Parker and Stacy(s)

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Parker Residence-9:00PM 

Peter opened the door and saw Helen standing there wearing tight blue jeans and a black sweater with her elegant blonde hair in a bun, She smiled warmly at him and kissed him softly which he returned and she caressed his face while wrapping an arm around his neck holding him close to her and she put their foreheads together and she sighed happily, he wrapped his arms around her and held her closer to him,

 “Rough day?” He asked her and she hummed into his chest as they hugged and stepped inside,

 “It was at first,annoying PTA members still complaining about what event to have in the school, then George and I had a counseling session today and well…it could’ve gone better.” She said as she removed her sweater and took his hand gently and held it up to her and she planted a soft kiss on it and Peter eyed her busty chest in her blue button plaid shirt,

 “Are you guys…. gonna…. try to work things out?” He asked her with slight hesitation and she smirked at him and played with his hand then held it and led him upstairs and he smiled at her ass right in his face as he followed her, they reached the room and she pulled him inside and pushed him to his bed and he chuckled as she started to unbutton her shirt,

 “Does it look like I’m trying to work things out with him?” She asked him sarcasm as she stood there in her black bra as she unzipped her jeans and he removed his own shirt and shoes and he sighed as he watched her smooth thighs and legs become more exposed as she lowered her jeans,

 “Isn’t he gonna wonder where you are?” He asked while removing his own jeans and she was in her bra and thong and let her hair out of it’s bun and her blonde hair was unleashed,

 “I called him earlier and said I would be spending the night at a friend’s” she said with a wink as she stepped to him and straddled him and he sighed while wrapping his arms around her back while she slid her legs to wrap around his back…their faces met and she smiled lovingly at him and pecked his lips softly as he undid her bra,

 “Peter….I love you, I don’t care if you don’t…just always make our love making passionate” she said softly and he grinned and lowered his head to lick and kiss at her exposed chest, Helen laughed lightly and kissed his cheek and shoulder as she slowly grind her hips against the hard dent in his boxers and Peter gritted his teeth from her teasing,

 “Helen ahhhh god…if you keep doing that…I’m gonna lose control…” Peter said with a warning tone and she laughed mockingly at him,

 “Oh what are you gonna do about it Mr.Parker..” she said to him and nipped his shoulder then…Peter stood up and threw Helen on the bed who started laughing like a horny school girl and then she found herself face down on the bed as Peter ripped her thong off with his teeth…then he dug into her asshole and used his hands to spread her ass cheeks and darted his tongue fully into her hole and she withered and gasp with a huge smile while her hands balled up his bedsheets. Peter kept his mouth firmly in her ass while gripping and her butt cheeks and he once he had is fill…he stood up on his bed…then pulled Helen’s legs up with him and she yelped as he held her to dangle alightly and only her arms outstretched allowed her hands to provide some support as Peter held her legs up and she was about to ask what he was gonna…,

 “Ahhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhh Ahhhhhh Ohhhhhh God Peter!!!!!!! ohhh ohhhhhh” Helen was screaming her moans and groans when Peter just jammed his dick into her pussy so now he was fucking her at an angle as he held her waist up while she supported herself with her arms on the bed to avoid falling over but it was difficult with the rough fuck Peter was giving her as her breasts shaked and her ass jiggled against his hips and thighs while he gripped her waist tightly and pulled her to his take his rod whole and he could see their precum dripping onto his sheets, he smiled as he panted and moaned feeling his dick engulfed in her hot,wet,slipperly tight tunnel and he increased the speed of his pulling of her hips into him and even started to thrust a bit to add more friction and Helen meweled and groaned and her arms gave way and now she was on her elbows and now she was almost in a handstand position with Peter standing right behind her and thrusting into her ass while holding her in place,

 Ahhhhh ahhhhhh ohhhhhhh ahhhhh ughhhhhhhhh!!!!! Ohhhhhhhh Godddddd Ahhhhhhh Ahhhhhhh Ahhhhh Ughhhhhh” Helen was letting her screams and low groans out as she felt his long john pierce through her, her breasts shaked like crazy and they sagged a bit making the jiggling more alluring and mixed with the sound of Peter’s hips meeting her ass in frantic rhythm was making him red and sweaty all over and Helen’s ass was red from the impacts and she too was red and sweating all over,

