Parker and Stacy(s)

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Helen pulled the nightgown off her body..revealing her motherly melons that sagged slightly from having been used as milk jugs 4 times for her kids but still looked amazing with their firm round shape and her areolas with hard nipples..her wide thighs,wide hips and a sexy waist with only her thong covering a part of her body. She reached down and moved her panties aside by the band while her other hand aligned his member to her already dripping slit..Peter and Helen were panting hard at what was about to happen...they looked at each other with wide eyes...then Peter gasped and groaned loudly as he felt a very tight tunnel and sensation engulf his rod all around...his rod pulsed at the pressure of being pressed from all sides..he felt the walls go deeper into him as Helen gasped more and more while slowly lowering herself on him. He was gasping as she was groaning...finally her buttocks touched his thighs as she was now sitting on him, his member burning hot making her hot tunnel seith in heat even more. Helen simply gasped out loud and moaned while Peter gripped her tits hard making the blonde milf look down at his scrunching face

“Ahhhh...ohhhhh How’s it feeling baby?” She asked softly as she very very slowly rocked her hips forward, enticing his hot rod deeper as her hot walls hugged his throbbing member, Peter hissed from the feeling and felt up her breasts, soft..mushy and a bit of sag from years of breastfeeding between 4 kids throughout her life which made them more desirable..she slowly rocked into him as he circled his fingers around her areolas...her head shot up at the ceiling as she let out a loud moan 

“ you...oh...oh god…” Helen put her hands on his pecs while he pinched her nipples and she decided to get some payback…

“Hele..” Peter started to talk but was cut off when she used her muscles and tugged his cock in her walls practically squeezing it to death and she rocked harder and so much faster now 

“.OHHH GOD...WHOA OHHH” Peter moaned loudly and she was panting while smiling down at him with wide eyes and his hands fell to his head..struggling to hold on to his release as he looked at her bouncing saggy tits waving right in his face as he stared at her hard nipples while all he could hear are her sexy pants and moans in between as her thighs and pussy walls hugged his body in every way possible. Gwen’s bed was creaking loudly as her headboard was hitting her bedroom wall hard, surely leaving marks and scraps on it. Peter used all the power he could and lifted his upper body like a sit up and opened his mouth wide...then he latched his mouth on a swinging tit and started sucking on it and swirling his tongue on her hard nipple as his hands snaked around her already sweating smooth back

 “OH GOD YOU…AHHHH OHHH...BASTARD….PETER! AHHHH'' Helen screeched as her own hands went around his head to hold his head to her tit that was getting the attention it hasn’t gotten since Simon was born. She felt his hips buck into her so she tried to rock her own hips...they started a hip rocking competition trying to make the other release their liquid of passion and lust, she moaned as she rocked her tight tunnel deeper into his rod while he grunted thrusting his rod into the tight tunnel…

“Ohhh...ughhh...ughh Jesus..I feel Like...ahhhh...I can’t go through ughh '' he said between hard grunts and moans. His prick felt like it was pushing through a moist tube that got smaller as it went on...her hot wet walls hugged his prick more and more as he went in deeper 

“Ahhhh...ohhhh...ahhhh Peter…that’s….ahhh ohhhh ahhh...that’s called…..ahhhh ohhh Skill baby” she said with a smile between pants and moans as one of her hands went to caress his brown hair while looking deep into his big brown doe eyes. Peter just scrunched his face as the intense rocking continued then he put his hands in her nice jiggly ass and she chuckled at him 

“You love this ass don’t you” she asked as she speed her rocking 

“You love this ass...and this pussy that bitch came out of...but it's yours's all yours” she said between pants as he squeezed her melons..he could feel it coming like a freight train, he panted and grunted as he sped up making her gasp 

“Ohhh baby...ohhh ahhh...take...take.. ughh ohhh...take me to the window”  she said as he thrusted, then…

With all the new strength he had, he pulled out and picked her up..carried her to the window where he put her back on the cold glass making her shudder and he aligned his cock and started thrusting again, she gasped and smiled wickedly while laughing, she wrapped her legs around his muscular waist and locked her legs in place while both his hands were on her ass squeezing it as he held her against the window..they both groaned then kissed

