Parker and Stacy(s)

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“Ughh…ughhh what the?…” Peter groaned as he woke up feeling something below…something wet…he blinked several times to clear the drowsiness as he felt his rod jolt awake too from the sensation, he groaned once he was fully awake and he was aware of what was happening…he sighed and laid his head back on the moving floor as he felt them bathe his dick with their united lips tongues,

 “Ohhh godd that feels sooo awesome! Ahhhhh ohhhhhhhhh Godddd!!!” Peter grinned with closed eyes as he rested his hands behind his head as he enjoyed what Natasha and Felicia are doing to his balls and already pulsing,leaking dick that throbbed each time one of them dragged their tongue from his shaft to the tip,

 “Ohhhhhhhhh Keep Doing That!!!” Peter begged them to keep dragging their tongues all the way up his rod which made the pair of ladies giggle and tease him by slowing their movements with their tongues on him,

 “Ahhhhhh Ohhhhhh” Peter moaned loving the moment but he wanted more,

 “So who’s first up here and down there?” Peter asked with a wink to the girls and they stopped worshipping his cock to give puzzled looks to each other,

 “Rock Paper Scissors?” Felicia asked Natasha who nodded,

 “Best out of three?” She asked and Hardy nodded with a smile and so both of them raised closed fists to prep…Peter just watched with a surprise look sincetwo sexy ladies are playing a game to see who gets what.


Peter savored the taste of the leaking slit he was gouging on and darting his tongue inside of while he felt his rod being swallowed up by a moist tunnel with burning hot walls that rubbed and hugged him all over making him pulse inside as she grinded herself on him, she moved on him steady and hard almost burning them both with the hot friction as they slid into each other while he had a leaking pussy being shoved into his mouth and sweet thighs on either side of his head keeping him warm with the heat from her heaving body,

 “Ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhh ughhhhhhh Fuck!!!!!” Felicia groaned through her throat as she gripped her own tits while her pussy was being licked,bit, and sucked on while Peter’s hands were on her ass just molding the flesh in his hands and Natasha had her head held high with eyes closed as she had her hands on Felicia’s shoulders who was facing away from her so she felt how the cat burglar's back glistened with sweat as she rode Peter’s hot leaking rod that pulsed every inch her pussy swallowed up into her while she squeezed his waist with her legs and thighs as she kept going with her steady pace, she gasped and sighed with a smile on her face,

 “Ohhhh Peter…ahhhhh ohhhhhhhh Peter…. Ohhhhhh” Natasha moaned, loving the feeling of being filled…with a moving floor to add more friction for everyone which had them all gasping,groaning, and sighing in this lovemaking triangle of naked flesh and lust in the truck with the women moving their pussies on Peter and his mouth and tool savoring the moistness from the ladies whose sweaty bodies dripped on him and made them more slippery with the slick movements of their hips and mouth.


They switched after a nonverbal nod, and now they faced each other with their panting faces and sweaty hair…Peter wished he could see what was clearly the sound of kissing and moaning while he had Nat’s butt on his face so he could suck on her pussy juice stained lips and clit while Felicia was grinding on him hard and slow, each thrust from her took him more than half so he gasped into Natasha’s slit as his member was being squeezed by hot walls all around while his hands were in the middle grabbing at any heaving breast he can grab with no eyesight to help but he did find a tit and squeezed it,

 “Ahhhhhhhhh” Felicia screamed feeling her breast being pulled and meshed by Peter’s hand so he decided to put his other hand somewhere else….he reached as far as he could and found the round rear and felt it up…then he slid his hand down the crack…and pushed 3 fingers into the tight hole he quickly found,

 “Ughhhhhhh!!!!Peter!!!!!! Aughhhhhhhh” Natasha groaned feeling her asshole being stretched and she felt Peter’s fingers dig inside her ass as her pussy was filled with his tongue and his face was being stained by Nat’s juices which tasted very sweet like sugar while Felicia’s pussy burned his cock while bathing it in warm liquids only increasing the heated pressure building up as she moved her body with glee on him taking his tool inside her again and again with her white hair whipping around and her moans coming out high with a wide open smile and her tits swinged and jiggled with the cool air in the truck erecting her nipples making her hotter down below which made Peter groan loudly and sucked on the pussy even more and gripped the flesh in his hands feeling it mold and it made Nat laugh again feeling her ass being gripped roughly.


