Parker and Stacy(s)

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Parker Residence

Peter chuckled when he saw familiar hands snake around his torso while they both stood under the falling warm water in the shower, he turned around and grinned at her,

 “How was work?” He asked May whose breasts were already pointy and erect from the steamy environment, he felt up her back and rear which made her own smile grow wider,

 “It was stressful, so let’s make this rough and fast, okay?” She asked with an eager smile and Peter groaned when he felt her hand stroke his cock,

 “Alright but you gotta stay quiet, Gwen’s sleeping in my room.” He said as he saw May turn around and stuck her ass out while placing her hands on the tile wall of the bathroom, he went right behind her and aligned his wet cock to her slit,

 “Ahh…” May’s moans and screams were muffled by Peter’s hand while he gripped her waist and started pistoling into her making her ass cheeks shake and jiggle against his hips. 


May had gone to bed after a shower fuck and Gwen was still knocked out from the sex the night before, so he was in the kitchen eating the breakfeast he made while checking out the map of the harbor where Fisk’s shipments are set to arrive which would provide new insight as to the escalation of the turf war between the Mafia and Fisk, Nat had said she’ll meet up with him and Lesh at the safehouse near the port so for now he would just relax and rest until the nightwatch, he kept looking over the information he had for a bit then he went to get dressed and to his humor Gwen was still knocked out and drooling in bed so he just covered up her whole body in the soft bedsheets and kisse her forehead before going out into the garage. 

    Bar with No Name

“Are you sure he’s not there?” Hammerhead asked his men who shook their heads as a nonverbal no,

 “Damn it! Where the hell he go?!” He slammed his fists onto the table in frustration then rubbed them against his scarred forehead to sooze his headache,

 “And the woman?” He asked after a moment,

 “We haven’t heard from Donni or his guys since Friday.” One of his men responded which only made Hammerhead groan,

 “Alright fine, call in Fancy Dan and his boys…time to get some help from an old friend….while taking care of old ones” He said with a growing little smile as his men went to do as he said. 

  Fisk’s Office-11:15AM

“So how will you help me more than metalhead in terms of achieving my goals?” Adrain asked Mr.Fisk while Sable was leaning against the glass wall with a patient smile as she watched the men reach an agreement,

 “Well Mr.Toomes..” Fisk cleared his throat before continuing,

 “I can pay more handsome through…cleaner connections while my competitor would give you traceable drug money that will surely catch the eye of the DEA or FBI, I will pay you as I’ve paid your associate here….offshore bank account that no one will be able to access..not even I. I can also provide you with a fully functioning engineering laboratory for yourself and your toys…Sable has told me Hammerhead just gave you an old warehouse with a leaking roof…now what do you say….will you work for me instead of that overzealous wannabe gangster?” Fisk asked Toomes and he looked at Sable for a moment, who nodded her head at him, and Toomes then gave a smirk to Fisk,

 “Alright I’m in, I guess it’ll be easier to buy equipment from top notch thieves through proper channels than back alley crap, but as I understand Sable said you were interested in a design of mine?” He asked Fisk and he nodded,

 “Yes Dr.Toomes, I am interested in how powerful your thrusters on your wings are and…if they can be adapted?” He asked with a smile and Toomes simply nodded with his own smile, 

 “Of course I can…but may I ask why?” Toomes asked him and that’s when Sable walked to them,

 “Because we are the future Adrain…time to show everyone how far science and technology have come.” Sable said with a hand on her fine slender hip with a smile and both men gave a smirk,

 “Well said Sable….now about that other Matter I mentioned…?” Fisk asked Sable and she nodded knowing what he meant,

 “I was able to narrow his flight path in this area of the city and also what locations he is most frequently sighted thanks to the help of social media in this country….and I have a plan as to how to…get him alone to have a conversation…he has some friends that will prove to be a nuisance to us.” Sable said to Fisk who nodded back and rubbed his hands together in thought,

 “Very well…but before that….I need your assistance with a certain matter happening tonight…actually it would be beneficial if you both were there.” Fisk said to the pair who shared a look of confusion,

 “With what exactly?” Toomes was the one to ask and Fisk simply called in his assistant,

 “Tess here will give you the details.” He said and the pair followed her out and into the hallway,

 “So what will we be doing?” Sable asked and Tess looked back as she walked with a smile on her dark red lips,

 “We’re going on a ship.” She said to the pair,

 “By the way…how’d you get out anyway?” Sable asked Toomes who smirked at her,

 “That’s my secret.” He said.


Nat was getting her things ready in her room on the massive airship that had at least 800 people on board, many agents lived on the ship….usually because they had no home or family to return to after handling cases….this was the case for Nat, she didn’t really have a family outside of Shield, her friend Clint has a family and a farm to return to after work and even though he, along with his wife and kids, have invited her to live with them…she felt it would be odd and invasive of her. Nat finished putting her spare bolts in her bag in her nearly empty white room that had only a bed, a work desk where her laptop sat along with a small window view of the outside and a TV for entertainment purposes, she finished getting her things ready and she put on her leather jacket over her red blouse that came with tight black jeans that hugged her ass. She walked out of her room and made her way to the launchpad to reach her first destination before going to the safehouse to meet up with the others. A small smile grew on her lips at the thought of a celebatory fuck with Peter after the mission tonight.

