Parker and Stacy(s)

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Parker Residence-9:50PM 

Peter went home after deciding to wait on someone to relieve him of his hard on after seeing some lesbian action between Gwen and MJ, he decided to let them have their fun since they were finally getting along…in more ways than one…he just watched TV in the living room and in a turn of fate…May came inside in her nurse’s unifrom she wore for work…it did nothing to hide her bust size and big ass in the saggy pants, she smiled when she saw him and he grinned at her as she walked to him and straddled him on the sofa…she reached down and pulled her shirt off revealing her big breasts in a red bra that squeezed them together making a lucious cleavage and Peter instantly dove in and started to kiss and lick at the fabric and skin making May Parker laugh and gasp while carressing her nephew’s hair as he worshipped her breasts. 

 Saturday Morning-6:00AM 

The bedroom window was slightly open allowing a cool wind to enter the room that was heated from the intense physical activity hours prior that lasted almost the whole night, the floor was covered in clothing that led to the bed…a pairs of jeans, shirts and bras then panties right next to the bed that has ruffled bed sheets from the rapid movements on the bed.

 She stirred in her sleep as she felt the soft bed sheets warm her body, she stretched her arms and rubbed her eyes to wake from the extreme drowsiness she felt, her body was fully relaxed after receiving some lovely attention on all ends, her lower half was covered by the sheets which was gently pushed aside revealing her bare thighs and sweet ass while she climbed out of the bed, she felt a hand slowly travel down her slender smooth back and she turned her head and gave the person a smirk,

 “Last night was fun.” Felicia said to Natasha who leaned down and gave her a soft peck with a sigh,

 “It was….I have to meet up with Peter so we’ll catch up later.” Nat said as she put pulled the fabric over her legs and thighs to cover her ass crack and pussy lips which only made her far more appealing with the tease the garment gave along with her bra that made her breasts more lucious by pushing them together,she dressed in her clothing from last night while Lesh huffed while sitting up,making her big tits sag slightly against her knees,

 “Can I at least come with you? I know you guys are just gonna fuck anyways so let’s make it a threesome and wear him out.” Felicia said with a excited smile and Nat rolled her eyes with a smile,

 “You know how his girlfriend would feel being excluded, she does have him at her whim being his first sexual experience and he has his heart set on making her his wife so we just bring her along I guess….or wait for her to be busy.” said Nat while zipping her jeans and putting her shirt on while Felicia got up too and went to her closet,

 “Well I guess we can make her cum till she sleeps so we can have Peter to ourselves.” She said with a smile and Nat spanked her  bare ass before leaving. 

    Parker Residence-6:20AM

Peter was sleeping in his bed with his Aunt next to him laying on her chest with an arm around Peter’s torso when he felt soft lips on his and he hummed while kissing her back,

 “Morning.” He said while rubbing his eyes and she giggled, god he loved that sound from her voice,

 “Morning. I see I wasn’t the only one who had fun last night…I was surprised you didn’t come in last night.” Gwen said with a smirk while Peter climbed out of bed exposing his nude body to Gwen who bit her lip as she viewed her lover’s muscular body, 

 “Wow…all that from a Spider bite.” Gwen said in amazement and Peter chuckled while grabbing a pair of boxers and clothes,

 “So what’s the plan for today?” He asked her,

 “I’m gonna be with my mom and siblings while my dad is at work helping plan some police ball for the Department, a bunch of rich people getting together in fancy clothes to hand them money…which reminds me…” Gwen said with a sly smile as she ran her hands up his chest to his shoulders staring her green eyes into his big brown doe eyes,

 “I want you to be my date to the ball…will you be my date Peter Parker?” Gwen asked him with her soft voice singing in his ears and he smiled down at her as he lowered his head while she raised her slightly,

 “I never thought Gwen Stacy would ask me to a ball.” He said to her and they kissed softly since they both already knew the answer,

 “So…what are your plans for today?…and I give you permission to have….fun with anyone today since I’ll be with my family at the mall…but we’ll meet up later for fun”. Gwen said to him when they pulled apart, Peter did wonder what he will do for the weekend since he has a list of things to prepare for,

 “I think I’ll see if there’s any updates on the Fisk shipments and how the money is being handled by the Mafia….then I gotta see what’s up with birdboy with Natasha.” He replied to her and she nodded at him, then she stared at him again and smirked at him and he grinned back at her,

 “Something on your mind Gwen?” He asked her with a sarcastic tone and she winked at him then she reached for his groin area and started to stroke it,

 “I want a round or 3 before I head home, I want you all to myself right now…so where in this place can we have to ourselves?” She asked while her hand stroked his cock to life,

 “The garage…I turned it into my mancave.” Peter said and she moved her hand and just let out a dry laugh,

 “Your what?” Was all she said. 

