Parker and Stacy(s)

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Gwen was relaxing on the couch while talking to her friend, she was just telling her how her internship at Oscorp was really opening doors for her in terms of exposure to the scientific community and meeting other researchers and scientists and her friend started talking about a rather crazy idea, 

 “What! You’re really gonna do it?” Asked Gwen with shocked and happy eyes at her friend who was currently a junior in college, she and Gwen had met at the Stark Expo when the event was held in New York some years ago. They had grown close through messaging and regular hang outs whenever they could since both of them led busy lives, they were like family at this point with a older-younger sister dynamic, their friendship flourished enough that she felt comfortable enough to tell Gwen her plan,

 “Yep…I’ve filled out all the forms and done all the medical appointments. Just waiting to hear back if they’ve accepted my medical records as ‘eligible’ which should be by spring hopefully” she replied to Gwen who looked at her with amazement…like a little sister would seeing her big sister do something awesome like punch a rude guy right in the face or chug a whole 2 Liter soda in one gulp, Gwen just smiled widely at her and gave a light laugh, 

 “Wow! Jeez Carol why didn’t you tell me’s one thing to decide to quit college but it's a whole other thing to join the AirForce'' she said as she tapped her friend on the shoulder who sat on the floor next to the sofa as they watched the yearly christmas celebrations being broadcast. Gwen’s phone buzzed in her jeans and pulled it out and saw Peter was calling her,

 “Peter’s calling me..hang on a sec” she said to Carol who nodded at her with a smile, Gwen answered, 

 “Hey babe…yeah its okay I’m at my friend’s place…oh hang out?um…hold on” Gwen put the phone against her shoulder,

 “Hey Carol, is it okay if we hang out later?” She asked her friend with a pained smile knowing she’s ditching her friend, Carol smirked at her,

 “Is that the same Peter who turned my little sis into a woman?” she asked and Gwen blushed heavily making Carol laugh and Gwen slapped her shoulder as she laughed more,

 “Go ahead Gwen it’s cool, we’ll hang out tonight” Carol said as she got up and Gwen slapped her butt making her laugh as she slapped Gwen’s thigh making her laugh too. Gwen told Peter to pick her up.

  Noon- Central Park 

 Gwen and Peter walked arm in arm as it was a nice warm day so everyone was walking around the decorated park, both had smiles on their faces as they went to a food stand and got hot chocolate. They sat inside a nice little bookshop and enjoyed their drinks while talking about their plans for the future, then they walked around some more around Rockefeller Center enjoying the giant Tree and everyone in high spirits. After a while Peter hald a cab for them and gave him Gwen’s address since her father called and told her to come home since other Stacy family members were coming over so she had to be there and Peter had no problem dropping her off…but he could tell Gwen was annoyed with her dad and he had an idea, he went up to the driver’s window and tapped on the glass, their driver named Terrance opened the window and Peter talked to him in a low tone and Gwen just wondered what he was saying, at first Terrance said ‘Hell No’ but then Peter showed him a couple of 50’s and he just grabbed it and went into the Parking garage of Gwen’s building and parked…then he stepped out and Gwen looked at Peter with curious eyes matching her smile, Peter just smiled back at her and pounced on her making her giggle as she started to remove her coat and unzip his jacket, 

“Peter Parker you dog, paying off the driver for his cab” she said while sliding off her coat and her hands went to tug his shirt off while she was heaving and already getting wet down below. She felt up his olympian chest and his hands went to her sweater and shirt and he pulled both off her revealing her sexy frame and breasts in a cute pink bra and he immediately went to kiss and lick and her heaving chest and she giggled and laughed at the feeling of being worshipped by her lover, he started to go down on her..kissing her breasts…abdomen then moved to lick her belly button and she jolted up and let out her iconic cute giggle he loved to hear,

 “That tickles” she said between giggles and she moaned feeling his hands trace her thighs and he looked her in the eyes..she narrowed her eyes as they darkened with lust as they were in the taxi cab, parked in the corner of her building’s parking lot. She stared at him while he caressed her legs clad in tight jeans,

 “Beg me for it” he said to her and she shuddered at his stare, she gulped,

 “Please…please take my jeans off…rip my panties off….and fuck me til I’m full of your cum” she whispered to him and he smiled at her, then his hands went unbutton her jeans and he tugged the tight material down her legs showing her porcelain legs and matching pink panties making his cock rock hard and he dived in and started kissing her lips through the pink material,Gwen groaned in annoyance and he chuckled at her while licking her damp underwear,

 “I said take off my panties you know” she whined feeling his lips tease her through her panties and he laughed again then…his hand went to the band of the pink garment and…he ripped it off in one hard tug and balled it up in his hands, she gasped and laughed lustfully when he started to eat her eat and dart his tongue inside her walls..her hands reached above gripped her hair out of sheer pleasure from just his mouth on her moist lips. He kept licking and sucking on her while she just laid there and let out hot gasps and groans at the feeling…then her eyes went dark with more lust and she spoke up,

