Parker and Stacy(s)

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Parker Residence 8AM

 Peter had gotten home after spending the night with Gwen, she had given him a good morning blow before he left, he took a shower and slept a few more hours, christmas eve was tomorrow and his house was ready to celebrate that day thanks to Gwen who helped decorate, he got up and noticed Aunt May wasn’t home yet and found a note on the fridge from her saying she would be staying at a friends place so he can have the house for his concubines and he could see her sneering face when she wrote the note and he chuckled.He got himself ready and went out on patrol,thankfully the heavy snow made it difficult for criminals to even walk to he literally caught them in his web in seconds..he patrolled the city for a couple of hours,he ignored some calls and texts from Helen,Gwen,even MJ hit him up but he was focused on his crime fighting,he heard over the radio of suspicious activity near a Museum of all places, he was confused as to who would steal in a museum,New york criminals tend to focus on cash and quick trade items..not antiques….Peter grinned like a madman and swung away quickly to the location. 

  Museum of Modern Art 

   She carefully worked the screw to loosen the holding nails and…

“Bingo” she said with a grin as she held the painting in her hands, a true masterpiece from a legendary artist….one whose work is worth millions on the black market to any rich bastard who wants to brag about owning it,

 “This will get me at least 10 Million…maybe 20 from that fatass Fis…”she was cut off by a familiar voice from above,

 “I don’t think he’ll appreciate you name calling him behind his back” he said and Black Cat grinned like a mad woman and looked straight up above her,he was there looking down at her with his wide lenses,

 “You should know…he’s a crime boss so who cares about name calling him…but in all seriousness cutie pie I gotta take this…made some promises to some groups,without them knowing about the other about getting this so ta ta…catch me if you can” she said in her sultry voice and started to move incredibly fast while using a type of hook gas gun to leap into different areas..Peter went after her and she was difficult to spot and catch in a empty museum while she held a painting, 

 “Wow she’s really fast” he said aloud to himself as he nearly got hold of her leg,only for her to barrel roll and kick him down to the ground, he landed on his back..he groaned and then he was squashed by a familiar round tush. He opened his eyes and she was pinning him to the ground..she smiled at him, 

 “Join me…not all superheroes are good guys all the time you know” she said with a wink,

 “We can sell this one painting together…then take that sweet money and go somewhere warm for the rest of winter huh?” She asked while her claw hand dragged a finger down his chest,he could hear the sharp blade lightly scratch his suit,she had a soft smile on her face,

 “…maybe the Bahamas or Hawaii maybe…come on, you and me..on a beach…me in a bikini…you making love to me on the the water…in our bed…even on the plane” she grew more excited by her own words and Peter got a raging hard on..he huffed,

 “I can’t…even if it's a harmless painting, its stealing” he said sadly and she huffed at him, 

“Oh well Too bad” she said then…she punched him the face and leaped off him, he groaned from the punch, 

 “Bitch I’m gonna…!” He said angrily and catapulted himself using his webs to fly straight in her direction, he got her…she gasped as he threw her to the wall…she hit it and landed on the ground with a hard thud, 

 “Ahhh bastard, Wait til I…” her angry voice was cut off when she saw him start to undress himself..his chest was exposed..then he removed the lower portion of the suit…his raging cock stood straight and ready…she licked her lips and stood up,

 “You got a funny way to sway a woman” she said as she reached for the front zipper and pulled it down..her smooth skin was exposed in the straight line of the zipperline and her cleavage was a tease as she pulled it straight down to below her bellybutton…Peter webbed her wrists to the wall behind her and she let out a lustful laugh when he did, 

 “Kinky bastard..come on show me what you got” she said with a smile on her face and he went to her,he reached for her suit and tugged it off, her bare body was in front of him…her awesome melons that were toned,big areolas with hard wide hips and toned thighs that nearly crushed him last time and her smooth legs..he was heaving looking at the sexy figure in front of him..she gave him an evil smile as she could feel his heated stare on her naked body, 

 “Come on already..give it to me” she dared him and he was close now, he lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around him and he aligned his rod to her moist slit…though they forgot about something important…

