Parker and Stacy(s)

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Felicia was just strolling inside the bank in her civilian clothes and her jet black hair in a cute ponytail, it was easy to pretend to play the clueless hottie whenever a security guard found her in a restricted area so she was able to get a proper layout of the inside of the bank. She did her usual thing of playing casually by going to make a deposit into her account,one Natasha had made in order for her to have a legitimate reason to be inside the bank. Once she was done, she walked out the door when she noticed something in the parking lot, well someone…she watched her go inside the bank and she used a nearby food cart as a reason to stay in the area as she ate the hot dog in casual manner while waiting for her to come out, once she did Felicia noted what vehicle she was driving and the plates…then she felt a tap on her shoulder and she smiled at the person,

 “I beat you to it Cat, you gotta work on your surveying skills too, you totally stick out,” said a smirking Jessica Jones to Felicia who scoffed as they both watched Vanessa Fisk enter her vehicle and drive away, both women shared a humorous look and both went into a alley where no one was and Jessica wrapped an arm around Lesh and simply jumped…and they went high and landed on the rooftop of the high building,

 “Well that’s faster than my grapple gun.” Said a chuckling Felicia and Jessica smirked at her while they followed the car by leaping on the roofs. They ended up in a back alley in a dilapidated street and they both smirked when they saw she was meeting up with George Stacy in a abandoned house,

 “While she’s screwing him, what’s her husband up to?” Jones asked Hardy and they both went ahead to Vanessa’s vehicle to search for clues while they heard moans coming from inside the house, Felicia found something interesting and took pictures with Jessica’s camera before they left.


Dr.Lin and Helen waited in awkward silence for George Stacy, it had been at least 20 minutes since they’ve been waiting,

 “I assume your husband either forgot or simply…” Dr.Lin began to say when Helen cut in,

 “Or he simply knows and doesn’t care…” she said and then her phone pinged and she looked at it and smirked, Dr.Lin was curious and Helen noticed it,

 “I hired a P.I, and she spotted George with a woman…guess that answers that.” Helen said with a shrug and Dr.Lin gave her a supporting smile,

 “Well…is there anything you’d like to discuss about Helen?” She asked her and Helen was in thought for a moment before speaking,

 “Well….I guess things have been getting better, I finally managed to talk to PTA and the school board into having a talent show so all the kids can show off and stuff and no one is left out, my sons are doing great in school and are happy with their friends and are still close to their dad, then my daughter and I have been bonding more recently which has greatly helped our relationship” Helen said with a happy smile and Dr.Lin nodded at her with a smile of her own,

 “Sounds great Helen, but now onto a more delicate topic….have you and your husband actually discussed how a legal separation will work out? Is there going to be a separation?” She asked Helen and she was silent while looking down in deep thought in her mind,

 “Actually….George already served me with papers…” Helen said as she looked out the window with a view of Manhattan from the skyscraper, Dr.Lin gave Helen a sad expression and Helen gave her a soft smile,

 “I’m okay Dr.Lin….yes it was a shock at that moment, which was a few days ago…only Gwen knows…I mean I guess it was going to happen eventually but to see how he already put the legal forms in order to end our marriage since…” Helen’s eyes began to sting a little, they got teary too,

 “…Since we were in college…well more like he was in college while I was taking care of Gwen at home…the home where we raised our children…had sex that led to those children…Jesus it’s insane to me how he took that first step into stepping out on me to offically leaving me.” Helen said as she wiped a tear from her eye with a amused smile to herself, she let out a sigh as Dr.Lin just gave her a supportive smile,

 “A marriage ending is hard Helen, for everyone involved….but this could be the start of something new for yourself, you already have things at home squared away so now you just need to focus on what to do with that void where your marriage and husband used to be.” Dr.Lin said to Helen with smiled at her therapist…then smirked at her which made Dr.Lin raise a eyebrow,

 “Well…let’s say I already filled that void…” Helen said with a wink and Dr.Lin blushed already knowing what she meant…but she had to do her job and help Helen through healthy one on one discussions,

 “I see…and how will things with….Peter…change once this separation is official?” Dr.Lin questioned Helen who just sighed happily,

 “We will definitely be having sex more often but without George knowing since he’ll probably go crazy, plus…he’s even invited me to stay in his home until George finds himself a new place while he takes the time with the boys and be moving out the apartment.” Helen said and Dr.Lin just nodded with a smile and Helen continued to talk about her plans for herself such as running for head of the PTA since she basically does everything anyway so she deserves the title, and how to keep her kids happy when the separation happens and the boys will be living with their dad for the time being while they get everything squared away. They talked for a while and eventually the session ended and Helen thanked Dr.Lin for listening to her ramble…she gave her therapist a smirk which confused the doctor,

 “You masturbaited to it didn’t you?” Helen asked Lin who blushed furiously making Helen laugh as she got up,

 “Just call him….there’s no such thing as a loyal wife and besides…you’d have fun with something bigger than your husband’s” Helen said as she walked out leaving Dr.Lin utterly shocked and she got up and went after Helen in the empty hallway,

 “I am not some cheating whore. I am happy in my marriage and my husband is a exceptional lover…Helen…I think you should find another therapist to continue these sessions…I’ll make some calls and….” Dr.Lin didn’t get a chance to finish her sentence since Helen grabbed her face and gave her a hot heated kiss making the woman groan in defiance and Helen pulled away with smirk on her face,