   Peter’s Mancave-Noon 

Peter kept working on his new gadget on his web shooters with his goggles on while working on the wires and gears in place on the device with focused eyes, there was a knock on the door,

 “Come in!” He said to the person and switched the locks off, she entered and walked to him then kissed his cheek,

 “Thanks for the plate of food you left for me.” Gwen whispered into his ear and sat next to him as he worked on the web shooter,

 “New upgrade huh? What’s this one do?” Gwen asked with a curious smile as she grabbed her pair of goggles to observe Peter’s work. She was always impressed that Peter’s skills not only involved chemistry and biology but he was clearly a skilled engineer…she truly lucked out in finding this multiskilled boy. Peter worked the wires together,

 “It’s basically a web bomb that works as a shotgun, it shoots out a big web ball that sticks to its target before exploding and entrapping many things surrounding it.” Peter explained with his focus on the device, Gwen removed her goggles and looked at him with a smile,

 “Gonna work on upgrades before the port?” She asked him and all he did was nod, Gwen chuckled at her boyfriend and kissed his cheek again,

 “Have fun sweetie, I’m gonna head home okay, my mom might come by later so make sure the security systems are up and running before leaving.” Gwen said as she went on her way and Peter replied “Got it.” with a thumbs up as she left and he kept working on his gear. 

  Felicia’s Penthouse 

Felicia was doing her usual stretches and pilates routine to ease her body into quick action for the upcoming mission, she sighed as she bent over all the way and pulled back up and went to get her suit ready, she grinned at the thought of a great after fuck, heck even a before fuck, for the mission with Peter who is someone she never in her life expected to meet much less be a teenager while she herself was in her 20’s….and yet it works out, they meet up for fucks or heists which to her is the perfect relationship to have, she grabbed some clothes and went into her bathroom to shower. 

  Peter’s Mancave-1:30PM 

Peter finished the adjustments made to his suit and so he put it on and some regular clothes over it, he went over to the desk where he had his spare wen cartilages to refuel his shooters since there’s no telling what will happen tonight but he’s sure with two badass ladies helping him everything will go okay so he shouldn’t worry to much. He got a text from his Aunt saying she would run errands for the day so he was home alone at the moment…he decided to try out his new gadgets on some bad guys and so he grabbed his bag and went on his way. 


 Spider-Man saw his perfect opportunity, a group of armed robbers were attack a bank truck trying to open the sealed doors to get the money,

 “Hurry up, we got 2 minutes before the cops show up!” The lead thug shouted,

 “Too late buddies!” Spider-Man shouted as he shot a small looking device into the ground…the men looked at it with curiosity then…boom…it exploded and entrapped all the men who surrounded it in a sticky web, all the men groaned and complained while Spider-man pointed and laughed at them. 


Peter had spent some time on patrol since he shouldn’t ignore the sirens heading to crimes happening around the city, he helped out whenever they needed and just relaxed in between, he was handling a attempted mugging and left the thug webbed up on the wall for the cops when he got a ping from his phone, he went up to the roof to read it and it was from Jessica who wanted to meet up, Peter texted where and she replied with Alias Investigations. 

    Jessica’s Apartment/Alias Investigations 

Jessica let Peter in when he knocked on the door and she led him to her makeshift office that was just a table with chairs and her computer on it,

 “So what’s up Jones, haven’t heard from you in a while.” Peter said as he sat down and Jessica sat opposite from him,

 “Well not all of us are super spies,superheroes, or major league criminals, I’ve been handling any case people hire me for.” She started and he nodded which she took as a signal to continue,

 “Anyways I’ve been handling a case of a supposed financial robbery between a husband and wife. The wife claims her husband is cheating and stealing money from their joint account for unknown reasons. She thinks she uses his job connections to handle the affair and money.” Jessica said and Peter gave her a curious look,

 “Okay….that sounds like a case of Helen and George’s, but I thought you handled that.” Peter said and Jessica rolled on the office chair to her file cabinet and pulled out a file,

 “I did handle it, I think you’ll recognize the names…” she said with a smirk as she passed the file to him and he scoffed a laugh as soon as he read it,

  “How’d you know about it?…” he asked with a surprised look and Jessica smirked at him,

 “Just because I’m not one of your daily fucks doesn’t mean I don’t keep tabs…anyways this woman, Rio Morales thinks Davis is cheating and stealing money from their account…any ideas?” She asked and he rubbed his chin and put an scenario in his head,

 “Well Davis is part of Stacy’s little heist group along with some hired men by Fisk’s wife….perhaps he has to put in some money to be allowed into the group.” Peter said and Jessica nodded in agreement,

 “Maybe, how else do they pay for those hired men for their little crimes which they haven’t done in a while since the turf war has been escalating lately.” Peter said his thought aloud and Jessica considered it as well,

 “That could be it, how about this…while you guys handle the Fisk and Mafia stuff, I will watch over the little wannabe crime trio and their actions then we’ll meet up and share whatever we get, deal?” Jones asked him and he nodded with a smile as confirmation. He was about to head out when he stopped and had a thought….he turned around and went back to the living room/kitchen area where Jessica was drinking another bottle of beer,

