Parker and Stacy(s)

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Stacy Apartment-11AM 

  Helen had been doing the laundry in a bad mood after having a shouting match with George, thankfully the boys weren’t around to hear it. He had complained about where she was a few days ago and she rebuffed him by simply saying she never questioned him about where he was when she knew he wasn’t on call and he in turn demanded to see her phone which she just scoffed a laugh at the demand, that made George lash out at her..accusing her of never having enough and just wanting more, being selfish with her pathetic conspiracy theories and that she shouldn’t be mad at him for her own boring life, he had said that while walking out the door for work and honestly…Helen was on the verge of tears…but she immediately did house chores to avoid that embarrassing action and it did work…now she was just angry…especially since Peter would be going back to school soon so their lovemaking routine will be cut down and his activities as Spider-Man didn’t help much either, and of course there’s Gwen. Helen just sighed as she continued with the chores while the boys played video games in their room, she wondered what Peter was doing with Gwen.

  Oscorp Industries

 Peter and Gwen were hard at work trying various of chemical combinations and gadget adjustments to Peter’s web shooters for advancements and install new tricks, they had been working for a while now, they arrived at 7 and just went ahead with their work,lust had to be put in 2nd place for this, and they did make excellent progress. A while later Peter loaded the new liquid web canister into his web shooter, Gwen smiled hearing the cool wrist gadget power up as Peter aimed it at her, Peter smiled as he tried out the new feature, “knockout web” is what he called it, he fired it and a ball of web hit Gwen’s chest…Gwen sniffed a weird odor and…she immediately collapsed on the ground and started snoring, the new installment worked, Peter raised a fist in the air as he cheered, once he calmed down he eyed his girlfriend: wearing tight black jeans, a red button shirt and a thin black blazer…he sighed as he rubbed his head…

   20 Minutes Later 

 Peter was cleaning up their supplies in the lab after he had dressed up Gwen again, he heard a moan from behind and he smiled as he turned and saw Gwen struggle to stand,

 “Ow, why does my….god damn it I’m never sleeping before you again.” Gwen said in a cute whiny voice as she winced while sitting on the chair, Peter smiled at her and kissed her, she moaned into his mouth and kissed him back,

 “I see the new web works.” Gwen said to him in a tone of humor and he chuckled softly at her comment while rubbing her back,

 “Yeah they do, thank you for helping me, thank you for being alive” he said lovingly to her and she kissed him hard, once they separated they just smiled at each other and gathered their belongings. They were walking down the hallway when Peter stopped them and eyed the stairwell,

 “Peter…if we get caught…I’m pretty sure no one will see us ever again.” Gwen said to Peter and he looked at her with a uncertain expression,

 “I saw that thing carrying Oscorp equipment, maybe the upper floor hard drives have something on it. Will you help me?” Peter asked her and she nodded with a supportive look and smile on her face, Peter led them up and he used his new lock-picking and hacking techniques Natasha taught them and he actually got the door unlocked, they went inside and went to the hard drives down the hall. After a few minutes Peter got his flash drives to start downloading the data he found on the particular date he and Natasha had seen tracked the creature and the day Peter followed it into the sewers, once it was done Gwen started pulling him away with the flash drives in her bag since she worried about them being caught, but then Peter dragged her into a big fancy office and Gwen panicked,

 “Peter No! Not here! We’re gonna get caught!” said Gwen in a worried whisper but Peter just closed the double office doors and picked her up and placed her on the large glass desk..

  2 Hours Later- Big Mick’s BurgerTown

  Peter and Gwen were enjoying their delicious burgers and fries while chatting about the upcoming new semester and what they will be doing in between with each other, also they discussed about their future together,

 “So…what colleges have you been looking at?” Peter asked her after taking a bite of his bacon cheeseburger, she took a sip of her soda and replied,

 “Well….ESU,Yale and Oxford’s science programs are really drawing my attention for sure” Gwen said with a excited smile but it dropped when she saw Peter’s nervous face,

 “Oxford…as in England…as in…across the pond right?” Peter replied with a nervous tone and smile,he wanted Gwen to live her dream, but his life as Spider-Man made it difficult to consider leaving New York. Gwen smiled softly at him and held his hand on the table,

 “I’m not saying I’m going there for sure, there’s still time until college.” She said softly to him but he was still uneasy, Gwen rubbed her leg against his in a teasing manner…that didn’t change his mood, they just kept eating in awkward silence. Afterwards Peter dropped her off at her front door, she had asked him if he wanted to come in, he had said no, even when she said they could have a threesome with her mom since her dad took the boys to the arcade but Peter still said no and just left…the thought of Gwen going to Oscorp lingered in his mind. 

  Parker Residence-Queens 

 Peter went inside his home and just laid back on the sofa, his mind started to play out a scenario in his head: Gwen goes to England, she meets someone…that someone will….

“Ughhhh” Peter groaned in pure anger thinking about a random brit banging Gwen, he huffed and decided to just get some sleep since his Aunt had gone out to handle errands…like getting lube, so he was about to go upstairs when a knock on his back door, he went to answer it,

 “Hello Peter, I was bringing some leftover food we have from our party, are you okay? What’s wrong?” said Anna Watson( Julianne Moore) to him and he just stepped aside to let her in, she walked in and set the food on the table, Peter hugged Anna from behind and she sighed feeling the soft touch of his strong arms,

 “If you need comfort…I’m here for you.” She said softly while holding his hand with her own, Peter sighed while holding her and smelling her sweet conditioner scent on her hair, 

 “Where’s Mary Jane….can we…invite her?” He asked carefully, and she got out of his hold and slapped him hard across his face and left. Peter just groaned in annoyance and decided to head out on patrol.