   “Ohhhhhhh ohhhhh my Goddddd!!!! Ahhhhhhh ohhhhhhh Ahhhhhhh God Helen!” Peter groaned as he felt his prick about to burst and he tried to hold it back while Helen was panting and groaning trying to hold herself together,

 “Peter!!! Please!!!!Not Yet!!!! Ahhhhh” Helen tried to beg but her words were lost in her lust but he understood her and grinned, he stopped thrusting, Helen sighed relieved to avoid a early release and looked back at Peter with a smile as he knelt down and while Helen was laying on her chest…Peter nestled his head between her butcheeks and Helen gasped with a grin and gripped the bedposts as she felt her pussy being eaten out by his lips and teeth while he put some of his fingers into her ass and twisted them around inside. 

   May’s Room

 Gwen was reading her book as she listened to her mother’s moans through the wall and she smiled knowing that she was receiving the love attention she had been yearning for,

 “Peter ahhhhh like that ahhhhh Yeah right there ahhhhhh ahhhhhh ohhhhhh watch it with your teeth! Ahhhhhh'' Gwen heard Helen’s groans and moans and she rubbed her thighs together as she continued to read her book about babies with a smile. 

   Peter’s Room 

Peter was sitting on the bed while Helen was kneeling showing off her awesome milf ass as she had her legs under her rear and she had her hands running up his sweaty chest while she bobbed her head on his tool making him hiss and groan while his rod was trapped in a moist hot cave with her tongue twirling around the head of his cock…Jesus he almost lost it there, she bobbed her head up and down on him and she pinched his nipples and he hissed and retaliated by slapping a hand to her ass cheek making it echo in the room and jiggle…then Helen got back at him by….nipping her teeth on his dick and he gasped and she chuckled as she pulled her head off his dick with a pop sound when she reached the end of the tip,

 “You wanna try to mess with the woman with your dick in her mouth and hand?” She asked with sarcasm and a smile and he laughed, she grinned and moved up slightly and moved her lucious mom tits to swallow his rod and it disappeared in between her breasts and into her cleavage,he sighed happily with a wicked smile as she pushed her breasts to squeeze his rod while her lips and tongue kissed and swirled the head of his prick that was leaking,

 “Wow Helen…ohhh god your boobs are so warm and soft…like heated pillows, and your mouth and tongue ohhhh godddd ohhhhhh Yeahhh ahhhhhh” Peter kept moaning as she titty fucked his dick with her mouth open so the tip would get some moisture with her gums and tongue and he felt her hard nipples rub on his skin as they went up and down with her tits that was being stained by his precum and she slurped on it sucking it up. Peter used his arm to reach and caress her butt cheek and slapped it and he grinned when he looked at his mirror and saw his reflection of him sitting on his bed while a sexy blonde mild was on her knees with her head bobbing in between his legs and her hand was caressing his chest while the other was stroking his cock as she sucked on it making loud slurp and lick sounds with her mouth and tongue and he was reaching his release, he gripped her ass cheek even harder and she hummed in her throat feeling the warm precum leak into her mouth and travel down her throat so she increased her speed…then when she heard Peter gasp and she could feel the built up cum about to pop when…she pulled her mouth off….he looked at her with eager eyes and a impatient face, Helen smiled warmly at him,

 “If you want to cum….” She started to say as she stood up and swayed her hips as she went to his open Bedroom window..and leaned against it with her hands resting on the raised glass so her breasts was being hit by the wind making her nipples rock hard….she wiggled her ass at him as she looked over her shoulder with a happy smile,

 “You have to cum inside me…” she said with lust and she grinned when Peter went to her…

   Watson Residence

Mary Jane Watson was just watching TV in her room bored out of her mind, she had finished her homework and she had done all her chores and errands so now she was just being lazy around her house. She was about to put on her headphones when she heard,

 “Yes! Ahhh Ahhhh Ahhhh” Mary Jane's eyes brightened and she grinned… she went to her window and sure enough…Peter Parker was fucking someone…and she smiled at Helen who grinned like a manic right back at MJ who disspareaed for a moment from Helen’s view only to laugh when she saw MJ come back with a chair.

