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“Okay so fill me in, what did I miss since I’ve been unconscious?” Peter asked Gwen as she drove the car, the one she had gotten from Gloria, down the busy street of the city heading to Peter’s place so he can get a full rest for the next day, she glanced at him as she drove,

 “Well not much really, we just bandaged you up, did some research on the men who blew up Sable’s office and I checked in with my family so they wouldn’t worry about me being out. Natasha and Felicia managed to find this.” She said as she reached for the glove compartment and pulled out a folded file and handed it to Peter who opened it and read through the contents,

 “Okay so….cowboy is called Fancy Dan while Matthew McConaughey’s evil twin is a mercenary called Montana and the big guy is….what a surprise, Ox. Any idea where they came from?” He asked as she drove,

 “Felicia said something surprising…she’s seen these guys before, when she was in Tokyo once on a heist she happened to see those guys around the city right when there was an incident at a construction site where some company executive was surveying the site, 3 guesses why huh.” Gwen said with a sarcasm and Peter nodded,

 “It was a hit, so now these guys were hired to blow up that building, I was lucky to be swinging around when it happened or else Nat and Sable would be splattered all over the place.” Peter commented as he kept reading the documents and Gwen gave him a look when they reached a red light,

 “You know you really scared me Peter..” Gwen said with a tinge of sadness in her voice and Peter gave her a apologetic look and Gwen drove when the light turned green,

 “I’m sorry Gwen…I really didn’t mean for this to happen, I just saw the rocket and I jumped to block from the others and” Peter was caught off by Gwen,

 “I know Peter, you weren’t gonna stand by and let something bad happen when you have a chance to stop it I know. It’s what I love most about you.” She said as she reached for his hand with her own and held it tightly to deepen the comment to which had Peter blushing,

 “Thank You Gwen. I promise to take it easy for now. It’s actually crazy that my body manage to heal in a span of a few hours.” Peter patted his own body to see if he felt any soreness and so far nothing and Gwen giggled snd squeezed his hand in hers,

 “Your body did more than heal..” Gwen said in a giggly tone with a smile to match, Peter chuckled too as he remembered the feeling he had on his dick when he woke up,

 “Hey who started that anyways?” He asked her and Gwen have him a evil grin,

 “Sable’s not as high as she thinks she is, she was blowing you when I caught her and basically I wanted you to finish inside me so…” she said as she neared the Queens area of the large city with the darkness being leveled out by the various lights around them. Peter smiled at her and Gwen melted under his stare,

 “What?” She asked softly and Peter just kissed her hand tenderly and sucked her thumb,

 “Just happy you’re here with me.” He said looking at her and Gwen smirked while looking at the road,

 “No fucking until later bugboy.” She said with humor and Peter laughed at that,

 “Jeez Gwen I’m not always in the heat you know, where are the others anyways?” He asked her,

 “Well Sable went off to some meeting or whatever, and Natasha and Felicia said they were going to check out some place for clues to lead them back to the mercenaries who attacked you guys. Then your aunt came by to check on you before heading to work for the night shift, and you have some messages on your phone from your P.I.” Gwen replied as she handed him his cellphone and Peter scrolled through it and read the messages Jessica had sent him. He smiled at them and Gwen glanced at his reaction,

 “Something up babe?” She asked and Peter bit his lip with a smile still on them,

 “I think we have a way to make progress on this.” He said and Gwen raised a curious eyebrow at that. 


“So you were found, how did they locate your building?” Fisk asked Sable and she rubbed her head from a headache,

 “I assume Hammerhead must’ve had me followed during the duration of our partnership before and so he retaliated when I sided with you.” She replied and Tess was watching a CNN report that had her full attention while the others kept talking about how to hit Hammerhead with greater implications but Tess was focused on the report: 

 “Now many experts wonder about the circumstance as to the sudden appearance of New York City’s newest vigilante ‘Spider-Man’ and sudden rise in superhuman activity as well as advanced weaponry being used in daily crime situations in the streets of the city, it’s no question that there is a cause and effect concerning the rise of these superheroes and the emergence of advanced criminals all over the world.” The news reporter kept going while Tess had a small smile on her face as she watched the newsreel of Spider-Man in action against the Lizard from the fall season while Fisk and Sable discussed how to use their asset for the counter attack. 


