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  Jessica sighed as she listened to Captain Stacy ramble and complain about the lack of evidence Jessica had collected and to be fair…there were certain photos she gave to Peter but now Stacy was doing some investigating of his own,

 “So did you ever see Helen at any motels with anyone?” George asked with annoyance in his tone and Jessica rolled her eyes and crossed her arms showing her own disdain to her guest,

 “No I didn’t, all she did was go in and drink away her problems at home, she’d hang around her room for a while to sober up and then she’d head home.” Jessica replied and George sighed and rubbed his head before leaving, Jessica sighed to herself and just sent a message to Peter on her phone….George had asked her for information on a certain motel that had been engulfed in flames and Jessica figured it was one Peter had used with the blonde milf. 


“So can you describe to me what exactly happened that night? George asked the brunette woman at the door who had a nice body and nice tits, 

 “Didn’t the other officer report this? Besides, it happened like months ago so why are you asking about it now?” The woman questioned and George had already thought of an excuse,

 “Well we tend to handle certain complaints in a timely manner, so any information you can give me will help.” He replied and the woman sighed and told him that she had only heard the sex noises going on but at one point she did see a blonde woman exit her room for a moment to get more ice and when she went back to the door it had opened and she caught a glimpse of a man, but she couldn’t really pinpoint an accurate description of his face…just that he was tall, built and jacked up, and brown hair, George had asked about the time they left and she said that she had already been asleep by then so didn’t knkw anything only when the alarms went off and she saw the fire, George had thanked for the information before leaving and he had gotten a text from Vanessa asking for a meet up and he texted back a time for them to meet up. 


“So what business is Sable handling exactly?” Fisk asked Toomes who simply shrugged to the seated man,

 “She never told me, but she did tell me to tell you something weird, she said you’d understand.” Toomes replied and Fisk motioned for him to continue,

 “She said….’ The asset is obtained’ or something like that…” Toomes said with a scratch to his head and Fisk smiled and chuckled to himself,

 “Alright then, thank you Mr.Toomes now Tess will give you the reaquired key code for your new lab so you may begin your work on advancing your tech…though remember I expect progress on any device soon.” Said Fisk and Toomes nodded, then Fisk pushed a button in his desk and then in came Tess with a flash drive which she handed to Toomes,

 “Plug it into a computer and it’ll give you an address and a password to the keypad on the secured door.” She said and just went about her business, Toomes looked at her ass as she walked away and he shot a smirk at Fisk,

 “You ever uh….” He motioned a thumb to the cute redhead and Fisk just glared at Toomes who took it as his que to leave. 

   Later on Fisk was working on a new presentation to investors when Tess walked in with her pad,

 “Sir, you told me to inform you about any updates to the building your investing in…” she started and Fisk nodded,

 “Well….it appears that the mobare making things more difficult…” she said with slight hesitation and fisk rose from his desk slowly and breathed in deeply,

 “What has Hammerhead done?” He asked slowly and Tess gulped in preparation for his reaction…


“Hahaha I wish I could see that fool’s face when he hears about what happened to his future condo site hahahaha.” Hammerhead said in a laugh while his men joined in as they drank, he grabbed the remote and flicked on the TV to the news and already he and his men were  chuckling at the headline….an old apartment building located in Brooklyn was raging on fire….the firefighters fought the flames that had spread throughout the building rather quickly being that the structure was engulf in fire and smoke in what felt like seconds to the crowd outside.Hammerhead had decided to do the pettiest thing possible, burn down his own building to prevent anyone else,namely Fisk, from buying the structure since the site would be closed off with the fire damaging the ground with the added grenades put in the basement by the mobsters, the men continued to drink and drink while laughing at the news feed of the burning building and the firemen trying to put it out…then a small explosion sounded out…then another one,

 “Shit. Looks like the fire touched the grenades ahahahaha.” One of the men said and the others of course joined in on the laughter of the frightened pedestrians who were there. 


