Parker and Stacy(s)

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Helen was having a great dream, she was on a beach, in the bahamas, the soft sand, the bright sun, the ocean waves hitting the shore…it was paradise, she was wearing a sexy leopard bikini while Peter was on top of her groping her body while leaving kisses on her neck and cleavage, she was smiling and sighing happily as they kept fondling each other on a beach of paradise, Peter’s lips went to hers, she opened her mouth and their tongues meshed together, Helen pulled back and stared loving at Peter, 

 “I love you” she said to him and he grinned at her..then he lowered a hand between them and put two fingers into her folds…Helen moaned at the feeling and then…

   Stacy Apartment 2AM 

  Helen’s body was withering, she was moaning lowly…Peter just kept his grin on his face, Helen’s eyes fluttered open slightly..and Peter covered her mouth to silence her gasp when she saw him and what he was doing…His hand was under the bed covers,going under her blue joggers, he had his fingers under her panties, he was swirling his fingers while kneeling next to her on the floor with a smirk on his face as she had a hand covering her moans escaping her mouth..George was snoring right next to her..all he had to do was open his eyes and their affair would be made her wet and leak into Peter’s fingers that were rubbing her walls and swirling around while she rubbed her legs together locking his forearm in place and he gave a very low chuckle to her then he pulled hard and his hand was out…he looked at his fingers,coated in her juices and he put them in his mouth and sucked like a 5 year old with a jar of peanut butter…Helen sighed at the sight and he leaned in to her ear, 

 “If you want more, follow me” was all he said and he walked out the room quietly, he went to the living room and waited, it was only a few seconds until he heard timid footsteps and he saw her walk to him in the darkness of night, with only the red and green christmas lights on the tree illuminating the living room, he walked to her and planted his lips on hers, they walked back as they kissed with Helen’s arms wrapped around his neck while his were at her waist as he walked backwards while pulling her to him as she stumbled slightly, lost in her heated lust for this 17 year old man who has inserted himself into her life…and pussy. He led her to the family sofa, and he pulled her to his lap as he sat down, she straddled him while never separating from his lips, she let out a contentful moan as he groped her breasts through her plain black shirt, he pinched her nipples and she groaned in his mouth and bit his upper lip and pulled on it as payback, Peter let out a hiss and narrowed his eyes at her confident ones, he slapped her ass making it echo in the living room. Helen’s eyes bulged wide and she released his lip, he knew why: this scenario was truly insane of them having their way with each other when her cop husband and children are in the apartment. He grinned as she clearly gave the dominant role to him as she just scrunched her face as he kept twirling her nipples…then his hands went to her sweatpants,Helen’s eyes bulged wide open as she looked at Peter with a panicked expression, 

 “Peter!..” she started to say in a whisper as his lips started to kiss her cleavage and his hands were traveling up her body under her shirt, 

 “..We can’t…” she pleaded and he got up while carrying her and planted her on the kitchen counter, he’s in between her legs as his hands played with the band of her sweatpants and Helen actually gave a low sigh and raised her legs up his waist while her own hands went to his pants..she broke out of her trance and panicked again, 

 “No no no..” she said with a low voice and quickly, and quietly, hopped off the counter with a cute giggle

“They'll hear us”she said in a adorable whisper like the 17 year old horny version of herself Helen had long forgotten, and Peter gave a low laugh then pulled her back to him and latched his lips back onto hers and she returned his kisses with lustful passion…she pulled away and pulled her shirt off, revealing her already hard nipped tits that were moving as she was breathing deeply making her chest move while watching Peter remove his own..she drooled at the sight of his rock hard body..she ran a hand through her hair and huffed, clearly in conflict as to whether or not to do this…she gave him a shy look,

“We…we..we have to be quick” she whispered to him and turned around and faced the counter once again…and her hands slowly pulled her sweatpants down…her sexy ass in white lace panties was a sight to behold, bare breasts and just in her panties as she faced Peter..he grinned at her, 

“Come over here” he said as he held out his hand,she smiled softly at him and slowly stepped to him while swaying her hips and she looked delicious in just her panties. She was walking too slow,Peter growled at her like a predator finding its prey…he walked up to her and lifted her,she instinctively wrapped her smooth legs around his waist and locking them together with her feet, his hands on her ass holding her up and she started to kiss his neck while he walked them to to large wood dinner table where the Stacy family eat their breakfast and dinner together..he planted her on the spot where George’s plate would be placed for his meals..Helen let out a giggle while kissing his collarbone, 

 “Peter Parker…my family eats here” she said in a lustful whisper while Peter was in between her legs gripping her thighs while leaving wet kisses on her shoulder, he let out a low laugh, 

 “Do you want me to stop?” He asked in her ear,his hot breath traveling down her ear and she shuddered at that feeling, 

 “No…please don’t stop sweetie…don’t stop” she pleaded and he latched his lips onto hers while gripping her butt cheek and caressing her thigh…his hands went to the band of her panties,she smiled and lifted her legs and her butt enough for him to tug them off..he sniffed them..she grinned at the sight, Peter lowered his own pants and his member sprung free, his hand went to Helen’s belly…and he decided to try the new step in their illicit affair.