Natasha and Felicia digged around the remains of the building after the police and firemen had left the site to search for any clues the untrained men may have missed so they looked around the place in their civilian attire,

 “Found anything yet?” Romanoff asked Hardy who kicked around the dirt and burnt furniture out of boredom,

 “No and I’m getting bored of digging around charred burnt shit, can we go now we can just sneak into the police department and check out their findings on their database anyway.” Felicia replied with a shrug of her shoulders and Nat rolled her eyes at her,

 “You go if you want but I plan to leave no stone unturned until I find those men and put the barrel of my pistol on their heads!” Natasha said with her voice getting louder as the threat became deadlier and Felicia just had a stunned look and Nat cleared her throat and shyly looked away of all things to do,

 “Holy Shit….” Felicia said in a equally stunned tone matching her face, Nat glanced at her as she tried to look as if she was investigating the area though Hardy could see through the act,

 “Keep looking around Hardy.” Natasha tried to look busy but Felicia chuckled at her friend,

 “There’s no shame in being in love with him Nat, he’s hot, young, and hung like a horse. I mean I’ll proudly say he’s the first boy toy of mine I actually love and care about.” Felicia said with a confident smile and Nat looked at her with wide eyes,

 “That’s right baby, I’m nearing 30 and I’m in love with a hung 17 year old wannabe superhero who I let fuck my ass whenever he needs to let off some steam baby!” Felicia said with pride and she even raised a fist in the air making Natasha scoff a laugh at her friend and Felicia smiled at her,

 “Now you.” She said and Nat just laughed again and shook her head saying no and Felicia rolled her eyes,

 “Fine, I’ll say one for you, I am a shield agent who was sent to spy on a student by acting as his teacher..” Felicia started and Nat glared at her though she had a smirk on her lips so Felicia felt safe to continue with her joke,

 “But then…the student overcame the teacher and took her to bed…multiple times where he felt

my butt and breasts are the desire of every horny student in school!” Felicia finished her role playing and Nat gave her a round of applause,

 “Well done, now let’s keep looking so we can have something to go on.” Nat said and Hardy groaned in annoyance,

 “Why?? Let’s just use the database and see what the cops found besides what you think we’ll find that they didn’t.” Felicia said as she went to lean on the wall….only to push a certain spot which opened a secret safe hidden in the wall, Natasha gave a triumph smirk to Felicia who was red with embarrassment,

 “Don’t say a word Russian” She said without looking at her. 


“Okay so Jefferson was a rat for the gang run by Hammerhead who is in charge of the drug dealers around the city and he ended up in some gang war huh, crazy way to live.” Colleen said as she drank her soda while on the couch in her shorts and tank top while Misty was reading up on some case files as she sat on a chair by the small table they own,

 “Yep and not only that he was planning to rob Hammerhead and his rival by buying some muscle and hitting the mob banks, look how that turned out. Spider-Man stopped them each time, the men were captured or abandoned the city, and he was left broke…well more like his family was left broke.” Misty said as she flicked through the pages, Colleen got up and approached the table, she took a file in her hand,

 “Is this one of the bank robberies?” She asked and Misty nodded, Colleen opened up the file and started to read on the couch,

 “So this group tried to rob a mob bank and that Spider guy stopped them huh, I honestly don’t know if he helps solve problems or just creates them.” Colleen said and Misty asked her to clarify,

 “What do you mean? Seems like he’s been fighting these guys more often than we have.” Misty replied and Colleen took a sip of her soda,

 “Well yeah there were these super criminals around the globe but the ones in New York were dealt with like once a year  until he showed up out of nowhere a few months ago and now it’s like they are a everyday occurrence, first with mini godzilla, then some flying turkey, and now a gang war between Hammerhead and another group we don’t have much on other than Jefferson tried to rob from both.”  Colleen replied back and Misty nodded in agreement,

