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Janurary 2nd- Stacy Residence 

Helen was finished cleaning the apartment from the party, she was exhausted as she just cleaned the floor which took about 3 hours with all the footprints and food stains collected overtime. It was midday, Gwen had gone to Oscorp to do some work before any other intern got the idea, the boys were with her sister and her daughters enjoying the day..while she was stuck cleaning. The door opened and George Stacy walked in…with muddy boots and a dripping wet coat…they stained her clean floor with muddy footprints and puddles of rain water and disgusting sidewalk water,

 “George! I just cleaned and your clothes are getting everything dirty again” Helen complained after spending the morning cleaning their home after his relatives came to party and destroy their home, George scoffed at her,

 “Helen please, I just got off a 13 Hour shift so I need a break and that means no hearing you complain about everything.” George said to a annoyed Helen, she huffed at him while he undressed in their bedroom,

 “Everything? Like paying the bills to our home, the food we need for all of us, Gwen’s college fund which I noticed is getting lower and lower George” Helen said in a accusation to her husband who simply went ahead to the bathroom,

 “Helen, like I said before, I’m using the money in the stock market which will get us millions. Enough for Gwen and me” George said to his wife with a smile…Helen narrowed her eyes at him,

 “Is the company you're putting stock in called ‘Whore Incorporated’ because I’m sure you’re wasting money rather than making it, especially when it's 300 dollars pratically every week.” Helen said with growing anger in her voice and George narrowed his own eyes at her,

 “You must really have nothing in your life if you want to live in this pathetic Days of Our Lives soap opera life you crave just to have some excitement in your life” he said mockingly to Helen and slammed the bathroom door to shower. Helen just trembled with rage and huffed…then she went to the hallway closet to grab the mop, then a set of strong arms wrapped around her waist and she smiled widely while turning in his hold. He gave her a soft kiss,

 “Let me clean up…you go pack a bag for today…and wear something sexy.” Peter said with a grin and Helen raised a eyebrow in curiosity,

 “Where are we going?” She questioned him and he kissed her and tapped her ass making her giggle and she went to the bedroom to pack her bag. Peter cleaned the floor and the other stained spots George left, once he finished he saw Helen walk out the bedroom in a black Shift Dress that fell slightly above her knees and showed how volumus her ass and breasts were, he walked to her and kissed her, she grinned and walked to the bathroom door and pounded a knock on it,

 “George! I’m spending the day and night at my sister’s so order in for the kids” and she walked away not bothering to wait for a response and grabbed Peter’s hand and led him out of the apartment. 

   A While Later…. 

 Helen was curious as to why Peter took them to a waiting cab and had her bring a bag, it’d be too risky to stay at Peter’s, and she can’t spend money on a hotel room since those charges will surely bring unwanted attention. Then the cab stopped and Peter opened the door and held out his hand for her,she smiled and took as he helped her out of the cab,he then grabbed her bag for her as she raised both eyebrows at what she was standing in front of: The Peninsula Hotel. Peter stepped next to her and took her hand, he led her through the elegant front doors of the fancy,extravagant hotel as Helen had a wide smile on her face. They walked to the front desk and Peter had already put in a reservation…in the Superior Suite, Helen could practically scream with joy, the only hotel George had ever taken her was a fucking motel, for a quickie of all things when they were young…and she’s pretty sure it was that sex session that landed her with Gwen. 

  Peter and Helen were escorted to their suite, the nice hotel employee opened the door for them and Peter gave him a 100 buck tip….thank you drug money, and he closed the door as he heard Helen walk around their room. She saw the elegant rooms, the bedroom, living room, and the small pantry they had that was stacked with fine wine and whiskey. Helen turned and looked right at Peter who was across the room looking at her with loving eyes as he gazed at this fine woman in a awesome black dress,

 “What is this Peter?” She asked him softly and he grinned at her as he opened a bottle of wine and poured their glasses on the small table,

 “I figured you deserved a proper way to celebrate New Years…Gwen told me how George made you throw a family party at the last minute, and I saw how he waltzed in like nothing after you spent so much time cleaning…so let’s celebrate a late New Year’s” Peter said to Helen who was now smiling widely and her eyes showed happiness and lust in them. Then she reached back…and pulled the small zipper of her dress straight down…Peter heard the metal unzipping and started to remove his own clothes. His shirt was removed as he stared at her sexy body clad in a bright blue lace bra and panties which fit tightly and meshed her breasts together, her ass round and firm swayed with her hips as she walked to him and took her glass of wine and gave him a wink. She smiled at him as she walked to look out into the city the large window view gave them in their incredible suite. 