 Parker Residence 

 Peter was panting and sweating as he held Helen’s waist to hold her still as he thrusted into her pussy and he laughed when he saw what Helen had been laughing at,

 “Enjoying the Show?!” He shouted across to the redhead who was clearly working her fingers into herself while she was sitting on the chair,

 “Hell Yeah! Better than Porn!” MJ shouted her reply and Peter smiled at her and MJ smiled back as she watched the heated fuck session and Helen just moaned and moaned feeling her tunnel being stuffed, Peter smiled as he looked at Helen’s sweaty body and MJ’s arm moving downward…but he wanted to see more,

 “Show me your boobs!” Peter shouted and MJ immediately removed her shirt and since she wasn’t wearing a bra…her bare tits were revealed and she started to grip one of them with her other hand and she moaned which mixed with Helen’s own groans and moans as both ladies watched each with lustful eyes and wicked smiles in the dark streets of Queens, Peter huffed as he felt Helen start to back her own ass against his rod so he stopped thrusting leaving Helen to be the one to do the friction by backing her butt against him so she was taking him whole while he gripped her tits while resting his head on her shoulder to watch Mary Jane Watson finger herself and grip her own tit. 

  Watson Residence 

MJ worked her fingers into her pussy faster and faster as she watched Helen Stacy’s breasts swing in Peter Parker’s hands and her body shake from her movements while they both moaned and groaned, she twisted and twirled her fingers around in her tunnel faster and faster as Helen’s loud panting was increasing as her body shaked more and more then…she saw and heard Helen let out a scream and she froze and gasped while Peter gasped too and thrusted twice…she felt her own juices start to overflow…

  Parker Residence 

 Peter gasped and grinned as his last thrust released all his sperm into Helen’s waiting tunnel and he hugged her into him and stayed fully inside her to finish his release and he felt her pussy juice leak out from her own orgasm and he heard her laugh feeling the sweetness of cuming on Peter’s dick, she sighed when Peter pulled out and he sat on his bed while catching his breath and Helen just looked at MJ and winked at her then..MJ ran from her view on the window.

 Peter chuckled at Helen, then the bedroom door opened and in walked Gwen in her sweatpants and Peter’s sweater,

 “Did you have your fill mom? Cuz I’m aching for something good before bed…” Gwen said in a hot voice and Peter’s cock got rock hard again and Helen winked at her daughter,

 “Have you ever had your fill….I’ll help you”She said as she walked bare ass naked to her daughter and gave her a sweet kiss Peter was about to kiss them when the back door was knocked on repeatedly and Gwen looked at him while her mother was kissing her neck while undoing the string knot of her sweatpants,

 “Go get MJ….my mom and I will….enjoy ourselves…” she said then started to kiss her mom’s lips and she raised her hands to let Helen remove the sweater revealing her bare tits while Peter went downstairs to open the door. 

   11:00PM-Stacy Apartment

George was looking over some files in his home office while the boys were already asleep, he read over some reports over the recent mob shootings and gun fights happening around the city and he sighed in frustration as he couldn’t pinpoint the location all these men and vehicles could be originating from, he had Vanessa get the locations of some of her husband’s warehouses where he stores his goods but he couldn’t do anything about it since there is no clear connection that would work as an excuse….plus the dirty money being burned to crisp was a huge loss and it only heightened his frustration over not being able to locate any banks being used to store the mob’s millions yet Fisk had an idea on where they are but he kept it to himself and only told his men the day of the attack. He decided to rest and so he went to the couch he had in there that was long enough for him to lay down and rub his head to soothe the headache he had, he then groaned when he remembered he had to go to another counseling session with Helen…he then had an idea on how to avoid it…and get away from Helen for a bit.