 “Since you’re no longer my therapist…I think Peter should have a…session with you.” Was all Helen said and she left leaving Dr.Lin shocked again….and she was feeling the heat travel down between her thighs…

   Unknown Location-Queens

Felicia and Jessica surveyed the warehouse that was in a run down neighborhood where few residents live so it was an ideal location to not be bothered, they were watching George and Vanessa high above hidden behind some boxes and supplies,

 “What are they up to?” Asked Lesh to Jessica who was snapping photos with her long range lenses while George and Vanessa were talking to some some guys,

 “I’ve only seen this a few times…you?” Jessica asked Felicia who nodded as they both had some idea what was being discussed,

 “So…they hired some guys to hit the banks first, or they have something to do with the shipments that Fisk has going on…or the craziest but plausible…” Jessica started and Lesh finished her sentence,

 “…they’re going after one of the top guys in the mob…or Fisk himself since Vanessa most likely gave the Captain everything he would need to take him out.” She said and both women left the warehouse after watching the others depart from their meeting. 

   Bar With No Name 

The large old style tavern was filled with men and women either drinking,gambling, or just smoking and letting the smoke out in the open, towards the back of the bar, sitting and drinking on a round table was a heavily built man, a bald scrawny looking older male and then there was a beautiful woman with a busty chest and squeezable ass that made all the men glance to get a look at her,

 “So…do we have a deal?” Asked the heavily built man with a dark blue tuxedo, the bald man man wearing a trenchcoat nodded,

 “Just give me time to make some upgrades, I have to get some supplies from…my supplier” he said with a smirk to himself, the woman sitting with them rolled her eyes as she wore a cool women’s all white suit that did well to show off her figure,

 “Are we done here, you know already I’ll supply the men you need since your own just end up wasting their ammunition and injure innocents along the way creating more issues with law enforcement.” She said with a annoyed tone towards the built man,

 “Yea Yea, I’ll have my guys sit out on the next job so you’re fancy boys can do their thing, but you know….the bug will be there once things get going…he has a habit of being at the right place at the right time.” he said to her and she gave a smirk,

 “That’s why we’re sending in some extra help aren’t we” she said with a knowing smile and the bald man matched hers who smirked as well….then a drunk random guy came up to her from behind and slapped a hand to her shoulder,

 “Hey baby, how about we…” he didn’t finish he lame attempt at seduction when she reached back,gripped his shirt and in one swift badass motion….she swung him over her shoulder and slammed him into the round wooden table, it broke apart in half and he groaned loudly in pain while everyone in the bar laughed out loud,

 “Show off” the built man said with a smirk while she smirked back at him,

 “I do hope he shows up.” She said more to herself with a grin. 

   NYPD Precinct-2PM

George was having a meeting with his unit on a certain matter,

 “Alright is it clear, for now we will increase car patrols around the city and foot patrols will increase around the local banks since any of them can be holding the Mob’s money and it’s clear they are in conflict with a rival gang but so far their petty gunfights have led to some civilians being hit by stray bullets so we will minimize civil activity around the banks as best as we can. Any questions?” George asked the large group of officers, one of them raised his hand,

 “Yes, Davis?” He asked him,

 “Captain, my I ask what are the Precincts in Brooklyn and Queens going to do about their areas, there have been reports or odd activity occurring around those locations, like that Spider-Guy, that Mini-Godzilla thing, or those strange weapons we confiscated during a raid?” Officer Davis finished his question and George considered what to say for a moment before speaking,

 “As far as I know, no official arrest warrant has been issued for the masked vigilante known as Spider-Man, but I do know he is considered dangerous should he want to act on aggression, so let’s just keep an eye on him whenever he is sighted and as far as I know, the creature has been dealt with by another agency and they also took the strange weapons for closer examinations.” George answered back, he couldn’t wait to finish this meeting and spend some time with his sons now he and Helen have called it quits…he laughed in his mind when he remebered that Helen was going to stay at the Parker household while he stays at home until he finds himself a new place….well he is going to take his time and he is sure Helen will have fun lowering her social class and moving to Queens to bother the Parkers with her bitch attitude.

 Midtown High School-3:20PM

Gwen,Peter and MJ sat in their little group as they worked on the class assignment in their busy English class, they were commenting on the passage while exchanging what they believe it could mean and surprisingly, Mary Jane was a deep thinker when it came to storytelling and poetry,even Gwen was jealous of how articulate MJ can be when discussing these types of subjects. They finished while other kept working, then Ms.Rushman went from her desk to the front of the class,

 “Okay everyone, what isn’t done is homework. Now there are some announcements that need to be made, first of all: don’t forget to turn in your permission slips and fee payment for the senior camping trip. Also be sure to keep up with your grades and assignments since you can be barred from the Prom should you allow your studies to slip when there is still a few more months in the semester. Finally I will be leaving Midtown at the end of the year as well. So I guess we’re all graduating in a way.” She said with smile earning a laugh from all the males while the girls just rolled their eyes at their typical hormonal reaction, the bell rang and that was it, the students left quickly to start their weekend, the trio took their time to leave,

 “Hey Gwen can you help me out with some chemistry homework? with you I’ll finish it in half the time.” MJ asked her blonde partner who smiled at her,

 “Sure thing, thanks to you I don’t have any homework so I got time to spare, your place?” Gwen asked her red-head friend,