 Stacy Residence-2PM 

Gwen was sitting on her bed while Helen was pacing back and forth in her room, her door was closed to let them have privacy,

 “Why would you tell him about Oxford, now he thinks you’re gonna leave the country and you know he can’t leave the city because of his hero complex, ughhh why did you tell him?” Helen asked Gwen with annoyance and Gwen just huffed at her mom,

 “We were talking about colleges and it just came up okay. I haven’t even decided where I want to go for college so he’s just overreacting.” Gwen replied and Helen scoffed at her,

 “Gwen I know you, as soon as Oxford offers you a spot you’ll be on the first plane to England…and Peter will have the Watsons to keep him company, I went to his place one night and I saw that slut watson walk out of his home with a limp, I can’t keep him satisfied by myself.” Helen said and Gwen just rubbed her head in confusion and frustration,

 “God…why won’t he just come with me, he’d get a spot for sure… his Spider-Man duties will keep him here forever…what do I do mom?” Gwen asked her mother and Helen went to Gwen’s closet and pulled out a box, Gwen grinned at it,

 “I haven’t seen that since I transferred” she said to her mother who was also grinning while opening the box,

 “This will get his mind off Oxford for awhile” Helen replied as she started to take out the box’s contents. 

 Manhattan- Random Rooftop

Peter’s mind was off Oxford and Gwen, he was smiling under the mask while holding Felicia’s fine waist as she kept her fast bouncing and grinding rhythm on his rock hard tool, she kept going, her breasts bouncing freely after she unzipped her suit and was bare naked while riding a pantsless Spider-Man and letting out moans and groans feeling his hands gripped her already sweaty body while panting trying not to explode yet but it was hard given Felicia’s soft wet pussy squeezing his rod and her breasts jiggling, plus her moans and groans was like slutty music,

 “Ahhhhhh ahhhhhh ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ughhhhhh ughhhhh ahhhhhhh” Felicia moaned out feeling her tunnel stuffed and heated as it rubbed her walls and her hands went to squeeze her own bare breasts to add more pleasure and Peter’s hands went to her juicy ass and he molded the skin between his fingers as she grinded on him, her face shot up and groaned  when Peter started to slap her ass cheek as she moved her fine body against his,

 “Ahhhh Spider ahhhhhh Yes! Ahhhhh Yes!! Ughhhhh ughhhh Spank My Ass Yes!!! Ahhhhh Yes!! Again! Ughhhhh Harder! Ahhhhhh Harder!” Felicia groaned feeling her rear get the slapping treatment from her teen lover and she felt the cheek burn from the slaps and Peter kept slapping her harder and harder, he huffed and groaned while gripping her ass hard,

 “Ughhhh Ahhhhh Jesus Lesh! Ughhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhh Can I…Ughhhhh Can I be….ohhhh god ahhhhhh” Peter couldn’t ask his question out of pleasure but Felicia knew what he wanted…she grinned down at him and she used her own strong thigh muscles and gripped his waist between them and flipped them over, now he was on top and thrusting into her with fierce speed and force, Felicia groaned out and wrapped her legs around his back and locked them together using her feet, her breasts meshed against his chest and he felt her hard nipples tickle his pecs, his hand went to grip her thigh while the other hand went to her waist to hold her in place while he thrusted into her, Felicia was about to pop…her face was sweating,red, and scrunched feeling the incoming flood of pussy juice about to burst…she kept moaning into Peter’s ear while he huffed feeling his own release coming,

 “Ahhhhh ohhhhh ahhhhhh ughhhhh Felicia! Ohhhhh felicia ahhhhhh ohhhhhh Felicia!! Ahhhhhh ughhhhhhh UGHHHHHH” Peter groaned and just let himself go and once she felt his sperm invade her insides, Felicia screamed out as she let the dam burst and her juices spilled out against his rod and squirted out of her…both were sighing feeling the mixture of hot liquids mix together as they held each other close. Once they finished Peter pulled out of her and just sat down while Felicia laid on the ground with a happy smile on her face, 

 “Wow Spider…that was…intense…what brought that on?” She asked as she started to put her suit back on while Peter was putting his own suit back on,

 “I had a bad day…I needed a release, lucky for me you have a habit of robbing and breaking and entering, as soon as I saw you…well” Peter replied shyly making Felicia giggle at him, a few seconds ago he was on her like a drill working cement and now he’s back to being the shy nerd he was before the fateful spider bite, they were both fully clothed now and Felicia gave him a soft kiss,

 “I’m glad I could help…see you around Parker.” She said and jumped off the roof and disappeared into the city, Peter sighed happily and went on with patrolling the city. He stopped some armored car robberies, attempted assaults and apartment fires which was a great way to spend his stamina that was on overdrive and he ignored some calls he got since he was busy with his job. After a few hours it was sundown, he was sitting on a skyscraper and eating a pizza he bought. He was enjoying his meat supreme slices when he noticed something on Oscorp Tower, something big was crawling on the dark side of the building…

 “Oh shit…you gotta be kidding me…” Peter said to himself, he pulled out his phone and called his partner,

 “Hey Nat, what no! Jeez Nat everytime I call it's not just for a booty call, listen, that lizard is breaking into Oscorp Tower and…it's gotten bigger…like it grew a tail..and I’m pretty sure I can see it’s teeth from here…alright I’ll keep my distance.” Peter hung up after Natasha told him to just track it back to its lair while she organizes a squad to apphrehend the creature…if it has indeed gotten bigger…then it's either mutating by nature or the person is advancing whatever they did to themselves. Peter swung to the tower and saw that the lizard was taking more large canisters…he followed it but then…it stuck it’s tongue…it growled and….