  Gwen finally made it to her window,after going down the fire escape and passing by some windows before making it to her own bedroom window and was ready to take back what’s hers...but she was too late...she saw her mother’s naked ass body being pressed against the window, her butt cheeks pressed on the glass as her back just slid up and down from Peter’s hard thrusting and she could hear her mom moaning and Peter’s groans from the other side..she fumed and started to bang on the window with her fist 

“Hey!!!Hey!!! Let Me In!!!! Hey!!!” She shouted and Helen could feel Peter’s head look up to Gwen and she grabbed his face with her hand and made him look at her 

“Focus..ahhh...ohhh ahhh..Focus on Me Peter...ohhh ahhh ohhh ughhh” she said while moaning and groaning and he obeyed her..he plant his lips back on hers and she instantly pushed his mouth open to probe her tongue into it as he moaned feeling her tongue twirl and swirl on his while she was starting to moan loudly. Peter kept pushing himself inside her as her walls clenched his rod making his release impending but he wanted to make sure the Milf go hers he took one hand and went in between them and started to pinch her clitoris 

“AHHH OHHH AHHHH YOU...OH MY GOD AHHH” Helen screamed as he pinched her clit while sliding in and out of her dripping wet snatch at rapid speed...Gwen was still banging on the window…she eventually huffed a defeat and just chilled against the rail watching the sexy show on her window..then her eyes went wide when Peter looked right her over her mother’s shoulder and started sticking out his tongue and swirl it around his lips..Gwen started to feel hot imagining that tongue digging into her pussy...she got very close to the window.. Peter kept making that face at her.. 

Gwen couldn’t take it anymore..she hit the window hard 

“Please Let me In!!!” She begged loudly and Peter moved from the window while carrying Helen and he ran to Gwen’s bed and landed there with a loud gasp from Helen since he pierced all the way inside her as he landed with her back on the bed..

“OHHHH” She groaned loudly as Peter was now standing while he held her legs up with his hands  to have a clear position on her pussy as he rammed into her making her whole body shake..her tits shook like crazy and she grabbed them with her own hands and started pinching her own nipples while she moaned louder and louder

 “Peter...ahhh ohh ahhh I’m abo...ohhh ahh” she tried to speak but he kept jamming into her womb she couldn't focus and Peter simply smiled at her and….

He pulled out…

Helen looked up at him with confusion and frustration since she was right at the tip of her mountain when he yanked her all the way down to the base, he chuckled at her while his red hot cock still stood armed and ready

“What the hell!! Why did you pull out.. we were just getting started Peter” she asked with anger yet some pleading in her eyes. 

Peter smiled and went over to the window and let Gwen in...she instantly pounced on him, and in seconds Peter helped her remover her clothes so he started to grope her naked body while she pulled her underwear down her legs..Helen seethed in anger 

“What are you doing??! I’m right here...I had him first Gwendolyn” she screamed and she gasped when Gwen jumped onto his member making him groan loudly and she started riding him like there’s no tomorrow 

“OHH OHH UHH UGHH” Gwen’s moans and groans escaped her mouth loudly as Peter’s rod kept hitting her womb as she bounced while he thrusted upwards...since he was already close with Helen he wasn’t gonna last long

“Gwendy...I’m ohhh ahh...close ahhh ohhh” he panted as he held her waist while she had her hands on the floor to steady herself she smiled down at him 

“Go ahead baby ahhh ohhh ahhh...I’m always here for you” she said softly letting out soft moans in between and Peter let himself go inside her, giving one last hard thrust while groaning..his seed went up into her waiting tunnel while she sighed and patted his shoulder 

“Good boy...good boy cuming for your mommy” she said lowly with a tone of seduction..Peter catches his breath and raised a hand to her face..Gwen leaned into the hand and softly smiled at him 

“Excuse me...I’m the only mother around here” Helen said with an authoritative voice. Gwen just got off Peter and went face to face with her naked,pussy still leaking, mother.

