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Peter and Gwen made their way to her home, they entered and Helen Stacy was surprised to see Peter had returned with Gwen at nearly 1 AM. Helen had waited up for Gwen to return, wearing an elegant bathrobe over her silk nightgown, she was about to rant to her daughter about the time when she brushed her off and began to pull Peter by hand towards her room. 

“Where do you think you’re going with Peter?” Helen asked with raised eyebrows, Gwen scoffed at her mom 

“What you two did in dad’s classroom” she retorted with a knowing smirk that only caused Helen to freeze and her eyes went wide while her cheeks blushed. Gwen’s bedroom door closed with them on the other side, Helen approached and placed an ear on the door and heard nothing but silence...until a moan was heard, then another followed by a groan. Helen slowly opened her daughter’s door, she could see Gwen withering in her bed where a large moving thing was at her waist under her bed covers. Peter was enjoying eating Gwen out while hidden in her room, he slurped his tongue in her walls, inserted a finger to stretch it out and was caressing her creamy thighs as she bucked her hips into his mouth with gasps and moans escaping her mouth and she could her the slurping and sucking from where she was. 

 “Either get in or close the damn door” Gwen breathed as she shuddered at her boyfriend’s actions on her clit, she heard timid footsteps and then her door closed, she smiled with her eyes closed and could feel her mom’s presence in her room, she held out her hand, and when she felt her mom take it she dragged Helen right next to her much to Helen’s surprise as Gwen started to caress her body like her shoulders, neck and waist. Helen was trying to push Gwen off when suddenly, a strong hand grabbed her leg from under the covers, and pulled it down making Helen lay next to Gwen on her bed. 

 Peter now was trying to pin Helen as she fought back, luckily the boys are heavy sleepers, and Gwen was now helping Peter by pinning her mother while Peter pulled on her legs making Helen’s waist go under the covers, her bathrobe had been removed during the struggle leaving her in the sexy nightgown, Helen began to whimper when she felt Peter’s hands begin to go up her legs, to her thighs, then..

 “Stop! Both of you, George could…” Helen started to say 

 “So stop moving then” Gwen barked at her mother and Peter was now gripping Helen’s panties by the band, the blonde milf gasped when she felt Peter practically rip them off her and gripped her thighs roughly, then he opened his mouth and slurped, 

 “Ohhh...ahhhh..ohh” Helen moaned and gasped as she lay still, except her hips that we’re now moving on instinct to the invading lips on her now moist slit. Gwen just laid next to her mother,watching her face scrunch and gasp as her boyfriend was eating her out and she was happy her mom was getting the male attention she had been craving for. Gwen’s hand to her own clit and she inserted a finger and moaned quietly. She watched her mom make a big gap in her mouth as she gripped Gwen’s arm very hard and …

“Ahhhh..ohhhh” she breathed in and out slowly calming her from her organsm, Gwen could hear Peter slurp and suck her mother’s cum as she chuckled at her mother which earned a stare from Helen, Peter popped out of the covers with a wide smile and settled between the two blondes and Helen began to snuggle to him and kiss his neck and cheeks while a hand went to reach for his cock when Gwen pushed her off him 

“Mom get out, you got a taste now I get the whole meal” She had told her and now Gwen pulled the covers off herself and went to her hands and knees, knelt down with her waist and ass high in the air, she shook it slightly and Peter went behind her and aligned his member to her slit, Helen just watched with lustful eyes as her daughter was about to get fucked right in front of her, or so she thought

“Mom seriously, get out now!” Gwen barked at her mother as Peter began to push himself inside her as she moaned into her bed muffling the sound, Helen sadly left the bedroom and only heard her daughters groans and moans through the door as all she could do is imagine the fucking Peter was giving her daughter. 