“Grhhrrr That Son Of A…. Graaa he put explosives too!!!!” Fisk yelled as be threw his desk over and Tess just went wide eyed and stayed motionless as Fisk breathed in and out to calm himself….then he breathed in once and composed himself, he straightened his tied and readjusted his suit and he flipped the desk back up and went in front of Tess,

 “I apologize for that, Lutessa….I should not have reacted that way in front of you and I am sorry you had to witness that.” Wilson said with genuine remorse and Tess gave him a soft look and Fisk noticed how she looked at him,

 “It’s okay Wilson….you’re fighting fair and square with no unnecessary violence while they set their buildings on fire with people still inside them but this is a good thing Wilson…” she said with a hint of a smile and Fisk gave her a puzzled look,

 “You’re in his head….Sable’s hit has impacted his revenue stream so now he figures he’ll just ruin your plans by destroying what you’re trying to accomplish….running him out of the city by taking his bases of operations…..yes sir you lost a potential site but now you can use this act of theirs against them.” Tess said and now Fisk had a look of deep thought,

 “…and what use would this be Tess?” He asked her and she smirked at him,

 “I’m sure you’ll come up with a devious scheme won’t you Wilson.” She stated more than asked and Fisk smirked back at her. 


Rio had grown tired of Stacy’s ignorance towards her husband’s disappearance so she had called in her P.I and asked her to bring everything she had on the case, since Miles was at school she and Jessica Jones were at the table looking over the material,

 “So this is from a few weeks ago….he withdrew at least 1,200 from our account…and he made some unlisted purchases with the credit card totaling at least another 1,150….plus a few payments to….” Jessica was hesitant to finish bur Rio Morales(Salma Hayek) gave her a stare and Jones knew the woman had enough bullshit,

 “…okay it was for a few motel stays” she admitted and Rio scoffed with a roll of her eyes as she kept going through the papers,

 “Figures…and I’m guessing he’s gone on some romantic trip with one of his whores.” Said Rio and Jones patted her on the back,

 “All the more reason to start on leaving his ass, have things ready for when he gets back you make it clear you know and you’re done with this.” Jessica said and Rio nodded to her words,

“So be honest….do you think he went off to some sexathon vacation and just left us?” Rio asked Jones who bit her lip in thought of whether to be upfront or skew the details…she chose to be herself,

 “Listen, even if he did leave…why be upset? He’s clearly not invested in your family, nor does he want to take responsibility for his actions, and he’s been stealing from you for a while now….I say divorce him and sue him.” She said and Rio had a small smile grow on her lips again.


George had been handling case files before heading out, he was actually making progress on arresting dealers and suppliers in the city since the shortage in shipments had left them out in the open with their connections demanding payments but since there was nothing for them to sell….they had no way to come up with those amounts for various individuals. He did find it out that the vigilante hasn’t been around but he paid no mind since it made things more easy to handle in terms of legalities and he had called Vanessa and they had a discussion that would need to continue face to face later on, now he grabbed his things but he stopped to look at something in his drawer, it was a photo of him and Helen from years back….he sighed and put it back in the drawer and closed it…he had to dig further into case he was working on privately, he figured the security cameras in the stores around the motel will have something. 


Mary Jane was with her usual group of friends and since it was lunchtime they were just….smoking a joint together in her friend Liz’s car which was parked a block away from the school…thank god for free period. They laughed as they chatted about random things but then one of the girls asked a question that would lead to Mary Jane…revealing something…


Fisk sighed heavily as he rubbed his head…he had lost a huge investment when Hammerhead had his own building ablaze and he had a way to retaliate though…he had no proper way to execute this plan without….assistance….he decided to try calling the number Sable had gave him, he did so and it actually rang…then,

 “Sable reporting”. Said Silver Sable over the phone and Fisk was silent…which Sable was aware of and knew why…a few moments of silence passed before Fisk spoke first,

 “How long until you return?” He asked,

 “In a day or two sir, I assure you it is to handle any loose ends here while managing the asset.” Sable replied and Fisk sat up in his chair and he had to be sure of this,

 “And you did in fact turn Spider-Man to our side, I will need him for important tasks Sable….I hope you made him aware of certain financial benefits that come with said employment with me?” He asked her and Sable assured him she did and that all she had to do was fact check his background and maintain the superior role,

 “Once I have him under my thumb I will be able to turn him to you for whatever you have for him sir, haven’t you noticed he hasn’t been seen lately….well that’s because I have him under reprogramming here, behavior modification has proven useful among my own employees. Sable said and Fisk rubbed his big chin as he stood up and opened a hologram of a new site,

 “I do hope you have the masked hero of New York under control….I’ll have you know the Mafia retaliated against us by costing me millions and you will be needed as well as the vigilante to maintain control of my other site in the city that is nearing completion, that’s why I expect you here with Spider-Man when you arrive in the city.” Fisk replied and just hung up to leave it at that then his door opened and Tess walked in, Fisk smiled at her and she returned it, though they both stopped after a moment,