  She stood there…just in her bra and panties,a very erotic sight for a hormonal teenage boy..she took a zip of her glass of wine while Peter, now only in his boxers, wrapped his arms around her sexy body,caressing her belly,her thighs, and he softly touched her ass making her sigh happily as she drank her wine, she enjoyed his soft touches on her body as she looked out into the city,in a elegant hotel room with her lover that she shared with her daughter…something that would destroy George from the inside out…that made Helen giggle making Peter smile as he gripped her asscheek in sexy panties, feeling it mold in his fingers and how smooth it felt which only made his cock harder and harder. Helen turned around and gently pushed him back…he kept stepping until he felt the bed and sat down…Helen smiled as she straddled him,wrapping her legs around his back as he massaged her thighs making her sigh…she closed her eyes and she started kissing him passionately and gripped his head while they mixed their saliva together,both sighing as their hands explored each other’s bodies and Helen started to dry hump Peter making him chuckle as she bit his lip. 

   Stacy Apartment 

George walked out of the bedroom, fully changed and ready to go…he dismissed what Helen had said and just kept going with his day. He put on his uniform,and texted someone to be ready for his arrival, he smiled broadly as he left…unaware his wife since he was 18 was enjoying herself as well…in style. 

  Peninsula Hotel- Superior Suite 

The room was quiet in some areas…by the window was a trail of clothing…a bra…then a pair of boxers…then a pair of panties… 

  The bed was shaking like crazy, the pillows had fallen off and the headboard was rocking against the wall with the bed which was being pushed forward and back by Peter’s vigorous hard thrusts while Helen was letting out lustful loud moans as she gripped the bedsheets and had her legs wrapped around Peter’s waist and back. Peter was thrusting into her gushing wet pussy that was holding his rod tightly making an incredible sensation on his dick…like it was going through rubber wet peanut butter, it felt tight,hot, and so wet. He had his hands gripping the headboard of the bed while his hips were on autopilot making her moans and screams of pleasure the soundtrack to their lovemaking. He started to suck on her hard nipple and she gasped then her arms wrapped around his head holding it to her chest as she heaved and her body was heating up from the inside and gushing out her pink lips that was being abused by Peter’s rod making it squishy and red from constant friction and penetration, their bodies were sweating on each other making them stick together as they hugged each other close while he pounded her into the bed with the sun shining high in the sky melting the snow in the city. Peter put his hands to grip Helen’s waist and she shrieked when she felt his rod touch her womb,

 “AHHHHHH AHHHHH PETER PETER AHHHHHH GOD OHHHH GOD YES YES AHHHHHHH” Helen moaned as she felt her insides swirl from his rod and her tits bounced making her hard nipples tickle Peter’s chest and he grinned at her as he kept his hard fast pace into her,

 “OHHHH OHHHHH UGHHHHHH HELEN UGHHHHHHH AHHHHHHH OHHHHHH YOU’RE MINE HELEN OHHHHHH OHHHHHH YOU’RE MINE!!!!!!” Peter yelled out while plunging into Helen and she pulled on his hair and he put a hand to her neck….both had hard intense stares on each other as Peter’s grip on her neck tightened and she yanked on his hair harder and harder…they were both grunting loudly and the bed was about to break from the pressure with their combined bodies rocking back and forth, Peter gripped her thighs with both hands and she put both hands on his face, she was panting louder and louder then,

  “AHHHHHHH AHHHHHHH AHHHHHH UGHHHHHHH” Helen let out a hard loud groan and she exploded, her juices flowed out while Peter let out a loud sigh as he let himself go and released his pent up cum into her gushing wet pussy that was releasing her pussy juice and it mixed with his sperm…they just held each other waiting for their united orgasms to finish,their sweaty bodies made them stick together. They breathed in and out,catching their breaths as they both went limp on the bed,Peter collapsed next to her and she had a wide happy smile on her face,Peter catches his breath and got up from the bed,

 “Wow….that was incredible….I hav…I haven’t….I haven’t had an orgasams like that since…well since last time” she said between pants as she looked at Peter with happy eyes and he smiled back at her,

 “Take a rest then get dressed, we’re having dinner downstairs” Peter said as he went to get change while Helen just smiled widely at him as she waited for her loins to get some feeling back in them, her phone silently ringing on the floor.

