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Eugene “Flash” Thompson's House- 9PM 

 Peter and Gwen arrived at the house with loud music blaring and neon lights hung all over the ceiling creating a nightclub atmosphere, Flash greeted them both with a bear hug,

 “Hey you guys made it, snacks are in the kitchen, booze all around the place…oh and the rooms with a tie on the knob means it's occupied” he said the last part in a drunk whisper having already indulged himself with the other midtown students. Peter and Gwen walked in and Peter looked around Flash’s home, it was pretty big which made it perfect for parties,

 “How are your parents cool with you throwing a party? I already see some vases smashed and the beds shaking above us” Peter said to Flash and he patted his back with a drunk laugh,

 “My dad’s with my uncles, and my mom is just hanging out in the basement. My dad converted it to a cool lounge area with a leather couch,arcade games,home theater and even a popcorn machine. My mom is with her wine so she’s all good” Flash said with a thumbs up, Peter chuckled at his once bully now friend as he was handed a bottle of booze. Flash chugged his own bottle,

 “Looks like Gwen is already having a great time” Flash to Peter while pointing his thumb towards the other side of the room and Peter laughed out loud seeing Gwen chugg two bottles of booze at once while being cheered on by her friends and fellow students, once she finished she raised her hands in the air,

 “HELL YEAH!” She screamed and everyone watching laughed and cheered her on, then she was passed two more and sure enough…she chugged both in seconds, more cheers erupted and Gwen was clearly already drunk, what a lightweight, and she was laughing with her friends. Peter smiled warmly at the sight of her having fun especially with school,college and Oscorp putting the pressure on her, she deserves to cut loose among her friends, but then his face turned to a scrowl when some jock tried to flirt with Gwen, only for Gwen to laugh right in face and shove him away. Then she stood up on the table,

 “Hey Every horny guy in here!” She yelled and all the guys, even the ones with girlfriends, turned to look at the blonde bombshell of Midtown who was wearing tight black jeans that shaped her ass perfectly, her tight checkered button shirt and her white button wool sweater, she pointed her finger at Peter and let out a happy drunk laugh,

 “If you wanna take a ride on this” she said gripping her own ass, making all the guys whoop and cheer,

 “…Too Bad cuz This sweet ride is only open to Peter Parker!!” She said happily and ran to a blushing Peter and jumped to his hold and he laughed while watching all the guys groan in jealousy, 

 “That was cruel you know” he whispered to her ear and she giggled and started to rock her hips into him making him laugh and set her down, then her friends dragged both of them into their dancing circle while drinking. 

   1 Hour Later 

 Peter and Gwen were relaxing on the couch, until Gwen turned to him and said,

 “Lets get some friends together and play a game” she then dragged him off and collected some friends: Liz, Sally, Gloria. They were in an empty bedroom circled around a bottle on the floor. Peter groaned,

 “Really? Spin the bottle Gwen?” He asked his drunk girlfriend and she chuckled at him and she spun the bottle and it landed on Peter and he had to laugh at that stroke of luck, he planted his lips

on Gwen while her girlfriends watched with heated eyes. Then it was his turn to spin it…and it landed on the sexy ebony cheerleader and she grinned at him, and pulled him in for a heated kiss,

 “He tastes great doesn’t he?” Gwen asked hotly to her friend who was clearly enjoying Peter’s lips. Once they seperated Peter was in heaven looking at 3 sexy ladies looking at him hotly…

   The Next Morning- 10 AM 

 Peter’s eyes snapped open as his mind was reeling from the extreme hangover he felt as he rubbed his forehead with both hands, he relaxed onto the bed and blinked several times to wet his dry eyes as he looked at the ceiling letting his eyes adjust to the clear sunny day, the start of 2013, January 1st. He shifted on the bed to rest his head, then he heard movement next to him and he smiled with his eyes closed and turned to cuddle with Gwen…then his eyes went wide feeling the unfamiliar smooth skin of the girl next to him and he slowly shifted to peer over the girl’s smooth shoulder and blonde hair, he didn’t recognize her…or the room he was currently in after a what was clearly a passionate night as he saw his clothes around the bed, he felt something under his nude butt and shifted to grab it, it was a black bra, he threw it aside as he slowly got off the bed and quietly got dressed. He left the room and walked around the small apartment as he peered at the attractive girl’s belongings.

