Parker and Stacy(s)

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(Author Note- Sorry for Late Updates...been trying to decide if to make this a single story..or have a sequel...and I have some ideas for spin-offs...tell me If you'd want more from this Spidey Harem world). 

Midtown High School-4:30 PM 

They were in the closet…luckily it was nearly empty so they could let loose inside…Peter’s hands were holding Gwen’s as she gripped his from the pressure she was feeling from behind,

  “Ahhh ahhh ahhhh ahhhh Peter anhh ahhh ahhhh ahhhh Harder!Harder ahhhh ahhh” Gwen moaned and her voice squeaked at times making him lose control with his thrusts into her pussy as he had her chest pushed against the wall and his head was on her shoulder, she leaned her head against his as they both panted and moaned. Gwen’s panties and jeans were around her ankles allowing Peter a perfect view of her jiggling ass as he stuffed himself inside her..he went faster into her and she turned her head and started licking and kissing his neck and face, he sighed happily and turned his head and their lips met in wet passion…Gwen’s grip on his hands tightened and he went faster while sucking on her sweet strawberry lips..Gwen was moaning into his mouth and she could hear their juices mixing down there from the obvious squish sounds from the wetness of their groins.

 They kept kissing as he increased his speed and now he was shaking her body with his strength and she grunted against his mouth and he chuckled at her, then he raised his hand, and slapped her ass making her squeal and hiss, he slapped her ass cheek again and she grunted and gripped his neck to make him look right at her,

 “You love slapping me around, don't you ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh I love you so Much Peter! Ah ah ah ahhhh ahhh You know how to make me wet…ohhh ohhh ohhhh ohhhh You’re my one and only ohhhh ohhhhh'' Gwen said to him with lustful eyes as she groaned and moaned and Peter grinned at her and…he was like a jackhammer going into her thrusting like crazy and he covered her mouth to muffle her screams…he could hear her ass cheeks being impacted by his hips as he pushed himself all the way inside her,

 “Ohhh ohhhh Gwen ahhh ahhhh ahhhh Gwen ahhhhh ahhhhh I love you ahhhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhhh ahhhh If I ever see you talk to another guy ahhhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh I’ll wreck you in bed ahhhh ahhh ahhh” Peter said in a hot voice as he looked into her Green eyes and she gave him a daring stare…he huffed, and gripped her waist under her shirt and thrusted hard and slow, his tip touched her womb and Gwen had tears of sheer pleasure in her eyes as she moaned then…they both cam and groaned in the closet as she had her arm around his neck while he hugged her from behind and kissed her neck, she smiled with her eyes closed. 

 Stacy Apartment- 7:00PM 

Gwen walked inside her home after enjoying some time at a cafe with Peter while doing homework and she saw her brothers already doing homework much to their annoyance and her amusement and of course her dad was just heading out on patrol and kissed her cheek and said goodbye, she went to to the fridge to grab a bottle of soda and her mom walked in,

 “Hey Gwen, how was your day at school?” Helen asked her daughter who took a sip of her soda and smiled at her,

 “It was okay I guess, not much changed besides things with MJ are getting heavy but we will find a way to work things out, plus seeing Peter for 7 hours is always a great pleasure…especially knowing where he is and whether or not he’s hurt.” Gwen said with a relieved smile on her face and Helen shared her feeling of least for Peter Parker who has wormed his way into her heart…and pussy. Gwen asked Helen how her day went, Helen sighed as she answered 

 “Well it was a long one…first off the PTA and the school board meeting at your brothers’ school are already disagreeing as to what fundraiser event we should have like some type of festival,play, or just a regular bake sale but both sides are arguing and since I want to be a part of my children’s lives and decided to be part of both I get stuck being the go between for two sides in constant disagreement…other than that traffic sucked and your father and I are getting more distant everyday.” Helen said after ranting about those issues, Gwen smiled softly at her mom and patted her back gently and Helen smiled at Gwen, Gwen had an idea,

 “Hey guys come on we’re going to Stan’s Pizza Parlor, let's pig out” Gwen said happily to her brothers who happily went to grab their coats and Helen gave Gwen a questioning look, Gwen smiled at her both as she went to grab her purse,

 “You deserve a break…have fun.” Gwen said to her as she escorted her brothers out the door and she closed it. Helen was left alone with a confused look…until she saw Peter walk out of Gwen’s room with a smirk…Helen smiled lustfully at him as she walked to him while unbuttoning her shirt dress and tying the belt.