  3 Hours Later 

“Peter?! Peter!? God damn it I need a medic over here!” Natasha yelled as she pulled an unconscious and bruised Peter out of the Hudson River where he ended up after fighting the Lizard, the medic arrived and checked on him..the. jabbed him with a shot of adrenaline, Peter shot up and gasped, Natasha sighed a relief. After getting him bandaged up Natsha ordered all her men to return to base, then she helped him get into the Quinjet and sat him down, then slapped him hard,

 “What the hell did I tell You!? Track it and that’s it, how’d you end up fighting it? And any information you have to divulge?” Natasha asked in her serious shield operative tone, she had no time for bullshit…Peter actually gulped,

 “Well…it’s mutated to the point it can sense others with scent from miles away…that’s how I got caught, and it has a sharp long tail that it used to strangle me, whip me and put me in a chokehold underwater. Also its huge claws and it only had 4 fingers so the genetic mutation has clearly affected the individual's bone structure, and a while ago I learned what lab has been getting robbed lately and what employee has been absent too…basically I also know who it is.”  Peter said in a smug smile and Natasha narrowed her eyes at him,

 “You know who it is? How could you possibly know when dozens of shield operatives can’t find anything to match?” Natasha asked him and he gave her a smug look and just shrugged his shoulders,

 “Guess…I’m just better than dozens of so-called experts…plus I kinda figured it would have to be a scientist who specializes in genetic science and molecular biology, and I know which employee at Oscorp has been working on this type of thing.” Peter said with his smug smile and Nat just scoffed a laugh at him,

 “So…I’m guessing you’re going to withhold that name?” She asked and Peter winked at her,

 “Not for those reasons, let me do some checking and I’ll see if there’s a counter agent to his….mutation, better one than a whole swarm to catch him right.” He said and Nat nodded at him with an impressed smile. She dropped him off, literally she opened the hatch he just jumped out and swung around the city as the sun was starting to set on the city. He went back on patrol for a couple more hours. 

   Stacy Apartment- 7PM 

 Peter arrived at the Stacy home and was met with Gwen’s little brothers excited to have him over, he played several board games with them while Helen was handling chores and Gwen went shopping with friends to enjoy the last few days of break, he watched do chores in her sweatpants and hoodie sweater..she was still a sexy sight to behold…and Gwen said she might go to England…he rubbed his head in thought while playing the Sorry board game with the boys. By 9 PM they went to their rooms and just played video games and Peter was about to get it on with Helen when George Stacy walked in, 

 “Oh, hello Mr.Parker, Gwen isn’t here right now so you should head home before it gets too dark, I can’t tell you much but something strange is happening in the city.” George said as he removed his police winter coat and went ahead to the kitchen to get some food, Peter was about to head out when Helen walked in,

 “He’s right Peter, come on I’ll drive you home.” She said and pulled Peter’s arm before George could say anything and they headed for the door, she had told George to watch the boys. Soon they were on the road, in the family van as she drove them around the city,

 “So are you really going to drive me home, cuz you know I can make it on my own faster than in the van.” He said to a smiling Helen who changed into a nice pair of jeans and a nice blue sweater, her clothing still showed how ample her breasts and milf ass were. She winked at him,

 “Just needed an excuse to get out of the house for awhile…and it takes at least 2 to 3 hours to get you home so…I have an idea” Helen said with a smile and Peter raised an eyebrow at her,

 “What do you have planned?” He asked her and she just kept smiling,she drove for about 20 minutes until they stopped in front of the mall, then she pulled over and Gwen and her friends came in. 

 “Thanks mom for the ride, we didn’t want to get caught in the rain” Gwen said as she and her friends settled in their seats. Peter put on his headphones to avoid their girly chit chat which they engaged in for a while, they dropped off her friends and soon it was just the three of them. And they all had wide smiles on their faces. But then Peter remembered something important,

 “Hey um…I need to head to Oscorp for some research” he said awkwardly and both ladies scoffed at him,

 “Fine but you owe me for the ride” Helen said and Gwen had said she’ll help him to make it faster to get it on. 

  Oscorp Tower-10PM

  Peter had finished getting the information he wanted and now well…

 “Ahhhh ahhhhh ohhhhhh ahhhhhh” Gwen withered and moan as she sat on Dr.Connors chair as Peter had her legs on her shoulders and was eating her pussy, he licked and pushed his tongue into her as she gripped the chair and moaned louder and louder. Her panties were around her foot, her hands went to her breasts and pinched them, Peter caressed her thighs making her groan from the sensations. They spent another 10 minutes like this until she popped and they went back to the van parked in the alley,

 “Hey mom I’ll drive, Peter and I had some fun upstairs already.” She said with a wink to her mother and she grinned at her daughter as she got out and went to the back and just pounced on Peter, she started kissing and licking him while Gwen giggled as she went to the driver’s seat and started driving while Peter and Helen moved around to get comfortable. 