Parker Residence-11:30PM

The Parker home was dark as the night sky with all the lights turned off and the bedroom door closed, Helen Stacy was fast asleep on Peter’s bed from the rough treatment she got from Peter and her daughter so now the other three were enjoying each other in May’s room. 

  Peter was standing at the edge of the bed thrusting his hips into the redhead who was on all fours mewling and moaning like a slut as her body shaked with the bed and her tits swinged as well, the sexy blonde laying under her was nipping and licking her chest and tits while her hands caressed MJ’s sweating back as she put her legs in the air so MJ can lay flat on top of her, Gwen was moaning and groaning feeling MJ’s fingers dig and twirl inside her pussy stretching and rubbing it out, both women filled the room with their lustful noises making Peter grin widely and thrust faster into MJ while increasing his fingering speed into Gwen which mixed with MJ’s touches threw the blonde vixen into overdrive making her leak and body burning hot with lust and desire,

 “Ohhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhh Right there! Don’t stop!! Ahhhhhh Right There” MJ was moaning and begging feeling Peter’s rod thrust madly into her pussy that was leaking onto Gwen’s thigh making the smooth skin wet and slippery and she groaned when Gwen’s hands went to grip her bouncing tits while Peter’s own hands went to grip Gwen’s tits so she wouldn’t be left without attention, 

 “Ohhhh Peter ahhhhhh Yeah,” Gwen groned when he started to pinch her nipples while increasing his thrusts and MJ sped up her own fingering into Gwen…then she felt it inside her….gushing down without warning making her whole body numb and hot,

 “Ahhhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhh Ohhhhhh My God Ohhhh My Goddddd ahhhhh” Mary Jane started to scream and moan right at Gwen’s face who smirked at the her rival and she put her hands on her ass to grip it tighter and she could feel the pressure Peter was putting on her body, Mary Jane kept screaming and groaning while Gwen Stacy was laughing at her noises and Peter was going as fast as he can to finish her off, he felt her body about to pop,

 “Peter ahhhhhh!!!! Peter ahhhhhhh ahhhhh I’m gonna ahhhhhh ohhhhhhh shittt!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH'' MJ let out one last loud scream and her pussy gushed out all its juices on Peter’s dick and leaked out between staining Gwen’s belly and the bed…she collapsed right on Gwen and….started snoring making her and Peter laugh at her.Gwen shoved her off and looked at Peter’s still hard dick that was pulsing and leaking with pussy cum and his precum, she moved to sit on the bed with her knees under her ass and Peter gave her a lustful smile matching the one she was giving him…he stepped closer to her and she opened her mouth and took his rod in her mouth..she sucked and slurped on it while bobbing her head on it taking more and more into her mouth, Peter sighed happily and put his hands to rest on her head while she worked on her own hard nipple with her hand while the other ran up Peter’s chest feeling his god like body and she sighed as she felt each muscle of his chest and he moaned when she kissed the head of his rod,

 “Can we….go to the couch?…” She asked him with a shy expression and she glanced at the sleeping redhead who was still leaking her pussy juice,

 “I want us to have our…space.” Gwen said with a cute smile and Peter grinned at her and offered her his hand which she took with pleasure, he led her out of the bedroom to the stairs and they went downstairs into the living room, both bare ass naked and already horny and ready for round 3 as they approached the big couch. Gwen put her hands on his shoulders and sat him down, he looked up at her and then…she turned around and placed her hands on his knees…Peter sighed with lust when Gwen started to tease him by rubbing her butt on his pulsing rod and when she looked over her shoulder at him with a smirk…he lost it,

 “I Love You.” He said with love in his voice to her and…he gripped her waist and pulled her down on him…her pussy took him whole and she groaned with a grin and started to her grinding in reverse cowgirl position, Peter just groaned and smiled as he watched Gwen’s sweaty back and sideboobs shake with her ass cheeks jiggling when they landed on his thighs creating that sweet smack sound between their impacting bodies, Peter scrunched his face as he pulled her down when she raised herself up while gripping his knees to steady herself and she had her eyes closed and her mouth was open with a wide smile as she felt a long hot rod pierce through her wet pussy and the cool air around them harden her tits and nipples making the cute pink little nips hard and round, 