“Hahahahaha ahhhhhhh ahhhhhh ahahhaaha ohhhhhhhh ahhahahaa” Felicia just laughed and moaned feeling Peter push into her as he had her against the wall of the truck just shoving her against it with his rapid hard thrusts which got him groaning feeling his rod scratch her inside from the speed while Natasha was behind Peter just kissing his back and groping his muscles as they moved with his thrusts,

 “Peter you’re so strong…” Natasha seemed to be in a dream-like state…she hugged Peter with closed eyes and a happy smile….she had said she wanted to watch since her holes were filled up already but Felicia wanted to be filled until she leaked all over so….

 “Ughhhhhh Fuck Yeah!!! Ughhhhhh Fuck!! Fuck!!! Harder!!!!! Ohhhhhhhh Fuck Me Harder!!!!!!” Felicia’s face was burning hot with sweat all over as she felt her body go into overdrive feeling Peter’s member slide in and out so fast it burned more and more with each push from him and Peter was sure they were moving the truck around making it difficult for the driver but screw it, Peter grabbed Felicia’s tit with one hand and he used the other to slide his fingers into the empty pussy behind him,

 “Ohhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh Peter…..ahhhhhh Like that…..nice and slow ohhhhhh” Natasha moaned happily with a wide smile and her eyes still closed as she humped her body into Peter’s leg like a dog and his hand kept pushing and twisting inside her as he worked his sweaty body into the tightening slit that squished his tip making it leak into her tunnel, Felicia kept laughing with a stupid grin on her face and her hair was sticky from the sweat building and her ass cheeks were red from the repeated slaps from Peter’s waist and his hands from gripping her butt out of hunger. 


“Hey Gwen, how are things going with you and Peter?” Gloria asked Gwen as they sat with their friends eating lunch, 

 “Things are going great….why?” Gwen asked with a narrow eyes and Gloria played a innocent face with a smile,

 “No reason just making sure my girlfriend is getting treated right by her man.” She replied with a smile but Gwen once again saw through it so she playfully swatted Gloria’s shoulder,

 “Bitch! You have Kenny don’t you and besides where is he anyways? He would die if he knew you were asking about Peter, especially since he used to pick on him way back when.” Gwen said with a shake of her head and Gloria rolled her eyes,

 “Come on Gwen, we both know Kenny cheats on me every chance he gets like last week instead of going with me to my Aunt’s birthday party he went and partied at some frat house on ESU, so yeah I want to have some fun of my own, hey she knows what I mean.” Gloria motioned to MJ who approached the pair before removing her bag and sat down with them,

 “What’s up girls?” MJ asked with a curious smile and Gloria smirked at her,

 “Be honest Watson, who’s cock is better…Parker’s or Kenny’s?” She asked MJ with a smirk and MJ gawked at her,

 “Wha..what!? How would I know that??” MJ tried to play innocent but Gwen and Gloria laughed at her lame attempt,

 “Mary Jane, I know you slept with Gloria’s boyfriend last semester.” Gwen said after laughing and MJ just shrugged while Gloria patted her shoulder,

 “So spill girl, who’s dick is better?” Gloria asked with smirk and MJ nodded at the pair,

 “Well Peter’s duh.” She answered and Gloria smiled at Gwen who rolled her eyes again at her,

 “You need to break up with Kenny if you’re gonna keep trying to get my Peter. Besides he’s visiting family right now so he’ll be gone for a bit.” Gwen replied and Gloria slumped while MJ raised an eyebrow at her fellow cheerleader friend,

 “What’s up girl, got an inch in there or something?” MJ asked with a chuckle and Gloria whined,

 “Yesss, like bad goddd….” Gloria put her head in her hands as she thought about Peter’s body and cock….soon it was too much in her loins…she looked between Gwen and MJ,

 “Hey guys….” Gloria started and the girls looked at Gloria giving her their attention, Gloria gave them a looped smile and playful eyes,

 “Anyone wanna…?” She asked with a smile and MJ just chuckled at her friend,

 “Wow Gloria you’re crazy to think we’re gonna have,” MJ was cut off,

 “I’m in.” Gwen answered with a smile of her own as she closed the book she had been reading, both MJ and Gloria stared at her and Gwen just shrugged,

 “Peter’s not here, I want some action and I’m acing my classes so I can miss one for some fun, where's Gloria?” Gwen asked with her own smirk and Gloria giggled as she looked around the crowded school,

 “Uhmm….theater room?” Gloria asked and Gwen winked and stood up from her seat offering Gloria her hand with Mj giving them wide eyes,

 “Gwen, are you serious!?” She asked with wide eyes and Gwen smirked at her redhead friend,

 “Oh shut it Watson, like you and Liz haven’t fucked in the girls’ locker room.” Gwen said with a knowing smile and MJ blushed from embarrassment while she watched her friends walk off for some fun….MJ just sat in the cafeteria…bored,

 “Hey guys, wait up!!” She called out and ran to catch up with her friends who giggled at the eager teenager as they all walked together through the hallways. 