“ had him for a minute sure but he still knows who he cums into...and that is Me” Gwen said as she pointed a thumb at herself with a smirk and Helen scoffed at her remark with a smirk of her own 

“Little girl you think you can hold onto a machine like that with this” she reached a hand and grabbed her pussy making Gwen gasp 

“Or these” Helen’s hands grabbed her daughter’s tits..Gwen only looked at her with shock and her mother just let go of her mounds 

“He’s yours for now...but eventually you’ll be asking me if it's okay to screw him..” Helen leaned in closely to her daughter 

“...and I won’t let you...when I do get him... I am not going to share” she said with a evil smile and walked away to Peter, who still laid on the floor from exhaustion, and told him that when he is ready for a real finish to find her and exited the bedroom, still naked and swaying her hips as she walked out and closed the door.  

Later That night 

An hour later Peter was home and just took a shower and collapsed on his bed, he sighed and just let his limp body sink into the bed, he was falling asleep..then he heard…

..”ohh..ohhh..ahh '' distant moans could be heard and his head shot up and he listened intently and followed the noise, he ended up sticking his head out his window…

“Ahhh” he heard another moan...right next door..Peter’s eyes went wide and a huge grin appeared on his face 

 “No way...M.J” He made his way to the outside of her back porch and...used his new skills to crawl his way up to the her bedroom window, he carefully peeked at the corner of her window and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing 

  “Ohhh yeah..ughhh yeah Ohhh yea” She groaned as he thrusted into her while sitting upright on her bed

“Ohhh ahhhh...ahhhh ohhhh” Mary Jane moaned as she was sitting on his lap, her perky butt bouncing on his rod while he thrusted  as her tits had a some swing in them, they jiggled with her big hard nipples. He latched his mouth on a tit and she gasped happily and held his head to her chest as she panted and moaned while his arms were on her waist..He went faster and she held him tighter as she gasped from the friction, Then he switched it up, he grunted and he lifted himself up and planted her on the bed, now he was thrusting into her hard and fast while she wrapped her legs around his butt while on her back, he grunted as she started so scream from the impacts 

“Ahhh ohhh ahhh...ohhh ahhhh” She started to grip her own hair from the intensity as he grunted louder and louder 

“I’ve wanted this all day Mary” he said in a tone of pleasure and impatience as he went faster and faster into her cunt

“Ohh ahhh ahhh...go ahead whoaaa ohhh...enjoy yourself haha haaaa” she said in a hushed tone but thanks to a little spider at Oscorp Peter heard every word as he grinned devilishly...he slowly took out his phone and started recording 

  Mary Jane was panting loudly as her legs dangled on his thrusting ass, she was close and so was he, she patted his shoulder as he nodded and he rolled them she’s on top riding him cowgirl style...he moaned loudly at her hips moving into his dick and she had her head up as she moaned happily and even laughed...that’s when he gave one last grunt and finished into the condom...Mary Jane knew he’d finish by the look on his face, but Peter could see while he was sighing happily with eyes closed, she had the expression of dissatisfaction...he knew she didn’t get her release..he laughed in his head and knew what to do now as he quietly left the window while they were getting dressed

  Peter was sitting on his roof, hidden, as he watched him get in his car and drive away in the darkness of Queens at 3 AM...He kept chuckling as he watched the car drive off

