Parker and Stacy(s)

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Peter wondered why the hell they went to New Jersey and where exactly Nat was driving them, he looked back at a pissed of Felicia Hardy who had her eye mask removed by Natasha and was still webbed up, Peter looked between Nat and Lesh who were both wearing awkward expressions on their faces…then it hit Peter like a brick,

 “Oh my god!” He said aloud and both ladies looked at him with awkwardness and slight embarrassment,

“You guys slept together!!” He said with utter excitement and laughed to himself, then his eyes went wide,

 “Wait a minute….The suit….the report…the awkward stares….hey boss if I get the scenario correct what’s my reward?” He asked Natasha with a smug smile and she looked at him with a sly smile while Lesh just whistled to herself out of boredom…she was just waiting to fuck him already since it’s been awhile. Natasha answered Peter’s question as she considered what to say,

 “How about…you get to decide what we do with her?” She said and pointed a thumb at Felicia who stuck her tongue out like a child, Peter smiled and considered what to say,

 “Okay….my theory is….You Natasha went on some fact finding mission on some Hydra Agent or criminal enterprise, you went in looking around and saw….the infamous black cat stealing goods from the place, you guys ended up bartering…helped each other when things went south….and after a while you girls probably went out for beers….” Peter said with a smug smile as both women were blushing and gulping meaning Peter was right on course…, 

  “…and then you guys slept together….a one night stand of pure lesbian passion…but then….Nat woke up last….and saw she too was robbed” He said with laughter in his voice and Nat playfully punched his shoulder as she and Lesh chuckled too,

 “Well, you’re right….I stole her suit from her bag while she was sleeping, comes in handy when I’m going into high level security” Felicia said with a smile and Nat scoffed at that,

 “I let one woman into my bed and I get robbed, I had to report that you sneak attacked me so the men wouldn’t start asking questions…like you’re about to.” Nat said to a excited Peter Parker who did start to ask questions…and of course Felicia had no problem answering them:

 “Who started it?” He asked,

 “She did…totally came onto me.” felicia answered,

 “Where did it happen?”,he asked 

 “In a seedy motel, I think it was in….South Korea.”, she answered,

 “So…what did you guys do??” He asked and….pulled out his cock and Nat just smiled at his cock as it grew bigger with each detail Felicia said about their one night stand,

 “….then she pushed me down on the bed and started eating me out, she gripped my tits and I gripped her ass and stuck my fingers in her sweet pussy. Then we started kissing and fingering each other, our tits rolled on each other’s and our hands explored each other’s bodies….hey red…so why am I tied up?” Felicia asked Natasha,

 “Well…we need your help with something…something right up your alley.” Natasha replied then Peter pulled out his phone,

 “Wait….I need to make a call…and my reward is to be determined.” Peter said as he grabbed his phone and Nat and Lesh grew red with lust and anticipation. 

   Harlem Safehouse 9:30PM

Gwen knocked on the door and it was opened by her sweet lover who kissed her as a hello,

 “So….where’s the agent and criminal?” she asked him and he smiled as he motioned a hand as an invite to her and she chuckled as she stepped him. Once he closed the door and locked it Gwen noticed women’s clothing by the door, she gave her a questioning look and he grinned down at her,

 “I loved it when yoy took control” he said to her and she bit his lip in a teasing manner and went ahead to the basement where the other two were having a discussion when they saw her,

 “Oh hey blondie, long time no see…how’s cop daddy been? I heard he’s been getting his ass chewed out by his bosses.” Felicia said with humor and Gwen rolled her eyes at that,

 “Well that explains his bad mood these past few weeks, might also explain the pathetic affairs he’s been having too” Gwen said with disdain as Peter rubbed her shoulders as comfort and she kissed him for that with a smile,

 “And you’ll never guess who he’s banging.” Jessica Jones said as she came down the stairs into the basement joining the group and she put the photos on the large desk where the laptop was and some blueprints to some buildings. Felicia’s eyes went wide and she laughed while Nat chuckled and Peter and Gwen were oblivious to the identity of the woman,

“Wait I don’t get it? Who’s the skank?” Gwen asked everyone and they shared another laugh as Felicia spanked her ass making hee yelp in a cute way,

 “This…my blond friend…is Vanessa Fisk….Wilson Fisk’s wife.” Felicia said to her and both Gwen and Peter’s eyes went wide and they gasped loudly while Nat went ahead to work with the laptop,

 “Now that Jones is here, we can plan how to handle this…and what to do with those photos and videos….Peter are you sure you want to do this?” Nat asked him and he nodded his head and spoke to the whole group,

