Parker and Stacy(s)

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The house was quiet, an undressed woman laid sleeping in her teen lover’s bed after several sessions of intense pleasure, her denim dress was on the floor as she was resting. The kitchen was also quiet, except for the pantry where Peter Parker was rubbing his groin on his Aunt’s volumus rear as she groaned into his hand, all she could do is steady herself on the shelves and wait for him to finish, he kept his fast tempo as he rubbed his pointy groin between her asscheeks making her gasp when she felt something creep in her ass through her sweatpants as she wiggled her rear trying to move away and he just kept the rhythm up…then she was turned around, now face to face with him and he was giving her a heated stare, he used his foot and tripped her, she landed on her ass,

  “Ahh” she hissed and next thing she knew her face was hit by a long,thick, pulsing member and she gasped,

 “Peter what ar…” her question was cut off when he gripped the sides of her head and pulled it onto his rod, her mouth took him whole as he heard loud gags come from her and she hit his waist, he planted her head against the wall, she was sandwiched between the wall and his thrusting hips as his dick went more and more into her mouth, she gagged more and more as his thrusts went in her mouth..Peter was moaning happily feeling his dick rub on her tongue and he was close, 

  “Oh god ohhhh god Aunt May..I’m gonna cum ahhhh ohhh ughhh” he groaned and her eyes went wide and he could hear her pleas through her cock filled mouth and he just grinned looking down at her as he kept thrusting his member into her mouth, she kept hitting his waist with her hands and then..

“Grhhh ughh grhhh ughhh” He heard loud slurps and gags and he knew she was struggling to take his load, he could see it leaking from the corners of her mouth as she just gagged unsure whether to spit it out like any Aunt would, but it tasted so sweet she ended up swallowing it and he chuckled lightly at her as she wiped her lips when he pulled out of her mouth. 

 “ are really sexy swallowing May” he said bluntly and she just gave him a harden expression as she stood up and faced him, 

 “What has come over you Peter..” she said and he just huffed at her, and groped a tit and she gasped, 

“…How long has it been?…Since uncle Ben died, and even before that…how long has it been….since you’ve felt like a woman” he said and slapped her rear and exited the pantry without another word leaving May in shock and just stood there.


   Gwen arrived at home and was looking for her lover but didn’t find him, then her chest heaved with anger when she got a text…from her mom…a photo of herself in Peter’s room…in his bed..naked. 

“We spent the day in bed, so how was school?” The text said and Gwen growled. 

     Parker Residence 

  Peter watched as Helen slowly buttoned the dress back on, he growled at her and she looked at him with a smile as she tied the belt after,

 “I really have to go, I already told George I was heading back from hanging out with a your Aunt will want some peace and quiet I’m sure” she said and Peter just sat there on his bed and spanked her rear, 

 “I’ll see you later..after doing some things and I’ll see if I have time for you” he said plainly and she just scoffed and left. Peter smiled as he passed his Aunt’s room with the door closed and he went to his Copy Phone: surprisingly Mj hadn't responded to the Captain’s messages, in fact the last one she sent was the excuse when they hung out that one night. He grinned and decided to see himself, he got his real phone and texted MJ, 

“Hey Mary Jane” he said, he got a ping a few seconds later, 

“Hey Tiger, why weren’t you in school today I was wondering why you were missing from P.E class” the text said, Peter smiled and kept the conversation going: 

  “Gonna be out of school for awhile” Peter texted,

   “Really, well you’re way smarter than the so called teachers here so you’ll be fine” MJ texted,

 “Thanks…anyways wanna hang out for a while I’ve been bored here at home” Peter Texted, 

 “….bring some drinks and chips and I’ll meet in an hour, is that ok?” MJ asked, Peter considered it..

   “Okay but….you gotta make it up to me for making me wait” he texted and waited for a response, his phone pinged, 

 “..and what do you have in mind Tiger?” She texted and Peter could hear her infamous sexy flirty voice everyone loved her for through the text, he grinned, 

 “…I’ll let you decide how” He texted and she just sent a wink emoji and that ended the conversation. He relaxed at home just doing some oscorp work when his phone pinged, MJ said to get the stuff and he did, he noticed she texted an excuse to George as to why she hasn’t been able to meet up in some time, she said her aunt needs help around the house. He smiled knowing she was distancing herself from him…since the night they hung out. He got cases of booze and chips for the night, he arrived at home and his aunt was preparing the table for dinner, an awkward dinner. 

  Peter and May ate at the table in silence while Peter just grinned at his aunt while she acted like he wasn’t even there, they finished eating the main course,

 “That was delicious Aunt May, so what’s for dessert” he asked with a smile and she scoffed at him,

 “Didn’t you get enough from the married woman” she said plainly and put the dishes in the sink, then she felt him up against her as he wrapped his arms around her..he sighed and whispered in her ear, 

 “God your so beautiful May, especially when you act so stern and like a mother to me” he breathed hotly in her ear…and she shuddered at his breath blowing into her ear and she quickly snapped out of hit and pushed him aside and went out of the kitchen,

 “You clean up, I expect it to be spotless Peter Parker '' she said with aggression as she went to her room and peter chuckled to himself and did clean up. Afterwards he knocked on the door on the back porch, it wa opened and he was greeted by a smiling red-head wearing black dolphin shorts and a white crop top hoodie who was smiling at him and she took the case of booze from his hand, 

 “Sorry I made you wait…so what’s the plan Pete?” she asked him with her red auburn hair in a cute ponytail with a grin on her sweet lips, he smiled back at her, 

 “How’s…watching Jackass Number Two while trying to stomach this crap down our stomachs” he said and she used her free hand to reach for the collar of his shirt and pulled him in her house, her door closed..the sun was setting on New York. 

    Stacy Apartment-7:30PM

   The family ate their dinner together at the table with 3 members having pent up frustration and…something else inside of them as they just ate their food while the boys talked about the new superhero movie, Helen eyes George knowing why he was mad, not getting some from his whore and she herself was craving for her own release, and George just glanced at Helen time to time angry as he was tired of coming up with excuses to his nosey wife and he hasn’t been in MJ for weeks, his balls hurt yearning for a release and without his knowledge…Helen and Gwen also glanced at each other in annoyance since they both craved the same thing..and Peter hadn’t responded to their messages. They just kept eating their food. 