  Helen stirred in her sleep, since her room was next to Gwen’s she could hear the bangs and screeches from the bed as they romped together, then she heard a final groan and moan she knew they had finished and she heard someone walk out of Gwen’s room and then her door opened, Gwen was naked...cum leaking out her pussy..her hair a mess and hickies on her breasts, she gave Helen a devil’s smile as she made her way to her and sat on the bed 

 “If you want Peter as a chew toy, its okay with me...but he’s mine and remember...once you start this for real you have to keep it secret” She said simply and left without another word as Helen had a stunned face watching her leave 

“I don’t plan on going easy on him” Helen said with a lustful sinister tone and Gwen looked back with a smirk 

“Try and beat what I’ve done with him, upper east side prude” she said and closed the door. Helen simply scoffed and went to bed. 

 The next morning she woke up feeling a hard lump rubbing on her ass and she smiled and gave a low chuckle 

“George is this how you ask for a morning snuggle” Helen asked with a seductive tone with closed eyes. The rub was soft yet rough in terms of him pushing his groin, and dent, deep into her ass that was covered by her nightgown, she moaned at this movement and couldn’t help the growing moistness and heat emitting from her pussy, she noticed though that George was being more poignant about what he wanted, especially when he started to kiss and nip at her neck, he hasn’t done that in years and it's something Helen had missed during those little intimate moments between them and now he was gropping her body 

 “George...we have some time before the kids get up” Helen said with a tone of urgency and lust as she began to rub her legs together as his hands went to her breast while the other went to her back and went lower..

“Gwen took them out for a morning meal at the restaurant, we have plenty of time” he whispered and Helen’s eyes went wide at the sound of the voice, she turned her head to look at him and that’s when he latched his lips onto hers in furious passion and groped her breast hard and slapped her bare thigh under the covers. Helen tried to shake out of his grip but he continued to hold her down and kiss her mouth then moved to her cheeks, neck and collarbone, loving the taste of her Porcelain cream skin that would make any teenage boy look at the bombshell milf and Helen started to moan at his kisses to her neck 

“Peter Parker you creep, you hop into a married woman’s bed while she sleeps and now you’re trying to…ohhh..ahh” she moaned as she felt a hand travel to her inner thigh. Peter laid his lips on hers and now they’re kissing and caressing each other, Helen felt his abs and muscles. And she felt his erection hard and tall touching her waist and she was creaming in between her legs just thinking about it plunging in her tunnel. She sighed as he moved his lips to her cleavage when he pulled away and Helen frowned at him

 “ call your husband, ask him where he is and how long until he gets home...cuz I really wanna fuck you now” Peter breathed as he crumbled his fists, full of hormonal rage and lust as he looked at Helen while she dialed on the phone, she held it to her ear 

“George. Hey honey, yeah don’t worry the kids are with Gwen eating out...uh yea that’s great” Peter motioned to Helen to speed it up as she was wasting time with the bullshit details and helen nodded while staring at his dent in his sweatpants 

“Listen honey, where are you?... oh you’re at City Hall...til the afternoon, no its ok dear I’ll be fine” and with that she hanged up and flung the phone aside, as Peter began to undress himself, Helen stopped him making Peter growl which made her smile at him 

“We have plenty of about a proper morning breakfast first” she said as she climbed out of bed and grabbed her white robe and wrapped the soft cotton material around her frame, 

“Come on, I’ll cook you a meal, then we can enjoy what we have to offer each other” she said and held a hand to him, he took and she led him to the kitchen while adding a sway to her hips as she walked in front of him and Peter was focused on her ass cladded in the white material. Helen did cook a great meal for Peter, pancakes with eggs and sausage that fueled him up for the day, and the best part was that she was sitting on his lap as she ate her own plate, he held her waist with one hand while the other was picking the sausage links with a fork while one hands of hers was caressing his knee which only made the dent she feeling on her bottom harden. They finished their meals and he helped her wash the dishes while they shared smiles and light laughs at each other. 