    1 Hour Later 

 The webs had given out…she was on top of him,her hands on his chest,her thighs hugging his waist tightly,her juicy rear hit his thighs and rod as she kept her fast hard bouncing on him while he scrunched his face and had his hands on her bouncing breasts and she had her head facing the ceiling and she was letting out lustful laughs…their rocking made them close to their edges with their sweating bodies meshing together in frantic pace, 

 “Ahhhh ahhhh ohhhh ughhhhh ahhhhhh ohhhh ohhh my god  ohh my god Jesus baby ahhhhh pop that champagne inside of me hahahaha” she said with laughs,moans and groans all at once..Peter had been struggling to hold himself back but she made it difficult with her thighs squeezing him, the sexy noises she made,her walls sucking him up and holding him inside her…Peter hissed when she used her nails to scratch his chest..he had his mask on while she had her mask and wig…a true erotic sight…he put his hands on her hips and she grinded harder and faster on him while leaning her arms behind her to steady herself as she moved her sexy hips into him as she kept gasping and moaning with a smile on her face, 

 “Ahhh ohhh ahhhh ohhhh Yeah ohhh Yeah I’ve been wondering when I’d see you again Cat ughhhh ughhhh” Peter gasped and groaned as he spoke with a lustful grin on his face as she smiled at him and then pulled off him…she then aligned herself so now they’re in the 69 Position, her ass on his face while she was sucking his rod…he gasped as she wiggled her huge,sweaty,pale…juicy rear that was nearly touching his nose…her ass cheeks so toned and big…he dug his mouth in the sweet crack of her ass and he just started shooting his tongue in any hole he can find…

“Whoa ahhhh ohhhh ahhhh ahahaha ahhhh wow Spider ughhhh” Black Cat’s face shot up and she groaned and gasped feeling her asshole being licked and touched by his tongue..she never thought a kid would into assplay but here he was,defying her expectations once again much to her sheer pleasure as she kept moaning, then a hard gasp when he used both hands and fingers to invade both holes and she retaliated by gorging on his rod while letting out loud wet slurping sounds..her hands on his long rod that she was actually struggling to take whole..whenever she didtry Peter heard loud gasps and gags as he worked his fingers in her pussy first then... 

    Peter’s face was one of concentration as she sucked on his rod,her gums and teeth lightly biting his dick,he knew she was trying to get him to pop first,he smirked and then…he inserted 4 fingers into her pussy,then 3 fingers from his other hand into her tight asshole,he then opened his mouth wide and started taking bits of her asscheeks enjoying the sweaty flesh mold in between his teeth as he kept biting her ass then moved to her clit..she stopped her worshipping of his cock and….

 “AHHHHHH AHHHHH OWWWWW” She screamed so loud it echoed throughout the whole museum… 

“STOP IT…UGHHH AHHHHH  STOP I CAN’T….AHHHH OWWWWW AHHHHHH I I CAN’T” she screamed and begged but it was too late, Peter’s face was soaked in her pussy juice exploding and gushing out as she trembled on all fours…he opened his mouth to catch the rest and swallowed,it tasted like coconut flavored water,he slurped his tongue when he finished and he could hear here gasping and catching her breath…she kissed his rod and she struggled to stand up…Peter watched with a smirk as she turned to straddle him again,and she let his cock into her gaping pussy, 

 “Ohhhh…ohhhh cutie pie…..ohhhhhh thank god you were born” she moaned as she started to bounce on him,his hands on her waist pulling her down as she rose herself up…they had a steady tempo…but Peter huffed at her slow place and lifted them up…she gasped and he ran to the wall…he started pistoling into her while grabbing her ass with both hands and all she did was scream,moan and wrap her arms around him holding him tightly to her as her body went limp and let him take control, 

 “Oh my god Spider ahhhh ohhhh You’re so big hahahaha” she said with a sexy lustful laugh as he kept pushing her up against the wall and her legs locked around his back as his cock kept easily sliding deeper and deeper into her gaping,leaking pussy that kept sucking him up,he groaned more and more until, 

 “UGHH CAT AHHHH UGHHHHH DAMN IT GOD” He exploded inside her…she felt his hot sperm shot into her…she’ll need to remember to take a pill later, she gasped with a smile on her face, she kept him close to her as she sighed in his ear, 

