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Peter and Natasha arrived back at room and stood outside the door and smiled at one another,

“….thank you for an amazing day…and for…playing along…” Natasha said with a appreciative smile and Peter leaned in to kiss her cheek and Nat closed he eyes and her face had a serene peaceful look on it,

 “You don’t have to thank me…just one question if I may ask?” Peter said gently and Nat nodded slowly and Peter breathed in,

 “You’ve said the name Yelena before in your sleep back in New York whenever I or you’ve stayed over for the night….you mumble her name in the middle of the night….who is she?” Peter asked with slight hesitation and Nat had a expression of fear…fear of saying something wrong and Peter noticed it and assured Nat she didn’t have to answer but she was about to open her mouth to respond when the door opened on the other side,

 “Finally!” Said Felicia to the pair as she stepped out into the hallway interrupting the conversation and moment oblivious to her, Felicia turned to look at Peter,

 “She’s waiting for you.” She said with a smirk and pushed Peter inside and closed the door for him and once Peter was inside he was pounced on by Gwen who was in her shorts and tank top, Peter held her and kissed her back with fever and gripped her butt while she put a hand on his groin and pulled on his hair making his hiss,

 “You’re in for a rough day Peter…” Gwen whispered and pushed him onto the bed and climbed onto him smothering him with kisses while pulling off his shirt then caressing his muscles, Peter sat up and pulled her shirt off and sucked on her bare breasts which made the blonde pull his head deeper into her chest while laughing as she started to dry hump him and Peter laughed too as he licked and sucked on her nipples,

 “Wow Gwen you always taste so sweet…” Peter moaned and he felt Gwen reach down and pull his shorts down to expose his cock and he groaned when she started to pull on it…he moaned and he put her on the bed to lay on her back and started to leave a trail of wet kisses on her face leading down her neck…her chest then her belly and he loved hearing her moan and sigh from the pleasure especially when he lifted her leg and sucked on the skin of her inner thigh just kissing the smooth flesh while caressing her belly…then he pulled her shorts off and he smiled at the cute pink underwear she had on…he licked her leg…her thigh teasing his way to her panties.then he flipped Gwen over from her back to her front and she yelped as she was now on her chest and she gripped the bedsheets when she felt Peter yank her underwear off and spread her buttcheeks not bothering with any foreplay and just went ahead with something he hasn’t done in a while,

 “Ahhhh…..ohhhhhh Peter stop it ahhhhhh! No teasing Peter!!! Ahhhh ahhhhhhh ughhhh'' Gwen moaned out and her hands reached back to try to push Peter off her ass but he kept digging into his morning meal of his girlfriend’s sweet rear and pussy as he licked all over the smooth pussy lips and he used his tongue as a snake to slither around her clit then he used his hands to grip her tits, she groaned in annoyance then yelped when he bit her clit and sucked on it making loud slurping wet sounds which only heightened the heat between her legs, Gwen started to buck her hips into his mouth and he used his mouth as a giant sucker and just kept swallowing up her leaking liquid as she withered on the bed and her hands gripped the pillow above her head while her eyes were shut tight and he mouth was open letting out her groans, hisses,and sighs. 


“Oh my god….oh my god….ahhh ahhhh ahhhh ohhhh Shit Peter!!!! Ohhhh my Lord! Ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh Peter!!!! PETER!!!!” Gwen was being held mid-air….Peter used his web shooters to make a makeshift swing and put Gwen on it….now he just held her tight as they swinged in the room, she held onto him feeling his rod sink deeper into her and she kissed his neck while he played with her ass by gripping the cheeks and fingering her butt hole sometimes…they both panted as their sweat landed on the carpet floor while they were also leaking out in between them and Peter could feel Gwen’s wall tightening around his rod and Peter now rested his head in her breasts and Gwen laughed and panted even more when Peter swung them faster making their friction more frantic and Peter went deeper inside to the point he felt something at the end of her tunnel,

 “OHHHHHHHHHH MY GODDDDD PETER YOU’RE SOOOOO DEEEEP AHHHHH AUGHHHHHHHHH” Gwen shrieked, feeling Peter’s tip touch the entrance of her womb…