 Peter’s Mancave

Peter opened the door and let Gwen inside his newly updated garage and she let out a surprised laugh,

 “Wow Peter, when did you do this?” Gwen asked in amazement when she saw how he added a couch, a small table with a TV with a mini fridge and he updated his workbench to include some computers and upgraded chemistry sets which proved useful when making new webfluids. Then there was the king size bed at the wall of the garage with soft fluffy bed sheets and pillows,

 “I work fast when I have an idea in my mind…the bank money helped…and Felicia helped spruce up the place by adding security measures since we’ll have some important data stored here.” He said as he went to the bed and sat down, he gave Gwen a grin and she knew it was time…no foreplay this time,

 “I like how you added a bed.” said Gwen while she undressed down to her bra and underwear, then she straddled Peter and the pair started exchanging lips in heated lustful passion. 

  20 Minutes Later

The pair collapsed on the bed side by side catching their breath from the intense quickie, well less than an hour is a quickie for them, since they went at it quick…Peter’s powers sent him into overdrive which made him go like a jackhammer into Gwen who just had a dazed face with drool coming out of her mouth and she just let out her groans as he violently rocked her against the king size bed,

 “Sorry…” Peter said as soon as he caught his breath, Gwen catched hers and gave him a curious smile,

 “For what…making me cum?” She asked with humor and he smiled back and kissed her cheek and she hummed with content,

 “For losing control…” he said to her and she grinned…then she reached under the bedsheets and started to jerk him off, Peter sighed happily and Gwen kissed his neck and face,

 “Wanna make it up to me?….Don’t cum until I tell you to.” Gwen whispered to him and she climbed on top of him and just set her pussy onto his rod and she started to grind on him with a slow but enticing rhythm which made Peter groan from her pleasurable slow grinding and how it swallowed up his rod into her still leaking pussy…he put his hands on his head and sighed loudly making Gwen giggle while she moved her hips and used her thighs to hug him under her while she had her hands feeling up his chest,

 “Yeah baby….you love my body…but don’t you dare cum yet.” She said with a hot voice and Peter groaned again, already feeling his cum build up…

    15 Minutes Later 

“Gwen!!! Please!!!! Gwen Let Me!!!!” Peter was begging Gwen to let him explode after her teasing fuck…then she used her tits to give him a titfuck and now…she was swallowing his rod into her mouth and throat, she had her hands on his balls tugging and carressing them…she felt how hot they were from the build up happening inside,

 “No, not yet.” She said quickly and she put her mouth back on his rod. Peter was sitting down while Gwen was on her knees in front of him between his legs, she gagged and slurped on his cock with her tongue licking up his leaking cum showing how much he was holding back which made her tug on his balls harder and start to increase her bobbing speed on his cock making a quick motion as she went up and down on his cock making it disappear in her lips, Gwen heard him groan in pain and she smiled and bit his cock making him wince and gave her a pleading look,

 “Peter…I want the whole thing…” Gwen said then…she stood up and….went on all fours on the bed and shook her butt at him,

 “I want it in my pussy okay.” Was all she had to say and Peter just pounced on her making her laugh lustfully then moan when she felt him jab her with his rock hard cock into her already cum stained pussy,

 “Ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhhh ahhhhh Peter ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhh Let It Out!!!!” Gwen commanded and Peter let out a pained groan and finally let the dam burst…he felt the splurge of cum travel down his rod,

 “Ahhhhhhh” Gwen moaned happily feeling the load of sperm travel down her tunnel and into her womb, she collapsed on the bed and Peter fell on top of her still cumming from the holdout under Gwen’s rule,

 “Ohhhhhh ohhhhh Peter you were holding so much ahhhhhhh Goddd..” Gwen just let out her groan still waiting for Peter to finish while he had a wide smile on his face as he just let himself go inside her. 

   10 Minutes Later

They were just cuddling under the covers with happy smiles on their faces, Gwen said she wanted to cuddle for a bit before she left to head home. They were chatting about school and how cool it’ll be to be secret agents…then Gwen asked Peter a question that caught him off guard,

 “Wait what? You want me to…?” Peter asked her to clarify and she kissed his neck and shoulder,

 “I want you to teach me how to fight…I mean I know some karate and Taekwondo but I need the trainer/trainee experience so please sweetie….show me some moves.” She begged with her adorable voice and gave him a pleading smile and he bit his lip,

 “Gwen…are you planning to work in the field? Like what I do?..” he asked her carefully and she climbed out of bed and started to get change,

 “What if I plan to? Do you intend to stop me, Peter Parker?” Gwen asked with a smirk as she zipped up her jeans after putting on her shirt and Peter started to stutter making her giggle,

 “I expect an answer to my question when I get back okay? I mean I could just take a class but….I’d rather have you be my mentor, I’ll see you tonight okay. Bye” Gwen said softly and kissed him then reached for her sweater and went out. Peter sighed and rubbed his head, he couldn’t believe Gwen wanted to work in the field like him and Nat…but he knew she would be disappointed if he were to show disapproval of her plan…he decided to work on his gadgets to clear his mind so he put on his boxers and sweatpants then went to his upgraded workbench with his tools and the new equipment he was developing.

