Parker and Stacy(s)

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Peter found himself floating down into the front steps of his house, Peter looked down and saw he was only in his boxers and nothing else while also noticing the street was bare of pedestrians,

 “Okay…either this is a dream or…I don’t know..” Peter said to himself as he walked up his steps and he could hear laughter behind the closed door which made him blink in suspicion. He opened and he found himself being tackled after he stepped inside, he caught her in his arms,

 “Hey Sweetie!! Glad you made it!!” Gwen said happily dressed in….a catholic schoolgirl uniform and Peter could feel her sweet inner thighs on his sides as she wrapped her legs around him,

 “Gwen what’s going on? Why are you…?” Peter’s question was lost in his voice when he looked over her shoulder and saw several closed doors behind her,

 “…Gwen what’s that?” He asked plainly and Gwen giggled and kissed his cheek,

 “Well first off….this is a dream babe, your body’s in recovery so your mind has created this place for you to enjoy your sexual pleasures while your abilities heal your injuries. You took quite a hit, mister.” Gwen teased him while pinching his cheek and Peter let her down and he noticed her white button shirt was two sizes too small so she had her breasts almost ripping the buttons off teasing her green bra, Peter stopped eyeing her chest and scratched his head in thought,

 “Okay so….you’re not Gwen?” He asked and Gwen gave a look of mock offense,

 “Uhmm There’s only one Gwen Stacy and that’s me.” She said with ego like the real Gwen which only hardened Peter’s cock even more,

 “Okay you are Gwen. Then uhmm…what’s with the doors then?” He asked her again and she took his hand and led him to each door,

 “Behind each door, is a sexual fantasy your mind has created to better your resting period, just choose one and go through then when your done just go through the next one.” She said with a smile and Peter just blinked in surprise and just looked at Gwen with a baffled look, Gwen giggled and winked at him,

 “Wanna start now? You know you control things here so..if there’s anything you wanna switch up go for it.” She said with a smirk and a hot wink and Peter just giggled like an idiot and he had an idea on where to start, he changed the environment to their high school where he put them in their homeroom where they usually sit next to each other,  Dream-Gwen looked around and giggled when she saw he even put an audience for them with their classmates sitting in their seats waiting to see what happens, Gwen gave a smirk to Peter who drooled over her body in her tight uniform with her skirt barely reaching her midthigh,

 “Peter Parker, are you planning to… whoa!!” Gwen was cut off when Peter just turned her around and bent her over the desk and he lifted the skirt up to see her white panties and he knelt down and started kissing her ass all over anr Gwen yelped and laughed feeling his lips and tongue lick her butt and her crack after he pulled her panties off, meanwhile their classmates were cheering and whooping but the girls looked eager too and even jealous,

 “Hahaha Peter !!!! Ahahaha that tickles!!” Gwen giggled and laughed feeling Peter’s hands caress her legs, Peter breathed in her smell and he stood up and lowered his pants to reveal his cock which impressed everyone, especially the girls with some drooling on their desks. Peter was panting already as he looked at Gwen shake her butt and him teasing him while she shot him a smirk looking over her shoulder,

 “Put it in me Big Boy.Get healing.” Was all she had to say and Peter just drove his cock right into her and he pulled her up while she moaned and panted to open her shirt exposing her bra,

 “Wow ahahaha ahahaha hahaha!! You’re more intense with people watching!! Oh my god baby!!! Ahhhhh.” Deam-Gwen kept moaning and moaning, feeling the stiff rod jam into her as he pawed at her bra until he pulled the cups off and he pinched her nipples, that made all the guys whoop and the girls moan themselves. Peter grunted and spanked Gwen’s bare ass as he watched his dick push into her again and again while her tits shaked all over and she kept panting with eyes closed and a happy smile,

 “Ahhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhh Yesss Baby Yesss ahhhhhh!!!!” Gwen let out her slutty sounds making Peter go faster and harder,

 “Ughh ughhh ughhh rwgghhh rgghhhh ahhhhh aughhh I ahhhhh can change aughhhh anything right??” He asked in between grunts and pants and Dream Gwen just nodded and groaned in response, a second later everything changed and Gwen giggled with pants when she saw he brought them to her place, she laughed and yelped again when Peter lifted her and planted her on the large couch and Gwen licked her lips at him while spreading her legs in the air seeing his raging cock,

 “Give it to me Peter…hard and rough, it’s okay to let loose here.” Gwen said in a hot voice and Peter growled deeply and pounced on her,but her nipple while gripping the other breast and he started to push himself back into her while pawing and licking her bare tits,

 “Ohhhh ohhhh ahhhhhh ahhhh Peter ahhhhhh Peter ohhhhhh ohhhhhhh” Gwen was feeling the full length and force of Peter’s prick as he rocked her against the couch so hard she could feel the legs scratch the floor and her body was heating up like a furnace with her vision going blurry and her pussy on fire while her tunnel and womb were being rammed by a grunting bull,

 “Ughhh ughhh ahhhh argghhh argghhhh arghhhhh you feel so wet!!! Ahhhhh ahhhhh Soooo Tighttt ughhhhh rgghhhh aughhhhh aughhhhhh So Wet!!!!! Ahhhhhh” Peter grunted and groaned as he kept his fast pace into this dream girl who could handle him even when the couch started to break from his impacts and Gwen just had a dazed look with drool coming out of her mouth as she kept panting and moaning as her body shaked and shaked with her voice lost in her pants and hard breathing as she felt the length stroke her inside and it even pulsed inside making her walls squeeze him harder making her leak even more,

 “Ohhh ahhhha hhhhhhhh ahhhhhh hahahahaha hahahahahahaha ahhhhhhhh Shit!!!!!” Gwen was laughing now with a delirious smile and Peter went harder and harder seeing her silly fuck face as he grunted, he felt her legs wrap around him. 