  Soon Gwen was driving while glancing back to see Peter pumping himself into her mother as he laid on top of her while she was face down on the car seat, her chest and head flat on the seat, her ass being gripped as Peter pushed himself into her with speed and force, he was sweating on her while her face was red and wet from all the pressure of being filled, 

 “Ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhh ughhhhhh ughhhhh Yes! Yes! YES!!AHHHHH” Helen kept moaning and groaning filling the car with her noises making Gwen chuckle and Peter smirked watching Helen’s ass jiggle as he gripped her waist and kept his fast pace as the car moved down the road, they shook the car while it moved and the inside was getting hot and humid from their intense passion. He kept thrusting into Helen’s moist tunnel feeling her walls hug and suck him up, 

 “Ahhhhhh Ohhhhhh God Helen ohhhhhh God ohhhhh God you feel so wet ahhhhh ahhhhhh so tight ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhh Jesus ahhhhhhh” Peter let out his moans and groaned feeling her hands reach around his back and start scratching him and he hissed, he retaliated by going faster and his hand started to slap her ass which made Helen release a lustful laugh feeling his hand land on her jiggling rear multiple times making the cheek red,

 “Ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhh ohhhhh yeahhh ohhhh yeahhhhh baby ahhhhhhh ohhhhh ughhhh ahhhhhhh Yes Peter! Ahhhhhh ughhhhhh” She groaned feeling her tits swell and rubb on the leather car seats as she was beginning to sweat and she had her eyes closed and her mouth open letting out hot pants and moans while feeling Peter’s hand caress her back and the other was on her shoulder keeping her in place making her pussy suck in his rod whole…they both gasped and groaned, Gwen pulled over in a nearby dark alley and looked back,

 “Wow, hurry up so I can have a ride” Gwen said as she watched Peter and Helen rocking the car while sharing each other’s bodies, Helen looked at her daughter with hot eyes matching her smile,

 “Why wait? Get over here.” Was all Helen said and Gwen grinned and climbed to the backseat to join her lovers, Peter and Helen sat down and let Gwen come sit between them, they went to work on her clothes…her jacket removed…her blouse and bra…then her jeans and panties were yanked off by her mother…unbeknownst to them a cell phone was ringing silently on the dashboard.

   Stacy Apartment

 George waited and waited….no answer from Gwen either, she had said she would be home by now and so did Helen but both were still out on the street, last thing he remembered was Helen saying she would drop Peter off or something. He huffed once hearing the annoying message beep and rubbed his head in frustration, he had to go meet someone soon and he couldn't leave the boys alone,

 “Helen, Gwen hurry your asses up.” He said to himself as he tapped on the dinner table with his finger while the boys watched a movie.

  Stacy Family Van-Random Alley 

“Ahhhh ohhhh ughhhh ahhhh ohhhhhh ughhhhh Yes!!!! Ughhhhh” Helen moaned as she was being eaten out,

 “Ohhhh ughhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh ohhhhhhh ahhhhhh ughhhhh ahhhhhhhh Ahhhhhh ohhhhhh!!” Gwen screamed and moaned as she was bouncing on Peter as he laid down on his back on the seats, luckily it's one of those vans that has flippable seats to make more room in the back, so now he was laid down as his girlfriend was bouncing her sweet ass and making her tits jiggle while on his dick and her milf mom was grinding her sweet,shaven,pussy on his face and mouth as he had his mouth wide open letting her wet lips rub on his tongue and mouth. His hands were on their tits as they moved on his body, they felt different from each other’s…Gwen’s felt squishy, very soft..her skin felt cold..and her nipples were perky small..he loved licking it and nipping it between his teeth which always made her scream..and as for Helen, her tit felt more hard…from carrying years of milk and breast feeding hardening her tits and her skin felt very warm and a mix of smooth and rough from multiple mouths being sucked on them throughout her youth,but not lovers, her kids…her areolas are huge and rough and in the middle was a slightly bigger nipple which stood right up when she was being treated to lust, he loved squeezing their tits making them both groan and moan as he used his body to pleasure them both. 

   The van was in the alley in a dark spot shaking like crazy as they enjoyed each other, their loud screams and moans muffled by the vehicle, Gwen was screaming feeling his rock hard dick pierce right through her tunnel and tickle her womb as she used her thighs and hips to squeezed his rod as she kept her insane bouncing rhythm on his dick while she had a lustful wicked smile on her face as she watched her mother grind her body,making her tits jiggle and wiggle as she moved her hips and ass on Peter’s face, she had her eyes closed and her face was sweating and red as she has her mouth wide open letting out her groans and moans, Peter’s hands went to Helen’s waist to use move her around himself and…

 “OHHHH UGHHHHH UGHHHH AHHHHH OHHHHHH” Helen screamed out as she felt her asshole being eaten out by Peter’s mouth as he kissed,licked, and bit her ass. Gwen laughed and she leaned in and started sucking on her mom’s breasts, Helen laughed out loud and held Gwen’s head to her chest while her slender hips and waist kept rubbing and sucking in Peter’s tool,Gwen’s arms wrapped around Helen as both women held each other close while sharing their lover.. 

   1 Hour Later 

 Peter had a smile on his face as he was leaning against the car smoking a joint while Gwen and Helen slept from exhaustion after they changed spots several times and he left both women satisfied and their holes were gushing with their cum and his sperm. He was checking his phone for any updates, nothing so far so he just relaxed and finished the joint he had. Helen came out fully dressed,

 “Gwen’s still asleep, that was lovely Peter. Though I felt more attention on me than on Gwen” Helen said with a some ego behind her voice and Peter smiled at her and held her soft hand,after a long silence he spoke,

 “Helen…I need to know…is this just sex and lust between us?” Peter asked her with soft eyes and she was taken aback by his intimate question, she blushed and held his hand tighter,