   Fisk’s Office

 “Is everything ready for delivery?” Wilson Fisk asked his secretary who carried a touchpad with her,

 “Yes sir, your connection has assured us that no police vehicles will patrol that port for a duration of 30 minutes. Then the boat crew has been confirmed to have departed their location an hour ago.” She replied and he nodded, then he rubbed his hands together,

 “And the other situation?” He asked her and she clicked a few times on the touchpad before speaking?

 “Your wife has been seen with Captain Stacy again sir, shall I send in the assist?” She asked him and he rubbed his huge chin in consideration,

 “No…I think this will prove useful later on.” He replied with a grin.

   Parker Residence-7:50AM 

Peter was working on a upgrade to his web shooters, he was an early bird type of person so he was having fun working on his gadgets in the morning so he can have fun using them all day, he finished screwing in the lock and he put the web shooter on and aimed it at some empty bottles and he fired it… went fast and hard as if it were a rubber bullet…it’ll bring down the criminals with heavy artillery without killing them, he looked at his other web shooter and considered what adjustment he should make with that when he remembered something important: his mask. He went ahead to the computer stand with his mask at the side and the lenses popped out, Peter went ahead and took out the new lenses he made and popped them into the black lines of his mask and he tweaked the lenses into it and smiled when he saw that his upgrade worked: the lenses of his eyes were adjusting into the mask with the white eyes getting bigger…then smaller…like if it was a pupil dilating when focusing on an object, he tried it on and he decided to focus his sight on the far end of the garage where the bed stand was…he used his superior eyesight to look at the photo of Gwen and sure enough…his mask lense followed the focus of his eye muscles and zoomed in,while enlarging the eyes of Spider-man, on the photo giving him pure 20/20 vision and now being able to zoom in on targets and locations. 

  He then heard a knock on the door and he removed the mask then looked at the computer screen with the security camera, it was Natasha. He opened the door with a smile and let her in,

 “I see Felicia helped you redecorate.” Nat said with a smile as she looked around the updated garage…then she grinned when saw something familiar,

 “Is that…?” She asked with a smirk,Peter smirked back,

 “The bed we had sex inside a hotel during a recon mission last week? Yep. I liked how comfortable and soft it was so I brought it here.” He replied with a smile and Nat just chuckled at him, then she saw his new workbench,

 “Upgrades huh? Anything you can show me?” She asked with a curious smile and Peter put on the mask and Nat saw how Spider-Man’s eyes narrowed as he…focused his sight on her chest in the tight Black t-shirt she had on, Nat laughed when she saw how the lenses helped his sight zoom in on command. He took it off and showed her his web shooter, Nat saw how it was slightly wider and the arm band was altered, then Peter fired the web shooter and the old glass mirror towards the back and it shattered and broke into a dozen pieces,

 “Wow…you practically built a gun in your wrists, well kind of…unlike mine yours don’t fire high caliber bullets.” She said with a sly smile on her face and he chuckled at that…then he asked her something he’s wanted to for awhile,

 “Can I…see your wrist gadgets?” He asked her and she gave him a unsure look,

 “I just want to see how you adapted the electric shock to your weapons..mine works like a frenzy and it causes some burn marks so I want to see how yours are adjusted…so can I?” Peter asked her and she was in thought for a moment and then she had a small smile on her face,

 “I guess I can show the schematics,I’ll bring them next time?” She asked him and he nodded with a smile of his own then they went to his bag and took out his tablet to view the data that they collected which included a shipment set to arrive tomorrow at the port,

 “So, any idea how we’re gonna handle the shipment?” Peter asked her and she was looking at the manifest from the drive and she narrowed her eyes,

 “Well…I guess we can do what we planned and have Felicia sneak in and see what’s in the multiple containers on the ship while we handle any security guards on the port.” She replied and Peter nodded while also viewing the information on the ship and he raised an eyebrow,

 “I wonder why he used a public ship to hold his shipments. I mean look at that there’s an actual set route for the ship rather than a two way trip, maybe it’s making pickups in other locations…I mean look at that it’s gonna make a stop by Brazil for crying out loud.” Peter said with surprise and Nat nodded at his comment,

 “Maybe he’s just using it as a cover rather than having his own where any law enforcement can get to it but this way on a public ship they have to dig into the ship’s manifest and what’s being transported, we’ll get some answers tomorrow night. Right now what do you want to do?” Nat asked him and he had an idea,

“Actually I need your help with something.” He replied.

Red Hook Terminal-8:20AM

“Are you certain these security measures are enough to keep any unwanted attention away?” The woman in a all black pantsuit asked the head guard after they walked around the ship, the man rolled his eyes,

 “Did you not see the added locks and men we brought for this. Relax, okay I’ve done this type of thing for the boss hundreds of times.” He replied with a smirk…and his eyes roamed her body…nice chest and cute apple ass, she noticed and snapped her fingers making him focus on her face,

 “I’m aware of your employment history with Mr.Fisk but the Mafia have been making odd transactions with their money and this little turf war with them is starting to escalate…particularly since the police will be involved soon.” Tess replied with a unsure look and walked away heading back to the office,

 “I’ll be here tomorrow night to supervise the drop-off.” She said as she left and he groaned in annoyance.