 “Sounds like a plan.” Replied MJ who leaned in to give a soft kiss to Gwen who returned her kiss,

 “Bye…and you’ll help us out later on.” Said MJ to Peter and rubbed his groin teasingly before leaving the room, Ms.Rushman chuckled at them,

 “So Nat, I guess since I know everything you don’t need to play teacher anymore huh?” Asked Peter and Nat nodded as an answer,

 “Lucky for me it’s your last year here too so it won’t exactly look odd plus….you will have a lot of time to work on some cases with me.” She said to him and Gwen butted in,

 “Um…Peter still has college, you know…” Gwen said carefully to Nat who rolled her eyes with a smile,

 “Give me 5 minutes with a computer at the Helicarrier and I’ll print you any degree you want from whatever university you chose.” She said to the pair and they went wide eyed and looked at each other, then high fived each other with full grins on their faces which made Nat laugh at their reaction…then her phone rang, she picked it up and her expression turned serious,

 “Parker,we got problem” Nat said as she went out the room and Peter followed suit along with Gwen as they left Midtown,

 “What is it?” He asked Nat as they went outside, of course they had to go separately now that everyone is coming out,

 “Felicia and Jones saw men heading out in tinted black vans while on surveillance, get swinging I’ll call with the details”. She said and Peter kissed Gwen goodbye and ran to the nearest alley to change, meanwhile Gwen was following Nat who turned around to face her,

 “I know you want to help on the field…but there’s no way you can handle armed men who will not think twice of gunning you down…not to mention the ideas they’ll get when they realize you’re a police captain’s daughter..” Nat said to Gwen who admitted defeat by huffing and nodding, Nat gave her a soft smile,

 “Your mind is impressive though I’ll admit that….since Peter is very close to you I felt the need to survey you too…” Nat said to Gwen who had a look of utter curiosity given the subject and Nat chuckled as they walked to her car,

 “I’ll tell you more later, right now I know a way you can use your time,” Nat said as she got in and turned on her car to head out to meet up with the others, she looked at Gwen who was waiting for her to finish her sentence,

 “When you’re listening in on your father’s radio…make sure to remember what exact details are told…we know he wants something for the money so maybe he’ll slip up to his partner so listen carefully okay.” Nat said with a smile as before she drove off and Gwen smiled to herself knowing she’s impressed the infamous Black Widow…who she’s seen naked. Gwen chuckled to herself and decided to head to Peter’s since that’s where she set up her little workstation….her father never noticed she’s barley at home anymore. 

  Rooftop Across the Queen of Banks-4:50PM 

Spider-Man swinged onto the rooftop where Black Cat and a woman in Jeans and a leather jacket were waiting,

 “Bout Time, we’re lucky these guys decided to have a meeting before the heist or else me and Biker chick here would've had to handle this ourselves.” Said a annoyed Felicia and Jessica punched her arm for her comment which earned a groan from her,

 “Shut it Hardy, I wouldn’t have gotten involved anyway, I still need to keep my name on the low since unlike you guys…I use my real name for my work and those who…know me…I trust okay.” She said to them and Lesh rolled her eyes while Peter nodded,

 “Don’t worry about Jessica, if it weren’t for you we wouldn’t even know about half the stuff that’s going on.” He said to her and she smiled at him, then a whoosh and Nat landed there after a flip wearing a cool upgraded version of her skin tight suit…it had some shiny thin looking plates in some areas that was surely meant for bullet protection, her shiny red hair was in a ponytail making her a knockout of a spy,

 “Alright, how should we handle this?”Nat asked Peter to see how he plans to use all their skills and knowledge, Peter under his mask was in thought for a moment before deciding on a plan,

 “Okay…here’s what we do…hey is that a giant hawk WHOA!!!!!” Peter yelled as he was hoasted up in the way by a winged man at rapid speed and the women were blown back by the mini shockwave of his thrusters on his back,

 “Shit!” Felicia and Jessica groned in unison while Nat huffed and Immediately got up and fired her pistols to no avail,

 “God damn it! That thing’s too fast!” She yelled as she ran to leap off the roof while Lesh followed her and Jessica was left standing there,

 “Guess I’ll hit the bar.” She said with a shrug. 

   A Few Blocks Away-5 Min Later after Peter’s Abduction 

Natasha and Felicia made it to her car and they both got in quickly,

 “What are you gonna do?” Lesh asked Nat who gave her a smirk as the car turned on,

 “Hang on!” She yelled and she pushed a button, then the tires flipped and turned into thrusters as the car flew up the air with Lesh screaming while Nat was laughing,

 “Whoa you didn’t have this last time I saw you.” She said to her and Nat grinned as she turned on the display of the mine radar…a blip was showing up…she sped up the car making it seem like a raptor jet,

 “A friend of mine has a car that can do this…I got jealous and begged Fury to make me a few….okay the radar shows Peter is….Oh My God!!” Nat yelled when in a millisecond…..the winged thing man crahsed into the back of the car’s window making the whole thing shake like crazy.

