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“What the hell do you want?” Misty asked with irritation as soon as she stepped out of the door leading to the rooftop, she crossed her arms as she looked at the smirking kid,

 “Relax, I’m here to help okay…besides I helped you out in Brazil didn’t I?” Peter asked with a shrug and Misty sneered at him,

 “You caught me at the wrong moment okay…now you’re using it as blackmail…” she said to him and Peter sighed,

 “Look, I'm here to give you something.” He said simply and Misty cocked her head at him,

 “What?” She asked. 


Misty was shocked as she read the notes the kid had given her, she already knew he was a vigilante but this….this was truly incredible detective work,

 “How did you get all this information? You can’t be working alone..” she said carefully and Peter passed her a flashdrive,

 “There’s no time to think about that okay, right now I really need you, Detective Wing and Watanabe.” He said and she cocked her head at him with a questioning look,

 “Why us exactly? What made you suspicious of Captain Stacy in the first place anyways? Misty asked with narrowing eyes and Peter sighed and rubbed the back of his head,

 “Look it’s a long story okay but I promise you I’m just trying to keep everyone safe….okay maybe not everybody….but the innocent ones shouldn’t suffer from this war right?” He asked and Misty just had a look of understanding so Peter kept talking,

 “Okay then let's work together okay because I need clean cops to handle the legalities of the criminals, I can’t just bring them in and say throw them in jail so I need you guys to help.” Peter finished and Misty rubbed her forehead, after a second she sighed and looked at Peter,

 “Okay….only because you helped me out back in Brazil…and agreed to keep it quiet. Now what do you need?” She asked and Peter smiled at her,

 “I need you guys to be at the right place at the right time.” He said and Misty was now confused. 


“What?!? He wants me to…what!?!” Rio asked with utter shock and a open mouth,

 “He wants to fuck you.” Jessica Jones replied with smile as she drank her coffee, odd for her, and Rio just gawked at her,

 “Here.” Jessica said as she put a bag of money on the table which made Rio’s eyes go wide,

 “There’s more than enough to keep things stable, also there’s a note in there for you from him.” She said as she got up and waved Rio goodbye,

 “I took out my payment from there already, if you need any more P.I work done you got my card.” Jessica said as she walked out of Rio's apartment leaving her curious at the note so she grabbed it as soon as Jones left, she opened it up and a small smile grew on her lips…


Felicia had gotten a message from Peter about meeting up and so she was giddy and wet in her loins for some action, she had her gear in her backpack and she wore regular jeans, which still showed off her ass and legs, and a plain black shirt, which also highlighted her breasts, and she was about to open her door but,


Felicia was kicked through the door…she groaned as she rolled on the door and she covered her head to protect it from broken pieces of the door,

 “Where is it!?!” The intruder yelled out and Felicia got up and readied her body for another type of action but when she saw who it was she smirked at the person,

 “Just because your place for wrecked doesn’t mean you can take mine.” Felicia said with a grin to a steaming Silver Sable who stepped to Felicia with a ready fist,

 “Where is the drive, Hardy!?!” She asked again and she threw a chair at her which Felicia dodged,

 “Hey you’re paying for that!” She said completely ignoring Sable’s question which made her growl and pounce on Felicia… now they rolled on the ground…punches landing on each other, they both groaned out and hissed. At one point Felicia got her flexible legs to bend enough for her to kick Sable right into a wall allowing her to get back up,

 “I don’t have anything bitch!!!” Felicia yelled out and aimed a punch at Sable’s head but she dodged it so it just dented the wall but Sable grabbed her arm and pulled her close enough to land a kick right on her ribs, Felica rolled back and pulled herself back up and when she did she threw a nearby pen at Sable like a dagger…which Sable caught with two fingers, Felicia rolled her eyes while Sable smirked at her,

 “I taught you that remember…now I know you were at the site so just give me my drive Felicia.” Sable said again with irritation now and Felicia laughed at her which only heightened Sable’s anger,

 “You want it before I give it to Spider and set him free to bust your ass, come get it you hack!” Felicia said with laughter and soon she and Sable were exchanging blows, kicks, and attempted stabbings with any reachable object in the place. They went all over the living room while grunting and hissing,

 “Just hand it over!!” Sable yelled and tried another kick to Lesh’s ribs but she caught it and flipped it but Sable managed to catch herself and spinned around to land on her feet,

 “Make Me!!” Felicia said and landed a punch on her nose making her bleed, Sable growled and lunged at Felicia who growled back and tried to win this fight. 