 “Oh my god Spider…you shot so much web into me…if you knocked me up…I’m selling our story to the press” she said with an evil chuckle at the end hoping to scare her lover a little,but he gripped her ass hard and even slapped it twice,making a red mark on the jiggling flesh..she gasped and he looked at her while gripping her chin and cheeks tightly,her wide eyes stared into his narrowed dark ones with a evil smirk on his lips, 

  “In that case…I’ll just fuck you everyday and everywhere…I’ll make sex tapes of us and sell em,then I’ll keep all the money…besides who’d want you after that baby ruins your body and pussy forever” he said and she narrowed her own eyes…then they both laughed and kissed. They soon separated and got dressed, Peter watching her put her suit back on,it was different from the first one he saw her in..this one seemed more rubber and stretchable while showing a little cleavage to allow more movement for this certain activity, he gave her a smile and she returned it, 

 “You know I can’t let you leave with that” he said referring to the painting that was nearby, she chuckled at him while zipping up her suit and adjusting it on her breasts, 

 “I can’t even I wanted to…look up there” she pointed up and he followed her finger…his lenses went  wide…the camera up in the ceiling corner was now blinking red…it was on…

 “Oh crap…I thought you…” he said as he looked at her and she laughed at him, 

 “Cutie pie I did disable the security cameras..but I did for a time limit of 5 personal record for stealing artwork but then well…” she gestured to his cock with a smile, he huffed and swung out of the museum as quick as he could and he went into the city, he landed on a rooftop and paced, 

 “Shit shit shit..” he muttered then he heard a thud..he looked back and she landed behind him holding a hard drive with a smirk, 

 “Got it…but I’ll keep for my personal viewing..or maybe sell it” she said in a mocking term and he removed his mask and pulled her in for a sweet kiss,she moaned into his mouth, 

 “Just send me a copy at least…and quit stealing from innocent people please” he said with a smile and she smiled back while pulling his mask back on and she leaped off the roof and disappeared into the city, he sighed and went on his way to continue his patrol. 

  1:00 PM- Watson Residence 

  She tried to make it end as quick as she could while the thrusts continued from behind, he was grunting and sweating on her and she scrunched her face from the knowledge his gross sweat was on her, 

 “Come on old man just finished already” she thought in her mind…she wasn’t having any sort of thrill or incoming release…not with him. Mary Jane was on all fours on her bed while George Stacy kept his somewhat tepid pace into her slit…he groaned and finally finished, in 4 minutes, and he cam into the condom..MJ was thankful for that..only Peter Parker can have her raw. He was getting dressed in his uniform while she was texting Peter behind his back..she told him to please come over and give her a good fuck,her loins and pussy craved for him, she asked George for some cash and as ususal he gave her like 300 bucks without question..she had told him its for sexy lingerie,while its true,she wouldn’t be wearing it for him. He left and MJ decided to shower and scrub her pussy clean for her true man to arrive. After that she was on her bed waiting for Peter to respond..

‘Ughh he’s probably with Gwen’ she thought bitterly, she and MJ had never really gotten along…though they shared the same circle of friends…they themselves tolerated each other for the sake of maintaining the bridge for the others..everyone at the school pinned for either of them but now they found themselves pinning for the same man..and MJ intends to win…she had an evil smile on her face and pulled out her phone,she called someone…it went straight to voicemail,she snickered as she began to speak, 

 “Hey Stacy…just wanted to give you a heads up that Peter stuffed me with his nice long john a few days ago…he was amazing..he was so thick inside me Gwen…I even let him fuck my ass,you know the thing you can’t give him you prude…I’ve been screwing your dad these past few months..and you should know…he came onto me first…during one of your stupid little debate Team competitions…and now I’m gonna ditch the old bastard and take your man for don’t be surprised when you see us all over each other at school..anyway that’s all so see you at Flash’s New Years Bash” she said with a tone of amusement as she hung up and laughed to herself. 