  4 Minutes Ago 

Peter was panicking as he saw New York disappear under the clouds…he acted on instinct and started to thrash and swing the man who was flying and holding him using tech hawk claws,

 “Hey Hawkman! Any chance you make stops at Brooklyn?! People will love this instant travel!” Peter yelled at him who simply groaned under his advanced oxygen mask that helped him with the flying,

 “Shut up already! And I’m The Vulture you fool!” He yelled back only to get a wen in his face so now he was blind as he flew, he moved his arms around in panic making them fly in all directions which helped Peter get away from his grip…then he immediately fired his webs and pulled himself to the birdman’s back who groaned and whined,

 “Get off me!!!” He shouted as he twirled and did ariel summersaults to shake him off making Peter laugh at his failed attempts,

 “Spiders are hard to shake off I guess we gotta work together to get..HOLY!!” Peter jumped off as soon as a jolt of lighting went down his spine…everything was in slow motion in his perception…his eyes matched his mask as they went wide eyed at the sight. 

    Nat and Felicia’s View

Natasha and Felicia shook with the vehicle as the winged man crashed into the car and their eyes went wide when they saw Peter land on the hood of the flying car that was by miracle still functional in the air. They just stared at one another as the man was now unconscious after crashing through the window,

 “Guess you had it handled huh?” Nat asked as she stuck her head out the window making Peter laugh as he climbed into the back and webbed up the bald man, 

 “What do we do about the bank?” Peter asked urgently and Nat just pushed another button and the car dropped from the air in an instant and in seconds they were hovering in the alley, both Felicia and Peter were still screaming with their eyes closed and Nat had to slap them awake to stop, she smirked at them then she got a call and patched it through to the car radio,

 “Hey guys something’s going on in the bank but it’s not being transmitted to the police frequency…you need to get there now!” Gwen said to them and Peter cocooned the bald man against the alley wall as they went to the bank. 

  Inside The Bank 

The men were moving fast to move the money as fast as they can,

 “Hurry up, the bosses said we only have 7 minutes until a signal gets through to the cops so move it” the leader shouted to his men who sped up their movements of unloading the money into their large bags with each one containing more than 100 Grand in cash, since it was a mob bank they kept unusual hours such as being closed on most weekdays and being open on Sundays all day and night…they were giddy about this and the cash they saw in the vault,

 “So how much is our cut?” One asked the leader and he opened his mouth to answer when….

 “Here’s your cut?” A voice said and then the Leader was kicked by a swinging Spider-Man and the men started to shoot at him when they were attacked from behind by two fine ass women, Black Widow shot her tasers from her wrists which stunned 3 of the men down while Black Cat threw a mini gas bomb that knocked out the other 4…they need the men alive. Peter landed on the ground in front of them as they collected the thugs,

 “So who are these guys?” Peter asked aloud and it was Felicia who answered,

 “They’re the men that the cop hired…but this was way too easy you know.” She said with a annoyed since she wasted her day on a one minute fight,

 “Hey but look over there.” Peter said to Lesh who turned to look and she smirked and ran to the bags of money,

 “So how do we do this Spider?” She asked him and both Peter and Nat chuckled at her as they grabbed the bags full of mob money,

 “We take it and hide it in the meantime until Nat can work on a way for us to use it, but we can splurge every now and again.” He said, she was giddy while Nat rolled her eyes with a smile to herself, she could buy some new things for the safehouses since she has a new inhabitant with her. They walked outside in the back and Nat put them in here car, lucky for them the thugs handled the cameras already…but they saw something…

 “Hey! Where’s Birdman?” Peter asked with suprise as he saw his web cocoon cut up and opened meaning he escaped within the 6 minutes they were in the bank,

 “So time to think on that now, we have 45 seconds until that bank alarm goes off.” Nat said as she loaded the bags into the car which still had a hole in the glass from the sky fight… Lesh got in and pulled Peter inside as he gawked and wondered how he got out as they drove away. 

    5 Minutes Ago 

 “You useless fool, how do you lose to Spider-Man when you’re up in the air!? Are you not able to fight in your designated field of expertise!?” The woman asked with an annoyed tone as she used her large unusual knife to cut The Vulture free who groaned when he fell to the floor,

 “Why the hell didn’t you meet me up there!? The plan was I bring him in the air and you pull him into your little Spaceship and fly him to the Artic or something!” He shouted at her and she kicked him in the face which made him groan even louder,

 “Keep it down you fool, let’s go we have to get ahead of this…I managed to snag something off one of the getaway cars those men had brought with them.” She said as she walked down the alley and the bald man limped as he followed her,

 “Hey, you didn’t answer my question. Why didn’t you meet me up there. You saw them on the roof and reported it to me so what happened?” He said and she grunted at him as a response with her back turned to him…she felt the anger rise in her when she remembered seeing….her on that roof. 

  Queens Safehouse-5:30PM 

They had switched cars to ditch the damaged one in an empty lot and Nat activated the self destruct which made a controlled mini explosion happen. They parked the car in the garage of the home and they were all in civilian clothing at that point, they went into the house and Peter was bear hugged by Gwen,

 “Peter! Oh My God I heard about what happened online, you were taken by a Pterodactyl!?!” A shocked Gwen asked him and he kissed her softly and put the bag on the table while the other two ladies went ahead and put the bags away to see what exactly those men had in store for the dropoff since they searched their persons and found cell phones and a map of the bank with the vault codes. Peter slowly pulled away and she whimpered a little from not wanting it to end,

 “Well he called himself the Vulture, and I guess he was hired to be part of the heist but…well It’s a long story” he said and Nat and Felicia chuckled remembering that mini sky fight, Gwen took it face value and opened the bag of money with thousands of dollars in it,

 “So my dad wanted to get his hands on this money huh? What for though, he makes more than enough to splurge on himself so why do this?” Gwen asked more to herself and Nat came up behind her and rubbed her shoulder as support,