“Oh man….George Stacy you dog…banging a 17 year old of Gwen’s own neighbor...while I’m banging your daughter and wife ” Peter said aloud to himself. After he was done laughing to himself he went inside and went back to sleep, except he couldn’t forget MJ’s body so he jerked off for a while...but then his mind had a devil’s idea, he figured she’d be taking a long shower after that fuck session so he grabbed his little bag of tech gear and he silently made his way to her window, he peeked at the corner and he was right, he could see the bathroom door slightly open with hot steam coming out of it..he slowly went inside his neighbor’s room..he looked around at what he’ll be tampering with..he saw her laptop and instantly, and quietly opened it up and saw a cute group pictures of MJ along with Gwen and several other girls as a was password locked,he figured it would be and reached into his little bag and pulled out a black flashdrive, he connected it to the laptop and after a second of code screens appearing on the monitor...the laptop was breached and he had access to all her stuff online and in the laptop, he decided to copy everything using a code and the program took 20 seconds...he used these seconds to look for her phone..he found it and to his luck it was the same as his making his task 3 times easier...he opened up the back of the phone and removed the SIM card..then again reaching into his bag he pulled out some type of james bond,Jason Bourne type tech he improvised at him..he removed his spare phone and started to connect the phones..this will take 15 seconds...he quickly looked back, still showering and even better, MJ started to play loud music from her speaker inside, he grinned and both programs finished..he had minute to spare so he figured in for a penny in for a pound and looked around MJ’s room...she had moved out for awhile when crap with her dad got rough..but he basically drank himself to death recently so now MJ and her aunt got the house back..Aunt May had told Peter MJ was back but he didn’t believe it until hours ago. 

   He looked at her photos..and there were some photos of him, one was his recent yearbook photo and she drew a heart around it..he grew hot with lust and decided to head home, he was in his room, he checked his items after getting them out of her worked..the flashdrive had all her laptop stuff while the phone was now literally mirroring hers..and he knew it was working when he could see that she was texting someone 

“Miss that dick already Captain” 

Peter laughed and decided not to view that..he would use it in time.

  Midtown High 

  Peter was walking around the halls...he was already late from sleeping in so he just took his time getting to class, it was almost 11 already so it was a calm day by then. 

  “Mr.Parker, I see your tardy, again” said a familiar voice that made him smile, he turned to face her 

 “Natalie, good morning” he greeted his AP English teacher, who had the body of a goddess with her bright shining scarlet red hair. 

 The bombshell teacher gave a hard stare to Peter 

 “Mr.Parker I’ve told you before to address me as Ms.Rushman, now why are you tardy?” She asked with an authoritarian voice that made the blood flow to his dick..

 “I apologize Ms.Rushman, I was late because I overslept..after plowing her” he pointed a finger to the sexy blonde student who was walking towards them with a smile. Natalie’s eyes went wide and gaped at Peter 

 “Mr.Parker watch your language, and be sure to never be tardy to my class understand” she said with a hard voice and Peter replied 

 “ know I’d never miss your class” he said and he reached for her soft hand...and Ms.Rishman actually held his hand for a moment before pulling back and walking away from him, Peter watched her nice big ass swing with her hips in that tight black skirt. 

 “I’d hit that” said Gwen when she was next to Peter now, she linked her arm with his with a smile. Peter looked at her with a smile of his own and kissed her softly 

 “Is that your permission to go ahead and…” he stared down the hallway looking at the swinging ass, Gwen laughed lightly 

 “Hell no! My mom is already pinning for you, no way I am gonna add more competition” she said and Peter nodded but panicked in his head 

‘Crap I already saw MJ naked...and Natalie…’ He thought to himself as Gwen was leading him by arm to their next class..her father’s class. 

 George Stacy was explaining to the class the process of analyzing a crime pattern and Peter diligently toke notes since this was very helpful information for the amateur vigilante, Gwen just sat next to him and stared with dreamy eyes at him..they sat at the very edge of the class, they pushed their desks together and were almost segregated from the others. Peter looked at Gwen and winked, making her blush. When her dad closed the blinds to the window, turned off all the lights and prepared the overhead for a documentary viewing, Gwen decided to reach and unzip his pants when the film started. Peter hissed when he felt her soft hand stroke his member, she pretended to watch the film while her hand was jerking off her lover under the desk..she felt the warm liquid squirt and cover her hand..she looked at Peter and he was silenlty gaping and gasping from the awesome in class hand job. Gwen smiled proudly at her work as she looked at his face then her cum stained hand..she held it up for Peter to look at, his sperm shining in the low light provided by the film...then she started slurping her hand in her mouth, putting each finger in her mouth one at a time and sucked it, when she finished she looked dead in his eyes 

 “That’s a Gwen Stacy exclusive, not offered by Helen” she said like a saleswoman with a smile and peter only huffed at her with a smile, their little activity a secret to everyone.