 “At first it was…but then we started to talk,share our hopes and dreams…at my home, in the car, in bed after making love…I love those moments we have when it’s just you and I, It’s so much more than lust and sex. Before you came along…I was just going through the motions, living my life with no excitement at all…then Gwen brought you for dinner…then I heard noises that night…I know it was you…Then I felt your sweet lips on me in the school…soon…we built our own relationship, and I have loved and enjoyed every second of it Peter Parker….I Helen Stacy, have been bitten, I love you.” She said with a loving smile and red blushing cheeks, Peter grabbed her face and kissed her, one kiss filled love and passion…this was an unexpected turn in his plan…he grew more fond of Helen, and Gwen might be leaving the country by summer if she does go to Oxford which will happen since she is a genius…that would leave Helen and him… the city..he slowly parted his lips from hers, they both smiled at each other with pure love,

 “You should probably head home…it’s been long enough for all of us to be out this late, I’ll drive us home while you play superhero” Helen said with a knowing smile and Peter grinned at her kissed her again..they gave each other a heated stare,

 “Check if she’s awake” Peter said to Helen, she quietly opened the back door enough to peer inside, she closed it once she was done looking,

 “Fast asleep and snoring like a baby” she said with a grin, Peter held her hands as he smiled at her…jesus she’s a dead ringer for Reese Witherspoon.. he had a hard on already, Helen smiled excitedly at him,

 “I think there’s a motel down the street, shall we?” Peter asked her and she looked at the van and then at him,

“We’re just gonna leave a naked 17 year old girl alone in a van…okay let’s go sweetie” she said warmly and led him by hand out of the alley as they shared a laugh and went on their way. Meanwhile inside the van, Gwen was fuming under the blanket as she hid her face,

 “You fucking bitch, you think you’re gonna steal Peter from me…he’s coming with me to England..after I sweeten the deal” Gwen said to herself with a chuckle as she waited for them to exit the alley and go have their fun then she got dressed…then she turned on her mom’s phone,dumb bitch always forgets her phone in the car, and called George…of course he answered on the first ring..but she said nothing as he demaned Helen to tell him where she is…after a full minute of silence…she hung up, she grinned and got out and hailed a cab to head home. 

     NYPD Precinct-Midnight 

 George looked up the cell phone signal and locked it in some random area nearby Queens of all places, he got the coordinates to where the cell phone was traced and went ahead on his own, with a furious expression on his face. 

   King Al’s Bed and Rest Stop- 12:30 

They were laughing together while rocking into each other as Peter sat on the bed holding Helen as she straddled him and rode him fast and hard, they had been at it for at least an hour, Peter chuckled seeing Helen close her eyes and moan feeling his rod pierce her tunnel all the way, her breasts pushed against his chest, sliding on each other from the sweat building, her legs wrapped around his waist holding her as she moved her lips on his rod and Peter had his hands on her smooth back holding her close and feeling it move as she grinded her sweet body on him as they both began to moan and moan in each other’s faces as their foreheads were on each other,

 “Ahhhh ahhhh ohhhhh ahhhhh Peter ohhhh Peter ahhhh Peter ohhhhhh ohhhhh God Peter yes Like that ahhhhhh” Helen said breathing her hot breath on his face as he was panting pushing his hips forward to meet her hips making their rocking more intense as they shared their bodies in this intimate moment, Helen kept moving into him as he pushed into her while they held each other, Peter’s hands went to her face,

 “Helen ahhhh ahhhh ohhhh Helen, Look at me ahhhh Look at me please ahhhhh” Peter pleased between moans and Helen struggled to look at him while feeling her tunnel being stuffed by a warm log, she finally managed to open her eyes and meet his loving gaze, their faces red, sweating and panting as they kept their pace and rocked into each other hearing the sweet sound of their juices mixing and squishing on each other. They went faster and Peter loved the feeling of her breasts press against his sweating chest and his arms tightened around her back and she too hugged him tighter and they squeezed into each other while moving their hips,his hands reached down and gripped her ass while hers went to his head and tugged on his hair, she laughed as he winced and he narrowed his eyes at her, then he grinned and slapped her ass and gripped it in his hand,

 “Ahhhhh ohhhhh Yes honey Yes! Ahhhhh ohhhhhh ahhhhh” Helen moaned when Peter slapped her ass again, he laughed at her and then he stood up, turned them around, and planted her on the bed on her back…now she wrapped her legs around his waist and back, he was on top thrusting like a mad man now into her leaking pussy that was making those sweet squishes. His mouth went to her breasts and he kissed,licked, and bit them, Helen held his head against them and moaned loudly and screamed as the bed shook and hit the wall, Peter was huffing and groaning trying to hold it together, but he was close, Helen saw his harden face as he kept pounding into her pussy and she gasped and carrassed his face as she moaned and gasped, 

 “It’s ahhhh ohhhh ahhhh It’s okay Peter ughhhh ahhhh ahhhh Let go ahhhhh Let go ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh Let go!! Ahhhhhhhhhh” Helen screamed when Peter released himself with a few last hard thrusts and groaned, feeling his seed gush out of his rod into her open tunnel waiting for his sperm to coat her insides as she laughed with a lustful smile and her hands in his back, he panted to catch his breath while she was chuckling feeling the euphoria of her orgasam and once they both finished, he collapsed right next to her on the bed, they both looked at each with smiles on their faces, then the room phone rang, they shared a look of confusion, Helen answered it since it was next to her side of the bed, 

 “Hello?…oh are you serious?! Okay, okay thank you” she hung up and turned off the lamp, darkening the small room and she pulled the covers over Peter and herself hiding their bldies and faces,

 “Helen what is it?” Peter asked her and she shushed him, 

 “Be quiet…George is here..” Helen said with an uneasy voice…they held each other as they waited in the darkness for him to leave the area.