 “Don’t dwell on that yet, we’ll find some clues and get the whole picture of whatever is going on, right now don’t you have a study session ahead of you?” Nat asked with a smirk and Gwen nodded with a smile of her own as she collected her belongings, 

 “Right, I almost forgot about MJ, text me if you find anything okay.” She said to Peter with a kiss before she left the house. Peter smiled as he went to the room where Nat and Lesh were,

 “So we know Captain Stacy and Fisk’s wife hired these guys to hit the bank before her husband can send his goons in since they knew the money would be lost…unfortunately we beat em to it” he said with a smirk while Lesh was counting the bills in one stack while Not plugged in a flash drive into her computer,

 “What’s that?” He asked her,

 “I hacked into the bank’s computer systems before we left, you guys didn’t notice” Nat replied with a smirk while she looked over the contents on the drive which had some financial documents on it, Lesh looked over the screen too,

 “Looks like we got some info on where the mob’s money is going now since Fisk attacked their money spots a while ago.” She said and Nat nodded in agreement,

 “Now we just gotta find out what Fisk is having shipped in, We can survey the next drop.” Nat said to the pair and they nodded in agreement, then she got a call on her cell and simply said “Understood” and got up to grab her cool leather jacket,

 “I gotta go to the office for a bit, see you guys later and text me if there’s any new developments.” She said as she walked out the door leaving Peter and Felicia in the house alone,

 “So….wanna fuck?” Felicia asked with a deadpan tone to Peter but he shrugged,

 “Honestly…seems less hot when you ask like that…I think I should head out on patrol for a bit so raincheck okay.” He said as he left her alone in the house with a shocked expression,

 “Well that’s a first…Might as well steal something to get his attention.” Lesh said to herself with a grin. 

   NYPD Precient

George was on the phone while rubbing his head with frustration as he paced in his closed office,

 “I know I know! Look I didn’t expect Spider-Man to show up either okay! How was I supposed to know he’d be in Queens and not in Times Square like he usually is!? Vanessa… listen to me…He won’t find out…I took care of the men okay….I used a shady lawyer to post their bail and they’re halfway to Cuba by now so they won’t say anything about us…okay talk to you later.” George hung and sighed with exhaustion,

 “Jesus she’s just as annoying as Helen when she’s stirred up, I have to get that money and get away from Helen soon before Fisk finds out he’s wife is cheating on him.” He said to himself and grabbed his coat to head on his usual patrol of the city. 


Peter was enjoying being the bad day for criminals on a Friday afternoon, he stopped some muggings, helped with police car chases, he even stopped two buses from colliding into each other which earned a massive applause from the crowd….which only made him feel guilty…he spends a lot of time with Gwen and the girls and has been lacking his superhero duties lately….best not to dwell on it so much he decided and kept going with his patrol as he swung in the air but low enough to see and hear what was going on down below, he stopped some more robberies and near fatal car accidents while doing his usual banter to annoy the thugs which made him laugh as he beat them up and webbed them to the ceiling. He was swinging down the Upper East Side when he spotted her walking down the street, he grinned under the mask…and swung down fast and picked her up right off the sidewalk and had her in her arms and she was laughing as she looked over Spider-Man’s shoulder to see the city as they flew. 

   Stacy Apartment 

Peter landed on the fire escape outside Gwen’s window and dropped her on her feet,

 “Thanks for the ride.” Helen said with a smile and Peter nodded to her,

“No problem, so how was counseling today? Anything new happen?” Peter asked her as they went into the apartment, thankfully the boys have sleepovers with their friends so they weren’t home,

 “Well let’s put it this way….I may have a therapist for you to see.” Helen said with a smile which confused Peter,

 “She cam to a photo of you I showed her and now she has the hots for you…and she’d a middle aged married woman…your type.” Helen said with a knowing to Peter who chucked at her and was heading back to the window,

 “Hey! Aren’t we gonna…” Helen asked with wink and Peter pulled off his mask to give her a apologetic smile,

 “Sorry honey, gotta work at least one more hour but raincheck okay?” He asked her and she nodded with a smile,

 “Okay…but you’re going to make it up to me….by taking me on another date.” Helen said with a smile and Peter kissed her and nodded in agreement with a smile of his own before leaping out the window. 

   Watson Residence-6:20PM

Mary Jane and Gwen were in her room with their textbooks and notebooks as they reviewed the material thoroughly with Gwen tutoring MJ since sciences aren’t her strong suite, they had been studying for a while now and Mj was grateful for her help,

 “Okay so just remember this equation and you’ll do fine on the test, then just use the memorization pattern I taught you to remember the periodic table as best as you can.” Gwen said as she pointed out her notes to MJ who nodded with a smile now understanding the material in front of her. They were putting their stuff away,

 “Thanks for the help Gwen I really appreciate it, wanna relax for a while before you head home?” MJ asked her and Gwen gave her a smile,

 “You mean when I go next door?” Gwen replied with a smirk earning a chuckle from MJ who left the room for a minute to get something while Gwen was looking around her room…when she noticed something on her wall among the cute drawings of flowers and photos of their friends from school. She picked it out and held it in her hand…a photo of Peter with a heart around it, MJ walked in with a case of beer for them,

