Parker and Stacy(s)

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“So…what did you want to talk about….crazy white haired lady with two big guns at her sides?” Was all Peter could say seeing how Nat basically cornered him with Silver Sable in the same plan as them, Nat sat next to Peter and put a supporting hand on his shoulder,

 “I promise you, I wouldn’t have arranged this if I thought it wasn’t worth your time. Just listen to what she has to say…trust me you’ll be surprised.” She said and Peter could tell she meant it so he looked at the woman sitting opposite of him with a smile and he sighed,

 “Alright….what exactly do you want?” He asked her and she put her hands together and now her expression was one Peter had not seen before,

 “Simply put….I need your Spider-Man.” She said and now Peter raised an eyebrow at that,

 “Huh?” Was all he said and Sable sighed to herself,

 “Listen…I understand you are a vigilante in New York City and so your daily duty is to protect and save as many as you can, correct?” She asked Peter who nodded to her,

 “Well that job we performed at that villa has left the Mafia, my previous employers, essentially scrambling away to make money by any means being that their resupply won’t be occurring for a prolonged period of time. Do you understand where I am going with this?” Sable asked him and he sighed and rubbed his head in frustration,

 “Don’t tell me….they went old school and started robbing places, people, and even murders to settle debts..” he replied and Sable nodded,

 “Yes…now this part will interest you most…” she started and Peter now gave her his full attention,

 “Yes I am employed by Wilson Fisk and yes he is engaged in a war with Hammerhead, but the only violence he has committed has been in retaliation. Rather than fight him in a public street in the city he hired a mercenary to go to Brazil and disrupt his enemy’s organization,then there’s the fact that he does commit criminal acts but they are economic and have zero bloodshed whereas The Mafia have been a violent nuisance for years.” Sable finished and Peter narrowed his eyes at her,

 “Okay so what….is that your recruitment speech?” He asked with a smirk and she rolled her eyes,

 “Fisk simply want to meet with you Spider-Man, I don’t know why or what purpose for but I believe he means no harm to you….he has not issued any violent requests towards you.” She said and Peter looked at Nat,

 “What do you think?” He asked her,

 “Well….I think it’s your choice.” She replied and Peter sighed again…


“You really suck Natasha..” Gwen said with annoyance as she led the way for the others to head outside into the waiting cars on the street,

 “Sorry but I just wanted Peter to myself.” Nat replied and Felicia shot a smirk at the redhead and Peter who walked next to her and they sneered at her to keep quiet. They made it out and they were greeted by May who helped the trio put their belongings away and they got in the car…except one,

 “Come on Peter.” Gwen said but Peter gave her a small apologetic smile and she smiled warmly in return and she already knew to feel under her seat and sure enough she felt the strap of a familiar bag,she pulled up his bag and passed it to him,

 “Back to work already huh.” She said with a smirk and a wink to which Peter sighed happily seeing her mannerisms,

 “Yeah…sorry for heading out already..” he replied and Gwen hugged him tightly,

 “Just be careful,” she said and she pulled away then pulled him close for a kiss and he moaned into her mouth,

 “I love you.” They said in unison and they giggled to each other, Gwen gave Peter one final

peck and he ran off to find a spot. 


Peter loved being back in his red and blue suit swinging around the city listening for sirens, he knew he had to make up for lost time and since it was past 3, school was over for the day so he was gonna spend his afternoon on patrol. He swung around Manhattan just doing his usual thing: listen for sirens, follow them, then help with whatever situation is happening which is usually robbery, car chase, or fire in a building and he would help evacuate the residents and put out the flames by swinging up and down with the hose which greatly helped put it out the fire faster before it could spread, the weather in New York was starting to warm up a bit with it being February…..

 “Shit!” Peter said to himself….he totally forgot about Valentine's Day which is a few days from now…he had to think of something great to get Gwen, then he heard more sirens and put that thought on his to-do list as he swung towards the cars. 