“Mr.Parker” Mr.Stacy said aloud and Peter flinched at looked at him 

 “I see you're distracting a student from watching the film, how about taking a walk and clearing your head to prevent any need to distract others” he said as he pointed a finger to the door and students around only “ohhed” as he walked out with his bag. Once he was out in the hallway he decided to relax at the library..but on his way he got a text, no Mary Jane Watson sent a text, he looked at the copy phone and grinned, 

 Mary Jane sent George a selfie of herself in a blue bra and panties while doing a sexy pose. Then he saw he texted her ‘sexy woman’ and he laughed..then he went to the bathroom and jacked off to the picture, when he left the bathroom he saw Ms.Rushman walking to a specific room carry a duffle bag, Peter grinned widely knowing what she was going to do. He followed her to the girls locker room..he just entered like nothing and Natalie looked back shocked at him as she was unbuttoning her shirt

 “Mr.Parker what are y…” she was cut off when he flashed his fully erect cock to her, she gaped at the sight..he smiled and winked at her..then he pulled his jeans back up and left without saying a word...but he knew she was interested now.

  He saw a few more pictures of Mary Jane, posing and sending them to George, he smiled and just decided to text his wife since he was chatting with a younger woman

 “ some time to kill..” that was all he texted to her..his phone pinged a min later

   “Look behind you” the text read and he turned his head and smiled, Helen was walking towards him...she was wearing white crop pants and a dark blue floral blouse with sunglasses on...she was a beauty to behold as the incoming fall wind blew her blonde elegant hair, all Peter did was stare at her with dreamy eyes, Good thing Gwen was still in class, unlike himself who basically just ditched. 

“What are you doing here?” He asked her as she approached him, she smiled at him with her pretty bright blue eyes 

 “George forgot something at home so I just dropped it off for him, he said he had to kick a student out for distracting our daughter, would that troublemaker be you?” She asked with a raised eyebrow and a smirk, Peter smiled bashfully while avoiding her gaze and she knew he just wordlessly confess and she took his hand softly,

“Then I guess as her mother I should punish you” she said sternly with a grin and he played his part as the helpless teen 

“Mrs.Stacy please I didn’t mean to distract your daughter she’s just so pretty” he was cut off by her stern voice and face 

“And I’m not pretty Mr.Parker” she said and her hold on his hand turned to a hard grip and he winced and even heard some bones crack from the pressure, thank god for quick healing. 

“No you are really pretty Mrs.Stacy it's clear when Gwen gets her heavenly beauty from..” Helen began to smile at Peter’s words as he said them with passion, he continued 

 “And now I really want to show you how pretty I think you are” he said softly with a smile and Helen stepped closer to the teen, she was slightly shorter than the tall teen. 

 “Not on school grounds...too risky for me” she said and he simply got a hold of her hand and walked them out of the school through a nearby side exit, Helen was smiling as she was led by Peter away from the school, he stopped and faced her 

 “How did you get here?” He asked 

 “I drove here….in a van” she said with a smirk, he smirked back at her…

  “I’ll drive” he said and she happily handed him the keys and she pointed out the grey family car parked at the end of the street, he started ahead and she pulled out her phone and texted her rival 

 “Hey Gwen...I’m going to borrow Peter for a while okay..tell his teachers he got an upset stomach and was sent home sick” she texted with a smirk on her face as she added a wink emoji, she was getting used to the new trends. She walked behind Peter, loving the view of his firm back and tight ass in his jeans, then her phone pinged 

 “YOU BITCH” was all it said and Helen laughed making Peter turn and ask what was funny, she lied and said it was just a meme. 

   They were driving down the road in the city streets, Helen had notified Aunt May that Peter would be leaving school early cuz of an upset stomach and he will be taken care of and she bought it, now Peter was just sighing as he drove while someone next to him was stroking his cock. Helen was sitting in the passenger seat while giving a calm handjob, not fast enough to make him cum but also not too slow that he lost his erection, she was smiling as she just looked ahead. 