 Stacy Apartment-8:35AM

Gwen was eating breakfast with her parents since the boys were left to sleep in, it was awkward silence for them,

 “So Gwen…how are things with you and that Parker boy going? Must be going great for your mom to feel comfortable enough to barge in his house and live there.” George said with sarcasm and a smirk,  both ladies rolled their eyes,

 “Things are going really well dad, and Peter and May don’t mind mom staying there. In fact May can’t wait to finally have some adult company.” Gwen replied with a smile trying to defuse the tension. The trio kept eating while trying to hold their conversations together.

 Oscorp Industries-9:25AM

“So where is this lab you’re looking for?” Nat asked him as they walked around the building on the city sidewalk among the buzzling crowd to get a layout of the outside of the building,

 “Well…when I saw the gas cylinder on the Vulture when we were fighting in the air looked similar to the ones used in Oscorp’s engineering department, so I think whoever that vulture is will most likely be an employee here or is at least a frequent visitor.” He said to her and she nodded and they went back to her car in the parking lot building across the street, she grabbed her duffle bag from the back,

 “So how do you want to do this? Break in and search or get information from an employee.” She asked him and readied her weapons already and he chuckled,

 “Actually…I was thinking we should just go in as part of the tour group and sneak away” Peter said and Nat had a look of “seriously?” being how boring that plan sounded but Peter didn’t want to draw attention so early in the morning and since he technically wasn’t working there anymore he had no reason being seen inside other than being a tourist.

 15 Minutes Later 

They were walking with the others in the group being escorted around by a tour guide who did her job of pointing out facts and information on the building, Peter and Nat walked with the group pretending to care about the tour while surveying the labs they passed along the way with focus on the equipment used to look for similarities between them and the vulture and once they reached a certain stairwell, they snuck inside and went ahead to the upstairs floors where Nat and Bobbi had been inside before, 

 “Anything interesting on this floor?” Nat asked him and he nodded and led her to a lab with some engineering equipment that he remembered from the days he was working as an intern. They entered the lab and he went straight for the storage room with the items inside it and sure enough,

 “I knew it, whoever that bird guy was he got some of the material to build his suit from Oscorp. He used one of their miniature accelerators to boost his thrusters on his wings.” He said as he handed the item to Nat who studied it with her eyes,

 “It would explain how he was able to grab you like nothing and just rocket into the air a second later, any thoughts on how to find out who took them?” She asked him with a smile and he smirked at her,

 “Another evaluation of my skills in terms of planning and investigating?” He asked and she just nodded. Peter considered what to do and layed out his options on his head while Nat pretended to be annoyed and even looked at her wrist watch to add to the play and Peter smirked at her,

 “I got something…since these are categorized into the inventory check there’s gotta be a pattern between the difference in how many are counted that time. More means as usual while less means one or a few are left unchecked. We check the list of employees who handled the inventory check on those certain days and at some point we’ll find our guy.” He said with confidence and Nat patted his head softly with a smile,

 “Nice thinking. Now we should find that inventory list in their archives.” She said as she walked to the computer and used her skills to hack into it, she pulled out a flashdrive from her jacket pocket and plugged it in,

“Okay while I download their entire catalogue and employee lists along with their inventory checklist you stand guard outside since this is a restricted room.” She said as she worked her fingers steadily fast on the keyboard and Peter nodded and just went to stand guard. He stood there for about 4 minutes when Nat came out,

 “Done, alright now let's get out of here before any” Then a buff,and armed, guard walked the corner and in a second Natasha had Peter against the wall and was just kissing him and the guard already had a hand on the grip and trigger but with a utter confused face,

 “What the hell are you doing up here? It’s a restricted floor to tour groups.” He said annoyed and Nat pulled away and had her fantastic flirty girl persona,

 “Oh sorry, my sweetie and I got excited being in a fancy building and well…” Nat said with a valley girl accent  and the guard just rolled his eyes,

 “Just get out of here already.” He said and Nat pulled Peter by the arm out of the floor and into the elevator where the guard pushed a few buttons and it closed and started to go down,

 “Nice play there Nat.” Peter said with amazement and she winked at him,

 “Public displays of affection make others uncomfortable and the desire to look away happens.” She said and Peter chuckled at that true statement. They walked out the building and went to her car,

 “So another errand to run?” Nat asked him and he considered what to do next,

 “Well….I was thinking of taking down a known mafia owned apartment building. That word on the street has it that they use it to store drugs and weapons sometimes for their street guys. Wanna help me?” He asked with a smirk already knowing her answer and he guessed right when a huge smile grew on her face. 