  Watson Residence 

  Peter and MJ spat out the beer in their mouths as they watched Johnny Knoxville do the Yak Charge, they had been drinking while laughing together and sharing chips with sauce,

 “Shit” MJ said with a laugh as she reached for the napkins and handed some to Peter as they wiped themselves, Peter had an idea….he turned to face her and she looked at him with soft eyes, 

 “What?” She asked softly with a smile and little booze in her voice, he simply just put his hand in her sweet face with a napkin on it as he very slowly caressed her cheek and lips, 

 “You had some spit…there…and here” he replied softly as he wiped her cheek and lips of her own spit, and right when he as to remove his hand her wrist caught it and held it there as she kept her soft eyes locked on his, she slowly leaned in…and he pulled back,

 “You have a boyfriend” he said wanting to see her reaction, her eyes were low with a soft grin as their faces were close to each others,

“…I’m gonna dump his ass”she whispered to him and he grinned but still kept a small distance between their lips,

“…I still have Gwen” he said, but come on if she’s willing to fuck her dad he wanted to see what she would do to seduce him. Mary Jane simply smiled at him,

“I don’t care…come on Tiger” she lustfully whispered to him, Peter just grinned, he planted his lips on hers and they started to slowly mesh them together with mouths open and MJ taking his upper lip between her lips and even bit on it. Peter groaned and pulled away, much to the red-head’s displeasure, 

 “..That’s all for now MJ,let’s just relax alright” he said and she scoffed and resumed to eat some more chips as the movie went on while shooting him flirty looks and so did he. 


   Peter carried a boozed out MJ to her room as she just giggled in his arms while wrapping her own loosely around his neck,

 “You know…I fully consent..In case you’re worried” she said with a lustful grin and he just chuckled at her as he put her on the bed..she giggled more as she was already falling asleep..Peter grinned and kissed her lips, she let out a sleepy moan. He saw her phone ping, she got a message, 

 “MJ Can I Please Come Over” The Captain was practically begging making him laugh in his head as he smiled…he made a choice..he unlocked her phone and typed, 

 “MJ can’t come to the phone right now” and sent it, he put her phone on silent knowing he was going to call or text. He left her house after checking to make sure she was sleeping and went home, he was greeted by May who gave him a blank expression, and he just walked up to her, and planted a heated kiss on her lips, she didn’t resist that time…she let out a very low moan, and he smiled at her and left the house The Stacy Apartment. 

Stacy Apartment- 10:40PM

  Gwen was smoking a joint, yeah that’s right she’s a normal teenager, and was enjoying the New York breeze on the roof of her building as she puffed the joint wearing her grey sweatpants and white tank top..then two strong arms wrapped around her waist, 

 “Get out of here..I’m mad at you” she said plainly, then she heard a huff and…Peter pulled her sweatpants down hard, revealing her perky juicy ass in her red panties, she gasped as he started to fondle her ass and she sighed happily at that, then his arm reached in front of her..he reached and inserted two fingers under her panties, Gwen bucked her hips into his fingers as he played with her walls and swirled his fingers inside her as she groaned at his actions, her own hand found his member under his jeans and boxers as he grunted when she started to tug on it, making it erect. Soon she turned to face him and he planted her against the wall as they kept masturbating each other under the moonlight. They were both panting..Peter slicking his fingers in and out of her while she was pulling on his hard cock that was already leaking from her grip while they were gasping into each other’s mouths..Gwen stopped and Peter narrowed his eyes at her while she smirked at him, 

 “If you’re gonna have to cum inside me..” she said as she turned around, faced the wall…then she slowly reached for her panties and Peter followed her hands as her fingers pinched the band and she slowly pulled them down..her asscrack being revealed more and more as the garment was going down her thighs and reached her feet. Peter breathed in, Gwen looked over her shoulder at him with a loving smile, 

 “Cum in mommy…Put a baby inside me” she said softly and Peter’s heart..and dick went into overdrive and he pierced her already wet tunnel as she groaned loudly into the sky, his hands instantly went to her waist as he held it as he thrusted vigorously watching her ass jiggle while hearing her moans and groans as her hands were on the wall trying to keep herself up as her body moved along with his thrusts, she was sweating already, his hand went to grop her tit under her crop top, he felt up the nice sweaty flesh, her soft areola and in the middle was a rock hard nipple..he pinched in between his thumb and finger…she groaned, 

“Ughhh ughhh ohhh ughhh Peter…Peter ahhh ughhh Peter please…” She said between groans and moans, Peter looked up and she was looking at him over her shoulder as she shaked from his hard thrusts, 

“What hahaha ughhhh Gwen?” He asked between pants and groans, she had tears in her eyes as she moaned loving the feeling of her true love inside her, 

 “I ahhh ahhh want a baby haaaa haa ohhh I wanna hahaha haa ohh I wanna feel you growing inside me ohhhh ahhh Please ahhhh ohhhh ahhh I wanna keep you forever ahhh ohhhhh Please! Ahhh Please! Ahhh ahhh ahhh PLEASE!” She practically screamed while begging him and he had his eyes wide on her..he didn’t expect that, but he grinned thinking of a way to get her more adventurous with their relationship…

“Show me.. ahhhh ohhhh ohhh.. why I should ahhh ohhhh ahhh …Pick You” he said plainly and Gwen just gave him wide eyes in return and then she reached behind and pulled his member out, Peter was worried he ruined the dynamic when he saw her….

“Put it here” Gwen said as her hands spread her cheeks and…her asshole was in view…Peter huffed loudly and ran a hand through his hair before aligning his member to the small hole..He heard Gwen take a deep breath in preparation…he grinned like the joker, 

 “I’m not gonna be easy on you” he said and…he just pushed himself all the way inside her ass as her anal walls nearly crushed his dick to death from all sides as it wasn’t used to something coming in rather than going out…his hand was on Gwen’s mouth…she was screaming…so much his hand was vibrating and wet from her spitted out salavia. He started to thrust and she screamed more as he struggled to keep himself from popping too soon, each time his groin hit her ass she almost passed out when he would slap her ass or her face to wake her up, 

“Peter..Peter Please…hurry up please” she said and Peter huffed in annoyance, it hadn’t even been a full 20 minutes yet…he let himself loose and he squirted a minimal amount of cum as she hissed and groaned. He slowly pulled out and she whined at that feeling…she was catching her breath as he was pulling his pants back up, she pulled her panties and sweatpants back up, 

  “Sorry honey…but I’m officially putting my butt hole off limits…but I’ll make it up to you some oth…” she turned around and he was already gone. She huffed and hit the wall with her fist and walked back inside…never noticing the small crumbled dent in the brick walk where her fist had struck it. 