 “True, but things would be alot worse if he wasn’t around to stop these guys, I mean come on Wing how often does Stark help around in the city when he’s not playing man of steel around the world and all those other heroes are scattered all over the country anyways, least we have our own everyday assistance out here.” Misty said with confidence and Colleen smirked at her friend,

 “What’s this? Spider-Man has a cop for a fan huh?” Colleen teased Misty who rolled her eyes with a laugh,

 “Shut it Colleen, it’s not like that. Besides I’ve seen you eyeing his photos on your computer.” Misty said and Colleen shrugged nonchalant,

 “I mean have you seen his crotch area, I wonder what he’s hiding under that spandex.” Colleen said with a smile and a wiggle of her eyebrows and Misty chuckled as she got up,

 “Imma shower then knock out for a while, what are you gonna do?” She asked and Colleen said she was gonna read up on some more files then turn in for the night as well and so Misty went into her bedroom to collect her clothes, she was grabbing her shirt when her phone pinged for a message, she blinked wondering who would text her so late on a Saturday, she went to her phone and her eyes went wide at the message,

 “Hey Detective Knight, great job on collecting the scumbags. I have a plan to put an end to this war but I’ll need your help. Let me know when we can meet up again. Spider Guy.” The message said and Misty gulped then threw her phone on the bed as she went to shower. 


Peter smiled as he finished texting Misty with Gwen grinning beside him as they drove into his neighborhood,

 “So how exactly did you get this cop on board anyways?” She asked him and he chuckled before he answered,

 “I ran into her in Rio, let’s just say I helped with a little problem she got into over there when she ended up stranded like me out there. Anyways she owes me big but she knows I’m Spider-Man though she doesn’t know my name…at least not yet.” Peter replied and Gwen scoffed a giggle,

 “What do you think is gonna happen when she finds you? You think she’ll play along with…us?” She asked with a wiggle of her eyebrows and Peter gave it a thought,

 “Uhmm…maybe, I can lay the charm on her.” He said and they both laughed as they passed the streets, cars, and buildings in Queens as they held hands in the middle. Peter just looked ahead at the streets,

 “So what do you think will happen later?” Gwen asked and Peter glanced at her,

 “What, after finding those guys?” Peter asked and Gwen sighed,

 “No I mean…after high school…with us I mean, we never did clarify any plans for the future.” Gwen said appearing shy now with her eyes focused on the road and trying to ignore Peter’s gaze, he reached out with a hand and moved a strand of blonde hair away from her face making Gwen giggle, 

 “I don’t know what’ll happen Gwendy,but I know we’ll be at each other’s side to face it, whatever may come we’ll deal with it the same way we always have: you're the brains, I’m the brawn.” Peter said to a reassuring smile and Gwen smiled brightly as she looked ahead and her spare hand found Peter’s face as she put it to his cheek and he kissed her palm,

 “I love you so much Gwendolyn Maxine Stacy.” He said with pure love and Gwen was lucky enough to get a red light to look at Peter,

 “I love you too Peter. I’ve loved you since the moment you went inside me.” Gwen said with a straight face making Peter laugh even more at her reply. 


Helen was in the living room alone with her book and only the lamp proving any light, she flicked through the next page with boredom, she sighed and put the book on the table and just decided to take out her phone and text Peter, but then she remembered Gwen had told her that she was going to help him rest at home in Queens so Helen just groaned in annoyance. She blinked in remembering something…she got up and went to her closet in the bedroom where she dug out an old shoebox and she opened it up and took out a rubber instrument,

 “Hope you’re enough.” Helen said to herself as she went to close her door, she put her hands under her nightgown and pulled down her underwear and tossed them aside, she layed on her bed then hiked up her gown to her knees and she looked at a nude selfie Peter sent to Helen on her phone, 

 “Ohhhh” Helen sighed as she pushed the dildo into her folds as she played with vivid memories of her times with Peter…


“I told you we’d find something useful.” Nat said with a smirk as she and Hardy walked into the apartment,

 “Yeah, Yeah shut it already Red. Nobody likes a bragger.” Felicia countered and Nat laughed as she went to the fridge to grab a drink,