  NYPD Precient 

 George waited for Helen to answer her phone while he handled paperwork for his cases, he huffed when she didn’t answer and went back to work on the papers. He kept checking his phone for any messages from her since they left things in a pretty bad spot before she left….and he was fuming as to where she was…he had called where she said she was going to be and they hadn’t seen her….it’s been a few hours now and she hasn’t answered her phone. He tried to put it out of his mind…but it was proving more and more difficult as time went on not knowing where she was. 

  Peninsula Hotel-Late Afternoon

 Peter and Helen were sitting side by side at the bar, they had eaten their delicious meals while rubbing their legs against each other under the table and decided to share some drinks before heading back to their room. They clinked their full glasses of fine wine and Peter’s eyes roamed all over Helen in her attire: she was wearing a dark green plaid pencil skirt with a white jeweled collar blouse topped with a matching dark green blazer, her clothes showed how fine her body is with her golden hair straighten and a gorgeous smile on her face. They had been talking about their dreams, Peter had said he wanted to be a scientist like his parents who were geniuses in their fields of study while Helen had mentioned she had plans to work in Law practice when she was about to start college…but then she got pregnant so she had to dismiss that dream, but she does plan to work in PR. They continued to drink and talk for a while while giving each other lustful smiles to each other, Peter had to use the bathroom so he left Helen alone for a moment so she decided to check her phone and saw George had called and texted, she grinned at that and sent one reply to his question and she said she was spending time for herself in the city…something he loved doing with his whore. She took another sip of wine from her glass and Peter was behind her now, he whispered in her ear and she grinned…she took his hand as he led them away from the bar. 

    7:00 PM 

 Helen was laughing and moaning as she was on all fours on the floor of their hotel room, Peter had stripped her of her clothes so now she was just in her white lace bra and panties while he was behind her…on his knees….with his head diving into her ass kissing and licking it. He kissed her soft cheeks and his hands caressed her breasts clad in the sexy bra only heightening the heat growing between her legs as her body shuddered at his touch and his lips leaving wet kisses on her, Peter kept kissing and licking her ass while his teeth tugged on her panties in a teasing way making Helen groan,

 “Ahhh Peter stop teasing me, ohhhhh please stop and just fuck me already!” Helen begged and he chuckled in response, then he ripped her panties off,then her bra was ripped off too. She shrieked when Peter pulled her up and pushed her against the window that overlooked Manhattan,Helen gasped once she felt her breasts and face press against the cold glass,it hardened her nipples in an instant and Peter was panting as he went right behind her and…

  “AHHHHHHH AHHHHHH UGHHHHH AHHHHHH AHHHHHH OHHHHHHHH” Helen groaned loudly when Peter jammed himself into her asshole and started to thrust hard into her,she was pushed against the glass while he grabbed her waist holding her in place which made his rod sink deeper into her tight hole and tunnel while her hard tits were meshed against the glass as she moaned louder and louder when Peter went faster while panting. It felt like a workout for the both of them with their bodies sweating heavily already and their faces going red and focused on bringing each other over the edge, one of Helen’s hands reached behind and she dipped her fingers into Peter’s mouth which he happily licked and sucked on while her other hand went to guide one of his hands to her jiggling asscheek and they both gripped at the sweaty smooth skin, They both moaned at the sensation: Peter’s hard tool struggling to pass through the narrow tunnel of Helen’s ass that was trying to push out the invader which only made him thrust harder…that made Helen feel like she was being stabbed by a large moist log…her insides felt like they were being pushed around with his rod pushing through her, Helen was sweating on the glass and her breathing created a fog effect on the glass and she could hear the window begin to creak from the constant pressure on it. 