 Peter was in the alley behind his house, finishing off the joint Gwen had before their fuck session..he threw the roach away and his Spider-Sense shot a jolt up his spine..and his instincts made him look around, someone was close by..he surveyed the dark narrow alley..he turned and saw something interesting…a little light in his house..someone was inside..he slowly and steathly cralwed his way back using the poles and roofs around him…he went inside through his window and heard very light footsteps..he knew May was knocked out after working a double shift..he was on the ceiling crawling to the noise..he was suprised to see a woman..a very sexy woman with white hair and what looked like pure leather material hugging her clearly shaped and toned body with powerful thighs and legs, a cleavage and round spankable ass to kill for…and this total babe was…Stealing Aunt May’s Antiques!! 

“Hey you have 2 seconds to get out of here” he said and she turned around and smiled at him,

 “My My…Hello there cutie pie” she said…Her voice was soothing as well as electrifying like a female character from a gangster movie..she put the last item in her bag and stood up,

 “I would like to play with you but I gotta run now so see ya” she said as she jumped to the open window for an escape…had it not been for a string of web attached to her leg and she was pulled back inside, 

 “What The He..” her shocked statement was cut off when Peter webbed her arms as well as her legs. She struggled on his living room floor like a fly on a spider’s web, he knelt down next to her as she kept struggling, then he put a hand on her juicy rear. Her eyes went wide with obvious anger, 

“Don’t be mad…I mean why else would you wear this right” he said as he ran a hand on her nice ass and he tapped it, she withered and groaned loudly, 

“Hey, you’re that cat burglar who’s been robbing museums and banks recently aren’t you…The Black Cat?” He asked and she looked at him with curiosity and a strange smile,

 “You’re him….You’re The Spider” she said with what looked like a heated gaze at him and it actually turned Peter on watching the sexy white haired burglar woman on his floor. He grinned at her,

 “It’s Spider-Man…and I have to take you in unfortunately…unless…” he said and she grew a wide smile at him as she was breathing heavily since her busty chest was heaving with excitement, 

 “…unless…what Spider?” She asked and even ran her tongue around her lips and he chuckled at her, 

 “Wearing that outfit…I think you can guess Cat” he said plainly and she narrowed her eyes at him, 

“Well…I mean, first I have to see if it's worth the time and trouble for me you what do you have to work with?” She asked with a smirk, she already had her small retractable blade claw cut his webbing and was just waiting for a chance to escape..this isn’t the first time she’s had to play this role to escape..especially from a certain russian woman who she stole the well made, useful suit she was wearing from. She was ready to dismiss whatever macho thing he was gonna say when…Peter removed his shirt, revealing his now truly rock hard chest and abs..his biceps and arms now toned and gunned after weeks and weeks of training..both excercise and sex, mixed with daily crimefighting. She gulped at the sight, then his hands went to his jeans..he was on knees right next to her as she laid on the ground, Cat’s face was then struck by…a long,veiny, erect cock that landed on her cheek and she gasped, 

 “ I have your approval?” He asked with a knowing smirk and she just smiled back at him and…

  She pounced on him expecting to take him by surprise but his 6th sense alerted him so…he twirled them around so now they were fighting for dominance over the other in the living room, knocking down the table, vases, and other things around the room…and as they maneuvered over each other trying to win..Peter’s pants had been ripped by the claw hand, he had been kissing her neck..her skin was porcelain pale, smooth and even tasted like chocolate somehow..she was moaning at his kisses as they still wrestled on the ground…at some point Peter’s hand found a small metal piece..and he heard the sweet sound of something unzipping as he pulled down…he felt up her smooth slender back, she groaned at the feeling as she also ripped his boxers..he tried to take the rest of the suit off but it was a one piece suit..she groaned and she made them stop tumbling as she stared right at Peter’s face through her cool sexy mask that went around her eyes, 

 “Let me be on top..and make it worth your while..” she said with a lustful tone of promise and Peter simply nodded and she stood up,

“..Go sit on the sofa” she said and he did wordlessly, now naked and his pants and boxers were ripped on the ground, he took a seat on the sofa, he laid back watching the sexy feline burglar snake her arms out of the leather material..then she lowered the piece to reveal her…big, smooth,toned breasts..they were bigger than Gwen’s…on par with Natalie’s but Cat’s had more..juiciness to them..she grinned and..lowered the piece all the way down revealing her sexy stomach,toned waist and wide fine hips with toned thighs that could crush a man from sheer pleasure and she was wearing nothing underneath the suit..she stood there bare in the middle of his living room..a sexy figure with white hair and a black mask..she went up to Peter..he sighed happily when she straddled him, putting her hands on his and put them on her sweet,juicy,toned ass, he groaned as she chuckled at him while placing her own hands on his shoulders and started to kiss his face and neck while letting out a sigh, 

“You taste so yummy..ahhh you like this ass don’t you” she said with a moan as he started to grip her ass..the sweet flesh molded into his juicy he groaned feeling the smooth skin in between his fingers and he gripped harder..then he remembered something important..