The old building was filled with gunmen guarding the rooms inside throughout the hallways, it had 6 floors with 5 apartments on each floor…and they were getting their asses kicked by Spider-Man and Black Widow. The men were crashing through the walls, being punched clean through the room, and their guns were either kicked out of their hands or webbed away from them followed by a swift punch or kick from the Spider duo,

 “Damn it Terry shoot her stop staring at her ass!” Shouted one thug to another only to see the thug thrown across the room then Nat leaped right in front of him with a sexy smile,

 “Hi there.” She said to him then Bam! A punch to the face knocked him out cold,

 “This is fun right?” Asked Spider-Man Black Widow as they kept brawling with the armed men who were guarding stacks of money and drug supplies for the gangs in the city so they made work of these men who were trying to kill them,

 “Yeah it is, reminds me of my days in Russia” Nat replied with a smile as she kicked a gunman to the ground with her powerful leg,

 “We should wrap this up before they call for backup.” Nat said and Spider-Man nodded and they charged down the last hallway on the top floor into the large room and Peter lifted Natasha up and spun her around and she kicked away literally knocking out all the men in a swift 360 movement, a few seconds later all the men were unconscious,

 “Well that was fun, so what do we do about all this crap?” Spider-Man asked Nat as he motioned to the pile of cocaine and guns nearby,

 “Well call the cops to pick it up while we take whatever information they have, give me 10 minutes with this one.” She said as she pulled a beat up thug who came to and panicked when he saw the woman who was pulling him,

 “Wait! Wait! Hold On I Got Lots Of Money Here! Take It! Oh Jesus!!!” He yelled as he was pulled inside a room and Nat slammed it shut to begin her…interrogation…Spider-Man just stood there with a gulp,

 “Hope I never see that side when she mixes it with sex.” He said as he webbed up all the thugs into one ball for the police.

  7 Minutes Later

The door opened with the thug flying across the room and he hit the wall and landed on the thug with a loud crash on the wooden table. Nat came out with a smile and Spider-Man saw her work on the gunman…,

 “So did he give you anything?” He asked shyly and she chuckled at his nervous demeanor,

 “Yes he did… Basically the Mob makes some cash by petty drug dealing so they supply the street dealers with the drugs and guns for an extra cost from their usual take…basically they run the drugs in some areas but there’s something else..” she said as she walked up to the roof and Peter followed her. They got to the top and she walked to a few construction notices taped on a unfinished project,

 “Apparently the mob who own this building were outbought by some rich guy…and he’s having it torn down for his new condos…care to guess who the buyer was..” Nat said to him and he chuckled,

 “Fisk…is that part of their war or is that what started it?” He asked out loud and Nat patted his shoulder,

 “We’ll think about it later, I have to head to the helicarrier for other work so I’ll meet up with you later and Jones will come get the cash…but I got this.” She handed him a flash drive and he took off his mask to show his excited face,

 “Is this the blueprints to your gauntlets!? Awesome thanks Nat! I’ll make it up to you just name it.” He said with a happy smile and she pulled him in for a deep kiss and he lost himself for a second,

 “I’ll take you up on that offer sooner than you think.” She whispered and she leaped off the room and she disappeared in a second and Peter couldn’t help but laugh and he went to the building and he saw Jessica stuffing the money in her large duffle bag,

 “You gonna help me or what?” She asked with sarcasm and he narrowed his eyes at her…she wore cool ripped jeans and a tight black t-shirt with a leather jacket…she had her features to her light blue eyes and pale skin with her jet back hair and rose lips,

 “The fuck you looking at?….” She asked with a growing smile as her own eyes narrowed on him..


Gwen and Helen walked with the boys around the mall and did some shopping as they went store to store on their errands and they just had to go buy a costume for Simon, and Gwen couldn’t help but giggle wholeheartedly whenever he brought it up,

 “Do you think they’ll have Spider-Man costumes in that store mom?” The boy asked his mother with an eager tone,

 “Well it’s a costume shop for entertainers so they must have something, Gwen do you mind helping your brothers to the car?” Asked Helen,

 “Yeah sure mom see you in a few.” Gwen replied and she and her brothers took the bags and went to the car while the pair went off to find a Spidey costume in the shop. 

   Unknown Location 

“Any word from the crew in Brooklyn? It’s been too long since they’ve updated their progress.” Said the Buff man to his gunman who shook his head as a reply and he huffed,

 “Send some guys over there to see what the hell’s the problem.” He ordered and some men went into their cars and went off to the building with their weapons.

   Brooklyn Safehouse

 Peter drank the gatorade with a satisfied smile as he watched Jessica pull her jeans over her ass and zipped them up after putting her shirt on, they ended up fucking after bringing the money to the safehouse in the area and it was a great way to get pumped up for patrol,

 “Well that was fun, later Parker.” She said and she just walked out the room and out of the house and Peter replied,

 “See ya later!” As she walked out with a smile and he looked at the stack of money they hid around the house while gathering his things to head out. 