Peter wondered what was taking Felicia so long…she usually came quick when he teased a quickie but now she was taking forever so Peter decided to go at it alone. He was in his Spider-Man gear and went into the vents to sneak into the apartment. 


George was ready to head out for the night shift and he was looking over the files from the bank heists to ensure all the focus was on the Mafia and Fisk which luckily it was so he had some luck on his side. He got a call from his phone and ignored it,

 “Greedy bitch, already begging for more cash.” He said aloud as he walked out of his place. A couple of minutes later….Spider-Man emerged out of the ceiling vent and landed on the floor silently to ensure no one from downstairs could hear, Gwen had given him her dad’s address when he had told her his idea so now he was looking around the place to find the cash he had taken since there’s no way he’d go to a bank, Spider-Man looked around in all the rooms and he was stumped on where in the walls or in the ceiling he had hidden it, then he saw the bedroom and he shrugged,

 “Screw it.” He said and went to check under the mattress and….there were stacks of hundred dollar bills laid out in the mattress,

 “Wow…what a great hiding spot.” Peter said with sarcasm as he started getting the cash which came from Rio so now he could return all of it, Peter managed to get it all but then his spider-sense alerted him of something…someone came inside the place, he quickly hid the sack and jumped on the ceiling to hide, he waited for George to grab whatever he forgot and leave only it wasn’t George….it was Vanessa Fisk who walked into the bedroom and she went right to the money spot,

 “Damn it, where did he hide it this time??” Vanessa shouted thinking she was alone in the place but Peter grinned seeing her irritated over the money but then she got a call,

 “Hello!?….look I told you already you will get the payment in full just do it!” She shouted and ended the call and left the apartment, Peter got down and just had a worried look….what the hell is she paying someone for… 


Peter showed up at Gwen’s place to just hang out a bit before heading out to handle more errands since school is tomorrow so he was playing a board game with Gwen and her brothers,

 “Oops….Sorry babe..” Peter said with a small smile as he forced Gwen’s piece back to the start and she smirked at him,

 “I'll get you Parker.” She said making everyone laugh, 

 “So Peter, what's like dating a loser?” Howard asked with a laugh and Gwen flipped him off,

 “Shut it dweeb.” She said as they kept playing while Helen watched with a smile as she was reading on the sofa, Peter glanced at her then at Gwen….he would tell them later what he heard earlier. 


The living room was a mess…so was the kitchen from the fight and there were dents in the walls from punch impacts or wall body slams, they grunted and hissed as they moved….into each other faster and faster…they were in her bedroom…on her bed…scissoring their pussies into each other….they had ripped each other’s clothes during the fight and well when you’re fighting Black Cat….you usually end up getting fucked…in the best way possible,

 “Ahhh ahhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhh” Sable screamed out feeling her lips being burned up as Felicia rubbed her slippery lips on hers making the bed, their breasts, and even their bodies shaked with their rapid movements,

 “Aughhhh ughhhh where is it?!??!” Sable asked in between grunts as she was the one laid back on the bed as Felicia kept grinding on her and she growled at her as she went faster,

 “Ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhhh Nat has it!!!! Now shut up and fuck me!!!!” Felicia yelled out and Sable gripped her bare tits with her hands making Felicia laugh as they kept rocking into each other. 


No one was home, May was at work so it was perfect for her to search for what she wanted, she went into the bedroom and looked in the hamper with dirty clothes, she pulled out a pair of boxers and a little scanner device and used it on the item….not enough DNA…she tossed them aside and she smiled when she realized where to look best…his bed…which she did…and she found more than enough,

 “I hope this works…” Natasha said aloud as she left the Parker home with a smile. 


“Is it set?” Fisk asked Tess who nodded as she checked things over on her pad,

 “All the materials have been loaded on the truck and the warehouse is aware of it’s arrival at the designated time, and we’ve arranged for the quickest, safest route there.” She replied and Fisk stood up and smiled at Tess and she smiled back at him…he went to stand in front of her,

 “In time…my wife and the Captain will be dealt with…” he said in a almost whisper and Tess had a growing smile on her lips,

 “What about your deal with Spider-Man?…” she asked and he shrugged with low eyes and a small smile,

 “Accidents can happen while on the job..” he whispered and Tess let out a chuckle,

 “Soon….we can have everything…” she whispered and Wilson leaned his head down,

 “Indeed we will…” he whispered back and then…Wilson and Tess met in the center with their lips meeting in a soft kiss. 