   NYPD Precient 

  George slammed his desk in frustration, he lost his Connors case to some government agency who will take over the investigation without sharing any information gained from the outcome, then there’s the fact he can’t narrow down Helen’s actions the past few weeks despite his resources…he did figure out she’s gone to motels and a hotel though it was hard to find out which one and despite the help he’s gotten it was still hard to find out who she was with…then he had an idea, he smiled as he grabbed his stuff and went out on patrol. 

   Stacy Apartment-9:30 PM 

  Peter was doing the rest of his homework while eating some pizza Gwen had brought him from the pizza parlor, he was shirtless and only wearing his jeans, he finished his chemistry homework with ease and relaxed into the seat with a smile…he had made Helen shriek with his thrusts and now she just laid in bed sleeping like a horny angel with a smile on her face. He felt soft arms wrap around his neck and chuckled lowly feeling Gwen’s lips peck his neck and she nipped his ear, she sighed into his ear…her sweet hot breath tickling his ear canal,

 “Come to bed, the boys are full and sleepy in their beds…” Gwen whispered to him and he chuckled and pulled her into his lap making her giggle as he nipped her neck and kissed her face, he put their foreheads together and she giggled as he chuckled while they stared into each other’s eyes…

 “Let’s get out of here…let’s just get out of here” Peter said with humor and Gwen was shaking her head while laughing and giggling as they went back and forth,

 “No” she said,

 “Yes..Yes Come on” Peter urged her and she kept giggling,

 “No..if my dad come homes and sees I’m gone in the morning, I’m dead” Gwen said and Peter gave her a knowing smile,

 “You’ll be back before morning..” he said and she went to grab her sweater since she was wearing her sweatpants and shirt. 


Peter and Gwen were snuggled together as they sat to gaze at the amazing view high above the ground among the skyscrapers, Gwen carrassed Peter’s hands with her own and leaned her head into the crook of his neck while he kissed her head,

 “I love you” she said to him with her eyes closed and a contentful smile on her face as the soft wind blew against her hair, Peter put a hand to her cheek and made her face him, she opened her eyes and smiled widely at him showing her pearly whites and he smiled back at her and leaned in and so did she, their lips met in a soft wet kiss and Gwen moaned happily into his mouth as they kissed again, they parted slowly and she had low eyes on him,

 “Peter…I don’t care where we end up going,just as long as we’re together” Gwen said in a whisper and he had low eyes on her and he hovered his lips over hers creating a heated tension between them,

“Gwendoyln Maxine Stacy…you are my path…wherever you go I go, you’re always gonna be my path.” He said and captured her lips in another soft kiss and she put her hands to his face and her cold hands made him shudder making her giggle as they seperated,

 “I love how I can make you react…It’s so cute” Gwen said to him and he smirked at her,

 “And I love the noises and faces you make when you have an orgasm…they’re so sexy to see and hear Gwendy.” Peter said to her and they both had heated stares at each other, but it was too cold to have sex out in the clocktower,

 “Wanna go to my place?” Peter asked her with a hopeful smile, but she gave him a sad one,

 “Can’t..we’ll end up falling asleep and I don’t have any spare clothes at your house to use tomorrow..” Gwen said with an awkward smile and he nodded, they went back to cuddling and enjoying the bright moonlight. 

   Unknown Location 

 “So what do you think?” George asked the woman who sat next to him in the car, she took a sip of her beer and gave him an obvious look, 

 “I think if you’re a jackass to your wife on a daily basis while screwing around with a teenager then of course your wife is getting some on the side…question is what do you want me to do?” She asked him with a annoyed tone with the boring conversation happening,George huffed and pulled out his file along with a envelope full of hundreds,

 “I want you to follow her and find out what she’s up to, there’s at least 3 thousand dollars in there…what do you say, will you work this case?” He asked her and she had a moment in thought,

 “I suppose it’d be cool to earn some quick cash by following a upper east side mom around the city…alright I’m in” she said to him and he shook her hand sealing the deal and she gave him her card with her number, he left her car and went to his car and left. She looked at the file and opened it, her eyes went wide when she saw a particular face in the papers,

 “Peter Parker… it’s been awhile since Midtown, wow he was cute as a freshman but as a senior…god you could be a calvin klein model.” Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) said to herself and she noted he was close to the family due to his relationship with Gwen Stacy, his daughter, and often went to their home,

 “Well…wouldn’t be the first time a milf went after a teenager who frequents their home.” Jessica said out loud and started her car and drove home to come up with a plan. 