   Gwen Stacy’s Room

  Gwen’s phone shook in her hand as she was trembling with anger..she gritted her teeth as her mind began to picture her Peter screwing that redheaded whore she had caught giving head to Flash once in the girl’s bathroom, she slammed her hand on her desk and called her boyfriend, it went to voicemail,he was still on patrol..she left a message, 

 “Peter Parker you better call me back…before I tell my father you’re spiderman…who raped me repeatedly” she said in a sinister tone and hung up. She considered her options…she was in love with him so she wasn’t gonna let him go…she huffed and laid on her bed in deep thought. Then she decided to head out for some fun of her own.


  Peter was swinging around after stopping from burglaries and attempted carjackings, the day was going slow..ironic given the winter days lasted shorter than usual, he was sitting on a rooftop edge just bored out of his mind…he heard the message from Gwen a while ago and he knew MJ had bragged about their sex session…he smiled knowing it all went as he planned, he knew Gwen and MJ had a rivalry going on between them so he just added gas to the flames to their little squabble, he texted Mj saying he needed to sort things out with Gwen since she snitched him out..and she sent him naked selfies of herself as an apology..he laughed and put his phone away…he decided to go to Oscorp,he went ahead and did some more work for his internship since it was like doing kindergarden homework for him and he finished everything in under an hour. He was sorting out the paperwork for Dr.Connors when he returned after christmas vacation,it doesn’t hurt to kiss the boss’s ass a bit when it could help him secure a spot with Gwen in the program for possible paid employment after high school. He was walking down the hallway in his usual jeans, T-shirt and jacket combo when he heard some arguing going on ahead in one of the offices, he went ahead and walked past it to reach the elevators next to it,he went into the elevator to just mind his own business when his spider sense tingled madly and he looked around with narrowed eyes, his senses told him to go up…to just go up higher…he went for the stairwell and followed the stinging in his mind…he reached a certain door with a keypad and  multiple locks on it…he was at the top floor…where important information was kept and even where Norman Osborn’s office was, Gwen had told him she had seen that top floor once and it was very fancy and yet very secure with labs being accessed through one door with three locks on it and Osborn’s office was very exquisite..though Gwen felt his eyes were on her in the wrong way so she was thankful she wasn’t there long to deliver paperwork, Peter figured something was going on in there, he quickly crawled to a vent and slinked inside, he made it and just by looking through the vent blinds he saw vast laboratory equipment and computers with huge hard drives, he kept crawling while being amazed at the stuff he was seeing when his spider-sense tingle like crazy again, he followed it through the vent and reached a certain computer room where he saw…two women dressed in tight leather and rubber ninjas or spies…and they were hacking into the computer systems..Peter decided to watch them..well more like their sweet volumus asses as they worked…though one of them looked familiar…

 “Hurry Up Romanoff, patrol’s on this floor rotate every 10 minutes” one of the women said as she guarded the door while holding two steel batons in her hands, the other woman scoffed as she worked on the computer, 

 “Shut it Morse…last time I checked you flunked out of the computer program because you kept hitting the wrong keys” replied the red headed woman and Peter’s eyes widened to near perfect circles, 

 “Natasha…no way Natasha” Peter thought in his mind as he smiled like crazy watching her in the sexy rubber outfit that showed off her ass that he loves to slap and fuck..

“So Natasha Romanoff is your real name” he grinned as he saw them pack up, 

 “About time…come on we need this information to figure it out if the kid and this place are connected” said the blonde woman who clearly had a toned body for this type of employment..and her ass was toned and shaply had little jiggle but it swayed perfectly with her hourglass hips and waist, 

 “He’s not a kid, and I’m pretty sure he is Spider-Man, too many coincidences between his late arrivals to the school and the reported sightings of Spider-Man in the vicinity of Midtown” said Natasha to agent Morse who turned around and faced her with a annoyed look, 

 “Listen…just because you let yourself be compromised by sleeping with a subject of investigation because you got all horny and crap with a teenager doesn’t change the fact he’s 17 and you're 35 close to 36…you’d be in prison if you really were just Natalie Rushman: A high school teacher sleeping with her student” Morse said with a tone of amusement at the end and Natasha just scoffed as they removed the hard drives from the computers before leaving,Peter watched the attractive blonde bend over to tamper with the wiring,her round apple rear in tight jeans, 