 “Put it inside…I want to feel you inside me” she whispered and,

 “AHHHHHH AHHHHH OHHHH OH MY GOD AHHHHHH” Gwen screamed out when Peter just plunged himself and started to rock her fast and hard,he shook the cab with each thrust…the banged up car was squeaking from the pressure and the rust breaking away, Gwen’s screams could be heard as a muffle that the cab driver was in the corner jacking off to Gwen’s moans and screams. Inside the cab Peter had put Gwen’s legs on his shoulders while gripping her hard tits in his hands and she mewled and groaned as she felt her womb being hit by the head of his prick threatening to break open with force and pressure. Peter got to her exposed hard nipples and started biting on them, 

 “AHHHHH PETER DON’T AHHHHHHH” Gwen begged with her screams vibrating her throat and her legs started to go numb while their bodies sweat on each other and on the backseat of the taxi as Peter kept his hard fast pace into his girlfriend, though he knew she would be late to her family party so he sped up, now the car was really shaking, the cab driver saw how fast his car was moving and how foggy it had gotten from the inside, then like in the movie Titanic…Gwen’s hand landed on the moist foggy window and slide down making a sexy handprint on the window,

 “Damn white boys get all the luck” he said to himself. 

    Back inside the cab Peter was grunting as he cam after seeing her sexy hand hit the glass like that stupid she made him watch with her in exchange for a blowjob and anal…though he chuckled at her,

 “Gwen…you did the Rose handprint thing” he said with a tone of humor as Gwen’s body heaved and shuddered from her own organism and she had sleepy eyes while clearing the sweat from her forehead with her hands,

 “Well…this is lovely sex in a vehicle between two soulmates” she said with a tone of love and he kissed her. They got dressed quickly to get her upstairs in time and they awkwardly walked past the driver as he got back. 

   Stacy Apartment 

 Gwen had begged Peter to stay for a while just to meet some of her closest family members and the smile she was giving him left him no choice, as he met different people he noticed how hot the Stacy Women were in this family and not just her cousins but her Aunts too. Gwen noticed how Peter was enjoying talking to the female family members and she dragged him away into the hallway out of the apartment,

 “Really…you need more of my family members to screw you” she asked annoyed and he shyly rubbed his head with his hand,

 “Sorry Gwen but…I mean they are attractive, especially since they look like celebrities, you included” he said as she raised her eyebrows and asked,

 “What celebrities exactly?” and Peter huffed and surrendered,

 “ Alright fine your Aunt Lindsay looks like Kate Upton…your Aunt Jane looks like Anna Faris, your cousin Sally looks like Amber Heard and her mom, your Aunt Rachel looks like Jennifer Aniston which is hilarious. Also your cousin Claire looks like Lindsay Lohan, before the drugs and booze…and finally you look like a blonde Emma Stone” he finished with a smile and she scoffed a laugh at him,

 “Emma Stone wishes she had this ass and these breasts” she said and Peter nodded in agreement, he hugged Gwen and she hugged him back while biting his ear making with chuckle,

 “Just don’t get caught….they all have husbands and boyfriends” she whispered hotly in his ear and she felt his body shudder at her voice and sexy tone and he slapped her rear making her laugh, 

 “Alright, you should probably head home. My dad is giving you the death glare, I think he knows we’ve been sleeping together” she said in a humorous tone and he smiled matching hers, he leaned in and kissed her then the door opened,

 “Hey Peter…can you help me clear the lights on the roof?” Asked Helen Stacy with a bottle of wine in her hand and a mischievous smile on her face, Peter grinned at her while Gwen rolled her eyes with her own smile,

 “Is it to actually help or is it…for fun?” Gwen asked her mother with a smirk and Helen smirked back at her and slapped her daughter’s ass in her tight jeans making Gwen giggle and Peter got a hard on in a millisecond and Helen pulled him away by hand and he pulled Gwen with him as the ladies giggled while leading him up to the roof. 

   3:00 PM 

  The Stacy Apartment was filled with family members drinking,dancing, or eating enjoying each other’s company as the darkness of the night was sneaking up on New York and luckily the weather was warmer than usual so it wasn’t an issue for 3 particular people by the door of the rooftop, they were in the stairwell after collapsing from their lust. Peter was pushed against the wall of the stairs by the mother-daughter duo ripping his shirt off and licking and kissing his chest like horny animals and Peter just laughed at their actions while landing on the door to the roof. He grabbed Helen and pulled her skirt up and tugged her blouse off revealing her breasts in a white bra and Gwen started to kiss at them making her mother groan while Peter started to finger her by moving her panties aside, He and Gwen were kissing passionately while Helen was licking and biting Gwen’s neck then her hands went to Gwen’s jeans and undid the button and pulled them down showing her bare pussy and ass,

 “My my Gwendoyln, you already had some action earlier didn’t you?” Helen asked while biting her daughter’s ear making her moan while her hands worked on Peter pants and pulled them along with his boxers down and his cock springed free. 