 “What brings you Lutessa?” He asked and she clicked through her pad to a page,

 “It appears your wife has been seen arriving at the apartment” said Tess and Fisk chuckled to himself,

 “So she’s gone to see the Captain again…”

He said to himself after a light laugh and Tess was utterly confused,

 “I don’t understand Wilson….you let her keep spending your money….trying to steal your money in fact, and even continue an affair with an officer of the law…I wonder when exactly you will act on this?” She asked with confusion and Fisk looked at her with a grin,

 “Oh I have some ideas on how to deal with that matter…for now just keep an eye on her and send the payment to our P.I, also send word to Toomes that he will be given a task in the coming days.” Fisk said to Tess who nodded and left the room, Fisk went to grab a cuban cigar and went out into his balcony to smoke it.


Mary Jane sat on the couch as she was being lectured by May and Helen after admitting to have…told some things to her friends during lunch at school,

 “Okay, okay, so you told them that you screwed Peter on the side with Gwen?” Helen asked and MJ nodded sheepishly, 

 “….and you told them he has a harem….?” May asked slowly and MJ nodded again and both women groaned,

 “Why!? Why would you say that to them??” May asked while rubbing her head and MJ started to stutter as she spoke,

 “W..w..well ummm ummm….I..I..I” she kept stuttering and Helen covered her mouth,

 “Form the sentence in your head first.” She said and MJ was silent for a minute,

 “We were sharing photos of our guys’ dicks during lunch and they kept begging me for the name of the guy I showed…which of course happened to be Peter’s so then they started asking about Peter cheating and stuff and it eventually led to me admitting about their open relationship and that’s it..” she said and the other women looked at each other and nodded,

 “Alright Watson sounds like you..” said May but then she was cut off,

 “There’s more.” Said Anna Watson as she walked in with her tea in hand, she smirked at her niece who looked down to avoid eye contact,

 “There’s always something else with you, isn't there Mary.” Said Anna in a knowing tone and now all of them gave MJ a hard stare and she gulped,

 “They want in.” She admitted and all the women groaned loudly, after a minute it was Helen who spoke,

 “How many?” She asked plainly,

 “Juile, Liz, and Cindy….and Gloria.” She said with a pained smile and now May spoke,

 “You know you have to tell Gwen about this right….who knows how she’ll react to this.” She said and all the women nodded in agreement,

 “Okay so I’ll just be going now…” said Anna as she left the home and MJ scratched her head awkwardly,

 “Okay….guess I’ll go too.” She said but then….May pulled her back by the arm,

“You let out the secret of Gwen and Peter’s relationship…” she said and Helen came up to MJ’s face with a smile,

 “Punishment is something my daughter would consider…” she said and the redhead teenager gulped with a nervous expression on her face…

    Random Apartment-4:29PM

George and Vanessa had met up for a quick session….except,

 “If you can’t get an erection just admit it and take a viagra” said Vanessa with annoyance as she waited for George but he just grunted as he kept pulling on his unerect cock,

 “Shut up woman! It’s because you keep talking!” He said angrily and now Vanessa acoffed a laugh at him and got up from the bed,

 “Goodbye George, call me when you have an idea as to how to handle the money situation….or when your cock starts working.” Said Vanessa while putting her jeans and blouse back on and left while George kept trying…he slammed his fists on the bed…..he kept playing the image in his head even though he wanted it out…..Helen in a motel….on her back with her arms around a man….with him inside her,he was still trying to figure out who it could be when multiple men were in the video feeds around the motel,

 “Grhhhh.” He groaned and put his hands to his head.


The three men stood outside the tall building that had the appearance of a business center but the men knew there was something else,

 “So….why are we here again? Looks like some fancy shmancy building.” Said OX to Dan,

 “That mobster said his guys have seen that Sable woman come here often since her arrival here in the city….question is why…” he said as he looked over the building,

 “You think she lives here or something? Looks like there are some apartments on the top floor.” Said Ox then Montana flicked his cigar away and just went inside, pushed through the glass door and saw it had the appearance of a typical office building with several floors consisting of offices and conference halls, he got several glances from the desk clerks and the security guard that looked like a M.I.B agent, he approached Montana,

 “Can I help you sir?” He asked and Montana smiled at him as he removed his hat,

 “Not at all, must’ve lost my way.” He said as he left and went back to the vehicle and the other two followed,

 “What was that?“ Fancy Dan asked and Montana smirked at them,

 “It’s a ruse, this is another one of Sable’s outposts just disguised to look like a typical New York office building….no doubt she stays here at the top floor.” He said as he entered the car and the others followed. 