  But then Peter heard snoring…a familiar sounding snore and he narrowed his eyebrows as he made his way to the bedroom, he carefully opened the door to find Gwen sleeping with crazed bed hair and drool coming out of her mouth, he almost laughed out loud but composed himself. He still had trouble recollecting the previous night…the last thing he remembered was chugging a keg of booze on a crazy dare. He decided to just let his brain rest as he went to the kitchen and started eating, a while later the fine blonde girl came into the kitchen…wearing only Peter’s button shirt from the night before, his eyes followed her as she walked to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of OJ. She smiled at him,

 “So…last night huh?” She asked him with lustful eyes matching her smile and he couldn’t help but blush, she chuckled at him,

 “So…you got a name? I never got one since you were practically on me since you walked in last night.” She said with a smirk and he blushed heavily as he turned into the shy boy he was when he first started talking to Gwen,

 “Its…it’s uh Peter, Peter Parker.” He said lamely and she smiled warmly at him,

 “Hey Peter Parker…my names Carol…Carol Danvers (Brie Larson). Pleasure to meet you” she said in a mocking tone as she held out her hand to him and he smiled at her as he shook it. He had to ask,

 “Can you….umm…tell me what happened last night?” He asked with a pained smile and she laughed at him,

 “Wow you really were out of it, I thought you were just pretending to use it as an excuse for sleeping with me. Anyways all I can tell you is what happened when you and Gwen got here” she said as she walked to the her living room and sat on the couch, Peter followed her and sat next to her,

 “Tell me…I need to retrace my steps” he said and she grinned at him,

 “Alright…okay so basically this is what happened..” 

   The Night Before- 2AM 

 Carol was relaxing on her couch watching the firework show still going in the city when there was a loud knock on her door,

 “Carol! Open up! This guy won’t get off me!” Shouted a familiar voice and Carol ran for the door and quickly opened it, Gwen stumbled inside and landed on her back while Peter was kissing her face and neck with passion while caressing her thighs and ass in tight jeans,

 “Hey Carol, meet my future husband ahhhh stop it seriously.” Gwen said sternly though she struggled not succumbing to Peter’s passion on her body. Then Carol pulled him off,

 “Alright romeo that’s enough” Carol said annoyed at the tall nerdy hipster…though she understood why Gwen would spread her legs for him. She helped Gwen get up from the floor,

 “I see you had fun at that party you mentioned earlier, how many times do I have to tell you to watch the booze? You know you’re a lightweight.” said Carol in an amusing tone as she helped her drunk friend get to her bedroom to crash for the night. As soon as Gwen was on the bed she nestled in and fell asleep, Carol chuckled at that and then heard a thump, she turned and went to the spare bedroom. She found Peter was undressing on the bed,

 “Hey wannabe hipster, you’re sleeping on the couch so get ahhhh” she shrieked when he pulled her to the bed and pinned her as he laid on top of her and started to roughly kiss her neck and grope her chest. Carol struggled to shake him off, despite months of physical training she couldn’t move this guy a single inch off her body, she groaned in protest as he kept kissing her neck and cheeks,

 “Gwen ohhh Gwen you taste different…ahhh like vanilla ahhhh” Peter said between lustful moans while Carol tried to move her lips away from his approaching ones but…he got her, he started to insert his tongue into her mouth and she gasped and groaned in his mouth. Then he started to dry hump Carol by spreading her legs as he nestled himself between them, 

“Hey got off! Get off! Ahhh ohhhh” She groaned when he started to bite at her neck and grip her bare thighs since she was wearing shorts and a plain shirt, Peter felt up her whole body eliciting moans from Carol as months without any physical contact has left her body yearning for attention,