 “Oh…that.” Mj said carefully and Gwen gave her a smile,

 “Can I ask….why didn’t you and Peter ever become a thing…you guys were close during freshman year so everyone thought you guys would get together.” Gwen said as she took a bottle offered by the redhead and opened it to drink, MJ did the same before answering as she looked at the photo of her and Peter making silly faces as 14 year olds,

 “I had a crush on him, and I knew he had a crush on me….I don’t know why we were so shy to just admit to each other…by the time we got to high school…we started to drift apart when I was hanging out with the in crowd you know….but my loss was your gain huh.” MJ said to Gwen with a wink and a smile making her blush,

 “That would be the case, so…cheers to putting our pettiness behind us.” Gwen offered and Mj clinged her bottle to hers and they drank to the toast,

 “Crazy to think this time last year we would’ve killed each other by now.” MJ said as they sat on the bed to relax and she turned on her TV just for background noise,

 “Tell me about it.” Gwen said as she took another sip of her booze while watching TV with MJ. 

  40 Minutes Later 

 They had gone through a few bottles together and were totally relaxed and laid back as they laughed while sharing ideas and stories of a common interest,

 “So be honest….why did you decide to lose it to Pete?” MJ asked Gwen with a dazed smirk and Gwen’s cheeks were slightly red from booze and she smirked back at the redhead,

 “Honestly…I first noticed that cutie when he won 1st place in the science fair towards the end of our junior year…then I noticed how kind he is and how intelligent his mind is when I saw how he tutored incoming freshman on chemistry during the summer orientation while I did it for biology…” Gwen took a sip from her bottle and had a warm happy smile on her face and her face blushed as she remembered a particular event that involved Peter Parker and had her getting wet when she witnessed it,

 “Then during the first semester…he stood up to flash when he was bullying another student and he took his punches like a man…yeah he went down easy but to take those hits without cowering was….oh god I was leaking MJ…I stained my underwear while telling flash off, when I first talked to him in class…he was so shy…so cute…” MJ was smirking at her friend as she was red from blushing as she laid her head back while sighing,

 “I just invinted him over for a study session and next thing I knew…he was fucking me in my room…I didn’t care how it looked…I was worth it….it was with him.” Gwen said as she moved to lay back against the headboard and MJ moved closer to her,

 “Lucky you…I lost it to some jock sophomore year.” MJ said with a smile and Gwen smiled with her eyes closed as they inched closer…then their lips met for a soft peck…they both laughed out loud as they drank some more…this time from MJ’s full bottle and she fed it to Gwen like a baby drinking a bottle and she chuckled as Gwen giggled after taking her share…then MJ put the bottle aside and she hugged Gwen who hugged her back,

 “I’m glad we’re friends now.” MJ said softly in her ear with a happy drunk smile and Gwen smirked over her shoulder,

 “I’d say we’re more than friends, Mary Jane Watson .” Gwen said and MJ gave a soft giggle in her ear…then she reached down Gwen’s back and pulled her shirt upwards and Gwen was giggling now,

 “Oh what’s happening here.” Gwen’s asked with sarcasm as she raised her arms and her top came off revealing her soft creamy skin, her slim waist…her sexy busty chest and cleavage in a white lace bra…MJ leaned in after tossing the top aside and they shared their lips with drunk smiles on their faces and soft moans escaping their meshing lips. Their soft peck kisses soon turned more passionate and wet, Gwen put her hands on Mary Jane’s jean buttons…she started to undo the buttons on the redhead’s tight skinny jeans that hugged her thighs,legs, and ass,

 “Should we call Peter?” MJ asked with booze in her voice as she gasped against Gwen’s mouth when she started to tug the tight material down her smooth thighs revealing her pink thong,

 “He can fuck us when he gets back…you’re all for mine right now.” Gwen replied then she reached for her top and pulled it off showing MJ’s matching pink bra as she giggled…then MJ pounced on Gwen making her laugh and she kissed her with fever and heat as they felt up each other’s bodies…their hands explored each other’s slim bellies, sexy backs and arms…then MJ reached down and unzip Gwen’s jeans and she helped MJ tug them off….then they were still…they just looked at each other…MJ in her pink bra and panties and Gwen in her white bra and panties…they just stared at each for a moment….then they both lunged at each other and they moaned and groaned as they kissed, licked, and bit on each other’s necks and faces as they just ran their hands all over each other’s backs,legs, and ass…they both fell back on the bed with the bed shaking from their frantic movement and within seconds their bras landed on the floor…


Natasha was reviewing some documents and files in the computer lab while eating a donut, then her old partner came next to her as she read the document,

 “Hey Nat, reading into the Mafia? Kinda a step down from Hydra isn’t it?” Clint Barton asked her with confusion,

 “Just thinking of cleaning the streets in New York, plus there’s a link to the Entrepreneur bigshot Wilson Fisk and his investment company, might lead to high value stolen goods.” Natasha replied to her friend,

 “Alright, have fun Nat.” He said as he walked out,

 “I most certainly will Barton, say Hi to the wife and kids for me.” Nat replied and Clint gave a thumbs up as a nonverbal reply. Natasha continued to survey the documents and downloaded a few onto her flashdrive, she was about to leave when she decided to search on the last thing that had been on her mind for awhile, she looked up Mary and Richard Parker…and the computer locked out showing a restriction page and demanding Proper authorization from the holder of the flies with the login and Nat slammed her fist on the table,

 “Damn it!” She said angrily and grabbed her stuff and left with a huff. She would have to make it up to Peter in the only way she knew how. 


