that escalated quickly..” she said and Sable asked,

 “What do you mean?” Then Felicia tapped a key so now her lense camera was displayed on the screen and Sable’s eyes went wide. 


Gwen was relaxing on her bed just reading her biology book she loved to her in her spare time, she heard a knock on her door,

 “Who is it?” She called out and Simon entered,

 “What’s up little bro?” She asked with a smile,

 “Peter’s coming tonight right?” He asked and Gwen rolled her eyes with a smile,

 “Simon for the 20th time yes, he’ll be here by 8:30 at the latest so you’ll be able to ask him for that favor okay.” She said and Simon nodded and left her room,

 “He’s gonna ask me again in 20 minutes she said to herself with a chuckle and went back to reading her book, then she got a call and saw who it was,

 “Yello red.” She greeted over the phone,

 “Hey Gwen….so you’re not mad at me right?” Asked Mary Jane who sounded nervous, 

“Naw MJ, well not anymore at least…I managed to get a little something out of this little mess of yours so you’re off the hook for now but keep your mouth shut okay.” Gwen demanded and Mj assured her like a coward she wouldn’t reveal their secret again,

 “So what did you get out of it?” MJ asked curiously and Gwen let out a laugh,

 “From Gloria…I get her new car whenever I want.” She said with a laugh.


“Wow look at him go!” Felicia said with glee as she watched a pantless Peter Parker thrust into a half naked cheerleader in the living room on the large couch, no one was around to disturb them so Felcia saw that Peter went fast and hard into the sexy teenager who wrapped her legs around him and had her hands on his hair and she could see her facial expressions and now she added the sound,

 “Yes!Yes! Yes Baby Right There!!! Ahhhhh Right There Baby !! Yes!!! Oh My Lord what do ya eat!!! Ahhhhhh ohhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh” Felicia laughed hearing the audio of Gloria Grant moaning her ebony ass off, feeling Peter’s tool stretch her out in a way Kenny Kong never has and she even guided his hands to grip her shaking titties,

 “You’re missing a great porno, interracial too.” Felicia said to Sable who just sharpened her blade and again rolled her eyes at Hardy’s demeanor,

 “Tell me why exactly you’re here again?” She asked with annoyance and Felicia turned her grinning face to Sable,

 “I follow him everywhere.” She said plainly with a cute smile and Sable just shook her head at her and Felicia giggled as she went back to watching the fuck session happenening next door,

 “You’re just jelous you don’t have a man to screw with whenever you want.” Lesh said with a smirk and Sable gave one last sharpen of her blade that actually caused some sparks to flicker,

 “Enough of this, I’m going to end his little…” she started but Lesh interrupted her,

 “Wait! Look!” She said pointing at the screen and turned up the volume,


 “Ughhh ahhhhhh Damn it Hold on!” Gloria said with annoyance as Peter stopped his rapid hard thrusts so she can answer her phone, she catches her breath and kissed Peter’s face before answering,

 “Hello…huh Kenny…oh really? Ok umm wow that’s long?” Gloria asked giving wide eyes to Peter,

 “10 minutes…okay bye.” She hung and gave Peter an enticing stare as she squeezed her thighs against him,

 “Fuck me fast and hard Parker!” Gloria’s command could be heard over the microphone, Felicia laughed and glanced at Sable,

 “Looks like he’ll be done soon.” She said and Sable sighed and rubbed her temple. 


“Is it all set up?” Hammerhead asked Montana who nodded,

“Yep, all we need to do is wait for the right time.” He said with a smile,

 “Anything else we need to do?” He asked and Hammerhead rubbed his chin and he smiled when some ideas came to mind,

 “I know you guys are new to the area so…how do you feel about a little combat testing?” He asked with a smirk growing on his face. 


Peter swung around in his suit after departing Gloria Grant’s house after a tutoring session turned sex session ended when her boyfriend said he would be arriving, now he was in his suit on patrol before heading to Gwen’s since the itch to find some bad guys was too much for Peter to ignore. He did his usual thing, swing, listen for sirens and follow them to the problem to help but he still remembered about something important…to handle Hammerhead’s guys on the streets as well which wasn’t really hard given they were the majority of the troublemakers on the streets. 