 “Ahhh fuck it, let’s get this off” she said in a hot whisper as she pulled her shirt off revealing her nice melons, they were hard and had volume to them with Carol’s daily workouts prepping for the military, it gave her a toned body with abs starting to grow and her leg and arm muscles were clearly buldging from weight lifting, Peter kissed her neck then her breasts, he left wet kisses down her body and reached her sweats, he pulled them off with Carol raising her legs making it easier, she was bare, naked and heaving as a drunk Peter Parker started to position himself…then Carol’s eyes went wide when she remebered something,

 “Wait! I’m not on the.. Ahhhhh Oh My God ahhhh ohhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhh!” Carol started to moan and groan loudly while hugging Peter’s body with her arms and wrapping her legs around his back when he started to madly thrust into her. He was panting while really letting himself loose on Carol who had her face scrunched as he pussy was being pounded on….it didn’t even bother Carol that he kept calling her Gwen while letting out his moans of pleasure,

 “Ahhhh Gwen ohhhh Gwen you feel so wet ahhhh and so tight ahhhhhh Gwen Ahhhhh Gwen” Peter moaned into Carol’s ear making her already moist lips gush out even more. Despite him saying the wrong name, it was still Carol’s body that brought on this rapid stamina.  

    Peter kept his fast tempo on Carol while she dragged her nails down his back leaving marks, he groaned and started biting at her jiggling tits. She kept moaning and until…

  Present Day 

 “…you put so much cum in me my own juices couldn't get out, it all just mixed inside me” Carol finished her story to a wide eyed, shocked Peter Parker making her laugh at his expression. He just scoffed a laugh at himself for his hormonal action towards Gwen’s friend, he asked her if he was really that nuts after Flash’s party and she chuckled making him raise an eyebrow at her, 

“I don’t think you came from Flash’s place…cuz you said ‘wow that was just as good as ESU’, I had no idea what you meant but I’m guessing you and Gwen were there before you came here” said Carol while heading for her shower. Peter was simply rubbing his head trying to remember but was unable to, so he just got dressed and headed for the next clue. 

   Empire State University 

 Peter walked around the campus trying to jog a memory of last night, he literally asked random students ‘was I here last night?’ which got him several chuckles and laughs from them, but one of said they saw him in the admissions office…and Peter’s blood ran cold along with his skin becoming paler and paler…ESU was his dream college and now he was terrified he did something stupid in his drunk haze. 

  Admissions Office 

 Peter walked down the hallway of the office where apparently he was last night. Some people were there who told him to talk to the secretary as she may be able to help him since if he was in the office, she would have some documentation of it. Peter walked to the secretary’s desk which by the name plate he saw the name of the person was…Debra Witman….the name sounded familiar to Peter but once again it's like static in his brain, he waited for 5 minutes when a woman who looked like the sexy blonde actress Elizabeth Banks, with fine breasts and an ass that could crush a man’s dick, walked out of the office and she saw him….and smiled warmly at him making Peter begin to sweat,

 “Um…Hello…I was wondering if..” Peter’s question was cut off by the woman,

 “I was hoping you’d come back” she said happily with a smirk on her lips, Peter gulped as she walked to him…she swayed her fine firm hips,showing how her ass had volume and shape as it swayed with her hips.Then she grabbed his arm and pulled him into the office that turned out to be empty….

   15 Minutes Later 

 Peter couldn’t understand why….but he was enjoying the feeling so much he put it off his mind for now as he held the sexy hips of the woman who was grinding herself on his rod,

 “Ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh ohhhhh ahhhhhh oh Yeah ohhhh Yeah Like That ahhhhhh” Peter moaned as she kept grinding herself on his throbbing rob as he felt her wet walls hug him tightly down there as her hands were on his chest still covered by his shirt while he looked at her figure moving under the sexy black work skirt she wore and her chest shaking under her white button blouse and black blazer. She kept her fast grinding pace on his groin while gripping his shoulders to steady herself while moaning out like a whore,