 “Yes….since Dr.Connors is no longer an issue I want to focus on ending the turf war between Fisk and the Mafia, it’s been terrorizing the city for months on end and from what I can tell from my daily patrols, most violent crimes are turf war related. So we just hit 'em both where it hurts most: their wallets. Thanks to Black Cat, we know which banks the Mafia have bought and corrupted for their own use and where Fisk is having his black market goods like sculptures and old paintings stored as well. With Nat’s help we have all the blueprints and schematics to those buildings so we can break in there, then Jessica will help keep an eye on George’s movements since it’s his case we’re screwing with and finally Gwen will be checking in on her dad’s reports to see if anything we’re doing is mentioned.” Peter finished his plan as the group looked at each other and nodded with smiles about this operation. 

   20 Minutes Later 

 After going over everything, Lesh asked a question,

 “So….what’s gonna happen to all that stolen art?” She asked Peter and he gave her a mock smile,

 “No Lesh you’re not gonna keep it, Shield will send it back to where they belong.” Peter said as he gathered the materials, then Jessica gave him a smirk,

 “And what about the millions in dirty cash we’re gonna steal?” She asked him and he gave her a wink making everyone laugh out loud, afterwards everyone went over their roles for this plan and once everything was settled they left, well most of them, only Gwen, Nat and Lesh were left,

 “So Ms.Rushman….Peter just told me you slept with this criminal….I think it’s time I see what the two of you are made of” she said to them while they smiled at her as she went to grab the camera and gave Peter a wicked grin. 

 Next Morning-6:00AM 

Peter finished getting dressed in the spare clothing that was put away in the home for his own use and he smiled warmly at the sight on the bed: Nat and Gwen naked and cuddling under the covers, Felicia had woken up earlier and went on her way so now it was just them three. He watched as they held each other close and Natasha sighed with a smile when Gwen placed her head to rest on her shoulder next to her neck, Peter ran a finger up Nat’s sweet back lightly and she moaned in her sleep,then he reached further and spanked Gwen’s ass making her giggle,

 “Hey guys…I don’t wanna ruin your sleep but…we got school.” He said to them and they both let out a sleepy groan in annoyance clearly indicating they wanted to do no such thing,

 “Come on Nat you told me yourself that it’s important to keep up appearances and plus it’ll look off If we’re always absent on the same days” Peter said with a sorry tone and Nat sighed in agreement and she gave Gwen a soft kiss on her cheek,

 “He’s right Ms.Stacy, we should get moving and besides, we can have fun afterwards.” She said softly to Gwen who groaned making Nat and Peter smile at her, after a minute of no action Nat reached under the covers and pinched Gwen’s nipple with her fingers,she yelped and woke up in an instant,

 “Okay!Okay! I’m up!” She said in a hurry and moved away from Nat who laughed at her as she went to the bathroom to have a quick shower, of course Nat joined her to save time and Peter decided to head out first to avoid any more….delays, so he decided to do something productive and went to Oscorp. 

   Oscorp Tower 

 Peter was reading over the possible programs Gwen and he can enter together to keep working there and so far….none would benefit them since compared to Connor’s program, they were all mediocre in terms of what can be learned when working with these researchers and while one was interesting…Gwen had told him the one in charge is Miles Warren and he gave her the creeps so no way was he going to put her through that so it looks like they might have to cut ties with this place for good. He went on his way out when his spider-sense alerted him to something, he looked around and then,


 A building outside exploded from the inside causing debris to fly everywhere and people running and panicking. Peter found a secure spit and changed into his outfit. 

 Midtown High School-4 Hours Later 

As soon as Gwen saw Peter in the hallway she fast walked to him and hugged him tightly, she had heard about what happened….some weird robot rhino smashed into a Mob bank, a bank that was on their hit list, and basically ruined the whole place and even set all the money on fire….millions of dollars from the Mafia lost. Gwen pulled aside as other students walked and mingled,

 “Peter what happened over there?” Gwen asked him as soon as she did a quick pat down to see if he’ll wince or groan from a pained area, Peter winced a little when she touched his elbow covered by his jacket and Gwen gave him a stern expression,

 “You’re going to the nurse’s office, tell them you got mugged or hit a door but go. I’ll wait for your answer until you check it out.” Gwen said in a stern tone but with a caring smile and kissed his forehead and he smiled at her and hugged her again before he left. He met up with Gwen in their English class and Nat gave him a stern look as well, probably for being reckless and going into a fight with a unknown enemy alone so she used her position to her advantage and gave both Peter and Gwen detention for talking with she was and they did their part in pretending to be annoyed so all 3 can have a proper talk alone. 