 “What? Forgot something?” She asked and Peter rubbed the back of his head with a nervous look which made Jessica narrow her dark black eyebrows in suspicion, Peter huffed and looked her dead in the eye,

 “Look I honestly don’t know how to approach you on this subject and even though you can kick my ass from here all the way to the Upper East Side if I piss you I’ll just ask: Wanna fuck?” Peter finally asked the black haired P.I who gave him a look that clearly said WTH, but then she shrugged her shoulders and she then gave him a lopsided smirk,

   “Are you sure you can take it…?” She asked him and stepped forward to him and she grabbed his groin area hard with her hand and he groaned…Jessica smirked at him and he smirked back…his hand went to tug her hair back and she hissed and her eyes were filled with anger, lust, and want….Peter then used his strength to slam her against the counter to bend her over, his hand quickly went to work on his jeans and belt, but then he was kicked back and he was gripped by Jessica’s hands and she slammed him on the ground creating a dent around them and she planted her superpowered thighs on him as she yanked his jeans down enough to his ankles, she gave him a heated stare and he grinned then flipped them over and he leaned down and started kissing her and she kissed him back as her hands played with his balls and stroked his rod, Peter’s hands worked om Jessica’s black belt and buttons of her dark blue jeans. 

   Next Door

The woman was watching TV enjoying the soap opera when the ground around her started shaking making several things fall, 

 “What the hell!?” She yelled. 

   Below Jessica’s Apartment

“Randy! She’s up to it again! Go tell her to take her fuck buddy to a fucking hotel! All our shits fallin all over the place!” She yelled to her boyfriend who only shrugged as their rooms shaked while hearing the intense groans and moans of their….gifted neighbor,

 “You go if you want her to punch you through a wall, she broke my hand when I went to complain about her ex-boyfriend playing his music too damn loud remember.” He complained to his girlfriend who only shrugged in defeat, she looked up at the old ceiling that was creaking as she heard her neighbor’s moans and groans intensify,

 “Wow…if that’s not her ex…I wonder who’s got it to give it to her good..” she said aloud.

    Jessica’s Apartment

Both their jeans wear around their ankles as Peter kept pushing himself into her with force and pure strength to match her own powerful body which he could feel from the inside as her walls squeezed the shit out of his rod and he hissed and groaned he pulled back and thrusted back in again and again, Jessica on the other hand had a smirk with heated eyes staring at Peter’s scrunched face, she tightened her thighs against his as much as she could with her jeans holding her legs together so Peter positioned himself better to allow her to move her thighs and he grunted feeling her walls tighten as well and he caressed her pale thigh and leg and she sighed at his touch. 

   NYPD Precient 

George was alone in his office pacing as he thought about the recent criminal activities occuring in the city then he considered how they could be linked to the turf war between Fisk and the Mafia, then there’s the fact that there has been new super criminals roaming around now…a mechanical, a rhino, and Goerge recently got a report about sightings of the vulture flying high in the sky but it was very difficult to verify then there’s the sightings of strange vehicles around the city with well dressed men inside that have not done anything but drive around the city. He rubbed his head from the stress and his phone pinged and he saw a message from Helen who said she finished packing her things and that she would spend the day with the boys, he replied back and sat down and thought of a plan to handle all these new issues arising. 

  Jefferson was at his desk texting his wife who asked if he would make it to dinner and he considered his plans for that evening and replied that he would probably be busy…he then texted his side chick saying he’ll meet up with her soon. Then his fellow officer approached his desk,

 “Hey Jeff, have you got any updates from that robbery in Midtown? It’s been a while since that district has updated their case files so I’m hoping other districts have decided to look over it to see if there’s a pattern.” Detective Knight asked him and he handed her a file on his desk,

 “Actually I printed this out from the database and it looks like there is a match to a fingerprint found on the lock of the vault…” Davis replied with a smirk and Knight smirked back showing off her pearly whites with her dark caramel skin,

 “I owe you a drink, and that’s all...Despite what you do out here I still remember you’re married.” She pointed a finger at him with a knowing smile and he chuckled as she left, Davis watched Misty Knight (Simone Missick) walk off with her big ass swinging and he dreamed of motorboating her equally big tits that would shake would it not be for her tight shirts with her tight jeans, he sighed as he figured she’d go all the way with this and go to where the guy works on her own….just as Vanessa said she would…hence why they need a pasty for a particular plan that night. 


Peter had left Jessica’s place after a good fuck, though she punched him through a wall for cuming inside her without a rubber on but he laughed it off. He was walking around the streets in his civilian clothes to just mellow out his body before heading for the safehouse where Nat is supposed to be, he decided to text her on when a meet up to prep for the arrival of the ship and she replied around 10….which left Peter with more time than he thought…he groaned as he was bored…then like a stroke of luck…his phone rang and he had a surprised smile as he saw the number it was from,

 “Hello….umm Yeah sure I can meet up…alright see you there.” He hung up and chuckled to himself as he went on his way…then he heard the sirens, well he can stop some crimes along the way. 