     20 Minutes Later 

 They were on the roof, on the ground…Peter was on his knees as he pushed himself into Gwen who was on the ground while Helen was laying on top of her sucking on her breasts while Gwen kissed her mothers shoulder and caressed her thighs, Peter was thrusting into Gwen’s leaking snatch and was pushing two fingers into Helen’s pussy making her moan and groan into Gwen’s skin making her daughter gasp louder and louder feeling her body being worshipped by her boyfriend and mother. They were laying on each other while Peter kept thrusting his cock into the gushing wet tunnel while his fingers were getting soaked by Helen’s leaking snatch too as both women struggled to remain quiet…their clothes were all around them as they were by the back of the roof hiding themselves in the darkness of the night while Peter pushed both women back and forth since they were like a sandwich of sweaty lustful bodies with Peter on top, Helen in the middle and Gwen at the bottom getting all the attention from his cock and Helen’s hands…he decided to switch, he pulled out of Gwen and inserted himself into Helen and just kept his fast pace going, 

 “AHHHH” Helen screamed out loud, Peter froze and Gwen’s eyes went wide with fear and Helen’s face went red from embarrassment…then her phone rang,

 “Shit” said Peter,

 “Good dammit mom” whined Gwen while Helen looked away from both of them and crawled to get her phone,

 “Hello….no I didn’t hear that…where am I? Oh I’m at the market down the street….I’m uh…getting more ice” Helen said to George over the phone and she could see Peter and Gwen snicker at her and she just gave them the finger, she hung up and groaned in annoyance,

 “Damn it now he’s expecting me in a few minutes, ughhh” she groaned and got dressed alongside Peter and Gwen who gave Helen dagger stares for ruining their threesome. They were going down the stairs when Peter’s phone gave him an alert,

 “Oh crap…bank robbery downtown gotta go, I’ll see you two later” Peter said in a hurry as he kissed the two ladies and smacked their butts making them giggle as he ran back to roof and jumped,

 “I still can’t believe….I’m gonna have Spider-Man’s baby” said Helen in a daydream voice and Gwen slapped her, hard,

 “I’m gonna be the mother of his children mom okay! You’re just lucky I’m letting this little thing we have going slide just cuz we need to keep him away from Watson…after that…it's back to You versus Me” said Gwen and Helen…punched her in the face making her stumble back,

 “I’ll be ready to fight you for him” Helen said in a sneering voice as she kept walking downstairs leaving a shocked Gwen behind. 

   5:00 PM Bank Vault  

 He kept his pace fast and hard, he was sweating, panting as his hips were on autopilot and thrusting like a madman into the woman who was groaning so low he could hear her throat vibrate while her body was rocked back and forth from his force while je tits swinged with pride and her ass jiggling with each impact and he heard her laugh from the pressure,

 “Ohhh baby yesss Yesss like that like that just like that ahhhhhhh” she moaned and groaned out loud while stuffing himself into her,

 “Ohhhh god ohhh god you’re in so deep I can’t ohhhh ahhhhhh ugh I can’t” she begged between groans. 

    1 Hour Ago

 Peter snuck into the bank through the vent and hid on the ceiling and saw the large number of thugs with assault rifles and shotguns loading their bags with cash as fast as they could. They were using the incoming snowstorm as a cover since the streets would be full of snow and traffic giving them plenty of time to escape, Peter was stuck on how to handle this since there were like 15 guys to handle and even he’s not fast enough to avoid a hundred bullets flying at him, he felt a tap on his shoulder, he turned and smiled at her,

 “What are you doing here? I would’ve thought you went South for the winter” he said in a humorous tone and she grinned at him,

 “Well…I wasn’t gonna take my favorite toy so I would’ve been bored on my own” replied Black Cat as she sat next to him surveying the men who were stacking the bags into the truck,

 “Looks like they’re taking a million dollars with all those bags in the truck, you know this is gonna get ugly down the road” said Cat and Peter was confused,

 “You mean beating them up? Yeah that’s obvious” he said and Cat snorted a laugh,

 “Not that cutie-pie, this is actually a mob bank, its owned by Tombstone and it looks like Fisk is making his move on his turf, talk about making a introductory point” she said while setting up her gear and claw hands,

 “You’re gonna help me?” Peter asked in genuine surprise and she smiled softly at him,

 “Well…I can’t let my fuck buddy die now can’t I?” She asked with a smirk and her claws extended showing she’s ready for action, he smacked her ass and he jumped off the ledge, she followed him,

 “Hey its, oh shit!” A thug yelled while being webbed up,

 “Damn they’re fast I can’t ahh” A thug who was firing his gun was kicked by Cat

 “God Damn shit!” Another yelled after being pulled by a web and kicked by Black Cat. 

