Parker and Stacy(s)

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The door was opened and the pair walked in and greeted the other two who were watching tv while relaxing on their beds, Gwen got up and kissed Peter while Lesh went over to Nat’s side and took the bottle of booze passed to her by the redhead,

 “So you two had fun?” Gwen asked after she pulled away from Peter’s lips,

 “Yep…it was fun, so what did you two do while we were gone?” He asked her and she and Nat shared a look with each other,

 “We had a fight…about our differences…and you.” Gwen replied and now Peter raised both eyebrows at that, he asked her to explain but Nat got up grabbed her bag and his hand,

 “We’ll talk about that later…right now I get you for today.” Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) said as she pulled him away and they went out the door and Peter heard Gwen laugh and say “Have Fun” as they walked out, Nat was dressed in jean shorts and a dark green T-shirt both showing off her sexy figure in vacation attire and she had her red hair in a cute braid,

 “So…where are we going?” Peter asked her and she continued to lead him by hand and he watched her ass swing with her hips as she stepped,

 “I have you for one whole day to myself….any fantasies you have in mind Mr.Parker?” Nat asked with a smile in her voice and Peter had a million thoughts in his mind and he licked his lips then they entered the elevator and Natasha pushed the button for the ground floor….then Peter had a thought,

 “Any Shield bases in this city?” He asked and Nat smiled at him.


Peter had a odd look on his face as he followed Nat to the bottom floor of the bank,

 “So…where are we going?” He asked and She didn’t reply just motioned a hand to follow her through a door and there was an elevator behind it, they went in and Peter grinned when he saw Nat push a combination of numbers on the pad before the elevator went several floors below the surface, a secret entrance hidden in a bank shouldn’t suprise Peter at this point since Nat’s told him stories of her work to him after sex when they just cuddle,

 “So what do you think?” Nat asked as the doors opened revealing a bunker with files, computers, and monitors. Peter browsed around at the small area and he had a question,

 “Is this a type of safehouse? Seems small to be a base and looks like it can house 2 people.” Peter said and Nat nodded to him and she went to power up the monitor and computer,

 “So why did you want to come?” She asked him and he went ahead to the keypad and started searching for what he was looking for with Natasha beside him furrowing her eyebrows as she watched him type and search…then her eyes went wide,

“What are you doing?” She asked wanting to know how he heard of her by now, Peter focused on the research as he replied,

 “I need to know who this woman is and why she’s involved in the little turf war and what exactly she’s up to, I saw a symbol on ber jacket sleeve so I’m hoping there’s a match in the database or the files” He said as he used whatever details he can remember to search in the computer for the silver haired woman and Nat was biting her lip…..she knew it would be better coming from her but she didn’t want to explain it right now being that they had taken care of Sable for a few more days at least. She had an idea for a distraction, she knelt down and started to peck and nibble his neck making him chuckle but he shrugged her off,

 “Nice try Nat, I know it’s a test to see if I can focus.” Peter said with confidence that only made Nat roll her eyes and consider another idea when she saw he was reading about mercenary contractors located around the globe,

 “It’s not a test Parker and besides….You have to do what I say isn’t that correct.” Nat whispered in his ear with ego in her voice and Peter gulped and turned his head to face her,

 “Okay….what do you want me to do?” He asked and she smiled and pecked his lips,

 “Follow me.” She whispered and she walked to the cot at the end of the room…while undressing leaving herself in her red bra and panties that hugged her figure tightly making her asscheeks puff out and her breasts had a alluring cleavage thanks to the pressure the bra was putting on them, Peter licked his lips with lustful hunger already filling his body….it’s incredible how he can go for hours on end… Peter watched as Natasha’s ass swinged as she stepped to the cot and she then laid on it and made a very seductive pose like if she were in a magazine, she smiled at him while resting a hand on her thigh and she tapped the spot next to her with her other hand, Peter got up and removed his shirt, then he unbuttoned and removed his jeans, then his socks and boxers came off…

    One Quickie Later 

Peter collapsed on top of Nat with a laugh as he finished cuming in her tunnel and Nat let out a giggle since Peter had made her cum first so she let him work into her for his own release which he was clearly happy about since he was looking down at her with a smile and low sleepy eyes, he leaned down and captured her lips and she moaned contentful into his lips…she’s glad she chose this as a distraction from his research, now they were just cuddling while kissing and Natasha ran a hand gently down his back while her other hand caressed his hair and Peter’s hands felt up her body slowly and smoothly. 


“Wow! you gotta taste this Nat.” Peter said as he held up his fork with food to Natasha who smiled at him and opened her mouth to eat the food he offered and she grinned as she tasted the flavors mixed together with the spices,

 “Wow! That is good! Now you take a sip of this.” She said as she held her glass of booze to him and he smirked at her and he took the glass from her and took a big sip making the redhead chuckle as she watched him wince from the hard liquor punching his throat,

 “Okay Jeez! That’s strong…” he said after his throat calmed from the booze and Natasha let out a giggle as she drank the glass with no problem,

 “So Ms.Rushman…how is this gonna look at school? A student and teacher missing days together and arriving on the same day again…kinda fishy.” He spoke as he continued to eat and Natasha rubbed her foot against his under the table,

 “Don’t worry about that…just stick to the alibi your Aunt gave them and I’ll handle my end should they ask certain questions regarding my absences. Anyway, you never told me your fantasies, care to tell me now?” She asked as she ate her food as well and Peter swallowed his food nervously and rubbed his chin,

 “Well…umm….I used to, like every other kid at school, think about you in erotic situations you know. So some of them would be umm….fucking you during P.E when you’re wearing sweatpants and that baggy hoddie, or when you’re wearing a black skirt and white button top with black heels, also just fucking you while you talk dirty to me…plus a few others.” Peter replied with a shy smile and Nat chuckled softly at him as she took another sip of her drink. 