 “Oh sure and like you haven’t bragged about your heists, your sexual conquests, or even your body.” Nat said with a smirk and Felicia smirked back as she took the bottle Nat was handing to her,

 “Well come on this ass of mine landed me a great dose of daily super cock.” She said with a hot smile and Nat rolled her eyes as she drank her booze,

 “Anyways, I knew we’d find something left behind in that rubble, who knew it’d be what Sable was planning to use as blackmail.” She commented as she held the disk drive that had been found, Felicia eyed it any smirked,

 “Maybe I should hang onto it, for safekeeping.” She tried to be serious but her devious eyes gave her away and Natasha gave her a look and Felicia knew already,

 “Alright, Alright you hang onto it. Just let me see what’s on it.” She said and Natasha put the disk in her bag,

 “Tomorrow, right now I should head home and rest.” Nat said as she grabbed her bag was walking out when Lesh called out,

 “Least share another drink with me, to celebrate.” She said and Nat narrowed her eyes at her,

 “Come on Romanoff…. like you won’t like what this’ll lead to…” Felicia said with a small smile while she leaned her curvy body against the wall offering Nat another bottle of booze.


Hammerhead was having a talk with his new mercenaries about a certain mishap,

 “So she’s not dead??” He asked again with irritation and Montana nodded making Hammerhead groan in frustration,

 “What’s the big deal? Her place is blown to hell and she lost most of her guys overseas and in the blast.” Said Ox as he played Pac-Man on his phone,

 “The big deal is that she will retaliate using Fisk’s resources while I am still struggling to maintain the drug transactions in the city, not to mention that annoying webhead who keeps webbing up my dealers all over the city.” He replied and Fancy Dan shrugged his shoulders,

 “So we rob a bank or something, we can blast that goody goody hero when he shows up to ruin the fun.” He said with humor and Hammerhead rubbed his brow in growing frustration, Montana took his toothpick out of his mouth before talking,

 “My friend has a point in that nonsense, you hired us to handle things so….let us handle things…our own way.” He said to Hammerhead who really had no other options at this point,

 “Just do three things: Get me more money in any way, deal with that foreign bitch and I want THAT BUG STRUNG UP BY HIS OWN WEBS!!!” He shouted and Montana just nodded in response. 


Sable entered the apartment she had in case of emergencies, under an alias this place would serve as a resting stop before she heads back home but this time she was just going to rest up, she went to the bathroom and undressed as she wanted to shower off all the rubble and dust she had from the blast. 


Sable was resting on the bed, she tried to doze off but her mind kept playing revenge scenarios on those 3 men who destroyed her place and killed her men, she considered a few to be manageable but it would require the assistance of a certain hero and Sable smiled to herself as she knew the item in her safe would be unharmed in the blast so she will collect it later on before meeting with Spider-Man, which made her think of….his cock…Sable’s loins grew hot and she already squirmed in bed just thinking of him. 


They had arrived at his house earlier but…they ended up parked in the alley with the lights off behind his house, just kissing and gasping with Peter laying on his back in the backseat while Gwen was straddling him kissing his lips while her hands pulled up his shirt, Peter helped remove it and Gwen felt up his chest while Peter’s hands went to her jeans,

 “Here?” Gwen whispered as she nipped his bottom lip with her teeth making Peter hiss and unbutton her jeans with a small smile,

 “Why not.” He replied and Gwen let out her lovable giggle and pecked his lips,

 “Okay, let’s just…” she replied and she climbed off him so they can both remove their pants and underwear, 

 “This car’s so small..” Peter said with struggle as he laid back down, now pantless, and he grinned when he saw an equally pantless Gwen Stacy climb back on top of him,

 “Take off your shirt.” He said and Gwen shook her head as she moved her bare thighs to Peter’s side and her hand reached under them to grip his member and pumped it, Peter groaned and his hands went to Gwen’s shirt to pull it off but Gwen’s other hand swatted it away,

“Come on, take it off Gwendy.” He begged but Gwen giggled at his plea,

 “Sorry honey, but since we’re in here I don’t want someone to see my breasts so..” Gwen said with a grin as she lowered herself on his member,