  Peter was telling Natasha and Gwen what happened that morning and they were considering their options and what to do about the new enemy in town,

 “Okay so Fisk knows about their bank locations but how…I haven’t worked the case long but from what Felicia had gathered no one in his organization knew about where to find them or even a clue about how to start looking…” Peter said uneasy and Gwen’s eyes went wide,

 “Actually….there’s a financial fraud team in NYPD that has been looking into odd workings and deposits in some banks around the city…but they haven’t connected them to the Mafia yet…” Gwen said to them and now Nat rubbed a finger under in chin in thought,

  “Unless….all Fisk needed was something to work on…and he got someone to get it for him right from the source…” Natasha said aloud and now all three had uneasy expressions on their faces, it was decided that Gwen would play the role of the loving daughter visiting her dad at work to see if any odd happenings are going on inside while Peter and Nat would check out what the Mafia plans to do to retaliate against Fisk. 

  NYPD Precinct

Gwen had arrived and played her role well with her dad who was clearly busy dealing with the attack and was heading out so they just had a quick chat and he called Helen to pick her up since he didn’t want her on the streets and all the officers were on the streets. She took her chance and looked around the place for anything…out of place, she looked around the desks, bulletin boards and she eventually reached her dad’s office and she figured he would have that type of information with him, she browsed around and noticed nothing out of the ordinary…then she saw his computer and had an idea, Peter had been teaching Gwen about computers and how to hack so now was the time she used all his teachings. She worked into the harddrive and inserted a flashdrive from her bag and just did the standard copy and downloaded the hard drive content and she looked at the picture of her mother and him…they were happy once…or at least she hoped they were…now she only imagines the unknown arguments and shouting matches that had occured behind her back as well as her brothers’ and now she was aware of how complicated things really were between her parents, she even heard some of their fights through their door late at night when they think everyone's sleeping…those moments she would call up Peter and ask him to come over, they wouldn’t do anything but just cuddle and sleep. 

  She pulled the drive when it was done and she went on her way out when she heard a muffle buzz, she narrowed her eyes around the room and she heard it again, she followed the noise and it led her to George’s desk lower drawer, she noticed it was locked and she pulled out the little pin she had in her hair and worked it into the lock, it popped open and she grinned as she opened it and found…another phone, a disposable one and it was ringing, she waited for it stop and she looked at the number and typed it into her own then she put it back and made it look like she was never there. 

  6:30PM-Stacy Apartment 

 The boys were watching TV while doing their homework, and Peter was there relaxing and helping them with anything they didn’t understand, he was currently helping Howard with a science assignment and the other two brothers were doing their reading assignments. Helen was watching Peter help Howard with a sweet smile as she finished setting the table for dinner with Gwen who also smiled sweetly at her boyfriend, she elbowed her mom’s shoulder softly and she gave Gwen a questioning look and Gwen just nodded her head at Peter while giving her mother a sly smile, Helen smiled back at her knowing what she means. 

  A while later they were finished eating the food deliciously made by Helen, the boys went to their room after finishing their food and Peter was starting to collect the plates when Gwen tapped his shoulder,

 “You and my Mom need to talk.” She said to him and Helen took his hand in hers and led him to the empty hallway for privacy, the boys were a problem when they were awake, Peter raised an eyebrow at her with a curious smile and she took his hands in hers,

 “George and I….are going to start seeing a marriage counselor…we’ll be seeing her probably twice a week but….chances are that won’t do anything so I wanted you to know that…we’re on the verge of divorce..” Helen said with a smile and Peter rubbed her shoulders with his hands,

 “I’m sorry Helen….I know you guys have had issues from the start but…still it's a marriage ending…” he said with a sad smile to her and she pecked his lips and wrapped her arms around his neck,

 “I’m not….the boys will adjust eventually and George will always love them, as for me…well….I have something to look forward to now don’t I” she said playfully like a teenager who was sneaking behind her parent’s back, she pecked his lips again and he grinned back at her and he slapped her ass when she turned to enter the apartment again. 