 “So...where are you taking us?” She turned her head to him and asked, he smiled at her as he drove the van. 

 “Tell me...where you and George had your first date?” He asked with a grin, her face went from shock to a lustful smile 

  The large park is known for belonging to Nature in that the forest is large and the rural trees and bushes in every direction gives the true illusion of being out of the city, being a busy New York weekday the park was almost to literally empty especially towards the lake with a big oak tree...that’s where they were 

 “Ohh Peter” Helen sighed happily as she smiled holding his head as he planted kisses on her chest and neck, he held her against the oak tree while he moaned, feeling the soft skin on his lips as he left wet trails on her face. She made him face her and she planted her lips on his, now they’re kissing passionately...the cloudy weather and soft wind truly romanticizing the scene as his hands went to her back and hers going around his neck as they swapped saliva and their tongues twirled in each other's mouths. Helen couldn’t stand it..she broke the make out session and looked at Peter with low eyes 

 “Let’s go to the car” she said and she took his hand led and started to walk to the vehicle illegally parked in the small meadow, but then she was pulled back and she was pushed against the tree, her arms and hands outstretched as she put her hands on the tree as peter held her waist against his groin, she looked over her shoulder and Peter looked at her with pleading eyes 

Please...please” he softly begged and Helen knew what he wanted…

“Ok” she replied with a smile...and her hands went to the button of her pants while Peter went to his belt buckle and undid it..he lowered his pants enough for his cock to spring open, he looked and saw Helen looking over shoulder at him with a grin… 


  George was jacking off in the faculty bathroom to Mary Jane’s hot selfies...after he finished he met up with his daughter since the school was over at that point, they walked to the parking lot. 

“I see Mr.Parker decided to leave school midday” George said as he unlocked the car, 

“Actually dad he got sick and went home”, Gwen commented as she stepped in, 

“Well he still distracted you, I don’t want you getting too involved with him” he said and Gwen just sighed at him 

“Okay daddy, whatever you say...hey um..where’s mom?” She asked him, knowing she was with her boyfriend. George pulled out his phone and called his wife, then he left a message saying he’ll be dropping off Gwen at home while he goes to handle business in the precinct. They drove home. 

   The Park 

  Helen was grinning at Peter as she hand her hands on her unbuttoned pants..then she lowered them and her panties enough to expose her bouncy, firm, smooth ass...Peter huffed and aligned his member to her slit, Helen was prepping her hands for the impacts against the tree.. 

   Literally 20 minutes later 

  “Ohhhh...ahhhh ohhhh ahhh ughhhh Peter” Helen’s loud moans and groans echoed in the empty forest...her ass jiggles as Peter thrusted passionalty into her while her head was raised high as she hissed and moaned into the sky while his hands were on her waist.. 

“Ughhh ughhh ohhhh ahhhh Helen” Peter was reaching his end already..he went faster and Helen looked back at him and grinned 

“Consider this our first date” she said as her pussy and body was being pounded from behind. She groaned more and more

“Ohhhh anhhh ughhh” he released himself inside her 

“Ahhhhh Peter!!” She mewled as she cam too..

   They were walking to the van with their arms wrapped around each other with smiles on their faces, Helen got in the driver’s seat while Peter got in the passenger side, 

 “Oh crap I forgot I left my phone” she said in realization as she quickly checked her voicemails, Peter was putting on his seat belt when Helen’s hand stopped him 

 “What is it?” He asked with curious eyes as she just had the phone to her ear and she had a wicked smile on her face 

 “George is gonna run some errands, so how about round 2?” She asked already unbuttoning her pants again, but she was surprised when Peter stopped her and had a soft look on his face 

 “Helen….why do you even have sex with me? there something wrong between you and Captain Stacy? Gwen’s mentioned the fact you guys haven’t screwed in a while” he said and helen looked ahead..her expression was one of if whether to answer him or not, she turned her head to face him 

 “I know he’s been having an affair for a while now...long before you met I figured..if I’m not enough for him...I am sure I am more than enough for someone else” she said softly facing him and putting a hand on his cheek..Peter just stared into her eyes as they leaned in slowly….