 Stacy Apartment-11:00PM 

 Peter had arrived back at Gwen’s place to drop her off a while ago,but she pleaded for a release…so now she was withering and gasping in her bed while under the covers…under her nightgown…her lover’s head was currently nested in between her legs, his hands held her thighs in place while he sucked on her moist lips and darted his tongue inside and swirled it…Gwen moned and gasped into the hand that was covering her mouth to silence herself…the sound of his lips suckling on hers was the only thing heard behind her locked bedroom door, Peter sucked on her harder and gripped her thighs tightly, Gwen started to buck her hips into his mouth and his hand went to her breast clad in the soft fabric of her nightgown, he gripped her breast and both Gwen’s hands clasped her mouth shut..Peter sucked harder and slurped more with his tongue…Gwen was heaving…he put his hands on her smooth waist, Peter could hear Gwen’s gasps and moans,

  “Ha ha ha ha ha ohhh ah ah ah ah ah ohhhhhh” Peter opened his mouth to let her juices leak into his mouth as she cam and he felt her body shudder under his touch..he slurped up her juices in his mouth…and swallowed…it tasted sweet..he popped out from the covers and Gwen pulled his face to hers and she kissed him deeply, she sighed into his mouth and she shifted them around so now they laid side by side cuddling,

 “You want to spend the night?” She asked him, he thought it over,

 “Not today,Friday, so we can have fun the next morning without worrying about being late, okay, plus I have to do something before school tomorrow.” Peter replied and Gwen just kissed his cheek and cuddled him to sleep, he waited a while for her to fall deep asleep so he could leave. He arrived at his place around midnight and fell right to sleep. 

   Parker Residence-5:30 AM

Peter woke up and got himself ready, he did some checking and knew where she would be as he went out and used his web shooters to travel faster. 

  Oscorp Tower 

He landed on the roof to meet up with Natasha who leaned against the rail waiting for him with a smile on her face,

 “I figured you’d want to be here to see this.” She said to him and he raised an eyebrow at her and she pulled out a walkie talkie,

 “Now.” Was all she said and…


A random warehouse in a run down street blew up,

 “Holy shit!! What the hell!?!” He looked at her in shock and she chuckled her sexy voice at him,

 “Relax my love, no one was injured, it was abandoned and I know for a fact that Dr.Connors was using that building to store his extra supply of chemicals…now that they’re gone…” she looked at him with expectation, he grinned at her,

 “He’ll be furious and probably go godzilla on a nearby lab…he’ll make himself noticeable for us to take him down easily” Peter finished her sentence and he watched as the fire erupted the warehouse as they stood side by side watching the sunrise on top of the high Oscorp skyscraper,

 “Wanna have sex?” He asked her out of nowhere and she stared out into the city while the fire truck sirens sounded out in the city,then a loud roar sounded out in the distance, they both looked out into the West, the direction where it came from as it was carried by the wind, they glanced at each other and ran to the edge and jumped.  

 Roxxon Energy Corporation 

Connors as the Lizard crawled out the giant hole it made on the side of the building carrying a huge chemical canister, it smelled something familiar…it growled as it drooled from its scaly lips and saw them land above him on the glass skyscraper him, and he brought a woman with him…she reeked of gunpowder,

 “Hey doc, I’d ask if you're feeling hot headed but you know, cold blooded thing.” Peter said under his Spider-Man outfit while Nat used her grappling hook to perch on the edge while aiming a huge sniper rifle at the lizard’s forehead…Nat focused her aim through the scope while Peter engaged the monster in hand to claw combat with the creature while his feet kept his stuck to the building as he fought, or well try to fight the Lizard since its longer tail was being used as a whip and its claws already damaged his suit, but that didn’t stop Peter from annoying Connors with his bantering that even Nat had to roll her eyes at some of his puns as she tried to get a clear shot but the fast movement of the two proved to be difficult, 

 “Do you really think it wants to hear your puns right now?” She asked sarcastically and the Lizard growled at her as it recognized her scent, she was at his warehouse! He charged to hear and Nat fired a shot…the Lizard was knocked off the building from the impact of the high caliber bullet, but then it used his tail to lasso Peter and pulled down with him yelling, 

 “Peter!” Nat shouted as she watched him fall with the Lizard, she jumped, pulled out her pistols and hoped for the best…she fired her guns and the bullets luckily hit the Lizard in the back who had Peter in a tight hold, it screeched as it felt the bullets hit its back..its grip on Peter loosened enough for Peter to break out of its hold,

 “Nat Hold On!” Peter yelled as he shot two webs to slingshot himself up and caught Natasha midfall, the Lizard continued to fall until…SMASH!! It hit the construction building next door to the Tower and took half the building with it. Peter was holding Natasha as they looked down at the smoke and the sound of the rubble at the bottom of the high fall,

   “….Do you think he’s alive?” Peter asked her and Nat knew he was hoping for a hopeful answer..but she can’t paint a different reality than the one their in…she took a breath in and found her words after a moment,

  “In his Lizard stage…his body could take some damage…but Peter….a fall this high…you need to be ready for the worst..” Nat said to him softly and he took in a deep breath and simply nodded and webslinged them down to the spot where he had fallen. It was just a huge crater of wood and concrete as they looked inside the hole while coughing from the dust clearing in the air…Peter gasped and jumped down while Nat scoffed a smile as she saw Dr.Connors,in his human form, gasp awake and was helped by Peter, of course he’s still helpful to his once mentor, it’s the type of person he is..Nat loved that about….wait what…Natasha’s eyes widen for a moment…yes it's true…she loves him…and now she confirmed it herself…she feels at peace.