  An Hour Later 

Peter and Gwen were catching up on their schoolwork in her room together which was very simple to do given their high IQ’s so they went through it fairly quick, Gwen pulled out the flashdrive from before and connected it to her computer and Peter was looking over her shoulder as she sat on her chair facing the screen, 

 “So what’s on it?” Peter asked her and she began to open up the files on it,

 “Looks like….shipping dates on a manifest with locations of which harbors the ship will make it’s arrival, but the odd thing is there’s no listed material list as to what the cargo is…” Gwen said as she looked over the contents while Peter texted Nat about what they found,

 “Natasha said me and her will check out the one that is listed for this weekend and maybe it’ll help show who leaked the information, and how exactly your dad is mixed in this.” Peter said to her and she nodded in agreement and she got up to get change in her sweats with Peter tapping her butt when she put on her shorts, once she was dressed she went ahead onto the bed and got under the covers ready for bed, she tapped the spot next to her and looked at Peter with a smile,

 “I’d like to, but I should head on patrol for a while. I've been putting it off lately” Peter said to her and she sighed and told him to be careful and he kissed her softly before jumping out her window. 

 Hours Later 

Peter was swinging around the beautifully lit city with the moon acting as his cool background along with the skyscrapers, he had stopped several muggings, some more carjackings, and petty robberies which have become more easy to do for criminals with the snow gone clearing the streets and roads, but that won’t stop him from trying to stop as many crimes as he can, well whenever he’s not screwing Gwen or one of the others since things have cleared up and Peter’s plan to have a huge family was closer than ever now that all women were in agreement….though one was left with the inability to have her dream come true….but maybe…he sighed as he swung and landed on a high ledge and looked around the streets for any criminal activity and then someone landed next to him, he smiled under the mask at her,

 “So I’m guessing you were out shopping…” Peter said to to the masked burglar who smiled as she shrugged her shoulders,

 “I was…browsing cutie-pie, so what are you up to?” She asked as she got close and laid her head on his shoulder and he chuckled at that,

 “Just getting some exercise and you know working on my comedy routine. So have you found out anything about the Mafia’s plan for..” then Peter felt a jolt of electricity go down his spine like a very sharp needle,

  “LOOK OUT!” He shouted and he lunged at Felicia and they both fell off the rooftop in time before a rocket hit the ledge and blew it to pieces, thankfully the building itself was empty with it being the middle of the night, he fired a web and swung them through a glass window and they both tumbled with groans,

 “What the hell was that?!” Felicia asked with anger as she looked outside from the hole they made, Peter heard the fire trucks arrive to put the blaze made from the explosion and then he heard the people scream and then more explosions,

 “Oh crap…it’s that stupid metal Rhino!” Peter said as he swung out and sure enough the overtly large rhino looking- walking tank was firing at the police vehicles, Peter swung down and started a fight with it and Felicia joined in since the stupid thing did try to blow her up. 

   1 Hour Later 

 Peter and Felicia were still going at it with the rhino but at least they got it away from hurting others in the busy intersection as it was chasing them with it using it’s four legs like how a real rhino would, they swung low to keep it’s attention,

 “So where are we leading this oversized toaster!?” Felicia shouted the question through the wind as they swung,

 “Up ahead, it’s an old condemned building, no one inside or nearby!” Peter shouted back and dodged another RPG missile from the machine and he stuck two webs to the back and whipped it back at it blowing some of the pieces off but it was still functional, Felicia was very annoyed now, if it’s not Spider-Man chasing after her then what’s the point in the thrill of the run,

 “Come on, you hit right at its chest and it’s still going! What’s that thing made of!?!” Felicia shouted as they neared the building and Peter was about to reply when another jolt went down his back, his eyes went wide under the mask,

 “LOOK OUT!” He shouted and he threw himself to Felicia mid-air and once again they crashed through a window to avoid another rocket, the glass shattered all over the old dilapidated floor along with their tumbling bodies, they both groaned and hissed and Felicia punched Peter’s arm,

 “Damn it! Work on the landings!” She said to him annoyed and Peter replied,

 “I thought cats always land on their feet.” He said slyly and she gave him a death glare but then the whole building shook when the rhino charged right through the wall instead of the open garage door on the side. Peter and Felicia swung down as the building kept shaking and they saw the machine with the bald man inside as he struggled to get away from the falling debris,

 “You idiot! Who goes right through a wall when the damn opening is right there!!” Felicia shouted at him as she and Peter dodged the debris and got out in time and Peter had to swing to kicked the guy out of the way from a falling support beam, once they were outside he webbed up the bald man, who has a deep russian accent, and his mouth when he started bitching. 