  1 Hour Ago 

Peter and Helen were giggling as they went to the front desk of the motel and rang the small bed while exchanging lustful smiles, the front desk woman came up from the back, 

 “Hello, welcome to Al’s…whatever it's a motel, what do you want?” The ebony woman with the name tag Trish who clearly hated the night shift asked them point blank and Peter grinned,

 “One room, one bed…any chance you got liquor here?” Peter asked her and she gave him a “are you serious?” face at him,

 “Well…there’s a liquor store next door, down the street, across the street..” she replied with sarcasm and Peter shyly looked way and just put about 500 dollars in cash on the counter, Trish’s eyes went wide, Peter smiled at her,

 “Give us your cleanest room, and give us a heads up if this guy or any cops show up” Peter said as Helen held up a photo of George on her phone and she gave them a confused expression, til she noticed the lack of wedding ring on Peter’s hand and she grinned,

 “Ohhh, okay I get it…don’t worry I got you covered.” She said and handed them the room key, Peter told Helen to go on ahead while he grabbed some sodas from the little cooler in the waiting area, then he went up to Trish and paid for them, then he gave her 600 dollars with a wink…she eyed him with a knowing smile and he left to join his lover, once they went in the room they were on each other and ripped each other’s clothes off and started fucking. After a while…Goerge Stacy was looking around the area where the phone was traced, he had asked Trish if she’s seen Helen after showing a family photo and she kept her word and said nothing, he left and she called their room to let them know he was around. 

  Motel Room 2C 

 Peter and Helen laid under the covers hiding in the darkness, the blinds were closed but their voices through the thin walls was still a giveaway, Peter held her close, feeling her smooth skin and heavenly curved milf body, his cock got hard in an instant. He rubbed himself on her and his cock slide on her thigh,Helen sighed happily at the feeling, she giggled when Peter planted soft kisses on her back as he hugged her from behind as they laid on their sides, they heard footsteps, from outside, Peter got hot and he rubbed his cock on her asscrack, Helen gasped,

 “Peter!Please stop, He’s right outside…he’ll kill us” Helen said in a low whisper as Peter rubbed on her ass faster and kissed her neck, Helen gripped the bed sheets and bit her lip to silence herself…after a few tense minutes..they heard footsteps leaving and after a min or two, the room phone rang. Helen pushed Peter off with a laugh and picked up, 

 “Hello…you’re sure….you are absolutely sure? Okay thank you so much.” Helen hanged up and turned to look at Peter with a lustful smile as he grinned at her,

 “He’s gone, shall we continue?” Helen asked Peter with a smirk and he pounced on her making her laugh out loud and giggle in between as he felt up her body while kissing her neck, then her face, he reached her lips and she kissed him back with fever and passion, she rubbed her thighs against his waist and he felt up her chest with one hand and gripped her ass with the other,both breathing heavily through their noses…they kept kissing…soon Peter turned her around and she laid face down on the bed, he got himself properly aligned to her…Helen sighed with a wicked smile feeling her pussy being stuffed once again by his rod, her face fell to the pillow as her loud moans were muffled while he started thrusting into her with grunts as his hard thrusts made her ass jiggle and his hands held hers, their grip on each tightening…but Peter saw something…his hand went for her ring…he took it off and threw it somewhere out of sight…Helen gripped his hand with her now marriage ring-free hand, she pulled her face off the pillow,

 “Thank You ahhh ahhh ahhh This feels better ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh” Helen’s face went back on the pillow to silence herself and Peter smiled at the woman he loved, he went faster as the bed began to shake. 

   Front Desk 

  “Damn…that white boy musk be hung like a fucking horse” Trish said as she could actully feel the bubrations of Peter’s powerful thrusts since the room was right above the office, soon Trish laid back…unzipped her jeans…and went to work on herself while thinking of Peter and how big his cock could be…she began to moan as she put 3 fingers in her smooth lips. The room kept shaking and the bed’s loud thumps made her wet…eventually she heard Helen’s screams of passion. 

 Stacy Apartment- 3 AM 

 Helen walked inside the dark apartment with a smile, she took off her coat, her sweater. She heard a message on her phone from George that he was going to work since Gwen made it home…and he called Helen several swears for being out so late..she laughed at that and went ahead to grab a bottle of beer that George usually drinks, she took a big sip, and went to Gwen’s room, she was sleeping…Helen walked up to her bed…and slapped her hard, Gwen jolted awake, Helen gripped her face,

 “I know it was you Gwen,my phone call history has your father as the last one I called when I know I called your Aunt…so you called him to lure him to the van…why else would your father drive all the down near Queens, but it didn’t work missy…he went away and Peter and I, well you know what he does” Helen said with a evil smile and winked at Gwen who just fumed and trembled with anger,

 “We were supposed to be working get him away from the Watsons…but you’re trying to take him from me, my boyfriend who wanted me first, and you’re married..with children..and yet you want a relationship with a 17 year old…why?!” Gwen said in a loud whisper and Helen scoffed at her,

 “I deserve to be loved..your father stole all my best years from me, now I’m 40 and I still got it so I’m using it…You want to force your superhero boyfriend to choose between you or his sense of duty, you know how guilt ridden he is over what happened to his uncle…he’s broken forever…so if you leave…I can be that piece that puts him together” Helen said with a smile as she walked out of her daughter’s room who simply huffed angrily and laid back down,

 “I have to think of something…something to sweeten my side…” Gwen thought to herself as she went back to sleep. Helen went to her room and changed into her nightgown…she left her panties with a gift for him to jack off to, she went ahead and laid in bed,huffing at the stupid ring that reminded her she’s stuck in her marriage…for now anyway. 