Wilson smiled widely as he viewed the tracker nearing its destination without any issues occuring so far and Sable has reported that Spider-Man has been with the truck the entire time so he did keep his word but Fisk knew it was only a matter of time before anything sour can happen, 

 “Tess.” He said into the intercom and Tess walked in smiling at him,

 “How are we with the….other arrangement?” He asked with slight hesitation as if even mentioning it was illegal, Tess looked over phone for a moment before answering,

 “Well let’s say it is affordable but it is time sensitive as in you only have until summer to have it done or else you have to wait until further notice.” She said and Wilson nodded as a response and he considered his options,

 “Where is Vanessa right now?” He asked and Tess looked at her pad,

 “She’s at home, in your mansion.” She replied and Wilson blinked in surprise, 

 “For once she’s actually home, I wonder what the Captain is up to…” Wilson said to himself. 


“I’m sorry Captain Stacy but I have to file this missing person report because it has been weeks and my husband hasn’t come home yet and my son is asking me why I haven’t gone to the police.” Rio said with irritation to a equally irratated George Stacy who stood at her doorway,

 “Listen Rio I know you’re worried about Jefferson but as I showed you he is having an affair and he is overseas in some resort.” Said Gekrge and Rio narrowed her eyes,

 “Then give me the number.” She commanded,

 “If you have all this information then give me the resort he is spending my money on with his whore.” Rio said with a smirk and it grew seeing George’s face grow more nervous by the second,

 “I can’t, it’s part of a police investiga…” George was cut off by the slam of Rio’s door in his face,

 “Shit…” he muttered to himself before turning to leave….he had hoped to get inside to see if Rio had somehow gotten the money…but she played coy and her son was inside so he couldn’t really do anything about it for now, he exited the building and got into his car when his phone rang and he looked at the collar ID he groaned and rubbed his head,

 “What do you want?” He asked with a raised voice,

 “What I want is my half you rotten cop! Where is the money I need to secure my security protection!” Vanessa screeched into the phone and George groaned again,

 “I told you not to worry about that! I’ll handle it!!” He shouted back and Vanessa let out a mocking laugh 

 “Like you protected your so-called partner?! He’s long dead in Brazil and our men keep getting webbed up by that annoying superhero!! You can’t protect anything!” Vanessa shouted and hung up on George making him scream and pound the dashboard of his car in anger. 


Helen let herself inside the home her daughter has practically been living  in for sometime now, Peter had asked her to check something for him earlier so she was doing him this favor now than later,

 “Let’s see…he said it’s in his room…in the closet.” Helen reminded herself as she went upstairs and went into Peter’s room and as soon as she walked in she breathed in and was surprised by the smell,

 “My god how often does he have sex in here?!” Helen said in shock with a laugh as she looked around her lover’s room and saw it was typical boy’s room with clothes on the floor and comics laying around with some of Gwen’s panties and bras on his bed and the floor too…Helen recognizes them from laundry duty, she rolled her eyes and went to the closet and opened it to kneel and move some boxes around,

 “Let’s see…a suitcase with R.P initials…there it is.” Helen said with a smile and she pulled out a large suitcase and she unzipped it and opened it with a utterly shocked expression,

 “Holy Shit!” She said as she stared at the bundle

Of bills pilled in the case and there was a not on top of it, Helen grabbed it and saw it had her name on it so she opened it and started reading it,

 “Oh my god…Peter.” Helen said with a soft voice as she kept reading Peter’s letter. 


Jessica finished hiding her share of the money in her bedroom,  Peter had promised her some cash as payment for doing multiple cases for him and speaking of which, Jessica went to her laptop and removed the drive she had attached to it,

 “Who would’ve thought I’d be helping a superhero secure his sex tapes.” Jessica said with a chuckle as she put the drive in her pocket and she went to her desk to keep working on Hammerhead’s case which led to a surprising revelation: Wilson Fisk’s right hand woman is fucking Hammerhead in secret, or at least she thinks its secret but Jessica has audio recordings of Tess and Hammerhead meeting up and having some fun in his office but what really matters is that Tess has been supplying Hammerhead with information about Fisk’s banks and his deals overseas even mentioning how he has shown affection for her so Tess had started to use it against him, Jessica looked over the photos of Tess arriving at the backlot of Hammerhead’s bar with a smile,

 “I wish Peter would let me use these…but his plan might work out.” She said as she took a sip of her beer while reviewing the evidence she collected.