Peter was suprised when Gwen had told him to keep going….despite the fact she was exhaused and was now just laying on her chest with Peter holding her ass in the air as he fucked her tighting asshole and Gwen was drooling with low eyes and a dazed expression,

 “Gwen You sure? .ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh you’re drowsy already ughhhhh” Peter groaned feeling her tight walls around him and Gwen just groaned out a yes and moaned feeling Peter’s hand grip her ass and he leaned in closer for a better angle as he stood up, Gwen’s breasts were meshed on the bed and her hands were gripping her hair from the intense feeling of being filled and Peter’s hands kept her tushy even harder leaving handprints on her and he even went faster with his thrusting making the bed even more and their panting intensified too. 


They cuddled together to rest after a few hours, Gwen and Peter just played with their hands together twirling their fingers around each other’s while giving loving smiles to the other as well…Peter pulled her close and kissed her deep and Gwen giggled into his mouth as the bedsheets went up to her neck, 

 “I love you so much.” He whispered to her and she leaned in to kiss him again,

 “I love you too Peter Parker…” she whispered then…she went under the covers and Peter laughed feeling her move down then he felt his cock engulfed in her mouth and she took him whole then she left her mouth there and she just used her gums and tongue to suck on his rod from the inside like if she was sucking on a straw…his dick disappeared in her mouth and he felt his tip being touched by her tongue and so he just put his hand on her ass and even dug a few fingers into her pussy and just swirled them around making Gwen moan in her throat taking in his full length again and again as she bobbed her head under the covers making it obvious what she was doing under there much to Peter’s pleasure and he even saw her ass raise up a for his hand.


They kept going…only they improvised…Peter used his feet and hands to stick the wall…upside down so Gwen was looking right at his dick and he was looking at the upside down view of her still wet pussy as she stood in front of him, Gwen leaned in and  sucked on him with ease at this angle and she stood in as close as she could for Peter to lean his head into her snatch and she squeezed his head in between her pussy juice stained thighs,

 “Wow Peter….you’re really good at this spot ahhhh….Jeez you’re so hungry hahahahahaha…” Gwen said with a giggle as she felt him dig deeper into her and she licked all around his member as she grip it feeling the bulge of semen on the vein as it pulsed in her gripped,

 “Gwen Please…let me cum please!!! Peter begged and Gwen laughed as she tightened her hold on him making the build up increase and Peter hissed and licked her thighs and pussy lips as a plea and Gwen sighed happily as her hand went to grip her own breast and she released her other hand which let loose a stream after stream of warm sperm coating her face…she opened her mouth to catch any as it flew out while Peter groaned out with closed eyes and a happy open smile while Gwen moaned out tasting the semen that landed on her lips and her stuck out tongue…


Now Gwen was resting on the bed fast asleep after several hours of fun which pushed her body to the limit for now as she was letting herself refuel and Peter was next to her just watching TV while stroking Gwen’s back softly, he smiled at her and looked at her beautiful sleeping face…so at peace, so happy just sleeping with Peter, he leaned down and kissed her forehead and Gwen sighed happily and giggled,

 “I love your kisses..” Gwen whispered and Peter grinned at her as he rubbed his nose with hers and she scrunched her face with an adorable smile and he chuckled and gave her a deep kiss and she moaned into his mouth, she gasped when their lips separated,

 “My lower body is still numb…” she said with a pained smile which Peter returned but then Gwen changed it to a sly smile instead,

 “But…I can still…” she said as she wiggled her eyebrows at him and went under the covers, Peter chuckled again seeing the shape of her body move around under the sheets and he sighed and groaned feeling a familiar warmth of skin and wetness engulf his dick again,

 “Ohhhhh Gwen….a tit and blowjob…you are incredible…ahhhhh” Peter just let out his sighs of pleasure feeling Gwen’s warm boobs rub his rod from all sides while the head of his member was being sucked and licked by her lips and tongue. Gwen used her hands to move her breasts on his member and even pushed her melons against each other to squeeze his dick in the middle which only made precum release and Gwen happily licked like a big lollipop, Peter moaned out and put a hand on the spot where Gwen’s ass would be…he grunted when he was unable