“You fucked her didn’t you?” Natasha asked with a smirk to a annoyed Sable who held a gun to her head,

 “No answer is an answer Sable.” Nat said with a growing smirk,

 “Let me guess…you went to Hardy’s thinking she had it and knowing her…you guys fought and pretty soon…ended up in bed.” She finished with a grin and now Sable smirked at her,

 “You speak with experience, yes.” She asked with sarcasm and Nat dropped her smirk,

 “Now just give me the drive Romanoff.” Sable said and Nat rolled her eyes,

 “I’m not gonna let you blackmail my friend.” She said plainly and Sable scoffed,

 “What is he?? A protege, a lover, a friend??” She asked with laugh and Nat smiled at Sable,

 “He’s something you’ll never have. Along with the flashdrive.” She said back and Sable narrowed her eyes…and pulled the trigger…now the real fight starts with Nat dodging the bullet and kicked the gun out of Sable’s hand with her foot and now the blows and kicks started and unlike Felicia Hardy….someone ends up unconscious and not from sex….


Peter had told Gwen and Helen about what he heard in George Stacy’s apartment while the boys were playing video games in their room. The trio were in the living room with the TV on as background noise,

 “Okay so what do you think they hired someone to do?” Gwen asked Peter and he shrugged,

 “No idea…probably another crew for a heist, paying someone off, or maybe they’re buying some new weapons I don’t know but it can’t be done now that I took all of their stash.” He said and Helen but her lip in thought,

 “Do you think….they want to kill me?” Helen asked with a slightly worried voice and Gwen scoffed at the idea,

 “Mom don’t be crazy, now way Dad will have you killed by some assassin.” She said and Peter nodded in agreement,

 “Yeah I mean sure he slept with a 17 year old and a crime boss’s wife but he won’t have the mother of his children killed.” Peter said dismissing the idea but Helen and Gwen had deadpan looks on their faces,

 “Those facts don’t really help the point Peter.” Gwen said to him and he shyly looked down,

 “Sorry my bad…I still suck talking around pretty girls…” he said with a small smile and the women gave him smirks with raised eyebrows,

 “Peter my brothers are here so if you think we can…” Gwen said lowly with a laugh and Peter cut her off,

 “Not that jeez!! Besides, I gotta go beat Howard at Gran Turismo.” Peter said with a grin and he did in fact leave to go play video games with the boys leaving Gwen and Helen surprised with light laughter,

 “I’m so glad he’s bonding well with the boys.” Helen said as she listened to the boys and Peter play the racing game,

 “Yeah he loves hanging out with them…he hated growing up alone…” Gwen said more to herself but Helen nodded and she reached for her daughter’s hand and she gave Gwen a shy look,

 “Thank you…for allowing me to…” she couldn’t finish the sentence but Gwen knew and she smiled at her blushing mother,

 “No need mom….you deserve a good fuck too.” She said, making the pair of them laugh again. 


“Alright you guys done?!?” Felicia Hardy asked the pair as she stood between them to break up the fight…Natasha and Sable were covered in bruises and cuts,

 “I want my…” Sable was cut off by Nat and Felicia,

 “Shut up about the drive!!” They said in unison and Sable grunted, Natasha sighed as she calmed herself,

 “Okay look…I know why you want to blackmail him…l she said and Sable calmed down too, Felicia gave Sable a soft smile,

 “ I’ve been reading up on your home country…we can talk about it later but right now you need to tell Romanoff what you told me earlier.” Felicia said now trying to get Sable to calm herself and she did,

 “Alright…” she started and Natasha gave them a questioning look,

 “What’s going on?” She said and Sable sighed,

 “Basically….I need Spider-Man to safeguard a delivery Fisk is sending out soon and I need to talk to him to tell him the rest.” Sable said and Nat rubbed her head,

 “Well….you know I’m not gonna let him go alone so now when we tell him it’s gonna include a surveillance plan.” She replied and Felicia nodded her head in agreement, Sable rubbed her forehead,

 “Fine but I have to tell him soon.” She said and the ladies gave each other loop smiles,

 “He might be a bit busy right now.” Felicia said with a smile. 