Since Gwen and Felicia were still in the hotel room, Nat used some funds from the safehouse to pay for a suite that was a large room with a Flat screen, a Jacuzzi, along with a bar area,

 “Are you enjoying this?” Peter asked Nat who was relaxing in the lounge chair in her all black bikini that made her look like a Victoria’s Secret model,

 “Yes I am, It’s been awhile since I had an actual day off, so you just want to watch me sunbathe?” She asked as she lowered her sunglasses to expose her eyes to him with a smile and Peter nodded at her,

 “Yeah…I just wanna watch…and um…well you’ll see. But isn’t there anything you wanna do? It is your day after all?” He asked her and she winked at him before putting her glasses back up,

 “I’ll tell you later what I have in store for you, for now just enjoy your show.” Natasha said as she leaned up and untied her bikini top and tossed it aside to expose her bare chest and Peter chuckled as he just stared at her breasts and pink nipples. 


Peter kept his eyes closed as he held Natasha close to him as she wrapped her legs around his waist underwater as they were grinding on each other while soaking in the jacuzzi that was steaming with bubbles and heat while they moaned and groaned. Natasha was moving her hips into Peter while caressing his back and strong arms while he was kissing and licking her neck and breasts making a happy smile appear on the russian’s face and Peter had his hands on her back feeling the smooth,muscular, yet porcelain skin as his fingers lightly scratched her which she didn’t mind,

 “Ohhh ohhhhh ohhh Yeah ohhhhh Yeah Baby!!!!” Natasha started to yell out in a California Valley Girl voice while smiling widely at Peter as she sped up her grinding making him gasp and grip her waist to hold her as she moved her hips and he tried to push up into her to match her speed though with him supporting her as she was basically sitting on his folded legs he couldn’t do much but hold on while Natasha set the pace, and right now she was fulfilling a request of his,

 “Ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhhhhhh” Natasha’s voice was pinched higher for her role as a valley girl which only reminded Peter of how Gwen would squeak whenever she was bouncing on him so the blood in his body went to where the action is,

 “Ahhh ahhh ahhhh Yes Yes Yes!!! Ahhhhh ohhhhhhhh abhhhhhh Harder Harder! Deeper! Ahhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh Harder!!!!” Nat was screaming like crazy and Peter could see some people looking outside from their own balconies and so he hid his face in her breasts while she laughed and kept shouting slutty things that were bringing Peter to the edge,

 “Ohh God Nat Shut Up!!!” He begged but she just laughed and kept bouncing harder and faster while shouting some more things,

 “Shit Shit! It’s So Deep Baby!! So Deep Inside Me!!! Ahhh ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh Ahhhhhhhh Jesus Christ!!!!!” Peter groaned at her words and latched his mouth to her breasts and bit on it making her yelp and hiss, she dragged her hand up his back leaving some stracthed so Peter groaned into her breasts and sucked on it while nipping on it with his teeth, Natasha was giggling now,

 “Ohhhhh baby Like that! Ahhhhh Yes Like That!!! Ahhhhh Yes Fuck Me! FUCK Me!!! FUCK ME!!!!” Peter couldn’t hold on much longer so he gripped her ass under the water and pushed himself up to stand on his legs….he pierced her as he started to thrust into her while she hugged him and wrapped her legs tighter around him, their chests meshed together and Natasha was whispering in his ear while panting and sighing,

 “Peter ahhh ahhh ahhhhh Peter You’re so Big….so Big inside me…ohhhh ohhhhh ohhhhh ahhh ahhhh ahhhhh I feel so hot, so wet…so horny Baby… ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhhh” Natasha moaned and panted into his ear making his rod pulse and throb deeper inside her as she squeezed her walls to his dick and he could feel her twist and turn her hips as she moved on him and they were sweating from the steam and the hot water, Nat rested her hands on his shoulders and Peter sucked on her neck while she kissed and licked his face, both groaning and sighing as they reached their end,

 “Ohh ahhh aughhhh aughhh ahhh ahhh ahhhhh ahhhh Natasha Ohh Natasha Ahhhhh Ahhhhh I’m Close Nat!!!!” Peter groaned to her and she kissed him while moving her hips on him as he held her waist to steady her in the water, they hugged as they kissed so her erect nipples were rubbing on Peter’s chest and they tickled a bit as they shaked against each other and now Natasha was moaning out to the sky in her slutty voice,

 “AHHHHH AHHHH AHHHHH YESSSS YESSSSS RIGHT THERE AHHHH AHHH AHHHHHH OHHHHHHH MY GOD YOU’RE SO BIG!!!!!!” Peter groaned loudly at her sexy valley girl voice and he exploded….his rod pushed one last time through her wet and tight walls streaming out a river of semen that had been stored since she was in her bikini sunbathing, he shot his load inside her with a deep happy sigh and he even felt her cum too,

 “OHHH OHHHHHHH SHIT BABY I’M CUMMMING!!!!!!!” Natasha screamed out her orgasm as it released down her tunnel and out of her pussy leaking out in the water and her loud screams and moans were for the other guests to hear, she then went limp on Peter as he laid back and they just relaxed in the pool holding each other as their bodies regained their strength after an intense orgasm.