To feel her skin he reached under the covers to touch any part of her and he found…her face that was licking his rod and he just caressed her face and hair making the blonde giggle from the touch as she kept moving her boobs and mouth on him bathing his dick with her warm breasts and moist lips and gums…Peter just relaxed on the bed and groaned and sighed as Gwen sucked on him harder and harder while putting pressure on his rod from all sides with her melons that had fully erect nipples,

 “Gwen…ahhhhh Gwen ahhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh Goddd ohhhhhhh shit Gwen!!!” Peter felt the pressure on his rod building more and more…he sighed heavily when Gwen let go of her breasts and took his rod whole in her mouth which only made Peter groaned out,

 “Ughhhhhh ughhhhhhh Gwen I’m gonna ahhhhhh” Peter warned Gwen of his end coming but she moaned in her throat and used her gums to suck on him harder and Peter huffed and sighed from the intense buildup as he felt it engoring his rod,

 “Gwen!!! I’m gonna!…..ughhhhhhh!!!!” Peter couldn’t stop it…he popped right in Gwen’s mouth and she sighed while swallowing up his sperm that he spilled out and she licked all around his shaft since it was still in her gums and so he stained her mouth with his liquid and he could hear her sucking it all up not wasting a single drop and swallowing it all up. Peter sighed with peace feeling his rod calm down for a moment only for Gwen to pull on it again making him gasp and moan making the blonde laugh and grip her own tit,

 “Gwen ughhhhhh ughhhhh I can’t….I can’t….” peter pleaded feeling his dick struggle to come back alive but Gwen leaned in and started to kiss and peck  it all over and even licked his balls,

 “Yes you can, come on sweetie…you can do it…” she whispered and Peter melted under her words and soon the blood went to his lower area and he felt his rod start to take proper shape again, 

 “There we go…” Gwen whispered happily seeing Peter’s dick become fully erect again and even leaked again,

 “Now we can..” she said with a grin as she hovered right over his rod and slowly lowered into him with a long moan and her pussy sucked him up with her wet walls squishing against his rod as Gwen sank into him with a sigh and Peter’s hands went to grip her waist and she automatically started grinding on him moving her hips on him with her breasts waving along with the movements of her hips. Peter growled seeing Gwen’s wide smile and sex crazed eyes as she moved back and forth on him while her hands gripped the headboard to steady herself and she gave a hungry smile to Peter then he panted and gasped feeling her 


Peter growled with a grin watching Gwen put on her blue underwear and bra, she turned her head to give him a smirk,

 “Calm down boy, I’ll be back in a while so in the meantime how about calling home to check in with your Aunt.” Gwen said as she threw Peter's phone on the bed and he grabbed it and scoffed to himself,

 “I actually forgot about this thing…so where are you going anyways?” He asked as he turned on the tv they had left on,

 “Gonna go shopping, then gotta buy some things for the flight back…We’re heading back tonight.” She replied as she finished getting dressed in her cute light blue summer dress with sandals,

 “I guess I shouldn’t leave you alone….who do you want me to send?” Gwen asked with a smile and Peter gave her a bewildered expression,

 “Are you serious?…..I thought this is your day?” Peter asked carefully and Gwen looked to be thinking to herself…she chapped her lips and smirked,

 “Good point…they both had you enough for sex so….jerk off hahahaha.” Gwen said with a laugh and Peter cursed to himself making Gwen laugh more,

 “Sorry bugboy but your fault for pointing it out, I’ll be back soon.” Gwen said as she gave him a soft kiss goodbye and Peter gave her his goofy love look which made her giggle, when Gwen walked out the room Peter sighed and watched TV to calm himself since the constant sexual stimuli he was getting was actually strengthing…that particular muscle…so now Peter was feeling a heat build up already, he grinned to himself since he will do what Gwen said though with certain new material…he texted two people on his phone..