 “Ughhhhh God Gwen….” Peter groaned when he felt his tip engulfed by her pussy,

 “Ahhhhh” Gwen sighed with her eyes closed as she kept lowering herself,

 “Ohhhhh God Gwen!! Ahhhhh” Peter felt her start to grind back and forth on him trying to get some friction in the small car, their legs tangled in each other’s, their bodies were already sweating from the heated aroama they were creating. Gwen put her hands on either side of her, one hand on the seat while the other went to the headrest of the passenger seat to steady herself as she moved on Peter though she could only do a mild tempo given the limited space but it was enough,

 “Ughhhh ughhhhhh ughhhh ahhhhhh Gwen ohhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh you feel so tight!!!! You’re squeezing me!!! Ohhhhh ughhhh ohhhhhh Jesus!! Jesus!!!” Peter gripped her ribs making her gasp and she changed her movement, now she was hopping on him, well kinda, she would pull herself up a bit and slam herself down back on him, they both groaned and gasped at the feeling of being filled and squeezed,

 “Ahhh ahhhh ahhhh Peter!!!! Ohhhh God ohhhhh Godddd Ahhhh ahhhhhhh Yess!!!!! Ohhhhhh ohhhhhh Yes!!!!!!” Gwen was gleeful as she bounced on him and her hands went to his chest to steady her bounces and Peter felt her leak and so he put a finger to play with her clit making her leak even more and even let out some squeaky moans as Peter’s member slid through her walls as she used her inner thighs to hold him tight. 

The car was heated and there was condensation on all the windows with two teenagers shaking the vehicle with Gwen bouncing and Peter moving his hips now to counter her moves which digged his cock even deeper inside her, Gwen tightened her grip on the seats since now she really was letting her body take over, she bounced on him fast and hard shaking the car like crazy in the alley, Peter grunted louder and louder while Gwen let out her squeaky moans and gasps, 

 “Gwen!!! Ughhhh Gwen!!!!! Ohhhhhh ohhhhhh ughhhhhh Gwen!!!!! I’m close!!!!! Aughhhhh Babe!!! I’m Close!!!!” Peter gave her his warning and she smirked as her hair waved around with her chest shaking teasing her breasts covered in her shirt and sweater,

 “Let it Peter!!! Let me have your webbing!!! Ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhh Plant your eggs in Me!!!!!!” Gwen begged and she bounced on him with force pulling herself down to slam his base,

 “UGHHHHH WHAT THE HELL GWEN!!!?!??!” Peter let himself go but he was struggling to get a good aim into her and…his cock slipped out as it kept releasing his white liquid,

 “Shit! Shit! Hold still!” Gwen commanded and she held his cock and moved it back into her leaking lips and Peter hissed feeling her walls swallow him up and grip him in place for his river of cum but he was done by then and Gwen whined,

 “No! That’s my sperm going to waste!” Gwen whined like a horny pornstar and Peter couldn’t help but laugh at that,

 “Gwendy are you really upset about me not cumming in you?” Peter asked with a curious smile and Gwen blushed heavily and avoided eye contact signaling her answer so Peter let out a chuckle,

 “Come here.” He said as he took her hand and pulled her and Gwen let out a laughing giggle when Peter started to kiss and nip at her neck as he sat down on the seat with her sitting on top of his waist…Gwen was sweaty all over and she could feel her body loosen up for her lover, Peter put his hands on her waist and pulled her to sit right on him, his rod slid right inside her with ease,

 “AHHHHHH OHHHHHH MY GOD PETER!!!! AHHH UGHHHH UGHHHHH UGHHHHH” Gwen just groaned as Peter held her as he bucked his hips upwards into her moist pussy and Gwen put her hands on the passenger seat in front of her and she gripped it for dear life,