   This went on for about 5 minutes until they had all the crooks tied up in a corner while they waited for the cops to get through, all the men were unconscious so…Peter pulled Felicia into his grip,shot a web and in one swift motion he swung them into a open vault and they landed on a pile of money, he grinned at her while removing the pants of his suit,

 “Since its a mob bank…how about we take some bags for ourselves?” He asked her and she grinned back while sitting up and started to undress too,

 “Wow Spider, never knew you had a dirty side” she said as she was unzipping her suit and then he did something unexpected….he reached out and pulled her wig and mask off,

 “Ahhhh, what are you doing?!” She covered her face with her arms, or at least tried to but then he moved them away, he sighed as he looked at her and she looked at him with….fear,

 “You’re so beautiful….your eyes are….hypnotic” he said in a whisper and he leaned in and started to kiss her. She wrapped her arms around his back while his arms started to tug off her slim catsuit, once it was off he felt up her body. 

    Present Time 

  She was bouncing on him now, he held her sweating body in a tight hug to his, her breasts pushed against his chest, his head was held by her hands as they shared their lips and saliva while her body kept its fast and hard landing pace on his rod, the hard tool was stretching her out while pushing deeper and deeper into her while literally fucking on a pile of money. They were grateful the cops hadn’t shown up so they could keep their lovemaking going,

 “Ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhh ohhhhh ahhhh ughhhh abhhh ohhhh Peter” She said between loud groans and moans and he started kiss at her breasts and cleavage as he started to thrust his hips up to meet hers, she groaned loudly and he laughed at her reaction,

 “Come on Felicia Take it ohhhhh Yeah ughhhh Yeah Take it Take it ahhhhhh” Peter said between grunts and groans while pisoling into Felcia’s pussy that was already gushing out an ocean on his rod and groin as it leaked out, she kept going with her fine ass jiggling as it landed on him and his hands went to it to grip and mold the flesh in his hands and Felcia smiled widely and moaned while speaking,

 “Ahhhhh Yes baby Yes like that…ohhhh god ohhhh god I’m gonna ahhhhhhh I’m gonna ohhhhhh AHHHHHHH I’M GONNA,” then a loud crash was heard,

 “Police Department!” Yelled George Stacy who came in with a SWAT Team and they saw the thugs tied up, then they saw two fast things zip through the ceiling in the flash. When they went upstairs to check on the vaults….they noticed one pile of money was….very very wet and moist…they also noticed how dumb the thugs were for bringing less bags than needed for this hiest. 

  Penthouse Suite- Manhattan 7PM

   They crashed into her large bed, Peter pushed her down on all fours and she gripped her bedsheets in preperation for…

 “AHHHHH OHHHHHH AHHHHHH UGHHHH UGHHHH AHHHHH YES AHHHHHH” She screamed out loud as Peter pushed himself roughly into her ass and spanked her ass repeatedly making it jiggle like crazy and red from his handprints on her sexy rear. Her tits swirled in the air as the bed shook with fierce force and their united moans and groans was like a symphony of lustful noises in the large,fancy suite that clearly came from her criminal activities. Peter was groaning feeling her tight tunnel walls squeeze his rod with pressure he felt he was gonna explode soon so he just went faster and faster making her body sweat,her voice strain, and her pussy leak more and more,

 “Ohhhh ohhhhhh Ohhhhh Yeah Felicia ahhhhhh ughhhhhhh ohhhhhh” Peter groaned as he kept pushing deeper and deeper into her and she just took it letting Peter take control of their session, the bed was about to break, she kept moaning as she felt herself about to…

  “AHHHHH PETER I’M GONNA AHHHHH OHHHHH UGHHHHHHH UGHHHHHH AHHHHHHH” Felicia screamed out and she cam…once Peter felt her pussy juice hit the head of his rod and he too released himself inside her, he exploded gushing out his sperm into ner narrow passage as it was filled with Parker sperm that was built up from their interrupted session at the bank, but now they both reached their release while he was gripping her waist holding her in place as he finished inside her and she had a wide smile on her face as the sweat ran down her face.