 “So how were things there while I was away dwebs?” Gwen said with a happy smile to her brothers as they ate burgers and french fries their dad had brought them, they ate in the dining room while George worked in his home office. The siblings just relaxed with each other,

 “It was the same old same old, just without a certain someone hogging the bathroom in the morning.” Howard replied to Gwen’s question with a smirk and Gwen gave him a mock smile,

 “Whatever, how about things with Mom and Dad?” She asked and her brothers shared a certain with each other which of course made Gwen narrow her eyes at her younger brothers,

 “What? What is it?” She asked them flat out and Phillip responded,

 “Well….we overheard Dad arguing with Mom on the phone last night…” he said and Gwen let out a groan and fell back against the chair,

 “Are you kidding me, they got divorced and they still fight? Wasn’t he supposed to move out already?” She asked aloud and Simon answered,

 “He showed us his new place over the weekend, it’s pretty cool…it even has rooms for all of us and we can decorate it however we want.” Simon replied with a excited smile which made Gwen smile at her little brother’s excitement,

 “Then what did they fight about?” She asked them and they shrugged,

 “Great…” Gwen said with sarcasm to their non useful answer which brought a chuckle to all of them,they calmed down and kept eating,

 “But I heard him say Peter’s name a few times.” Simon said out of nowhere which made Gwen spit out her soda. 


“…..and you’re certain he will come?” Fisk asked Sable again,

“Yes, he has a habit of being late but he will come. He is a man of his word.” Sable replied which brought a smirk from Tess who was also there with them,

 “You sound like you have a connection with him.” Tess said to Sable who scoffed off her comment,

 “Not in the way your tone implies.” She said to her,

 “Well then where is he? Is he eating a jar of flies or something?” Tess shot back,

 “Hey! That’s kinda racist you know.” Someone said from behind and all three turned to see the web-head lean against the edge,

 “I may be half Spider but I still have ‘Man’ in the name, so I eat the same as all the rest of you…speaking of which, got any Pizza?” He asked them and Tess and Sable looked at Wilson with a certain look,

 “Are you sure, this guy?” Tess asked Fisk who nodded and approached Spider-Man with a hand outstretched as a greet and he took it and shook hands with him,

 “So…is this a job interview, cuz I forgot my resume in my other spandex suit.” Spider-Man said and Sable groaned and pinched the bridge of her eyebrows,

 “Just be quiet and listen to his proposal..or I’ll describe your face to him” she said and Spider-Man put his hands up in mock surrender before Fisk spoke,

 “Sable informed me she explained the basics: I just need you to keep your crime fighting going, just focus more on a particular gang roaming all over the city, you understand?” He asked and Spider-Man huffed,

 “Yeah…you want me to screw with Hammerhead’s business right, and what do you benefit from it?” He asked the large man in the white suit that actually made him look menacing with his death glare that genuinely unnerved Peter a bit and he could swear his spider-sense was fuzzing a bit in his head,

 “Essentially yes, and my benefit is that I will be able to purchase all of the Mafia’s properties for my own financial purposes once they are all incarcerated or fled the city,I simply plan to make more money from remodeling.” Fisk replied and Spider-Man crossed his arms,

 “I’ll admit….from what I heard about the apartment fire you handle your business through economic means while Hammerhead uses brute force and petty ways to gain cash. But I don’t like the idea of working for a financial crime boss…” he said and Fisk nodded in support of his internal dilemma,

 “That’s understandable, after all you’ve chosen the role of the hero whereas I am a man seeking fortune through improper nonviolent methods.” He said and Peter huffed at that,

 “Nonviolent?dude you hired Silver here and her goons to track me and to stir up trouble.” He snapped at Fisk and this time Tess spoke up,

 “All done in retaliation, Hammerhead has been hitting his money spots for months now and he also interfered with his condo construction plans in numerous areas of the city which involve the injury of our third part construction teams who are just doing their jobs and the civilians around the area are also collateral damage.” Tess said sternly to Spider-Man and he rubbed his masked head in annoyance….things really have gotten out of hand….and yet he still had an idea to try out here,

 “Okay how about this..” he started catching Fisk, Tess, and Sable’s attention,

 “We’ll help each other…..I’ll deal with the gangsters who are causing trouble since they are hurting innocent bystanders and even setting buildings on fire so I’ll stop them when I see them, and you can help me with something since you have Sable here at your beck and call.” He said and he could feel Sable’s death glare for the last thing he said but Wilson paid no mind to that and asked,

“What exactly do you want?” He asked the masked person,

 “Well….simply put…To leave a certain someone alone….you’re clearly not an idiot so I’m sure you know….” he said in a knowing tone to Fisk who narrowed his eyes at him,

 “Well….how about this counter offer….help me deal with the Mafia and put Hammerhead behind bars and I’ll pay you handsomely and I won’t harm the Captain while we have a partnership…I’ll even throw in a little sweet reward should your performance be exceptional.” Fisk replied and Peter knew once things were done between them he’d have to save George from Fisk but at least he can get him to back off for now so Peter went with it….