   Peter was huffing, trying to maintain control of his release which proved difficult when Helen started to do some foreplay with words while being rammed on the window,

 “Yes Yes Yes! Ahhhh Fuck Fuck Fuck ahhhhh ughhhh Fuck me in my fucking ass Ahhhhh rip me in half ahhhhh ughhhh make me faint ahhhhhh give it to me ahhhhh give it to me ahhhhhh ohhhhhh AHHHHH” Helen kept talking while screaming which made Peter increase his tempo and he added some flare to the fire,he spanked her ass hard while madly thrusting, she yelped and laughed out loud and looked over her shoulder at him and grinned,

 “Again” she said and he spanked her harder,she laughed,

 “Again!” and Peter spanked her harder,

 “Ahhhh Peter give my ass the punishment it deserves” Helen moaned and he slapped her ass multiple times making it jiggle like crazy and her right asscheek was bright red from his hands and dick jamming into her, his precum was perfect for lub making the dry feeling disappear and now it felt like he was ramming into a tiny moist hole…the sweet sound of squishies along with their moans and groans sounded out in their room. Peter couldn't take it anymore, he was sweating on her back and he felt the pressure in his rod and balls about to burst from holding the dam for too long, his face was red,sweating, and focused as he narrowed his eyes and…he wrapped his arms tightly around Helen and lifted her in the air and threw her on the bed making it bounce and squeak while Helen was laughing like a slutty school girl as she saw Peter approach the bed with a intense stare,

 “Come on baby, give it to me….make me forget about my husband….make me yours….make me a Parker whore” Helen said hotly to him as she laid on her back and spread her legs in the air and he pounced on her and just went into her pussy and started thrusting like crazy, she was already close from the ass-fucking so she held him close and bit into his shoulder to muffle her screams and Peter in turn gripped her sweating waist and sucked on her neck…the bed was bouncing and creaking…they were rocking the bed, they groaned as her tits meshed against his chest, her legs wrapped around his back, her toes curled from the insane pleasure she was feeling…she was going to explode…Peter was about to pop…he went faster…Helen started to pull herself into him using her legs around his waist to pull herself up meeting his downwards thrusts and then….

  “AHHHHHHHHHHHH OH MY GOD!OH MY GOD AHHHHHHHH” Helen let out her screams when his rod hit her womb and he popped inside her letting out all his cum into the tight narrow tunnel while his rod was coated by her juices that flowed out of her and squirted against his rod, they both let out a loud united groan as they went limp letting their orgasms finish as they catch their breaths with wide happy smiles on their faces. 


   Helen and Peter just laid under the covers cuddling while watching TV on the flat screen and sharing a bottle of wine with content smiles on their faces, then a knock on their door, they both smiled,Peter went ahead and opened the door. He walked back in the bedroom with Gwen,

 “Hey honey, how was work?” Helen asked her daughter who just laid back on the bed and huffed,

 “Boring…I had to review the plans and experiments that we will begin with the interns and I had to check all the equipment” Gwen said as she took the bottle of wine offered by Peter and took a big sip from it, she handed the bottle to her mother and removed her coat, then she unzipped her jeans and pulled them off, then she got comfortable and gave Peter a wink with a knowing smile and he smiled back at her, then he went on his knees on the floor,gripped her legs and pulled her closer, he put her legs on his shoulders then gripped her sexy thighs and then he ripped her pink thong off,

“Ahhhhh ohhhhhhh Oh my god Peter. Ahhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhh I need this after work ahhhhh'' Gwen moaned softly as she felt her lover’s lips lip and suck on her pussy while teasing her by lightly dragging a finger down her bare thigh which only made her wet, he slurped up her juices and licked around her pussy and Gwen’s hands found her mother’s who held them helping her daughter maintain her control while being eaten out,

 “Ahhh ohhhhh ohhhh ahhhh mommy Peter feels so good ahhhhh so good ahhhhhh” Gwen moaned and Helen chuckled at her,