“I love you Helen” he said with lustful eyes and she blushed heavily and her breathing increased from his declaration, he pulled her slightly so now her legs dangled off the table..he knelt down and raised his hands up her thighs,Helen sighed and laid her back on the table as he trailed a finger up her inner thigh..slowly reaching her moist slit,Helen was starting to breathe in deeply..anticipating whatever he was gonna do and 

“Ohh.” Helen covered her mouth to silence her moan when he inserted 2 fingers into her snatch and swirled them around her tunnel while going deeper..Helen was whimpering and her legs were shaking slightly on the table..he put a third finger..she gasped into her hand ..Peter’s other hand put her juicy thigh on top of his shoulder,she moved her foot to scratch his hair,he let out a low chuckle and turned his head…he started to lick her toes…

“Ahhhh ahhhh wow ohh wow” Helen continued to moaned into her hand, she was being services in to places, her pussy and her foot..Peter sucked on her big toe..then moved to kiss the top of her foot and even licked it..Helen had never done foot before but now it was an incredible feeling, no wonder some of her girlfriends have this fetish..she sighed happily as her folds were touched and swirled by his tongue now and he stuck out his tongue into her and her hips bucked into his mouth..he sucked on her and licked her while his hands gripped her thighs and held them down..she whined and he laughed..the air blowing into her tunnel..she shuddered at the feeling..she felt a heated rush go down her body as Peter kept sucking,sticking his tongue and finger in her and she had both hands on her mouth to silence her screaming moans while being sucked on by her teenage lover on the family dinner table..during the holidays, she leaked at the thought and Peter sucked those juices up into his mouth. He felt her walls get more moist as he kept eating her out, he went for drive her over the edge he sucked on her hard and his fingers pinched her clit…Helen screamed into her hands…her hips bucked wildly and…Peter opened his mouth and she spilled out…he waited until she was done..she was breathing in hard,her chest heaving with her hard nips pointing to the sky…Peter looked right at her and she looked at him, he winked at her and…


He swallowed her ocean of juices he had in his mouth with a smirk and ran his tongue around his lips…Helen’s eyes went wide and dark…she sat upright and pulled his face to hers for a passionate kiss and he gripped her thighs and stepped closer to her as he returned her heated kisses with his own, they moaned into each other’s mouths and groped each other..she touched his chest,biceps and face while he had his hands touch her ass,breasts and waist and she groaned into his mouth at his touch..he was in complete control in this moment..Peter had an idea in his head,he pulled away and lifted Helen off the table and walked them to,while she was kissing his neck and shoulder, another bedroom,where another blonde was sleeping peacefully in her bed,with a smile on her face. Helen’s eyes bulge wide when she realized where he took them and he placed her on the bed next to his sleeping girlfriend..Helen looked at her smiling sleeping daughter and smirked at her..she then gave a loving gaze to Peter, 

 “You’re being really bad” she whispered and he laid on top of her and slowly pushed himself inside..he covered Helen’s mouth to silence her moans, 

 “How can I not be?..when you’re such a naughty girl” he whispered to her ear while thrusting into her slowly keeping a steady pace and she had her legs around his back and wrapped her arms around him and held him close while kissing Leter’s neck and collarbone and Peter was panting into her ear…Helen’s walls were stretched even though its a slow pace fucking..she still felt stuffed and hot by her lover who was already making her leak down there. Peter started to increase his speed…Helen felt the rod push into her faster and deeper..she bit his shoulder and he hissed then bit her ear in she was biting his neck..she started to suck on particular spot hard..Peter gasped into her ear and groaned,

“Helen..ohhh ahhh…you're so beautiful.. you feel so hot and smooth” he whispered hotly to her and then…he started thrusting madly into her like a jackhammer hitting cement.Peter’s hand vibrated absorbing Helen’s moans and screams,she looked at him in worry and glanced at her sleeping daughter, Peter chuckled and looked right at Helen while speeding his thrusts into her leaking cunt that was staining the bed,

 “Don’t worry…I put something in Gwen’s water bottle” he said with a wink and he uncovered his hand from her mouth and she laughed with a lustful smile,

 “You are a bad boy” she said and groaned when he slapped a hand to her thigh and gripped it while his other hand was steadying himself on the bed while Helen’s hands were on the bed frame as she was being pushed up the bed by his lustful force. The bed was shaking and creaking,Gwen Stacy just laid there drugged out sleeping with a smile while her body shook with the bed..then her mother’s hand gripped her chin as Helen looked at her knocked out daughter, 

 “You bitch..” she started in a heated whisper and Peter had a evil grin watching Helen speak to a sleeping Gwen as he kept pumping himself into her, Helen continued to speak

 “…I dropped out of college to have you….you ruined my 20’s…ahhh ohhh ahh…now I’m taking ahhh ohhhh ahhh…Your Man hahaha haha ohhhh” she moaned and groaned and Peter let out a hot laugh at her words and Helen now put both hands on Peter’s shoulders…Peter grinned at her and lifted her up so now he was sitting and she was on his she was bouncing on him and he thrusted his hips into her..he latched his mouth to a swinging sweaty tit and she sucked on his neck while biting it. She was panting and moaning while holding his head close to her and he wrapped his arms around her and gripped her bouncing sweaty ass as she hissed at the feeling and had a smile on her face…Peter looked at Gwen’s body bouncing with the bed, a smile grew on his face..he reached a hand pulled the covers off Gwen..he then trailed a hand under her sweatpants and thong…he started to finger his drugged out girlfriend while fucking her mom right next to her. He put 3 fingers in his girlfriend while her mom, his friend with benefits, was bouncing on him harder now while groaning into his ear,he groaned too, feeling his rod being sucked up by her wet walls and his fingers getting more and more moist by Gwen’s now leaking cunt. He felt Helen’s cunt begin to water out..he knew she was reaching her edge..he went into her faster matching her bouncing speed and she gripped his shoulders tightly and Peter felt Gwen’s cum leak on his fingers and stain her thong..he moaned at that feeling and then he pulled out his hand…and put those same fingers into Helen’s mouth..she gasped as he stuffed her mouth with his cum stained fingers, 