 Peter was relaxing on the bed after a refreshing shower, he was in a pair of sweatpants and nothing else, he sighed with a smile as he recalled the past events: he managed to convince Dr.Connors to finally surrender to Shield, he even got Natasha to agree to make sure nothing inhumane happens to him when the operatives take him in, then he and Nat had to wipe all surveillance videos of him in Roxxon, then they finally made it to a safehouse since everyone will be at the site and they dropped of the Doctor at a pick up stop where Fury himself made sure he caused no trouble. Peter heard the door open and he smiled at Natasha who was tying her hair into a ponytail after her warm shower, she wore a blank tank top and back jeans, she smiled back at him and he sat upright on the bed and she sat next to him,

“You should probably head to school, as should I…we need to keep appearances.” Natasha said to him and she narrowed her eyes with a smile when Peter had no response and he just kept smiling at her…

  Midtown High School-9:40AM 

The classroom was filled with immense boredom with the teacher being a total dud and was boring as hell to listen to or even pay any attention to, even Gwen found it difficult to focus on this guy’s poor attempt to teach and found herself sketching in her notebook,the guy was so clueless there were students watching things on their phone or laptops with headphones on and he didn’t either notice or care. The boys in the class were immensely disappointed over not seeing Ms.Rushman’s luscious body, Gwen looked to her right and wondered where Peter was…she would’ve dragged him to the girls bathroom and had a quickie to make time go by…but he hasn’t shown up yet and she knew about the early morning Lizard attack downtown, Gwen pulled out her phone,the sub not giving a crap, and texted Peter, she asked him where he was and if he’s okay. 


Peter typed away his answer that he was at home resting after a fight with the Lizard that ended with him being taken in peacefully, he also said he surrendered to the bet…so she can decide her reward…he was excited to see what she would pick. He put his phone aside and looked to his side at the sleeping scarlet red-head woman next to him on the bed, he moved a strand of her hair out of her face and she sighed with a smile and snuggled deeper into the soft pillow and mattress as she laid under the soft warm bed sheets as Peter just looked at her with a smile, she looked at peace as she slept, he got out of bed and put on his jeans and went to her bag…she had said there was a gift for him after their heated session. He opened the bag and found a black laptop with a note attached to it, he read it and his eyes widened with excitement,

    “Peter, all Shield recruits are given their own devices to store information on cases they are working on…and since you’re working with me…you get full access to Shield’s database that has information spanning decades from all over the world, enjoy and have fun playing detective my Love, Natasha.” The note said and Peter grinned with excitement, he opened the laptop and the camera on the top scanned his face and unlocked…he was amazed, the set was an ordinary screen like any other laptop home screen, a great disguise..he saw an icon with a Spider symbol and smiled, he clicked on it and the screen went black…then the laptop turned into a tablet and the camera created a holographic file menu with a world map indicating where the file originated….Peter got a nerdgasm…it was so cool…he went through a million things over what to research…until he made up his mind and grinned as he typed away and saw that Felicia had indeed made herself known to the wrong people, she was listed as a wanted criminal for stealing Shield equipement…and he narrowed his eyebrows when he saw it was Natasha who had sent in the report, he just shrugged it off and looked up another case he was working on, he felt soft arms wrap around his neck and a soft kiss was placed on his shoulder, he smiled and chuckled lowly as he reached behind and caressed Natasha’s face as she smiled and sighed,

 “Come back to bed, Connors has been apprehended and Natalie Rushman called in sick at work today…we have all day…” Natasha whispered in his ear and he giggled,

  “In a minute Nat, just checking something out on my awesome laptop…thank you so much.” Peter said with a happy smile and she sat on his lap, he chuckled as he felt her nude body on him, she looked at his research and read along with him,

  “So you’re interested in getting involved in the Fisk turf war with the Mafia huh? It’ll be hard to get any inside information on them since anyone who knows too much typically gets killed, and it doesn’t help that any information on their safehouses is kept secret, everything they do is by word of mouth, no tech at all.” Natasha said to him and he kept reading and had an idea…he smiled when he put it together in his head, Nat noticed his smile and grinned at him, 