   5 minutes later several black armored SUVs showed and cleared the area and kept NYPD out to maintain control of public information given that this attack came out of nowhere with no clear target in mind and it put the city in danger with the various weapons equipped on it and the tech on the large rhino suit was advanced, not Stark advanced but good enough to make millions on the black market so it was dangerous to have that type of machinery to end up on the wrong hands. Peter and Lesh saw Nat come out of one of the cars in her pantsuit that made her very professional, and sexy, she walked to them and put her hands on her slender hips,

  “Why do I have to miss all the fun?” She asked aloud and annoyed and they all chuckled at that,

 “So what’s gonna happen to the Russian guy and the suit?” Peter asked her and she said,

 “Well, the suspect will be taken in and interrogated by us and the suit will be sent to Stark so he can give us his insights as to who could’ve crafted it and what materials were required.” Nat said to them and Felicia got up and redeadied her grapple hook,

 “Well hit me up when there’s more to go on…later cutie pie I’m gonna go shopping now.” She said with humor and was launched in the air by her hook, Peter sighed and Nat laughed at her comment then padded his shoulder,

 “You should go after her, after all you’re on patrol.” She said playfully and Peter smiled at her and swung away and she went back to work at the crime scene. 


Peter opened Gwen’s window and climbed in gently and he removed his suit, he decided to let Lesh go and get her next time, he was in his boxers and climbed into Gwen’s comfy bed and hugged her as he cuddled his body to hers, Gwen’s body felt his and she turned into his hold and cuddled into him, they both fell into deep sleep with smiles on their faces. 

    Unknown Location

 George was zipping up his pants while Vanessa buttoned up her blouse,

 “We need to careful next time, with the Mafia’s money being destroyed by my husband their petty fight will escalate and we need to make sure some of the money gets in our hands, shame my husband would rather burn their money than take it.” She said with annoyance at her crime boss husband and George nodded at her,

 “I guess it’s a fuck you to the mob, imagine how furious they feel knowing their money is gone and it’s not retreavable. Also Helen and I have started to see a marriage counselor, but there’s no point we’re just saving face for the kids and the boys will be okay and I’ll make sure to gain full custody.” He said to her as he put on his jacket, she gave him a questioning look,

 “And what about Gwen?” She asked him, he sighed,

 “She’s always been with her mother, since a baby, a toddler, her tween years and every event…heck Helen and her get along with that Parker kid just fine and he looks like the scrawny, jumpy shy type  so I know he won’t try anything on my daughter. I’m actually going to ask him if he can help me out by spending time with Helen so she can vent her problems to him instead of me when I get home.” George said with humor in his voice and Vanessa chuckled at his plan as well,

 “Sounds clever, anyway are you sure you have the information for the deliveries?” She asked him as she was about to go, he nodded at her,

 “Yes…I’ll set it up for the end of the spring, there’s a school event Helen is practically in charge of so I’ll use that as a cover somehow, that Parker kid will come in handy.” He said with a laugh and she laughed too as they walked out into the streets…..both had no idea about the black leather jacket-wearing P.I snapping photos away from a high rooftop with her long lense camera. She grinned as she took a perfect picture of Captain George Stacy putting his hand on Vanessa Fisk’s ass. 


Gwen walked out of her bathroom fully dressed and tying her hair into a ponytail and she grinned watching Peter change in front of her, he was putting on his shirt when she wrapped her arms around him and he turned into her hold with a smile, she smiled back and they shared a sweet kiss,

 “…Ready to go?” He asked her with a soft voice and she nodded, 

 “Yeah, just let me grab my bag and sweater.” She replied and he smirked at her reply,

 “You mean my sweater.” He said and she smirked back and went to get her things and he chuckled at the lack of answer on purpose on her part, he went into the kitchen where the boys were finished with their breakfast and collected their things for things while Helen was washing the dishes, Peter smiled at her and went next to her to help, she gave him a soft smile and the boys were oblivious to the obvious tension between the two, Gwen walked in and went next to the pair when the boys went to their rooms for their sweaters, it was a windy day in New York, she smiled at her mother then leaned in and whispered in Peter’s ear who gave her a questioning look,

 “You sure?” He asked her and she nodded and went out the door for school. She had called MJ early last night and asked for a ride, Helen simply smiled at her daughter and tapped her ass making her grin. Peter and Helen finished with the last dish and the boys came out and said bye to their mother, and as soon as the door closed…Peter started to kiss Helen’s face and her neck while gripping her thighs under her black shirt dress tied at the waist with a belt, Helen laughed and gently pushed him off,

 “Not yet, just wait…” she said and he gave her a curious look and then…there were several knocks on the door, Helen grinned at him and opened the door, her son rushed in and grabbed his math book he forgot in his room and ran out to catch up with his brothers, Helen and Peter chuckled at that and Helen closed and locked the door…She slowly walked to Peter while undoing the belt, 

 “…Get the camera” she said in a hot whisper and he went to get it from Gwen’s room and started recording…

   1 Hour Later 

 Helen went to her meeting leaving Peter relaxing on the bed under the covers, luckily Peter still had some time since he had a free period that day. Peter was just watching TV when he saw a Breaking News announcement, a gunfight between Mob goons with pistols and shotguns against well suited men with semi-automatic guns….obviously Fisk’s men but no one knew about that unless they were aware of the millionaire's extracurricular activities. He changed into his suit and went to the location. 