   NYPD Precient

George was chatting on the phone with Gwen about bringing Peter to the NYPD benefit ball as her date and he said it was fine and he mentioned he wanted to talk to him then they ended the conversation with simple was still a strain connection since Gwen knew about the seperation, George decided to call Vanessa and she didn’t answer so he figured she was with her husband who was probably counting his money. He went to work on the Mafia case and he noted how Spider-Man was seen at their locations multiple times and how the mobsters would be fighting against well dressed men who used different type of guns so that made it clear they were outsiders to the city, the door was opened by a fellow officer,

 “Captain we got a call about a gunfight happening near the Brooklyn bridge, it’s some gunmen fighting Spider-Man and then we got a strange call about a giant ball of web with a bunch of men hanging from an old apartment building.” The officer said and George groaned as he got up,

 “Everyday it’s like a comic book scenario comes to life.” He said with annoyance as he put his jacket on. 

 Burger Place 

The family watched the news anxiously as they showed live footage of Spider-Man fighting against some gunmen on the bridge,

 “Get em Spider-Man! Show em who’s boss!” Shouted Simon supporting his idol which made Gwen and Helen smile but they turned to nervous looks in a second,

 “Think he’ll be okay?” Helen asked aloud,

 “He’ll be fine, he’s been at this for a while remember, he was first spotted only at night in a ski mask and hoodie.” Gwen said comfort and a assuring smile, Howard snickered at his big sister,

 “You would know his history, all the girls go crazy about him.” He said to her with a laugh and she shoved him with a annoyed smile,

“He’s totally gonna win! See only 3 guys left!” Said Simon with a cheerful tone and the others chuckled at his fanboy demeanor…then…

   Brooklyn Bridge-11:55AM

Spider-Man barely avoided the fast blade coming in thanks to his Spider-Sense, he swung to the top and saw who it was,

 “Hey Eagleman! I think your flock left you behind!” Shouted Spiderman who jumped and swinged around the bridge to avoid the Vulture’s cool needles shooting out of his wings that pierced into the hard material of the bridge,

 “The Name is Vulture you pathetic insect!!” He shouted and then….he fired about a hundred at once making Spider-Man dive fast and he used a car door as a shield to avoid being stabbed by the needles that were half his size in length,

 “Ha Ha you can’t AGHHH” Spider-Man’s quip was interrupted when he was thrashed aside by something huge…he quickly got up when his 6th sense alerted him to a follow up attack,

 “Jeez Rhino what happened? The zoo didn’t give you the special herbs you like?” He asked the heavily armored rhino and he replied,

 “Shut up! I kill You! I will destroy You!!” He shouted as he charged in and Spider-Man pulled another car door and used it with his webs as a frisbee and powershot it to the rhino, he did this several times but then he felt a jolt go up his back and he swung up to avoid a needle attack…now it’s two on one,

 “Hey no Fair!! I need to find a partner for this dance!!” Spider-Man complained to his foes which annoyed them even more, all he could do was wing it for a bit til backup arrived. 

   11 Minutes Later 

He had been dodging attacks left and right,above and below him and while he did manage to land some blows on them…it was still difficult to take them both down,

 “Ha Ha we got him now! He’s running on fumes!” Said the Vulture to Rhino who laughed as he charged in for a blow since Spider-Man was knocked out of the sky but a needle to his webs,

 “Oh come on, I’ll give you peanuts if you stop.” Spider-Man said to him and the rhino simply shouted with annoyance as he charged in faster….then several shots of electric disks landed on him and shocked him making the machine stop dead in its tracks,

 “What The Hell!?!” Shouted the Vulture who felt a prick on his exposed neck, since his suit only went to his collarbone, and he groaned then…came crashing down on a car, Spider-Man turned around and smiled under the mask.

   A few Minutes Later

 Well there you have it, the fight is over with Spider-Man getting some unexpected help from the Notorious Black Cat who is well known for her grand thefts and international status as a world class thief. Now we see NYPD arriving and are apprehending the gunmen who have been webbed up by Spider-Man and now they are moving to…wait oh…it appears another group have arrived and have shown clearance to take the armored rhino looking machine and the man who calls himself ‘The Vulture’ whereas Spider-Man made a quick exit from the scene seeing how he was no longer needed and there’s still no word on how this event began yet.” The newsperson finished giving her report.

 Stacy Family Van-10 Minutes Later

The family were in the van heading to more places to handle errands,

 “How long are we gonna spend shopping?” Simon complained and Helen rolled her eyes with a typical mom smile while Gwen was in the passenger seat chuckling,

 “Just another hour or two and we're done okay.” Helen replied as she drove them down the streets of New York,

 “So where do you think Spider-Man went with that lady?” Simon asked out loud and Howard snickered,

 “It’s the Black Cat and Black Widow…he totally went to fu..” Howard was cut off,

 “Howard!” Helen said sternly and Howard was silent with a growing grin on his face while Simon was left to wonder what he was going to say while Helen and Gwen shared knowing smirks. 