Natasha had decided to head back to her own room since Peter and Gwen were….occupying the shared one at the moment and Felicia had said she was gonna go out to the beach bar for a while so Nat was alone… least she was when she walked in but now,

 “So….you’re not mad about the boat thing right?”’Natasha asked and she was hit with the butt of the pistol that had been pointed right at her forehead,

 “Shut it! You will answer my questions Romanoff!” Silver Sable said to the Shield Agent who spit out some blood from her mouth and she sneered at Sable,

 “Forget it Silvija Sablinova, You know I won’t give you any information on SHIELD so just shoot me now if you want.” Nat said to Silver who chuckled and sat on the bed while still pointing the gun at Natasha,

 “I don’t want information on Shield Natasha…” Silver said softly to the russian, her accent sounding like a soft whisper and she grinned at the redhead,

 “I want to know about the Human Spider, what are his ideals? What are his principles? What are his limits?” She asked Nat who went wide eyed making Silver chuckle again,

 “I know about you and him, I saw you two having sex on this very bed…” she started when a bing sounded out in Nat’s back pocket, Silver cocked the gun,

 “You called someone!?” She asked with a high voice and Nat reassured her she didn’t,

 “No!No! it’s a text…someone texted me….let me just see who it is…” she said and she was surprised when Sable let her grab her phone from behind and Nat scoffed at the text making Sable question her,

 “What is it? What are you smirking at?” She asked and Nat turned her phone to let Sable see thr messages and she rolled her eyes,

 “Seriously….seriously….him….as a lover??” She asked and Nat nodded,

 “If you wanna know about how he is in bed and about his penis…I’m an open book, but everything else is off the table.” Nat said and Sable gave her a deadpan stare,

 “Why don’t I just shoot you now?” She asked with a grin which Romanoff returned,

 “Kill me, Spider-Man will find out and will seek you out….he’s more than just looks, he’s got a magnificent brain and a clever mind.” Nat said with a smile and high eyebrows to show off her assurance in her statement and Sable was actually caught off guard by Natasha’s words,

 “Like I said, he’s different….how about this Sable….let me set up a meeting between you two…if you wanted me dead you would’ve pulled the trigger when I told you…” Nat said and Sable found herself in a predicament, she needed to get him on her side since Fisk is expecting him. 


Felicia had scoffed off a wannabe casanova and was drinking her booze when she got a text from Peter which made her smirk,

 “Well, Well….you want nudes huh…alright then..” Felicia said to herself as she left cash for her tab and went back to the room Nat had told her about, she went into the lobby and was about to enter the elevator when someone pulled her back, she whipped her head round,

 “Huh” was all she said as she saw someone familiar. 


Peter huffed over not getting any replies from either Natasha or Felicia so he chose to text someone else…he grinned when she texted back a clearly bewildered response,

 “No way! I’m with my Family right now!” Jasmine replied when Peter asked for nudes, he egged her on through sweet compliments of her body through texts and though she didn’t reply the phone states she had seen the messages so he sent her a picture of his erect prick with a wink face and one last begging of some photos from her. Peter saw she was typing from her end and so he waited but nothing happened…until he got several photos like a digital flipbook, Jasmine was clearly in a bathroom and she had the camera on herself and each picture had her unbuttoning her blouse revealing her grey bra which made an milf cleavage on the woman’s still sexy breasts…then one photo showed her hand pulling the breast cup down teasing half her bare boob then the next one fully showed her exposed tit with its sweet caramel color and cute little nipple in a chocolate brown areola, Peter chuckled as he pulled his rod seeing more of her breasts with each photo but then she said she had to get back before anyone gets concerned so Peter huffed since it would be off right now with a certain time difference so Peter just went back to watching TV, but then the door opened and he smiled but then he saw who it was…a sexy 20 year old cleaning lady wearing the old school uniform which only showed off her legs, ass, and chest….Peter smirked at her and surprisingly she smiled widely at him, well right after seeing his erect cock.


