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“Hey” she said to him and he looked at her as he finished cleaning, “come in here when you're done….I got off the phone and my dad is having a precinct meeting downtown and my mom and brothers are seeing a late showing of The Avengers at the theater…” Gwen said softly with her hand resting on the door frame while the other was twirling her golden locks around her finger 

          She could see the brown doe eyes turn lustful with black...she simply went into her bedroom..quickly changed into her silk nightgown that reached her thighs, she laid on her bed...on new sheets thanks to Peter and Gwen changing them and throwing the other ones away, she closed her eyes and thought of….that afternoon when he first her building, to her room….cuming in her. 

           She looked at her little work desk where her computer was with a shelf of books above it...she gave lustful smile 


                      Gwen Stacy held onto the wooden frame of her little desk as hard as she could….she groaned and groaned as the thrusts continued from behind….she was being pushed by his force and her waist was being pulled back by his strong arms that held her on each side of her waist…Thankfully everyone in the stacy home are at Coney Island as anyone who walked in her room and just look to the right would get a sight to behold, and masterbait to.

        Gwen Stacy, wearing only a black bra that covered her glorious 32 B breasts , white long socks..was being rammed by Peter Parker, a boy she had met hours ago..he was sweating and his forehead sweat landed on her equally sweaty smooth back as he continued to thrust himself inside her, she did her part by pushing herself back while holding onto her wooden desk for dear life, sweat covered her whole body...her bra was soaked at this point and she knew as she could feel the cup fabric of the bra give in to the sweat weight that collected around her mounds….to anyone else this was the act of a school slut, but to Peter and felt right, it felt it felt Great. Gwen’s white panties that she had Been wearing were being held firmly in Peter’s left hand...and whenever Gwen looked back at the boy practically ramming her into her desk, she saw him take a deep inhale of her panties, I want to remember what you smell like he had told her ‘Kinky’ she simply responded… 

      Peter’s eyes were open wide as he was lost in his carnal desires as he looked at the sight before him 

             His hands were holding the sweaty, smooth waist of Gwen Stacy, the sexiest genius student in Midtown, the bombshell of the debate team, he had thought about fucking her since he took that school picture of the debate team...his hands held her in place as he saw his member disappear in and out of her slit, it was so soothing to hear to slick slick of flesh penatrating flesh, her boobs were moving just as fast as he was going, the round mounds being constrained in their black colored confindes which although the bra itself is sexy but he had enough of the blockage….he took one hand away from her sweaty waist and began an attempt to unclasp the bra without stopping his motions...but it proved difficult god why do they make these lock like a fort Knox safe Peter thought as he struggled to work the material off Gwen 

    “Just rip it” Gwen looked back and had said, well moaned really, Peter gave her a questioning look to which she answered simply by.. oh god Peter said in his mind as he saw the blonde bombshell run her tongue around her pink lips..he immediately put his hand working the band of the bra to on the cleavage area on Gwen’s heaving, motioning chest. Gwen felt Peter put his index finger between the small linear strip that connected the cups, holding her flesh mounds at bay, and he pulled hard and….. 

         A set of round, pale smooth, hard nipped breasts came into view, which Peter only saw thanks to Gwen’s mirror on the wall next to the desk which gave a nice clear view of her breasts. They were jiggling now that they were free from that fabric prison, her boobs bouncing and waving as the flesh was being pushed and pulled while mixed with Gwen’s groans and moans as he continued his thrusts into her. Gwen looked around her bedroom as she was being filled by her cute classmate. She saw the clothing she had worn during the school day discarded all over her room:the black button shirt and white fall coat she had worn was hanging on top of her lamp after she threw them there after ripping the buttons and her grey skirt, the one that fell just below her thigh was pooled around her feet. Gwen  looked at the mirror and she almost cam right then and there: she saw her heaving throbbing breasts and body, her breasts going up and down, Peter decided to move both hands to her mounds, shit this the time anyone has...Gwen’s thinking was cut off as Peter’s fingers began to nip and twist her areolas which earned a very loud groan...but Peter covered her with his right hand before that sound left her lips. 