Peter arrived at the location, it was a cute little cafe that was hidden among the bussing citizens walking down the street and surrounded by larger well known buildings. He entered and went to the table where she sat waiting for him,

 “Hey sorry I’m late there was a….disturbance along the way.” He said with a pained smile and she smiled at him,

 “Don’t worry about it…given how we met…you being late helped me prepare myself to face you again.” She said with an adorable cute smile and he decided to lean in and kiss her, she giggled against his lips when he slowly pulled away,

 “So why the call and the meeting? Trying to wine and dine me?” He asked with a smirk and she gave an embarrassed smile and he smirked and reached to grip her leg and she sighed,

 “So tell me Jasmine O’Hara (Constance Marie) why have you called me up? I mean…I was already planning on getting you in your house but you beat me to it.” Peter said with a smirk and the Latina Milf blushed and looked away embarrassed at the situation she now finds herself in. Peter just kept smiling at her and rubbed a thumb on her hand as he held it, Jasmine breathed in and sighed,

 “I tried really hard to find your number…after not hearing from you…then I tried even harder not to call it, I tried to be happy with my husband who has given me 3 kids and a home….but then….I saw you…” she said as she look into his eyes and he nodded as a signal for her to continue, 

 “I saw you walking down the street with your girlfriend…and I remembered that day in the store….soon my thoughts were all about you…and your body…your smell. I tried to take my lust out on my husband but…he’s not as big as you…nowhere near…” Jasmine said with a giggle and Peter covered his mouth to silence his loud laugh that came out as giggles, Jasmine kept going,

 “So I just wanted…to see you.” She whispered to him even though there were only 5 other people in the cafe so Peter just leaned in and planted a soft kiss on her lips and she sighed into the kiss and when he pulled away he grinned at the dazed expression on her pretty face,

 “Where does your family think you are?” He asked with curiosity in his tone and she again looked away embarrassed,

 “My husband thinks I’m with my sister….he’s…watching the kids at home..” she said in a nervous tone and took a sip of her coffee while Peter contemplated on what to do…he took note of her body in her clothes,dark green jeans with a cute little belt that secured tightly around her waist and milf ass along with a button green long sleeve shirt with a white T-shirt underneath…a true Latina milf,

 “Has anyone told you that..” he started when Jasmine cut him off,

 “That I look like the hot mom from that George Lopez show yeah I get that all the time.” She said with a chuckle to herself and Peter grinned and leaned in again,

 “Where do you live?” He asked lowly and she gulped with a nervous expression,

 “I live…we a house…in the Bronx.” She whispered and he chuckled lowly,

 “I have to be somewhere at 10 so I got some time to spare….tell me…about yourself…about your fantasies….what makes you wet…” Peter whispered as he leaned in more and more until he softly placed his lips on hers and she again let out a soft sigh.


Peter and Jasmine in her car as she drove around the city, she had said she couldn’t stay out too long so Peter had said to take them to her favorite spot in the area. Peter had put a hand to caress her leg as she drove and she grinned as his hand traveled up and down her thigh,

 “We’re here.” She said as she drove into the parking lot of a….library, Peter gave her a confused look,

 “I love coming here whenever I have time, I used to come here a lot when I was in school. I’d just sit on a comfy chair and read you know, too many kids at home to read so I would come here when I can.” She said with a smile and Peter winked at her with a smile of his own, Jasmine’s eyes went wide in shock and she stuttered when she spoke,

 “Wh..what!? Here!? W-W-We can’t! It’s umm it’s umm closed! Yeah that’s right it’s closed.” Jasmine said with relief only for Peter to pull her in for a deep kiss and at first she tried to push him off for a second but then she wrapped her arms around the teen boy who had led her to this sinful act against her loyal husband. 

  Inside The Library

The big library was empty and dark, until the door was picked open by Peter’s crafty hands, and a few pointers from the master thief herself, he opened the door from the back where it led to the alley where Jasmine had parked the car. He stepped inside and cocked his head for her to follow which she did timidly and Peter had to chuckle at that then he spanked her ass in green jeans when she walked passed him,

“Hey come on! Don’t be a pig when we’re together okay. I already feel disgusted being here with a teenage boy and what’s worse….my husband is taking care of our kids at home..” Jasmine complained more to herself than Peter but it was still something to hear how he affects her…he had to play his hand well,

 “Alright, fine let’s go our separate ways then. You can choose to leave if you want or you can close this door and tell me I’m in charge.” Peter said and went to lean on the wall and wait for Jasmine’s choice and she just stood there nervous and shaking even….she was sweating and she gripped the strap of her purse even tighter…then she went to the door and closed it,

 “You’re in charge…” she whispered…then Peter pulled in her close and kissed her and groped her butt and she dropped her purse and wrapped her arms around his neck to kiss him back with sighs and moans escaping her mouth,

 “Ahh this is wrong, but it feels good.” She whispered in his ear and he chuckled,

 “I want you to do something for me…” he whispered back as he started to kiss her neck,

 “Wha…ahhh what is it?” She replied and he kissed her cheek while groping her ass even tighter making her hiss,

 “I want you to dance for me…strip for me.” He said and she laughed more to herself,

 “Come on…I know you can do it…show me what your husband has been lucky to have…” he whispered hotly and she sighed and pushed him away and she had heated eyes….then she closed her eyes and start to shake and move her arms,waist and ass in rhythm to the music in her head, she had her eyes her eyes closed as she moved her body and gripped her breasts with her own hands…Peter pulled a chair from a nearby table and sat down. 