Gwen entered the room in her dark blue bikini, sandals and her sunhat ready for a few hours outside with her lover,

 “Hey Peter!” She called out not seeing him on the bed so she went out to the balcony to check and nothing, then he came out of the bathroom,

 “Hey babe, sorry I was occupied in there….wow you look…” Peter found it hard to speak properly seeing his Gwen with her hair in a cute ponytail..her body in a tight bikini that showed off her cleavage and her ass was a sight in that blue garment,

 “Ready to go bugboy?” She asked with a smirk and Peter smirked back,

 “Lucky for me Nat got me some swimming shorts so let’s go.” He said grabbing them and pulling a laughing Gwen out the room with her bag in hand.

  2 full minutes went by to ensure they were gone…she stepped out of the bathroom having hid in the tub and she buttoned up her blouse then adjusted her skirt before leaving the room with a slight limp and a smile to herself…she loves fucking tourists who happen to have large assets.

   Late Afternoon 

Peter and Gwen enjoyed each other’s company just playing in the water splashing each other and Peter going under water and pushing Gwen up making her jump in the air a bit which made her laugh like crazy, they just played together like actual lovers on vacation, Peter swam to her and held her close and Gwen wrapped her leg around his under the water,

 “I love you so much..” Peter said to her and she put a hand to his face,

 “I love you too.” She said back and they leaned in for a kiss.


They sat side by side drinking their sodas while cuddling as they sat in the towel laid on the beachfront, Peter had an arm around Gwen and she had a hand on his chest feeling his strong body,

 “If no one was here…” Gwen whispered with an evil tone and Peter just sighed and pinched her butt and she playfully slapped his chest and giggled. 


They watched the pair cuddle and laugh together from the balcony with drinks in their hands,

 “So sappy…” Felicia remarked and Nat chuckled at that,

 “Young Love Hardy, something we never really had now did we..” She said more as a statement which made Lesh sigh heavily,

 “Suppose you're right, guess it’s no wonder we screw around with a kid more than men our own age huh?” She retorted and Nat playfully punched her arm making Felicia laugh as did Nat as they drank while they continued to watch the lovey dovey couple head into the hotel, Felicia took a long sip of her drink,

 “….you really think he’ll go for it?….Going with Sable?” She asked with hesitation and Nat bit her lip and tapped the bottle in her hand with her finger,

 “….I honestly don’t know….If he does…we have to watch over him…if he doesn’t…we need to be ready for retaliation…” she replied and Lesh nodded. 


Peter and Gwen pushed against each other as they kissed, Gwen was pushing Peter towards their room when Peter stopped them and Gwen gave him a raised eyebrow look,

 “Come on.” He whispered and pulled her as she giggled, she was wearing her jean shorts over her bikini bottoms and a tank top, Peter pulled a giggling Gwen deeper into the hallway into other rooms and he stopped at a random one and again Gwen gave him a raised eyebrow only for Peter to smirk and he pulled out a room key and put it on the sensor which unlocked it, Gwen laughed as Peter pulled her into the room which had clothing set out on the single bed and luggage put aside clearly the belongings of a couple on vacation like the pair holding each other close. Gwen giggled as she looked around the room and she noticed the pink luggage back,

 “Peter what the hell did you do?” She asked with a smirk and Peter chuckled as he removed his shirt,

 “Swiped a card from the bag of a random chick so…wanna?” He asked and Gwen chuckled as she opened up the pink bag to browse around and she pulled out some rather interesting items,

 “Wow…”Said Gwen as she pulled out a sexy garment and she winked to Peter who clearly had a hard on in his swimming trunks and Gwen wanted to see it and feel it inside her, she smiled at her lover as she stripped herself of her clothes and giggled as she saw Peter whip out his cock and start jerking off to her figure, a minute later Gwen had put on the nightgown and felt up her own body in front of Peter and she climbed onto the bed and wiggled her ass at him and Peter just huffed and spit on his cock to lube it up. 