   Midtown High School-9:50AM

Peter arrived in time for his next class after having been through a tough fight apprehending both sides of the gunfight, he webbed them up and helped the officers who were injured to nearby ambulances much to their gratitude and it turns out the area was a mob controlled street so Fisk is definitely sending a message to their boss by sending in his men and they trashed the local bar that served as a cover. Peter was tired at that point as he went into the empty classroom and waited for class to start, he was about to sleep from tiredness when someone tapped his shoulder, he looked back at smiled at his teacher,

 “I know I said it’s important to keep appearances, but even you need rest. Especially since you did stop a mid street gang gunfight on your own and that rampaging rhino.” She said to him and he yawned, making her chuckle then the bell rang and both went back to their roles as teacher and student and the first student in the classroom was Gwen who smirked at the pair as she took her seat next to Peter and rubbed his hair softly,

 “You should’ve skipped today, at least to get some sleep babe and it’ll look bad if you fall asleep in every class.” She said with a her soft voice and he smiled at her,

 “Well I’m already here so might as well stay right.” He said as his eyes slowly lowered down and the last thing he heard was Gwen laughing lightly. 


By some miracle Peter did wake up in time for the rest of his classes and he managed to pay half attention which was more than enough for this so called schoolwork, now he was with Gwen by her locker as she collected her things and he was right behind her and breathed lightly into her neck making her giggle, god he loved that sound,

 “Peter stop it that tickles, come on we gotta meet up with Nat.” She said and took his hand as she led them out the school through the back where they went into the alley and there was a waiting black Camaro with the windows tinted black, the driver window lowered down and there was Natasha smirking at the pair as they gawked at the vehicle,

 “Please tell me I get one when I become an official Agent.” Peter said to her with an eager grin and she chuckled at him and opened the passenger door, Gwen went in the back and Peter was in the passenger seat and Nat began to drive them to their stop. 

 Queens Safehouse 

 Peter,Gwen and Nat went into the home and they went to work with Peter pulling out his black laptop and activating the holograms with their collected contents, first they reviewed the official police reports uploaded into the NYPD database,

 “Okay so according to my Dad’s team…they believe this was an act of war since that location where the gunfight and rhino rampage happened are known to be linked to Mafia activity….but they don’t know who is responsible for assembling the gunmen or that rhino armor.” Gwen said as she looked over the files and Nat went to the world map where some red dots were located on different countries,

  “Stark took apart that suit and he sent me this, it’s a map where some of the pieces of the armor can be bought in the black market given he keeps track where dangerous items are sold so he can go get it himself and properly dismantle it, anyway whoever designed it knew how to leave a difficult trail to trace, but Stark managed to find a pattern in how the parts are purchased: first the power cell was bought then just a supply of oil then a power accelerator…then just some wax coating..” she said with a smirk at the buyer’s lame attempt to seem mysterious with this so-called pattern. Peter went ahead and installed the flashdrive and the port schedule,

 “Okay so we’re thinking of watching over the scheduled delivery on Saturday and seeing just what this is about. Nat and I will be watchbirds while Black Cat will try to get up close to see in person what is in the cargo, hopefully it’s not something dangerous.” Peter said and Nat closed the hologram and went ahead and kissed Gwen’s sweet lips, Peter grinned at the sight as they started to kiss and nip each other’s neck,

 “Time for some relaxation…come on” Gwen said as she led the way to the bedroom with a grinning Peter Parker following his ladies. 