“Hey…I don’t have any…” he said carefully and the burglar scoffed a laughed at him, 

“Honey I may dress like it but I’m no slut…so what do you say…are you a pussy or what?” She asked with a smirk and he huffed at her…then he lifted her and she gasped as he slammed her on the sofa and he just pushed himself inside her and…

 “WHOA…HOLY SHIT UGHHH AHHHH UGHHH AHHHH OHHHH GOD OHHHH GOD'' She screamed as she has never been pierced so deep before..and she’s fucked black guys before and even they didn’t reach as deep as this kid was. Her face was scrunching as he was thrusting violently into her, Peter panted loudly watching her amazing pepperoni areolas with big hard nipples swing and swing from his speed and force…her long slender, toned legs raised up to his sides, her thighs squeezed his waist as she wrapped her legs around his butt while her hands went to grip his hair, she pulled on it making him wince and narrow his eyes, never stopping his rhythm, 

 “You Bitch” he said to her and she laughed right in his face, he gripped her face with his hand, she smiled at him and..moved her face enough to…suck his thumb in her mouth..then his finger..then the next..slurping them and coating them with her saliva as she moaned happily feeling stuffed as she was rocked up and down on the sofa..he heard footsteps from the stairs…

“Peter what’s going on I heard..Oh My God!!” Aunt May shrieked upon seeing her naked nephew fucking a woman with white hair and wearing a mask as she was groaning loudly while he was panting loudly..the sofa was skidding on the wooden floor, scrap marks were visible on the floor. Peter latched his mouth on a swinging tit and she groaned at that, 

“Ughhh ughhh ohhhh Yes ughhh ohhh ohhh ahhh Yes Yes!! Ohhhhh ughhhhhh You’re so good ughhh so good ahhhhh ahhh” she said between groans and moans as he kept stabbing her cunt while his teeth tugged on her nipple..She saw May on the stairs, 

“Hey there sexy mama hahaha haaa haha ohhh wanna join in?” She asked bluntly and May just ran upstairs and slammed her door shut, she and Peter laughed while fucking her faster..then she triend to mount him but he held her down, she huffed at him, 

 “Come on ahhh ohhh Let me be ahhh ohhhh ahhh on top ahhhh ahhhh” she pleaded and Peter grinned and pulled her up and now he was sitting as she bounced on him, pulling and pushing herself up and down rapidly as she moaned to the ceiling with holding his head to her heaving chest and he kissed her cleavage,her breasts..enjoying her now sweaty smooth pale skin as they rocked together.. they were both gasping louder and louder…she felt her stomach and insides swirling from the feeling of a foreign object stabbing her insides as Peter felt her walls hug his rod with pressure from all sides as her bouncy,juicy ass cheeks bounced on his thighs as she kept going, 

“Ohhhh God ohhhhhh God oh God…Hey…ahhh ahhh I don’t know you’re name ahhhh ahhh ohhh ughhhh” She said to him with a smile and he grinned at her as he put a hand to caress her face, 

 “Name’s ahhhh ughhh ughhhh Name’s Spider-Man” he said and she laughed with lust as he bucked his hips up into her as she lowered herself, 

 “Hahahaha ohhhh Ughhh hahaha ohhh ohhh Mine’s Black Cat” she said while laughing at both the sex and the little game they had going..she held his head to hers as he wrapped his arms around her sweaty sexy back..they kelt rocking and panting into each other’s mouths…


Peter felt soft lips on his chest..leaving wet marks on him as she she kept leaving wet kisses, he chuckled lowly and heard a low giggle as she kept going with her sweet little kisses, she was laying next to him while her leg was on top of his..his arm was around her back..they were cuddling on his bed..their lovemaking had taken them upstairs for a more comfortable setting..they did everything…with either her on top or him it was intense..and lasted for hours..they had only fallen asleep like an hour ago after collapsing from pure and utter exhaustion after their…9th or 11th round!!! Jesus it’s a miracle his dick was still functioning. They kept cuddling while still in a sleepy daze..the sun was shining through his window as he glanced at her white hair, she had never taken off her mask..she felt his gaze and looked at him, he leaned in and planted a sweet kiss which she returned, 

 “I had fun last night..and technically this morning” she said with a tone of satisfaction when they pulled away and he chuckled lowly at her, 

 “Yeah it was very nice” he said and she raised an eyebrow at him, 

“Oh it was just ‘very nice’ huh?” She asked with the sound of insult in her voice and he again chuckled lowly at her, 

“Hey come here I wanna say something” he said and she raised her head from his chest and looked up at him as he looked at her, their noses were touching..

“I just wanna say..” he then planted another sweet kiss on her lips and she chuckled lightly through her lips as her hand caressed his face,Peter pulled away and she smirked at her lover, 

 “I bet you say that to all the girls” she said with a mischievous smile and he chuckled again while holding her close as they laid in his bed, then a knock on his closed bedroom door, Spider and Cat looked at each other and Cat grinned at him and she got up from under the covers of his bed, she went to the door and opened it, 

 “We didn’t order room service” she plainly said to a shocked Aunt May who simply walked away and left the house, Cat and Spider shared a laugh..eventually both got up and got dressed, Peter walked downstairs just in time to see Cat zip up her outfit..he saw her sexy skin disappear under the tight leather material, he whistled a cat call to her and she looked at with with a grin, then walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, 

“I’ll come back… now that I know where you live..” she said with a evil grin and he smiled back at her, she told him to close his eyes and he did, he felt her plant a heated kiss on his lips, he opened his eyes and she was gone..just like that..he looked around and laughed out loud. He decided to take a quick shower to clean himself from all the sweat from last night.

 Afterwards he headed to Oscorp where he worked diligently in the time he wasn’t in school, and it certainly caught the attention of some of the head researchers at Oscorp watching his skills. After that he patrolled for a few hours..then he swung to the Stacy Apartment, he landed on the fire escape and let himself in, he heard a voice…he grinned as he walked out and the person gasped and dropped a book she had been reading upon seeing him

“Peter! Jesus, what are you doing here?” Helen asked him in total surprise and with a smile on her face, he walked up to her, he looked at her body…she was wearing a red floral skirt that hugged her hips and ass perfectly while stopping at her knee, she wore a tight Navy colored tee that made her breasts even more irresistible if possible..he smiled at her,

 “Just wanted to see how you’ve been..also I wanted to ask..has George still gone to see Mary Jane?” He asked with curiosity, it's been a while since his copy phone pinged meaning MJ hasn’t texted Goerge, whereas George has been messaging MJ almost non stop…kinda pathetic. Helen bent over to pick up her book…and of course slapped her ass making the sound echo in the apartment, Helen looked over her shoulder with a smirk,she got the book and stood up,

“I knew you had a thing for skirts…and George has been making lamer and lamer excuses each time he goes out and he texts more often and he just says its a guy from work texting about cases” she said as she went to Peter and wrapped her arms around his shoulders..Peter laid his hands on her ass, she sighed at that, 

“Let's not talk about them…come on sweetie” she said as she took his hand and was going to lead him to her bed, but he pulled her back into him, 

 “Not in there…I have an idea..” he said as a wide smile grew on his face and Helen smiled back at him,

“What do you have in mind honey?” She asked while rubbing his dick through his jeans.. 