 “Taste them..taste your daughter’s cum” he commanded and Helen slurped his fingers and sucked on them…he grinned and slapped her ass..she moaned and hissed..then he put both hands on her ass..lifted her and slammed her back on the bed and thrusted into her waiting tunnel with speed while grunting right at her face with a hard expression,one with focus,which turned Helen on beyond belief and she gapped her mouth in silent screams, 

 “Cum for me…cum right on dick..and I’ll fill you up inside…more than Gwen” he whispered and Helen’s eyes went wide and let out one last silent scream and she gushed onto his rod..leaking out of their united groins and spilled onto the bed..Peter gave one last hard thrust and exploded into her…he filled up her tunnel and it reached to her womb…Helen was moaning feeling herself being loaded by sperm,she was catching her breath,her eyes closed and a satisfied smile on her sweaty face,her golden locks stuck to her forehead..she looked at her sleeping daughter again and then raised a hand…and slapped her face,hard with a smirk…she was still knocked out,Peter had wide eyes on Helen…then he slapped her..Helen’s wide eyes looked at Peter in shock, 

“Don’t fucking hit my girl” he said with dark eyes..and then he gripped her ass cheek while spanking the other one just as hard as she slapped Gwen…Helen covered her mouth with both hands to quiet herself..Peter huffed a laugh at her and pushed her off the bed,

 “Go to your husband..I’m gonna sleep with my girl” he said with a smirk while getting his nude form under the covers with Gwen while Helen just stood there naked with a irritated look on her face, 

 “Why her?” She asked plainly and Peter just gave her a quick glance,then cuddled to Gwen and kissed her lips, 

“She wants to have my kids” he replied with a sly smile and Helen simply huffed and turned to walk away…but then Peter pulled her on the bed too,

 “On second thought…I want George to wonder where you are” he said in a whisper as he draped the bed sheets over Helen and pulled her to his side…she grinned and cuddled him while he cuddled to a knocked out Gwen. 


  Luckily for Helen she woke up before George did and got everything cleaned and got dressed in time to make the family,and her lover, a great breakfast. Everyone ate,George left early,for whatever reason, and the boys went next door to hand out with their friends so it was just Peter and his lovers in the apartment, he was dressed and ready to head out when he had another idea in mind, 

 “Hey, why don’t we hang out together? All 3 of us…it is close to christmas and we should at least try to keep it cool…and if it doesn’t work out fine but just give it a shot yeah?” Peter pretended to genuinely ask the mother and daughter his heart..and dick, yearned for…they were both surprised and looked at each other with questioning gazes, trying to read the other’s was Gwen who looked at Peter and replied, 

 “Depends…what do you have in mind sweetie?” Peter put a hand under his chin in deep thought…while Helen and Gwen also began to consider possible activities for them..Peter grinned and was about to speak, 

 “NO THREESOME” Helen and Gwen both shouted at Peter since they could read his horny look….but Peter counted on them to catch him on that…he had his plan put in motion…he pretend to give a shy smile at them,

 “Actually I was gonna say we go buy some decorations and a tree for my house…we haven’t decorated and we literally have nothing to use, so how about it?” He asked as he motioned to the door and they smiled and went to get dressed in their separate bedrooms. Peter grinned and pulled out his phone…he had a hard on at the thought of what he was gonna do, he pulled down his pants and snapped a photo then texted Mary Jane,

 “Thinking of you MJ” the text said with the photo, it was a minute before he got a reply, no a photo…of her moist  pussy and a finger going inside it,

 “You made me wet already…let’s hang out later okay, my sugar daddy is coming..I’ll swipe some cash for us” she texted and Peter laughed knowing that he was gonna steal from George and he was gonna steal MJ from him. 

   Gwen came out her room wearing dark blue skinny jeans with his large hoodie looking adorable as ever with her hair in her iconic ponytail with the black headband, then Helen came out wearing tight black pants and a navy blue button shirt, both women looked like pure angels…with lustful demons inside them. It was Helen who stepped to Peter and planted a heated kiss on his lips and Peter put his hands on her hips, Gwen scoffed at the sight and Helen pulled away from Peter and smirked at her daughter,

 “You need to take initiative honey, it’s what guys love in their woman” she said as she put her arms Peter…Gwen narrowed her eyes at her mother…then smirked at her as she walked to the pair and Helen raised an eyebrow at her…then Gwen pulled her mother in for a heated kiss while she caressed her ass and Helen gave a shocked moan and pushed her off and stepped back while Peter was smirking,it was working, Helen just heaved and narrowed her eyes at her daughter who was smirking too with a triumphant smile on her face,

 “That’s what I thought…on second thought..we don’t need you to decorate so just stay at home and wait for dad like always..come on honey” she said and she took Peter’s hand and led him out the apartment, 

 “Bye Helen..see you soon maybe” he said as he closed the door and Helen hooded angrily and stomped her foot repeatedly. 