 “Yes sweetie I know, it feels like he’s sucking your juices right out of you ” Helen replied with a chuckle as she moved her hands to grip her daughters breasts making her moan more louder while withering her body at the attention it was getting and her body withered from the pleasure she was getting…Peter crawled to her and Gwen’s clothes were practically ripped off by Helen and him…soon Gwen was on the bed with her mom sitting on her face making her lips lock on her mom’s moist pussy and Peter was on the other end pushing himself into her with passion and lust as he kept moaning feeling his lover’s warm and wet tunnel sucked on his rod and it felt like a set of gums was chewing on it which almost brought him to his climax but he did his hardest not to explode so soon as he watched Helen, who was facing Peter, bucking her hips into Gwen’s mouth that was licking and sucking on her juices that was coating her entire mouth, Peter watched Helen’s melons bounced and shake with her movements and he leaned in and started to lick and bite at her jiggling tits making Helen groan which mixed with Peter’s moans escaping through his throat as he kept sucking on Helen’s hardening nipples as the three enjoyed each other’s bodies in the hotel: him pushing rapidly into Gwen’s pussy while her own mother was grinding herself on Gwen’s gaping mouth sucking her up and Helen’s breasts were being worshiped by Peter’s hands and mouth.


 Peter finished putting his suit on as he was going out on patrol since now the snow was beginning to melt it allowed clear streets and quick getaways for criminals, he was about to put his mask on when four soft hands started to caress his back and chest, he chuckled at them,

 “I promise I’ll be back soon okay, just stay in the hotel and keep each other company” Peter said to a naked Helen and Gwen Stacy who were under the covers with both smiling softly at him with the moonlight and city lights shining into their room, he smiled back at them and gave each one a soft wet kiss before leaving, he had said he’ll be careful and that they should enjoy the hotel while he’s gone and he jumped off the balcony and swung away. Gwen cuddled into her mother while Helen wrapped her arms around her daughter as they both breathed softly and began to drift into sleep,

 “We have to step it up a notch mom, that skank Watson got a necklace from dad and she used our money on sexy lingerie meant for Peter… her slut aunt apparently slept with Peter….MJ bragged to me about hearing a sex session in her house..I don’t want to lose him to them..” Gwen whispered and her mom lifted her chin and have her a soft kiss,

 “I have a few ideas…some we can’t do until you go back to school” Helen replied with a mischievous grin which made Gwen raise an eyebrow with a grin of her own on her face,

 “Mom…what exactly do you have planned?” Gwen asked and Helen just winked at her and kissed her again while caressing her body making Gwen moan and she responded by pushing her fingers into her mother’s pussy and Helen gasped and began to moan while caressing her daughter’s body…feeling up her breasts…her nice slim body with wide sexy hips and thighs…Helen’s hands roamed all over making Gwen moan and whimper from the smooth sensation of her mother’s hands on her…soon they began to shake the bed with their bodies shifting on each other and their united panting and moans played out as a soundtrack to a sinful act…

   Across The Street

  Peter Parker was grinning like a madman as he watched from across the rooftop on the other side of the street,

 “Looks like things are going better than I planned” he said out loud to himself and went off to start patrols. He spent an hour or two doing the usual: stopping some criminals, saving people from near fatal accidents and house/apartment fires, and the typical out of control car…and he would punch the drunk drivers unconscious for being dumb enough to drive while intoxicated, and one particular driver was a sexy brunnette who gave Spider-Man a blowjob in a nearby alley in exchange for discretion. Peter was swinging around and stopped a few more criminals when he noticed something really weird: a mini godzilla monster thing was climbing around some buildings carrying some machine part, he swung high above it avoiding its eyesight and hopefully the wind won’t blow his scent to his direction, he pulled out his phone and made a call,

 “Hey Nat…no it's not a booty call listen I’m following the creature right now, I saw it while out on patrol….ok I’ll stay on it…’s heading into the sewers…okay I’ll be careful, see you soon” Peter said as he waited for a moment and went into the hole the creature made and followed it. 