Gwen panted and groaned as she was moved around and shaked as Peter went like a animal into her and he even left her in the sexy blue lingerie nightgown she had taken from the bag, her tits shaked in the tight garment so Peter put a hand and gripped one tightly while his other hand went to her bare thigh to paw at it and Gwen shrieked and moaned feeling Peter push himself deeper and deeper as he moved her from the wall to the floor of the room and pounced on her to keep his rapid thrusts going and she just kept moaning and sweating feeling the intense pressure on her asshole now while her pussy was leaking from the harsh treatment earlier,

 “Peter please….hurry up before they..” Gwen groaned out her sentence when Peter leaned in and bit her shoulder but then the door opened and Peter stopped dead while Gwen gasped and hugged Peter as they looked at the couple who looked at the teenage couple fucking on their bed….


 “Wow!Wow!Wow! Ahhhhhh ohhhh my goddd Wow!!!” The woman happily let out her moans as Peter was behind her gripping her cute apple butt while thrusting at a steady pace to not hurt the brunnete who was a cute woman and she had a good pair of tits which waved around with each push into her body, she looked at her husband and laughed in his dave while he growled at her with a sinister smile…..and Gwen just have a WTF face as she sat at the corner,

 “So I have to ask again….this is really your thing as a married couple?” Gwen asked aloud and the wife was too busy enjoying a youthful cock and a eager hand on her waving breast while the other gripped her butt cheek so the husband spoke the answer,

 “Yeah…I watch her cheat on me then as soon as you and your boyfriend leave….” He said with a hungry smile as he watched his wife get plowed by a kid and she was clearly loving the youthful dick, Gwen just nodded and watched Peter doggystyle the woman as she mewled out her sounds of pleasure as her butt was gripped and spanked. 


“Well that was something..” Gwen said with a smile as she and Peter walked down the beach holding hands, Peter laughed and swung their hands in a playful manner which only increased the size of Gwen’s smile as she looked out to the sea with her lover in tow,

 “I wish we could stay.” She said more to herself but Peter pulled her close and wrapped an arm around her and she did the same, 

“I promise we’ll have a Hawaii vacation after graduation…just you and me..” he whispered and Gwen had a full happy smile on her face hearing the promise,

 “My mom is invited….she deserves a break too.” Gwen said, surprising Peter as he had a few ideas on what to do during that vacation..


Now they were eating and drinking together in a popular restaurant known for its desserts,

 “Wow you gotta try this babe.” Peter said passing some of his food to Gwen and she tried it herself,

 “Hmmm….wow! Not bad, good creamy flavor with a little kick in it.” She replied with a lick of her lips to get any extra left there and Peter just looked at her full of love, it took Gwen a full 3 minutes to realize the lovesick look Peter was giving her and she blushed,

 “What are you looking at Parker?” She asked in her cute raspy Emma Stone voice that drove Peter’s heart into overdrive,

 “Just….can’t believe we’re here…”he said with a small smile then it faltered a bit,

 “But I wonder what’s been happening in New York? I never did check in back home…” he said with a wince smile and Gwen rolled her eyes with her own smile,

 “Well I’ll just tell you….escalation between Fisk and Hammerhead, Jessica Jones is handling cases between my dad and Jefferson’s wife Rio Morales who is still looking for him, and my dad is reinvestigating the affair between you and my mom..” Gwen said paraphrasing the series of events she had been told by her mother who had been basically interrogated by George after visiting the boys back home over why she went to a motel in Queens after dropping off the Parker boy and Helen kept her story the same: she went to meet up with a female friend for drinks and she slept it off in a motel than drive drunk, however George Stacy being a longtime officer of the law knew a false story when he heard one so that only propelled his drive which was obvious to Helen,

 “Alright so we do have a lot to handle back home…” he said more to himself and now he was very quiet and clearly deep in his head and Gwen just gave a warm smile to him and tapped his hand snapping him out of his self trance,

 “If you want….we can go back right now, we just call up Nat and Lesh and we head back to New York..” she said with an understanding tone and a heartwarming smile…Peter had a moment of internal struggle….a dozen sceneries played in his head….he chose the one that would give him the least amount of guilt,

 “Tell me what to do…” he whispered with what seemed to be desperate eyes,

 “I want to make you happy….just tell me what to do Gwendy…” he whispered and Gwen came close to him and kissed his cheek then his ear,

 “You know what’ll make me happy…seeing you be who you really are Peter Parker..” she whispered in a hot voice and Peter melted under her words….he made a choice. 