  They were relaxing in her bedroom as they cuddled together under the bedsheets with her leg laying over his and his arms going around her waist and his fingers circling around on her back making her giggle while she had her hands resting on his chest and her head resting on his shoulder. It was Felicia who suggested he stay over for a bit, Peter was honestly caught off guard since before she always left when they finished but now he saw her for herself: a beautiful black haired woman with pretty eyes and a soft expression…she could get millions for playing Margot Robbie’s doppelganger in porn movies since she looks just like her except for the black hair,

 “I love this” she said with a smile as she cuddled with her lover and he kissed the top of her head and she giggled again,

 “I never would’ve thought the infamous cat likes to cuddle after sex” said Peter and she looked at him and kissed him softly, 

 “You’re the first guy I’ve done this with” she said with low eyes and a contentful smile and he smiled back at her and kissed her softly then their kisses intensified and soon she laid on top of him and raked her hands on his chest and he gripped her melons and his fingers twirled her nipples making her groan in his mouth…then his phone rang, they stopped kissing and groaned in frustration, he reached for it on the floor next to the bed since all their clothes were laid around the bed, 

 “Why are you gonna answer it? Come on let's go another round” she complained while kissing his neck and he chuckled at her,

 “Sorry Lesh, might be important….and it is” he said as his eyes narrowed at who was calling,it was Gwen,  he answered and she was clearly in a panic,

 “Hello…wait what?” He asked her and his eyes went wide as he got up from the bed and went to the big window overlooking the city skyscrapers. There were police cars going to the bridge. Peter hung up and got dressed,

 “Sorry Felicia, there’s this…godzilla thing or something attacking the bridge, I have to see what’s going on” he said in a hurry and she got up and went to wrap her arms around him,

 “God you and your hero complex, just come back soon okay? You know where I live now” she said with a listful smile and smirk and he kissed her and slapped her bare ass before jumping off her large balcony and started swinging to the bridge, Felicia sighed and decided to use her dildo and imagination of him to finish herself off.

   Midnight- Stacy Apartment 

  Peter gently knocked on Gwen’s window, she opened it and she pushed her lips onto his and dragged him inside, he entered and they kept kissing while their hands roamed all over each other’s body, Peter pulled back,

 “Wow, what brought that on?” He asked with a smile and Gwen just giggled in his arms,

 “I’m just happy you're okay, what waa that thing?” She asked him and he explained how he didn’t get a proper look at it other than it was large and clearly strong since he saw it throw empty cars at him in order to escape, though he managed to save a lot of people including a frightened little boy who was about to drop inside a car. He removed his suit and was just in his boxers, he looked over his shoulder at her and smirked,

 “Is everyone asleep?” He asked her and she smirked back at him,

 “My brothers are asleep, dad’s downtown handling the outcome of the bridge, and my mom got drunk after they got into another fight over the phone” she said as her hands went to her nightgown but he stopped her,

 “Hold on just let me” he said as he went for his phone and Gwen raised an eyebrow when he called someone and went to the bathroom, she tried to hear by putting her ear on the door,

 “Hey its me…..look can I….really….you’re sure….okay great” those were the only words she could make out and then he opened the door,

 “Put some sweats on and a sweater” he said to Gwen with a wide smile.

    30 Minutes Later 

  Peter landed on the balcony with Gwen who was amazed at the luxurious penthouse they arrived at, 

 “Wow Peter what is this ohh” her question was cut off when Peter assaulted her lips and pushed her backwards towards the open glass door and she kissed him back with more passion while stumbling as he pushed her and then she felt two hands grab her coat and practically rip it off her,

 “Ahhh Peter who is ughhhhh ohhhh” Gwen’s body was being carrassed by two soft hands as Peter and the stranger were ripping her clothes off….first her button blouse…then her bra was ripped exposing her heavenly breasts and Peter started to lick and bite at them while his hands went to her sweatpants and tugged them down, her grey panties were exposed then,

 “Ahhhhh ohhhhh ohhhh who are ahhhhhh ohhhh who are you?” Gwen had her eyes shut and moaned while the stranger,who she knows is a woman since she felt her nude body,her clearly busty chest pressed against her back and her hands snaked around her to put 3 fingers in Gwen’s pussy under her panties and Gwen bucked her hips to the woman’s hand while her chest heaved from being bit and licked by her boyfriend then she gasped with a lustful smile when her neck was kissed by soft lips as she was now being pulled by her and then Peter picked up Gwen and threw her on the large bed making it bounce from impact and Gwen laughed out loud, 

  “We’re gonna wreck you” the black haired woman said to Gwen while Peter undressed and now both stood side by side naked and already sweaty from anticipation and Gwen just laid on the bed then the black haired woman ripped her panties off…