    Parker Residence 

  The Parker home was now shining in red and green and white stripes for the warm christmas feeling to spread throughout the house, they had just finished up decorating the tree, Aunt May had left a note saying she was gonna be volunteering at F.E.A.S.T so they just watched a movie with hot chocolate and donuts while cuddling on the couch, Peter put both their mugs on the table with Gwen giving him a loving smile..he turned to look at her and pulled her face to his for a passionate kiss and he gripped her ass with the other hand on her breast covered by her black top, she groaned at his touches and he kept kissing her with fever. He stood up and pulled her up, his hands went to her jeans,unbuttoned them and yanked them down to her ankles exposing her blue panties..he knelt down and started to kiss her pussy covered by the fabric,Gwen heaved and gasped,she put her hands on his shoulders to steady herself while he gripped her butt,his hands then went to the band of her panties and he pulled them down..the garment was stained by her now moist lips…he started to kiss and suck on them and she moaned loudly in the living room being sucked on by her boyfriend. Her hands went to her shirt and pulled it off exposing her breasts in a red bra. He stood up and had her bend over with her knees on the sofa and her hands gripping the armrest,he kissed her back while pulling down his pants and boxers, he aligning his cock to her slit,Gwen took a deep breath..Peter pushed himself all the way and Gwen let out a loud groan as he started to thrust rapidly into her while putting a hand to her shoulder and gripped her butt cheek with the other hand, her tits swinged with glory while her fleshy butt cheeks were pounded and moved like a wave with the flesh bouncing as he kept pushing into her with his precum acting as lube to soften up her lips that were sucking up his hot rod with her wet walls hugging him tightly inside…Peter moaned at the warm feeling and sped up his tempo as she scrunched her face and groaned through her gritted teeth with her insides being filled.Peter’s hand went to the bra and pulled on ripped and just like that night…her tits came into view…he pulled out and turned her around, he lifted her to sit her on top of the couch and reinserted himself and held her thighs while her arms went to his shoulders, their foreheads were on each other’s,both with open mouths letting out hot gasps in each other’s faces with their noses touching.

 “Ahhh ahhh ahh ohhh yeahhh ohhh yesss anhhj I Love You Peter ahhhh ahhhh ahhh” Gwen said to Peter with her sweating forehead sticking to his, Peter had his eyes on hers as they kept panting while rocking into each other, he kept his fast tempo,he stared into her green eyes and saw the love and lust inside her soul..he smiled at her, 

 “I love you Gwendolyn Maxine Stacy…I love your mind…your laugh…your voice…your personality” he said in a heated whisper and she kept gasping at his thrusts and had happy tears in her eyes, Peter grinned and sped up even more,she was leaking and it was staining the couch..she hugged him and breathed hotly in his ear as he gripped both thighs while she raised her legs up his waist, he was panting in her ear, 

 “God your so tight and wet Gwendy…ahh abhh ahhh I love being inside you ohhh ahhhh ahhh ohhhh….I wanna see your belly get big ahhhh ughhh ughhh” he started to grunt feeling his end coming and she was groaning loudly since hers was flooding down her tunnel, Peter kept whispering to her,

 “I wanna have a family with you ughh ughhh ughhhh I wanna see you get big with my baby ahhh ahhh ughhhh I wanna see my seed growing inside you ughhh ughhh” he grunted more and more and Gwen kept moaning out loud, she soon grunted too and hugged him tighter, 

 “Cum Inside Me…Make Me A Mommy…I Wanna Be Your Baby Mama…I Wanna Grow Old With You…I Wanna See Our GrandKids Play In Our Backyard Peter” she said with moans and groans in between and soon enough, 

 “Take it Baby” Peter grunted and gave one last hard thrust and he released himself inside her waiting tunnel..his sperm was sucked up dry and carried down the moist tunnelway and reached her womb…Peter let all his cum go inside her while Gwen spread her legs letting him push himself deeper while also releasing her own liquids..they were catching their breaths while holding each other…Peter pulled out and let Gwen down who leaned against the couch from exhaustion…she looked at Peter with loving eyes and a smile to match, 

 “You know…they say women know when they’ve been knocked up…and I feel something happening….something beautiful…something wonderful” she said as her hands caressed her sweaty,toned belly while her eyes never left Peter’s..and Peter gave her a genuine loving smile in return…he truly loves this girl…the added sexual activity just hightens his love for her..he stepped closer to her,

 “If you are…the baby will be here when we’re in college…it’ll be hard with my…job…but I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything else Gwendy…and you should know…I’ve already got a certain piece of jewelry for you” he said and Gwen gasped and smiled widely at him, he grinned and lifted her up, she wrapped her arms around his neck while her legs secured themselves around his waist and back..Peter held her thighs and looked at her with heated eyes and Gwen gulped, 

 “I better make sure I knock you up..shouldn’t I” he said as he walked up the stairs into his bedroom..his foot slammed the door shut…and seconds later Gwen’s screams were muffled by the door. 