Peter decided to patrol around his area since it was very late now and he had school tomorrow which will surely have lots of makeup work waiting for him from all his classes, plus he had to come up with a gift to Gwen and he did have a few ideas but he really wants to do something special for her so he’ll keep brainstorming. He swung all around the streets just waiting for anything to happen when he heard a store alarm go off and he made way to the sound, he came to a jewelry store and he saw a figure run to a empty house that is for sale and he went in through the window, he looked around and then he heard a catcall whistle behind him, he groaned,

 “Cat….what are you doing?” He asked as he turned to see Black Cat holding a bag of what was clearly the stolen goods in one hand with her other hand resting on the wall….she always looked appealing in her tight sight and eye mask…she purred at the sight of the red and blue superhero,

 “Saw you were working tonight….thought I’d help you ease back into it…” she said with a sly grin and she even wiggled her boobs a bit to entice him but Peter had another idea,

 “Actually you caught me a great time cat.” He said with a happy tone and Felicia was excited now,

 “Really!? Awesome! No need for foreplay.” She said already dropping the bag to start unzipping her suit but Peter caught her hands to stop her,

 “No! Not that! Jeez cool down will ya.” He said and Lesh let out a groan of her own,

 “Seriously? What the hell?” She asked and Spider-Man took the bag of jewelry,

 “I need your help with planning Gwen’s valentine’s day gift, after I drop this off.” He said and turned to walk away when he was pulled back by Cat,

 “Ohh no way dude.” She started complaining,

 “If I’m gonna help you swoon your girlfriend then you’re gonna have to swoon me.” She said with a smirk and dark eyes though her mask and Spider-Man shrugged,

 “Fine whatever, just not right now I have to drop this off and I still want to get in an hour or two of patrol before I head home.” He said and webbed a window open and jumped out and went on his way leaving Black Cat alone,

 “….I am getting fat or something?” She asked herself and looked over her body. 


     Peter went back to working out his body through nightly crime fighting, he swung around the streets and he was clearly a crime detergent since anyone who saw him swing by usually ran for home so at least they weren’t causing trouble on the street so the only thing Peter had to worry about are car related accidents, fires or….any crazy suited bad guys which is something Peter should check up on too since Sable no longer works for Hammerhead it’s only a matter of time before he finds anyone else,


Peter put the thought aside once he heard a firetruck and followed it to a restaurant on fire, he immediately swung inside through the window and looked around through the dense flames and falling debris as the fire spread and escalated the collapse of the building….he saw an unconscious server and bartender, he went to them and put them both over his shoulders and with one strong jump he cleared out through the broken window and landed on the street where the ambulance had arrived just in time, he left them to be traded and went back in. 


Ater the restaurant fire, Peter helped with a runaway car before it reached an intersection, and with a stuck 18-wheeler truck, he even helped with a john who was getting rough with a pro, much to her surprise and offered….a reward to Spider-Man though he kindly declined and left, so now he just looked around the mostly empty streets and he figured he should head home and get some rest….after a few more rounds of patrol.


Peter arrived back home dressed in his regular clothes after stopping some more muggings and break ins around Queens, he yawned feeling the workout he put his body through in just a few hours….next time he needs to do some crunches while on vacation, he quietly entered his dark home since cleary everyone was asleep already,he went straight upstairs, into his room, and undressed to prep for a shower and when he walked by the other rooms he saw his Aunt was asleep in her room while Helen was asleep in the guest room which he smiled at. After a few minutes of showering Peter dried up and went back into his room as quiet as he could to not disturb anyone, he got to his room and he rolled his eyes with a smirk when he went in and closed the door,

 “Go home Felicia, I wanna go to bed.” He said to the clearly naked woman under his bed sheets as he went to his closet,