  6 Minutes Later 

 She had undressed during her provocative dance…she started with undoing her little belt then the button and zipper of her jeans, she had peeled them off like a snake shedding its skin…her legs become viewable and unlike the time he took her in the closest..he could take the time to appreciate her caramel skin leading up to her smooth thigh then…her grey panties were in view as she removed her button shirt leaving only her white T-shirt on. At that point Peter had went behind her and moved his hips with hers following the rhythm she set….at some point he started dry humping her and she actually groaned and moaned from the tease and the dent she felt on her buttcrack,

 “Peter Parker…what have you done to me?” She asked aloud as a dazed whisper then Peter reached down and pulled her shirt up revealing her Milf figure then her black bra that hid her medium sized melons that had experience like Helen’s with breastfeeding multiple kids…Peter pushed her to the long table meant for readers to sit and enjoy their books, he turned her around…bent her over, he loved this position, and just yanked her panties off revealing her sweet apple ass…he spanked it and she yelped in surprise,

 “Wait! Put on a ahhhhhhh” Her head fell flat on the table when she felt his fingers push into her pussy and twirl inside her walls,

 “Wow it’s so warm and wet already.” He pulled out his fingers and saw how they were stained with her juice,

 “Does your husband ever use his fingers? Does he ever get creative?” He asked her with a smirk and Jasmine looked over her shoulder shyly,

 “…No….we just do the missionary position…I’ve never even given him oral before…and he hasn’t done anything like that to me….” She gulped when she saw Peter’s smile grow wider by the second….lucky for Peter he had the video camera in his bag…

  Brooklyn SafeHouse 9:00PM

Peter entered the home and saw he was the first one to be there to prep, the boat would arrive at 10 so he had an hour to get his gear ready. 

 He spent about 15 minutes getting his upgrades ready on his suit and he had installed the communicator Gwen had given him so she can remain in contact with him throughout the mission. He finished loading up his web shooters when the door opened and in walked Gwen and Felicia,

 “Hey babe, hey Lesh.” He greeted them and they both planted a kiss on his cheek,

 “So how was that thing with the woman from the shop?” Gwen asked while she set up her computer and Peter’s on the table while Lesh took out her own suit and gear,

 “It went great, heads up.” He said before passing the camera to Gwen by throwing it, she caught it and smiled at the camera,

 “That’s one more whore to add to the list.Alright so what’s the plan?” She asked aloud and Lesh was the one who spoke,

 “Nat will do surveillance outside the ship while Spidey and I check out the inside since I’m a pro at B&E while you stay here and let us know when unwanted attention arrives.” She said and Gwen nodded and went to the basement to grab some tech Nat and Peter had told her about. While she did that Felicia went behind Peter who was focused on the map of the port and she reached around and fished for his cock with her hand under his jeans, Peter chuckled,

 “Lesh come on not now, besides Gwen’s here so it’ll take awhile with all 3 of us.” Peter said though he sighed when he felt his prick get a sight handjob from Felicia’s hand,

 “She’s coming, hurry up and…Ahhh owwww!!” Lesh groaned when she felt her hair get pulled back by Gwen who had a annoyed look on her face,

 “I know you have your own thing with him but when I’m around he’s mine for the first pick.” Gwen said sternly to the cat burglar who had her own look of annoyance on her face, Gwen just smirked at her then..she went to her boyfriend and…yanked his pants down, knelt down and,

 “Whoa Gwen you don’t need to…OH My God Don’t Stop!! Ohhhh Jesus Ahhhh! Ahhhh Fuck!” Peter moaned when Gwen’s mouth devoured his cock and sucked on it like crazy, Felicia just scoffed and went to get changed while Peter leaned against the couch while his hands rested on his girlfriend’s head as she bobbed her head and sucked on him until he popped in her mouth. 


Nat had arrived all set and ready to go, she went to the basement where the trio were gathered,

 “Alright you guys all set?” She asked to them and they nodded,

 “Okay so what’s the game plan?” Gwen asked while she pulled up the map of the terminal by the bay,

 “The manifest has these shipments coming in for Fisk which appears to be part of a schedule he’s been on for a while, Felicia and Peter will check it out and hopefully we find something to help us end this little war and Captain Stacy’s interference with Fisk’s wife. I will handle the men who will be surveying the boat.” Natasha said to Gwen who nodded and now everyone was set and ready though Gwen had an uneasy expression on her face, Peter smiled softly at her and leaned down and kissed her softly,

 “Don’t worry babe, I got two badass females with me.” Peter said with a reassuring smile and Nat and Lesh smiled at his compliment while Gwen let out a little chuckle but then she gave a stern look to the other women,

 “Take care of my guy.” She said and they nodded with their own expressions of assurance to her. 

