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Natasha and Sable had left after Peter annoyed them with wannabe casanova moves but Felicia of course went in on it so now they were just on the bed kissing and groping each other’s nude bodies, Felicia giggled and sighed feeling Peter’s lips land on her cheek and neck while his hand caressed her face and he stuck a thumb in her mouth which she licked and bathed with her tongue. Peter kept kissing her sweet flesh while his other hand trailed down her slender frame and reached the top of her already moist lips…he licked her breast and stuck a finger inside her folds, Felicia sighed and looked at him with stern eyes,

 “No fingers husband…I want you.” Felicia said to him and Peter sighed and rested his head on her warm bossoms, he pulled his finger out of her and put it to his mouth and licked it which brought out some of Felicia’s giggles, she rested a hand on his head and he breathed in her skin,

 “Something on your mind husband?” She asked with genuine curiosity and Peter just let out a sigh,

 “You have to stop calling me Lesh…” Peter said as he looked up at her from her chest and she scoffed with a smirk,

 “Yeah like I’m gonna let you off that easy, you need my help with Gwen’s gift so…you’re mine. Besides, I still have our rings as a symbol of our commitment which I have stored in my safe.” Felicia replied with a grin and Peter just climbed on top of her and she smiled up at him as he hand rested on his face, Peter breathed in,

 “I need you to help me…” he said to her and Felicia blinked at that,

 “I already agreed with Spider, with the blonde’s gift.” She replied and Peter sighed heavily,

 “Not that….I need to fuck you.” He said softly and Felica just let out a light laugh,

 “Uhmm we’re naked in bed together, isn’t that what’s gonna happen already husband?” She asked with a smirk and Peter laughed too but he focused and looked at her,

 “Well actually…I want to…” Peter leaned in and whispered in Felicia’s ear and her smile grew bigger and bigger hearing Peter’s words and she growled at him while gripping his buttcheek. 

   12 Minutes Later 

The bed creaked and creaked as the springs felt the weight and bouncing pressure of the gleeful naked woman who laughed like crazy as she bounced higher and harder on her lover….whose hands were handcuffed with hard steel cuffs Hardy had in hand during her heists to bind the guards but this time they were being used for a more pleasurable situation,

 “Ahhh ahhhh Yes!!!! Fuck Yes!!! Aughhhh ahhhhh ohhhhhhh my godddd Yessss!!! Ahhhhh Yesssss!!!!! Ahhhhhh I love seeing you in cuffs, Cutie-Pie!!!!! Ahhhhh ahhhhhh It makes me wetter!!!!! Ohhhhhh myyy godddd ahhhhhh ahhhh its sooooo deeeepppppp inside meeee!!!!! Ohhhhhh Jesus !!!!!! Ahhhhh Yesss Yesss Yesss!!!!” Felicia had a huge grin on her face while her tits shaked and bounced along with her ass that was slapping on Peter’s thighs and he just grunted and hissed with his face turning slightly red and he balled up his fists as they rocked with the headboard and he curled up his toes and moved his legs a bit to let Felicia fully land on him which she giggled and sighed at once she felt his rod pierce her all the way, she bounced her ass harder on him making an echo in the room with her hard ass cheeks striking down on his tensed thighs as her pussy and entrance to her womb was being stabbed while her breasts shaked and danced with her tempo,

 “Ohhhhhh Husband you feel soooo gooood inside meee!!!! Ahhhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh you sure you're okay like that?” Felicia asked with eyes closed and a smile on her face as she kept bouncing and Peter just grunted out a ‘Yes’ and she put her hands on his face and knelt down then captured his lips with hers and he kissed her back as she now moved on him with force now making the bed groan with the metal bars creaking louder and louder along with the wet sounds of their groins meeting and their lips trading saliva along with their tongues swirling around each other’s, Peter could feel Felicia’s hardened nipples rub on his chest and her strong thighs squeeze his. 