  The Stacy Family van was parked near the school, the crossing guards were already slowing down the traffic, parents were already gathering at entrances or the nearby park to pick up their kids. The tinted windows helped hide them from the passing vehicles and pedestrians on the sidewalk and walking across the street…

    “Ohhh uhhhh ohhhh ahhhh ahhhh” Helen sighed as her neck and cleavage was being kissed by Peter who held her as she straddled him on the back seat of the van..her clothes had been removed..she was in a black thong and wasn’t wearing a bra under the shirt…they held each other as Helen planted kisses on his cheek and shoulders as he left kisses on her neck and collarbone..they both sighed peacefully each other’s actions..Peter’s hands gripped a tit and pinched her already hard nipple and she groaned lowly to avoid an echo, Peter smiled and leaned down and put her other tit in his mouth as his tongue swirled around her areola and his teeth bit her nipple..Helen gritted her teeth and let out very low groans as her own hands went to his member and tugged on it making Peter groan too. His hands went to her ass and he jiggled her fine rear making her giggle in his ear, he smiled and spanked it,she moaned into his ear, he spanked her again, she moaned then bit his ear and he winced while she chuckled while pulling on his ear. 

   “Helen..Bitch” he said and she laughed lightly..then Peter reached down and moved her thong aside and his erect cock rubbed against her slit..Helen gasped at the feeling…then panicked, 

 “Peter!..We can’t,school’s out in 10 minutes!” She loudly whispered to him and…

 “Ohhhh ughhh ughhh ahhh ahaha ahhh” Helen groaned and moaned into his ear as she felt his rock hard tool stretch her moist walls..little by little hir rod traveled up her tunnel while she kept gasping at the feeling..her back already sweating and her ass is already bucking to him, he gripped her juicy rear, loving how smooth is felt against his hands, Helen had a smile on her face as she held Peter tightly while he thrusted upwards into her and she rubbed herself on him by grinding him..Peter was groaning feeling her thighs squeeze him while her pussy was sucking his rod,he knew what to say to get her over the edge..and more submissive to him, 

 “Ha ughh ughh hahaha ohhh Helen baby…oh jesus ahhh ahhh ohhhh ughhh ughhhh you’re so sexy ahhhhh ohhhh ahhh ughhh..your’re so beautiful…so hot” he whispered hotly in her ear and she just grinded him faster making him thrust harder and she gripped his shoulders and faced him, she was silently screaming..not wanting to draw her voice was letting out cute high squeaks as he kept going faster and faster into her dripping slit. He looked at her with dark eyes and caressed her face..then he put a finger in her mouth…she happily sucked on it like she was giving him a blowjob..she coated his finger in her sweet saliva..he groaned lowly and…


 He slapped her ass and gripped it tightly..she mewled at his slap and gasped as he laughed..Helen narrowed her eyes and..she tugged on his hair and he hissed, their rocking intensified but they tried to not shake the car..Helen smirked as Peter kept hissing while she tugged his brown hair, he groaned and huffed at her..then he gripped her face with both hands and kissed her with fury and passion and she moaned happily into his mouth as she kissed him back with the same amount of passion, their lips meshed together and they were rocking their hips together while leaking out into the carseat…Helen was kissing his neck as Peter’s hands went to her sweaty back..feeling it up as he increased his tempo while she bit his ear, 

 “Ohhh ohhh God baby…ahhhh ahhhh ohhhh ughhh ahhh baby hahahaha ohhhh” Helen moaned into his ear and her hands,and nails, dragged down his toned muscular back…she left stratch marks..Peter hissed loudly and he groaned then he went like a madman into her, 

 “AHHHH OHHHH AHHHH” Helen screamed….its too late….Lust is winning…they began to groan and moan loudly as they released any restraints they had and bucked into each other with sheer pleasure…the van is clearly shaking with intensity,

 “Oh my God” a passerby said,

“Goodness Gracious” another said, 

 “Better than my husband,” another voice said…

Helen and Peter kept their speed as they groaned more and more..Helen was gasping now, her tunnel was on fire..she felt hot was gushing down..she was about to…

 “AHHH OHHHH UGHHHHH” She cam…her pussy juice leaked out onto Peter’s groin and he in turn released himself into her with one last thrust..Helen smiled and sighed feeling his hot sperm squirt into her as she kept hugging Peter, holding him close to her…Peter was grinning like a Madman…soon he will try something that will only increase the level of their shameless affair..or end it all together. Peter faced her and she smiled at him..he smiled back with low eyes and…

 Spank! Spank! Spank! 

He slapped that juicy rear he loved 3 times..leaving a red mark on her butt cheek and she hissed and smiled wickedly at him..Then leaned in and kissed him…then a knock on the door..

“Umm excuse” a security guard said..

The van drove steadily away…this wasn’t her kid’s school…that'd be insane…it was a random school they passed by and decided to go the extra mile and do it right in front of the building. They made it far enough and Peter parked in a alley..Helen was just in her thong..Peter reached and gripped a tit and she smirked at him from the passenger seat,

 “ would feel..about being a daddy” she said softly while caressing her belly, Peter’s face was one of panic…Helen laughed at him,

 “Jesus Peter calm down I’m kidding, I’m on birth control now since we’ve met” she said as she leaned in and pecked his lips. Peter scoffed a laugh at her, 

“Don’t scare me like that, Gwen already told me she wants a baby” he said and Helen’s eyes went wide, 

“Peter…she doesn’t take any birth control..and I know you guys don’t use condoms” Helen carefully said and Peter’s face went blank…then a loving expression was on it instead

 “If she does…she’ll be an amazing mom, and I’ll be there every step of the way” he said with confidence and Helen simply kissed his cheek,

 “Such an honorable man,” she said. 