   Parker Residence- 9 AM 

Peter woke up refreshed and relaxed, he had arrived hours ago and took a nice hot shower while remembering the feeling of Helen’s body, her smooth skin and breasts and ass, he sighed happily as he got up and got changed in his clothes for the day, with his suit underneath, and went ahead to the kitchen to make himself some

food, his aunt had stayed with a friend…though he kept track of where she was, planning on how to get her back in the house, he cooked his favorite meal and ate it while watching the morning news..then something happened that made him spit out his food, George Stacy was announcing a arrest warrant for Spider-Man. He was being accused of destroying Oscorp and city property…the areas where the Lizard had attacked and Peter tried to stop it, he huffed angrily and shut off the TV. He decided to work out in his garage to let off some steam before running his daily activities, he worked out for an hour, he felt better already, his increased stamina left him with no sweat, funny enough he only sweat when having sex, luckily none of them got pregnant yet so they could go as wild as they want. He let go of the high bar and drank some water from his water bottle, then a knock on the garage door, he went to open it, he smiled at the visitor,

 “Hey, to what do I owe an early morning visit?” He asked her as she stepped in and removed her leather jacket and set some files on the table,

 “I found some data on the Oscorp hard drives and I need your opinion on some of this science crap I don’t understand” Natasha said as she pulled out some documents and scans from the files and handed them to Peter who ruffled his eyebrows in wonder and confusion while Nat watched him work his brain around the data. He sat on the small sofa, 

 “Well…the materials needed to work this type of reaction requires a lot of power, and I know much of the equipment stolen from Oscorp the past few weeks are prototype generators that hold alot of power in them despite their size, and I’m guessing he’s building something.” Peter said to Natasha who sat next to him. He gave her the documents back and she put them away,

 “So this…Dr.Connors is the one who developed the serum? That’s very surprising given all the information we collected had us believe his work in genetic manipulation was a dead end, guess he did everything he could to give that appearance and continued to work in solitude…until he turned into a mini godzilla.” Natasha replied back with humor at the end, Peter chuckled slightly and handed Nat some blueprints, 

 “This is the layout of the tunnel and old underground train stations that were abandoned decades ago, it shows how the area is full of various tunnels and shafts for it to escape throughout the city, easy shortcut for his activities…but let me work with him, I’ve had some interactions with him since starting my internship a while ago, so far he been okay but last time I saw was before break so now it's anyone guess how he’ll look on Monday…but please give me time…I mean for all we know he’s become an addict and is just feeding his addiction Nat…If there’s a chance I can help him I’ll take it okay?” He said to the red-head with zero hesitation and a serious expression on his face, that caught her off guard as she just looked at him with an equal serious expression, one she’s used in interrogations…then she pounced on him and he landed on her couch with a thud, he even hit his head on the armrest,

 “Ow! Damn it Nat, answer the..ohhhh ohhh shit ahhhhhhh ahhh” Peter’s serious demeanor dropped when Nat licked and kissed his neck and she took off his shirt, she felt up his muscles while darting her tongue in his mouth as she kissed him, Peter was breathing through his nose from shock of this sudden turn, his hands barley wrapped around Nat, her hands went to his jeans,

 “God…that was so hot…how you took control of the conversation…asserted yourself in the discussion….you even kept eye contact the entire time….Oh God take me now Peter Parker” Natasha said in a hot whisper and Peter huffed and he kissed her back with passion and his hands went to her jeans. 

   Stacy Residence 

George had left with the boys to buy some school supplies now that break was ending, so that left Helen and Gwen to do their own activities ,despite the tension they remained civil towards each other,

 “Look…we both got carried away last night, but in all seriousness…what are your plans for college, Peter has made it clear he’s staying in New York.So what are you going to do?” Helen asked her daughter as they watched tv in the living room, Gwen sighed heavily as she rubbed her head before replying,

 “I honestly don’t know…I want to stay with him…but you can’t deny he can do as much good as Peter Parker when he studies at Oxford, don’t get me wrong, ESU is great but he needs to expand his world in terms of exposure. But at the same time, can I trust you to keep him on our side rather than running off to the Watsons?” Gwen asked her mother with soft eyes and Helen considered her options…she wanted Peter for herself.. but should Gwen leave, Helen can’t keep him sustained in her own..she needs help…so for now its a tag team until she is sure Gwen is going to Oxford,

 “We’ll work together, then when the time comes… if it comes, we’ll work something out.” Helen said to her and Gwen nodded at her as they went back to watching TV, then Helen had an idea,

 “I’m gonna go buy groceries, you okay to be alone Gwen?” Helen asked her and she nodded at her mom with a smile, Helen went to change and headed for the door.

  Parker Residence-9:50AM 

 Natasha was on top of Peter, they were kissing passionately..until a knock on the door, they both huffed with annoyance and she climbed off Peter and he went to open the door, and by the time he turned around…she disappeared like a ghost with her belongings and the files, he got a text and it said ‘Next time my Love, see you soon.’ He groaned with annoyance and there was another knock, he huffed and opened it…his face softened when he saw who it was, he smiled and stepped aside to let her in, watching her hips sway with her ass while he grinned and gently closed his door. 

   Stacy Residence- 10:00AM 

Gwen was drinking her glass of orange juice while watching tv when a thought entered her mind,

 “…Damn it….she’s with Peter now isn’t she…fine…if that’s how she wants to play…” Gwen said to herself and got up to get change.