10 Minutes Later 

Felicia landed right on Peter’s chest after they both let out one final grunt and sigh as they both released themselves into each other…Felicia breathed in and out catching her breath while Peter did the same while he felt Felicia’s hand caress his chest while the other reached for her nightstand and grabbed the key, then she reached up and unlocked his hands. Felicia then kissed his cheek and reached down below the bedsheets and Peter’s hissed,

 “Felicia I can’t! I have ughh….” Peter groaned, feeling his rod being stroked and pulled by her hand and he hissed…then growled and twirled them around so now he was behind her gripping her ass while she was already breathing in prepping for,

 “Ohhhhhhh Shit!!!!!!” Felicia yelled out when she felt the full length of her husband’s hard rock dick push through her walls, Peter started a fast pace thrust and squeezed Felicia’s asscheeks with his hands while he grunted seeing the skin ripples of her ass from the impacts of his hips meeting her fine behind and she was gripping the bed sheets while panting as sweat began to build on her forehead and body again. 

   Literally 11 Minutes Later 

“Okay…now I really have to go…” Peter said as he got up from the bed and started to get dressed while Felicia purred at him as she rested under the sheets,

 “You rocked my world Spidey…can’t wait til later.” She said with a hot smile and Peter smiled back at her,

 “It’ll be sooner than you think…I need you to pick up something for Gwen’s gift.” Peter said and Felicia nodded with a smirk,

 “Sure thing, just fuck me before and after I get it.” She replied making Peter laugh and she did in reaction to him laughing. 

    Somewhere In The City

“Why the hell haven’t we just blown up the place?” Asked Ox aloud and Fancy Dan threw his cigar away,

 “Boss said he wants Silver in there to be blown to hell too, handle two birds with one stone.” He replied and Montana chapped his lips,

 “Only problem is the bitch hasn’t shown up yet…but we can do something fun if y'all bored out of your minds.” He said to the others and they grinned,

 “Like what kind of fun.” Dan asked and Montana nodded towards a nearby building and the others chuckled,

“Oh boy time to get some new toys.” Ox said with a excited smile. 


Gwen and MJ decided to hang out since Peter would be busy, and they invited Carol along since she hasn’t really been part of the group. Now all three were just relaxing and drinking sodas while chatting about typical girl things: hair, outfits, and boys, 

 “So Gwen…is Peter really the only guy who’s fucked you, like there hasn’t been anyone else?” Mary Jane asked Gwen with narrow eyes and Gwen scoffed at the question,

 “Of course he’s the only guy, and he’ll be the only one since he’s the only one I need.” Gwen answered making her friends snicker and she gave them a questioning look,

 “What? You’re saying Peter’s isn’t enough for you?” She asked with a raised eyebrow and Carol calmed from her snickers,

 “Not like that Gwen. Just that it’s adorable and awesome you happen to meet Mr.supersize as a virgin. I met him as a 23 year old who lost her virginity at age 17 and had 3 different dicks inside at different times before meeting Parker through you. Now I can’t imagine anyone else’s penis inside me.” Carol replied, making Gwen blush hearing her mentor praise her choice…of dick. Mary Jane giggled more and more,

“I’ve had a few before Peter’s.” She said joining the discussion and Gwen shot a smirk at her,

 “Like my dad….skank.” She said ans MJ rolled her eyes,

 “Oh come on, that's like…ancient history at this point….plus he came on to me and I quit on him after collecting some spending money and he hasn’t called me up so it’s done.” MJ said defending herself and Gwen sighed,

 “I guess that’s true…I should be more angry at my dad for even thinking of sleeping with my friend. Alright to change the subject….you girls going to the police ball thing?” Gwen asked them while putting the TV on as background noise, they both nodded,

 “Yep, I want Peter to fuck me in my dress.” MJ said with a excited smile and Gwen got face to face with her,

 “Listen up…he’s mine that night and all night got it.” She sneerer at the redhead who sheepishly nodded and Carol snickered as she watched the pair,

 “Isn’t Valentine’s Day the same day as the police thing? You and Pete are gonna go at it hot and heavy right?” Carol asked with a knowing smirk and Gwen just blushed and looked down with a small smile,