 “Ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhhh Yesss ahhhhh ohhhhh ahhhh” Gwen kept moaning as Peter kept pulling her down, his hands went to grip her juicy white girl ass, she groaned loudly at that,

 “Gahhhhhh Ohhhhhhh Ohhhhhhh Peter!!! ahhhhhhh Peter ahhhhhhhh you love this ass!!!!!ahhhhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhh ohhhhhhh” Gwen kept her noises going making Peter smirk and he started to thrust upwards so now Gwen’s body went limp to let Peter set the pace with his pulls and thrusts and she just steadied herself with her hands as her body rocked against his,

 “Ahhhhhh Yeah Ahhhhhh Yeah Gwen ahhhhhhh Yes!!!!! Ohhhhhhh Jesus ahhhhhh Yeah ohhhhh Yeah” Peter moaned with lust as he pulled Gwen’s pussy deeper into him and he felt her juices soak his balls and thighs, he closed his eyes and leaned his head back and just listened to the sweet sound of their juices mixing between his dick and her tunnel and their skins impacting on each other, he moved his hands from her butt cheeks and they slowly went up her smooth sweating back reaching her shoulders and then he slowly ran his hands up her slender neck and she raised it as far as she could and she sighed with content when he put his hands to her breasts and just held her melons in his hands as her body shakes with his thrusts. 

  They kept their pace for a while…until Peter pushed her off him and she winced from the sudden loss of penis inside her and looked back at him with a desperate expression…she wanted a release…Peter just smiled at her, then laid down flat on the couch and smirked at her,

  “You’re gonna swallow all of it.” Peter said with lust as she got on top of Peter but facing the opposite way, Peter was looking at her leaking pussy lips and admiring her cheeks up close while Gwen ran her tongue against her lips in hungry lust…she just stared at the erect tool that had claimed and marked its territory in her then virgin pussy months ago, she sighed when Peter started to caress her butt while licking and kissing her pussy,

 “First you, then me” Peter said to her and she just groaned feeling his tongue and mouth diving inside her and swirling around her tunnel and since she was already close…Peter just had to suck on her lips and twist his tongue and…,

 “Ahhhhh Peter ahhhh ahhhhhh right there!!! RIGHT THERE!!!OHHHHHHH” Gwen let out a hard groan that rumbled her throat as she felt her juices travel down her and a hot rush coursing through her body while her climax dripped and spilled into Peter’s lips and open mouth and she could her him gulp down her cum and she chuckled at that sweet sound, once she was finished cuming she leaned her head down and she started to kiss the head of his dick…she used one hand to rub and caress his balls while the other hand went to grip her own tit making herself moan,then she stuck out her tongue and ran it up his leaking rod and swirled it around the head and tip like a lollipop,

 “Anhhhhh Gwen ahhhhh ahhhhh Gwen Ahhhhhh Jesus Ahhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhh You’re so Good at that!!! ahhhhhhh” Peter moaned and groaned as he felt Gwen’s mouth and tongue worshipping his dick while her hand played with his balls, he put his hands on top of her ass to rest there as she took him whole and kept his rod inside her mouth to use her tongue as a snake coiling and slithering around his rod only making him harder and his dick leaked his precum in large amounts and then with one of her hands…she reached for the base of his rod and squeezed it to hold his pre cum and his incoming release…Peter groaned loudly and Gwen let out a loud pop when she pulled her head of his enlarged rod and licked the tip teasingly,

 “Hold on sweetie, I want you to finish on my face.” She said as she climbed off him and went on her knees on the carpet by the couch and Peter stood up and grinned as Gwen just waited for his cum with a open mouth and pleading eyes,

 “Jesus Gwen Stacy you are something else.” Peter said with a lustful tone as he started to jack off to let his cum out, he groaned as he sped up his masterbation when Gwen started to caress and pinch her own breasts and nipples then she stuck out her tongue all the way, he felt it coming…warm liquid rushing down….,