   After a few minutes they were relaxing on the bed in their fluffy bathrobes and Nat was enjoying herself as she drank a bottle of beer while skimming the channels on the tv while Peter was giving her a foot rub which she greatly appreciated,

 “Wow Peter, you really do have steady fingers.” She said with a grin as Peter was getting the kinks out of her bunions, 

 “No problem Boss, but can I have a… Peak” he said as he moved a hand up her leg reaching her thigh and she giggled and playfully kicked his foot away,

 “Not yet Parker, I need to let my body retain its strength before we got again, besides we have an errand to run later.” She said and Peter nodded and kept rubbing her foot…then he smirked at her and she raised an eyebrow at him…then she gasp and hissed when Peter started sucking her foot and toes with his mouth and tongue…he put her toes between his teeth and nipped them gently making her hiss then he swirled his tongue around them coating them in his saliva and she moaned at that while gripping the bed sheets, his hands caressed her leg and thigh as he gave her a different kind of foot treatment,

 “Peter ahhh….you are full of surprises…” she sighed with her eyes closed and relaxed on the bed as Peter kept sucking on her toes and licked them all around….


Peter sighed deeply and gasped as he laid on the bed while Natasha was sucking on his rod while her hands were rubbing and squeezing his balls as she swirled and rubbed her tongue on his veiny pulsing rod and she slurped and gagged on it, he felt her gums suck on his rod while her lips and teeth nipped the head of his rod and he groaned loudly and curled his toes and he slapped a hand to her ass making the sound echo in the bedroom along with the noises coming from her mouth as she bobbed her head on him,

 “Ohhh ohhhhh God Nat….god like that ohhhhhh jeez ahhhhh” Peter just rested his head on the pillow as he felt Nat’s hand go up his chest and he opened his mouth for her to insert her fingers into his mouth and he sucked on them and slobbered them with his tongue and she did the same to his dick,

 “Nat! Ohhhhhh shit I’m Close Nat….God you better stop if you don’t want it on your face…” he said in a pained tone trying to hold back since he didn’t know whether or not she wanted a facial,

 “Hold on…I want to cum to.” She said and she moved her body….now Peter smiled and chuckled seeing her ass hovering above his face while her thighs were walls surrounding his head, he could see her pussy and asshole then when he peered down he could see her breasts sag with her erect nipples pointing out and he saw her head swallow up his rod and his head fell flat on the bed while he just heard the wet sounds of his precum stained rod being sucked and licked on….but he saw her ass shake a bit and he took his cue and leaned his head up and started to lick and kiss her pussy lips while he pinched and touched her clit, he could feel her wetness soaking his fingers as he pushed them inside and his lips and mouth felt her pussy folds and her insides as he dove in and just stuck his tongue inside as deep as he could, then like snake he just wiggled it around, 

 “Mhhhmmmm mhhhhmmmmmmm” Nat moaned happily in her throat since she had a penis in her mouth and she returned the favor and pulled on Peter’s balls and sucked him harder and faster. Peter’s groan vibrated in his throat as he sucked on Nat’s folds while his hands went to her breasts and he squeezed them and pinched her nipples, he heard a giggle in her throat and her hands started to stroke his cock as she bobbed her head…up and down her mouth took his leaking tool into her gums where her tongue would swirl around the exposed head and she’d always touch the slit where the leaks were coming from…which only made him want to cum that much….

 “Ohhh my god ohhhhhh shit Nat!!!!” He couldn’t do it…as said her tongue touched the slit of his dick and he popped right in her mouth….and Nat wasn’t ready….

 “Ghahh ghahh aughhhh” She gagged as she swallowed up his cum wanting to prove her worthiness of his semen…he sighed as he went limp while he kept letting out his cum straight up into her mouth….though he remembered about her butt right in his face so once he was done and she swallowed it up….he pushed her off and he twirled her body around so now she was on her back on the bed and he was between her legs kissing and licking her inner thighs teasing her pussy, then he saw Nat give him a glare and he winked…then he just dove right into her pussy again,

“Ahhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhh umhhhhh ahhhhh ohhhhh” now Natasha’s head fell back on the bed as she enjoyed her partner giving her a loving act of passionate lust…with much more to come…


The blonde and black haired girls were  just playing cards while drinking some beers with the tv on in the background, the pair had actually gotten along well since Peter basically fed Gwen to the lustful Felicia Hardy and they shared a laugh about that story when it was mentioned and now they were on a different topic…a surprising one,

 “So…you really think you and Parker are gonna get hitched?” Felicia asked Gwen and she blushed then bit her lip,

 “Not hitched, well….maybe if it comes down to it seeing how he’s careful about the subject now. He hardly mentions it now and the last time he did he did say he got a ring for me.” She replied and Felicia nodded as she shuffled the cards,