  “Well…you haven’t been in bed with him Bobbi, I pity you for not being able to experience it…how long has it been for you? 6 months…a year?…wait, does Kilgrave count?” Natasha asked with a evil smirk as Bobbi Morse threw her fist at her but Natasha dodged it in a millisecond and caught her forearm and slammed her to the ground while pinning her, 

 “Nice try Morse…but remember…you’re still a rookie compared to me” she said with a grin as Morse continued to struggle under her tight hold…Natasha chuckled at her subordinate but then she saw her eyes widen, she knew what that meant and nodded,

 “Oh shit!” Peter shouted as he crawled back when 

 Black Widow pulled out her dual pistols and started shooting at the vent where Bobbi had seen something in the vent..someone. Peter managed to get to the open grate he used and he could hear them from the other side,

 “Hurry, don’t let him escape, he’s seen our faces” said Morse as she and Natasha left the room and ran towards the figure they saw running down the hall and went around the corner while being chased by two strange women,one of whom he slept with…he decided to retaliate..he jumped on the ceiling and planted two little orbs in front of him…Natasha and Bobbi ran around the corner and saw him above them, 

 “Peter!” Natasha said in surprise and Peter smirked and then…two webs from the orbs latched the women like flies and pulled them high up, and Peter used his web shooter to string them up…luckily he handled the security patrol so they wouldn't be interrupted. The women struggled to shake off the tight web from their bodies, 

 “Peter! Let us go now” Natasha barked at him while Morse was staring daggers at him, 

 “Kid you better let us go right now, before I break myself free and beat the crap out of you” she said with a sneer in her voice and lips while he chuckled at them,

 “First off, explain everything Natasha” he said as he went to stand in front of her and she sighed and surrendered the information..

  50 Minutes Later 

 Bobbi watched with wide eyes as the pair frantically rocked into each other in front of her with their moans and groans being let out loud as they hugged each other…she never knew what Natasha meant when she said he wasn’t a kid,that he is a man..a well equipped man who clearly made work of stuffing the Black Widow’s pussy like there’s no tomorrow. He held her by holding her ass in his hands while her legs were wrapped around his back and locked together by her feet, her arms around his neck as she kept moaning and screaming while he had her against the wall as he thrusted madly into her…as punishment..she had been lying to him the whole time..she was spying on him for suspicion of being a Meta-Human and so this group called SHIELD sent her in to observe him..also he’s proven to be a genius and a valuable assist least that's what Natasha was told back then: 

  5 Months Ago - SHIELD Helicarrier 

  “Sir I just don’t understand why I have to be the one to play normal Nancy to spy on a kid” said Natasha with a annoyed face to Nick Fury, he huffed at her,

 “Listen Romanoff I’ve told you already we need someone with experience in long term espionage and combating Meta-Humans should things get out of I need you to observe the kid’s intellect in action…this kid ain’t no joke Nat…” he said in a now serious tone and Natasha dropped her annoyed face to one with curiosity and Fury knew he caught her attention, he went to the wall in his office and tapped on the tile in pattern, a sage opened up and he took out a familiar piece of tech and passed it Natasha, she looked at it then at him with confusion, 

 “What?…It’s just one of Stark’s arc reactors from his suit, he gave you one should you need to power up yours in case of emergencies” she said to him and she handed it back to him, they both looked at the beautiful white circular glow from the incredible design and mechanics, 

 “The one Stark gave me is in my coat pocket…The kid built this one” he said in a tone of astonishment, Natasha’s face was one of shock,

 “What?! What do you mean he built it? How?!” She asked him and he chuckled at her while putting it back in his safe,

 “He built this years ago actually, his freshman year science fair, he won and word got out some Midtown kid built a Stark Arc Reactor so naturally Tony went to see for himself…Stark told me he was amazed someone as young as him could build one of his designs with no clues as to what materials to use..or the equipment needed to make it, he asked him if he could have it in exchange for a all access pass to the Stark Expo and Parker was so nervous and excited he almost dropped the damn thing handing it to him” Fury finished with a tone of amusement, he looked at Natasha with a serious attitude now, 

 “Listen Nat…I know you have more important cases like seeking out Hydra or AIM operatives around the globe…or finding that fine ass burglar who stole your shit…but I need you to see how far this kid has come since then…if he’s anything like his parents….we’ll need him to be on our side….remember…all it takes is one person to shift the balance in power…like Cap during the war, he shifted the balance in our favor…I get the feeling this kid has the same potential” Fury finished his speech and Nat just nodded and went ahead to begin her new Midtown Assignment. 