“Ahhh ahhh ahhhhhh ahhhhh Almost There!!!! Almost There ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh Fuck Me!!! Fuck Me Right There!!!!! Ohhhhhhh Sweetie!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh” Gwen smiled happily as she bounced on her lover who had his hands on her breasts while her tunnel was taking him whole and Peter felt his end coming too,

 “Ahhh rghhhh aghhhhh aughhhhh ughhhhh ahhhhhh Gwen ahhhhhh Gwen Gwen!!!!! Ohhhhhh ohhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhh” Peter let out his animal sounds and he put his hand on Gwen’s butt and gripped the smooth skin while the other went to her asshole where he put a few of his fingers inside and she laughed while growling at him and started to grind on him fast and quick making him harder and twirl his fingers in her ass,

 “Ohhhhhh ahhhh ahhhh Gwen Jesus ahhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh Fuck Ohhhhhhh Shit ahhhhhhh rghhhhhhh” Peter groaned and sped up his fingers making Gwen scream as she felt her end coming too, they both moaned out together,

 “Ahhh ahhhh ahhhh ohhhhh ahhhh rubhhh ahhhhh ahhhh ohhhhhhhhhh” Peter let himself go while Gwen fell on him after her dam broke down and her stream of pleasure mixed with his river of seed making a leak in between the pair as they held each other and kissed while breathing in each other’s after smell as they fell limp into each other, Peter ran a finger gently on her back while Gwen cooed and carrassed his hair softly.


“Wow, that was a great start! So are you ready to continue your treatment?” Gwen asked getting dressed in a tour guide outfit that just appeared out of nowhere and Peter eyed her rear in the mid length skirt, Gwen snapped her fingers at him,

 “Hey! Eyes up here. You had a meal with me already so time for you to pick your destination.” Gwen said in a happy tone leading him to the various doors that were different colors to tell the difference. Peter scoffed with a smile as he looked at the various doors,

 “So…my body is healing and to keep me happy I’m gonna have multiple wet dreams with you? Man this is a dream world.” He said happily and Gwen giggled at him,

 “Well….not just me.” She said simply and Peter looked at her and she nodded towards the doors,

 “Just pick one already.” She said and Peter bit his lip in thought, he looked at the doors and,

 “Okay…umm…this one.” He said and he went to the grey door and Gwen pushed him inside and he fell in. 


Peter got up and saw he was in a unfamiliar apartment, he knew it was one given it looked moderate size for a single person and it was a few floors off the ground floor given his window had a view of the surrounding buildings, he looked around and saw it was a simple set up: a couch, table, TV and it was a one bedroom place so it was small. Peter was confused now since nothing was happening,

 “Uhh Hello? Gwen is uhh something gonna happen or…?” He asked out loud and nothing happened until the front door was opened,

 “Hey! Are you ready? I only have a few minutes.” Said Debra Whitman (Elizabeth Banks) in her usual business attire looking like a hot office executive, Peter grinned when he realized what scenario this one was,

 “So how was work honey?” He asked in roleplay and Debra chuckled at him as she threw her heels to the side and removed her blazer,

 “It was stressful, lousy interns don't know the difference between paste and copy.” She replied and Peter went up to her and kissed her sweetly and Debra moaned into his lips as she pulled his shirt off and she touched his bare chest while he felt up her body and ass in her mid thigh skirt and blue button shirt that already had a few buttons undone showing her cleavage, Debra kissed and moaned into him and he felt up her thighs and she took her signal to jump into his hold, his hands went under her thighs and he walked to the dining table and planted her on her back with her breathing hotly and eyeing him with lust. Peter wondered how much he could manipulate the dream, he looked down at the woman who spread her legs and her skirt teased the sweetness underneath while her blouse hid her tits and he growled and he had an idea on how to better the dream. There was suddenly a knock on the door and Debra now looked panicked,

 “Oh no! My husband’s home early!” She whispered and Peter grinned like crazy, it had worked, he kissed her passionately catching her off guard and she yelped and pushed him off only for him to kiss her again and he could feel her surrendering, Debra kissed his lips then his neck, once there was another knock she groaned and looked at Peter then the door, she gulped and sighed,

 “…let’s go to the bathroom.” She said and she hopped off the table and she led him to the bathroom with her husband still knocking and now even calling out her name, Debra and Peter walked in the bathroom and she locked the door the door and Peter just lifted her skirt while she faced the door and she giggled when she felt his hands trace her red thong along her asscrack and pussy and Peter knelt down and kissed her thighs and buttcheeks making the blonde woman sigh and moan with a smile on her face as he gripped her ass and licked in between her cheeks,

 “Hahahaha Peter you are a dog! Going after a married woman’s butt.” Debra said with a laugh and giggle, Peter slapped her butt and stood up while Debra unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall off showing off her slender frame and her matching red bra that hid her nice assets and he licked his lips in arousal which made Debra even more excited, and a bit nervous, about his lustful hunger. They faced each other and Peter was undressed too so they both just reached into each other and kissed all over each other while gripping each other, Peter gripped her bra and butt while she gripped his biceps and hard cock which made moans and groans come out of both their mouths, Peter hissed when she started to pump his rod so he pulled the cups of her bra down exposing her cute nipples that had little bulbs which he started to kiss and lick as he pushed her against the door, they kissed and caressed for a minute when Debra whispered in his ear,