Peter had been dropped off by Helen an hour ago, he was texting Gwen about meeting up later, and she texted back a photo of herself in her Spidey themed panties and his hoodie with a wink,

“I want you to fuck me so hard you knock me up with twins” she text read and Peter felt his dick get hard already, he heard a knock on the front door and went to answer it, he smiled softly at the woman at his door, 

“Hey..what are you doing here?” He asked with a smile, and she blushed slightly and looked away for a second before sighing and looked at him, 

  “It’s time you return to school Mr.Parker” Natalie Rushman said as she stood on his front porch,

 “You’ve already been absent for over a week and you are a senior so you need to keep your classwork and grades in order” she said with a serious tone but Peter just ran his eyes over her luscious body, she was in a all black button shirt dress that hugged her slender waist and wide hips hips while showing off her toned lucious rear as her breasts were shown to have size and bounce to them..he just grinned at her while her fine orange red hair was down with curls at the end…she was a true luscious image. Natalie had been talking but Peter had turned her out to stare at her body in the sexy dress that went to her mid thigh, showing off her toned sexy legs. 

  “What about the deal?” He asked simply and she scoffed at the question, 

“Well I’m not making a student abandon his studies now am I” she rhetorically asked and Peter stepped closer, she gulped but didn’t move..he placed a hand to her cheek and she leaned her head to his hand, 

“…we both know why you’re here Natalie” he said softly and she melted under his words..she stepped closer to him and planted her lips to his,Peter put his hands on her waist while hers went around his neck, they stood on his porch kissing and pushing their tongues into each other’s mouth. Natalie gasped into his mouth when his hands went to her rear and squeezed it molding the black dress around her delicious round rear…it felt more firm than before. He pulled away from her lips and she was in a daze, 

 “Come in…let’s talk about…us” he said simply and she took his hand and led him inside.

    Peter’s Room

  They were sitting by side on his bed..both just staring at the wall. Natalie took a deep breath in,

“I shouldn’t be doing this..its wrong…I’m at least 19 years older than you” she said, 

“..You don’t look a day over 20 Nat” he said testing the nickname he came up for her, she glanced at him and smiled,she liked Nat as a nickname. 

 “I’m serious…i'm an educator…you’re a student…and I’m….also in New York for other reasons” she said carefully and she realized she said too much and shyly looked away 

‘What is the matter with Me!! I am trained to endure physical tourture and here I am blushing over this…genius…kind…handsome man’ she thought as she looked at Peter for a moment. 

  Peter looked at Nat and huffed, he had an idea,

 “Then why are you Natalie? Why did you come here, just to ask me to come back? Cuz then my answer is fine I’ll see you on monday, so you might as well leave now if you’re not gonna take this seriously” he said as he got up and pretended to be busy at his desk..he was wondering what would happen…a full minute passed and nothing…then….


  His Spider-Sense went off, his Spider instincts reached behind and grabbed Natalie’s wrist and she was holding….a cool tech looking baton…and It was about to taze him! 

 “Cool Natalie what’s this?” He asked with a curious smile after yanking it out of her hand and Natalie’s face was both shocked and utterly humiliated, Peter looked at the cool baton,it made techy sounds as it was powered on, 

 “What’s this do?” He asked and…


 A bolt shot out and hit Natalie as she let out a groan and…collapsed on his floor,unconscious…

 “Uhh…Natalie?” He asked as he tapped her body with a wood bat,she groaned and her eyes opened, 

“ that’s what it feels like” she said as she breathed in and out catching her breath, she then looked and Peter as she laid on his floor with him standing next her with absolute curiosity, she smiled at him, 

 “You owe me for that” she said then…in one swift moment she tripped Peter and pinned him to his bed, she was breathing heavily, her busty chest heaving under the black shirtdress with a lustful smile on her face…except Peter was too curious for this now, 

“Hold on Natalie first, what the hell is with the baton? Why did you try to tase me? What did you do bef..” he stopped asking when he saw her hands go to the buttons of her dress, her thighs locking him in between her legs, she smiled softly at him…she no longer cared for regulations or secrecy, 

 “My name is Natasha…call me that or Nat when we’re alone..but in public call me Natalie..on school grounds call me Ms.Rushman” she said softly while her hands slowly undid one button at a time while Peter was eyeing her smooth skin being revealed more and more while she sighed while getting off him, 

 “Well come on then..take your own pants off at least” she said and he pulled her back to him and now she was pinned to his bed and then…

 One of his hands opened the shirtdress..revealing her sexy,toned body, her lovely breasts confide in a black floral lace bra as his hand traveled down her cleavage..lightly stroking her belly and reaching the border between her smooth skin and matching panties that hid her damp pussy. Natasha was sighing at his hand movements and then she gasped when he kissed her belly button while caressing her face with his hand, she was in bliss, not having any intimate partners in a long time has left her yearning…then as fate would have it she was assigned to a certain high school for observation purposes, then he walked in the classroom..time stopped for her in that moment as she was gazing at this..she couldn’t describe what she…

 “Ohhh…ohhhh..ahhh” she started to moan lightly as he left wet kisses on her belly then went up to her neck and shoulder, they shifted and the dress was on his floor and his jeans followed them..

May’s Room

  May was reading her book in her room, she had closed her door and locked it to prevent…any more misunderstandings between her and her nephew..then..

 “AHHHH OHHHH UGHHH YESS FINALLY YESSS AHHHHH OHHHH YES YES YES!!!!” Loud screams and moans came from the wall right next to her, she gasped and…she reached down and unzipped her jeans…then she took them off and inserted 3 fingers into herself under her panties…she closed her eyes..