 Gwen laid sleeping under the bedsheets with a contentful smile on her face after Peter had filled her up with his cum after several more rounds…she had been gripping the bedsheets and laid her head on the bed while he was thrusting from behind, she begged him to finish and he did, she fell asleep as soon as he finished cuming inside her…he laughed.

   Peter was finished getting dressed while Gwen was sleeping in his bed, he turned to look at his future wife,future..maybe soon to be,mother of his children, he smiled and laid a hand on a tit and squeezed it,she let out a sleepy happy moan. He chuckled and went out back,the winter hours made it dark already so he decided to take advantage and smoke a harm no foul right, he was enjoying the flavor when someone coughed behind him, he turned and grinned, he offered the joint and she hesitantly took it, she stood next to him as she smoked, 

 “I didn’t know you smoke” he said to her,she glanced at him and kept smoking, 

 “It’s been a while since I have” replied Aunt May as she handed the joint back to him and he started to take his own puffs,May coughed from the flavor,

 “Wow…it’s stronger than it was back then..or maybe it’s laced with something” she said with a tone of accusation towards him,he narrowed his eyes at her and smiled, 

 “Would I be smoking something I tampered with Aunt May? Come on I can just take you right here in the backyard if I really wanted to” he said as his eyes ran over her body…she was wearing a black mid thigh skirt with a striped sweater, he took a long puff and blew the smoke in Aunt May’s face and she scrunched her face and coughed while he chuckled lowly,she took the joint from him and started to smoke. He looked at her luscious rear,clad in the skirt that showed how round and bulbous it is, he put a hand there to caress it and May didn’t do anything,he felt up her rear while she smoked, she passed it back and swatted his hand away,

 “That’s enough..I’m going inside” she said as she turned and went in, he watched her ass swing with her hips..he smiled and kept smoking,he looked down..he had a raging hard on..but he couldn’t make a move on May yet..too soon, so he made a choice. 

   Watson Residence 

 It had been awhile since George left..she finally let him have some and like always..she had to use her dildo to get a release for herself..she struggled to find the right depth as she scrunched her face in concentration while her hand pushed the rubber rod inside her…then loud knocking on her back door…MJ smiled,it could only be one person..she put on a pair of varsity shorts with her white hoodie and went downstairs and sure enough, she saw the hunky hipster nerd who made her loins ache, she opened the backdoor and offered him a smile,

 “Hey Tiger, what are doi…” she was cut off when Peter stepped up and latched his lips onto hers and gripped her waist with his hands and she wrapped her arms around his back and kissed him back. She pulled him inside and his foot slammed the door shut and he lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his back without separating their lips, he walked them up to her room..he planted her on the bed and pulled away and pulled his shirt off and MJ’s hands instantly went to caress his hard rock chest and abs..she sighed as she felt his muscles..then she sat upright and pulled off her hoodie,she wasn’t wearing anything underneath it, her bare breasts were in his sight..they were round,had volume in them and her cute pink areolas and small hard nips at the center, he smiled and gripped a tit,she grinned and pulled him back on top of her,they kept kissing with fever and his hands went to tug off her shorts and gripped her bare thigh,she moaned into his mouth and inserted her tongue to swirl around his own tongue while her hands went to push his sweatpants down…she felt his long throbbing cock hit her thigh, she gasped at the length… far bigger than she remembered, she pounced on him and kissed his face and neck,

 “I’ve wanted this for so long..I’ve wanted you for so long” she whispered in his ear as a desperate plea while her hand held his cock to her entrance…she looked at him and he grinned at his childhood friend, 

 “God you’re such a tease..hurry up and show me what you got” he challenged her and she smirked back and…

 “Ohhhh ahhhhh Oh My God ahhhhh ohhhh ughhhh yea yea ughhhh yeah ohhh yeah!!!” She screamed and moaned when his cock invaded her slit and rubbed her dry walls roughly…she really aiming to impress by taking his cock without any moistness so it felt rough and hard…they both scrunch their faces as they moved into each other with her hard nipples tits swinging and her ass smacking his thighs as she kept bouncing on his rod and letting out sexy,whorey groans and moans..she sounded like pornstar…and her face was one of pure happiness and she ran her hands over her hair…she bounced higher,landing on his rod with gravity pulling her down.

  “Ughhh ughh ohhhh Wow MJ ahhhh ughhh You really know your stuff” he said between groans and he slapped a hand to her rear and she laughed, 

 “Ahhh ohhhh ahhhh ahhhh only for you Tiger ohhhh ahhhh ohhhh ughhh That Stacy Bitch doesn’t know how to drive” Mary Jane said with a smirk on her face as she mocked Gwen..Peter laughed at the comment and knew his little plan was working on both ends…he chuckled at her and gripped a tit, the bed was creaking,they were moaning as their rocking now provided precum as lube making the sliding easier and more pleasurable, she moaned feeling his rod rubb her walls fiercely like he was marking his turf inside her, 

 “Hey you know what….Gwen can’t handle anal” Peter said with huffs as he rocked his hips up into her slit and MJ smiled at him and climbed off…she went on all fours and wiggled her now sweating,jiggling ass at him while looking over her shoulder with a smirk, 

 “Come on then…I'll do anything she can’t…I’ll do anything she won’t for you Peter” she said and raised her ass higher by leaning her chest on the bed…Peter pounced on her,aligned his cock to the small hole…

 “WHOA OH MY FUCKIN…AHHH OHHH UGGHH UGHHH AHHH JESUS” She screamed and shouted as Peter started to thrust into her ass while gripping her juicy and tender butt cheeks and all MJ could do was grip the bed sheets and take the forceful pushes into her ass as she moved on the creaking bed. Peter was grunting trying to hold back his cum but MJ’s walls were squeezing his cock and sucking on it as he kept going inside her with lustful passion.