 “Put it in my butt…” she said in a hot tone and she turned around to face the door and she just put her hands on it to prepare herself, Peter breathed in and pulled her thong down and he got close enough to spread her cheek to see her hole which made his rode pulse even more, he was about to push when,

 “DEBRA! Where Are You!? I Know You’re Home! Whose Jacket Is This!?!?” Debra’s husband shouted from the kitchen as he was clearly inside and Debra gasped with a terrified look,

 “Oh God!! He’s inside!! Peter we have to AHHHHHH OHHHHHHHH PETER NOOOOO! NOT ANHHHH OHHHHH GOD YES!!!!!! YES!!!!!”Debra protests when Peter just side himself inside her turned to moans and sighs once he started a fast tempo into her ass rocking her on the door while he gripped her bare tit and she had her hands on the door, she felt her ass being pumped and meshed,

 “DEBRA!?!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?!!?” Mr.Whitman shouted from the other side of the door after hearing his wife’s sounds of pleasure,

 “Ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhhh Yesss!!!! Yes!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh ohhhhhh ahhhhhhhh” Debra ignored her husband’s presence and kept panting and groaning while Peter laughed as he pumped into her as he gripped her mushy ass with both hands and he put her against the sink where she had her hands to steady herself as he rocked into her and now the door was being pounded on, while Debra was being pounded also,

 “Ohhh MY God ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhh Yes!!!! It’s Sooo Bigggg ahhhhhhh ohhhh ahhhh” The moans increased as Peter slid his hands to her breasts,

 “Ughh ughhhh rgghhh ughhhh ahhhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhhh ahhhhhhh Yeahhhhh Ohhhhhh Yeahhhhhhh You’re Wife Feels Soooo Goood ahhhhhh ahhhh ughhhhhhhhhhh ughhhh” Peter grunted out his comment which only made the furious husband hit the door even harder as he made his death threats to the pair, Debra looked back as she was being rammed,

 “Ughhh ughhhh should we ahhh ahhh ahhhh make this quick? Ohhhh ohhhh ohhhhh ohhh You’re Call Babe ughhh ahhhhh” Peter said to Debra who looked worried but Peter pinched her nipples and she bit her lip and nodded stifling a groan in her throat,

 “Yeah ughhh Make this fast!” Debra said then…Peter pulled out, Debra turned around in surprise,

 “What are you…?” Debra’s question fated as she saw him kneel down and pull her close by the thighs,

 “Peter wait! Ahhh ahhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh Wow Keep Going! Ohhhh Yesss Keep Going!! Right There!!!!” Debra leaned against the sink as her lover was eating her out and she felt like he was sucking her insides right out of her pussy with the way he used his mouth and tongue to dig and swirl around inside, his hands felt up her ass and stayed there caressing the soft cheeks while Debra in turn put her hands on top of his head as he kept eating his meal while gripping her ass tightly and spreading her cheeks and even slapping them making Debra laugh and yelp, she tugged on his hair signaling to dig deeper which he gladly did,

 “Ohhhhhhhh Peter ohhhhhhhh Yesss I’m Almost There!!!! Ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh Yes!!!!!! I’m… ahhhhhhhhh I’m GONNA AHHHHHHHH” Debra exploded into Peter’s gaping mouth and he slurped up her juices and and sucked out everything that was flowing out which only made Debra squeeze his head using her thighs and she gripped his hair as she panted and groaned out loudly feeling herself being sucked out and her eyes even went in a daze, Debra heaved as she finished in Peter’s mouth and he swallowed her load which had a sweet aftertaste, crazy how real a dream can feel. Peter finished his drink and stood up to help a wobbly Debra stand back up and she was clearly drunk on the feeling of an orgasm. Peter smiled at her and kissed her one last time before opening the door and stepped inside it. 


Peter raised an eyebrow seeing a small room and he quickly realized it was a college dorm and it was a single since there was only one bed in the room, Peter looked around and saw the various band Posters on the wall along with ESU pride banners and the usual laptop setup on a nearby table. Peter kept looking around and he noticed some clothing, female clothing, lying around in a small bin, the bed, and a sweater on a chair. Peter wondered if it was a Gwen fantasy when the door behind was opened,

 “Hey babe, how was class?” She asked her lover with a cute smile, Peter grinned at her and her attire, grey workout clothes that fitted her tightly and shaped her breasts,waist, and ass perfectly and she even had a hint of sweat on her body with her hair in a messy ponytail making her more appealing. Peter broke out of his stare and licked his lips,

 “It was fine, how was the gym Carol?You look like you worked out a sweat alright. ” Peter replied and Carol (Brie Larson) chuckled at his comment as she set her bag down and her towel aside and while she knelt down Peter got a perfect view of her ass in her tights, 

 “I beat my record on crunches,sit-ups and my laps so my body is a bit exhausted” Carol replied as she kicked off her sneakers and she grinned when she felt Peter snake his arms around her waist and he kissed at her shoulders after pulling off her shirt exposing her sweaty sports bra, Carol giggled as her hand reached back and touched Peter’s face as he kissed and nipped her neck,

 “Peter…I’m sweaty and sticky…” Carol said between low breathes as Peter felt up her back and waist, he let out a hot breath and a laugh, then he turned her around to face him,

 “You’re gonna end up like that anyways.” He said and Carol grinned widely at him and she put her hands to his pants and tugged them down while he did the same with her sweats which exposed her slick skin,her thighs, and her ass in a thong. Peter and Carol were all smiles as they wrapped their arms around each other and kissed deeply and hotly in the dorm room on a sunny day, Peter felt Carol push him towards the bed where he fell onto the mattress with Carol straddling him and she winked down at him before removing her white sports bra and Peter’s hands went straight to Carol’s exposed tits and his fingers traced around her areolas and her cute little nipples which made Carol giggle as she reached into his boxers and stroked his cock to bring it to full length and she bit her lip when she felt Peter pinched a nipple while his other hand went to her butt, 