  Present Day

   “AHHHH OHHHH AHHH STOP IT PLEASE…PLEASE PETER I’M SORRY UGHHHH AHHHHHH AHHHH” Natasha continued to scream as Peter was fucking her asshole hard and fast..he had pulled her down, pinned and striped her while she tried to fight him off but Peter was too furious at the devious deception on her part…his full length going inside her tight little hole while he was holding her sweating waist as his hips collided with her ass making it jiggle with each thrust, she was on all fours taking her punishment while her fellow agent just hung there watching the sight in front of her while trying to rub her legs together but the webs kept her legs seperated, Natasha was acruntching her face while letting out her groans and moans as the ass fucking continued whith Peter’s face was one of focus and determination, he wanted her scream for lying to him…and worse…she knew something anout his parents and ver thought to mention it…he had told her a story of how him and his parents from his childhood when they had been cuddling on his bed after makinf love, mow he was fuxking her ass hard witn her anal walls tryinf to suck him up hard but his rod was going too fast for her walls to catch him, she was dry…it was a rough fuck…their clothes laid around them as they kept sweating on the carpet floor.. he was grunting, he slapped her ass mutiple times making a red mark on her juicy pale butt cheek and she mewled from the feeling,

 “PLEASE STOP…AHHHHHH” Natasha screamed as her pussy gushed out from the intense pressure and she fell to the floor panting,her face was as red as her ass..Peter pulled out of her ass and jammed it into her pussy to let himself go and released himself inside her…she moaned feeling his hot sperm squirt inside her. Peter groaned as he finished and got dressed while she remained in the Fetal position,naked and sweaty,her face and ass red from blushing and his thrusts..she was looking up at him in fear…he grinned evilly at her,

 “Come on…we’re leaving…and as for you” he said to the fine toned blonde woman as he cut her down, she was looking at him with fear and curiosity,

 “You’re gonna cover for Nat while she’s with me…tell them she’s continuing her observations on me…think you can do that for me sweetie?” He asked as he pinched her round apple rear and she gasped at him…then a smile on her face,

 “Sure…just teach that bitch a lesson for me…always acting so stuck up for being SHIELD's top agent when she worked for Hydra years ago…the Russian revolution movement before that” she sneered while looking at the naked vulnerable spy who struggled to stand Peter helped her up as Morse went away, Natasha was stable enough to dress herself while Peter went through the contents of her bag,

 “So…what’s your official report on me? I am good,evil, normal?” He asked as she zipped up her suit to her chest, she looked at him with caredul eyes, 

 “I would have to say…you’re a normal hormonal teenager with unique abilities who uses them for the safety and protection of others…but you lack concentration and strategy…gadgets and powers aren’t enough…also you’re a fantastic lover” she said the last part with a lustful smile and he chuckled at that. 

   Stacy Apartment

  Peter arrived at the apartment after he and Natasha went another round and went their separate ways until school resumed and she’ll be teaching him how SHIELD operates since she’ll get him approved. He walked inside and he was greeted by the young boys who have grown accustomed to Peter being a daily visitor to the Stacy home. Helen was handling chores wearing an olive green babydoll dress, the silky material hugged her body and it went down to her mid-thighs, her perfect bust and ass under the dress made him rage with hormones, he knew they needed to tire the boys out and have everything ready, so he helped by keeping the boys out of her hair by playing board games with them for a while. It was night by the time Helen came to the boy’s room and suggested a family activity,

 “Where’s Gwen and Captain Stacy?” Peter asked with raised eyebrows and Helen played a mock disappointed face, the boys couldn’t tell but Peter could, 

 “..oh she decided to spend time with her friends and your father called and said he was put on a case before he could leave, so they both might be out for awhile” she said while looking at Peter with deep knowing eyes and he just grinned at her. However he did wonder where Gwen was..he put it out of his mind for now and suggested they play Twister, the boys joyfully agreed much to the amusement of Peter and Helen. 