   Peter sat on the bed wiping the sweat from his forehead after waking up from a very heated session with two beautiful women, he looked over his shoulder with a smile at the two ladies cuddling eachother under the soft bed sheets with the neon lights lighting the room from the city. He sighed as he rubbed his neck and went to get a drink from Felicia’s fridge, he took one of her beer bottles and drank it while leaning against the window and looked out into the city, his mind was replaying everything that’s happened since Fall: finally talking to Gwen Stacy, sleeping with her…then seducing her sexy mother…then Natasha…Mary Jane, Felicia, and then….he huffed remembering the smile his Aunt had when they finished their session…and he huffed angrily…he didn't want her to smile… then he felt two soft hands snake around his chest and soft kisses were placed on his neck,

 “Come back to bed” Gwen said softly and he turned around and faced her, then he grabbed her and slammed her chest against the glass, put a hand to her mouth and…

 “Ugghhhhh ughhhhh ohhhhhhh” Her groans were muffled by his hand when he started to push inside her asshole, stretching her anal walls out as his whole rod went inside her and her ass was already jiggling like crazy from his hips and his hand felt her face already sweating with her melons being pressed against the glass as she kept groaning into his hand while his other hand gripped her asscheek making it red from his grip and hips. Gwen was screaming into his hand as he pistoled into her asshole with her walls trying to push him out but he kept thrusting faster and faster creating a tight squeeze on his rod and Gwen felt her ass being stretched out by his rod and then,

 “UGHHHHHHH” Gwen groaned hard and loudly into his hand when her pussy gushed out her juices and Peter released himself inside her ass as he laid his head on her shoulder and kissed her neck softly, Gwen just stood still while being pressed against the glass and her body limp from

The rough ass fuck she just survived, Peter moved his hand and pulled out, Gwen winced at the feeling and he picked her up bridal style,

 “I’m sorry about that…I just…needed to….” He tried to say what was on his mind but he couldn’t, he walked back to the bed and gently placed Gwen back next to Felicia, who was still sleeping, and Gwen caressed his face after getting under the covers,Peter looked at her as he sat on the bed next to them,

 “Its okay…just a little warning next time okay? Do you…feel better?” She asked him and Peter looked down in doubt, she smiled sadly at him,

 “Come here sweetie, get between us” she said as she moved to wake Felicia slightly and she barely opened her eyes,

 “I can’t go again til morning, you two have fun just do it in the living room” said a sleepy Felicia and both Peter and Gwen chuckled at her,

 “Actually we’re gonna cuddle with Peter” said Gwen and Felica smiled while shifting to give Peter some space, he got in between them and both sexy ladies cuddled to him, he put his arms around them as they drifted off into sleep. 

    New Year’s Eve 

  It was a sunny morning in New York City, the sky was clear allowing the sun to melt some of the snow in the city allowing driving and walking to happen more often now in the streets. High above in one luxurious penthouse suite were three people enjoying each other’s company. 

    Felica Hardy’s Penthouse 

   The bed shook with intensity, their clothes laid around it…Peter’s suit and Felicia’s, Gwen’s sweats and bra and panties, the bed kept shaking and shaking while the girls moaned while sucking each other’s tongues while both were being treated by Peter Parker. He laid on the bed with Gwen’s pussy on his face as she faced Felicia who was bouncing on his rod as her walls, and his mouth were sucking up the sensation making both women groan out loud while kissing, Peter kept swirling his tongue in Gwen’s walls while he thrusted his hips up into Felicia who started to twist Gwen’s nipples,

 “Ahhhhhhh Felicia you bitch! Peter, make her scream!” Shouted Gwen and Peter used his hands to invade Felicia’s asshole, she screamed and Gwen laughed at her while grinding her moist lips on Peter’s face and Felicia didn’t move so Peter set the tempo using his hips thrusting upwards while his hands played with her asshole. He had woken up to movement on the bed and woke up to see Gwen and Felicia kissing, he just pounced on them and soon both ladies had pinned him down and Gwen took his face while Felicia took his rod, they had been at it since sunrise and their speed increased overtime. Peter could feel Gwen’s juices leaking out of her as he sucked and swallowed her cum as it dripped and leaked into his mouth while pushing into Felicia’s walls that was getting tighter and tighter with each thrust, 

 “Ahhhh ohhhhh ohhhhh Gwen…ahhhhh ahhhh wanna switch? ughhhhh” Felicia asked her blonde lover and Gwen grinned at her and she smiled back, both ladies switch spots in a heartbeat and Gwen planted herself on his rod letting out a groan taking him whole while felicia let out a lustful sigh when Peter’s hands pulled her down and he started to kiss her ass and lick it, he thrusted into Gwen and started to suck on Felicia’s lips…both women started to moan and groan in unison. 