    Felicia’s Apartment-12:45PM

Peter was sweating and panting as he thrusted with speed and force into the luscious asshole of Natasha Romanoff while she in turn had a strap on and was pushing herself into Felicia who laid on her back on the waterbed that only added to their rocking tempo with the whole penthouse filled with screams and moans of the trio as they kept fucking in a wicked threesome,

 “Ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhhh ahhhh ohhhhh Jesus ahhhhh ahhhh Ohhhhh God ohhhhh Godddd ahhhhhh'' Natasha let out her moans as her ass shaked along with her tits and she curled her toes from the intense friction and pressure she felt inside, her red hair was glistening with her skin being coated in light sweat making her back and thighs shine in the light. Then there’s Felicia who was in a daze from the rough fucking Nat was giving her with the large dildo diving into her leaking pussy that stained the bed with Nat’s and Peter’s own precum leaking out too, Nat knelt her head down and started kissing Felicia’s heaving chest and hard nipples which made the feline burgular groan and moan with her eyes shut and she wrapped her long legs around Nat and Peter holding all 3 of them close as they laid on top of each other glistening with sweat in the bedroom,

 “Ohhh ohhh ohhh ahhhh ahhhh Jesus Christ this is fucking awesome!!!!” Peter said gleefully as he had one hand tweaking Nat's nipple while his other hand went all the way down to push 3 fingers into Felicia’s asshole and she screamed feeling the penetration on both sides while Natasha kept biting and pulling on her tit so Felicia retaliated by biting into Nat’s neck and shoulder to leave marks which made the red-head spy release her nipple then hiss and groan and she yelped when Peter gripped her ass with on hand and used his other to slap her other cheek and he laughed seeing the skin ripple from the impact and Nat leaned up to wrap an arm around his neck to pull him down and she planted her lips on his and they started to kiss and stroke each other’s tongues against each other while moaning and Peter wrapped his arms around her waist to hold her close and his hands went to hold her breasts in his hands and he increased his tempo and Nat in turn increased her own using the rubber rod and Felicia just set her long slender legs up in the air while pinching her own nipples.

    10 Minutes Later 

Peter laid flat on the bed to enjoy the moistness on both ends, Felicia was bouncing on his rod engulfing his dick in her moist lips that were sucking on him as she kept bouncing while Nat was grinding her leaking cunt on his face while her hands were on the wall to steady herself as she kept increasing her grinding tempo since Peter was licking,biting, and fingering her like crazy and he used his other hand to finger her asshole which made her squeeze his head with her powerful thighs that held his head prisoner underneath her...Peter was red and sweating feeling Natasha’s body warmth from her pussy on his mouth and her thighs holding his head. Felicia was laughing as she felt her pussy being filled up all the way and she even felt his tip strike her womb…she enjoyed taking him raw and he’s been the only guy she’s fuck in a while, 

 “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ahhh Yesss Ahhhhh Yesss ahhhhhhh ahhhhhh Yeahhhhhh Right There Spider!!! Ahhhhh Spider!!! Right There Ohhhhh Godddd.” Felicia kept moaning and laughing while Nat kept groaning, feeling her holes being filled and the dam about to burst.

   5 Minutes Later

Peter was getting dressed in his suit again while Nat and Lesh were just relaxing on the bed sharing a bottle of wine together after a good fuck which was their thank you from Peter for saving his ass last minute,

 “That was fucking great. You sure you gotta go Spider, we could go for round two. Come on, you and me can fuck Natasha.” Felicia said with an eager smile while Nat rolled her eyes,

 “Sorry but I’m gonna spend a while longer on patrol. I’ll see you guys soon, Later.” Peter said before he pulled his mask on and jumped off the balcony leaving the pair to continue their drinking,

 “This reminds me of that night..” Felicia said to Nat with a mischievous grin and Nat smirked at her,

 “Except we didn't have wine with us and we were covered in dirt and mud from having to escape that facility.” She replied and Lesh pulled on her nipple making her hiss,

 “Bitch.” Nat said to her and Felicia giggled at her reaction. 

   NPYD Precient

George was annoyed beyond belief, the Mayor and police commissioner were on his ass about the masked vigilante receiving praise and respect from the public for bringing down a drug building and rounding up the local Brookyln dealers who had been plauging the streets with hardcore narcotics, it was a bad image for law enforcement and the idea of the court system since now he was stuck with the assignment of finding a way to make a giant web of crooks a legal case to lock them up seeing how Spider-Man isn’t an actual officer of the law. He sighed as he rubbed his forehead looking at the vast reports and paperwork to create a narrative to show how NYPD had been planning to infiltrate the building anyway so anything found by Spider-Man would’ve been found anyway, he got a call from Gwen and he picked up,

 “Hey honey, how’s everything going? That’s great, what are you guys doing now? Oh alright have fun sweetie.” He hung up and continued to work. 


Peter was working on patrol just doing his usual thing, stopping criminals whenever he saw them. He was fully energized and ready for action after an awesome threesome with Nat and Felicia after they saved him, he was still bewildered that he was stuck fighting the animal duo and the pair of ladies just showed up and knocked them out cold with ease. He swung around making his gadgets work on various criminals while receiving cheers and applause from the crowd.