The students walked the hallways into their classes with the sound of chatter and bells ringing in the background as the next period started…but three were missing…


The showers were turned on full blast to make a sweet warm mist and MJ had gotten her hands on the keys so they were able to lock the door…their clothes were on the benches by the lockers while soft moans and gasps came from the shower room…MJ pushed her fingers into Gwen’s pussy while Gwen pushed her own fingers into Gloria’s asshole while her own hands were going to MJ’s pussy and….well you get the point,

 “Ahhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!” Gloria’s moans were silenced by the showers and so were Gwen and MJ’s as multiple fingers and mouths played with each other’s slits and holes, Gwen knew Peter was having just as much fun with the others and this was giving her some ideas for when he comes back,

 “Ohhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh Yesss!!!!! Ahhhhhh ahhhhh” Gwen let out her moans feeling her holes being fingered by her friends while she in turn pushed her own fingers into them on either side of her in the steamy shower with moans and sighs coming from the mist. 


“Okay seriously…how much fucking longer until we can blow that truck!!!” Ox complained like a child making the others laugh as they drove down the road now in Canada, 

 “We’re almost there, Ox….then we blow it wide open and take it whatever the boss wants us to get.” Montana replied as he drove with a smile while the men just relaxed before they went into action,

 “Remember boys, the boss wants the Spider and the white haired bitch alive.” Fancy Dan reminded the others of the request Hammerhead had made before they left. 


“Okay guys seriously, enough’s enough already…” Peter gasped as he sat up after Natasha moved herself off him once they finished again while Felicia was looking at Peter with an eager look,

 “No way cutie-Pie, I know that gun still has a bullet left in it.” She said as she knelt her down on him and planted her pussy right on half risen tool which still slid easily inside her and Peter groaned in exhaustion yet with a smirk on his face, he looked at Nat who crawled her naked body to him to plant hot kisses on his lips which he eagerly returned while Felicia brought his cock back to life in her pussy, he heard her gasp and moan as she started a slow tempo with her grinding and she put her hands on his shoulders while he had on hand caressing Natasha’s face while the other gripped Felicia’s breast and all three moaned in ecstasy, Felicia’s sweaty body moved in rythm showing off her slender frame and how ample her ass is while it jiggled on Peter’s groin as his rod was rubbing on her wet walls that were already starting to release more juices onto his tool and clamp on him making a tugging feeling whenever Felicia’s lips pulled away slightly and Felcia grinned at seeing Peter and Natasha in a lip lock while she enjoyed her husband’s amazing cock. 


Tess quickly texted her message on her phone as she walked to Wilson’s office since he wanted a report on the truck so she made sure to mention the details to Hammerhead who in turn would send it to his men on the highway. Things were about to go as planned and soon Fisk will lose his fortune and have no choice but to surrender and when Spider-Man is killed…New York will be back in Mafia control, Tess grinned as she sent her message and she walked in usung that smile as a greeting to a equally smiling Wilson Fisk who asked for a report on the truck’s route and Tess saw it was nearly arriving at its destination in Toronto so it was a matter of time before the fight starts in the drop off area between his hired guards and Montana’s crew who were given additional assistance who has a new weapon built and designed by a third party, it will definitely bring a shock to Spider-Man and bring him down along with the stuck up mercenary who has outlasted her purpose. 


The girls stepped out of the locker room with giggles as they made their way to their classes after having some fun in the shower room,

 “Later guys!” Gwen called out and the others waved goodbye as they went down the hall while Gwen texted Peter about his whereabouts during the trip,

 “Hey Peter, how far did you guys get?” She texted him and she waited for a response from him as she stepped into her next class along with the other students and it so happens that its any easy class for her so she could doze off if she wants but she plans to text Peter…as soon as he texted back. 


Peter finished dressed while the ladies did as well and he grinned at their butts disappearing into their suits as they pulled the spandex over their asses and so Peter decided to step to them and 


His hand landed on Felicia’s rear making her laugh while Natasha rolled her eyes,

 “Honestly grow up.” She said and Felicia scoffed a chuckle at her,

 “Relax Ms.Takes It Up The Ass.” She said and now Peter chuckled at that jab as they all finished getting dressed….but then as usual….he felt a jolt down his spine….

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