 “If he’s willing to, he might be nervous after this morning.” She said and MJ patted her friend’s shoulder,

 “I’m sure he will Stacy, you got a body on you.” She said with a growing smile and her hand felt up Gwen’s back in her blue sweater and Gwen smiled at the redhead….they both just looked at each other…and leaned in, then Carol pulled Gwen to her and she captured her lips catching the blonde of gurd and she yelped in her lips then sighed as she kissed back, Carol pulled away and Gwen giggled lightly,

 “Wow Carol….” She said with low eyes and Carol winked at her long time friend,

 “I figured I should teach my little sis how to kiss chicks…” she whispered and leaned in again and the pair shared their lips while MJ rolled her eyes at them,

 “Uhmm Hello what am I supposed to do?” She asked with annoyance and Gwen and Carol seperated and grinned at her with dark lustful eyes and heaving chests….Mary Jane gulped,

 “Oh No…ahhh.” She said then yelped when they pulled her to the bed…and soon Carol and Gwen’s shirts fell to the floor with MJ’s jeans being yanked off by the blonde pair.


“Any idea why he allows himself to be distracted so easily?” Sable asked Natasha as they walked down the busy street in civilian attire, yet simple jeans with regular shirts and jackets was enough to make heads turn as they walked and swung their asses and chests. Nat chuckled at her old colleague as she followed her to their destination,

 “I believe Hardy’s told you this, he’s a teenager, he will be distracted but that won’t stop him. Look up.” She said with a smile and Sable looked up in time to see a red and blue figure swing by, Sable chapped her lips while Nat smirked at her,

 “Shut up, he still has to pay.” Sable said as she led Nat into the office complex, Nat blinked at that,

 “For what exactly? You started everything by taking him.” She said with a stern voice as they walked inside and Sable led her into the elevator,

 “No technically you started everything.” She replied with a smirk and Nat furrowed her eyebrows at that and they exited the elevator once it reached the top floor, Sable shot a smirk at the russian operative,

 “You took him on as a protege did you not, got him to orgainze his actions when before he was as they say ‘winging it’ but now he is drawing attention in the wrong places, also you took him to bed and allowed him to defile your body.” She said and Nat laughed as they walked to the office,

 “You call it being defiled, I call it being pleasurable to the maximum level. You should try it.” Nat said and Sable scoffed,

 “Are you actually sugessting I have sex with that immature little….” The glass window in Sable’s office was broken.


Everything was in slow motion:

Spider-Man landed on the ground and springed in the air to web Natasha and Sable and pulled them to him.

He held onto them as they flew across the office, Nat and Sable being pros: pulled out their guns to clear the nearing glass wall. 


The walls around Sable 's office gave in and exploded along with her desk and floor… 


“What the hell!?” A shocked Gwen said as she saw the breaking news story on the tv, Gwen got up from the bed, still only in her underwear, and turned up the tv while a naked Carol and MJ watched from the bed,

 “Whoa…an explosion downtown, was Peter around there?” A concerned MJ asked Gwen who went to grab her phone to make a call. 


Spider-Man had a rough landing on a nearby lower rooftop with Sable and Nat in his arms, all three groaned in pain while the explosion sent debris everywhere triggering nearby alarms, the trio staggered to their feet, then as ususal….Peter felt a jolt down a his spine…his eyes went wide under the mask and he lunged at Sable,

 “Sable!!!” He shouted and pushed her out of the way in time for a bullet to his the wall where her head was,

 “Lousy Bug…Get outta the Way!” Montana shouted as he fired away his pistol with Ox chuckling as he too started to fire his own gun. The trio dodged the bullets well using their acrobatic skills and a little thing called luck, they moved to the nearby office window and Nat shot a round to break it apart for them to break into it, once again all three groaned in pain, then Peter’s phone rang,

 “Oh Come on Now!” He complained as he and the girls started to dodge the incoming fire from the side, 

 “They destroyed my office! I will not let them get away with it!” Sable said cocking her gun readying to head back but Spider-Man pulled her back,

 “No! We don’t know who they are or how they know who you are and…LOOK OUT!” Spider-Man shouted and pulled Nat and Sable close and leaped forward to avoid a shot from a grenade launcher, Peter’s phone was still ringing…


The police were sent out in force and Captain Stacy was giving orders to bomb squads on where to check and what areas to secure from

the public and he also heard reports of a gunfight happening so he arranged for SWAT teams to accompany them, all the men and women prepped their gear and weapons as they went to their vehicles. 