 “That’s good since it’d be a bitch to return an engagement, I mean imagine the embarrassment of seeing the jeweler who sold it to you.” Felicia said with a laugh and Gwen scoffed a laugh of her own and slapped Felica’s bare knee since she was in varsity shorts and a tank top while Gwen was in her jean shorts and a white T-shirt,

 “Don’t be mean Lesh….I wouldn’t mind if Peter asked me during sex, I’d still say yes and mean it. But what about you…you ever…you know…consider getting married to some rich or a fellow criminal?” Gwen asked her and Felicia had to bite her gums to keep from laughing at the ironic situation, she had the rings in her bag….and she even found a photo…a photo she would show Peter later,

 “I think I’m too wild to get married, like I’ll probably cheat on my new husband a few days into the marriage….Yeah I’d definitely be unfaithful with Peter in my life.” She said with a smirk and Gwen narrowed her eyes at that answer,

 “So…you plan to screw Peter in the long run?” She asked and Leah considered her answer for a few moments, 

 “Yep, totally plan to hit that for as long as I can.” She replied and Gwen huffed with a smile,

 “You really are a slut aren’t you.” She said to Hardy who smirked at Gwen,

 “Yep so how about this….strip poker?” She asked and Gwen nodded with a matching smirk.

    NAT’S HOTEL ROOM-16 Hours Left 

Natasha groaned and whined as she leaned her ass up in the air while she was bent on the bed and Peter had webbed her hands behind her back so now her head was on the bed along with her tits. She was sweating and her face was slightly red from the pressure she felt in two areas at once, her body was covered in a alluring coat of shiny sweat that made her breasts look more desirable despite being a tease in this case being meshed on the bed,

 “Ahhhhh Aughhhhhhhh aughhhh ughhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ohhhhhhh” Nat’s throat vibrated and stung from the intense groans she let out as Peter was behind her, fingering her pussy with both hands so he was just sticking them inside and spreading them around her walls while he was fucking her ass but this time whenever he would fully push himself inside her all the way to the point her tushy was toching his thigh….he’d stay there and let his rod release some precum and just pulse inside her and he loved the feeling of her anal walls clamsping onto his dick and it felt like her fucking moist tunnel was massaging his rod, he sighed and groaned feeling her ass hug his penis and his hands just felt up her back and he would run his hands over her thighs, ass, and breasts which she maoned happily at. Peter kept his hard tempo into her and he grunted each time he pushed since her butt was trying to keep him out but Nat had told him to continue and to even pinch her clit and nipples with his fingers as she raised herself up a but using her arms, Peter sped up his tempo so now he heard her ass jiggle as he thrusted and he did as his superior instructed and he pinched her wet and bulby clit and her already erect nipples that were wet from sweat,

 “AHHHHH OHHHH YES OHHH YES YESSSS YESSSSS PETER AHHHHHH AHHHHH AHHHHHH THANK YOU AHHHHHHHH” Peter laughed when Natasha was practically screaming from the 3 point attack on her body so Peter increased his speed into her butt, he hardened his hold on her Clit and tits, and he leaned down and kissed her neck but then Natasha turned her head and smiled warmly at him…she looked to be in a sleepy daze with her mouth slightly open letting out her pants and moans while her eyes were low and just staring into his,

 “Kiss Me my Love.” She whispered and so Peter leaned and while she stretched her neck,they met in a wet and passionate kissing session with their tongues dancing around each other like snakes coiling into one another with gasps and sighs escaping in the gaps in between their kisses….Natasha felt her body heat up and leak out as her ass was being fucked by a pusling dick squeezing itself into her narrow tunnel while her pussy was being fingered by 3 and the other 2 was pinching her clit….she moaned and gasp into Peter’s mouth and drooled into his lips too. 


“Seriously how do those not affect your balance?” Gwen asked as she felt Felicia’s smooth luscious breast that was covered in a tight white lace bra, she noticed how warm it was and how it had a bit of sag to it yet it made her body more agile while her cleavage was to drool for,

 “Well they’re actually useful when I’m swinging around and crawling, they’re like balance balls hahaha…now how do you have a butt this perky for a high scholar?” Felicia asked with a laugh as she too was feeling Gwen's sexy body part, she was caressing her bare butt cheek that was smooth all over and yet it was firm and had shape to it, Gwen giggled as Felicia had her hand on her ass, the two had played poker for a while they discussed certain topics about Peter. Now they were just drinking while touching each other and chatting,

 “Alot of yoga and pilates, plus early morning squats helps set the tone on this baby.” Gwen replied and even tapped her own butt to show how firm it jiggles. 


Natasha had told Peter to keep going even if she was drowsy from repeated orgasms so now Peter was fucking her pussy as she laid on her chest on the bed, he kept a steady tempo since she just laid there and his thrusts pushed her body with the bed, he gasped and moaned as he kept going into her leaking pussy that was just letting him slide in easily,

 “Whoa ohhh ohhhhh ahhhhh Nat you feel loose now…. Shit ahhh ahhhh you sure you okay?” He asked between gasps and moans and he just heard Natasha moan out,

 “Yes….keeping going until…you’re done..” Nat replied between low moans of her own, Peter got close to her and hugged her from behind and he felt her hand reach back and caress his side while her other hand found his to clasp and hold as they started a slow fuck to make it last. 