      It was crazy, one minute they’re in her room studying diligently when his hand brushed against hers while they were taking notes, they looked at each other and next minute...they have their arms wrapped around each other and sucking each others lips as if each other needed the other’s air in their lungs….at that moment Gwen broke the kiss which thought meant it was time for him to leave as he quickly gathered his things when Gwen grabbed his wrist 

    “Hold on..” she said to him as she gingerly looked out into the hallway and listened she then closed her bedroom door slowly and turned to him “my family’s basically asleep already...just wait like 25 minutes..and we can continue..that” Gwen said softly and surprisingly, she was talking to her longtime lover when she and Peter have only known each other for like what...3 hours...Gwen then came close to Peter and gave him a chaste kiss which earned a simple nod from Peter and Gwen pulled him back down to her wooden desk and they continued to study, well tried to anyway..

         The promise of continuing was building excitement for them both...Peter’s virgin penis began to grow as blood began to rush to the area as Peter tried to follow along with what Gwen was saying about the textbook but he was to busy thinking about how he would take her...and if he was the first to take her, while Gwen’s skirt did a good job of hiding the damp spots on her panties as her loins were creaming with curiosity and excitement over what’s to come in…12 minutes god damn it Gwen thought as she caught the clock on the corner of her computer, it was 11:02PM, Gwen tried to talk her ass out of the material in the book since it looked like Peter really was trying to focus with the intense stares he was giving her so she didn’t want to disappoint him but she was thinking about his dick being the first to go inside her...yea she knows it’s crazy to do this but heck...she has never..never felt this way about a guy before and she’s been on a few dates, some fun, some not but the Spark wasn’t there, Gwen felt it as soon as she first laid eyes on Peter after he said no to flash about taking a stupid picture. 

     The Spark feeling was so powerful she looked back him one last time when the bell rang after she basically told flash to fuck off… Wow, he’s really cute..and I feel so… Gwen had remembered feeling her loins preparing for something that would be insane to do in the middle of the courtyard with him, she didn’t even know his name at that moment.. speaking of which 

        “Peter..oh..ah.ah..ah.. Jesus Peter” Gwen moaned in happiness as she raised herself from her holding position to standing up, her back on Peter as he now was thrusting upwards to create more friction, her arm wrapped around Peter so her hand can land on the back oh is head and her other arm reached to cover his left hand that was getting a handful of the smooth skin of her buttcheek, the panties now placed aside I’m keeping these He had told her when he practically ripped them off her after he pulled down her skirt…at the time the countdown held them in cages, when it reached zero..well Gwen went to work on removing Peter’s shirt, she touched his soft skin, he in turn worked on the buttons of her black button shirt, but instead she simply reached for the middle and ripped it open...exposing her mounds and black bra...Peter got up from his seat and offered Gwen his hand which she took, he knelt down and worked his hands up her legs which earned some lustful sighs and moans from Gwen...he knew what to do now...he slowly ran his hands up and down her toned creamy legs, she steadied herself by placing both hands on his shoulders as she was in fear of collapsing due to his torture method...oh..oh god she thought as a moan escaped her lips…

                 Needless to say, the skirt was yanked down and the panties pulled down easily thanks to her flowing Juices already coating the garment….Peter stood up and Gwen undid his belt and yanked down his pants and boxers...she had knelt down when doing so she was surprised when his  member slapped her face as she came back up...she was surprised at how...long it was...she was ready though..she stood back almost naked except for the black bra that still did it’s job in covering her mounds…

    “Shit…” Peter started “...I don’t...I don’t have…” Peter said with disappointment, but Gwen started to tug at his member which earned a deep groan from him as her small delicate hand stroked his red rod burning with anticipation 

               “It’s my’re my first so...unless you’ve been IN anyone else, I’d say we're good right?” Gwen asked him but she feared he’d say he has been with someone...she doesn’t know why but she felt like she had ownership of this boy...his laugh, his mind...his..body. 