 “Great timing, I’ll help you get a good night’s rest.” She replied with a happy tone and smile and Peter looked over his shoulder with narrow eyes, Felicia huffed and sat up letting the sheets fall exposing her bare tits and showed off a certain accessory, and Peter huffed and rubbed his temple,

 “Why you gotta pull that on me..” he said more to himself which made Hardy giggle as she waved her hand around with a huge smirk,

 “That’s right….A husband should fuck his wife when she asks….especially if he wants her to help him with his Girlfriend’s present.” Felicia said as she wiggled her eyebrows at him and he sighed again….then he pulled down his boxers and exposed his nude form to her and Felicia purred at the sight of his hard body…in fact she pulled him into bed when he got close and just smothered him with kisses and caressed his chest while Peter let out his laughs at her hungry nature as she kept kissing him and he gripped her butt with his hands under the sheets to which she giggled at,

 “You Married Me Peter Parker… you know how many men yearn for a piece of this?” She asked between kisses while his rode gained strength and rubbed against her thigh…


“So she’s back huh? What has she been up to lately?” Hammerhead asked Montana who was smoking a cigar while his crew played poker while smoking their own cigars, Ox let out a big cloud of smoke before answering,

 “She went to the Fatman’s building in Manhattan and unless you want us to tear the place apart we stayed out and waited for her to come out but she didn’t.” He said and then Fancy Dan interjected,

 “We think she’s in there planning somethin with Fisk being that she clearly is his lackey now and not yours, you better beliebe she’s gonna rat out your drugspots to him.” He said and Hammerhead grunted as a response then he looked at Montana,

 “So what do you plan to do?” He asked him and the mercenary smirked at his employer,

 “Depends….you want us to make it quick for her or….drag it out?” He asked, already knowing the answer based on Hammerhead’s wicked smile. 


“So that’s the agreement? He gets paid and you leave the Captain alone?” Asked Tess in confirmation as they sat in his office in the lightly lit room in the dark night of New York, Fisk tapped his glass,

 “Well we worked out certain details once you and Sablinova left us alone on the roof…..essentially I cannot lay a harmful finger on Captain Stacy for sleeping with my wife and trying to steal my money along with escalating the Mafia’s retaliation, also his payment is something else…something surprising.” He replied and now Tess had a look of curiosity at that statement,

 “What was his request?” She asked him and he let out a chuckle as he took a sip of his drink,

 “He wants me to help him protect certain people…though he won’t say who unless it’s required.” He said and that’s when Tess realized something,

 “Hold on….you don’t know his own name?” She asked and he shook his head as an answer,

 “Then why work with him? Why won’t he tell you if he’s agreed to work with you?” She asked,

 “Well Sable has seen his face but a major part of our partnership is that she is not to divulge such information to me whether I ask her or torture her which I won’t of course but he wants his identity to remain secret at all times.” He said and now Tess let out a scoff,

 “Wilson I’m surprised you’ve chosen to align with an immature wannabe superhero to handle these issues with the Mafia.” She said and Fisk let out a laugh,

 “Careful Lutessa….you’re starting to sound like Vanessa, and Spider-Man has already gone to work as agreed….” He started and now Tess was focused on him,he smiled at her as he inched closer,

 “Sable’s been ghosting him since he left the roof. He’s already been handling the recruits of the mob by scaring them off the streets….and he helped prevent another apartment building from collapsing, I’m sure he doesn’t know it’s owned by a member of Hammerhead’s inner circle but now that it’s being bought out and put to auction by the banks….it’s mine for the taking especially after I can ensure complete renovation after that fire and at cheaper price.” Fisk said with a smile and Tess let out laugh of her own,

 “I guess I was wrong….you do make wise decisions….and he is useful for something..” she said and put her hand on his and gave him a certain look along with her smile of want, Fisk sighed and moved his hand away,

 “Lutessa…I am still married, and even though my whore of a wife is having an affair I still wish to remain true to my own vows.” He said with a apologetic smile and Tess sighed to herself then a small smile appeared on her lips,

 “….so….once you file for divorce…” she said and he smiled back,

 “….once Spider-Man puts The Mafia behind bars…I’ll serve Vanessa the papers for divorce and execute the Captain….then her in some ‘tragic car accident’ .” He replied and both shared evil smiles with their dark eyes of intention.