    6:00 PM 

 The Stacy Apartment glowed and shined with the christmas lights illuminating the tree the fireplace and the hallway and ceiling, it was dark already and the boys were all tired out and fed..two boys slept on the sofa while the other was laid out on the soft carpet floor of the living room…they were sitting at the dinner table..just holding hands while watching the boys sleep,

 “Where’s Gwen?” Peter asked out of nowhere,with a tone of impatience, he pulled out his phone and called her..Helen simply rolled her eyes at his actions. The phone ringed on the other end when suddenly the door knocked loudly and Helen went to open it with a confused face and,

 “Jesus Gwen you reek of alcohol and you look like a mess” Helen said looking at a boozed out Gwen Stacy with ruffled party hair and holding a half empty bottle in her hands as she grinned at Helen while pushing past her,

 “Shut up mom I was just having some Holiday fun with my girlfriends…oh shit the boys are sleeping my bad” Gwen said in a adorable drunk whisper with a light chuckle as she tippy-toed her way to her lover, 

 “Hey future husband…You’re in trouble Mister” she said as she pinched his cheek with a mock angry face…and Peter just grinned at her while putting her in his lap..Helen sneered at the sight,

 “Look at her she so cute when she’s wasted” Peter said to Helen as Gwen took a sip from her bottle and started to kiss Peter’s neck and reached his ear,

 “You manwhore, I know what you did with that slut cheerleader Watson” she whispered as she bit his ear, Peter hissed and slapped a hand to her rear in her tight jeans and she giggled as she looked at him,

 “I saw her in the club and I clocked her..she ran away with a bloody nose” she said in a drunk happy whisper and Peter laughed at her confession while Helen just went ahead and grabbed her own bottle to drink from,

 “Gwen go to bed you’re so drunk your almost falling over” she said with a chuckle as she handed Peter the wine bottle and he drank some then put it in Gwen’s mouth like he was feeding a baby it’s bottle of milk,

 “Let her stay…here try some of this stuff” he said as he handed Gwen’s bottle to Helen who raised an eyebrow then took a big gulp and she instantly felt the rush flow through her and she stumbled slightly making Gwen laugh out loud,

 “Look at you, you still can’t handle your booze” she said as she felt Peter's muscles as she roamed her hand under his shirt and he sighed as he groped a tit, Helen kept drinking from the bottle and she was a lightweight so…

 “Whoa…that some strong stuff…hey what are you..?” She questioned when Gwen had gotten up from Peter’s lap and pulled her close to start slow dancing with her mom and Helen was so wasted her vision was blurry…all she knew was that her hands were on Gwen’s shoulders while Gwen had her hands on her mom’s hips while Peter growled at the sight. Gwen eyed Peter with lustful eyes and winked…then the boys woke up and in an instant everyone sobered up,much to their disappointment. It felt like forever until the boys went to sleep, and George had even called and said he couldn’t make it dor christmas due to a case..Peter texted MJ and she said he had not come over at all so he was indeed somewhere  else but Peter paid no mind to that as be watched Helen pour some familiar liquid in the boys cups of juice before bed, 

 “At some point we gotta stop drugging each other you know” Peter said with a chuckle as he went behind Helen and snaked his arms around her and she sighed happily at that,

 “Well….we are about to get loud so they need to be out for hours honey” she said as she finished stirring the last cup with the drug…and Peter’s hand started to rub circles on her belly and she giggled,

 “Too bad Gwen’s here…I’ll just lock her out the room while you get me pregnant…in her bed” she said with a lustful tone and Peter watched her go to the boys’ bedroom and serve them their juices…then they fell back on their beds in seconds,

“Jesus, how much stuff did you put in those cups?” Peter asked with humor as Helen simply winked at him as she walked past him,swaying her sexy hips in the cute dress she wore. Then Gwen walked up to him and planted a kiss on his neck,

 “Watch this,” she said as she went behind her mother and…slapped her ass making it jiggle. Helen faced her daughter and smacked her, Gwen smacked her back…then Peter smacked both of them…they all eyed eachother with heated eyes..but Peter had made…other arrangements so…