Helen and George sat side by side on the couch as they both stayed silent while the woman sitting opposite of them just waited for an answer,

 “…I understand it’s a difficult question but it must be asked…do you two still love each other?” The therapist asked them and they both sighed letting out a deep breath,

 “We did at the beginning…but at this point we’re just going through the motions and the expectations of everyone around us.” Helen said and George nodded,

 “We’ve been going our separate ways mentally but still living together and raising the kids.” George said and Helen scoffed a laugh and George eyed her, Helen gave him a smirk,

 “You mean I raise the kids while you have your fun on the side, I know your work hours George.” Helen said to him and he scoffed at her,

 “Jesus I’m getting tired of hearing about this fantasy, I told you I handle casework in my office after hours or I go with my work friends to a bar to relax okay and that’s the truth.” George with a voice of understanding and softness which only pissed Helen off even more and she smiled softly at him….she didn’t care anymore…,

 “Okay George….then you should know I’ve been sleeping with Gwen’s boyfriend for months now…we done it in his bed, on our couch l, on our bed….he’s fucked me in my ass…and we always do it without a condom.” She said with a smile and Dr.Lin was simply wide eyed at her while George scoffed a laugh and got up,

 “If she’s not gonna take this so-called counseling session seriously, why should I?” He said and walked out leaving the pair inside alone, Dr.Lin gave Helen a awkward look,

 “You…weren’t lying…were you?” She said and Helen sighed and nodded with a smile as confirmation, the therapist simply nodded back,

 “Okay then….so tell me, what do you hope to gain from this…relationship?” She asked Helen who considered her answer,

 “I have everything, wonderful children, I have a life of my own, new friends and my new job and id I ever need a satisfying release…I have Peter….oops shouldn’t have said his name.” Helen said with a chuckle and Dr.Lin just looked at Helen with astonishment at her declaration, Helen continued to speak her truth,

 “I mean….I know it’s wrong…I’m in my 40’s and he’s 17 and dating my daughter…my sons see him as the big brother they can turn to since their dad isn’t usually home. He helps around our home with just about everything, and I mean everything..” she said with a smirk and Dr.Lin simply nodded again and asked,

 “How did this start?” She asked a d Helen got up and went to the window with a view of the city…she rubbed her arms as she crossed them together and took a deep breath, Dr.Lin could see she was very nervous about opening up,

 “Helen…I’m here for both of you, and you have told him the truth and he clearly doesn’t consider the idea of you feeling unwanted and underappreciated that you’ll have an affair, it’s your choice whether or not to continue.” The counselor said and Helen gave her a appreciative smile as she went back to the couch and sat down while rubbing her knees gently,

 “We had our first encounter in his school, my daughter brought him over for a study session and they started seeing each other…one day at the school…well we had a sexual encounter and I don’t know what came over me but I found myself entering a extramarital relationship with this young man who cares for my daughter and we’ve had vaginal sex on my bed…the bed I share with my husband…as far as I know he hasn’t brought anyone to our bed so what does that make me?….yes we’re both cheaters but I’m having an affair in our home…the home where we raise our children, I should feel bitter,ashamed even…but I don’t…it feels liberating being with him, laughing with him….making love with him.” Helen said and paused to see Dr.Lin’s reaction and she just nodded with a supportive smile, Helen continued,

 “He’s…I don’t know, there’s something alluring about him, I find myself drawn to him…his attractiveness..his mannerisms…even his smell…I have a dirty sweater of his that I sleep with whenever I’m alone in bed, his smell puts me at ease…and when we have sexual intercourse…it feels….liberating and exciting…I laugh afterwards from the insanity of the situation and the fact it makes me happy. I’m happier with my sons, my daughter and I have reached an understanding and I’ve been able to shuffle my duties at work and at my son’s school. I don’t know….there is no doubt my husband and I will seperate, it’s just a matter of whether or not this relationship with this person is the cause…or the outcome of it…like is he the reason I’m pushing for this now instead of playing the role of the loyal wife of a police captain…or is he a gain from the outcome of my eventual awareness of unhappiness with him…If I still loved George I wouldn’t have let it go this far right?” Helen asked more to her herself than Dr.Lin who simply kept her supportive smile

on her face,

 “And how do you feel for this person….now after everything that has happened…you said its been months…how do you feel about him?” Dr.Lin asked her…Helen was quiet for a moment…then smiled warmly to herself,

 “I love him….and now I’m going to see him.” She said as she got up and was about to walk out, when she looked over the attractive woman with her fine tits and apple ass, she gave Helen a curious look and Helen smirked at her and took her phone out and she showed it to Dr.Lin whose eyes went wide and her mouth wide open in gasp,

 “Yeah…is your husband’s cock that big? When was the last time you were fucked…not made love to..but fucked?” She asked her counselor who simply stared at the massive rod and body of the teenager, Helen smirked as she put her phone away and handed her a card with a phone number,

 “If you want to meet him, for his perspective on things, call this number….you wouldn’t be the first woman to lust after him. Have a nice day.” And with that Helen left the bewildered woman holding the card in her hand while still seeing the long veiny rod with swollen balls filled with cum, she sighed and…reached under her long skirt and worked them into her snatch.