           “Then I think we’re all good” Peter said with excitement 

               Gwen was surprised and she had to ask “you mean you’re a…” Gwen started when he beat her to it “Yea I I’m excited it’s with you” Peter said as he looked deep into her eyes…


         That was 2 hours ago, and they were still going at it….their position never changing, well until Peter started messing with her tits, he had been thrusting into her for 2 hours and he was lasting..she was in a bit of pain at first but that quickly gave way to pleasure...oh and the added pleasure of doing it RAW, such as word carries great meaning...Peter couldn’t believe it...he was feeling everything this girl had to offer...she felt soft and wet while squishy and hot..very hot and warm that was engulfing his member...the blood that had been there was gone among the mix of white liquids her pussy Juice and his precum leaking together as his dick went in and out, in and and out 

    “Peter..ah..ah..oh..” Gwen was reaching her limit as her moans grew louder. Oh thank god for heavy sleepers, Peter’s hands returned to her waist as he went harder and faster...much faster...the sound of flesh pounding echoed her small room, their juices dripping 

 “Ohh...oh...god..Ah ...ah..ah” Gwen moaned in happiness ,she was almost there, her jiggling tits were a flashing as he went faster..smack smack smack the sound of his hips meeting her ass was a soundtrack to their first time, he loved seeing the wave of flesh move as he ass bounced when he thrusted in her 

           Smack smack, slick,smack, squish ..slick..squish The sounds of their passionate lovemaking rang in their ears as Peter moved her quickly from her desk to her bedroom window, where the fire escape was and her tits were placed on the cold glass window and the left side of her face was pressed as well and she moaned and groaned ...He was reaching his limit too….he went harder and he was Trying to permanently leave a mark on her insides, she groaned and groaned oh god, oh god he’s filling me up, I...oh god I can’t..ah..ah Gwen’s mind began to go blank as a wave a pleasure was rushing towards her...Peter’s flowing white river was breaching the dam he made in his mind that greatly helped in mastering his release otherwise this would’ve been over in 10 minutes when Gwen started to suck him, or when she took him by throwing him to her bedroom floor and just mount him...or when she did the reverse cowgirl and gave a low yeehaw as she grinded his member oh it took all his might not to cum there 

                   Soon their hands found each other on the glass, they gripped each other's hand tightly...readying each other for the…. 

    “Shit...shit” he groaned as he felt it coming..he gripped onto her hands as his hips were now on autopilot, pistoling in and out of this girl while Gwen just stood there and took each thrust like a champ as she was being pushed up the mirror on some thrusts which only made it better in her mind...if anyone just looks this way ha ha oh ha...they’ll see me she looked out into the city view that her window she was getting rammed by her cute classmate who ona whom she decided to give her….oh shit I forgot !!!!!! Gwen moaned loudly as her cum released onto Peter’s member and she felt some hot stuff going up in her..she looked back and saw Peter have a crunched red face…”Grrrrr” he was groaning and “ahhhh” he sighed and fell forward...his head landing on her sweaty sweet back …. 

         He pulled out and all the extra cum and juice spilled onto her carpet floor shit how am I gonna clean that Gwen thought with annoyance...Peter stepped back and sat on her bed while Gwen caught her breathe and simply turned to face l, her back and cute firm ass leaning on the window, giving any lucky bastard a full view of a 17 year old girl…she gave him a smile and he returned it. 

                    “I don’t expect anything…” Gwen started to say after a while...he gave a puzzled look and said 

          “What if I want more?” Peter asked 

           “More what?” Gwen Asked but she knew what he meant, because she felt the same way in her heart and loins, 

               “” he said as his eyes traveled her naked bare body, she felt the heat from his gaze and she was creaming for him again already 

               “...your legs...your pussy…”his breathing was increasing now “...your sexy slender waist...your nice toned ass...your...oh god your breasts” Peter was sweating profusely again and Gwen was getting heated again thanks to his words “...the way your voice sounds when...ah god...the way your skin feels when it moves against mine...the way you twirl your hair when I hit your good spot” 

            Gwen couldn’t stand it anymore, she ran to Peter and mounted him as she saw his member ready to go and impaled herself on him….she was now bouncing on him as his hands went straight to the sides of her waist again as her breasts jiggling proudly...shit they so sweaty you can see  them smack her chest Peter saw how the mounds landed back down as she went away.. 

            “Ha...ha...aha..oh..ohhh...oh...god…” Gwen was moaning again as she had her eyes closed and face crunched….technically this is the 9 time he’s entered her….they’ve changed spots several times and he still worked his magic...Peter’s hands were holding her waist and he brought her down as she pulled herself up...they were a team...she pushed and he pulled, his slick prick appearing and disappearing in her folds as he saw the clear liquids build around that connection. 