“Yes, he just passed by after apprehending about 8 gangsters who were trying to rob a jewelry store of all things.” Sable said over the phone to Fisk who snickered,

 “Hahaha the oversized melon is getting desperate to commit petty crimes already.” He said and Sable waited for him to finish chuckling,

 “Alright now, just keep an eye on a bit longer to ensure he is doing enough as a start.” Fisk said to Sable,

 “I’ll watch him but once again I must ask why you want to align with him?” Sable asked and Fisk sighed,

 “It’s simple…if I use your men to retaliate it will leave an obvious trail for Captain Stacy to follow seeing how he’s already looking into a way to send me away, so if a vigilante who has been growing fame over the past few months handles these troublemakers then it will be another list of interfering charges to add to the man under the mask.” He replied then hung up on Sable who rolled her eyes with a scoff and put her phone away,

 “Wow…since when do boys boss you around?” Said Felicia who was behind Sable with a smirk and Sable let out a groan,

 “Ughh why are you here?” She asked with irritation and Lesh strolled by her,

 “Actually…I’m just passing by…enjoy the show..” she said to Silver with a cheshire smile before shooting her hook gun and swung away. 


Gwen watched from the couch as her mom and dad were chatting in the kitchen…she tried to eavesdrop on them since the boys were with her watching a movie as they family waited for the pizzas to arrive,Gwen tried to listen in and she could make out a few words like “school, bills, and court dates..” so far no direction of Peter but Gwen knee it was only a matter of time, she pretended to watch the movie with her movies while focusing her ears to the other room behind them which wasn’t long until their mom came to sit with them on the couch,

 “What’s going on?” Gwen whispered to her mom and she just bit her lip,

 “More questions about that night..” she whispered back and Gwen sighed.


Sable rolled her eyes seeing what was happening a few rooftops away with her scope…the Spider-Man had been distracted again…by Hardy, she watched as a pantless Spider-Man pushed into a equally pantsless Black Cat as they hugged and moved into each other’s thrusts and grinds….Sable found herself breathing hotly and uneven with some sweat forming on her forehead and her heartbeat increased as well…she gulped heavily as she zoomed in on Black Cat’s masked face as she was obviously letting out some loud moans and sighed as she rocked up and down by Spider-Man’s powerful thrusts,

 “Incredible…” Silver Sable said in a whisper and her breath grew hotter by the second. 


Gwen eagerly went to open the door when she heard the knock, she smiled happily at the brown haired boy of her dreams,

 “Pizza Time.” Peter said with a grin as he held 3 boxes of Pizza and Simon came rushing in and bear hugged Peter before Gwen could even take a step forward,

 “Alright!! Peter brought the Pizza!! Gwen! You’re boyfriend’s here!” Simon shouted to Gwen who laughed while Peter chuckled at the little boy’s happy demeanor. 


The Stacy family and Peter ate their pizzas at the large table and strangely….it felt like all those months ago before all the craziness started, George and Helen exchanged pleasant comments to each other and the boys were like nothing had happened between their parents, and Gwen was rubbing his foot with hers under the table while she had a smirk on her lips as she ate her pepperoni slice, everyone chatted about regular topics and it eventually reached about about the school,

 “So mom, how are things at school going for the show?” Gwen asked her mother who took a bite before answering,

 “It’s going better than I thought actually, since it’s a talent show everyone’s kid can be part of it whether they stink or not.” She said and the family erupted into giggles and chuckles at that comment,

 “That’s harsh mom.” Howard said after a few laughs,

 “Will I stink Mom?” Simon asked with a worried voice and Helen quickly reassured her son,

 “Of course not honey, I meant other kids might stink, not you okay sweetie.” Helen said to her little boy who smiled and bit into his slice. George took a sip of his soda before clearing his throat,

 “So Peter, how are things at Midtown going for you after repeated absences and tardies? I understand you missed a couple of days.” George said to Peter who gulped down his food,

 “Jeez Dad, what a way to break the ice with my boyfriend. Couldn’t you start with a typical guy question like ‘saw the game last night’ or something?” Gwen said to her dad with a roll of her eyes and Peter put his hand on hers to soothe her,

 “It’s alright Gwen, I was out sick Captain Stacy and so I plan to make up for all the late work by next week so I can maintain my GPA for ESU. The last thing I want is to fall behind in my academics, Gwen’s been a great example to follow.” Peter said nudging Gwen’s shoulder gently while she blushed and her brothers mocked the lovely couple and George smirked at his reply,

 “Well you get points for complimenting my daughter and for sounding genuine in your answer, but I’ll have more for you later Mr.Parker.” George said putting on a mock police voice making his boys laugh while Gwen and Helen just let out aired chuckles aware of what those questions might be. 


 “He handles the thugs on the streets while also doing his usual daily heroics. It’s surprising how quiet it’s been in the city lately.” Sable commented as she relaxed on the lounge chair while Fisk smoked his cigar,

 “I guess after he stopped Toomes and that Lizard creature the other criminals have decided to cease their activities, at least for the time being.” Fisk said after a puff and Sable drank her skotch,

 “Speaking of Toomes, he’s upgraded his gear for better maneuverability and he added an oxygen mask to handle faster speeds.” She said and Fisk had a smile on his face,

 “Excellent, he will have an opportunity to use it pretty soon.” He said with his Cigar in his fingers. 