George sighed heavily as he thought of what he had to do to get some answers about the video and Helen’s whereabouts, though he knew this would break Gwen should she find out but George had to get answers, at least in this case he can get somewhere being that him and Vanessa were on the outskirts about what to do next now that Jefferson was clearly dead and gone but luckily they had enough money to fund another heist but their history predicts another failure, he finished getting ready in his uniform and went on his way out, Helen had said she’d be there by 6 to make the kids breakfast and to double check that George had only packed his things and not hers before he left to go live in his new apartment that was close to the precinct. 


“Peter….honey….are you awake?” A gentle soft voice stirred Peter from his barley 2 hour nap, he blinked his eyes several times and saw that luckily Felicia had left afterwards and now Helen was standing next to him, he smiled at her as he rubbed his eyes,

 “Hey Ms.Stacy, what’s up?” He asked and noted she was in her tight mom jeans with a regular old baggy sweater….well his baggy old sweater, she licked her lips before speaking,

 “Well…um….I was just wondering if…if…you can give me a quick ride to the apartment?” She asked with a pained smile knowing she interrupted his slumber, Peter chuckled and rubbed his eyes again before giving Helen a smirk,

 “I’m gonna make you scream.” He said with a smile and Helen looked nervous now…


“Ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhh Ohhhh My Goddd!!!” Helen let out her screams as Peter held her in his arm as he swung them fast past buildings and poles, Peter did make Helen scream and she made the mistake of looking down which only made her scream more which made Peter laugh,

 “Don’t worry Helen, we’re almost there!” He said to her and she nuzzled her head into his spandex covered chest. After another minute of fast traveling they landed on the roof,

 “ughhh I hate you for that.” Helen said with annoyance and Peter laughed under the mask,

 “Hahaha come on Helen you asked for a fast ride back here.” He said with chuckles escaping his voice and Helen playfully pushed him,

 “Just get changed while I go down and get things ready for Gwen and the boys.” She said with a smile and spanked Peter’s tight butt as she went on her way down. 


“Alright guys hurry up or you’ll be late.” Helen said as she placed the dishes into the sink while her kids collected their belongings to head to school, Peter came up next to her,

 “Let me clean them…you check on the others.” He said to her and she gave him an appreciative smile as she went to her sons,

 “Alright boys, you got everything?” She asked them and they all nodded, 

 “So Mom is it true they changed the play into a talent show instead at school?” Howard asked her and she nodded,

 “Yep, I managed to convince them that a talent show would be better since it’ll be more inclusive by having the students and faculty do a show of pure entertainment since last time we did Cinderella….well.” Helen said with a roll of her eyes at the memory of hearing several snores in the audience during the show that one year…though that surely won’t happen this year since it won’t be a full on play being put on,

 “So I can enter it!?” Simon asked with excitement and Gwen came up behind her little brother and patted his shoulder,

 “That’s right little brother, you can do your Spidey show.” She said with a happy smile and Simon cheered making his family laugh loving at the 7 year old’s excitement, Peter looked back with a curious smile,

 “What Spidey show?” He asked and both Gwen and Helen winked at him,

 “I’ll tell you later.” They said in unison creating a silence for a minute….

 “Jinx!” Simon shouted, breaking the silence and making everyone laugh. After a minute Phillip spoke up,

 “So Mom, are you coming to our school again?” He asked and she nodded,

 “Yeah I’m gonna stop by around 11 and check in with the planning committee on the items we need for the students who need props for their segments.” She replied and then Gwen spoke up,

 “If you need any help, I officially volunteer Peter here.” She said with a smirk and Peter chuckled as he cleaned the dishes,

 “Noted, and of course he’s invited to the show as well.” She said and Peter looked back,

 “When is it?” He asked,

 “Not for a while, and I could use your help with something right now.” She replied and then she looked at the boys,

 “Okay boys go on, the bus will be here soon so move it.” She said and boys of course started a race to see who got there first, Gwen went up behind Peter and kissed his cheek,

 “I love a man who does chores…”she whispered and licked his ear making him giggle, she kissed his cheek again,

 “I’ll see you at school, you and my mom need to talk.” She said and she left them alone after grabbing her bag,coat, and her beanie then she exited the apartment. Helen went up next to Peter and helped finish the dishes,