Peter just stopped another attempted robbery in a mini-mart and was now swinging around the skyscrapers as the sun went down showing off the vibrant lights of the city as night came around, he kept doing his thing just stopping criminals whenever he can while annoying the crap out of them and he even stopped a out of control bus from hitting an old woman which boosted his ego to the max and made him more cocky towards crooks when he stopped store holdups and purse snatching. He stopped on a nearby rooftop and just sat on the ledge and checked his phone for messages, just a check in text from Gwen confirming she arrived at MJ’s for their study session and one from Aunt May begging for a good fuck when she got home from her shift at the hospital and one from Natasha saying she’d be at Natalie Rushman’s apartment if he…wanted to exchange pleasantries, he grinned at the messages but then he got a call from a unknown number…he furrowed his eyebrows and answered it,

 “Hello…” he said and waited for a response,

 “Hey Spider.” Said a lustful voice and he smiled,

 “Felicia? What’s up? I guess I finally have your number huh.” He said and he heard her let out a sexy sigh as she breathed into the phone,

 “I just stole all the toy chests at the Children’s hospital Spider..” she said with a mocking tone and he narrowed his eyes and stood up,

 “Lesh…that’s not funny even as a joke.” He said with a annoyed tone and he heard her let out a laugh,

 “I’m not kidding Spider….come to hospital…catch me if you can.” Was all she said and she hung up…Peter immediately listened in the police radio thanks to the app and hacking Gwen did on his phone so he had the main police frequency which always had the most life threatening calls which were just for him….though Gwen was dismayed when he said that out loud back then…thankfully the good pussy eating he gave her got him out of it, he listened in and….the nurses at the children’s hospital called to report all the toy chests stolen by a latex prostitute…he groaned and catapulted himself across the city and swung to the location. 

   Stacy Apartment-7:03PM

The boys were with their friends since they lived just a few floors down the apartment building and George was at work…or with his whore while Gwen was with Watson in Queens, so Helen took advantage of the empty apartment and was just relaxing in the living room on the couch with a glass of fine wine in her hand as she looked at the nude selfies Peter sent her all those months ago, his cock standing proud and leaking. Helen sighed and just drank her wine yearning for her lover to return. 

  Children’s Hospital

Peter landed on the rooftop of the hospital and saw that some police cars already set up the perimeter around the hospital but he knew Lesh would be using the rooftops, he looked around when his spider-sense warned him and he ducked in time to dodge the Black Cat’s attempted tackle move on him and she rolled and landed perfectly on her feet,

 “You’re technically cheating with that 6th sense.” She said with a smirk and Peter under the mask just sighed with annoyance,

 “Felicia it’s one thing to steal money and art from honest people but toys from a children’s hospital…why? What’s the point?” He asked with a raised tone and her smirk just grew bigger,

 “To piss you off” was all she said and then he shot two webs at her and pulled her to him but she flipped and kicked him, then she ran across the rooftops while leaping, he was right behind her when she maneuvered and went through a window into a church, they were now in the bell tower of the church, he landed a few seconds after her so he browsed around when he saw her,

 “I’ve never fucked in a house of the lord before.” The Black Cat said as she unzipped her suit and began to show her bare body to him and he removed his mask…to reveal an awkward look and smile,

 “Um actually….I’m already suppose to meet with someone.” He said and she groaned and released the tit she had in her hand,

 “Seriously!? What about me huh?! What’s a girl gotta do to get some Parker dick!?” Felicia asked with complete annoyance and Peter tried to talk out of the incoming argument,

 “I’ll make it up to you…I’ll take you on a date.” He said and she sneered,

 “Lame…how about you help me with something.” She said he quickly nodded and she smiled,

 “Great…now give me a 10 minute fuck and I’ll be satisfied and I already left a message telling those slutty nurses where the toy chests are….in the basement level.” She said and pulled her suit down enough to show off her luscious ass and faced to wall to put her hands to steady herself, she looked over her shoulder at him with a wink,

 “Come on Peter Parker…how many men in this world can say they’ve fucked the Black Cat raw.” She said with a lustful tone and he surrenee and lowered the bottom part of his suit and stroked his cock in preparation for insertion. 

   Watson Residence-7:15PM

Gwen was panting and gasping as her body withered as she laid under the covers while Mary Jane Watson was under the sheets in between her legs treating the blonde to a lovely dose of her infamous lips and tongue, MJ slurped and suck on Gwen’s lips and clit while running her hands on her tits and thighs while Gwen just gripped the bedsheets as she just kept gasping making MJ moan out loud from under the soft fabric. 

   Bar With No Name-7:18PM

“So what exactly do we do now huh? Unless you plan to freeze again.” The buff man said to the attractive woman who drank her shot of whisky and grunted,

 “I told you already, if she sees me in this country it will draw attention to my other projects. I’ve worked too long and too hard to let that work be distured by accidental exposure during a petty turf war.” She sneered at him and he let out a scoff,

 “Then why take part? Is it…to continue to see this handsome mug?” He asked with ego in his voice and she chuckled as she got up,

 “You’re fortunate I need you alive for this…I’m simply here for the money and that is all, this Spider-Man has a more attractive figure than you and he’s in spandex from head to toe so that should say something.” She said with a smirk as she walked out and he grunted and crushed the glass in his hand, one of his henchmen approached him,

 “Hey boss….just say the word and we’ll ambush her van and take her for….some fun.” He said with a chuckle and the end and the built man let a chuckle as well,

 “Not yet……let’s see what those projects are first….I want to know why exactly Silver Sable decided to use American cash when she has millions in Euros…she’s up to something here.” He said as he pricked out the glass shards right out of his hand like nothing. 