Peter was helping Gwen wash the dishes while Helen was drying them, all three had smiles on their faces until,

 “Peter, may I speak with you privately?” George asked from behind and Peter turned and nodded wordlessly and followed George to his study while Helen and Gwen exchanged worried looks as they watched Peter walk with George.


“Alright guys I’m heading out for late patrol, do what your mom says okay.” George said as he hugged his sons goodbye since he’ll be sleeping in his apartment so they can ease back into Helen moving back in as he officially moves out. They boys agreed to their father’s request and George turned and nodded to Peter who nodded back and he left,

 “Come Peter we’re gonna watch another movie cuz it’s friday!” Howard said to Peter who chuckled as he went to join the Stacy family in the living room, he was gonna sit on the floor with the boys when Gwen and Helen made room for him to sit between them, he smirked at them and sat down in between Gwen and her mom,

 “So Peter…since you’re the one who brought the pizzas…you can pick the movie for tonight.” Helen said to Peter who now had a shy smile…he hated being put on the spot,

 “Mom come on, he hates being put in the spotlight.” Gwen said to her mom and Peter wanted to fuck Gwen right there cuz the fact she knew him like a open book drove his heart, and cock, into overdrive,

 “Thanks Gwendy but it’s okay, uhhmmm let me think…a family movie for both males and females…on a friday night…so how about…Toy Story?” He asked with his usual cute shy smile and Gwen giggled and leaned in to peck his cheek,

 “Great choice honey.” She whispered while her brother mocked her by gagging and Helen rolled her eyes as she played her mom role,

 “Hey keep it PG you two.” She demanded and both teens shyly looked down as Helen played the Pixar film,

 “Oh I’ll get the snacks, Peter come help me?” Helen asked and Peter nodded as he got up and followed her to the kitchen, Peter watched her wide butt in jeans as they walked,

 “So what did George talk to you about?” Helen asked him straight away once they were far enough in the kitchen and Peter blinked in surprise,

 “Wait so….no snacks?” He asked and Helen giggled at his question and played with his hair,

 “Wow you really are clueless sometimes, I need to know what you and George talked about so I know what answers to give him next time he comes to interrogate me about the affair.” Helen said to Peter who nodded,

 “Well…get ready to laugh your ass off.” He said and Helen raised an eyebrow at him, Peter smirked,

 “Basically he thinks you did drop me off and that you went off to screw someone, he found someone on the security cam that neither of us expected….I’ll cut to the chase…Captain Stacy wants me to spy on you for him.” Peter said with a giggle and Helen was shocked…then…Peter quickly covered her mouth to quiet her laugh, after a minute she calmed down,

 “Wow…okay then…so you’re my stalker now?”

Helen asked as she collected the chips, cookies, and extra pizza slices while Peter grabbed the sodas and cups,

 “Yeah pretty much, he said to keep tabs on you since I’m dating your daughter and I’m getting close to the family.” He replied and Helen let out a cute laugh,

 “He has no idea how close we are, tonight I’ll remind you. Come into the room very late when the boys are asleep.” She whispered the last part as she swayed her hips while she walked past him and Peter licked his lips seeing her ass move. 


After the movie and eating some snacks with the boys enjoying the jokes Peter said during the film, they went to bed in their rooms while Helen got everything sorted leaving Gwen and Peter in her room just relaxing on the bed with her lava lamp providing a blue warm light, Peter was laid flat with her head resting on Gwen’s thigh as she caressed his hair and he did little circles on her upper thigh with his finger making her giggle,

  “So…you’re officially my dad’s secret agent?” She asked with a smirk and Peter looked up at her pretty face with a awkward smile,

 “Uhmm…yeah pretty much.” He replied and Gwen scoffed with a smile,

 “I can’t believe my dad got my own boyfriend to be his little spy, doesn’t he think I won’t notice you spying on my mom.” She said with humor which made Peter laugh and kiss her thigh making Gwen let out a cute squeak in surprise,

 “I love how sensitive you are…” he whispered and kept kissing her thigh while his hand trailer up her long skirt, Gwen sighed and gripped his hand…then guided deeper into her skirt…Peter let out a hot breath once his fingers touched her panty covered pussy, Gwen had dreamy eyes as Peter moved his fingers around and pushed into her folds, Peter panted as he felt her tunnel become wet and moist once he started fingering her, Gwen let out her hot pants as she rested against the headboard while Peter adjusted his position to slide his fingers through her and Gwen gripped his other hand and put it on her breast covered by his own black hoodie, he pushed deeper into her folds feeling her wetness coil around his fingers as her tunnel tightened as well and he felt her underwear being stained by her juices, he gripped her tit covered by the sweater and Gwen’s head fell back as she moaned and panted, 