  Parker Residence-10:30AM

Peter had his arms outstretched on the small sofa as his body felt Helen’s wet,leaking walls suck up his rod as she rode him with her breasts jiggling right in his face as her hands rested on the sofa to steady herself as she grind on him shaking her ass on his groin as she groaned feeling his whole rod pierce her inside. Her clothes scattered around them, her jeans, blouse,coat, and her blue bra and matching panties laid next to them as she rocked into him while he let her take control and just let out lustful groans, feeling the blonde mild drive herself into him with passion and force as their bodies meshed together in erotic rythm as the couch begin to creak. His hand went to her butt and held it as she started to bounce on him, he loved feeling her mushy tush in his hand, smooth and a mixture of cold and hot with their heating session increasing as she went faster with her bouncing and he was groaning into her heaving chest, his hot pants hitting her cleavage making her nipples hard from sensitivity to his heated pants as she moaned while caressing his back,

 “Ahhh ahhhh ahhhh ohhhh ahhhh ahhh Peter oh my god ahhhh you’re filling me up ahhhh god ahhhh” Helen moaned in happiness as she had a wicked smile on her face and Peter looked at her with a red sweating from, his face was heated up from her breasts being right in his face. He kissed her and she kissed him back and he stood up showing off how much strength he’d gain over the past months as he held her ass in both hands, she tighten her legs around him and locked them in place with her feet, she wrapped her arms tightly around his back as she screamed out feeling his hands pull her up and drop her on his rod…she felt it her tunnel walls struggle to push in his rod since it was reaching too deep, it was hitting her womb, he moaned and groaned feeling his dick hit something wet and smooth in the long tunnel and she tried to rock herself on him but he was proving too strong and she let her body go limp as he kept thrusting upwards and moving her body for their friction to increase, he was about to pass out, he turned and slammed her into the couch, she groaned loudly, it vibrated her throat, he was right on top of her, their chests meshed together, he reached out for her hand…he took off her ring and placed it on the floor, out of sight, Helen looked at him with a red sweaty panting face, he looked at her as he thrusted and her legs hugged his waist…his hand snaked up her arm…she loved the feeling of his smooth hand trailing her sweaty shoulder…her forearm..then his hand interlocked with hers..she gripped his hand…he did as well…his other hand was above them on the couch armrest…

   Right Outside The Garage

  Gwen Stacy was fuming…with anger and…jealousy….she was standing on top of a trash can watching her boyfriend fuck her mother with passion through the high window on the garage…she watched as Peter’s body thrusted into her mother and she saw her legs lock around his back and her arms hugged him tighter to her…she saw them kiss…she was about to hit the glass to announce her prescence when..she decided something else…she left them alone to their session and went ahead inside the Parker home. 

 Inside The Garage 

 Peter was about to explode…so was Helen..they both panting into each other’s faces with open mouths and eyes wide on each other…their bodies sweating…their chests meshed together along with both hands interlocked with each other’s resting above her head and her legs tightly held him close, he went faster and faster into her…her pussy leaking out…her walls sucking him in…holding him,or at least trying to since he pulled himself enough to create the spear feeling she loved to get from him. He was red, panting hard…it was time,

 “Helen..ahh ahhh ahhh Helen…I’m gonna cum Okay ahhhh I can’t hold it ahhhh ahhhh” he said, well pleaded to her and she smiled while letting out her sexy hot pants, 

“It’s okay honey ahhh ahhh ahhh ohhhhh ahhhhh I’m at my limit too ughhh ughhh ughhh let yourself go ahhhhh ahhhh” Helen replied and Peter let out one last hard grunt and he popped inside her, she let her dam burst and the flood came in…well came out of her pussy after coating his cock in her warm juices, he moaned enjoying the feeling of her bodily liquids covering his rod, she sighed with a smile on her face letting Peter finish inside her…their hands never let go of the other. 

  20 Minutes Later 

 Peter laid on the couch, still naked as he watched Helen get dressed after they spent a few minutes cuddling and enjoying each other’s warm bodies..he let out a lustful growl watching her put on her red thong and matching red lace bra, somehow seeing her in clothes made her more desirable at the thought of what’s underneath, once she got ready and gathered her belongings, she knelt down and gave Peter a wet kiss..they savored each other’s taste,

 “So…what was that exactly?…you just walked in and tackled me into the couch” Peter said to her and she winked at him with a smile,

 “You’ll be back in school tomorrow…it’ll be harder to meet up and have…fun, so right now I’m gonna handle all the important errands for today and I’ll text you when George leaves for the night shift and the boys will be fast asleep by then…and I’m sure Gwen will take part.” Helen said with a tone of promise and she giggled seeing Peter grin like a 7 year old boy during christmas morning, he slapped her ass as she turned to leave and she looked back at him one last with a smile,

 “I love you” was all she said as she left him alone in his garage, he sighed and rested for a bit since that session was very intense, he could still feel her ass in his hand, the soft yet firm skin molding in his hand as she bounced on him, Peter sighed happily as he just laid back on the sofa. 

  After a couple of minutes he entered the house, he went into the kitchen and grabbed some Gatorade, he thought his Aunt would be back by now…maybe she was afraid he would…punish her again, then he heard a thump above him, he looked up with a raised eyebrow, then more thumps sounded out…he narrowed his eyes and went upstairs, he huffed as he approached the door and he just opened it…his eyes went wide..and his dick got hard in a millisecond,

 “….aren’t you going to join us Peter?” A naked Gwen Stacy asked Peter as she straddled May Parker who was also naked and looking at Peter excitedly…he walked inside and gently closed the door.

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