 “Ahhh Peter….let’s get straight to it okay…I have class in 25 minutes…” Carol said in a whisper and Peter nodded and so Carol moved the band of her thong aside and cleared the way for her pussy, she raised her lips over his tip and slowly lowered herself onto him and they both let out low groans feeling their connection sink, Carol sighed loudly and Peter hissed feeling her drag her nails down his chest, she lowered down all the way and she started to move on him with her lips sucking him up and his rod being hugged by her walls,

“Ahhhhhhh” She moaned with her pitch raising a few bars like a porn girl as she took him whole and now Peter grunted and gripped her apple ass and he moved his hips making her groan and she giggled and she started to grind on him already making the small bed shake, she moved on him nice and slick with her moistness helping her move and his precum already leaked out in between them, Carol reached back and undid her ponytail letting her hair fall down and she twirled her hair while she kept moaning and Peter just grunted louder and he held onto her waist then guided her movements as she placed her hands on his shoulders. Carol giggled now that they moved into each other fast and hard with her butt jiggling, her boobs shaking, and her eyes closed with her mouth open letting out her horny sounds of pleasure and Peter groaned hearing and seeing Carol’s facial expressions which made him harder and pulse inside her tight pussy, Carol moved faster on him and Peter pushed up higher, 

 “Ahhh ahhhhh ughhh ughhhhh Carol God!!! Ughhhh ahhhhhh aughhhhhh ughhhhhhh Jesus!!! Ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhh Fuck!!!! Fuck!!!!!!” Peter grunted and groaned as he felt Carol start to bounce now and she yelped and groaned when he sat up to get a better angle, she wrapped her arms around him and held him close to her as she panted in his face,

 “Ahhh ahhhhh ahhhhhhh Peter ohhh Peter ahhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhh I love You ahhhhhhh!” Carol was panting and her moans were a pitch higher now and her perky butt bounced on him hard that she was slamming herself on him and Peter laughed as he now moved his hips into hers and she went faster, now their bodies shaked like crazy and he gripped her butt with both hands as she felt ho his back and left some stretch marks on him which made him hiss and he grunted even louder striking deeper and deeper into her pussy and Carol kept grunting and gritting her teeth from the pressure building up,

 “Ughhhh ughhhh ughhhhh!!! Carol!! I’m gonna cum okay!!!” Peter dedided to let himself go before things took too long and Carol hissed too and groaned as she kept moving,

 “Ohhhh ohhhhhh okay! Ahhh ahhhh ahhhhh hwo do ahhh ahhhh you ohhhhh ohhhhhhh Wanna finish?” She asked him between hisses and pants, Peter grinned at her and he readied his rod to explode,

 “I ahhhhhhh ahhhhh Wanna finish ohhhhh ohhh In your mouth!!” Peter said in grunts and Carol giggled and she climbed off him and went right for his rod, she didn’t waste time and she took it whole in her mouth and Peter could hear her gag from the length and the taste of precum leaking into her tongue and throat. Carol let out a sigh as she relaxed her mouth while Peter gripped the bedsheets from the pressure Carol was putting on his dick as she started her frantic blowjob, Peter gasped and groaned feeling his rod being sucked up,licked, and even bit by the blonde who worked her mouth all around his rod and she used her tongue like a snake to slither around the base and go up while trailing the veins on the member and finally her tongue would like the head where the cum was threatening to spill, 

 “Come On Peter, let it out!” Carol commanded and she kissed his dick and she saw it pulse then a wave of sperm came at her face, she was coated in cum from her eyes to her chin and Carol had her mouth open to catch any that should land in her mouth, Peter let out a sigh as he finished and he saw Carol lick all over his rod,balls, and belly for any extra cum that spill out. 


Peter finished getting dressed while Carol was in the shower, Peter could hear Carol singing a Taylor Swift song and he chuckled as he got up and was about to walk to the door to the next stop when he noticed some things nearby, on the bed stand there were some photos in cute frames, 

 “Wow, look at that..” Peter said with a smile as he looked over the photos of him in a fake world with Carol as his girlfriend, the first photo was one of them in what was clearly Peter’s 17th birthday with the huge cupcake having the number 17 on it and Carol was giving Peter a big kiss on the cheek as he was blushing with red cheeks. The second photo on Carol’s bed stand was one of them on a hike and Peter was giving Carol a piggy back ride and she was laughing while Peter pretended to look like she was heavy on his back and finally the last photo was them on the beach with Carol in a blue bikini and Peter was kissing her while hugging her from behind. Peter smiled and placed the photos back and decided to go,

 “Later Carol!“ he called out and he stepped into the door and he was bathed in a white light. 