   “Peter…ahhh ahhhh come up here and kiss me…” Gwen begged in a whisper and Peter moved up while extending his arm to keep his movements in her pussy going and he planted his lips on hers and her hands went to cradle his face…he felt her thighs squeeze his arm, her pussy leak, and her tongue dart and swirl around his mouth and his own tongue…she moaned from the feeling in her folds and mouth….Peter brought the heat from her even with just his fingers and kisses.. 


Peter opened the fridge to grab the jug of orange juice, he had let Gwen rest and sleep after he finger fucked her for a while and she even cam several times knocking her out so now she was sleeping peacefully in her bed and Peter decided to have a drink given he wasn’t tired at all, he was serving himself a cup when he heard footsteps,

 “Late night drink?” Helen asked as she walked in wearing her silk black nightgown that went to her mid thighs and white cotton robe, Peter smiled at her,

 “Yeah, Gwen’s knocked out in her bed so I’ve just been relaxing in her room with her, how about about, why are you still up?” He asked her and Helen raised an eyebrow at him with a smirk,

 “Have you forgotten?” She asked with offence and Peter smirked back,

 “Not at all Ms.Stacy, I just thought you’d be asleep.” Peter replied and Helen stepped closer to him in the dark kitchen only lit by the lights of the outside buildings through the small window,

 “I’ve been waiting for you, I need you…” she whispered as she put a hand on his chest and Peter breathed in and rubbed his nose against hers and he heard Helen coo,

 “I should really….head home” Peter said with a wince and Helen scoffed,

 “Really? After we arranged to meet up tonight, you decided to skip out? Come on Peter, just be a human being.” Helen complained while tugging him to the bedroom but Peter just chuckled,

 “I have to, I’ve been gone for a while so I have some cleaning up to do.” Peter replied and Helen let him go with a sigh,

 “Fine…go ahead, walk away…” Helen whispered in a low tone with narrow eyes and a small smile…Peter gulped when Helen started removing her clothes…first her robe fell to the ground…then her hands went to move the straps of her nightgown to the side and it fell to the ground as well….Helen smiled at him as he gawked at her bare chest only wearing her black panties…Helen just kept smiling at him as she turned to go to bed while swaying her panty covered ass to  Peter as a and  with her sideboobs, Helen looked over her shoulder one last time as she stepped,

 “I….want you Peter Parker…” she said in a hot voice and…Peter huffed…collected Helen’s clothes from the floor…and followed her into her bedroom with a dent in his pants since Gwen had gotten hers several times with his fingers and mouth then fell asleep so he should have his own plus he did make plans with Helen so…

   10 Minutes Later 

Peter had the sheets cover their entire bodies as they laid on their sides with Peter laying beside Helen and pushing into her ass, he tangled his leg with hers and Helen had her hand around his neck as he held her waist and breast while he rocked into her with slow hard thrusts, he also whispered some things to Helen as he grunted feeling her tight hole squeeze his hot dick filled with sperm and blood from the rest of his body,

 “Grrrr grrrr ughhhh ughrrrhhh ahhhh ughhhhh Jesus Helen you’re so tight right now!! Grrrr grrr grrr and your ass is so big!” Peter panted and groaned while Helen just let out her hot breaths and quiet moans to not wake her sons..her body rocked as she felt Peter’s thrusts in her asss and she felt the trapped heat since they were under the sheets and the soft fabrics acted as a cocoon for the lovers…the bed creaked lowly since Peter used his strength to control his thrusts so that they striked deep into Helen without making a loud impact on the bedsprings, Peter just pushed himself into her ass as he held her tightly from behind and Helen held his arms for dear life while biting her lip to contain her would be loud moans.

  Peter then moved them both….Helen put her head on the bed as Peter raised her ass up as he was on top of her thrusting deeper into her with a close grip on her waist and breast. 


Natasha grunted and panted as she kept her training going to the max, those few days in Brazil were great but now she was back at work so she had to retain her stamina, not that it needs much work given having sex with Peter was like 6 workouts rolled into one penis. Natasha worked her fists into the large heavy duty punching bag with each punch pushing the bag up in a swing and her next punch kept it swinging,

 “It’ll take a lot of work before Stacy reaches this level.” Natasha said to herself with a smirk she had made with Gwen Stacy about training her in hand to hand combat while Gwen would…allow her to have Peter for more time than normal although she did worry what Peter would say but she was assured by Gwen she would make him understand, she was building up some sweat with her workout but it was also something else that got her heated…she stopped her punches as she panted replaying the memory in her head…

  Peter just thrusted into her as he held her against the wall in the bedroom…just pumping into her leaking pussy as she wrapped herself around him with her legs locking on his back, she just panted and moaned feeling his rod fill her up.