  “What are you thinking about Mr.Parker?” She asked him and he looked at her and kissed her and she giggled in his mouth….it was amazing….the russian woman with over 100 assassinations under her belt was like a horny school girl with Peter, he kept kissing her and she got up and pulled him up by his hands…he grinned at her,

  “How would you like to work with me on this case? We took down a man-sized Lizard. How hard can it be to take down two gangs in New York, especially for the Spider-Duo.” Peter said with humor and he loved hearing Natasha laugh as she stood there bare ass naked, she pulled him to her and she pushed him onto the bed, he chuckled as she went to straddle him and her hands went to unzip his jeans, 

 “Of course I’ll work with you.” She answered him as she pulled his cock out, it was stiff and pulsing…she aligned it to her moist lips….but then Peter grabbed her hips and flipped them over and immediately pushed himself and thrusted into her hard and fast, Nat’s eyes bulged wide open and her open was letting out a silent scream as the bed creaked loudly already, then Nat’s noises were let out as he kept thrusting, 

 “OHHHH OHHHH AHHHH HA HA HA HA HA AH HA HA HA HA HA AHHHH AHHHH AHHHH AHHHHHH AHHHH HA HA HA HA HA HA AHHHHH” Natasha just screamed as he pounded into her while his hands held her waist in a tight grip keeping her in place as he pierced her hot moist tunnel which was sucking him up and squeezing him which made groan and hiss as he looked at her gaping face while her breasts jiggled with her body, he huffed as he went faster, the bed creaked loudly…thank god its just them in the house..they can be as loud as they want..Natasha hissed and dragged her nails down Peter’s back…leaving scratch marks..Peter hissed loudly and groaned, he heard Nat chuckle a sexy laugh, he narrowed his eyes at her and…he pulled out and flipped her over, he pulled her waist up…Nat was grinning with excitement as she was now on all fours as Peter was behind her and aligning himself to her leaking pussy…Natasha felt his cock push into her and she planted her head on the bed with her hands gripping the bed sheets, she groaned which was muffled by the bed…Peter huffed and started his fast hard tempo again. 

1 Hour Later

  The sun shined brightly in the sky, warming the city and melting the remaining snow…the shine brightened the bedroom through the window, the bed was creaking and shaking, both were sweating and panting..he pushed harder and harder while she groaned and moaned into the pillow she was clutching to her chest and face…she was embarrassed over the noises this young man was bringing out of her as he invaded her insides..she felt him deep inside and she could hear the sound of Peter’s hips hitting her ass making it jiggle…she felt his hands take hold of her breasts…she hissed and smiled…the bed was creaking like crazy..the headboard was hitting the wall. His sweat landed on her smooth back, he pinched her nipples and her face shot straight up from hiding,

 “AHHHHH OHHHHH OHHHHH UGHHHHHH UGHHHH AHHH AHHH AHHH AHHH” Natasha let out her moans and groans, Peter laughed and went faster now with his hands gripping her ass cheeks as their bodies rocked together with his force, they were both close now…her pussy was leaking out and his precum was a lube for them to enjoy the sleek easy friction,

 “AHHH AHHH AHH AHHHH AHHH PETER AHHH AHHH AHHH PETER OH GOD OH GOD UGHHH AHHHHH AHHHHHH AHHHHH GOD I’M, I’M AHHHH AHHHHH” Natasha couldn’t finish her sentence…she cam…she gushed all over his cock and it leaked out between them as she groaned with a smile, she collapsed on the bed as she heaved and catched her breath…she moaned happily when she felt Peter’s hot sperm travel into her warming her up inside, Peter was breathing in and out  with a smile on his face as he catched some air in his lungs while Natasha cuddled into him and put her leg over his, she tangled their bodies together and he wrapper an arm around her holding close as they both sighed with satisfaction, then Peter’s phone pinged, he looked at the bedside table and grabbed his phone, he chuckled at the text…it was from Mary Jane, 

 “Hey Tiger, it’s been a while since we’ve hung out, let me know when we can…I’ll be some treats;)” Peter smiled at the text and showed Nat who chuckled at it,

 “I wonder what exactly she will bring” Peter said and they both chuckled and they just relaxed on the bed. 

  NYPD Precient 

George was talking to his boss on the phone who was annoyed that George has been unable to bring any real progress with the gang war happening like the bank robberies and armored truck hits, then there’s the fact Spider-Man is clearly the public favorite over actual law enforcement…by the time the ass chewing by his boss was over he was aggrivated…and the fact he was shot down for morning sex by Helen only heightened his annoyance and anger, he called his P.I, she picked up after a few rings,

 “What is it?” She asked with annoyance in her voice, George huffed and asked straight out,

 “Do you have anything for me?” 