   Unknown Area 

“What the…” Peter said in confusion, he ended up in the woods near a lake and…it actually looks awesome with the trees in summer season with the bright green grass and the peacefulness of the non populated area, after Peter was done admiring the the wilderness he saw…a large tent that was set up by a large tree by the lake and a car parked nearby, Peter raised an eyebrow as he walked to the tent and he saw some items outside like some bags, two chairs and a blanket laid out on the grass,

 “What the…” he said to himself then the front flap of the tent was opened,

 “Hey, why didn’t you wake me up?” Said Helen Stacy (Reese Witherspoon) as she came out of the tent in clothes more meant for a PTA meeting with a mid thigh skirt and a tight sweater that showed her melons while her skirt showed her legs and ass, Peter grinned at the milf,

 “You looked cozy, so uhm…can you tell me what’s going on?” Peter asked with a nervous look and smile, Helen gave him a look of amusement and scoffed a laugh,

 “Really? Come on Mr.Parker, you know why we’re here.” She said as she put her arms around his neck and put her face close to his and Peter in turn put his hands on her waist, he smiled at her while she hummed sweetly at him,

 “Yes please, I’d like to hear your version.” He said with a smirk and Helen giggled and playfully pushed him away and went to the blanket where she sat down and patted the spot next to her,

 “Okay, come here it’s story time.” She said and Peter sat down and Helen gave him a warm smile with dark eyes,

 “You convinced me to leave my husband, to leave my family and run away with you so we made a quick move and bought a tent to live in and we came all the way out here in the woods to avoid being found. And now here we are.” Helen said in a hot tone and a matching smile on her red lips and Peter chuckled,

 “What’s so funny?” Helen asked with a confused smile and Peter calmed himself,

 “Nothing honey.” He replied and he just pulled her in for a deep kiss and Helen sighed into his mouth as she kissed him back and placed her hands on his arms while Peter put his on her back and felt it up in the soft fabric, their kisses soon turned frantic with the pair breathing in deeply and fast, Helen reached down and unzipped Peter’s jeans,

 “Hold on..” he whispered before separating their lips and he stood up and just undressed right there, he removed his shirt then his jeans followed by his boxers, Helen just gulped at the sight of his erect cock and his muscles, Peter smirked at her,

 “So…can you remind me about Gwen?” He asked her and she scoffed a smile,

 “I can’t believe you…well I guess she’s both enraged and heartbroken about us but you clearly don’t seem to care”. Helen replied with a smirk as she pointed at Peter’s hard cock, Peter decided that he would take control from here since he was in heat and Helen looked very hot in her clothing,

 “Stand up.” He said to her and she nodded and stood up with a smile, Peter grinned and he just reached under her skirt and he pulled her black underwear down to her feet and Peter heard Helen sigh at his touch,

 “Helen…Get inside the tent…” he said and she nodded and went in while swaying her milf hips and Peter growled at her, thank you the power of dreams. 


The woods was silent except for the very loud grunts and moans of a couple inside a shaking tent. 

 “Ahhh ahhhhh ahhhhh Harder!!!Harder ahhhh ohhhhhh Right There!!!! Ahhhh ahhhhhhhh ahhhh ohhhhhh Yess!!! Right There! Harder ahhhhhh” Helen was laid on the ground as her lover was right on top of her meshing his body into hers like crazy, he stabbed her repeatedly with his rod that was slicking in and out of her leaking lips and his fingers played with her clit which only made her leak even more. Her clothes had been removed so Peter had access to her heaving chest and he held a breast tightly in one hand and squeezed the nipple making her moans increase an octave making them adorable squeaks rather than moans,

 “Ughhhh ohhhhh rghhhhhh ughhhhhh ahhhhhhh Helen!!!! Ahhhhhh ahhhhhh You Like that!! Huh!!!! Ahhhahaha ahhhhhhh ughhhhhhh rghhhhh ohhhhhhhh Jesus You’re So Wet!!!!” Peter was sweating all over Helen’s slick back and her ass was a sight to see covered in sweat and her cheeks jiggling as she was being meshed, Peter laughed and he decided to change it up. He leaned back and just pulled out,

 “Peter…what are you ahhh” Helen yelped as Peter quickly flipped her over so that now she was on her back, he smiled down at her and she smiled back while spreading her legs for him and he nestled in between her legs as he pushed himself back inside her and he gripped a tit and her waist as he sank in,

 “Ahhhhhhhhh Yes!!!! It feels so good!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhh God!!!!!” Helen let her groans out feeling the hard rod pierce her pussy and stretch her from the inside as he kept a fast tempo making her body shake and sweat in the warm tent, he molded her flesh in his hands and she hissed feeling his hands grip her body declaring it his for pleasure and ownership along with his spear stabbing her again and again making her leak and the squish sounds from her pussy and ass made the couple more frantic and louder,

 “Ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhhhh Ohhhhhh Helen!!!!! Ohhhhhhh Jesus Ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh Yes!!!! Ahhhhhhh” Peter moaned out feeling his rod being bathed in her juices as he worked into her shaking her and he saw her breasts shake so much he couldn’t see her nipples since the shakes were rapid but he could see her cheerful face with a open smile and a dark stare,

 “Ohhhhhh ohhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh You Took

Me From My Family!!! Ahhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh So Give Me A New One!!!!!” Helen demanded with heated eyes and then….she pushed herself up and wrapped her legs around him tightly and she used her thighs to squeeze him tightly while her walls did the same to his rod, Peter groaned as he went in hard and he felt his dick being pushed and held in place as he sank into Helen’s hold. Peter let out a final groan and he exploded inside Helen and she actually let out a gleeful giggle as she felt her tunnel being bathed in her lover’s sperm, she sighed as Peter collapsed on her and just kept cuming into her body filling her up. Peter held onto her as he laid them back down while Helen was catching her breath from the afterglow, Peter kissed her sweaty neck making her giggle…then she groaned when she felt Peter becoming hard as a stone inside her again, she gripped his shoulder when he started another fast pace tempo working into her already,

 “Ughhhhh ughhhh ughhhhhhh Helen!!!!! Helen!!! You Make Me So Hard!!!!! Ahhhhh ughhhhh ughhhhhhh You Feel So Wet!!!!! So Loose!!!!!!” Peter hissed and groaned feeling Helen’s moist tunnel provide easy entrance right into her womb, Helen just hissed and she groaned loudly then…she pounced on him and now Peter was on his back groaning and hissing feeling Helen just grind on him while she laughed as she put her hands on her breasts since Peter had put his own hands to cradle her butt,

 “Ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhh Like This Honey!!!” Helen said with a grin as she kept moving herself on him and Peter could see and hear how sweaty had become by how fast and slick they sounded as they moved fast and hard nonstop, Peter hissed again and just laid back to enjoy the ride and he put his hands to rest on Helen’s thighs and she sighed as she put hers to settle on his chest as she moved,

 “Ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhh ohhhhhh I Love You! Ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhh I Love You!!!! Ahhhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhhh!!!” Helen repeated her loving words with gleeful groans and moans in between them as her hard nipples shaked with her butt slapping his thighs and her thighs hugging his body underneath her. 