 “Ahhhhh ahhhhh ohhhhh yeah ohhhhh yeah Peter ahhhhhh ughhhhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhh'' she moaned and groaned while feeling herself get stuffed by this young man’s powerful tool which was a great way to start to the day. They were both moaning from the mounting pleasure and Peter started to thrust his hips upwards and she responded by bouncing on him now, the office chair was squealing now and Peter opened her blouse and saw her fine juicy breasts in a purple bra and he started to kiss at her porcelain smooth skin and she gripped his head with her hands and shoved his face to her breasts and cleavage as she gasped and laughed happily at his wet kisses as he held her waist while she bounced on him harder, he groaned, 

“Jesus ahhhh you feel so tight ughhhh ahhhhhh ohhhhhh Debra ohhhhhh Debra ohhhhhhh” Peter’s moans became louder and louder as Debra kept increasing her bouncing and started to grind into his rod, thankfully only 3 to 4 people were in the building given the holidays so they could be as loud as they want…Peter felt the pressure building…he couldn’t hold on,

 “Debra ahhhh Debra ohhhhh Debra Debra ahhhhhhh” Peter groaned while wrapping her arms around the sexy blonde woman and hugged her close as he thrusted his hips while she grinded on him hard and was gasping louder and louder feeling her own end coming, 

 “Yes Yes Yes!! Ahhhhhh God Yes!!! Make Me forget about my husband ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh! MAKE ME FORGET ABOUT MY HUSBAND!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” She screamed out as she poured her juices all over his rod while Peter let out one last grunt and released himself inside, Debra felt the hot stream of sperm invade her insides and she sighed with a satisfied smile and held Peter close while caressing his brown hair and she kissed his neck. After a few minutes Peter put his shirt back on and pulled his pants back up while she lowered her skirt back down while buttoning up her blouse and fixed it to give the appropriate appearance. They walked out of the office with smiles on their faces,

 “So…what was that?” Peter asked her and Debra chuckled at him,

 “My way of thanking you for last night….my husband…I mean my soon to be ex-husband finally signed the damn papers ending our marriage…thanks to you and your….strong and powerful fists” she said with lust while feeling up his arms and biceps with a smile. Peter blushed under gaze and touch, it's clear he helped this woman the night before so that was enough for him…he still had to ask,

 “Um..Debra, any chance I told you why I was here…and where I was before I came here?” He asked carefully and she simply smiled at him as she fixed her blazer and went back to her desk,

 “I think you came from a party….your blonde companion was vomiting in the girl’s bathroom while you were helping me. But I think you went somewhere else after leaving here…you said something handling something at home” Debra said in a helpful tone and Peter smiled at her,

 “Thanks, it’ll…any chance…” Peter’s question was cut off when she gave him her business card..with her number and address, Peter smiled broadly at her and left ESU. 

    Queens-1 PM

   Peter made his way back, Gwen had called and said she would be heading home to keep sleeping through her hangover, so Peter decided to follow the trail and went back to his neighborhood. He actually got a hit of Deja Vu while walking down his block, then a voice sounded out,

 “Hey” Peter looked to his left and his eyes went wide as he gulped,

“Ready for round 2?” The red-head asked him as she undid her robe and revealed her nude form slightly…Peter could see a breast, with a hard nipple, and her pussy. She winked at him as she went inside and left the door slightly open…an obvious invitation…Peter gulped again and walked up the wooden stairs,walked in….and gently closed the door. 

    4:00 PM

 The bed was shaking, their bodies sweating on each other heavily, Peter gripped her bouncing waist, she gripped his shoulders to steady herself…they were both about to explode…they had been at it for awhile now…

 “…Ohhhh Yeah Take it baby Take it ahhhhh ohhhhh oh my god yeah yeah yeah ahhhhhhh ohhhhhh ughhhhhhh” She groaned loudly with one last bounce on his rod and Peter let out a loud moan as they both released into each other with full smiles on their faces, she pulled herself off him and collapsed on the bed right next to him, they were both breathless and were panting to catch air into their lungs. Once they calmed down, they looked at each other, and laughed like crazy, he reached out and gripped a tit, soft and pale, with a bright pink areola and hard nipple, she giggled at that touch,