She walked in thanks to the key Natasha had given her and she went to the painting that was hanging in her living room and removed it…then she pushed a certain spot and out came a small safe door,

 “Alright Romanoff what information did you collect?” Said Morse as she grabbed the flash drive that Natasha had told Bobbi to get prior to the out of state mission she went on, Morse went ahead and plugged it into the computer which opened up to some files Romanoff had collected with Peter overtime,

 “Alright let’s see…Oscorp designs….Toomes and Dr.Conners genetic research…even Sable International? Wow Nat you and your little assistant really get around.” Bobbi Morse said as she went through the files…then she saw an encrypted file….Morse smirked since she has advanced in her hacking abilities…


“Wow….” Was all Bobbi Morse could say after she cam from pushing her own fingers into her wet snatch since she video on the computer was very….erotic to say the least,

 “Ohhhh yeah ohhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhhh Yeah ohhhhhhh ahhhhh” Natasha kept moaning on the video as she was film….it was obviously a handheld video camera and Morse was watching a familiar large rod invade the pussy of her redhead college as he kept thrusting into her,

 “Jesus Nat… feel so wet today….ohhhh fuck so slippery ahhhhhh ahhhhh shit…” Morse heard Romanoff's protege voice, the Parker kid, somone she had forgotten about since it’s been a while that Bobbi’s been in the city. Bobbi zipped up her jeans and she saw there were several other files and she scoffed,

 “Romanoff you sleazy russian, what else have you filmed?” Morse asked herself and clicked away. 


“Grhhh grhhhb aughhh grhhhhh ahhhhh grhhhhhh ughhhh” Mary Jane kept gagging and groaning through her throat since her pussy was being rammed while her mouth was…preoccupied,

 “Hahahaaha how much longer Helen?” May asked as she kept pushing the strap on into Mary Jane’s mouth as she was laid flat across the bed and Helen was on the other with her own strap dick and was thrusting into MJ while holding her legs up to allow easy entrance,

 “Hahahahaa you tell me May, it’s your house hahahaha besides….you’re enjoying this aren’t you?” Helen asked a dazed out MJ who’s naked body shaked with the bed making her sweet tits shake and wave with her nipples pointing up in the air and she was red and sweating as she gripped the bedsheets while her body was being worn out by Helen and May who both were naked as well so their boobs shaked as well as they thrusted into the redhead, both women panted and moaned as they moved back and forth,

“Hahahaha so this is how it feels like hahahha it feels weird….” Say Helen with a laugh and May also chuckled when she noticed how MJ was now more receptive,

 “She’s opening her mouth for me Helen hahaha she’s enjoying this for sure.” May said as now it was Mj who moved her mouth onto the rubber dick.


George flicked through the videos from the local stores around the motel at the time before his arrival  and so far still nothing, he went to another security video and played it  he sighed as he leaned back and rubbed his head, Vanessa had ignored his texts and he had gotten a message from Rio Morales wanting to discuss something about her husband. George figured he could use this as a way to settle things down with her and he had another issue to handle….the recent apartment building fire was arson and luckily there was evidence found at the scene and it was a sloppy trail to leave behind, however it was obviously the Mob so he had to be careful on how to approach this, George was about to exit the video when he saw someone…someone familiar…he narrowed his eyebrows as he watched him buy flowers and some breath mints….and from the angle of the camera he could see there was a woman waiting outside the window for fim, though her back was turned it obvious to George who it was,

 “What the hell…..” he said to himself and he planned to ask the individual about it and he knew he should approach this carefully to not give himself away. 


“So you’re sure this is where she stays?” Hammerhead asked Montana and he nodded as he drank his drink,

 “Yep, I recognize the phony office layout Sable uses in her foreign offices around the world. When she gets back from wherever she is, she will stop there at some point.” Montana replied and Hammerhead tapped his fingers in thought,

 “So….what’s the deal with you and her anyway? You know she has an army of mercs right?” Montana asked him and he scoffed,

 “That woman went ahead and joined Wilson Fisk and his agenda against me and my business…she convinced my engineer to go with her too….I simply want revenge and I’m sure you and your men can handle a few hired goons.” Hammerhead replied as he smoked his cuban cigar and now Montana narrowed his eyes at the mob boss,

 “As long as you pay up….I heard you suffered some cash flow loss since your drugs ain’t here yet but let me tell you….I don’t do late payments.” Montana replied before leaving the bar. 