Peter left the tent after getting dressed while Helen was sleeping, he smiled as he looked at Helen one last time sleeping naked in the tent,

 “See you Soon.” He whispered and he closed it up leaving her inside and he made his way towards the door that appeared in front of him and he went through it where he was bathed in light.


Peter blinked several times to clear his vision and he was surprised to see he was…in a cop’s uniform…standing in front of a cell…with a certain female staring daggers into his eyes with a certain smirk as she stood behind the bars in her numbered orange clothes,

 “So….you couldn’t stay away huh?” She asked knowing the answer and Peter once again played dumb to see what his mind created,

 “I…don’t know what you’re talking about..” he said lamely and Felicia Hardy (Margot Robbie) chuckled at him while playing twirling a finger at him,

 “Ohhh come on….Spider..” she whispered and she shaked her rear at him, that was still slappable even in the get up, and felt up her chest while licking her lips,

 “Come on Spider I know it’s you, only you can fuck me as good as you did last time…” Felicia replied with a plea in her voice and she undid the top and she teased him by showing her cleavage and Peter licked his own lips, Felicia smirked again and leaned against the bars,

 “You don’t wanna fuck a convict Cutie Pie?…” she asked with a smile and Peter smiled back and he went to the cell door and he was about to unlock it, with a excited Felicia eagerly waiting, but Peter gave her a smirk,

 “I need you to stand against the wall with your legs spread and hands on the wall.” He said and Felicia was clearly turned on by seeing her breathing increase by the heaving of her chest and her cheeks redden a bit, she nodded and swayed her ass and hips as she did what he wanted, Peter smiled and he unlocked it and stepped inside the cell and approached the sexy black haired crook, he went right behind her and frisked her,

 “What are you doing?” Felicia asked with a laugh then she gasped when Peter pulled her pants down and exposed her bare ass,

 “Cavity Search.” He said and Felicia laughed then gasped and hissed when Peter’s fingers went right into her ass and probed her while stretching his fingers all around her inside,

 “Let’s see….wow it’s really moist in here Ms.Hardy and your asshole is very loose.” Peter commented as he kept working his fingers while his other hand gripped her asscheek, 

 “Ahhhhhhh Jeez Spider Not So Rough owwww!” Felicia hissed more and more as her ass was being invaded by probing fingers, then Peter chuckled and he pulled his fingers out making Lesh gasp again but then he just pulled her arms back and he used his handcuffs,

 “Spider, what are you up to?” She asked with a smile and Peter stood up and pulled her shirt open exposing her hard breasts where he started palming and tweaking her nipples making her laugh more and more feeling Peter’s hands now roam all over her body. Peter had a grin on his face as he felt up her warm curvy body,

 “Come on Spider-Cop! Let’s get it on!!” Felicia begged and Peter threw her to the cot where she fell on her chest and she heard Peter’s belt and pants fall to the ground then he climbed right on top of her and he stretched her ass cheeks to see her hole,

 “Ahhhhhhhhh Yessss!!!!! RIGHT IN MY ASS BABY YESSSS!!!!!! OHHHHHH GOD YOU’RE SO BIG!!!!! AHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHH” Peter started to work into Felicia's round ass making the cot creak loudly with the hard force he was putting on her and her legs just went limp while she was handcuffed and her body moved with the cot as he kept a fast tempo into her, 

 “Wow!!! Ughhhhh ughhhhhhh Your Ass Feels Sooo Tight Lesh!!!!! Ahhhhhh ahhhhhh It’s Squeezing my dick!!!!” Peter yelled out as he moved inside Lesh’s butt with force making hard slaps of flesh sound out along with her groans and hisses while her breasts were meshed underneath her against the small mattress, Peter groaned more and more making his rod pulse inside her butt and he could see that her pussy was leaking so he moved his moved to dig inside there now and Felicia moaned happily with blushing cheeks, a sweaty body, and a happy look on her face,

 “Ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ohhhhh My!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh Yeahhhhhh!!!! Yeah!!!!! Yeah!!!!! Right there!!!! Work Your Fingers Faster!!!! More!!!!! Ohhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhh ohhhhhhh Yes!!!!!!” Felicia enjoyed her holes being used up by a dick and powerful fingers, 

 “Kiss Me!!!!” She pleaded and then Peter did something unexpected but it made her so much wetter, he looped her black hair in his palm and yanked her up exposing her chest with shaking tits as he rocked into her ass, he pulled her head back and she hissed and groaned with a grin then finally Peter’s lips latched onto hers and she suckled on his bottom lip to savor it and he used his tongue to lick all over her mouth, they both hissed and gasped into each other’s mouths as she was being rammed hard, Peter laid next to her as he worked hard to make her cum from the assfucking, he worked his fingers faster like she wanted and he felt her moistness bathe his fingers, he thrusted harder into her ass making hard flesh slaps sound out along with their combined groans, Felica’s face was red now and her breasts were hard and rubbing on the matress while the other shaked and shaked begging to be grab, which Peter did eagerly and twisted a nipple making Felicia hiss and even more wet on both ends. 