    “I'm gonna take you away from her” MJ said..well groaned as the ass fucking kept going, 

 “Your gonna fall for me..your gonna fuck me everyday Peter Parker” she said with a lustful amile and Peter couldn’t do it anymore…he pulled pulled out of her ass and went back into her leaking pussy…MJ moaned happily at that and even raised herself up to push her ass back into his hips while he thrusted forward rapidly and….he released…he felt her cum too…

 “UGHHH AHHHH UGHHH” They both groaned in unison and Peter collapsed on top of MJ who fell on the bed,both red and exhausted..both panting to catch their breaths…but then…the sound of a car parking in the driveway,MJ’s eyes bulged wide,

 “Oh shit it’s my aunt, she’s home from work early” she said to Peter and they both got up and changed. MJ had told him to go quickly since she had to clean her room and Peter had left her room with a grin. 

   1 Minute Later

 Anna Watson walked inside and dusted the snow of herself and saw a something that made her jaw drop, Peter Parker was standing in her living room, just in his jeans…she marveled at his body and she quickly composed herself, 

 “Peter what are you doing here..shirtless?” She questioned with a raised eyebrow and Peter walked up to her and simply tapped her rear, she gasped at him and he chuckled at her, 

 “You know….you look like Julianne Moore…that's sexy” he said in a whisper to her and walked past her and exited through the front door.

   Peter’s Room  

  Gwen’s eyes slowly fluttered open,she smiled stretching in her boyfriend’s bed..she could hear something cooking in the kitchen..she got up and put on her panties and one of Peter’s plaid shirts which went down to her knees acting like a shirt dress for her, she smiled as she looked in the mirror and went downstairs where she saw Peter had just finished cooking some food for them and she wrapped her arms his waist and he chuckled and turned in her hold and kissed her. 


 They ate their food and now Peter was swinging her back to her place, he dropped her off and gave her a kiss goodbye and told her he was gonna go on patrol…but of course that was a lie, he saw his copy phone ping and saw George text MJ…he said how he and Helen got into a huge fight and he needed some relief so he was heading there..then MJ texted Peter telling him how she’s gonna use George for more money for them and he grinned, he saw him leave from the nearby rooftop and checked Gwen’s window, she was doing homework at her desk. He went to the entrance of their building and texted Helen, 

 ‘Hey honey…how about we get out of here for the night? I’m waiting downstairs” his text said and she replied with a smiley face emoji, he smiled and waited. 

 She walked out with her coat on and he offered her his arm, she smiled at her lover and interlocked hers with his and they walked down the street into the bustling streets, she asked him where they were going and he said somewhere where she can forget about that bastard husband of hers and she let out a cute laugh, he smiled at her, it was fun to be with her, the sex was even better with the added affair between a girlfriend’s mom and her high school lover. They walked down a couple of streets and passed many other late night couples seeking amusement and fun for themselves, Peter led her to a bar, well the back alley of one and knocked on the side exit, the door opened and the bouncer high fived Peter as he led her inside…the bar was barely lit, only the LED lights in the ceiling that were set to flicker with the dubstep dance music as many people were dancing or drinking. Helen had a smile on her face, 

 “How do you know about this place? Why did that guy let you in when you’re underage?” She asked with curious eyes and a smile and his response was, 

 “This place is famous in Midtown for sneaking in and partying, and the bouncer is actually an old friend of mine from when I was a kid, his name’s Eddie he’a a cool guy…now come on let’s see if you can handle your booze” he said with a smirk as he walked to the bar…with a sinister smile on his face, and she scoffed a laugh and followed him, he ordered their drinks and they clinked them together and drank them…

   MIDNIGHT-A Lot Of Drinks Later 

   Helen was grinding her ass on Peter as he in turn had his hands on her waist and also grinded himself on her as they danced to the beating music…they kept their dancing tempo as their liquor state of mind had them in blissful paradise and Helen had smile on her face, they had been dancing for a while with her coat long gone,most likely stolen already, so now she’s just in her tight black jeans and navy button shirt.She turned to Peter and looked at him,her boozed out eyes were low,like she was sleepy and her smile was a drunk one…his face matched hers and they lean their heads together, 

 “Let’s have a meeting” They said in unison and laughed together as Peter pulled a drunk happy Helen away..