 “Gwen ahhhh ahh I’m gonna cum…ohhhhh” Peter groaned as he finally cam and it spilled and stained Gwen’s face while spilling into her open mouth and even dropped to her chest and breasts. Gwen sighed as Peter’s sperm traveled down her mouth,into her throat and down into her stomach, her face was stained with cum up to her forehead so she ran a hand to collect as much cum as she can and she licked the extra cum of her hand much to Peter’s humor,

 “You don’t waste a single drop huh Gwendy.” Peter said as he squirted out whatever was left in his dick while Gwen was swallowing the cum on her body and when she was finished she stood up and kissed his cheek,

 “I’m gonna go shower, you should check in with Black Widow about some files I sent her from my dad’s office, and since every bed is taken…spend the night with her okay.” Gwen said with a smile as she walked her cum stained body up the stairs to shower and sleep while Peter went to his room to get changed. 

   Natalie Rushman’s Apartment-12:30 AM

Peter knocked on the door and Nat opened it and greeted him with a smile which he returned,

 “So Gwen said you have some new information about the case.” Peter said as he followed her into the backroom where she had a table with her files and laptop which was where Peter placed his own and booted it up to open the holographic map of New York,

 “Yeah I think I found something, look at this.” Natasha said to him as she typed away on her computer and connected it to Peter’s computer so now her data was on his laptop. A shipping form and a map was shown on the hologram,

 “So Felicia managed to break into one of Fisk’s corporate offices that he’s been seen in fairly more often than his other properties…she hacked into the main hard drive and this was what she found and Gwen’s files came in handy too…see a pattern on the shipping dates and the map?” Nat asked him with a smirk and Peter looked over the data displayed and he ran a thumb under his chin in deep thought…then he smiled at her,

 “The dates for Fisk’s shipping arrivals are listed on early Sunday mornings when the docks are the least busiest throughout the week and the locations are near the warehouses Fisk’s shadow company owns….and from what I can tell from the shipping list….it’s not a whole lot of items being brought in but it only adds to the question what does Fisk have shipped here in New York every week and does it involve the Mob war.” Peter said to Natasha with a smile and she patted his head and offered him a full on smile,

 “You really are a junior Shield Agent aren’t you.” She said to him and he chuckled and shyly looked down blushing,

 “So what’s the plan boss?” He asked her and Nat got hot from hearing him call her “boss”…it was so hot for her to hear,

 “Well….we have two options on how to approach this….if we want to take on the Mafia first we can hit their banks since we do know about the ones located in Brooklyn and Queens while the ones in Manhattan are possibly the ones Fisk will go after to literally destroy their dirty money so we can hit their lesser known banks and rob them blind, or we take on Fisk first….tell me what we can do?” Nat said as she shut everything down and led him to the bedroom, it was time for a proper rest and Gwen had texted Nat to let her know that Peter was spending the night with her…much to Natasha’s pleasure….she had never really had someone,

 “Well…” Peter started to say as he undressed and put on a pair of sweatpants Nat passed to him,of course she had bought some men’s clothing to store for him at her place and the safehouses she used,

 “…we can sneak onboard one of Fisk’s shipments, see what he’s been bringing in and if it’s any stolen goods we send it in to the proper authorities to ensure all items are sent back to where they were stolen and that’ll bring attention to this smuggling thing happening at the ports. But if it’s anything dangerous, say guns or drugs… we blow up the whole thing ourselves…Fisk will probably think it's the Mob and bring attention to himself when he seeks revenge.” Peter finished his plan and Nat cocked her head in thought…while removing her button shirt and putting on a oversized black shirt instead and then she removed her jeans..she didn’t bother to put any sweats to cover her lower half…Peter couldn’t help but smirk at her while admiring her toned legs and thighs while her panties were hidden under the large shirt…and he noted it was definitely one of his that she stole from his room,

 “I wonder how the world would react to knowing that the Black Widow likes to sleep in a baggy teenage boy’s shirt.” Peter said as she smirked back at him while she climbed under the covers and patted the spot next to her, Peter climbed in and settled into her cuddling hold,