 “”Ughhhhh ahhhh ahhhhhh ohhhhhh Peter you’re so rough Now!!!!! Ohhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhh You fill me up!!!!! Ahhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhh You Wreck Me!!!!!” Gwen shouted out as Peter went harder with his thrusts and his hips slammed into her ass cheeks while his hands snaked under her shirt to catch her shaking boobs in his hands, he felt the fabric of her lacy bra and so his fingers dug under the cups and found her nipples, Gwen got wetter from that, Peter could feel and hear her pussy leak out even more and lube up his member so now he was sliding in and out of her with ease and speed,

 “Hahahahahaha ohhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhh ahahahahahaha hahahaha” Gwen was laughing like a slut and Peter moaned seeing her whip her hair around with a full on smile on her face and her shaking made the car bounce like crazy,

 “Gwen!!! Gwen!!!! Someone’s gonna hear us!!!! Ohhhhhhhh Shit!!!!!” Peter hissed and groaned since Gwen ignored him and kept going with her bouncing on his tool, slamming herself taking him whole, and the car kept shaking and shaking in the narrow alleyway with their moans barley being audible outside. 


“We need to stop doing this.” Said Natasha as she got up from the bed in just her panties, Felicia grinned as she laid nude in the bed,

 “Oh please like you weren’t squirming when I was eating you up.” Felicia said with a laugh and Nat narrowed her eyes at her with a smirk,

 “Says the one who cam after I put a finger in your ass.” She replied and Felicia rolled her eyes and grabbed the remote to turn on the tv while Nat grabbed her clothes,

 “You’re heading out already?” Lesh asked and Nat nodded as she pulled up her jeans over her ass,

 “Yeah, I’m gonna head out to check in at the base so I’ll be gone for a while.” She replied while she put her shirt on and Felicia spanked her ass,

“Alright Red, catch ya Later! Maybe we’ll have a threesome with Spider boy and show him that new move I taught you.” Felicia said with a laugh and Natasha just smiled and threw her the middle finger as she left her place in the early Sunday Morning. Felicia stretched her arms in bed and she felt the cool air hit her nipples,

 “I need some cock.” She said aloud and so she reached for her phone and went straight to Peter’s number, though in all honestly his number is one of the few she has, and he being the male. Felicia grinned as she took a selfie of herself showing off her bare chest and blowing a kiss to the camera,

 “Want a morning fuck cutie-pie?” She asked in the text with the photo and she sent it and eagerly waited for a reply. 


“Jesus Fuck where are you Parker!?!” Jessica asked out loud completely annoyed at the lack replies she had gotten from her messages to Peter,

 “What do I have to do to stay in the loop, fuck him every hour!” She said with irritation but she wouldn’t mind pounding him more often than usual, she took a swing of her bottle as she texted Peter again about meeting up for plans about Stacy & Vanessa, and the trouble Rio Morales is facing. 


May entered the house with an exhausted sigh, it was a tough shift at the hospital but thankfully the staff were able to handle all the incoming patients. May removed her coat and stretched her body to ease her bones, 

 “Wonder if..” May’s question was cut off when she could hear thumps above her and moans coming from upstairs,

 “Guess that answers my question.” She said to herself with a grin as she went upstairs after removing her work shoes, she walked down the hallway and passed Peter’s door which was closed but the noises still sounded out of the door under the crack of the door,

 “Ughhhh ahhhh ahhhh ughhhhh ughhhh ughhhh ughhhh” May could hear her nephew’s hard grunts through the door and she even heard the bed scratch the floor with the hard rapid thrusts,

 “Wow he’s really giving it to Gwen” she said with a chuckle as she went in her room but she blinked in surprise….Gwen was sleeping peacefully in her bed…May looked back at the other door and now she could her the other person letting out her moans,

 “Whoever’s in there….I’m next.” She said with a grin to herself and she took off her nurses scrubs and put on a simple shirt and shorts for bed, she climbed into the soft mattress next to Gwen all the while the noises next door kept sounding out. 


“Alright, enough games and heists. I want you to handle that bitch and the bug permanently! I lost more of my boys on the street and I’m running low on funds.” Complained Hammerhead to the trio of men who just nodded in acknowledgement,

 “Sounds like we can really start the fun.” Ox said with a sinister tone and Montana gave his men a smirk,

 “Ox my friend….the fun comes before the pleasure.” He replied. 

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