 “So what did you need to talk about?” He asked and she sighed as she dried the dishes and set them aside,

 “Well George is asking me questions about the night I dropped you off in Queens…like why I took so long, why did I stay at a motel…was I alone.” She said and Peter nodded in thought,

 “Then he actually showed me a goddamn security photo of me in a store buying some drinks.” She said and now Peter’s eyes went wide,

 “You don’t think anything of me do you?” He asked and Helen shook her head,

 “No way, you were careful to not look recognizable and we went in different directions afterwards too and he would’ve shot you dead already if he knew.” She said and Peter nodded in agreement,

“You’re right, my spider-sense would’ve gone off, anyway I guess we’ll wait it out for him to give up, I should head to school now I gotta make up for some days I missed, I’ll see later.” He said and he gave Helen a goodbye kiss as he grabbed his bag and went on his way though he heard Helen say,

 “Call me when you have free time.” Which he grinned at as he left out to head to Midtown High, though the thought of George Stacy arresting him for whatever reason sent a chill down his spine.


Peter grabbed the last of his things for Chemistry and shut his locker then he got a bear hug from behind,

 “Parker! Where have you been?” Flash asked with Friday enthusiasm in his voice…..Peter still couldn’t believe things had evolved between him and Flash…after his uncle passed well….at least things are better between them now,

 “I was out sick, really bad stomach flu.” Peter replied and Flash nodded with a certain smirk,

 “Right….and Gwen just happened to be ‘visiting family’ the same time you were gone….” He said and Peter let out a scoff laugh,

 “Hey it ain’t what you think okay, Gwen called me several times while she was away.” He lied and Flash just chuckled and fist bumped his shoulder,

 “Yeah sure man whatever, just make sure to use a condom…you have no idea how many of these chicks get knocked up and hey least you came back when Ms.Rushman did too….now we got something to pay attention to in English. Later Parker!“ Flash said with a smirk as he left to head to his class and Peter shouted ‘Later’, then he felt a tap on his shoulder and he smiled warmly when he turned,

 “Shall we?” Asked Gwen and Peter nodded with a smile and offered his hand which she happily took in hers and made their way to class. 


After a few classes, and much needed make up work being done and turned in thanks to their united super genius intellect, Peter and Gwen had a free period and lucky for them it was right before lunch making their free time extend up to an hour…Peter had a great idea on how to spend it but he was caught off guard,

 “Huh!? You don’t wanna…?” He asked shyly and Gwen giggled and kissed his cheek,

 “Not now sweetie…I have to handle some things here…” she pointed a thumb behind her and Peter saw that some of her friends were waiting for her and….staring at him with eyes he only saw on Gwen when she was in heat, 

 “Okay umm….are they okay?” He asked her and she chapped her lips,

 “Umm…just let me handle it okay sweetie, now you go handle something for me will you? I’d say you got at least an hour to spare.” She asked and he nodded with a smile. 


Peter helped Carol sort out her boxes that will be going into storage while she is away, he left two heavy boxes and walked them to the closet she had asked him to put them in and she couldn’t help but be admired by his strength and his bulging biceps and forearms as he carried them,

 “I gotta ask, what’s your secret? Like how did you get those guns exactly?” Carol asked with humor and a matching smile and Peter grinned at her as she packed up another box,

 “Honestly just diet and exercise.” He said lamely and she scoffed,

 “Hey it’s true I swear, after all it’s easier for guys to get toned isn’t it.” He said more than asked with a smirk and she huffed and shrugged,

 “Guess you’re right about that, did I say thanks yet for helping me with this crap?” Carol asked with a smile and Peter nodded,

 “Yep right when I got here and when I lifted 3 boxes into the back.” He said with a chuckle and Carol giggled, something Peter hadn’t heard yet from her, and she looked cute in her grey sweatpants and matching hoodie….she had the look of a college girl yet here she was preparing to head out for basic training in the summer,

“So any other things you need help with?” Peter asked her and she hummed in thought,

 “Hmmm….nope just this last box and that’s it, but I can handle it so you can head out now if you want.” Carol replied and Peter went to her,

 “You sure, I can handle the box for you, I don’t mind.” He said reaching for the box and Carol stopped him,

 “No it’s okay Parker, I got it.” She said and Peter just shrugged and was heading for her door when,

 “Wait!” Carol said and Peter turned around,

 “Can you help me with my sink?….I suck at plumbing…” Carol said with an embarrassed smile and Peter laughed as he went to follow her to the sink in need of repair. 