   1 Hour Later

They finished their session for now and now Peter was told to get dressed while Nat took a quick shower to wash off all the dried up cum on her body, Peter finished getting dressed when he noticed Nat had brought her own bag like Felicia did meaning she had some ideas in mind for the rest of the day, Nat came out in just her bra and panties as she went to the bed to grab her clothes,

 “So what’s the plan?” He asked her and she smiled at him,

 “No ulterior motives, I just want to relax today.” She said with an easy tone and smile and Peter smiled back at her. 


“So is this your first vacation in forever?” Peter asked as he drank is soda while Nat drank her hard liquor in a shot glass,

 “Oh man! Last time I had one I ended up being tracked and it ended in a gunfight in the middle of the resort.” She replied as she took another shot in one gulp, Peter chuckled seeing her enjoy herself and his eyes ran up her body as she sat on the tall barstool…a cute summer dress that went to her upper thigh and it had flower patterns on it, it also hugged her butt and created a appealing cleavage for her breasts and she had her hair in a ponytail, a totally tourist appearance for her day which she earned after years of secret ops and suicidal missions so now she was just enjoying herself with her new collugue who she shared certain benefits with.

 “So Mr.Parker I am going to ask you some questions and I expect you to answer them honestly, understand?” Natasha asked in her interrogative tone that was stern yet an edge of sweetness to ease some tension though the dark look in her eyes and the evil behind her smile said otherwise, so Peter just gulped and nodded, Nat took another shot and smiled at him with the same look he’d seen her give to her victims,

 “Ok Mr.Parker first question….what do the boys at Midtown say about me?” She asked and Peter gulped before giving his honest answer,

 “They say you have a big ass, nice boobs and that they would love to see you in a bikini…or a cheerleader outfit…” he replied and Natasha giggled at that, then she went back to her serious mode,

 “Second question…what thoughts have you had about me? before everything I mean.” She asked and Peter went red with a blush and Nat pointed a finger at him with a evil smirk,

 “I want the truth.” She said and took another shot, Peter nodded before speaking,

 “I had thoughts about what underwear you had on, what your boobs look like, how smooth your skin feels…” Peter responded and Natasha licked her lips at him and Peter’s cock went hard already fueled for action, Natasha traced Peter’s hand on the table with her finger,

 “Next Question….what do you like most about us in bed?” She asked and Peter rubbed her finger with his own as he looked into her patient eyes,

 “I love touching your skin…making you gasp and moan…I love kissing your breasts, neck, and mouth.” He said and Nat’s smile grew more and more,

 “Tell me Mr.Parker…are you hard under this table?” She asked with a knowing smile as she ran her hand up his arm and bicep and even squeezed his muscle and he heard a growl in her throat,

 “The next three questions are the most important….first….have you ever had sexual desires of me?” She asked and Peter’s blood went cold and he started to sweat and Nat gripped his arm to reinforce her threat,

 “Well of course” Peter answered and Nat grinned like a mad woman,

 “2nd question…would you fuck me in public?” She asked and Peter grinned back,

 “No! You’re crazy Nat…” he replied with a shocked laugh,

 “Well Peter Parker, here is the 3rd question….would you rather fuck me right here right now in this crowded bar or….let me use my dildo on you…” she asked with a sly smile and Peter went pale…then,

 “Whoa! Peter hahahahha!!!” Natasha laughed as she was picked up and placed on the table, Peter’s hands went to under her cute dress and Nat’s went to his jeans, the people around them were already shouting and gasping in their languge as they watched the white young man remove a pair of panties from the sexy redhead woman…Natasha pulled Peter close as soon as her underwear was off and she pushed his jeans and boxers down, Peter nestled in between her legs and the crowd scattered in shock while the drunks one cheered them on while whistling,

 “We have an audience…” Peter said as he slowly pushed the tip of his erect cock into Natasha’s waiting wet lips,

 “Ahhhhhh ahhhhh make it quick….before we get arrested…” Natasha replied with a gasp and moan as Peter started a quick pace rhythm while gripping her thighs as she used them to squeeze his wais as her hands went around his back and her breasts shaked teasing the viewers who continued to drunkenly cheer and chant while Peter and Natasha just tuned them out and focused on each other as she was letting out quiet gasps and groans with her open mouth and Peter was grunting in his throat as he quickened his pace to bring their climaxes a lot sooner than usual. 


They ran out after their quickie while holding hands and laughing, the crowd in the bar cheered them on while others whistled at Nat’s fine body hidden under her clothes. They kept going until they reached a far enough distance and they went into a narrow alleyway to  let their laughs out to calm down,

 “So Natasha…any other crazy ideas?” He asked and she laughed again before replying,

 “ a few…but for now…” she pushed him to the wall and kissed him deeply and he returned the passionate kiss as they rubbed on each other for a moment, then she pulled him by hand back to the street to their next stop. 