   Red Hook Terminal-10:15PM 

The trio were atop of a high crane meant to move around the large containers that would be placed on the cargo ship, Nat was at the edge looking through her binoculars while Peter zoomed in with his lenses while Lesh just marveled at the pairs asses from behind in their tight suits,

 “Alright looks they upped Security since the war has been escalating lately….ohhh man look at that guy in the long trench coat with the old school hat Nat..” Peter said and pointed a finger towards the direction he meant and Nat followed and scoffed,

 “Guess this proves my theory…there’s a mole inside Shield, I thought having Hydra double agents was bad enough but now we got petty gang amateurs coming in.” Nat said with annoyance and Leah came up by using her skills to hang at the end of the crane to get a view,

 “Should we change the plan? There’s more security than we expected, you gonna need a hand Widow?” Lesh asked and Natasha nodded to her,

 “Alright….how about Nat and I handle the guards while you check out one of the containers on the ship?” She asked Peter who nodded and all 3 activated their communicators and went off with Peter swinging towards the crane atop of the ship while the ladies went around the docks and landed on top of the containers, the armed men patrol the grounds and entrance,

 “This is gonna be fun” Nat said with a smirk to Lesh who smirked back. 

   Couple Minutes Later 

Peter used his powers to sneak around the ship while the others stealthy took them down with Nat stringing them high up or Lesh knocking them out cold and hiding in the parked cars on the large ship,

 “These guys are different from before.” Nat said over the communicator,

 “How do you mean Widow?” Gwen asked from her end,

 “These guys have better body armor, bigger guns and yet they still fall to Widow’s traps and Felicia’s sucker punch.” Peter replied with a clear smirk in his voice,

 “Aww thanks Parker, now have you found a way to get inside to check things out?” Nat asked him and Peter was at the far end of the ship where the door led inside but being in his suit is a dead giveaway…then he saw a chance,

 “I see a lone guard who looks on the skinny side and about my height….I’m going for it.” He said and he quietly climbed to the roof right above the lone guard and then…he shot a web string for himself and swung down then clasped his hand on the guards mouth and pulled him up and knocked him out, Nat and Lesh landed beside him on the high roof after handling the nearby guards,

 “Nice work Spidey, you got him good.” Lesh said to him while he undressed and Nat undressed the guard from his attire. 

   5 Minutes Later 

 “God why do we have to be out here? Ain’t like nothin’s gonna happen.” Trey complained to his fellow guard who simply nodded,

 “I know its annoying but hey the pay is good plus we got to see those two fine ass babes earlier right?” Jackson replied with a smirk and Trey chuckled remembering,

 “Yeah that was unexpected, first the bald dude then bam….A fine ass Redhead that is the boss’s PA and then a Silver haired bombshell with a badass suit.” He said and the pair chuckled then Jackson narrowed his eyes,

 “Hey New guy!” He shouted and one of the newbies flinched and went to him,

 “What are you doing just looking around? Didn’t you finish investigating the back end?” He asked and the newcomer whose name he didn’t care to ask replied,

 “Uhmm yeah, Yes Sir I did.” He said with a salute the pair laughed at his lame demeanor,

 “Well get your ass inside and report back to your post.” Try said and cocked his head to the door and the new guard went ahead inside.

   Inside The Ship

“Wow, that was easier than I thought.” Peter said aloud while in the guard attire and he was thankful that the new guy who he was impersonating was not a memorable person so he was able to sneak in, from what he saw in the containers outside…they were just regular product shipments for stores in the city, that meant Fisk’s shipment must be inside. 

  Peter walked down the corridor and saw it had mutiple rooms on each side…the inside was big,

 “Hey guys this might take me a while so try to remain unnoticed.” Peter said to the commincator and he heard both ladies scoff through the device,

 “And let you have all the way playing detective, no way.” Lesh said and Peter already had a comeback ready,

 “But from what we saw most of the guards outside are men and the female guards are clearly well known to the group so you and Nat will be noticed easily.” Peter said and there was silence before Nat spoke,

 “Damn it he’s right, we’re better off waiting outside and we’ll hold off any backup should you make yourself noticeable with your below average social skills.” Nat retorted with a smirk in her own voice and Peter could hear Gwen giggle at the jab of the comment,

 “Hey! What are you laughing about?!” Peter whined loudly and then…

 “Hey! You There!” A voice shouted from behind Peter down the hallway, Peter froze in place,

 “…Fucking idiot…” he heard Gwen say through the device that only he could hear. Peter heard footsteps walking to him but his Spider-Sense didn’t go off so he wasn’t in immediate danger, the person walked to face and Peter gulped from fear and amazement…this chick was the same one who had been watching him when he was on patrol but now he was seeing her up close and damn…she had a figure similar to Nat with a toned muscle body yet with Felicia’s voluminous features on her chest and rear, 

 “What is your designated sector?” The woman asked him and Peter gulped again and she rolled her eyes when she saw that,

 “Answer the question!” She demanded,

 “Sector S” he replied lamley and he mentally kicked his own ass for saying a letter than a number…he waited for the incoming attack but again…no spider-sense to alert him but to his surprise…the woman herself was surprised by his response,

 “Really?….Very well…come.” She said and led the way down the hallway and Peter just followed,

 “Just keep calm Peter…let’s see where this leads.” Nat said to him through the device but then some static noise started ringing out,

 “Ouch..Hello..Gwen?..” he asked and tapped the device and then he pulled it out to check when Sable called him over again so Peter had to put it in his pocket for now.