Peter was indeed busy….busy kicking ass in racing,

 “Yes!! 1st place again!!” He cheered while the boys groaned from losing again, Helen came in chuckling at their reactions,

 “Alright boys that’s enough. Time for bed you have school tomorrow.” She said which made the Stacy brothers groan even louder making Peter chuckle,

 “Alright guys, you can try to beat my record next time.” Peter said as he got up and left the room,

 “You bet we will.” Simon said with a grin as he got ready to sleep and when Peter passed Helen he pinched her butt in her mom jeans and she smirked at him as he went to Gwen who was in the living room….in her cute fluffy bathrobe giving him a wide smile…Peter smiled back at her and he heard a door close behind him and he saw Helen walk to him…she swayed her ass in her jeans and her chest was appealing in her button shirt which she left a few undone to tease her milf cleavage…Peter grinned at them but then…his phone rang…he groaned and he saw it was Nat,

 “Sorry guys just a sex, I mean sec!” He said and he went to the bathroom to answer it,

 “Yeah Nat, not a good time right now..” Peter whispered and he heard chuckling from a different voice,

 “Before you go have intercourse with one of your whores…we have work to do.” Sable said on the other end and Peter scoffed,

 “And why would I do it, I’m already taking special care of his rival gang and I don’t want to escalate this little war okay.” He said and he heard Sable sigh with exhaustion,

 “Just come to this location and I’ll explain everything.” She said back and hung up, Peter then got a message and it was a set of coordinates…he rubbed his head knowing how pissed Gwen was gonna be…and chances are he might miss school…again. 


Peter landed on the rooftop near a large parking lot and a factory was nearby, he saw her and he crossed his arms,

 “Okay, care to tell me what I’m doing in Yonkers?” He asked Sable and she walked to him and threw him a flip phone,

 “We have work to do. All you need to know is I need you to guard a shipment traveling from

here to a designated location.” She said and Spider-Man shrugged,

 “Okay and why would I do that?” He countered then the flip phone rang and Sable smirked at him and he answered it,

 “..Hello?” He asked slowly,

“Listen Hero.” Wilson Fisk said on the other line,

 “I need you and Sable to safeguard my shipment until it reaches it’s location plain and simple.” He said and Spider-Man scoffed,

 “Okay and why would I be your delivery boy? I’m already handling Hammerheads thugs on the street and crap.” He complained and now Fisk scoffed with annoyance,

 “All the more reason to help, Hammerhead is growing desperate so now I intend to end this war, but I need to ensure my assets are protected before that and who better to protect it than New York’s superhero and Symkaria’s top assassin, also I’m willing to add payment for this job….a 500,000 reward will be given to you once you complete this job and I intend to uphold our agreement concerning Stacy while you are away.” He finished and now Spider-Man let out a heavy sigh,

 “Just where am I going anyways?” He asked….


Spider-Man got on the top of the 18 wheeler truck and just sat down as it began to drive down the highway into the interstate, he sighed and rubbed his head then his flip phone rang, he picked up,

 “Hello?” He asked montone,

 “I understand your frustration with this but I assure you once this is done everything between Fisk and Hammerhead will be done.” Sable said on the other line,

 “Why do you go along with this anyway?” He asked her and he heard her let out a sigh too,

 “I said it before….I need his resources….and eventually your help as well….I only hope you are willing to hear my situation before you decide.” Sable hung up after that and Peter just had a odd look on his face,

 “Why did she sound different that time…like she actually needs help…whatever.” He said and he pulled out his phone to let Gwen and May know he might be gone for a while but at least he can end this war in the city and he can use the money to find a way to protect Captain Stacy after this since he knows Fisk will not let the man who screwed his wife go free without payback so he decided to best watxh over the shipment is by being inside the truck so he went in through the hatch at the top and he saw it was filled with sealed crates…he decided to wait and see what they were when they arrived at their stop so he kept thinking of escape scenarios should it be needed and how to deal with Fisk anwayas since the mob has been easy to handle anways. . 


Natasha and Felicia were in the car following the truck Peter was on, they said they’d tag along with him but they were to remain out of sight and  in case of any attacks they can act as back up should Sable and Peter need it,

 “So now we got stuck babysitting?” Felicia asked as she laid back on the passenger seat and Nat smiled,

 “Like you have anything better to do.” She commented and Felicia rolled her eyes,

 “Uhm I could’ve gone out and robbed a museum, a jewelry store, or a bank…better than this..” she said back and leaned her head against the window with boredom as they drove down the road, Nat laughed as she drove and had a tracker on the truck,

 “You mean you just wanted Peter to catch you and screw you in your outfit.” She said and Felicia gave a looped smile and a wink,