 “Where did you learn those moves? I was trying hard not to cum too soon” Peter said to her in amazement and she giggled again at his complement,

“You should know….you’re the first who has ever made me have an orgasm” she said to him hotly and he blushed at her, they leaned in to kiss when…a knock on the door. They both groaned in annoyance and she got up, put on a black robe, Peter spanked her nice squishy ass as she walked out of the room and went to the door. She opened it and put on a fake smile,

 “Happy New Year May” she said to May Parker who was at her front door with a bottle of champagne and a smile,

 “Happy New Year Anna, how about we pop this baby open huh?” She asked to Anna Watson, she played a sorry face towards May,

 “Oh I’m sorry May…MJ’s not feeling very well since….well you know, partying all night and drinking, but I’ll take that and hang on to it okay, bye” Anna said to May in a quick tone giving the appearance of being busy in the home, she also took the bottle from May and just closed her door without waiting for a response. She went back to the bedroom and closed the door. She and Peter were drinking right from the large bottle while watching Jackass, guess that’s where MJ gets it from. They just relaxed and drank…while Anna had a hand under the sheets pulling on his rod, while he groaned and had a hand on her tit,twisting the nipple making her moan while she kept tugging on his rod jacking him off. She took a big zip from the bottle and went faster with her tugging, she felt the hot cum land on her hand and fingers, he smiled at her. Then he went under the covers…and he gripped her legs and pulled her down slightly earning a laugh from Anna…then her head landed on her pillow,she started to moan and grip her own breasts with her hands while Peter’s mouth was in between her legs while he caressed her ass, he pushed his tongue inside her already wet lips and swirled them around her pink slit. She bucked her hips into his mouth while moaning softly at his touches to her thighs,waist…then his hands reached out from under the blankets and started to caress her medium sized tits, they weren’t big, but they weren’t small which was awesome for being 60 years old and she had the looks of a fine redhead milf who, in truth be told…..was the first person Peter had ever masterbaited to….

   5 Years Ago -Summer 

  Peter was working in the Watson backyard garden with Anna Watson and his close friend MJ, MJ had gone in to use the bathroom and Peter had turned around the ask Ms.Watson which seed to plant in the pot when…he saw her black panties..showing slightly as she was kneeling down while cutting weeds out in her cargo shorts and white plain shirt…Peter gulped as he looked at her butt move,he watched her panties move with her ass…he snapped out of it and continued working…that night…he tugged on his own rod to the memory of Anna Watson’s butt. 

     Present Day 

   Peter kept licking Anna’s pussy as she kept bucking her hips while he pinched both her nipples…she moaned louder and louder…Peter shot up from the covers and started to kiss her while aligning himself.

  Stacy Apartment

Gwen woke up with a searing headache and went to her medicine cabinet in her bathroom and took some pills to help calm it down. She turned to her toilet and vomited, she groaned from the feeling and brushed her teeth before going back to her bed, she laid there waiting for the pills to kick in.

  Parker Residence- 8:00 PM 

 Peter walked out of the Waston home, he shared a few glasses of champagne with Anna and they went another round. He walked in and saw his Aunt wasn’t home, he walked upstairs and decided to jack off and cum on her panties so he went into her bedroom….and his eyes went wide and his cock sprung to action. His Aunt May was bound to the bed, her hands tied above her on the bedpost, her legs spread out and tied as well, she had a gag in her mouth and was looking at him in fear, then the previous flashed in his mind…he grinned like a madman at her,

 “Now I remember….I was teaching you a lesson…let’s continue” he said as he unzipped his pants and removed his shirt…May was struggling to free herself from the binds as she saw Peter hover over her body..then…


 Peter undid the binds and May’s legs and arms just collapsed on the bed, her whole limp and covered in sperm while both holes were oozing with cum since she was filled up, he removed the gag from her mouth and gave her a wet kiss…she moaned into his mouth, and he walked out the bedroom as she laid there completely limp.

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