The crowd ran and screamed as Spider-Man dodged the rapid gunfire and the occasional grenade, Nat and Sable were shooting back but the men had taken cover,

 “Is that all you got?” Spider-Man shouted mockingly to the men and he heard the women groan below him,

 “Don’t encourage them!” They shouted in unison, as they fired back but the men were too high up to get a proper shot over the ledge so Spider-Man slingshotted his way straight up when..


“Hahaha how’s that bug!!?!” Ox laughed after firing a mini rocket at the webhead who groaned and flew with the rocket before it exploded and threw him to the ground with extreme force. Natasha and Sable both had shocked look on their faces and Sable grabbed a small white ball from her side and threw it up which exploded into a pure white cloud of dense mist making a perfect cover, 

“Let’s go! We have to get him out of sight!” Sable said and Nat nodded and the pair ran to Spider-Man who laid flat on the ground and Nat rolled him over to see his suit was scratched and charred in some areas from the close blast,

 “How do we..” Sable’s question was cut off when Nat opened a sewer drain right next to him and gave a look to Sable and she rolled her eyes,

 “This kid is very fortunate he falls under my protection.” Sable said with disdain. 


“Where the hell are they going!?!” Shouted Montana as he and the others cleared through the mist and had their weapons ready to fire only to see an empty street with civiliams screaming and running, then they heard the growing sound of sirens, Montana let out a groan,

 “Great, the cops always show up when the fun’s getting started.” He said with grimace and so the men ran off using the alleyways of the city as cover to avoid detection. 


Gwen had left her friends back in Queens while she hustled her way into the city to see what was going on but by the time she reached the area the police had arrived at the crime scene so she made her way to the safehouse since she had seen the news footage of the rocket hitting Spider-Man during a gunfight and she knew Peter’s healing can only do so much on the field, she made her way to the door and used the key Peter had given her, despite Romanoff’s protest, and she went inside to hear commotion in the basement so she went straight there and as soon as she opened the door to the leading stairway she heard their voices,

 “Hand me the syringe!” She heard Nat’s voice,

 “Here! Now help me with this shrapnel, it sucks!” She heard an unfamiliar voice say so she hurried down to see Peter on the table surrounded by knives and medical equipment and Natasha giving Peter a shot of morphine and a silver haired woman pulling a piece of metal out of his side, Gwen and Sable locked eyes as soon as she pulled the metal out,

 “Who the hell is that?!” They both asked at once and Nat glanced at them then kept working on Peter as she answered,

 “Gwen that’s Silvija Sablinova but just call her Sable, anyways Sable this is Gwen Stacy, don’t try anything on her  if you don’t want the Spider to unleash his venom.” Nat said while she stitched up Peter’s cut on the arm he used to shield his face, Gwen gave a questioning look to Sable and she did in return,

 “Let me guess, you are another of his distractions?” Sable asked with a smirk and Gwen scoffed at her with a smug smile of her own,

 “I’m the Main Distraction, and let me guess….you’re the super mercenary he made undress to get into a party right.” Gwen said with laughter and Sable sneered at her…then her wrist was gripped by Peter even though he was unconscious, all three of them looked at the arm,

 “See. I’m his main distraction.” Gwen said with smugness while Sable tried to pull her wrist out of Peter’s unconscious grip but he held on which made Nat chuckle as she finished up sewing the cuts on Peter’s side and chest,

 “Gwen rub his dick so he relaxes.” Nat said with amusement and Gwen rubbed her hand on Peter’s groin and he relaxed his hand so Sable was able to pull it away, she shot a sneer at the blonde,