Gwen had wanted to enjoy her free period but now she was stuck in a questionnaire by her friends because of blabbermouth Watson, right now she was just trying to read at the bleachers since the weather had warmed up a bit but she was facing heavy distraction,

 “Come on Gwen can I please??” Her friend Liz asked annoyingly for what was the 20th time and Gwen huffed and slammed her book shut,

 “Just tell me what exactly MJ told you and what you want Liz.” Gwen demanded from the blonde and gave her an innocent smile,

 “Basically that you and Mr.Stud have a open relationship and I just want to see why you limp

so much after hanging out with him.” Liz Allan (Alice Eve) replied and Gwen huffed…then she looked up and groaned seeing two others approach,

 “Don’t tell me…” she started and her friend interjected,

 “Yeah Girl we wanna fuck your boyfriend cuz word it he has a huge package so I wanna test drive that adorable puppy til I cum all over.” Gloria Grant (Tika Sumpter) spoke out her truth and their friend Julie (Alison Brie) just gawked at her,

 “God Gloria we agreed to ease into it…” she said with embarrassment and Gwen just rolled her eyes at her,

 “Shut Up Julie, at least she says what she wants now. Do I even need to say that you all have boyfriends!” She sneered at them and they all shrugged nonchalant,

 “Flash and I broke up a few days ago so I’m on the rebound.” Liz said with a smile,

 “Kenny's been so busy with his damn friends and football that he’s been blowing me off for 2 weeks now so….I need to get a release.” Gloria said her piece and Gwen looked at Julie,

 “Roy and I have been dating for a month so it’s nothing serious.” She said as if it had no meaning and Gwen just sighed into her hand,

 “Where the hell’s MJ?” She asked with another groan and Julie spoke up,

 “She’s in her Bio class right now.” She answered and Gwen licked her lips and sighed,

 “Alright so let me get me straight…you guys really want to sleep with my boyfriend? My own friends? And you expect me to be cool about it?” She asked them with genuine surprise and all three of her friends looked at one another for a moment and then they looked at her,

 “Yep.” They said in unison and she huffed,

 “Hey MJ bragged about banging Peter first so why not let us Gwen?” Gloria asked her friend and Gwen was stuck now….but then she had an idea,

 “Tell you what….let’s make a deal guys.” She said catching their interests. 


George stopped by his new place to grab something he forgot, the argument he had with Helen the day before was useful to decide what he’d do next, he basically confronted Helen over her absence that one night and how she spent money on a motel and some items to which she lied and said she was by herself and to entrap her he asked what time she dropped off Parker and her answer would be used to find the next clue and he had to talk to Peter. George sighed heavily at the thought of having that talk with Peter but he has to, he and Vanessa have also decided what to do about the whole Jefferson thing which he will handle later on and not to mention another way to gain some money now that the Police ball event will happen on Valentine’s Day so he has a plan on how to use the event to his advantage. 


“I assume you’ve begun surveillance on our assets?” Fisk asked over the phone as he reviewed some documents for his new construction plans in Harlem, an old apartment complex that will work best for redevelopment and the drugs dealers inside will have to find a new drop spot for their supplies, 

  “Of course, I know where he currently is and it’s not relevant right now since later on will be the hour he goes to work.” Sable replied through the phone and Fisk huffed,

 “So you are aware of his identity though as agreed between you and him you cannot reveal such details….you can understand hwl this irritates me Silver…” Fisk said with a annoyed tone and Sable just brushed it off,

 “I do but you hired me as a third party and any relays I make are my own as well as any agreements I make and who I make them with…all that matters is that I kept my word didn’t I, you wanted to me to bring him to you and I have so entrust me to handle him.” Sable said in a voice that showed she was not one to bullshit nor bully around and Fisk was impressed,

 “Alright Sable…I hope you can handle this individual.” He replied and hung up. 