 “Anyway….I think we should go to the banks…the men I’ve seen in the gunfights that cause the most damage and hurt the civilians with their stray bullets are the thugs in the mob, when I fight them they just shot their weapons without thinking, If we take the mob’s cash away then they’ll have no way to purchase more guns or hire more men after we wreck their supplies.” Peter said to Nat in the dark room lit only by the moonlight shining through the window by the bed, Nat kissed his cheek,

 “Sounds like a plan, I’ll get the schematics for the banks while Felcia scoops them out to get a layout of the place while Gwen can look into how fast the cops will respond to a bank distress call so we can get in and out quick with Felicia’s expertise with breaking and entering while I will hack into the bank’s computer systems and gather as much information as I can on the mob’s finances and who exactly takes charge of the money.” She said as they both began to drift into slumber, Peter sighed as he wrapped an arm around her to hold her close,

 “Sounds good, thank god it’s Friday tomorrow.” He said softly and soon…they both were breathing softly as they cuddled in their sleep, Natasha had a full loving smile on her face as she moved her body closer to him to feel his bodily warmth. 


Nat’s beside alarm went off to do its duty and wake her up for her usual routine of playing boring English Midtown Teacher Natalie Rushman and she would get up then get a nice shower and just get dressed in her civilian disguise to go watch over Peter Parker…

at least that’s what she would usually do, but right now her arm reached out and she grabbed the alarm and slammed it on the table silencing it….she continued to groan as her hands went to grip the headboard tightly as her body felt the full length and power of previously mentioned Peter Parker as he kept his hard slow tempo going while holding Natasha’s breasts in his hands…he laid right on her as she was on her knees and he was right behind her enjoying a early morning fuck before school with the infamous Black Widow who has become his mentor in a way, he had his eyes closed to just enjoy the feeling of her hot and wet walls while the sounds of her groans and moans that she let out softly which only made Peter leak more precum into her already moist lips. He had control of the tempo, he thrusted into her hard making her body shake and her ass jiggle and he would pull himself almost completely out of her…only to slam himself back in making her groan each time he did, he heard the old wood headboard break from her tight grip on it and she groaned loudly when Peter pinched her nipples with both hands, after hearing her groan for a minute he moved his hands to hold her waist and he started a fast tempo to end this session…they still had to get to Midtown…when he started to quicken his thrusts into Nat she too moved her hands from the headboard to the bed to steady herself now on all fours as her body shaked and her ass jiggled, 

 “Ohhhh ohhhhh ohhhhh ahhhh ohhh ahhhh ahhhh” Nat let out her soft moans as Peter switched back to hard slow hards and he gripped her waist tighter as he laid his head on her smooth back and their soft moans were in unison as they sounded out in Natalie Rushman’s apartment. 


 Nat stepped out of the shower after a pleasurable morning fuck with her lover, she smiled at Peter who was brushing his teeth at the sink and he passed her a towel so she can dry herself and wrapped it around her fine body in a cocoon, 

 “I’ll get ready and head out, you stay here for a bit and arrive to school a bit late to avoid any stares should a teacher and student arrive exactly at the same time, especially since a fellow faculty member at the school recently questioned me as to why I seem to favor you over other students.” Nat said with a wink and Peter chuckled and nodded agreeing to her suggestion, 

 “See you at school.” He said to her as she walked into her bedroom and closed the door to change. 

  Midtown High School-9AM 

Peter and Gwen sat side by side in their chemistry class, needless to say they were bored with the easy material being taught to them so they just chatted sitting all the way in the back to avoid disrupting the lecture,

 “So how’s the Oxford thing going, Gwendy? You haven’t brought it up in a while.” Peter asked her and she pulled out a letter she received in the mail recently, Peter’s eyes grew wide as he read it and she bit her lip in anticipation to his reaction,

 “Wow….they want you to go over to England to meet with them for an interview since you’re one of the finalist’s…” Peter started to say lowly and Gwen bit her lip harder in fear….she knew this would happen….his mind and heart are at war between his duties to the city…and his duties to his loved ones, she was about to say something when…,