 “He is fortunate that I need him to continue working for me, after that…who knows what will happen.” Sable said and both Nat and Gwen shot daggers at her, then Sable’s eyes went wide when she felt a cold barrell on the back of her head and she heard the familiar sound of a pistol readying,

 “Try anything now or in the future, I’ll shoot you myself.” Felicia said with a low voice standing behind Sable and Gwen and Nat smiled at their friend,

 “Nice one Hardy. Okay now come help me bandage him up.” Nat said to her and she put her gun away and went to help Natasha while Gwen went over to Sable who still was annoyed at the overprotection this asset was getting, Gwen rubbed the bridge of her eyebrows with a sigh,

 “Alright, we should probably talk. I need to know some things and I guess in return I’ll tell you some things. Shall we.” Said Gwen while motioning to a table to sit and Sable sighed as well,

 “I suppose so…” she agreed then Sable noticed something…a dent,

 “Uhmm…is that normal?” She said pointing a finger at the large bulge under the thin sheet and Nat, Felicia, and Gwen both nodded at her,

 “Yeah.” They answered in unison as they kept working on Peter’s injuries. 


“Alright, so the trio of gunmen blew up a local office building and opened fire on Spider-Man alongside two women then they all vanished in the white smoke without a trace…any good news?” George asked aloud to his men after they investigated the crime scene downtown,

 “Well Sir, forensics have a match to the bullet casings, turns out it’s from a gun used in mutiple murders around the country. From Texas to Alaska this guy’s been everywhere.” Detective Knight said as her partner Watanabe gave the file to Stacy who looked it over and smiled,

 “Alright, so far we've got a trail. Time to interview any witnesses to these murders in the area or at least outside New York then we check for any sort of similarties and maybe just maybe….we find their employer or at least the middle man.” Captain Stacy explained to everyone who nodded and started to work,

 “You really think we can find these men’s employers in the city, Captain? Why would someone hire these types of people?” Watanabe asked Stacy and Knight came next to her and lightly fist bumped her shoulder,

 “Why would a guy dress in spandex and fight crime with us? Let’s head out to look around the crime scene for anything left behind.” Knight said and led the way with Watanabe following behind her so that she couldn’t see the uneasy look on Misty’s face as they passed Jefferson’s desk, her mind flashed back to Rio, the ship, Jefferson, and of all things….Spider-Man. 


 “You’re certain everything’s alright?” Fisk asked with genuine concern over the phone and Vanessa (Erica Durance) was watching the news report on the explosion, though she rolled her eyes hearing Wilson’s concern over the mercenary, 

 “Ah that’s great, very fortunate he is proving himself useful to our agenda and goal, I’ve gotten reports from your men that he has continued to stop any attempted Mafia members from obtaining any drug resupply throughout the city, when he wakes give him my gratitude and a message that I have an idea to bring things to a close soon if he wishes to end this war sooner rather than later.” Fisk said with promise in his voice and he hung up after hearing Sable’s response, Vanessa turned to face him as the news played footage of Spider-Man fighting 3 men,

 “It seems you have competition Wilson, who are they?” Vanessa asked and Wilson chuckled at his wife who simply scoffed and walked out…just as Tess was walking in, the women shared a silent look before continuing on. Tess went in front of Fisk’s desk,

 “I heard he’s been proving himself useful to us, any plans to test his loyalty?” She asked Fisk with a knowing grin and he smiled back,

 “In a way…in the meantime I want to keep tabs on Vanessa and the Captain, I can worry as to the identity of Spider-Man later on. Right now I need to know what that whore has been up to.” Fisk said and Tess agreed with a nod and a smile.