 Later On 

Peter was frozen in place as he remained in position as a guard alongside 5 others in the room with a white table and several people sitting around it. The silver haired woman sat alongside a cute redhead then a sexy brunette and then there was the vulture, they were having some kind of meeting and he tried to listen from the end of the room since he was posted to guard the door…so far they talked about the shipments and best of all he heard what they had….it was flash drives…thousands of flash drives and hard drives that had information on Fisk’s wealth, this is how he keeps his wealth in check…he transfers them into portable devices and transports them routinely to new locations to avoid any unwanted attention from any law enforcement. They were at the bottom of the ship to keep things low key as they kept chatting, but then,

 “What?!” The redhead asked over her radio,

 “Then start shooting!” She yelled and the others asked what was happening,

 “It’s the Black Widow, she’s here along with an unknown assailant .” She said with a annoyed grunt while the silver hair woman smirked as she watched the others head up, Peter was about to follow when the woman pulled him to her,

 “Come with me, the rest of you prepare the boat to cast off.” She said as she led the way out where the remaining men were firing their guns at Nat and Lesh, then he saw the Vulture take fight after jumping off the roof for altitude and started shooting daggers and the ladies,

 “Darn it! How’d she find this boat?! Now the gunfire will surely draw attention.” Sable complained and Peter simply watched as Nat and Lesh handled the men,

 “Should we engage?” Peter asked then the next thing he knew felt a bolt of electricity go down his spine then he lunged at Sable,

 “Look out!” He shouted and he tackled her to the ground right when the echo of a gun being fired and a gaping hole appearing on the wall where Sable was standing, Sable was amazed at that and gave Peter a shocked expression,

 “Incredible…now where did that…Move!” She shouted and pushed Peter aside while grabbing her pistol and firing it at incoming men on the other side of the boat, the pair quickly got up and took cover around the large containers,

 “Who are they?!” Peter asked loudly over the gunfire while Sable fired her large dual pistols…they looked like Nat’s only these guns fired some type of bullet energy that leaves scorch marks,

 “I don’t know….they are not Shield nor local law enforcement….fire your gun already!!” She shouted and Peter looked around and fired the gun but he made sure to aim away from people since he was going to kill anyone with a gun and lucky Sable was firing over at the other corner so she didn’t see what he was doing,

 “We need to handle them before Spider-Man arrives, we need him alone.” She said and Peter wondered why they wanted him by himself…probably a trap so he couldn’t risk changing into his outfit right now. The gunfight continued for a minute when…a loud boom was heard and a sonic wave erupted….then all of the guard’s guns, vulture’s suit, and even the incoming men’s weapons went dead,

 “We handle this old school now.” Peter said as he placed the mask of the guardman suit on and ran to start punching the men who he recognizes from Jessica’s photos of Geroge’s new guys….this was another heist, he was punching the men when his Spider-Sense alerted him, he turned to punch the man behind him when he was kicked to the wall roughly by Sable’s powerful leg,

 “I’m impressed you took initiative, now keep fighting!” She said and went ahead with her kicks and punches while Peter joined in as well…..what was supposed to be a surveillance mission has now turned into something else. 

 The other Side of the Boat

“God damn it we need to leave now before too many show up to track us and the cops will be here too.” Nat said after handling another gunman,

 “What about Peter!?” Gwen screamed over the device,

 “He can handle himself but we only have a limited amount of bullets and flashbangs left…plus I used the emp grenade I had on instinct so….” lesh said with a pained smile and Gwen’s teeth grind together,

 “So you mean….there’s a chance Peter’s earpiece is off now.” She said more as a statement than a question and Lesh only said,

 “Sorry my bad.” To which Gwen retorted,

 “I’m gonna fuck you after this, both of you get out now someone put in a call to the police already and they’re sending choppers to the port right now.” She said and the pair threw one last flashbang at the men to run from the port.

   The Far End of the Boat 

Peter had to fight against the men from Stacy’s group with the woman who had been called Sable in the meeting room, however Peter noticed something in the distance….a woman sneaking onboard the ship and with all the chaos happening no one noticed here, well except him….but then he felt a bolt of lighting and he turned to see another person sneak on board but he only got a glimpse when a loud bang rang in his ears along with everyone else but they still kept fighting and Peter was impressed by the women and her men who knew how to fight….which only made it more dangerous to have them in the city, the fights kept going when a explosion nearby caused by careless firing at the gas tanks erupted,

 “Look-BOOM!!!!!” His spider-sense was a second off….everything was in slow motion…Peter lunged and covered Sable….he didn’t even do it to play the part…he just wanted this person to survive…he covered her and they flew to the wall and…he hit his head on the hard wall material….everything went black…

  Later-Brooklyn Safehouse 

Gwen was fuming at the pair who were holding ice to their sore body parts after having to fight a bunch of men and had to dodge the Vulture’s attacks since they didn’t have any airborne gear with them,

 “So….did you guys see Peter leave the boat….before it left the harbor?….” Gwen asked them and they answered with silence…Gwen growled at them,

 “So two badass women abandoned a 17 year old on a boat probably heading to another country and he’s surronded by people who will shoot him to hell if his stupid flustered mouth says something wrong” Gwen said and the pair only sighed, Gwen sighed as well and went to get some water bottles for the women who drank it savoring the sweet taste of water,

 “Thanks Stacy.” Felicia said, Nat nodded with a smile of her own,

 “Thank You….and I will personally pursue the ship and retrieve Peter from wherever the ship ends up….and I’m sure he kno...” Nat’s vision was blurred and her voice was stuttering…she heard a thud and her blurry vision saw that Felicia passed out…Nat ended up falling over on the couch with a dazed sleepy expression…Gwen hovered over her,

 “I’m gonna make you pay…for leaving my boyfriend behind before you go get him….” She whispered and now Nat was knocked out.