 “I’ve been thinking it over...and I decided I want you to fulfill some kinks and fantasies of mine” Helen said as she continued to wash the dishes while Peter looked at her while drying the dishes with a rag, she turned off the faucet and faced him 

“I want you to...take force, as in whenever you see me and feel up to it, just grab me and drag me and fuck me, even if we’re outside, or in someone’s house, even in a car I don’t care just take me and make me yours..” Helen breathed in and out after spilling her guts out as Peter only looked at her with shock and lust at the same time. He then grabbed Helen and lifted her to the kitchen counter behind them and he started to kiss her...only for her to kick him back, she got off the counter and panted as Peter looked at her with fury 

“Not now...I’ll be expecting it” she said as she gave Peter a wink and walked away from him...until he grabbed hold of her and was practically dragging her to the front door, she started to kick and hit him and he just covered her mouth and dragged her out of the apartment, he dragged her up the stairwell until they reached the roof, the same roof where he and Gwen had their first kiss when he was invited to dinner, he threw Helen against the rail with her stomach landing on it and she gasped at him and he just ripped her bathrobe off her, revealing the sexy lingerie nightgown, Helen was panting as she stared at him, then he unzipped his jeans and Helen just fumed at him 

“You think you can really do it? Make another man’s wife yours like property” she teased as she began to grope her own body, grabbing her own tits, hands went to her thighs as she teased him some more by lifting her grown enough on one side to give a glimpse of her white thong,only to drop the gown back down her leg and wink at Peter with a mocking laugh, this made him furious as he ran to Helen which only made her run around the roof away from him, barefoot and bathrobe tossed aside, a horny teenager was chasing a blonde fine ass milf. She’s laughing at him while he growled as he chased her around in circles, until he caught her by lifting her up as she tried to wiggle out of his grip, he gently let her down to her surprise 

“What are you doing? This was getting fun” she asked with a tone of annoyance at their game being stopped 

“It’s cliche to fuck you at your own home and you already know I’m gonna do you, I’ll get you when you least expect it okay” and with that he kissed her and left her alone on the roof as he went back down. Helen only huffed and slapped a hand to her thigh ‘well that was a waste of time’ she thought to herself as she walked back downstairs. She made it back to the apartment and simply went back to remedial chores while Gwen and the boys were still out, she decided laundry would be a good start. However, she noticed the bin had been ransacked, along with the dresser in the bedroom, she was confused and saw noticed something humorous and hot.Some of her panties were taken, and there was a note in the bin 

 “You get one panty back each time we fuck….and I took 9 of them” the note read and Helen shuddered and could feel the heat in between her legs start to rise, she cleaned up the mess he made and went to the closest to place her clothing back, she opened the slide door and next thing she knew she was pulled in and the closest door shut and she was in the small dark space, being kissed hard, gropped and pushed to the wall. She fought back only for him to grab a wrist and she heard a click and her hand was handcuffed to the metal bar for the hangers, her other hand waved around while her feet kicked in the air since the pole was high up meaning she was hanging in midair. Her legs were grabbed and the robe was discarded...then she felt a hand on the collar of the gown and...he pulled hard and ripped it straight down, revealing her bare breasts and he went in and started to bite and pull her nipple. 

 Helen screamed...her legs kicked widly but he grabbed them and put them around his waist while she finally succumbed to him and was reaching inside his jeans fishing for another long pole and once she felt the stiff rod she started to tug on it making Peter groan at Helen’s action as he went to bite at her neck 

“No Marks!! George will See'' Helen pleaded and Peter went back to her breasts as he pulled on her nips with his hands making her groan and scream again as he pulled harder while she tugged on his rod harder, feeling the precum leak she tried to rhb herself on him and used her hands to grip the bar and try to get some friction despite him not being inside her yet. Peter laughed at her wanting this and instead he pulled on the cuff and it broke off, Helen landed on her feet and Peter pulled the closest door open and pushed her out, she ended up on the floor on her chest and he pounced in her, put a ball of rolled up socks in her mouth, and grabbed both hands and handcuffed them to her back, then he added one final measure...he used a pair of pantyhose to tie her feet together.Now he’s dry humping her ass very fast and roughly while grunting, Helen was moved up and down as he rubbed his dent on her ass which only made her furious that he won’t penetrate her...she wiggled and tried to get his dent to somehow get inside her. Peter gave one last grunt and quickly lowered his pants and he cam on Helen’s bare ass, his cum streaking across her butt cheeks and Helen sighed, feeling the warm liquid hit her bum, Peter leaned down and planted wet kisses on her neck as she giggled softly as he kissed her skin, he took the sock gag from her mouth, got up and walked away