    25 Minutes Later 

 The van shook with every thrust as their sweaty bodies meshed together at a frantic pace. Helen’s seat was laid back all the way as Peter adjusted himself on top of her and pierced her with every thrust as her thighs hugged his waist with her legs wrapped around his back along with her arms hugging his sweating back as he grunted and groaned...Helen hissed and groaned when he put his mouth,and teeth, on her tit that was swinging right in his face and he had to taste it as it was glistening with sweat. She hugged him tighter as he rammed into her and her hands now went to his head holding it there to her breast..they were panting loudly and moaning as they rocked the Stacy family van back and forth, the vehicle letting out loud squeaks of the metal being rocked at great force and the suspension being put to the test by a superpowered hormornal teenager. 

  “Ohhh ahhh ohhh Peter ahhhh ohhhh Peter honey ahhhh Thank You haaaa” Helen moaned into his ear with a contentful smile on her face. Peter kept is fast pace and he moved from her breast and looked into her eyes matching her smile 

 “Don’t..ha ohhh ohhh haa Thank Me ohhh ahhhh...You are more than enough” he said and he saw a happy tear leave her eye and he kissed her passionately which she happily returned. They kissed and their bodies moved in unison,their sweat mixing along with their precum leaking out between them..her clothes were all over the car..her pants and panties on the seat next to them..her blouse and sexy lace bra was draped over the seat..Peter’s was on the dashboard behind them. Her breasts were on his chest so he could feel her hard nips rub against his muscular chest and her sweating heating thighs hugged him tighter, the toned muscles squeezing his groin and he hissed at the pleasant sensation which made Helen smile with amusement as she chuckled at him but he looked at her with a devil’s smile now 

 “I’ll give something to laugh about” he said with his tone of amusement and…

 He grabbed her wrists and held them above her head..he shifted slightly and now his hard thrusts stabbed through her heated tunnel and she screamed and moaned loudly in the Van..luckily no one was around in the nature preserve or else they’d hear her screams of lusts echo out the car as he went violently into her, she stared daggers into his smirking face 

 “Yes Yea baby ohhhh Yes Teach Me A Lesson ahhhh ohhhh ahhhh” she said between loud groans through gritted teeth as she just laid there and took her punishment. She was close..she could feel the dam about to burst from pressure and so could Peter as his face was going hot. 

 They rocked harder together and soon enough… 

“YES YES AHHHH TEACH ME A FUCKING LESSON AHHHHHH” Helen cam...she exploded and she screamed into his face and Peter released with a loud grunt and his river of cum met her flood of lustful release between them..Peter’s hands on her wrists went to her face as he started to kiss her, her now free hands went around his neck as she held him close with rubbing her thighs on his sweaty waist, they breathed through their noses while exchanging wet kisses as their heated bodies cooled down from the heated session moments ago.. They seperated and looked at each other.. they laughed at the intense sex session they just had. 

   Hours Later 

George Stacy walked out of the back porch of his teenage lover as he went around the alley and into his squad car as Mary Jane watched from her window, disdain at having no release for herself, again, and sighed heavily and went to use her dildo as usual. What she didn’t know is she’s being watched, 

  “So...that’s her?” Helen asked when the teen redhead stepped away from her view on her window, Peter sighed 

“Yeah..her name’s Mary Jane Watson, she’s 17...she's friends with Gwen..and me and her are kinda close but not really now with high school dynamics.” He said as they sat in the van. Helen sighed and after a look of consideration, she looked up at the mistress’s home, 

 “Fuck her” she said with venom in her voice. 

“Yeah Fuck her, she has nothing on you Hel..” he was cut off when she looked at him with gritted teeth 

“No Peter...Fuck her” She said as she stared daggers into his eyes, Peter’s face grew a wicked grin. 

 “Call Gwen...we need her to be in on this...she needs to know the truth too” he said and Helen agreed...she pulled out her phone and called Gwen while Peter started the van and drove into the city back to the Stacy Apartment.

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