   Natasha snapped out of her fit and gave one last hard punch on the bag and it actually caused a hole with the beads leaking out of it, Nat sighed and just went to take a cold shower for now since she had to handle something at the Helicarrier. 


Vanessa (Erica Durance) poured herself another drink despite the early hour, her husband was at his tower as usual working on property expansion and those reckless thugs who are proving to be a problem for her too, now she had no secure way to obtain Wilson’s wealth nor the Mafia’s savings….until George had brought in some money from Jefferson’s account so now they had enough for one last plan…she grinned as she walked around the large penthouse in her robe. The fact that Jefferson’s Wife has not made any legal attempt to reobtain the money only sweetened the moment for her, after a quick fuck with George, he had said they could make a move when Fisk and Hammerhead decide to move their assests and he’ll use his job to get all the information necassary while Vanessa will work on securing their getaway when they take Hammerhead’s money and wired a few million dollars from Wilson’s account, Vanessa chuckled just thinking about it….she had no idea what would come soon….or that a certain teenager will be her hero and savior.


Sable had another mini base besides the one in Manhattan which proved useful after spying on the teenager all night, she released the people from the house and took all her gear back with her while ditching an annoying Felicia Hardy who bragged about having super sperm inside her and Sable couldn’t lie…even from watching their lewd actions she felt the heat from those two going at it, she sighed and rubbed her head,

 “I need a shower…a cold shower.” She said to herself and went ahead to do so as she removed her clothing, Sable was not aware of the incoming danger awaiting her back in Manhattan. 


Gwen stirred in her bed…she rubbed her bleary eyes to wake and she smiled when she saw her lover sleeping soundly beside her, he had covered them both in her sheets since they were both pantless and Gwen’s face grew a smile when she had an idea, she grinned as she carefully pulled the covers off them, pulled Peter’s boxers low enough to expose his member…all she had to do was grip it in her hand and it jolted to life while Peter was still asleep…Gwen giggled as she pulled her big shirt up to expose her lips as she maneuvered herself on top of him and she gently lowered herself onto him with a sigh as her eager lips sucked him in as she took him deeper and deeper, Peter gasped and his eyes went wide, Gwen quickly put her hand on his mouth to silence his groan and he huffed at Gwen under her hand and she winked while shushing him as she finally took him whole and sat on his waist and Peter could see her struggling not to groan herself,

 “Ohhhhh ohhhh My God…..ughhhhh ssssss ughhhhh hsssssss owwwww hssss” Gwen groaned and hissed….she was really sensitive right now…her pussy clamped onto Peter’s dick so tight that Gwen actually struggled to pull herself up….Peter groaned loudly under Gwen’s hand and his hands went to Gwen’s waist as she started to rock on him. Gwen hissed some more and her hand went from Peter’s mouth to rest on her bed as she leaned down and panted right in Peter’s face,

 “Gwen ughhhh ahhhhh ughhhhh rughhhh urghhhhh are you okay ughhhh awrhhhhh arhhhhh?” Peter asked between hard groans seeing Gwen’s face start to sweat and turn red as she moved on him with force but she just nodded with a happy smile and kissed the tip of his nose,

 “I’m ahhh ahhhhh ahhhhh okay ughhhh ughhhh you just ahhhh ahhhh make me rughhhhh ughhhh ohhhh so sensitive Peter ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhh.” Gwen whispered to him between her own groans and moans, Peter’s hands went to under her shirt she had on to grip her bare breasts and Gwen sighed with her eyes closed and  a wide smile, now she twisted her hips in between her grinding making Peter’s tool shift with her only making him more sensitive to her tunnel as he gasped again feeling Gwen increase her speed as he felt her slender body snake around as she twisted her hips deeper into him then she slide side to side dragging his dick with her since her pussy had a grip on his veiny leakingrod. The lovers were giggling at each other and shushed one another as they rocked into each other with Peter leaning up and hugging Gwen while she wrapped her legs around him and locked her feet together, Gwen had her hands around his neck while she rested her head on his shoulder and her moans, groans, sweet whispers went into his ear,

 “I love you. I love you. I love you.” Was the only thing Gwen whispered as he rocked her with him on her bed in the early Saturday morning in New York. 

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