   Stacy Apartment-7:30PM 

Peter knocked on the door and he waited, he had given Felicia the hard fuck she wanted which ended with her passed out with cum leaking out of her and he just left her there as punishment for taking the toy chests, the apartment door was then opened by Helen wearing her black shirtdress that fell to her knees and her hair was down showing off the elegance of her blonde hair, he smiled with awkwardness and she smirked,

 “You still owe me remember…” she said and he stepped up closer to her and rubbed his nose against hers making the blonde milf giggle,

 “Name it Helen Stacy…Gwen told me to make you forget about George.. she really cares about her mother.” Peter whispered and Helen pecked his lips teasingly and let out a hot breath against his lips,

 “Fuck me on the roof..” she said hotly and he grinned and was about to pull her out to get going when she kissed him and pulled him inside and slammed the door,

 “After round 1.” She said and he laughed and ripped her shirt dress off revealing her sexy Reese Witherspoon milf body clad in black lace bra and panties and he carried her to the bedroom while she kissed and licked his face and neck making him chuckle as he carried her and slammed her down on the mattress making it and her bounce lightly and he just stood there looking down at the bra and panty clad woman who was the mother of the love of his life…and what a fuckable woman she was…Helen smiled at him and reached back to undo her bra and tossed it aside along with her ring that she wore for appearances, she crawled to him on the bed and she reached out and undid the belt and buttons of his jeans…Peter just closed his eyes and waited….he sighed with a smile when Helen started sucking on him using her cherry rose lips and gums…she used her tongue as a snake and coiled around his dick…he reached and caressed her tit with one hand and her back with the other, Helen just sucked and gagged on his rod in the very bedroom she shared with her soon to be ex-husband. 

     Across The Street

Natasha grinned as she watched Peter getting a blowjob from Helen Stacy through the bedroom window, it faced the bed giving her a perfect view. She chuckled when she saw Peter prematurely cum on Helen’s face making her laugh as she drank the cum from Peter’s dick, Natasha sighed and wondered when her turn would be,

 “ Quite a show huh?” Said a voice and Nat smiled as she turned around,

 “Just surveying my subject…what are you doing here Felicia?” Natasha asked her and she smiled,

 “I was gonna join in over there but how about we get some beer…for old times sake.” Felicia replied and Nat smirked at her while narrowing her eyes and Lesh put her hands up in surrender,

 “I swear no other intentions besides getting wasted and getting some action.” She said and Nat accepted the answer and off they went in their civilian clothes to a nearby bar. Stacy Apartment Rooftop-9 Minutes Later 

Helen was wearing her shirtdress to protect against the wind a bit but her legs,thighs, and ass were exposed thanks to Peter pulling it up to push his dick into her pussy from behind as she leaned towards the brick ledge and planted her hands to steady herself as her body was rocked rapidly by Peter’s frantic thrusts and they were groaning and moaning, he slapped a hand to her ass making her laugh and she panted louder and louder. Peter put his other hand on her shoulder to steady her still when he went faster into her so now she was moving so fast like a blur and she was leaking from both holes and she was drooling with a dazed face as her pussy was getting wrecked by the new man in her life…she couldn’t wait to move in with him to have this type of sex everyday. Her ass was getting red from the frantic impacts of his hips onto her flesh while their juices mixed and dripped onto the floor, they moaned in unison when they exploded at the same time…he panted as he finished inside her while she sighed feeling his sperm travel down her tunnel warming her up inside, once they finished he leaned into her and she turned her head to the side and their lips met in a soft wet kiss. 


After another amazing round with Helen, Peter decided to do some extra patrols around Queens. He stopped the typical crimes that happened: purse snatching, car thefts and store robberies which earned him applause from thankful civilians and even some…offers from attractive females which he knew would drive Gwen insane if he started fucking random women everyday so he knew better. He swinged all around the streets and buildings stopping any crimes he saw while patrolling the area, he figured Gwen was having fun with MJ as they studied and he left Helen blushing and leaking before he left so she would be okay til tomorrow so now he was just relaxing while doing his superhero antics that he had been lacking lately. After a while he decided to head back home. 

Parker Residence-9:40PM

Peter landed on his roof in his regular clothes and his hearing instantly heard low groans and moans escaping the half opened window from the Watson home, Peter grinned madly and moved to peek over the window’s ledge and his cock got as hard as a stone. He watched as Gwen Stacy was grinding her hips against Mary Jane’s groin and pussy lips as she was on top while Mj was laid on the back moaning and taking the grinding like a champ while Gwen panted and groaned as she went faster making their tits shake and her ass jiggle while MJ was feeling the hard pushes against her groin and pussy and all she did was groan and grip Gwen’s tits with her hands and Gwen laughed then carressed the redhead’s face softly with her hand as she steadied herself with the other hand on the headboard….Peter pulled out his cock and started jacking off like a mother….there’s something about watching Gwen having lesbian sex rather than being in the middle that drove him crazy….guess he’s a peeping tom too, he tugged harder and faster when they moved and now MJ was humping on Gwen while both ladies laughed with lust. 

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