              Pretty soon he cam inside her again….if I get pregnant screw it, he seems like he’d be a great dad she thought to herself 

     If I knocked her up and she decides to keep it, she’ll be a great mom Peter thought at that moment as well. Both teens just gazed at each other’s eyes for a long time, Gwen pulled herself free from Peter’s member as he whined to her amusement and simply laid next to him….Two naked teens on her bed , both tired, sweating and dripping with each other’s cum...Peter really looked at the girl beside him...Gwen Stacy just fucked…. 

    “What are you thinking about?” Asked Gwen as she saw the intense stare in Peter’s eyes. Peter swallowed a gulp and said with no hesitation 

        “Just that I don’t want any other guy to bring you to bed...or your desk” he added with a sly smile as she gave a heartfelt laugh, she calmed and stared deep into his eyes. 

          “Don’t're  officially the first and only guy who will be allowed on this ride” Gwen said softly and seductively as she ran her hands down her body even meshing her boobs together to his benefit. She meant it...she, and her pussy, belonged to Peter Parker...he marked his territory inside her and she would always be his..whenever and wherever he wanted her, she’ll be there. Peter leaned over and started kissing her which she happily returned...yeah most couples have small dates and then date for a long time before sex but heck Gwen Stacy never saw herself as the perfect upper east side girl her parents desperately wanted her to be...heck she just lost her virginity on a whim to a boy she literally met the same day, their kissing was wet and they bit each other, leaving marks on each others lips. 

     They separated and Gwen asked him “so what now?” Peter looked at the side of her night stand and the clock read 1:54 AM...they really did go at for while, he looked back at her and said 

           “I should head aunt will wonder where I am” he said as he got up and started putting his boxers and jeans back on. He looked back and saw Gwen with a sad expression on her face. He leaned down and gave her a soft, wet, kiss

              “You should know…” he started and Gwen stared at him as he buckled his jeans and now grabbed his shirt “I’m now addicted to and your if you think I’m not gonna take you when I’m feeling it, well guess again...cuz even if it’s here in your room, at school, the alley...the subway, or even at Oscorp..” Gwen gave a confused look to which Peter elaborated “ yeah I’m gonna get an internship at Oscorp, need to keep an eye on those nerds who I know are eye fucking my girl” he added with a bit of anger. My Girl, those two words made Gwen’s heart buzz like a hummingbird… 

      “...and now that you’ve said I’m the only condoms okay...they’ll ruin the friction...and I don’t care where we are I’m gonna fuck you when I’m horny and I know you like what you’re hearing cuz you’re blushing and your eyes are going dark so I’m gonna go before we go again and give each other heart attacks” he finished as he grabbed his bag and opened her window while she was indeed blushing and yearning for another round of Parker Dick...she growled at him like a tiger watching her delicious prey escape, before he closed the window though he stuck his head in and said 

                 “Be ready today...I’m gonna pick you up in the morning, we get to school early so we can have some fun, I usually help around by fixing stuff around the school so I have a spare key to one door of the school….I think I’ll take you and have you at….” Peter tilted his head in thought as Gwen’s heated face and burning loins awaited the end of that sentence 

       “.....Room 213A…” And with that sly smile Peter closed her window and made his way down the fire escape….Gwen just laughed...laughed and laughed as she laid back down on her bed...her body naked, clothes scattered over the floor...dry cum on her thighs, clit, and legs..while the rest was probably making its way to her womb...she looked around her room once more...the wooden desk where Peter had made her his, the window where the cold air mixed with the heat created in the room created 3 clear fog meshes on her window...she knows it’s her Boobs and face that made those impressions, having been pushed against the window in the last moments...Room 213A Gwen laughed again as she remembered what he said moments ago...Oh I’m in trouble she thought with a wide smile  on her face as she went for her shower to clean up and get ready for bed...she had to be energized for tomorrow…. 

               ROOM 213A was the room at Midtown a certain Police Captain will giving a one day a week class on criminology...a class Peter and Gwen signed up for when it was first announced months prior…..That’s right, Peter was going to Fuck Captain George Stacy’s his own classroom, but where exactly in the room is he going to bang her is the question that made Gwen shudder. 

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