Wilson watched as she worked on her computer…he watched as her fingers hit the keypad and how her finger stroked the mouse wheel….her eyes focused on the screen….then she looked at him through the glass wall separating them….Lutessa looked back at Wilson as he did to her…they smiled at each other…then his phone rang and he sighed when he answered,

 “Hello dear.” He said to Vanessa,

 “What time will you be home?” She asked him and he made an excuse about working on a project and she scoffed and hung up. Fisk sighed and looked back at Tess only to see she had left, Fisk rubbed his head as he figured Vanessa would be with the Captain in time and he had a plan on how to use them in his fight with the Mob…but it required a certain masked individual. 


To say Romanoff was a slut was an understatement, Bobbi Morse had found at least 4 videos of the uptight russian getting it on with one Peter Parker, she had taken it in her pussy, her mouth, her ass and she even gave him a tit job while he fingered her ass and pussy. Each video was taken by the handheld camera so Morse was given a clear view of Natasha’s sweating,panting, happy face, her shaking breasts and some backshots with her ass moving on him and she even saw Nat ride him as she moaned and panted….other spots showed how flexible the pair actually are too, Bobbi had to admit the kid did have a package on him when Nat would take the camera to put it aside so the camera can fully see Peter’s large cock being swallowed up by her lips and tits.After watching the videos, Bobbi collected the data and set the laptop back as usual before she went out to review the data at base and she would have to ask Romanoff just how far off the deep end she had taken with this kid.

  However she noticed she had some photos as well…and of course they were of Parker as he slept in her bed beside her,

 “Jeez….you really fell for a 17 year old…” Morse said with a roll of her eyes as she skimmed through them of Nat kissing Peter’s sleeping face, him unconsciously sucking on her nipple like a baby, and even one of Natasha sleeping like a serene beautiful angel…this was truly an unseen side of the Russian agent. 


She watched them through the large window looking into their bedroom…through the binoculars she could see two familiar faces sucking on each other as they moved in rhythm on the bed, she scoffed seeing the woman’s expression of pure enjoyment as she hugged him closer to her as she grinded herself on him with speed and power which was evident even through the lenses,

 “Guess I found your weakness….Parker….and your’s as well….Romanoff” Silver Sable (Jennifer Lawerence) said to herself with a grin and she couldn’t help but keep watching the pair as they enjoyed an early morning fuck in the motel, Sable knew she had to be careful this time since she was oblivious to the fact that two individuals from her past have reappeared and fate has a cruel twist mixing her new employment with an already growing desire for the boy herself as she watched his long dick now being sucked on by the Shield Agent…she sighed to herself and she was unaware that she licked her lips with her tongue. 


Mary Jane slept in the bed while May and Helen were chatting while sharing a bottle of fine wine, they were discussing something rather…intimate,

 “So is my nephew better in bed than your soon to be Ex-husband?” Asked May to Helen who smiled to herself before answering,

 “Far better, I can’t tell you how many orgasms he’s given me in one night. How is he with you?” Helen replied with her own smile and May giggled and took another sip while she put her feet to rest on her shapely rear,

“He’s…..well I won’t compare him to Ben but….it certainly it different…” May responded and now Helen gave her a hard stare and May looked confused,

 “Ultimate Question May Parker….why molest your little nephew?….” Helen asked and May went wide eyed,

 “Yeah I know…..Gwen told me in confidence when Peter told her one night months ago….but Peter even told me when we were in a motel once….” Helen said and May sighed,

 “What can I say? I was a broken woman….I was insane….I was possessed? I don’t know why I….I just….it just happened okay…” May struggled to say and Helen just looked at her…drank her glass…and sighed heavily too,

 “Well….I started sleeping with my daughter’s 17 year old boyfriend to spite my husband and now I’m in this insane open relationship with him and my own daughter….” Helen said and both women just smiled at each other and clinked thier glasses,

 “It’s crazy how great he is at foreplay isn’t it.”

May said already knowing the answer and Helen chuckled and nodded in agreement. 

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