 “GWEN THAT’S AMAZING,YOU’RE AMAZING,A WHOLE OTHER COUNTRY WANTS YOU!!!” Peter said loudly and proudly of his Gwen Stacy and she blushed heavily at his loud declaration while all the other students gave them awkward looks while the teacher gave Peter an annoyed stare, Peter gave them all his famous Parker awkward smile and simply apologize and thankfully everything proceed as usual and Gwen covered her mouth with both hands to muffle her laughter at her embarrassed boyfriend, but once everyone was looking away and the teacher kept going with his lecture she kissed his cheek and gave him a loving smile which he returned. 

   A while later, they were in the back of the nearly empty library except for the old librarian who was sleeping from the lack of students and activity in the building, they had gone in during lunch and Gwen had Peter inside the janitor’s closet..where he was panting and moaning as he watched the sexy blonde who was on her knees sucking him off like no tomorrow, she was pumping his cock and taking it in her mouth while swirling her tongue around the head and she would even gently bite him which made him gasp and groan and she felt the hot long member pulse from her bites and she slurped up the precum to add moisture to her lips from her lover’s juices. She had dragged him after class since she wanted to show her love and appreciation to his outburst during the lecture…and when he had mentioned he too was reaching the the final part of the interview process she practically ripped his jeans and boxers off, now she gagging,slurping, and licking his rod while giving him loving eyes and he too looked at her full of love…all while he watched his dick disappear into her hand and mouth and she was tugging at his balls now so he put his hands on her ass clad in sexy tight blue jeans which wrapped around her ass beautifully so he took advantage and ran his hands up her sweet asscheeks and even spanked her tushy making her giggle through her throat and she sucked on him harder and faster than before and Peter….,

 “Ohhh ohhhh Gwen stop or I…ahhhh Gwen ahhhh Gwen I Love You! I Love You ahhhhhh!!” Then at that moment…he cam, Gwen quickly took him whole and just waited for him to finish in her mouth and waiting throat and she sighed feeling the warm cum course through her mouth and into her belly, Peter groaned hearing her gulp at least 3 times to swallow all of his load since she didn’t want to waste a single drop. She twirled her tongue around the head that was still deep in her mouth to lick up all the cum on it and she gave it a soft kiss when she pulled back and popped it out all while Peter was in a daze after a great blowjob and Gwen giggled to herself proudly knowing she brought this reaction on him, she stood up and tapped his head,

 “You okay there sweetie? Can you go again?” She asked him gently while kissing his face softly and he sighed against her smooth skin,

 “Yeah…I can” he said to her and she giggled, then she went to the door and left the closet and Peter raised an eyebrow and was about to put his pants back when the door opened and he grinned, 

 “Isn’t this risky?” He asked her and she winked at him,

 “Well we’ve done more than enough so why not go the extra mile.” Ms.Rushman replied as she stepped and Gwen closed the door for them and waited outside as a guard, Nat went up to Peter and stroked his cock back to life with Peter groaning already feeling his release coming, He kissed her and she kissed him back while stroking his member in her hand while the other went to her own pussy under the long pencil skirt and thong she had on,

 “Thank god it’s friday, I love the weekends with all of you.” Peter said still a climaxed induced daze with his eyes low and his vision was blurry, he totally needs to drink way more water with all this…extra activity besides playing Superhero, he sighed when he saw Nat turn around away from from to face the wall and she reached down under her beige skirt with both hands…and she pulled down her white panties to her feet in typical heels a teacher would wear, he smiled softly while she bit her lip with a smile looking at the wall as she pulled the long skirt up her shapely legs…above her creamy,toned  thighs until her ass was in his view…Peter huffed and yet still in a daze with his vision slightly blurry and feeling lightheaded…but he stepped up while stroking his cock gently and aligned it to Natasha’s pussy and he put a hand to rest on her butt cheek….they both sighed with wide smiles on their faces when he pushed himself inside and started a slow thrust….they have plenty of time since Nat’s class was his last one for the day.

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