  He fired two small webs at Helen and Gwen…they both eyed him with curiosity then…they both fell to the floor and started snoring…Peter laughed at the sound and moved their bodies to lay side by side on Gwen’s bed, he was about to leave when…he couldn’t stop staring at his two sexy lovers..he huffed and literally flipped a coin…tails…he smiled as he unzipped his pants…then he pulled Helen to him making her legs dangle off the bed, he pulled her dress up until her white thong was in view, he moved the band aside and just started to push himself inside her, her walls hugged him tightly as he started to thrust into her.. her tits jiggling under the dress while he held her legs high in the air to dive in deeper as he grunted feeling her hot walls get wetter and wetter, he heard Helen let out moans as she made him go faster, his cock plunging into her vag with intensity,she moaned louder and louder..he was starting to sweat..her pussy was leaking out..her limp body shaking with the bed and Gwen as he kept rocking them with his powerful thrusts and then…her eyes opened wide…he stopped…she just looked at him and down there where she saw he was inside her…she turned her head and saw her sleeping daughter…she looked at him and grinned, 

 “Fuck Me Hard Honey…” she said in a sexy whisper as she moved her legs and sat upright…her hands went to her dress and she pulled it off…Peter grabbed her and slammed her on the bed while pushing into her even faster than before and latched his mouth on a tit…

 “Ahhhh Yes Baby Yes ahhhhh ughhh keep going keep going ahhhhh” Peter kept sucking on her hard tit while his hands were on her waist holding her still while he kept his fast tempo while Helen’s hands were on his head caressing it as she smiled and moaned…eventually he huffed and grunted and just let himself go, he spurted inside her and filled her tunnel up with his sperm, Helen was catching her breath when he spoke, 

 “I’m gonna fuck your daughter now…and you’re gonna help me…make it my Christmas present” he said simply while staring hard at Helen as she simply nodded with nervous eyes. 

  Feeling the heat inside him he pulled Gwen too, he flipped her over and his hands went to the front of her jeans and unzipped them, he pulled them down and her pink panties were in his view and he practically ripped them off, then like he did with Helen, he plunged himself into his girlfriend’s tight snatch and gripped her ass with both hands while pushing himself deeper and faster as her ass cheeks jiggled with his rapidly moving hips…then he heard a groan..he saw her head move…then 

 “OWWWW…PETER….GOD DAMN IT WARNING NEXT…AHHHH OHHHHH UGHHHHH” she screamed and moaned when he went faster and slapping her ass with his hand very hard, making her cheek bright red. Then her eyes went wide when she saw her mother next to her…naked and sweaty..then she was on her knees and…

 “Mom what the hell are you ohhhhh ohhhh ahhhh ohhhh” Gwen moaned and groan when her mother leaned down and started to suck on her tit while her hands went to her other tit and meshed it and tweaked her hard nipple while being fucked. He kept his fast tempo while holding her sweating waist as Helen hovered over Gwen and she gasped as her mother sneered down at her,

 “Open that mouth” and she planted her pussy on her face as her thighs squeezed her head and Gwen withered and tried to push her off..Peter slapped her thigh and went faster making her gasp and open her mouth which Helen took advantage of and pushed herself down…Gwen started to suck on her mom’s slit while gripping her ass as both ladies were rocked by Peter’s force..the bed was creaking loudly and was surely going to break with their bouncing and rocking..Helen was groaning as she was being eaten out by her own daughter ..Peter kept his tempo was going to pop..He grinned when he saw Helen bucking her hips into Gwen’s mouth. He huffed and…he exploded into Gwen as Helen spurted into Gwen’s mouth and her eyes went wide as she swallowed the stream of pussy juice while feeling Peter’s hot sperm travel into her waiting womb. Both women fell asleep from the intensity and Helen laid on Gwen’s body. Peter catched his breath and got dressed while taking photos of the erotic sight on the bed.

 He pulled out his phone and made a call and started to cook in the kitchen. 


  He finished setting the table when he heard a knock on the door and he smiled while he walked to it, he smiled at who was at the door.

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