  Bar With No Name

  Jessica on the other end was drinking a beer while watching someone who was a person of interest for another high paying client,

  “I told you already, your wife is cheating on you after years of marital unhappiness and she is most likely screwing that Parker kid your daughter’s dating….either him or that Spider guy since when I broke in your place while you were all gone and snooped around her side of the room…she had some photos of Spider-Man with hearts drawn on them with lipstick…jeez what’s that guy’s appeal, anyway if you have any theories of your own, check them out yourself.” Jessica said and hung up ending the annoying conversation. 

  NYPD Precinct

George slammed his fist on his desk and heaved in anger,

  “Spider-man….I’ll get you…and I’ll bury you under the prison…” George said to himself and called in his intern…he needed a release…  Midtown High School-12:15PM 

Gwen was just sitting idly listening to her friends’ conversation at the table in the cafeteria, she was bored…one of her friends was talking to her but she was daydreaming about being with Peter in college, 

 “Gwen…Hey Gwen!” Her friend Sally called her and Gwen jolted awake and looked at her friends embarrassingly, Sally snickered at her,

 “Jeez Gwen, I admit your boyfriend’s hot but he’s not daydream in the middle of our chats hot….that’s my man tommy.” Sally said with bravado and Gwen scoffed a laugh at Sally,

 “Sal I love you… but tommy is nothing compared to my Peter, trust me you’ll dump tommy for a piece of my Peter after a taste.” Gwen said with her own tone of superiority and confidence. At that exact moment, Peter Parker walked in the cafeteria and went to Gwen and hugged her from behind and planted a kiss to her ear covered by her golden locks, Gwen giggled while her friends looked away from the envious display of PDA…all their boyfriends were busy trying to see who can kick the farthest in the field, Gwen giggled as Peter hugged her tightly and she turned her head to look at him,

 “What are you doing here? There’s only 2 and a half hours left…you could’ve just stayed home” Gwen said with humor and Peter leaned in and kissed her and she giggles into his mouth…Gwen could feel the envious stares of her friends which made her more delighted that Peter showed up to surprise her, once they seperated their lips…she gave him a mischievous smile…and looked at her friends, she then whispered in his ear, he pulled away to look her dead in the eyes with a shocked and confused expression, it was nonverbally asking “Really!? Are You Serious?!”. Gwen just nodded her head at him as a form of confirmation and he scoffed a laugh, they resumed to kiss and he just sat next to her while she continued her conversation with her friends while they held hands under the table….and Peter rubbed his foot against one of the girl’s legs…and she didn’t pull fact…she started to play footsie with him under the table…Peter was already excited, Gwen said for losing the bet…he has to sleep and tame her cheerleader friends who always mocked Gwen for, unbeknownst to Peter, having a crush on him since she saw during the first week of freshman year…so now she wants them to have a taste of what Gwen will have for the rest of her life…but there was a catch…they all had to be in sex tapes…so Peter had to work on that but he already knew which one to go after first. 

 2:30-Last Class of the Day 

 Peter and Gwen sat next to each other just waiting for the time to run out in their class, all the other students were chatting with one another and using their phones, the teacher didn’t even try to stop them as he too waited for the class to end. Peter was bored out of his mind and he huffed and softly banged his head on his desk making Gwen giggle and ruffle his hair lovingly, “just a few more minutes bugboy, then you’ll be free of this prison.” Gwen said to him and he looked at her with a smile,

 “Like you don’t get bored in this place, we can practically teach all the classes ourselves and do it better than them” Peter said with humor and Gwen chuckled at that..then she gave him a mischievous grin as she took his hand,

 “Grab your bag, let's go.” She said as she tugged him to the door…as she suspected the teacher didn’t even stop them and the other students were cluless to not even notice them leave…well except one…she came out after them and Gwen and Peter turned to look at her and Peter was nervous as hell, it was MJ, she walked up to Gwen and she too walked to her as they met in the middle in a staredown…then Peter’s eyes widened…Gwen and MJ leaned in and kissed softly…then they went their separate ways and Gwen pulled a bewildered Peter out of the way,

 “Gwen…what was that?” Peter asked her and she chuckled at him and gave him a smirk,

 “Wouldn’t you like to know.” Was all she said as they walked out of the school 15 minutes early, Peter just chuckled back at her and held her hand as he walked her home and it was a peaceful walk for a while…until they walked by a couple of day drinkers who were clearly horny for Gwen…she cuddled closer to Peter who gave the men death glares and they backed off,

 “God I hate having those type of eyes on me…I already get it at work…” Gwen said when they were far enough from the creeps, Peter gave her a look after what she said,

  “Who the hell stares at you like that??” Peter asked with anger in his voice for the creeper, Gwen just scoffed with a smile at him,

 “Aww Bugboy, I’d love to see you defend my honor but…you can’t beat up a CEO and a world-renowned scientist” she said and he huffed and simply said he’ll find a way to handle them. 