   Peter’s Room 

 The bed was going to break from their intensity..the metal springs being put to the test by Natasha’s bouncing and grinding with pure friction and lust with her sexy wide thighs and voluminous ass slamming down hard on his member, they had shifted so now Peter was laying on his bed as his bed shook with great force, his hands on his head as he scrunched his face while his dick was being sucked while going deeper and deeper in Natasha as she kept her fast tempo..her bra and panties were on his floor..both bare and sweating already, his hands went to her bouncing, jiggly tits and he gripped them and molded the sweaty flesh in his hands, she groaned at him and looked down at him, 

 “Haha hahahaha ohhh haaa haaa haa ahhhh ohhhh Peter hahahaha ohhh Peter ohhhhh Peter you’re amazing ohhhhh ahhhh ohhh” she was moaning and groaning with a wicked smile on her face while her sweet butt cheeks slammed on his groin and thighs while his member disappeared into a gushing wet canal as her moist walls felt like a set of lips sucking on his rod that was pulsing inside her and Natasha let out a happy lustful laugh..she was laughing which made Peter chuckle at her, 

 “Natasha ohhhh ohhhh Natasha ahhhh Natasha ohhh ughhh ughhhh Fuck!” Peter groaned and moaned then he put his hands and slammed them hard on her ass and gripped as she grinded him, Natasha hissed at the slap to her rear as she rocked on him harder in retaliation, Peter huffed and narrowed his eyes at the bouncy woman on him as his bed creaked louder and louder, his old wood floor was creaking now too, Peter sat up and hugged Natasha while thrusting his hips forward while she now properly sat on his groin, her slender legs wrapping around his back and his hands holding her rear helping her bounce on him by lifting her and letting gravity do the rest, her tits were meshed against his chest and her head on his shoulder moaning into his ear as her own arms wrapped tightly around his back holding him to her while they rocked on his bed, bodies meshed together in pure passion and lust, sweat mixing together along with their liquids and moans. 

   Peter lifted her and slammed her on his bed, she let out a cute squeak noise when he started thrusting into her vigorously and held her hands in his and brought them over her head while she slid her thighs up his waist and her legs snaked around his back and her feet rested on his ass as he pierced her canal deeper and deeper into her, Natasha could feel the bliss of release of coming down..she groaned and her grip on Peter’s hands tighten and he knew what that meant, he went faster and faster as he let out his own groans of pleasure, his balls were yelling for a release but he’s been waiting for this so he wanted to last for as long as possible, Natasha was moaning more and more, she was leaking on his bed..he’ll need to change the sheets..he kept going, he moved his hands from hers and rested them on her thighs while her hands went to his shoulders, she was gasping now and…

“AHHHHH OHHHHHH UGHHHHHHH” She groaned and her cum gushed out of her pussy, coating his rod in her juices..once he saw she had her release, he let go and his dick let out all his sperm into his teacher and she gasped at the feeling of hot liquid going into her while she catched her breath with a smile on her face. They both fell back and laid on the bed, Peter had a happy smile on his face when Natasha started to peck his neck and shoulder, 

 “That…was amazing Peter….I never would have expected such a young man to have that much veracity and power” Nat said while in a sleepy daze, they cuddled for a few minutes before they got up and got dressed, Peter held a cab for Natasha as she stood next to him in front of his home, 

“I’m glad I came over” she said with a smile and he looked at her as he opened the can door for her, 

“I’m really glad you came over” he replied making her giggle, she smiled at him and kissed him softly, 

 “I’ll see you class” she said as she went in, the can drove away, a second later Peter’s phone pinged: there was a text from an unknown number,

“Enjoy my love” the text said and…

“Whoa…” was all Peter could say when a bunch of selfies Natasha took of herself was sent to his phone…in all of them she’s either posing in her bra and panties or just naked and groping her own tits or ass. Peter grinned like a madman…then proceeded to go to the bathroom and jerk off. 

   Stacy Apartment-6:30PM

   The sun was starting to set as the short days of winter continued, Gwen had been helping decorate the Stacy apartment and she was proud to say it looked it Santa Clause threw up all over her place, she loved the holidays though this time around she was going to enjoy celebtrating with Peter and her brothers…her dad can go fuck himself for cheating on her mom and sleeping with her friend while her mom can go to hell for trying to take Peter away from her and she had the nerve to brag ot Gwen about how she was the first to sleep in his after making love when they were alone in the house…but now she was in her room, door closed, just finishing decorating while in her cute riendeer themed onsie pajama, the approaching early nights made everyone lazy, she was setting the little rainbow lights on the tree in the corner when she heard a knock on her window, she turned and saw Peter there with a loving smile in the adorable,embrassing, santa clause sweater she had gotten him days ago and…he even wore the hat with the flickering white ball at the top, he had an embarrased smile as she walked to her window with a smile and opened it, once he got inside and dropped his bag she wrapped her arms around his neck and let out a happy sigh as she rested her head on his chest while he wrapped his arms around her tightly,

 “I thought…you were mad at me…for cutting things short…last time” she said with hesitation and he cupped her cheek and pulled her to his view, 

 “I’m sorry…I didn’t mean make you sad or nervous…I just want to know what that ass feels like from the inside..and it felt amazing Gwen” he said with a smirk as she blushed crimson red at his statement and kissed him, he kissed back with passion..he pulled away and held her back with his arms on her shoulders, she was giving him a questioning look and he let out a huff and smile, 

 “your whole family is home, someone is bound to walk in or knock at some let’s wait awhile ok” he said and she let out a sigh and simply nodded, he smiled and led her to her bed where they cuddled and watched Frosty The Snowman on her tv with only the cute tree lights giving a red and green glow in her room. 

  An hour or two later they were with Gwen’s brothers playing Uno while drinking hot chocolate and sharing a giant playe of homemade white chocolate chip cookies and smortz Helen had made…when she had left the plate she was right next to Peter and she leaned in his ear and said, 

 “I made these especially for you honey,enjoy your treat my little reindeer”, he watched her ass as she walked away after that. Speaking of Helen, she was now cleaning up and washing the dishes while Georgewas in his home office with the door closed, probably trying to get a hold of MJ. 

 “Hey guys I’m gonna help your mom clean up ok” he said to them as he got up and went to the kitchen in the other room, he looked at Helen…she was wearing a plaid red dress with frills on the shoulders which stopped slightly above her knees, she wore a simple cute green long sleeve underneath, he gazed at her body clad in that dress since it hugged her shapely ass perfectly and pushed her breasts together that he could tell they were screaming for freedom. He walked up behind her and put his hands on her waist and she let out a light chuckle while placing her own hands on top of his,caressing them, 

 “Peter children are in the next room…and my husband could walk in on us” she whispered to him with a small smile, he smirked and planted a kiss on her neck she sighed, he reached under her dress and his fingers lightly trailed on her ass…she smiled and let out a low sigh while her hands were on the table steadying herself. 