“Hey!” Helen shouted at him, but he left the room for a moment and bright something that made Helen gasp….a polaroid camera. Peter started to snap pictures of her bound and heaving with her cum stained ass, Helen laughed in the pictures and gave a wink. Peter let her loose as she stretched her legs and arms

“Didn’t see that coming….can’t wait to see what you do next time” she said with flirty eyes at Peter and he pulled her to him and kissed her, she returned his kiss. 

  11:30 PM 

   The day went as average as it was late and Helen and George were doing their nightly routines...until he was called to a bank robbery and left in a hurry. Helen drank her usual cup of orange juice before bed but she felt strange...light headed and…..

  Helen woke up the next morning...she was under the covers in her bed..she blinked several times from having a deep sleep, she moved to get and…

“Ohh” she felt some soreness from...her pussy?? She fet around her thighs and her clit and 

“Ahh” she hissed as she felt how sore and used her lower body felt and her eyes widened like full circles. She looked at her clock and it was 6:55 AM, still early morning with the sun barely reaching the tall buildings in the city. She moved and got up, wincing at her sore groin and legs as she stepped to the bathroom, she looked over herself and saw no fresh marks or hickies..she just felt sore down there which made her blush of all things. 

  Her curiosity got the better of her and she went to her daughter’s room to question her and her door was locked, Helen knew why it would be since her daughter had never ever locked her door before.she put her ear to the door and sure enough she heard some moans, lucky for them the boys are like their father and sleep through anything..Helen went to the bedroom and got the master key and opened her daughter’s door, she saw no one on the bed and wondered where are...she looked ahead and saw them… 

“Ohh...ohh..ahhh..ahh..ahhh” the moaning continued

  Gwen held onto the rail as she was moaning and groaning with cold sweat on her as the wind hit her body while her ass was being pushed and pulled by the strong superhero behind her who was grunting as he pushed into her with his hands firmly on her waist to pull her back as he pushed her with his passionate force..

  “Ahh..ohh..ahh...ohhh Peter you’re gonna break me out here..ohhh” Gwen said between loud moans and grunts 

“Shhhh….Jesus Gwendy someone..ha.ha..ha ha ha...someone will see us and call the cops” Peter said between his own grunts and pants as he kept pushing his rod while Gwen’s walls sucked him all around making him sweat and drip on her nice sexy back as he looked at his hips making her ass jiggle. They had been fucking on her fire escape for almost an hour now...she called him over after her dad left on call, it was something they could handle so Peter took the night off and met up with Gwen. They watched a movie with snacks, did some studying together on his new perks from a certain spider, and it ended in them sleeping and cuddling on her bed the rest of the night...until Peter felt something nice and moist on his rod and sure enough when he opened his eyes Gwen was sucking him off, they eventually ended up outside on her fire escape with her standing and facing the city while he plunged into her from behind as they moved in frantic with moans and groans mixing with the New York sounds. Peter grunted as he went faster making her tits swing like crazy and he heard her grip in the metal rail tighten as she groaned loudly at his pisolimg into her tunnel. 

   Helen looked on at Peter’s naked form pushing into what she knew was her little Gwen...she lokced the door again and went to her daughter’s chair to watch..she heard them moan loudly one last time and 

“Ohhh Peter ahhh” Gwen screamed as she cam 

 “Gwen shut the fu...ohhh fuckkkk” Peter let out a loud grunt as he released himself into her. They hurried inside to avoid being seen while laughing and saw they had an audience to their morning love session. 

 “Hey mom why didn’t you come out..we could’ve tagged team him” Gwen said as she went to the bathroom to clean herself up while Peter went over to Helen and gave her a kiss, a kiss she returned with a smile. 