  Upper East Side-Local Cafe-5:00PM

  Peter had taken Gwen to enjoy a warm beverage and some pastries in a cafe she loves going to, they sat at a table by the window and just gave each other loving gazes while holding hands on the table, they both slowly leaned in and shared a light soft kiss, Gwen was on cloud 9…she enjoyed being with Peter whenever she can, especially knowing he’s un-injured given his hero antics, she giggled softly when they pulled away,

 “I love you Peter Parker” she said to him and he smiled at her with pure love,

  “I love you too Gwendolyn Maxine Stacy…soon to be Gwen Stacy Parker” he said to her and she grinned like crazy at her future name, she took a sip of her Cappuccino and some of it got on her lips and he kissed her to lick it off making her giggle, they just enjoyed each other’s company. 

   Stacy Residence-6:30PM

Peter escorted Gwen home who kissed his cheek as she went to her bedroom to change, Peter went to her brothers who were watching a movie after a boring day of school, he chatted with them for a bit about school, new movies and the latest comic book stuff when he saw Helen walk in and she was wearing her running outfit, tight elastic leggings, and a vest that shows off her slimming stomach and wide hips and a jacket, she smiled at him and he returned her happy smile with one of his own,

 “Hello Mr.Parker, it’s been a while since you’ve been here.” She said with a raised eyebrow and he shyly looked down for a moment before answering,

 “Been busy lately, but I see you’ve been busy yourself Mrs.Stacy, your workouts are clearly working for you.” Peter said with a knowing smile and Helen smirked at him, her boys were oblivious of the obvious flirtation happening, Gwen came out of her room in her sweats to relax…since Dr.Connors wasn’t at Oscorp anymore…Gwen pretty much lost her boss as wel as Peter so now they had to wait and see what’ll happen to their internships…but Peter had an alternative in mind he’ll bring up later, Gwen kissed Peter’s cheek,

 “How about you go running with her babe, she’s been waiting for me to come home so she can keep up her usual workout routine and you can keep her company and safe from the perverts of this city.” Gwen said with a knowing smile to both that Helen pulled Gwen aside and gave her a questioning look 

 “What are you doing?” Helen asked her and she gave her mom a smile and kissed her cheek,

 “You’ve been stressed, and Dad’s been a jerk to you lately so I know you need a release, and I think it's time we actually call a truce you know.” Gwen said to her mom and she touched her daughter’s cheek and gave her a warm smile then she looked at Peter,

 “George has some gym clothes just your size, how about it Peter?” Helen asked him as she zipped up her tight jacket while putting her hair in a tight bun, Peter grinned as he went to change.

   Central Park 

 Jessica Jones was bored out of her mind…she had to keep her end of the bargain since George Stacy paid another 3 grand for more information on his wife, Jessica had been surveying the home when she saw Helen Stacy and Peter Parker go out for a late afternoon run around the city, they eventually reached Central Park. This was difficult for Jessica to watch since everyone notices a shady person skulking around the park so she had to improvise and pretend to be a photographer who was taking pictures of the park scenery as she surveyed their route around the large pond as they did their laps side by side with happy smiles…Jessica snapped her photos with her camera with a bored expression as they did laps for a while. 

   45 Minutes Later 

Jessica got up from the bench when she saw them change paths and jogged down the lane deeper into the park, once again she had to play a tourist to keep the other park goers from drawing attention to her as she watched them jog down the lane,over a bridge and into the little woods the Park was known for. She followed them into the woods, no one else was around so she had to hang back a bit to prevent being detected, she hid behind a very large tree and some bushes…she could barely see them through the thick bush but then she heard…moans…she rolled her eyes and got her camera ready, she peaked her camera out of the bush enough to get a clear image…she grew hot watching what was happening…Peter had Helen against a large tree, she was facing it and she could see him lower his sweatpants to the point she could see half of buttcrack and thanks to her camera’s zoom lenses…she could see him lower Helen’s sweats enough for him to go behind her as her hands went to rest on the large tree in the unpopulated woods…Helen started to moan as Peter started to push himself into her…Jessica Jones snapped away her Photos: 

  Peter pushed into Helen from behind.

 Helen’s hands gripped Peter’s as he held hers on the tree.