 “Well…I still can get some action..” she said and Natasha gave her a knowing smirk as she drove down the highway at night now leaving New York,

 “Knock it off Hardy, why do you always result to sex? Are you incapable of having a conversation?” Natasha asked with a smirk and Felicia scoffed with a smile,

 “I can talk lady I just wanted to have some actual fun here.” She replied and Nat chuckled at her reaction,

 “Let me ask…” Nat started and Lesh looked at her,

 “What exactly do you have with Peter Parker?” Natasha asked and Felicia raised an eyebrow,

 “I mean to me he is a lover, a colleague and an apprentice.” Nat said with a smile with a quick glance at Felicia who just looked at the road and a flash of about a dozen memories flashed in her mind….they’ve never mentioned it but they’ve gone through some shit the past few months…

 “Felicia? Hey Hardy!” Nat snapped at Felicia who jolted herself to pay attention to Natasha who giggled at her,

 “What? Too many hot memories to think about the question?” She asked with a smile and Felicia gave her one in return,

 “Damn right…he’s a fuck toy, an annoyance when I’m having a girl’s night out, and he’s lucky he can make me cum.” She replied with a smirk of her own and both laughed…although Felicia thought about Peter a lot…even more so now that she has a piece of jewelry he bought her in Brazil…yeah they were shit drunk but hey…he married her and not Stacy right… 


Gwen arrived at Peter’s house after getting a call from him about going on another mission…at least he got a heads up rather than being kidnapped like last time and they could come up with a plan to save her cheating ass corrupted dad from getting killed by Fisk. She went ahead and removed her sweater to just relax in the home of her lover, she saw May come down the stairs with a welcoming smile,

 “Hello Gwen, Peter told me he’d be out on a job and that’d you’d be sleeping over along with some friends I think.” May said and Gwen nodded with a smile,

 “Yes Ma’am, they’ll be here later, are you going to join us?” She asked and May shook her head with a shy smile,

 “Oh no I’m sure you girls don’t want an old woman to do boring things for you.” She said and Gwen gave her a grin and a pat on her ass making May yelp,

 “Come on May Parker you got the body of a milf without giving birth. You’re staying with us.” Gwen said as she held May’s hand and she led her to the kitchen,

 “Come on, future relative in law, let’s get things ready for the others.” She said happily and May just giggled. 


“Yes sir, everything is going well so far, the shipment remains undisturbed and your asset is with it and I’m leading the other vehicles' in formation on the road. I will make a notification once we reach the halfway point.” Sable reported in and she hung up and kept leading the others on their task, she had reached an agreement with Romanoff and Hardy concerning Peter’s well-being and the blackmail Sable had been attempting the past few days…basically she needs Spider-Man’s help overseas and the deal is Sable is to protect him at all costs…even against Fisk if needed and Nat will convince Peter to help her as long as Romanoff tags along as well….Sable hopes this one goes well.


Fisk watched on his computer screen the truck was going down the highway exiting the city and soon leaving state lines, he also the security team following the shipment in their own vehicles…although the superpowered asset himself had no tracker he relied on Sable to ensure he does his job tonight, unlike Toomes who seems to have ditched the team after receiving his cut from Brazil for providing the gear Sable had used. He stood up and he took out a cigar to light it in his office, he then called his wife who answered after a few rings,

 “Yes dear.” Vanessa said, 

 “I just wanted to let you know I’ll be working late again my love. But I promise to make it up to you tomorrow night.” He said and he heard Vanessa let out a exhausted sigh, he had a hard expression on his face that would send Vanessa shivers down her spine if she were able to see it,

 “As usual, work is more important than me.” She said and Fisk let out a chuckle,

“It’s my work that pays for all the fancy dresses, paintings, and jewelry you love to flaunt around.” He countered with a sneer in his voice and Vanessa just hung up on him. Fisk scoffed and put his phone away, then he looked up another tracker…the fancy diamond earrings he gave which showed she was home so he looked up the security camera feed in his mansion and he saw her….bored and alone in the living room with a glass of wine in one hand and the remote on the other…Fisk let out a laugh as he watched his depressed cheating wife,

“Hahaha you seem lonely without the captain…get used to it…I have other plans for you my love.” He said with an evil grin as he smoked his cigar. 