   1 Hour Later 

  Peter stepped out of the bathroom after a nice cleansing shower, he was just in his jeans and heard some surprising sounds coming from the living room, he walked and saw every teenage boys dream: two sexy ladies wearing just bra and panties were sitting on the couch, playing Call Of Duty, 

 “Ha got cha Stacy” said Felicia after killing Gwen in a One vs One Match, Gwen scoffed at her with a smile,

 “Just wait til I win this” she said then she threw a grenade that blew up Felicia’s player, then as luck would have it…Felicia character revived near Gwen’s character so it was a easy quick kill….and Gwen won the match making Felicia groan in frustration making Peter chuckle,

 “Looks like she got you lesh” Peter said with humor making her roll her eyes at him, Gwen pulled Peter to sit between them and both ladies kissed his cheeks and he chuckled again,

“I was nervous bringing you over here” he said as he kissed his future wife with a smile and she smirked at him,

 “Well I’m the one who will fulfill all your fantasies” she said as she got up, Peter spanked her fine ass in blue panties, and went to grab a bottle of beer from the fridge, and Felicia, wearing a sexy pair matching purple bra and panties, leaned into Peter’s ear,

  “You should’ve told me you were bringing a cop’s kid…I would’ve used handcuffs on her '' she whispered lustfully and he smiled widely at her and caressed her ass. Gwen walked in with her beer and straddled Peter, Felicia got up and got dressed in civilian clothing: tight jeans and a black top to match her jet black hair. She leaned down and kissed Peter and Gwen, 

 “I’m gonna run some errands, you two know the way out…and I’ll see you tonight” she said with a lust to Peter and Gwen just scoffed at them sharing heated eyes. When she left Gwen kissed Peter’s neck while he put his hands on her sweet ass,

 “So…are we going to Flash’s New Year’s Party?” She asked with a smile as she feed Peter the bottle of beer making Felicia smile at them, Peter finished his sip of beer,

 “Yep, we’re totally gonna go. But I think you need to have a limit on how many drinks you take okay?” He said and Gwen raised an eyebrow at him in question and he gave her a pained smile,

 “Gwendy…you get really crazy when you’re drunk…remember the first party we went to together” he said and she sheepishly looked away with a blush. 

  Flash Thompson’s House- Halloween Party 

  Everyone watched while the music was blaring in the house, everyone’s eyes were on Gwen Stacy, who was practically giving Peter Parker a lap dance as he sat on the chair while she twisted and thrusted her fine hips and ass right in his face and rubbed herself on his groin making him groan from the hard on she gave him. He had been hanging out with Flash and other guys from school, ironic given they used to beat him up in the boys bathroom before, when a drunk Gwen Stacy stumbled to him and said she wants to dance in a drunk happy voice and she dragged him to the crowded living room and just pushed him to sit on a chair and she started her sexy dance on his lap. All the boys watched in envy as Peter Parker, the scrawny nerd in Midtown, was getting a sexy lap dance from Gwen Stacy the bombshell of Midtown who was the girl every guy in school materbaited to, they watched her twist her hips and move her ass in her tight jeans on his groin. 

   Present Day 

  Gwen was blushing red remembering how she gave a very public lapdance to her boyfriend and Peter had to drag her out to prevent any more free shows for the others, and she pulled him into an alley and gave him a blowjob. Peter kissed her and she went back to the bedroom and got dressed while Peter did too, he swung them back to her place and dropped her off and told her to be ready for the party. Peter just swung around the city that was being shined on by the sun, he did his usual patrols and stopped some criminals from robbing, loitering, and the usual out of control cars and trucks.Then he got a call and he heard the specific ringtone he set. He landed on a rooftop and answered,

 “Hello, Nat?” He asked, 

 “Peter, come to this address, Now.” And Natasha hung up, then a second later he got a text, he got the location and swung there immediately. 

 Staten Island 

 He arrived on the rooftop of a warehouse, he looked around and didn’t see Natasha, then he got a text that said to get inside through the rooftop vent, he did and followed the path to the end and ended up in a small worn out room, that’s where Natasha was as she typed on the small computer she had obviously brought with her,

 “You made it here 50 minutes earlier than I expected, well done” she said with a smile as he walked to stand next to her as he watched her type away on the computer,

 “So what’s going on? Druglord, crime boss, oh is it Hydra?” Peter asked getting more and more excited making Nat giggle at his boyish enthusiasm,

 “Not exactly, SHIELD has been tracking that oversized Lizard since the bridge incident and apparently it left a trail of drool behind to analyze and follow” she said as she pointed to the screen that had a map of Staten Island with a marked trail, Natasha had been tracking the creature to this area,

 “So you think it's in here?” He asked her and she nodded as she closed the laptop and readied her guns and gear,

 “I figured you’d in, best way to show me you’re up to the task when you’re working with me” she said and he chuckled lightly while following her down the stairs to the first floor,

 “So if I get accepted, I’d be your partner? What about Hawkeye?” He asked Nat as she opened the door into the dark hallway and rooms,