Natasha was already asleep on the bed despite the fact it was shaking and creaking due to the rapid movements of the couple next to her, the bed kept shaking making the room fill with creaks and squeaks along with lustful moans and groans being mixed in between,

 “Ahhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh fuck!!!Fuck!!!!! Ahhhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh Yes!!!! Ahhhhhhh” Gwen kept her face scrunched and her eyes closed as her mouth was wide open letting out her deep groans and high moans as she grinded her lips onto the hot rod pushing into her tunnel with ease as she leaked out and his precum lubricated his dick making their movements more rapid and squishy. Gwen’s body was moving rapidly as her breasts shaked while Peter had his hands on her thighs while he laid back and enjoyed the heavenly sensation with a happy smile on his face, he gripped her sweaty thighs and she planted her hands on his shoulders to steady herself now that she was in control of the tempo and went faster and slammed herself down on him taking him whole…Gwen’s face shot straight up and faced the ceiling as she let out her squeaky moans, Peter almost lost himself hearing her sexy whory moans,

 “Ahhhhhh Gwen I love your voice ahhhhh Ohhhhhhh God It’s so sexy ahhhhhh ahhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh God Yeah ohhhhhh!” Peter groaned as he watched Gwen’s tits shake and jiggle as she increased her tempo and was slamming her ass right on him and they could hear his rod squish into her wet tunnel with their juices leaking together. Peter moved his hands to her back and she leaned down and was now laying on him while her ass went up and down on his dick maintaining their tempo while also showing off her spankable ass that was always hidden under tight jeans and skirts, her face was on his, they were red,sweating and now kissing as Gwen wrapped her hands around his head as she sucked on his lips and bite them while darting her tongue into his mouth and swirled it around making him groan and hug her closer to him by tightening his arms around her back and she moaned into his mouth while his enlarged rod pushed into her so deep it was touching her womb and she gasped into his mouth and then Peter smiled with his mouth open letting their kisses intensify as he reached back with a hand and…,

 “Ahhhhh….Peter you bastard” she said with a hot smile at him and she groaned right in his face as she felt his fingers dig into her asshole which made her gasp and groan loudly through her throat and squeeze his shoulders as she breathed in and out trying to compose herself, Peter started to push up while she slammed down on him while his fingers worked into her ass as they kept working into each other with wide smiles on their faces and Peter grinned now as he whispered into her ear and he heard her chuckle and climb off him then she went to his rod and…she meshed his dick in between her tits and started a fast titty fuck and his precum leaked all over her soft skin and he felt her hard nipples rub against his length while on of her hands went up his body and caress his face while her other hand went to his balls and squeezed them making him gasp and groan and he slapped a hand to her ass making the sound echo in the house and Gwen giggled loving the treatmemt her ass was getting and she felt his dick begin to throb….then it exploded, Peter didn’t have time to prepare himself so he let out a hard groan as his body released his pent up cum all over Gwen, she closed her eyes and smiled as she felt the hot liquid coat her breasts,nipples, and her face, she waited until he finished, which lasted about 2 full minutes so she was soaked in his sperm and all she had to do was open her mouth alightly and her mouth was full of the cum that had been on that area, she slurped and ran her tongue around her mouth and he sighed happily watching her try to get as much as his cum into her mouth as she can. Then with a grin she caressed her tits covered in cum…Peter grinned at her and pulled her down so now she was flat on the bed and he went to her pussy and just started licking,biting, and nipping her lips and clit making her hiss and groan, how Natasha could be sleeping through this is beyond them, Peter kept her still with his hands and she pulled on his hair while he worshipped her moist lips…it wasn’t long until she burst and he swallowed it all up…..for Peter it was always loving with Gwen, no matter what they did it wasn’t just lust but love. 

    Parker Residence-8:30PM 

Peter and Gwen walked inside after taking a nap and left Natasha to work on the case, Gwen had already brought some of her clothes a few days ago, just so there’s no need to worry about rushing the next morning so she was heading upstairs to take a shower when she looked over her shoulder and looked at Peter with a smile,

 “Someone’s coming over who really needs you, so I’ll sleep in May’s room since she’s working at the hospital tonight while you take the her to your bed, it’ll make it more intimate.” She said softly and went upstairs and into the bathroom and closed the door leaving Peter wondering what the hell she was talking about but he brushed it off and went to watch TV. 

  It was 9 PM and Peter was just watching a movie while Gwen was in May’s room working on her schoolwork and Peter had wanted to fuck but she reminded him of the visitor which Peter doubted was true…until a knock on the door. He went to open it and smiled at her.

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