“So do you and Parker do foreplay whenever you screw?” Felicia asked the blonde with a curious smile as they watched TV and relaxed on the comfy bed, Gwen giggled to herself,

 “Well sometimes it starts that way…like we role-play to spice things up.” She replied and now Felicia had a excited smile,

 “Ohhh do tell Stacy please..?” She begged for a juicy story and Gwen gave her a look then conceded to her request,

 “Alright fine..listen to this Hardy..” she started and Felicia laid on her chest and she rested her hands under her head ready to listen to Gwen’s tale,

 “So this one time….I had an idea to…” Gwen said with a smug smile as she began her story…


Gwen waited on the roof of her building in her proper attire, long black skirt that went to her knees, white button shirt with a black thin blazer and short heels to finish the look, she had her pad and pen waiting patiently in the setting sunlight and the incoming darkness casting over New York. She grinned when she heard a thump behind her and so she turned to face the visitor,

 “Hello Spider-Man….I see Mr.Parker gave you my message?” She asked shyly as she looked down then up to show her cute demeanor, Spider-Man nodded before speaking,

 “Yes he did, you should know you scare him as a boss…so he tells me you’re a reporter Ms.Stacy?” Spider-Man asked the blonde who nodded with a smile,

 “Yes I am….Midtown High News. Peter is the photographer for it and he technically works for me since he goes and does whatever I tell him to.” Gwen replied with a confident and smug tone which made Spider-Man grin under the mask,

 “Sounds great Ms.Stacy, though you should thank Mr.Parker since he did climb a fire escape to the 50th floor just to catch up.” Spider-Man said and Gwen blushed a bit in her cheeks,

 “Well actually….me and him are kinda…” she said as she tapped her fingers on her pad and looked away for a moment,

 “Ohh…so you and Mr.Parker are…well that explains why he does what you tell him.” He said and Gwen giggled, her eyes went wide when she heard her own giggle and cleared her throat to retain focus on her job,

 “Right well….did Peter explain the interview process?” She asked and Spider-Man nodded as he stepped closer to her,

 “Yes he did….he said you wanted an exclusive for your paper, but I can only answer vaguely to keep things on the low you know.” He said and Gwen nodded with a smile as she looked up at the masked vigilante who her father was after,

 “Okay Spider-man let’s get started.” She said to the masked hero.


“Stacy…Hey Stacy!” Felicia snapped at the blonde who was clearly enjoying her own memory as she had a stupid lovesick daydream look on her face so Felicia tapped her cheek and Gwen snapped out of it,

 “Jeez the hell happened? You were telling me how you and Spider role play when you got all sweaty an ohhhh ahhhh…” Felicia’s complaint ceased when Gwen started kissing her neck and collarbone with her sweet lips…Gwen had brought the heat on herself by choosing that particular memory so she needs an outlet since Peter was out for the day,

 “Shut Up Hardy! Kiss Me!” Gwen replied and Felicia obeyed and kissed the blonde passionately and wetly as they both fell back on the bed…


Natasha had made a special request for her day…it was for Peter to treat her as if she was truly his…his to love,cherish, and protect…it had caught Peter off guard but the soft loving look she had given him was enough to crumble and agree. They spent the afternoon just strolling around the big city and even went to some tourist attractions with other traveling couples. Peter noticed Natasha was lost in her euphoric trip away from work as they walked, drank sodas, and ate at some food carts that had some pretty tasty treats he had to admit. Now they were just relaxing back at Natasha’s hotel room relaxing on the balcony together cuddling while soft romantic music played in the room, Natasha hummed to the tune while Peter stroked her hair and caressed her back, he felt up the soft fabric of her sundress while he was just in his boxers, another one of her requests, after a while of cuddling Peter kissed her hair,

 “So…what’s the plan for the rest of the day?.just about 10 hours left, time sure flies by during sex…” Peter said which made Nat chuckle and slap his chest gently for his crude humor,

 “We’re going to relax…then have sex..and sleep until time’s up.” Natasha replied with a sweet tone and Peter nodded and kissed her temple while she gripped his hand in hers and held it to her mouth and kissed it softly…then he felt Nat’s hand travel down his chest…and dip into his boxers…he gasped and sighed as he felt her hand stroke his member and play with the tip of his rod by stroking it with her thumb as she planted kisses on his neck and face, Peter responded by caressing her exposed skin such as her thighs,arms,and neck which she was clearly enjoying with the smile on her lips and the sighs escaping her mouth, she kissed him again as she rubbed his cock and Peter gripped her butt with both hands molding her toned flesh into his hands…but the dress was in the way…so he put his hand under her dress and ran it up her bare leg…her thigh…then he teased her by touching the straps of her underwear,

 “Ahhhh Peter! Don’t you dare tease me!” She said in a rushed whisper then she moved to straddle him and she rested her hands on his chest and he rested his on her waist…both breathing deeply…Natasha looking down at her lover…and Peter looking up at the sexy redhead with the stars and moon shining behind her…


“Ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhhhh ohhhh shit ohhh shit!! Ahhh ahhhhhhh” Gwen let out her gasps and moans as she was being fingered by the black haired slut who was twisting and twirling them inside her walls and Gwen slapped her hand to Hardy’s bare ass as she kept moving on top of her on the bed as it shaked and squeaked,

 “Ohhhhh ahhh ahhhh ughhhhh ahhhh ahhhhhh” Felicia groaned when she felt Gwen’s hand snake around her thigh and she was pushing her own fingers into her asshole while the other went to work on her pussy, their bare bodies slid on each other’s as they moved….their thighs touched while their legs tangled together as their hands snaked all over each other while pushing their fingers into each other too….then their breasts meshes and their erect nipples scratched each other only tightening the tension between them in the dark room,though what Felicia didn’t know is that Gwen’s mind was elsewhere….