   NYPD Precinct of George Stacy-1AM 

   “Shhh..shhh” Helen gleefully shushed Peter as he growled at her with a smile as he nipped at her neck while he had her on her back on the carpet floor of George Stacy’s current office..the blinds were closed,the lights shut off and luckily only 2 to 3 people were on the floor his office was in. They had dexided to screw over George even more by fucking in the office he’s in everday, Peter got up and pulled Helen up as she let out a drunk giggle as Peter was also intoxicated but still present enough to remeber what to do, he led her to his desk, and sat her on it and kissed her while she pulled his shirt off,she felt up his chisiled chest and moaned into his mouth and then her wents went to unbutton her shirt, her smooth skin was revealed along with her red bra, 

 “God…I love you…I love you..” Helen confessed with moans in between as Peter helped tug her unbuttoned shirt off and his hands went to grope her breasts, 

 “..Your so….amazing…more than…Gwen” Peter said between kisses and he knew that got her even more excited as she hopped off the desk and stared deeply in his eyes…she looked like she was contemplating something in her head,

 “I’ll have your baby…put a baby inside me…I want my last baby to be a Parker” she said as her hands went to her jeans..she unbuttoned them then and turned to the desk,her hands slowly and teasingly lowered her tight jeans …her panties were pulled down as well..her sweet asscrack was shown as her juicy ass cheeks slightly jiggled when being released from the tight black material,she smiled at him as she pulled the jeans to her ankles, her ass and sweet thighs and slender legs were in his view and her hands gripped the desk,she faced the wall..where she saw their wedding photo on the stand..oh how she believed it would lead to happiness forever in her life…and she was holding Gwen as a infant…that brat dragged her down…but now she truly was enjoying her life with her lover that she wished she could’ve had to herself in her high school years. She looked over her shoulder with a loving smile, 

  “I stopped taking my pills weeks ago…it’s been long enough for…well you know…so hurry up and shoot that seed into my sweet moist soil Peter Parker” she said with low eyes and a drunk smile,and she wiggled her ass at him…she faced the wall and heard Peter practically rip his jeans off..he stepped to her..slapped her ass, she moaned…and he gripped a juicy ass cheek while the other hand aligned his cock to her slit..

    1 Hour Later

  Peter had his hand on her mouth…her moans were silenced while her ass jiggled from the hard thrusts from behind..her hands gripped the wooden desk and her nails dug into the wood..Peter’s other hand was on her shoulder keeping her body in place while he kept his fast paced tempo into her pussy,she leaked onto the floor as he scrunched her face feeling her wet walls suck up his rod when he rubbed his rod against her walls that squeezed him tighter and tighter…his spider-sense altered him of someone behind the door,but he knew Helen locked the door so they're okay for the moment. Helen kept moaning and groaning into his hand and even stuck her tongue out to lick his palm, he leaned forward and wrapped an arm around her waist as he was now leaning on her back hugging her close while his hips kept bucking into her as one of her arms went from the desk to around her neck and held his head close to hers. Her walls kept sucking up his rod,he put his mouth to her ear, 

 “I’m gonna take my hand away…be quiet or we’ll get caught sweetie” he said and he moved his hand..she was silent while he sped up his thrusts..he put both hands on her sweating waist to hold her steady and now both her hands went back to the desk to hold herself up,she bit her lip as she scrunched her face taking in his dick and soon the seed that will impregnate her and this time…this baby is planned and welcomed, she had a small smile on her face. Peter started ro whisper in her ear,

 “I’m gonna cum so much…you’ll have my baby…Gwen’s sibling..and the father is her own boyfriend…I wanna see you get big with my kid…I wanna see your tits get bigger..I wanna suck on some milk before the baby does” he said hotly in her ear and….she gushed out and her cum leaked out between their wet groins…Peter felt her lose her edge over his rod as it was coated in warm juices…he let his seed go into her and she bit her lip hard to suppress the urge to scream,she felt his hot sperm surge into her insides..her womb was waiting for a new seed to grow inside it..Peter pulled out and Helen’s pussy leaked out all her juices onto the new carpet for the office while she looked at the wedding photo in front of her,she laughed and turned around to face Peter,her tits rock hard and pointy and she leaned against hee husband’s desk with a smirk and a raised eyebrow…Peter huffed amd lifted her up..he stepped closer to her,Helen’s legs wrapped around his waist and locked around his back,her hand went to his cock and lined it up to her slit again,her other hand on his hair while her lips were kissing his in passionate fury while his hands went to her back and held her close…his cock entered her walls and they started to suck him up again..they groaned into each other’s mouths as Peter started to thrust into her,starting their 2nd round, while she kept putting her legs up to let him sink deeper into her while her hands now held his shoulders as her ass was bucking to his hips on her husband’s desk where he sat everyday,now being stained by his wife making a baby with another man..a teenager…their daughter’s boyfriend…who also took her virginity, Helen’s loins and walls leaked at the taboo thoughts running through her head as she leaned her forehead against Peter’s while panting right in his face with focused eyes and a gaping mouth while Peter had his eyes trained on hers..they were challenging each other through eyesight: 

 ‘Come on Parker knock me up with a kid already’ Helen’s eyes said,

    ‘I’m gonna give you fucking twins’ Peter’s eyes said…They kept their fast pace going with his rock rod barging into her moist leaking walls,his hand went to grip a sweaty toned thigh and her hand went to his waist to hold the muscular body close to her as he bucked his hips at rapid speed, she leaked out of her pussy while moaning and groaning as her body began to sweat from the pleasure she hasn’t gotten in months with George. They held each other close,Helen’s nails dragged along peter’s back leaving scratch marks and Peter retaliated by slapping bare thigh,she hissed and bit his ear while he starts to kiss her breasts..he pulled on a hard nipple and she almost screamed from that..the rocking kept going and the deak started to creak, they kept going,bucking hips into a wet tunnel eating up his rod,his legs squeezing him tight while her hands held him close,his hands went to cup her face and he kisses her..tongues meshing together,saliva being exchanged…both breathing through their noses and…

 “Ahhhh ohhhhhh ughhhhhh” Peter grunted and gave one last thrust into her and exploded while Helen, 

 “Ahhhhhh anhh ohhhh” she melted under his grip and her juices flowed out of her…they held each other close while Peter’s sperm went into her waiting tunnel..