 Jessica felt her loins start to ache…god damn it's been a while since she and Luke broke things off, she just snapped away more photos of them fucking in the woods as Helen’s soft moans could be heard by hear. They went at it for about 15 minutes before she heard Helen gasp and Peter grunt loudly, then she heard laughter by Helen and loud shushing from Peter, Jessica watched carefully through the bushes from the close distance as she saw Peter and Helen pull their pants back up and walk back to the populated area, she even saw Helen rub her ass with a satisfied smile on her face as Peter wrapped an arm around her and kissed her cheek, what a perfect moment, and Jessica Jones got the perfect photo, she waited for a minute for them to walk before she walked in the opposite direction and headed back to her apartment…she needed a self release after seeing a heated quickie. 

   Stacy Apartment-8PM 

Peter and Helen entered the apartment and Helen went straight to her room to shower, and Peter slapped her ass as she went and she looked back to glare at him with a smile, he grinned back at her, she closed the door to her room and Peter went ahead into Gwen’s who didn’t notice he entered since she was on her laying on her bed reading a biology book while wearing headphones, he smiled at the sight as he slowly went to her, and jumped next to her on her bed making her shriek from surprise making him laugh as she hit him with her book while giggling,

 “Don’t scare me you jerk!” She said with her own laughter coming out of her mouth as he chuckled at her, once they calmed down they leaned in and shared a sweet kiss, then they read the book together with smiles on their faces. 

  Hell’s Kitchen-Alias Investigations- 10PM

Jessica was watching TV with a beer in her hand when someone knocked on her door, she rolled her eyes and put on some jeans, since she was pantsless sitting on the couch, and went ahead to open the door to her place/business and she was surprised to see who it was,

 “Hello, are you…Jessica Jones, Alias Investigation Private Investigator?” He said reading off the newspaper ad Jessica spent 500 bucks on, he looked at her sheepishly….it was kinda hot, but Jessica just rolled her eyes at the question and motioned a hand at the door,

 “What’s it say on the window?” She asked him and he blushed red when it clearly said Alias Investigations on the door meaning he was in the right place, 

 “Oh right, of course…anyway…can I talk to you?” He asked her while shyly rubbing the back of his head, Jessica just gave him a blank expression, she hated vague questions and luckily he caught on,

 “And I mean a business talk not a talk talk…unless you want to talk talk first instead of..” his ahy banter was cut off by her annoyed tone,

 “Just Get In Here!” She snapped at him and he quickly went in and she again rolled her eyes at him, but she liked how his ass looks from behind,

  “So what do you want?” She asked him as she sat on the wooden chair behind her desk that had multiple files and paperwork all over it, she had no organization at all, he sat on the chair on the other side and fiddled with his fingers as he found his words, and it didn’t help that she was giving him a sly smile, she knew he was shy and she loved how nervous he was which only made more nervous as he looked at her green eyes and jet black hair with her rose red lips in a smirk,

 “Okay…okay…” he shyly smiled at her and found his words,

 “Okay…so my name is Peter Parker, and I’m basically sleeping with a cop’s daughter…and his wife, and basically we’ve been sneaking around for a few months now and we think he’s starting to suspect something going on with his wife…so I would like to hire your investigative services to keep track of her husband’s knowledge about her affair, he suspects she’s cheating but he doesn’t know with who. So your job would be to keep him from finding out should he be nearing the truth about us. So what do you say?” He asked her and she was in a dilemma…Goerge had hired her to find out who Helen was sleeping with…and he was right in front of her…making a proposition to turn on her client…she was in thought and Peter decided to sweeten the deal,

   “I’ll pay upfront, and everytime you push him in another direction, I’ll pay you extra.” He said with a smile in a attempt to make the deal more appealing and legit, she smirked at his proposal,

 “I don’t work for 20 bucks kid” she said to him and he just opened up his backpack and pulled out a stack of hundred dollar bills,clearly alot more than George paid..Jessica’s eyes widened at the sight and she held it in her eyes to check if it’s real and when she saw it was, she gave him a questioning look,

 “I’d ask where you got this kind of cash..but for legal purposes I won’t….but why should I work for a teenager?” She questioned him and he smiled at her,

 “I’ll pay double…and I’ll….screw you whenever you want” he said with a shrug a Jessica scoffed a smile at him and narrowed her eyes,

 “Alright kid get out, you actually had me til you said that bullshit, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” Jessica said to him as she got up and was about to leave the room when she heard him unzip something and she turned, and then she narrowed her eyes at his enlarge prick,

 “Think you can handle it?” He asked her with smugness in his voice and she smirked and…punched her fist clean through her wall…showing her own talent…Peter’s confidence died and he gulped as she walked to him like a predator about to pounce on their prey….

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