  Stacy Apartment-2:30PM

The boys were with their friends a few doors down while Gwen and Helen were chatting in the kitchen,

 “So any word from Oxford?” Helen asked Gwen,

 “Yeah, I have an interview with them in a few weeks, Peter and I can make a vacation out of it.” She said with a happy smile and Helen smiled at her daughter,

 “I’m glad you found someone to open your heart to.” Helen said and Gwen gave her a smirk,

 “And aren’t you glad his dick is enough to fill you up.” She said with a laugh and Helen slapped her thigh and shushed her,

 “Relax mom the boys aren’t even here…” she started then narrowed her eyes at her and had a smirk on her face,

 “Let's go to bed.” Was all she said and she pulled in her mother for a passionate kiss…before Helen would resist but now she kissed her back with the same passion and they got up and stepped into Gwen’s room while never removing their lips from each other as they walked to the room and closed the door,

 “We should call Peter.” Helen said between kisses and Gwen went to grab her phone while Helen removed her blouse and jeans revealing her heavenly milf body in a pink thong and matching lace bra, Gwen walked in with her phone in her hand on her ear,

“Yeah, okay. Hurry Up!” She said and threw her phone to the side and pulled her shirt off showing off her nice breasts and skin in a green bra,

 “Where is he?!” Helen asked while Gwen pulled her jeans off showing her matching panties,

 “He’s in the middle of a robbery, he said to start without him and he’ll just join in.” She said and removed her bra showing her great breasts…smooth porcelain skin with cute pink nipples,her mother leaned in a sucked on one making it perky and hard while Gwen caressed her mother’s body as she sighed with a smile then she reached around and unhooked her bra and her mom pulled away from her nipple and let the garment fall off and that’s when Gwen put her hands to mesh them against the warm mushy skin of her own mother and Helen gasped with a happy smile. Gwen leaned in and started to kiss her mother’s face then went down her cheek to her neck then her shoulder,then she went back to Helen’s lips and the mother-daughter duo started to mesh their lips and tongues together and their hands roamed all over each other’s bodies while their moans filled the room….soon one of them laid down while the other started to go down on them…then pinched their fingers on the band of the panties.


George was driving around the city with his partner Davis, they did their usual thing of answering calls and handling any crimes they happen to come across when a fast whoosh went above them that it actually lifted the car a bit,

 “Jesus! Spider-boy’s in a rush today huh.” Davis said with a laugh while George had a smirk,

 “Probably has a hot date.” He said and both laughed and continued on their drive, he had plans for the evening which made him realize something,

 “Shit!” He said as he switched streets,

 “What’s up?” Davis asked him,

 “I need to get something important, it’ll be quick and we’ll be back on patrol.” George replied as he drove.

 Stacy Apartment-3:10PM

Peter had gone into the room to see Helen and Gwen scissoring their cunts together in a attempt to get some friction going, so he just undressed and joined in…now both ladies laid on their backs side by side on Gwen’s small bed as Peter stood while pushing fast and smoothly into the wet lips,

“Ahhhh ahhhhh Ohhh ahhh ohhhhh” She moaned as her breasts shaked with she was rocked back and forth by Peter’s hard thrusts,

 “Yeah!! Yeah!! Yeah!!!! Ohhhhh Fuck!!!! Yeahhh!!!!” Peter was euphoric…he was on a roll today with his stamina…he kept pushing faster and harder into her making her ass cheeks jiggle and mesh against his hips while he worked his hand into the lips of the other who laid on the bed moaning feeling the excellent fingering treatment Peter was giving her,

 “Ohhhh ohhhh Peter you’re so good with those fingers ahhhh ahhhhh ohhhhh keep doing that…don’t stop ohhhhh” She just kept moaning and writhing her body while pressing her smooth firm thighs against Peter’s arm to lock his hand and fingers inside her snatch, the trio released their lustful noises out in the room,

 “Ahhh ohhhh ohhhh ohhhhh ahhhh ahhh ahhhhhh I’m about to…Ohhhhhh Godddd ahhhhhhh” Gwen was heaving and panting…her tits shaked with pride with her hard nipples high up, her skin was smooth and wet from sweating and her toes curled all the way that they even cracked a bit from the pressure she was putting on them, it was a miracle her small bed hasn’t broken yet since it was creaking and rocking hagainst her wall so much it was making the nailed on photos on top shake and flap against the wall. Helen herself was gripping her tits while her body shaked with the bed which only made the friction from Peter’s fingers all the more better which made her moans increase as well, both Stacys were going to explode from the intense fucking Peter was giving them and they felt her insides inflamed by his burning hot tool and rapid twisting fingers so both ladies used their muscles and thighs to squeeze him tight making him groan and he sped up his fingers into Helen and he even twisted them around when he put 4 fingers inside her…Helen gasped and groaned while raising her legs in a air to allow his fingers easy entrance into her slit, and for Gwen he swicthed it up and atrted ro do hard thrusts at a slow pace making her groan feeling her insides stretched all the way as he pierced her with each deep thrust he made into her and he even leaned down and captured a heaving nipple in his mouth and Gwen had a full smile on her face as she sighed and moaned… all three were about to cum…..they were lost in their lust that they didn’t hear the front door was unlocked.

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