 “He’s part time now…almost retiring with other responsibilities on his plate” Nat said as she carefully listened for anything, Peter was going to ask her another question when….he felt a surge of electricity travel down his spine, his eyes went wide,

 “Nat!” He shouted and he tackled her to the ground, just a sexond later a large reptillian claw shot out from above and clawed at them though they laid on the ground thanks to Peter so the think couldn’t reach them, it growled and ran off with heavy footsteps being heard,

 “Thanks, now come on after it!” Said Natasha and they ran after it after he webbed them up through the hole the creature made, they heard it growl and ran ahead of them and Nat told Peter to go ahead of her since he has his webshooters, Peter used two strings and shor himself down the narrow hallway and he hit the creature, but then its claws grabbed him and threw him across the hallway…into Nat who groaned from the impact, then they heard it smash through a wall and a splash, their eyes went wide as they ran to the hole,

 “Huh…didn’t know it can swim” said Nat in a awkward voice, Peter just sighed as he rubbed his head,

 “God Fucking Damn It!” He shouted and he punched the brick wall making pieces of it fly off,

 “Relax Parker” Natasha said in a hard tone and Peter sighed again and removed his mask looking at her softly catching the red headed spy off guard,

 “I’m sorry….I just really wanted to impress you and I let that thing toss me like a ball into you…I’m sorry I let you down Nat” he said softly and she kissed him like a gentle angel,

 “Don’t stress over it, you can impress me…in another way” she said hotly to him and he grinned like crazy. 


  Peter sighed happily as he laid under the covers of the bed while watching Natasha sleep next to him with a contentful smile on her face, she has brought him back to her apartment, well Natalie Rushman’s apartment in Queens and she practically ripped off his suit with her hands and teeth and he fucked her until she fell asleep from her organisms, he kissed her lips softly and got up from the bed. He was curious as to how Nat disguised the apartment he was in, he looked around and saw she had a bookcase, some old movies, and just some regular furniture you’d see in any apartment,

 “It’s not nice to snoop around a woman’s apartment” a voice said and he flinched at the familiar voice, he turned around and saw Nat with a smirk on her face, he bashfully looked away,

 “Sorry…I was just curious as to how you live as Natalie Rushman” he said to her and she put on a pair of sweatshorts and a sweater,

 “Its okay…I’ve snooped in your house plenty of times so I guess we’re even” she said with a tone of humor and Peter chuckled at her. He got dressed and told Nat he was going to a party and invited her,

 “Yeah, I don’t think the students of Midtown want to party with a member of the faculty Peter” Nat told him with a grin and he chuckled in agreement, he left her place and Nat smiled as she got up and Sat on the sofa, 

 “Computer….replay” she said out loud as her hands went under her shorts…the room darkened and then the flatscreen showed her bedroom through a hidden camera that directly faced the bed….on them. Nat started to pant while fingering herself watching Peter Parker dominate her ass by fucking her anal and doggystyle…she kept pushing her fingers inside herself as she heard her own moans in the recording intensify. 

   7PM- Parker Home 

  Peter walked inside and in an instant, he grew angry and huffed when he saw his Aunt in the kitchen cleaning the dishes while talking to Anna Watson (Julianne Moore). He watched them talk as his memory of that night with his Aunt flashed in his mind, he was in a daydream when he saw Anna Watson leave their home, his Aunt saw him and shyly looked away, Peter huffed angrily at her. He walked right up to her as her expression grew curious…then he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to his bedroom as she screamed and hit his chest with her hands…

  He was thrusting into her asshole, hard,fast and roughly while silencing her screams of protest by covering her mouth with both hands while letting his hips go into her on autopilot making her ass jiggle like crazy as she just laid flat on the bed while he laid on top of her, all she did was grip the bed sheets while the tears fell from her eyes and letting out her cries and groans into his hand. Peter was groaning loudly while his bed was about to break from his forceful thrusts into his Aunt, their bodies were sweating making his movement on her body slick and moist as his rod was pushing through her tight tunnel and…

 “UGHHHH AHHHHH UGHHHHH UGHHHHH I’M GONNA FINISH INSIDE YOU!!!” He shouted and he pulled out and inserted himself into her pussy before exploding a hot stream of cum into her tunnel, May just groaned loudly into his hands feeling his hot sperm invade her insides, it felt like a gallon worth was going inside her and she had her eyes wide open and kept groaning feeling it travel inside her. Then her head fell flat on the bed and her whole body went limp…she was unconscious, Peter checked her pulse on her neck, she’s still alive…he pulled out after finishing and got dressed in nice black jeans, a white button long sleeve shirt and a cool black blazer to complete it. He left Aunt May there drooling on the bed naked, he texted Gwen to be ready for him to pick her up for the party. 

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