“Spider-Man please…I have a boyfriend…” Gwen Stacy tried to resist the masked vilgilante’s touch as he traced his gloved hands over her arms and shoulders as he was right in front of her,

 “….tell me you don’t like this…” he whispered as he trailed a hand over her thigh clad in the skirt and Gwen’s hand gripped his shoulders to steady herself and he chuckled at that,

 “Please….” She begged and he pushed her against the brick wall and kept caressing her body creating a urging heat in her loins…


Gwen pushed herself on top and now she was gripping Felicia’s breasts in her hands and rubbed her lips onto hers so now she was grinding on her making Felicia gasp and moan as her hands went to Gwen’s ass that shakes as she moved into her with a steady pace and she kissed her skin and licked it making the other groan and hiss from the teasing…their rocking increased in speed as did their moans and finger movements. 


Peter enjoyed the feeling of the russian’s moist lips on his while he slowly rubbed her back and exposed thighs and shoulders, Natasha had removed her sundress so now she was in her black lace bra and panties which made her irresistible to any man with her red hair let down past her shoulders a bit, he felt her soft hand caress his abdomen muscles while the other was touching and playing with his balls that were loaded and ready and his cock was still leaking and it stained Nat’s underwear since she would rub on him to tease him. Natasha moved her head to Peter’s neck and shoulder where she left a wet kiss trail leading to his elbow..then his arm..and finally his hand where she licked and sucked on his middle finger while staring at him with low eyes and her hot breath escaping her mouth…Peter sighed as his hand rested on her serene face,

 “Finger me…for now just finger me…then I’ll suck you off and you can cum on my breasts…after that…let’s see what happens” she whispered and he nodded without hesitation, Nat gave him a peck on the lips before getting up,

 “Come on.”, she said as she took his hand in hers and led him into the bedroom and Peter drooled over seeing her ass and hips  sway in her black underwear, she stopped at the edge of the bed and wrapped her arms around his neck and held him close to her while he had his hands on her smooth waist,

 “Do the boys at Midtown dream of this?” She asked with a sly smile while her hands slowly went behind her back and Peter heard her bra unclasp and…she removed it revealing her breasts with pepperoni areolas and hard nipples,

 “Yes…oh yes they do…” he replied with a drool in his mouth and Natasha pulled his boxers down to reveal his veiny, erect, pre-cum stained cock, they both breathed deeply as their lips closed in on each other as their eyes closed….


The bed squeaked and creaked  as it shaked against the floor and rocked on the wall, the pillows had fallen off while the bedsheets were now tangled after rapid movements and being gripped by a pair of pale hands that held onto the sheets for dear life while she was being pounded rapidly and roughly in a new way, 

 “Ahh ahhh ahhhh ahhh Shit Nat! This feels great ahhhhh ahhh ughhhh ahhhh ughhhhhh ughhhhh ahhhhhh ohhhhhh” Peter kept pushing into her pussy that was swallowing him whole and her wet warm walls massaged his as Nat had her back on the bed while her legs were on his shoulders…he held her thighs as they rested on his shoulder and he would then his head to kiss and lick them which made her giggle and the view was an amazing one…he looked down as his rod disappearing into her wet lips while her body shakes as he thrusted and he looked at her soft sweating abdomen…her slim waist…then all the shaking made her breasts wave around like a wave of water and he could see her nipples were hard and pointy and her face…oh god her face….covered in sweat that only brightened her features of smooth skin, sweet red plump lips that opened as she sighed and panted while her eyes were closed to fully experience the pleasure of his dick pushing deep into her tunnel, Peter had his hands on her waist now to hold her steady as he increased his hip speed and now the bed was creaking from the pressure they were putting on the springs as they moved,

 “Ohhhhh ohhhhh ahhhh ahhh ahhhh ahhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh Godddddd! PETER! AHHHHHHHH AHHHHHH PETER!!!” Natasha screaming out Peter’s name only made him grunt and push harder while he leaned in a bit, which only pushed his rod much deeper, to grab hold of a shaking tit and Peter put his finger right on her nipple and played with it and the Shield agent groaned and mewled at the tease Peter was giving and now her hands went to her head to grip her hair from the intensity of this….


Nat wasn’t lying….she did intend to make this last as long as she could…

  Peter panted as he kept pushing into her asshole now since Nat wanted to use every part of her she had said after he blasted his load a few minutes ago…now she was on her side and he was next to her as they laid on the bed and Peter held her close and he was right on her back while she wrapped an arm around his neck while the other gripped his hand that was holding her thigh as he pumped into her butt that was becoming red from the repeated impacts on her cheeks which Peter had also gripped at times, they both panted as their sweat made their bodies slick on each other which increased the tempo and speed of Peter’s rod invading the narrowing, moist, sucking tunnel of the infamous Black Widow who just laid there and let Peter wreck her. 