Peter landed on the balcony and opened up Gwen’s window to get in, he stopped by after helping Carol out with her sink and though she offered a quickie as a relaxer he declined and said he had to get back to school….though he had another appointment to keep,

 “Helen?” He called out and walked out into the hall and called her again, it was empty and silent in the Stacy home so he pulled out his phone and made a call,

 “Hey I’m at your place? Where are you?” He asked Helen and she groaned,

 “Why didn’t you tell me sooner? I’m here at Simon’s school putting together the last stages of the show’s schedule and snack stands, I won’t be home til 2.” Helen replied and Peter groaned too…


Peter went inside though the side door in the back in his regular clothes again after high tailing it back from Gwen’s place, he managed to make it right when Lunch was about to end and he caught sight of Gwen at her locker grabbing some books and she must have sensed him cuz,

 “You're gonna just stand there or are you gonna come kiss your girlfriend?” She asked with a smile not even glancing away from her locker and she giggled when she heard fast footsteps and he hugged her close from behind and kissed her cheek, she sighed happily at the feeling,

 “Thanks for helping Carol, she texted me telling me how I’m lucky to have found such a helpful man.” Gwen said in a slight braggy tone for herself and he just smiled at her and she bit her lip,

 “So listen…I’m gonna pimp you out okay…” she said and Peter just gawked at her,

 “Huh!?” He asked with shock. 


“Wait what?! What do you mean? Are you sure?” Rio asked each question with her voice rising from pure shock,

 “Yes Ms.Morales….It appears that your checking account has been emptied and a large amount of your savings has been withdrawn as well.” The bank teller told Rio with a matching tone of shock over this strange occurance. Rio paced back and forth while a million thoughts went through her head as she felt the red rage growing inside her,

 “When did this happen?” She asked,

 “According to this…a few days ago.” The teller answered and Rio sighed heavily and rubbed her head, she had rent, bills, and Miles’ school supplies for the following year since he’ll be starting 2nd grade and clearly Rio was now on her own….and without her hard earned money….she huffed and hung up on the teller to call up Jessica. 


Peter was still in disbelief over what Gwen had told him…he couldn’t understand what brought her to suggest adding more women to their little, well it’s not so little anymore, fuck family. Though Gwen did mention how she is still in charge and even gripped his groin again to reaffirm her position, after that she told him to escort one of her friend’s home after school and to head to her place around 8 for a Stacy Pizza Night with Helen and the boys, although George will also be there since he and Helen had agreed to try to keep things peaceful for the boys and she wants him there since he is part of family now to which Peter kissed her lovingly for saying….but he had to admit something….he was planning out his Spidey schedule for right after and possibly the following morning,

 “Mr.Parker!” Ms.Rushman snapped Peter out of his mind that had a million things running, the other students snickered as he looked utterly confused at what was written, Ms.Rushman could tell and smirked at him while crossing her arms,

 “Mr.Parker, care to tell me what theatre superstition Shakespeare is credited for creating?” She asked and Peter gulped and stuttered making the students laugh at his obvious lack of knowledge that had been just presented during his daydream,

 “W..W..well ummm he ummm…he ummmm, the show must go on?” He replied and all the students ruptured into laughter and Ms.Rushman sighed while shaking her head, Peter had to give credit to Natasha for playing her part very well to the point Peter looked down in embarrassment. After that class, the school day was over and Peter went to Gwen who was walking to her locker,

 “So wanna get something to eat or go out somewhere?” He asked her and took her hand in his, Gwen giggled and narrowed her eyes at him,

 “Trying to sneak your way out, sorry honey but I need you to do this okay, then we’ll meet up later.” Gwen said and Peter bit his lip,

 “So what exactly is happening?” He asked utterly confused, then he was snatched from behind as someone pulled his arm,

 “What’s going on is we’re gonna go out.” The other girl replied with a smirk,

“Gloria?! Uhmm…don’t you and Kong have plans?” Peter asked reminding the cheerleader of her boyfriend but she shrugged,

 “He just left with the others to some sports club or whatever and that’s the 6th time he’s blown me off to hang out with his friends so….you’re my friend today.” She said with a bright smile and even wiggled her eyebrows at him and once again Peter looked back as he was pulled away and Gwen just waved him goodbye with a smirk on her face. 

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