It had been a while since Peter was sedated to allow his healing to take effect so Nat, Sable, and Felicia decided to investigate the blast and gather any information pertaining to the men who were clearly responsible for it and the destruction of Sable’s office which none had been aware of, so now they have to deal with Hammerhead’s clear retaliation for Sable switching sides and he’s brought in other mercs to assist him. Afterwards Gwen had chatted with her parents on the phone to assure them she was fine since they knew she was out, but now her mom was at home with her brothers while her dad was investigating the blast too but Gwen hopes the others will find something first since it’s clear those new goons don’t care for casualties. Now she was talking to May who had brought a breakfast meal for Peter when he wakes so now they had been chatting for a bit about recent events,

“Yeah don’t worry May, he’s in good hands here so he’ll just rest for a couple of hours and he’ll be good as new.” Gwen said reassuring May who stood by her nephew’s bed as he slept with bandages on his chest, arms, and his leg. It was very fortunate he has super healing since the broken bones were the first thing to heal, May smiled warmly at Gwen,

 “Thank you dear, I know he’s safe with you.” May said to Gwen and she smiled back,

 “Always safe with me.” Gwen replied and May had asked if Gwen wanted a ride home but she had said she wanted to stay a bit so they just hugged and May waved goodbye as she left Gwen alone with Peter, Gwen sat on the chair next to his bed and she sighed…then she did what she always did…she reached underneath the sheets and into his pajama pants,

 “I’ll help you get a good night’s rest.” She whispered to Peter as her hand fished out his rod.


“I really don’t know if this is a dream…but I love it.” Peter said as he was seated on the couch in the living room inside his house while Gwen (Emma Stone) was giving a very sensual striptease in her black underwear and matching black bra with her hips swaying her ass as she twirled and she ran her hands up her smooth creamy thighs and she would blow kisses at Peter while shaking her breasts, Peter was just jerking off to the sight before him,

 “Like what you see bugboy?” Gwen asked teasingly as she shakes her adorable rear at him and he giggled like a little boy,

 “Oh Yeah babe…you’re so sexy..” he said as he jerked off and Gwen smirked at him as she kept her dance routine going,

 “How about this?” Gwen asked and she removed her bra and exposed her bare tits to him then she strutted to him and knelt down to place his harden rod in between her breasts that were hard already,

 “Ohhh man I love that..” Peter sighed as he felt an incredible warmth on his dick as Gwen started a slow tit fuck while her tongue licked the tip of his rod and Peter just sighed with a grinful look and so did Gwen. 


“What are you doing?” 

Gwen yelped and quickly covered Peter’s dick with the bedsheet while also wiping her hand from his precum, she cleared her throat with what was intended to be a normal smile but instead it looked more awkward and nervous as she faced the visitor,

 “Oh hey Sable! Uhm what’s up?” Gwen asked and Sable just rolled her eyes at her,

 “The others need a word with you about the police being an interference.” Sable replied and Gwen just nodded and quickly paced past Sable to head upstairs. Sable watched the teen go up and she looked at the resting hero on the table and she scoffed,

 “Honestly, what do those women see in…” Sable eyes caught sight of the growing dent under the sheets, Sable kept eyeing the dent and she looked back to see if anyone was coming, she stepped to the bed and she carefully lifted the bedsheet to see,

 “…Oh my…” Sable’s eyes went wide at the sight of a very large and erect cock, she saw how the viens stretched with the skin and how his bulbous head and tip was twitching for attention while his balls were obviously warm and ready. Sable just looked at the large thing on the teenager and she actually gulped, then she slowly and carefully reached out her hand until….she had her hand and fingers wrapped around the base but she kept her touch light in case he should wake. Sable couldn’t believe she had done this, now she was standing over a teenager with her hand on his dick and she kept her hand there since it felt very very warm, it was…somewhat comforting to feel this length and its pulsing vibe. Sable just gulped again and she gently moved her hand up tugging his rod lightly, she felt it jolt and she even saw and felt some precum leak and stain the tip of her fingers and her nails, Sable could now smell his aroama, his scent, she gulped again and tugged his rod again only this time she had a small smile on her face as she inched closer to see his dick up close,

 “Now I understand.” She said with a grin and she could tell Peter was out so she increased her pace with his member and she heard him sigh and moan in his sleep. 



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