“Ohhhhhhh Shit! Ohhhhh Shit!!! Ahhhhh ahhhhhhh” Peter kept groaning and panting…he watched as he laid on his back while viewing Nat’s butt and back as she was riding him reverse cowgirl style….he just watched her sweaty ass and slender back move side to side..back and forth as she rode him and her lips kept taking him whole since she was really working into him, but that wasn’t the best part….Natasha had truly dived into her private center…her private center being her emotional side that had grown attached to Peter with the things she was saying as she moaned and sighed,

 “Ohhhhh Yes! Ahhhhhh Yes! Yes! Ohhhhh my love…ahhhhhh my love you feel so…ahhhh so incredible ahhhh ahhhhhhh Yes! Ahhhhh Yes!!!!” Natasha let out her sounds of pleasure as her hands rested on Peter’s legs to steady herself and then…she groaned and a hand went to grip her own heaving breast when she felt Peter’s hand move from her thigh to her butt…then he he put two fingers in her ass…she laughed and went faster with her tempo which only made Peter groan and increase his own speed with his fingers into her narrow passage and his other did something risky….he tugged on Natasha’s hair from behind and she hissed and groaned…then she giggled,

 “Keep doing that…” she said and Peter laughed too and tugged on her hair again and she started to bounce on him now and he loved hearing her thighs and ass land on him as she took him fully inside her….


“Wow…what brought that on?” Felicia asked as she laid next to Gwen under the covers, 

 “Well….that story I was telling you got me really….well you know.” Gwen replied with a shy smile and Lesh chuckled at the blonde teen and moved a stray hair away from her face,

 “Care to tell me the rest? You were saying how you and Parker role play by pretending to keep you from knowing his big secret and so you  left off when Spider-Man was touching your body and you started feeling horny during an interview your Peter Parker boyfriend set up” said Felicia with a sly smile and Gwen giggled,

 “Well okay….” she replied.


“The moon was covered by the clouds so the city was shining with it’s bright skyscrapers in the metropolitan area. On a nearby rooftop was a girl who had succumbed to the superhero Casinova who had been hitting on her during the interview and she had to admit she enjoyed it, even more so than being hit on by her own boyfriend Peter…so now she ended doing something she didn’t even think she would do to her own lover….she was on her knees…with Spider-Man’s penis right in front of her face…just dangling there and she gulped seeing how big it actually was,

 “Wow…umm…is that supposed to be normal…?” She asked gently and Spider-Man shrugged,

 “I honestly don’t know…might be enhanced by my powers or I’m just built good…it’s okay if you don’t want to…” he replied softly already pulling his pants up but to his surprise the blonde teen’s hands stopped his,

 “No no….it’s okay…it’s just…I’ve never..seen one up close you know….” Gwen said with a embarassed smile and looked away for a moment and Spider-Man had to ask,

 “Have you and Parker ever….?” He asked and Gwen got red again,

 “…….we’ve just kissed and made out…” she replied and Spider-Man put a gloved hand on her face and she looked up at him and she could feel his eyes look down into hers and the smile on his face under the mask,

 “Can I please see your face?” She asked him and Spider-Man shook his head as a silent no and Gwen pouted adorably, then she smirked….


“Hey!!” Felicia snapped at Gwen who was already lost in her own memory trip and was just staring at the ceiling with a serene smile on her and her eyes just looking up like she was hypnotized,

 “God damn it, forget it…I’ll just hear it from Peter later.” Felicia said to herself as she got up from bed to shower while Gwen giggled to herself as she played the erotic memory in her mind to herself.


After the intense sessions…Nat just laid in bed cuddling with Peter who had an arm wrapped around her and his hand rested on her lower back while hers was on his face caressing his cheek while their other hands were held together as they just looked at each other with love in their eyes…their legs tangled together under the bedsheets and Nat’s breasts meshed together as she was as close as she could be to Peter to bathe in each other’s warmth,Nat rested her head on his chest and she sighed contentedly,

 “Peter….for the last 2 hours I just want to sleep okay, but before that…I’m gonna do something….and just go along with it okay?” She asked with her head still in his chest and Peter replied and simple yes and rubbed her back to comfort her and he wondered what she meant,but after a few moments of silence he found out,

 “…I hope the kids are behaving themseves with your Aunt...” Nat whispered like it was common for them, Peter did his part,

 “…I’m sure they are, they know better than to disobey Commander mommy.” Peter replied with a chuckle and Nat giggled and kissed his chest and gripped his hand tightly,

 “I’m sure Yelena is already gorging on the cookies on the shelf when May’s not looking..” Nat said with a sigh and Peter rubbed her back softly and kept the act going for as long as Nat wanted,

 “Naw, her big sister Natalie will keep her in line, you taught her well.” Peter whispered into her hair and Natasha moaned happily and pecked his chest while her hand went to his face to caress his cheek,

 “We have some time left…make love to me..” she said and Peter moved to be right on top of her and she spread her legs to hug his waist while her arms went around his neck…Peter looked into her eyes in the dark room and he settled into her waist and his rod was ready…he pushed the head of his dick into her waiting open lips and they both moaned when he fully pushed himself inside her…..


“YES!!YES!YES!OH GOD PETER!!!!” Natasha screamed out as Peter held her up in his arms and she wrapped her legs around his waist and her back was against the wall, Peter kept pumping right into her pussy and the angle allowed her to sink into him and he pushed deep into her and his hands were on her rear and he gripped the smooth cheeks while her hands were on his hair, their lips met to stain each other’s mouths, gums, and even their faces with saliva.

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