  “Why the fuck does my pussy hurt?” She asked him point blank and Peter chuckled making her raise her eyebrows at him, Gwen came out of the bathroom only wearing her blue panties and asked what was funny to which Peter told her what Helen had asked 

“Oh you really wanna know?” Gwen asked with mocking eyebrows which only made Helen more nervous as her own eyebrows shot way up and she stood up and went face to face with her own daughter 

 “What the fuck happened to me last night Gwen?” she sneered at her, and was caught off guard by a set of sweet strawberry lips on hers as Gwen started kissing her own mom...she moved closer to Helen and even grabbed her ass to which made Helen push her off making her hit the wall 

“What the hell is the matter with you I Am Your Mother!” She yelled at the teen blonde and Gwen only responded by laughing in mockery making Helen more confused and furious 

“Mom….I Fucked You” Gwen said in an almost whisper and Peter watched from the bed with a chuckle at the blonde milf’s expression. 

“Y...You...You what??” Helen asked with wide eyes and Gwen went to the family video camera, the one used to film the family birthday parties, Christmas parties and school graduations. Gwen passed the video camera to her mom 

“Press play...If you really want in on our little love affair” Gwen said as she went to her loving boyfriend and sat on his lap and started kissing him. Helen hesitantly pressed the play button.

   Video Playback 

   Peter had the camera in his hands, he was off screen and he was recording the Stacy apartment..and some moans could be heard in the distance, Peter walked to the bedroom and slowly opened the door…

Helen passed out, face down and her body was rapidly pushed up and down as the thrusts continued from behind her...she was groaning as she pushed her hips into her, she had no idea how much work and pressure it is for this tool as she started to sweat on her whole naked pounding body…

Gwen was fucking her mom with a strap on...the bed creaked and bounced at her force and Peter had the camera on Gwen’s sweaty gaping face as she gritted her teeth with grunts coming out and then he focused on Helen’s ass jiggling as the dildo went inside her walls and her limp body shook on the bed, He went to Helen’s passed out face...and she was actually letting out very very low moans as she was being pounded. Gwen went faster...even though her mom is knocked out, her body will still have a release from the friction so she went all out as she let out groans and moans as she looked right at the camera and swirled her tongue around her mouth as she thrusted into her mother..then they heard squishes and wet sounds...Gwen looked at the camera and smiled and pulled out to which Peter focused the camera on Helen’s slit...she cam…she was leaking out and Gwen took the camera and held it to show Peter in between her legs as he slurped up her cum in his mouth and lips while inserting a tongue as his hands groped her ass. Peter got up when he finished and wiped his mouth before kissing Gwen off camera…

Video ends 

  Helen only had wide eyes and a blank expression...she had no idea how to react to what she just saw. She looked over and Peter and Gwen were making out on her bed...Helen walked up and grabbed her daughter by her hair roughly and pulled her off Peter as Gwen shrieked from the pull 

“Aghh what the hell mom?!” She asked with gritted teeth only to be thrown out of her own room and then the door locked as Gwen stood in the hallway, only in her panties, twisting the knob and pounding the door with her fist 

“Hey!!!Mom open the fucking door!!!Mom!!!He’s mine!!!He’s mine!!!!” She yelled through the door...then she heard a loud groan...a male groan...Gwen immediately went to her mom’s dresser and grabbed a pair of her sweatpants and a sweater,she got dressed, put on some sneakers and made her way to the roof. She went to the fire escape and started to go down the slim stairs with a furious expression on her face. 

  3 Minutes Ago

  Helen pinned Peter on Gwen’s bed, She was heaving as her busty chest went up and down and her strong sexy thighs pinned his legs down

“I changed my mind….I’m the one who’s gonna take you...whenever I want...I don’t care that my daughter’s dating’ll love me more than her..with my body and vigana.” She said in a lustful whisper as she reached between them and….His cock went into a very..very tight tunnel….

“Ohhhh!!!OHHHH SHIT” Peter shrieked as he felt a tight force around his member.

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