   Stacy Apartment 

“What the hell do you mean it went wrong!?” George shouted in a whisper on the phone in his home office, he was talking to Vanessa who had just given him some bad news,

 “The men encountered a higher number of security forces than expected and my husband has hired a mercenary who has supplied trained men and weapons. Then there’s the fact that the police arrived sooner than we expected as well. What happened to your fellow officer?” She asked and George sighed and rubbed his head,

 “Jefferson said he sent some Brooklyn detective there so she would cause panic and they’d kill her then our men would’ve attacked them when they were distracted…problem is some other people got there before she did so they caused an uproar and I guess she used that to her advantage….but I know Jefferson managed to do his part.” George said with a smile and Vanessa chuckled on the phone,

 “Well let’s hope he has something worthwhile whenever he should return.”  She said to him and they hung up, ending the call.

   Unknown Location

Peter groaned as he awoke and he noticed the feeling of a soft fabric on his bare chest and he realized he was on a cot in a little room where it was clearly a supply closet, Peter had a bandage around his head and he had some on his back. He hissed when he sat up and he looked out the circular window and his skin went pale and he gulped,

 “Crap….where the hell is this boat going…the shipping route was probably changed because of the attack so now where is it going?” Peter asked himself as he looked out into the vast blue waves, the door opened and he flinched and even covered himself with the sheets and he gulped when he saw it was the woman called Sable,

 “Good to see you are conscious” she said with a smile and Peter figured she still believed he was a guard,

 “Yeah uhm I mean Yes, I too am glad to be awake. How long was I out?” He asked her as he touched the bandage wrapped on his head and Sable pulled a chair to sit next to the cot,

 “A couple of hours, you struck the wall with your head and back with immense force from the explosion…thank you for that.” She said while clearing her throat from awkwardness and Peter nodded,

 “You don’t have to thank me for that, I’m sure you would have done the same thing.” He said,

“No I wouldn't have.” Sable said plainly and Peter just gulped again and nodded,

 “In fact…no one would do that…no on this ship…” she said carefully and she reached into the pocket of her coat and pulled out something that made Peter’s heart stop,

 “It would explain why you would have this…and why I don’t recognize you from my staff.” She said as she showed him….his web shooter he had brought with him just in case after swapping outfits,

 “Oh thank god you found that! Those spidey collectibles sure do cost a fortune so thanks for finding that for me! Peter tried to play the happy nerd guy but then…Sable threw it aside and pulled out her gun with the other hand and put it right in Peter’s mouth….Peter figured his head injury must’ve numb his Spider-sense for the time being,

 “Do…Not….Play….Games With Me…” She said and pulled the lever readying the chamber and all she had to do was pull the trigger,Peter remained still and silent and just nodded slowly feeling the cold metal of the gun against his gums and teeth,

 “Now listen….I’ve kept this little secret of yours to myself, I need your help, and you will agree, am I correct?” She asked sarcastically with a smirk and Peter nodded again and she pulled the gun out from his mouth and put it away,

 “Excellent, Now I understand you would want to resist but I assure you that if you cooperate with me you will be safe on this boat.Now we will arrive at the location in a couple of hours so rest and I will inform you of your duties when the time comes…Spider-Man.” Sable said with a smirk as she got up to leave the room,

 “Wait!” Peter said and she looked over to him,

 “At least answer me these questions: where are we going and are we going back to the city at some point?” Peter asked and Sable chuckled,

“We will return to New York by plane after we handle a situation in Brazil.” She said and left him alone in the room….and locked the door. Peter just groaned as he realized she had taken all his stuff so he was left with the spare clothes she had set there for him already.

   Monday Morning 

The bed kept creaking and shaking while the woman groaned and moaned feeling her hole being filled and stretched,

 “Ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhhhhhh ughhhhh ughhhhh ahhhhh” Felicia kept groaning while Gwen was pushing herself with a strap on around her crotch area to play the role of the giver while felicia was the receiver,

 “Yeah Yeah Yeah Fuck Yeah!!! Ughhhh Take It! Take It Bitch!!!” Gwen growled at the black haired Margot Robbie doppelganger, behind them Nat had just gotten dressed while rubbing her ass after receiving her punishment from the blonde for ditching Peter the night before,

 “I’ll check what the route of the boat is and see if it correlates with any information we have on Fisk.” Nat said as she walked out but Gwen was too busy burying the rubber tool inside Felicia’s cunt as she kept grunting and hissing.

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