 40 Minutes Later 

  Natasha carefully approached the concrete hole on the ground as she surveyed the area…then she saw Spider-Man swing out of the hole and landed with a thud, she ran to him and checked on him,

 “Peter!? What happened in there?” She asked him as he groaned and got up with her help, he was scratched,bruised, and sore all over. Natasha helped him get to the mini quinjet and Peter marveled at the cool small jet,

 “Wow that’s badass, please tell me I get one when I start working for SHIELD cuz I’d totally go Star Wars on that thing” Peter said in an excited tone which made Black Widow chuckle at his boyish excitement over a plane. They went inside and she helped him settle into a cot and bandaged him up with some medical wraps, he sighed she kissed his neck softly and went ahead to the pilot’s seat then she worked the controls and they flew into the sky and hovered over New York in a stationary position in the sky. She injected him with some kind of painkiller and it boosted his healing factor and in a matter of minutes his scratches were disappearing,

 “That’s amazing….the cuts just blend back into the flesh” Natasha said as she gently trailed her fingers on his exposed chest as she sat next to him on the cot, he chuckled at that,

 “Yeah healing factor’s a huge bonus from that spider bite, so did any information I gave you come up useful?” Peter genuinely asked Natasha since he did want to prove his worth to both her and Shield, though he wanted mostly to impress her. She got up and went to the middle of the jet and activated a high tech hologram, Peter was amazed at it as it displayed the area he had been in with the creature,

 “From what you told me…seems like this creature does in fact have intelligence since it avoids detection and it clearly has a goal in mind with stealing that particular piece of equipment and I’ve managed to pick up some scale residue and saliva found on your suit so that will be a big help in studying the biology of this thing” Natasha said as she shut down the hologram and stood in front of him with a smile,

 “Well done Mr.Parker, you managed to trail the creature back to its possible lair, got a sample of it for examination, and you came out of it with all limbs still attached” Natasha said with a impressed tone and Peter couldn’t help but smile widely…but then he had to ask,

 “Wait…so you mean other agents got their limbs torn off by that thing?” Peter asked in a curious yet somewhat nervous tone and Natasha chuckled at him,

 “Well…some have an arm missing, other’s their foot or leg…there’s on guy who’s all right now” Natasha said in a humorous tone with a sly wink which made Peter laugh like a maniac and so did Natasha, once they calmed down they just stared at each other…with happy smiles on their faces…

   35 Minutes Later- SHIELD HELICARRIER 

  “Sir, there’s still no response from QuinJet B.W, but we’ve received the data she sent that the new recruit collected and Romanoff has reported to be bringing in a physical sample of the unknown creature. Shall I keep trying for a response, Director Fury?”  Maria Hill asked and Fury looked puzzle for a moment before saying,

 “Just leave a message,she’s probably out on patrol of her own.” and Fury went ahead with other matters while Maria Hill simply walked off to work on her own,

 “Yeah…it has nothing to do with the fact she’s a lonely agent with a teen superhero” Hill said in a sarcastic tone.

 Black Widow’s QuinJet 

Natasha was moaning loudly and trying hard to not end their session early with a premature release as she laid face down on the cot with Peter laying on top her panting,sweating, and rapidly thrusting into her gushing pussy that was mositing up his rod while sucking him in deeper and deeper while she groaned from the sheer pleasure of their rough fucking as they rocked the cot so badly it was sure to break from the lackluster metal supports since it’s not used that often…least of all for this,

 “Ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh ohhhhhh ughhhhhh ughhhhhh Peter! Ahhhhhh Harder! Ahhhhh Harder!” Natasha said in loud groans which only made Peter harder and he obeyed her pleas and went into her pussy more roughly making the cot squeak louder and louder and her body sweat more and more while her ass and tits bounced like crazy since Peter held her waist in place while he pistoled his dick into her moist,gushing, warm pussy. Natasha just gripped the edges of the cot and her legs laid flat and she curled her toes while her legs interlocked with Peter’s as his rapid movements moved them both back and forth on the cot making it creak louder and louder along with their own moans and groans of pleasure as they enjoyed each other’s bodies, Natasha’s hands reached back and gripped Peter’s wrists while he also grabbed her forearms making their intense rocking more pleasurable as the grip and position helped Peter’s dick reach deeper into her tunnel and she mewled like a banshee which made Peter grin like a madman and he used his hand to slap her ass hard and his hand stayed on the cheek and gripped it. Natasha smiled like a wicked witch as she enjoyed the hard forceful thrusts from her lover and the treatment her body was getting from his hands as they caressed her thighs, her sweating back, and her arms…he felt up her smooth sweaty skin for memory…there’s something about Natasha that made him yearn for her when she was around him….and to be honest…if Peter had a choice between having sex with Gwen or Nat….well its hard to pick….but he just went faster and harder to distract himself and she kept her body limp letting Peter take control of their session as he kept huffing while letting his hips go on autopilot into his mentor…something many Shield subordinates would kill for, and here Peter is getting that sheer pleasure…he laid flat on Nat and crushed their bodies together with his dick and her pussy being the key to keeping her with him. Peter was going like a madman now on her sweating body,