The boys were in bed for school tomorrow, they slept like logs thanks to their dad so Helen used this to her advantage as she was in the bedroom withering and gasping as she dipped her fingers under her nightgown into her folds, 

 “Ahhh ahhhh ahhh” she moaned with a hand over her mouth while she worked the other around her wet lips and clit, she was thinking of Peter smothering her body with licks and kisses while he would play with her pussy with his fingers before he would insert it inside her,

 “Ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh” Helen moaned as she digged into her tunnel and twisted her fingers around to create some heat and friction just like Peter would do it, she moved a hand to cup her breast and she put 4 fingers inside and she spread them to stretch her pussy which made it wet and leak the more she thought about her young lover. 


The others had arrived earlier so now they all sat around the bed in May’s room, it was Gwen, May, Mary Jane, and Carol Danvers. They drank and chatted about anything like work, school life, and even sex….with a certain boy,

 “So crazy how good he is at pushing that thing inside me so deep.” MJ said with a grin making the others give her a stare, she shrugged,

 “What? Like I’m wrong right.” She asked with a smirk and Carol nodded,

 “He is pretty good…a lot better than the college football player I dated for a month…he couldn’t even make me cum but Peter…oh god I’m a river.” She said with a laugh and May scoffed a laugh as she drank,

 “I don’t think I should be hearing this..” she said with a side smile and Gwen narrowed her eyes at May then she pulled her in for a deep kiss making the woman moan in surprise while MJ and Carol cheered them on, May pulled away,

 “What was that!?!” She asked with a small smile and Gwen smirked at her,

 “Like you haven’t played with Peter…” she said to her and May blushed heavily making the others giggle at her reaction. The ladies kept drinking and sharing stories about Peter…and his dick…like Gwen told them about the time he almost broke her with his beastly stamina so she plans to train her body to take anything and also about the time her dad almost caught them in her room but he hid under her bed like a teen movie, then MJ told them about her pussy burning whenever his dick went inside her and how it would clench his tool until he cam. Carol mentioned the time he screwed her after her workout for the military and she even used sex as a workout too so it works out great for her. May decided to remain silent…for obvious reasons but she drank as she heard the hot stories about her nephew…who fucked her in her car while she was on break from the hospital, and inside his little garage mancave…the girls just drank and shared tales of their lover. 


May had gone to bed in Peter’s room to let the girls have their fun…so Gwen and MJ were sharing kisses and groping each other’s curves and breasts while Carol just watched with hot eyes…she watch Mary Jane remove her top to reveal her pink bra and Gwen showed off her tits in her green bra…neither one helped hide the size of their tits, they giggled as they kept kissing and Carol took another swing of her drink. 


He grunted, he sighed, he laughed as he kept thrusting his hips into the ass in front of him, she laughed and moaned as she had her hands on the desk,

 “Ahhhh ahhhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhhh ahhhhhh ahahahahaha” She laughed with wide eyes as she felt her loins burn and his tool push into her again and again, he put a hand to a shaking breast and he kissed the back of her neck making her giggle,

 “Ughhhhh ughhhhh ahhhh ahhh ahhhh You sure ughhhh ughhhh the truck’s route ughhhhh ohhhhhh ohhh ughhhh  is right?” Hammerhead asked in between grunts with his large forehead sweaty and dripping while he watched her ass jiggle from the impacts,

 “Ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhhh Yes!!!! Ohhhhhhh Yes It Is!!!! Ahhhhhh hahahahahaa haahaha ahhhhhhh” Tess replied back with a laugh making Hammerhead go faster into her pussy and he licked her neck while she gripped the desk with her nails,

 “Ughhhhh ughhhhhh Tesss ughhhhhh Tess I Love You!!!” Hammerhead shouted and Tess moaned loudly,

 “I love you too ahhhhh ahhhhhh!!!! Ohhhhhh ahhh” Her body burned from the ache and her folds grew more wet by the second as she spread her legs to let him push deeper, Hammerhead groaned as he gripped her butt cheek with a hand while the other went to her shoulder as she kept hissing and panting like a dog in heat,

 “Ughhh ohhhh ohhhhh ahhhh ahhh ohhhhhh ohhhhh You Better Not Mess Up This Time!!! Ahhhhhhhhh” Tess panted out as her body heated up by the thrusts and Hammerhead grunted and he went slower but harder,

 “They Won’t!!! Ughhhh ughhhh ohhhh ahhh ughhhhh grghhhh ughhhhh ughhhhh He Has No Idea hahahahahaha!” Hammerhead let out a laugh as he kept going into Tess who had a wide smile on her face as her red hair shaked with her body.

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