 “I’ll see you later Helen” he said and left her with one last kiss to her neck and went to the bathroom, he took out his copy phone and saw that MJ hadn’t texted George at all…and yet Gelrge was clearly on the phone with someone so who could it be..


 As luck would have it, there was a major snowstorm so now Helen offered Peter,in front of George, the couch to sleep in for the night since it was barely visible outside,even for web slinging he couldn’t see the buildings, and so the rest of the evening was full of board games, story telling, and flirty glances between Gwen and Peter, and Helen and Peter. The boys went to sleep while the teens and adults were actually drinking wine together as they were sitting at the dinner table as they chatted the night away. They finished a whole bottle together and Gwen went for another one while the 3 discussed colleges. When she returned she poured a glass to George and Helen, she was pouring Peter’s glass…rather slowly…and then.. 


 George fell asleep on the table and started snoring…Helen had taken a long sip and eyed her father..then her glass, she felt something in her head…

 “Gwen…you..fuckin…” She had said but then her own glass got to her and she fell asleep,her head falling back on the chair..l, Peter’s glass was then taken away by Gwenand she went to a cabinet and pulled out the real wine bottle,she popped it open…and took a sip straight from the bottle, 

 “I wanted us to be alone…so I made a little homemade grape juice mixed with some sleeping pills” she said as she walked to him while taking another sip from the wine bottle, she handed it to him and he took a sip himself as he looked up at the woman standing in front of him.She took his hand and led him to the bedroom, though he pulled her back..and had a grin on his face..

 “I want to try something…” he said with a side smile and she smiled back at him..

Parking Garage 

  They were inside George’s NYPD SUV vehicle, Peter was sitting in the backseat with Gwen straddling him, her pajamas removed, she wore a cute pair of ribbon themed bra and bright green panties, they meshed their lips together while his hands were wrapped around her back, and her own hands were unzipping his jeans after removing his shirt. He sighed as she fished out his member from his boxers and stroked it with her hand while his went to her sweet cute ass and gripped both her butt cheeks and she giggled in his mouth..she reached back and unhooked her bra and he pulled it off her and his mouth latched itself on her tit, sucking on it and his teeth nipping her nipple, she sighed happily and held his head against her chest while moaning into the cieling..she was already wet and her panties were being stained as she lightly bucked her hips to his groin where a large dent was visible and she had her eyes shut 

  He lifted her and planted her on her back on the backseat, she spread her legs letting him settle between them as he started to leave kisses from her neck going down. Her body shuddered at his kisses on her body..on her belly..her waist…her thighs..then he finally latched his lips to her pussy and she groaned as he even used his teeth on her folds and clit, 

 “Ahhh ohhh ughhhh ahhhh ughhh” She was groaning and moaning as her hands went to his head while he was caressing her thighs while sucking and licking her, she wrapped her legs around his head to keep him there as she kept bucking her hips to his head and he moaned at her for that, she let out a giggle and he sucked on her harder then he inserted his tongue..she was groaning now and could feel her end coming already..Peter just sucked and sucked as she kept bucking her hips to him and he gripped her thighs to steady her while her hands went to her own head and gripped her golden hair from sheer pleasure, 

 “Ohhhh ughhh ughhhh ohhhh ahhhh Peter I’m gonna OHHHHHH” She cam, Peter opened his mouth and he let her river of cum fill up his mouth like a cup, he closed his mouth and…moved up to Gwen and she opened her mouth…Peter opened his own and Gwen’s own cum dripped from his mouth into hers as she sighed happily while sticking out her tongue and Peter’s hand caressed her breasts, her hands went to his boxers and lowered them, Peter sighed as he aligned himself to her slit and Gwen gasped when he just pushed himself all the way and started thrusting..

 “Ahhh ohhhhh ughhh whoa ahhhh ohhhh” Peter sped up his temp making her moans become louder as the car began to shake, he gripped her legs and put them on his shoulders and she giggled as he did while increasing his speed into her moist cunt that was letting out squishy noises since their precum was mixing together, Gwen’s tits were swinging with her body and Peter leaned down and latched his mouth on a tit and sucked on it like a baby would, Gwen let out a lustful laugh and gripped his head to her tit as he kept sucking on her areola and nipple, 

 “Ohhh baby ughhhh baby ohhhhh that's it ahhhh ughhh like that ahhhh” she was moaning and groaning loudly enjoying Peter’s lips and teeth sucking and biting on her tit then he swticthed to the other one making her shriek with pleasure as he kept moving her up and down through his hard thrusts, 

 “Ughh Gwen ahhhh ohhhh ughhhh Gwen ughhhh You’re Mine ughhhh MINE” he said with a deep voice and she melted under his gaze and words..she was nearing her end and she scrunched her face trying to keep it at bay for more pleasure time and she knew Peter was holding it in too since his fast thrusts became slow and hard like he was stabbing her with his dick, she groaned loudly and the car shook with each thrust Peter made, 

 “Ughhh ughhh Peter ahhhh ahhhh ohhhh Peter ahhhhh I’m gonna ahhhhhh ahhh AHHHHHH” she screamed and Peter felt his cock coated with her juices as they leaked out onto the carseat and she held his head to hers while panting right in his face with her face blushed and sweating like crazy…Peter was grunting hard as were his thrusts..he let out one last groan and he pushed himself as far as he could and he spurted out his sperm into her open trench, Gwen let out a happy sigh as her legs wrapped around him locking him between her as he let himself empty inside her, 

 “Oh Yeah…that’s it…fill me up baby” she whispered to him as she held him close, Peter was smiling like crazy..soon he would try something new with her. 


  They had gone back upstairs while ago and even put her parents in their avoid any confusion from earlier, Peter woke up, feeling hot after having a dream about Cat, he was rock hard..he figured Gwen was tired after they went at it 2 more times in the car so he walked to Helen’s room, he was insane for this, he carefully walked around the bed to Helen’s side, she was sleeping peacefully with George snoring right next to her, he grinned and then… 

          To Be Continued

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