“Seriously?” Asked a stunned Felicia Hardy who had just finished collecting her things and Gwen nodded to her with a smile as she grabbed her things as well,

 “She’s letting Peter be himself, so we’re heading back to New York to see what kind of trouble he can get into…” interjected Natasha who had a smile of her own and Peter scoffed a chuckle as he stood by the door ready to go,

 “It’s not like I go looking for trouble..” he retorted to the trio and they all laughed,

 “Babe you literally go out in a costume and fight crime.” Gwen replied which made Peter stick his tongue out at her like a 5 year old and she did the same with a smile,

 “Alright you two knock it off, time to go. We’ll just head to the airport and I’ll lead the way.” Said Natasha as she led the group out. 


“Okay so this is where to go?” She asked the woman and she nodded before she drove off so now she was left alone and she just went to the area she was told to and she opened the envelope she was given earlier by the connection her friend had set up, it had a ticket and a false passport…she gulped knowing the ramifications if this went wrong so she just went with it being she had to get back to New York. She sighed heavily and she went ahead to the designated terminal at a fast pace…too fast that she bumped into a tourist,

 “Oh I’m sorry.” She said to her,

 “No it’s okay….wait…. Detective Knight?” Asked Gwen Stacy to Detective Misty Knight whose eyes went wide upon seeing the teen but then she just walked away from Gwen as if to pretend the recognize unfazed her so Gwen just looked at the woman and could swear it was Detective Knight who had worked in her father’s precinct as a beat cop before ranking up and moving over to Harlem….Gwen just shrugged to herself and went to catch up with the others.

Natasha really had gotten them their own plane, once they had arrived at the airport she took them to a specific terminal and showed her “I.D” to the guard and she pointed in a direction which is where Nat led them through a series of hallways where they ended up outside where a Shield jet plane was waiting for them, 

 “Wow….now that’s first class.” Felicia said even before entering the plane, 

 “Not bad…so there’s a bathroom in this thing right?” Peter asked Nat and all the women looked at him with deadpan expressions and he winced with a smile,

 “Ruined the moment huh…” he said and they all nodded. 


The inside of the plane was actually quite ordinary, it’s interior was made to appear as a first class business type plan with desks, laptops and even TV’s around with a wine cabinet to boot, Felicia had taken advantage of it and took a bottle but Nat gave her a stare,

 “Come on Nat…” she said in a cutesy whiny voice to Romanoff who smirked and grabbed the bottle from to put it back…only to grab another one from the back,

 “This one really hits the spot.” Natasha commented and both Lesh and Gwen laughed and prepped their glasses while Peter watched with amusement….he wanted Gwen to have a bit more fun before he drags her back to the chaos of New York,

 “Hey can I have one?” He asked and Nat shook her head,

 “Not now, we gotta plan our strategy for when we get in the city.” She said and Peter sighed and sank into the comfy chair. Gwen, Felicia, and Nat clinked their glasses and drank their wine,both Gwen and Felicia took in the wine

 “Wow..that’s stron….” Gwen spoke in a dazed voice only to fall over onto the carpet floor and Felicia looked at Nat who let out her wine back into her glass from her mouth,

 “Really?! I wanted to be here for the…..” She whined and fell over to, Peter just sighed,

 “Nat you don’t have to drug them for us to….” Peter stopped speaking when he felt a tingle in his spine, he whipped his head and his eyes went wide and then he looked at Nat,

 “You set me up!” He said in a surprised and Nat quickly went to calm him,

 “No!No! That isn’t what this is….just hear her out….we have a common interest here…”Natasha pleaded to Peter and he just looked at Silver Sable who stood there with a smirk,

 “Might as well talk….I’ve already seen your penis.” She said with a wink and Peter just gulped. 

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