Peter decided to do something rather unexpected again,

 “YOU ASSHOLE!! FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED!!! GET IN HERE AND FUCK MY PUSSY!!!!” Felicia yelled her commands to Peter as he walked away with a smile on his face as he heard Felicia pound on the bars trying to get out and she growled at him like lioness. Peter looked back at her before entering the door,

 “Don’t Worry Lesh….I’ll finish you off in a while.” He said and he entered the door. 


Peter ended up in his homeroom at Midtown, he looked around and he saw someone enter the room and she gave him a earger look…Peter just chuckled and went right to her, picked her up by the thighs, and planted her on the counter, they just started to kiss and lick each other’s faces,

 “I’ve been waiting for this…” Mary Jane(Elizabeth Olsen)  whispered as she felt Peter’s hands roam all over her body clad in her tight cheerleading uniform, Peter gripped her thighs while she removed his shirt and touched all over his chest and went to kiss and nip his neck, Peter chuckled again and he in turn put his hands into her skirt and he felt her panties, MJ sighed and she moved a bit for Peter to pull her thong off and he felt her very smooth skin with a creamy feeling with her red hair let down and her lips were close to his ear so he could hear her sighs and high squeaks as he felt her up,

 “Get behind me…” she whispered and climbed off and turned to grip the counter….Peter sighed and breathed deeply removing his pants exposing his cock to MJ’s flesh, he pulled her skirt up to get a clear view of her butt and he felt it up making the redhead giggle and squirm a bit so Peter slapped her ass making her yelp,

 “Hold Still Watson.” He whispered and he licked his fingers and twirled them around her lips and clit making her sigh with a giggle and a hiss when he probed a finger inside to feel it loosen, he groaned when he finally slipped his rod into her pussy and he could hear the wet sounds already,

 “Okay MJ…here I go….ohhhhhhhhh Yeahhhh ohhhhhhhh” Peter groaned and he just meshed their bodies together as he started to thrust into the hot redhead cheerleader’s apple butt that squeezed his rod and he could see it reddening from the impacts already, he held her waist in place,

 “Wow whoa!!!! Ahhhhhhh whoa!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!! Baby Yeah!!!!!! Ohhhhhhh Yeahhhhh Yeahhhhhh ahahahahaha!!!!Yeah Ohhhh Yeahhhhh!!!!! Whoa Baby!!!!! Right There!!!! Right There ahhhhh ahhhhhhhhh” MJ truly was a slutty cheerleader with the sounds she was making and she was shaking her ass on him while shaking her hair and her chest making her breasts jiggle too,

 “Ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhh Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!!! Ahhhhhh Sooo Bigggggg!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh Fuck Me!! Fuck Me!!! Fuck Me Tiger!!!!!! Like That!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh” MJ’s head was sweaty and red, her breasts kept shaking and were hard under her top, her pussy was leaking on her thighs and on Peter’s dick that was slapping against her hard and he held her waist very tightly that she could feel his fingers imprint on her skin, Peter focused and thrusted even harder into MJ. He could feel her tighten as he went in rougher and she fell on the counter and just kept gasping and sighing from the pressure inside her, Peter felt his balls refill for MJ and he gasped feeling her walls clenched on him and he started to leak inside her, his barrier was breaking,

 “Ahhhh ahhhhh MJ I’m gonna cum!!! Ughhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh MJ!!!!!” He warned the redhead who laughed and moved her ass on him more and more, she even moved his hands from her waist to cup her breasts and Peter groaned feeling them mold in his hands and Mj whispered back at him,

 “Cum!!Cum for Me…cum inside me Tiger!!” She pleaded in hot whispers and Peter just gasped,groaned, and grunted pounding her against the counter even more than before and MJ just laid her chest down and took the impacts on her ass, she was about to burst her dam when suddenly…Peter pulled out from behind her,

 “What the hell?” She asked with a surprise look only to gasp when Peter ripped her top off revealing her bare perky tits with small cute nipples with her pink areolas, then Peter put her to sit on the counter and MJ already knew what to do: she spread her legs for him and waited him to come in the middle, once he did she did her part and licked her hand to lube her lips while Peter did the same with his spit on his cock, 

 “Ready?” He asked her and she nodded with a wink,

 “Let’s make it a quickie….my boyfriend will start to wonder  where I went during lunch…we’re terrible people” MJ replied with a mock giggle and Peter knew what this was, and he grinned and jammed himself inside her and she groaned and her head fell on his shoulder while her arms gripped his shoulders as he started a quick tempo into her lips and she bucked her hips into him too. The pair panted and groaned making their hips work into each other with speed and force, Peter’s mouth found one of MJ’s nipples and she laughed again and held his head there as he licked and bit the cute little bulb, MJ’s toes curled as her thighs hugged Peter and her ankles dangled there due to her lower body becoming numb now with the fast thrusts and her ass on the cold counter, 

 “Ohhhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhh ahhhh ahhhhh ahhh Peter!! Peter!!! I can’t!!! I can’t!!! Ahhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhh ohhhhhhh Goddddd!!!!!” MJ couldn't take it…she let the dam burst and her juices released too soon, Peter felt her tunnel expand for her juice and so he let himself go, his sperm pushed her juices back and Mary Jane felt it all back up inside her with a dazed look as Peter got dressed,

 “Wow MJ that was something alright, sorry to cut things short but I got things to do.” Peter said to MJ who just waved him goodbye with a slutty look on her face as his cum leaked out of her. Peter pulled his pants back up and he made his way to the door and he wondered if he would go through everyone before waking up wherever he ended since that stupid oversized loser shot a damn rocket at his face, he shook his head from the thought and just went through the glowing door into the next place. 