 “Ughhhhh ughhhh Nat! Nat! Ughhhhhh ahhhhhh ughhhhhh You feel so good ahhhhhh ughhhhh So Good ughhhhhhhh ahhhhh You feel so tight and Wet!!! Ughhhhh'' Peter kept groaning as he gripped her asscheek with his hand and her toned tight ass was sweaty and smooth, Natasha moaned at that, she laid her head flat on the cot and her eyes were closed,sweat all over, her mouth gaping as she let out her sounds of pleasure…she was close already,

 “Ahhhhh Ahhhhhhh Peter!! Peter! Ahhhhhhh I’m close, I’m close ughhhhhh ughhhhhh” She groaned feeling the incoming stream of liquid build inside her, Peter laughed and went faster and harder, they both groaned, their bodies sticking together, their breathing intensifying,

 “Ughhhhh Ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh ughhhhh Nat!! Ughhhhhh ughhhhh Nat!! Ohhhhhh ohhhhhhh ahhhhhh ughhhhhh NAT!!!” Peter moaned her name and released himself inside her, Nat released her own juices when she felt his cum travel inside her…Peter collapsed on her as they both breathed in and out to catch their breaths, both with happy smiles on their faces. 

  10 Minutes Later 

“Okay, so according to the analysis on the saliva…it’s indeed a human that has mutated to an extent that it has actually distorted its own genetic code, problem is…the DNA strand we got from the sample is too complex and mutated making it difficult to identify the identity of the mutant.” A bare naked Natasha said to a equally naked Peter as they stood side by side viewing the hologram displaying a mismatched,distorted DNA strand that belonged to the creature, it was an odd sight, two naked individuals acting as if there is nothing odd about it as they worked on the case, 

 “Okay so we just need to wait for a safe opportunity to sneak into the lair and see what it’s doing down there” said Peter, who reached and gripped her ass,Nat grinned at him,

 “Calm down boy, we need to make a plan…then we can engage in each other’s…pleasure” Natasha told him and he obeyed and released her ass from his grip with a smile. 

   Peninsula Hotel- 6AM 

Peter arrived at the balcony and found his ladies in bed,sleeping and cuddling with smiles on their faces, he grinned at the erotic sight and pulled out his phone and snapped a few pictures. He went to the bathroom to shower and get dressed in civilian clothing. He came out 10 minutes later and saw Helen and Gwen walk around the large suite in just their bra and panties…a truly pleasurable sight, Helen in her dark purple bra and panties while Gwen was wearing dark blue lace bra and panties as she looked out the window into the city while Helen was setting her clothes for the day, she heard some stumbling and moaning from behind her,she looked over her shoulder and grinned at the sight, Peter had lifted Gwen and she wrapped her legs around his waist, and Peter was thrusting into her whole setting Gwen against the cold hotel window, she chuckled hearing her daughter moan and groan feeling stuffed from his rod invading her wet tunnel, she kissed Peter’s back as he moved with Gwen,

 “I gotta go run errands for today, you two have fun with the room. I should check in with George in case he gets too curious about where I am” she said and she walked out while hearing her daughter's moan intensify from Peter’s thrusts as he held her against the window and had his mouth on her heaving jiggling breasts as she moaned and held her lover close to her while he plunged into her snatch, moving her up and down on the glass making it slippery with her sweat.

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