   They looked at each and smiled,

 “Okay…I’m pretty sure you knocked me up that time” Helen said with a smile and Peter just chuckled at her and kissed her cheek.

 Stacy Apartment 

 Peter escorted Helen back home and George had not yet arrived, and Mj had told Peter he left a while ago so he wasn’t with her..Peter put it out of his mind after kissing her good night and left the apartment,only to go to Gwen’s window and sneak in. It was very late so she was sleeping in her bed,he smiled at her cute sleeping face…he went to cuddle with her…then he unzipped his pants and got on top her her,she was laying on her chest so her sweet rear was in his grip while he pulled his jeans low enough for his rod to spring free, she let out a sleepy moan..not really waking up. He grinned and his hands slowly pulled her varsity shorts down showing her sweet butt cheeks and a blue thong in between them, he felt up her ass while she slept like a log,thanks George Stacy genes, he gripped the smooth flesh and even gave a little slap to them,watching them jiggle. He moved her thong aside and saw the pussy he loved…he sighed as he started to insert himself..then he jammed himself all the way..his hand went to Gwen’s mouth whose head shot up and moaned with her open wide eyes, Peter let go of her mouth when she finished her moan and he stayed atill letting her settle into the feeling of being stuffed without warning…she scrunched her face and composed herself to look over her ahoulder at him with pleading eyes, 

 “A little warning next time okay,felt like I stabbed down there…oh god your’re so thick ahhh ohhh ohhhh god ughhhh ahhhhh Jesus Peter ohhhh” Gwen began to moan as Peter pulled her waist up and started thrusting his dick into her and she gripped her pillow as she was on all fours being fucked by her boyfriend, she let Peter take over and her body shook back and forth from his hard thrusts and her ass jiggled when his hips collided with her cheeks and she felt her arms give out so now her upper body laid on the bed as Peter held her waist and ass to his now rapidly thrusting hips,he grunted as she groaned into her bed,the mattress muffling her sounds but Peter could hear her loud and clear,he grinned as he kept his hard fast paced tempo,

 “Ughhh ughhh Sorry Gwendy…I saw you sleeping and you looked so cute ughhhh ughhh ohhhh and I wanted to fuck you so badly ughhhh ughhhh plus…you’re gonna be my wife anyways so ahhhhh ughhhhhh” Peter said with groans and moans of sheer pleasure mixing with his words of love and he actually felt her walls get more wet and moist after he said tgat and she let out a happy moan of a true slut,he laughed and slapped her ass,she hissed and grind her teeth from the impact, he did it again and she groaned with her face scruntched….she cam, he felt her pussy leak out onto his rod and he smiled,he let himself release and her walls opened up and let his flowing sperm tunnel into her waiting womb,she couldn’t wait to see their child,Gwen had a lustful smile on her face as she felt the hot cum go into and her body went limp,she gasped when Peter slapped her ass one last time and he cuddled into her body,she twisted around and straddled him,he raised an eyebrow at her as she raked her hands down his superhero chest…her legs hugged his waist as his rod,now rock hard again,was standing against her slit..her sweaty body glowed and shined in the moonlight, 

 “I want a baby now…I want to have our baby as soon as possible…I don’t know what’ll happen to you….” her eyes began to tear up lightly and Peter smiled softly at her and cupped her face with both hands as he sat upright,

 “I promise…I will fight with everything I have to come home to my family…I want to marry you…I want kids with you…I want to see you change the world with that brilliant mind you have…I want to grow old with you” he said as he lifted her and slowly let her down on her rod,she gasped and wrapped her arms around his back and neck and hugged him,her head laid against his and she whispered in his ear when he started to thrusted into her again, 

 “I want everything with you too…and I know I need to win you so….I’ll do anything you want sweetie..anything” she said with low moans escaping her lips and he sighed as he bucked his hips into her slippery slit while her tits meshed together and they started to kiss with pure passion and lust in their movements and kisses exchanged,she moved from his lips to his cheeks,neck,collarbone then she went to bit his shoulder and he gasped in her ear and she giggled at his reaction,he smiled and moved his hands ro her ass and gripped her sweet toned cheeks and she laughed as they both started to buck into each other faster and faster,her bed squeaking louder and louder from their loving passion. She moaned louder and louder,her sexy noises mixing with the sound of squishes from her leaking cunt mixing with is precum making a slick wet sound in their lovemaking…they both groaned from feeling their end coming already, he went faster and she went limp letting him take control,he lifted her and slammed her on the bed with her head falling back on the edge so her vision was upside down while he gripped her waist and thrusted faster into her with her legs wrapping around his waist and locking them around his butt. She laughed at how she was positioned and Peter just let himself go cuz he loved hearing her laugh during their sex sessions…he felt her cum too…they both leaked on her bed,again, and he pulled Gwen back up and she giggled as he hugged her and kissed her neck,she sighed happily and her hand carresed his back while the other went to caress his brown hair..they both relaxed into each other and eventually fell asleep cuddling together in her bed,both with smiles on their faces.

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