Peter ended up…back at home, only things were slightly different like different furniture set up, a bigger tv and then there were photos…of him and May clearly showing off their unique love in public with kisses and tight hugs,

 “Okay then…where’s May?” He asked to himself and right on cue, May Parker (Marisa Tomei) walked through the door in a sexy red and white summer dress that showed some cleavage and how big and round her ass is, she smiled at him,

 “Hey Peter, how was school? She asked him as she went to the kitchen for some coffee and Peter raised an eyebrow,

 “I still go to school…even though…” he led the question and May looked at him with a amused look,

 “Quite goofing off Peter, now do me a favor and do the laundry while I get dinner ready, Gwen will be here soon won’t she?” She asked with a smirk and Peter just blinked in surprise and May already knew what the follow up question was,

 “We hide the photos, remember?” She asked with a smirk and a hot wink, Peter smiled back at her and went to hug from behind and she chuckled as he swayed them side to side gently with a tight grip on her,

 “Peter…you know it’s not a safe day for me…” May whispered as she felt Peter nip her neck and dry hump her ass, Peter blew a hot breath into her ear making her shudder with her eyes closed while gripping the counter in front of her,

 “Good.” Peter whispered with a low chuckle and May gulped.  


Peter fell back against the sofa with a thud and a gasp after finishing inside of May’s womb, he groaned feeling his balls refill already, he hissed as he settled back into his body while he watched May struggle to get up from the couch with her legs numb and her pussy leaking like crazy as she was stripped of her clothing leaving her bare,heaving, and sweaty. Peter just eyed her ass and he growled making May look at him with a nervous look,

 “No Peter, it’s too much! No!” May pleaded with him but he just pulled her to him as he sat on the sofa and just put her on top of him, now she was straddling him and he pulled her down, she groaned and hissed feeling his stiff tool slide all the way inside her, her lips reached the base and touched his balls, May had a dazed look and Peter could feel her leaking again already,

 “Ughhhhhhhh Jeez! May you feel so wet!!! Aughhhhh ahhhhhhh ughhhhhh aughhhhhhh Just Let Me!!! Ahhhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh Fuck!!!!” Peter hissed and groaned as he worked his hips upwards into May who held onto the couch behind him to steady herself as her pussy was being rammed and her ass was being pawed by her nephew, her breasts were meshed against Peter’s sweaty chest, the couch creaked and squeak from their movement. May started to move herself onto him so now their thrusts matched making the impacts deeper and faster with May looking up at the ceiling with a laugh and Peter saw her move her chest up too so he leaned in and captured a breast in his mouth and suckled on it putting her aerola in between his teeth and he nipped her nipple,

 “Aughhhhhh!!!!” May groaned feeling her nipple being bit and licked, she held his head to her chest to keep his mouth there,

 “Yes!!!!! Keep doing that!!! Yess!!!!! Ahhhhh ahhhhhhh Yes!!!!!! Like That!!!!!! Ahhhhh ahhhhhh” May felt her pussy being stuffed, her ass being gripped and her cheeks spread, and her breasts being licked and bit all over while her hands went to grip his shoulder to hold herself close so his mouth can latch onto her sweaty body. They both groaned and moaned loudly,May shaking on him, Peter holding her tightly, her pussy leaking and her ass bouncing slapping his thighs,

 “Rghhhh rgghhhhh ughhhhh ughhhhhh Take It May!!! Take It!!!! Ughhhhh I’m gonna cum already!!!!! Ahhhhh ughhhhhh Fuck!!!!!!” Peter kept working into her, he gyrated his hips making May mewl and laugh feeling it twist and dig inside her,

 “Hahahaha Yesss!!!!! Ahahaha haaaaaa hahaha ahhhhhhhh Yes!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhh Yes!!!!!! Ahhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh!!!!” May felt her body going numb while the fire inside her was about to burn through her,

 “Ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhh Peter!!!!!! Ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhh I’m ahhhhhhh” May wanted to warn Peter about her end but he already knew so….he quickly moved her to lay on the couch on her back and May let out a loud moan when he just rocked her roughly against the couch, Peter stared at her as he was about to,

 “Ughhhhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhh Fuck!!!!! Fuck!!!!! Fuck!!!!! Ahhhhh ahhhhhhh ughhhhhhh FUCK!!!!!” Peter let himself go, again, right into May’s tunnel and she let out a laugh and her legs gave out and just fell from Peter’s back while her hands went to her face to wipe the sweaty hair from her face, she gave Peter a tired and sleepy smile when there was a knock on the door,

 “Oh My Goodness It’s Gwen!” May shrieked as she ran upstairs naked into her bedroom making Peter laugh as he got dressed in his pants and sweater,

 “See You May!” He called out and he went to the door that was beginning to glow and Peter stopped when there was a knock behind it, he raised an eyebrow and he called out,

 “Uhmm….Dream Gwen! Is that You?” He asked to the glowing door but there was no reply so Peter just figured it was time to wake up so he just opened it and he was again bathed in a bright light. 


Peter blinked his eyes and he saw he was in….another house, not his own or any he had been in before, oh and there was a little girl standing in the doorway. Peter just looked down at her….she was in her pajamas, it was dark out, and her hair was in a adorable little ponytail,

 “Mom said it’s your turn to read me a bedtime story.” The little girl said with a happy look on her cute face and Peter just blinked at that,

 “Huh?….” Was all he could say. 

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