Parker and Stacy(s)

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Disclaimer: I own nothing related to Spider-Man, Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, George Stacy, of Helen Stacy. all casting is fan. I make no money from this story.

Author's Note: Story ending soon, Sequel planned. Some spinoffs coming too. Also I plan to update my other stories as well. And as usual, I make no money from this story and all casting is fanmade.



Peter looked at the little girl in her adorable pink bunny pajamas with a happy grin on her little face with her little teeth showing a bit too,

 “Come on dad, mom said it’s your turn to read to me!” The kid said happily and grabbed Peter’s hand and led him to her bedroom, Peter just blinked numerous times in confusion as he looked at the girl climbed into her bed and settle in for a bedtime story, 

 “Ok uhmm….what story do you want…little girl?” He asked with a shy smile and she laughed at him,

 “You’re funny daddy! You know which one.” She said to him in fits of giggle and Peter just chuckled lamely as he looked around the blue bedroom and he saw a certain children’s book that made him raise an eyebrow…its a Spider-Man book for kids, he grinned at it and he knew this was the one, he sat down next to her and she smiled happily as he started to read the story of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, in this goofy cherry kids book Spider-Man was fighting a monster with some fellow heroes and Peter made sure to add some acting in his voice when reading the story to the little girl. 


Peter tucked in his daughter as she slept with a smile on her face after Peter had read the story a second time, she wanted to hear it from Peter’s side since apparently the kid knows he’s Spider-Man, which honestly made Peter very happy even if it is a dream, so he he happily told her the story that he made up and she slept like a log afterwards. Peter looked at the sleeping little angel and he couldn’t help but lean down to kiss her forehead goodnight,

 “Love you daddy..” he heard her whisper in her sleep and Peter smiled like he never smiled before, he got up and went out of the room to leave her to sleep, but he did look out her window and he saw they were in a field so Peter knew they weren’t in the city and once he closed the door he noticed the house itself was rather big with a attic level on top and two floors below, Peter looked around and he figured the mother would be in the bedroom since it’s very dark outside but he found no one in the bedroom but he did take note of several things, dirty clothes in the hamper, a computer desk nearby, and some women’s clothing laying around the dresser and the tv stand in front of the bed. Peter wondered who lived here, he looked back out into the house,

 “Uhmm….babe!” He called out,

 “Down here!” He heard her reply and Peter’s eyes went wide at the voice, he hurried downstairs and he looked around and heard noises coming from down the hall and he saw her, she was in the laundry room putting things away after finishing up, Peter smiled at her mom look: sweatpants, socks, and a regular hoodie sweater that Peter could tell was his by the size on her, she had her hair in a bun and she smiled back at him when he walked in,

 “Hey, so did you read her the Spidey book?” She asked him and Peter wrapped an arm around her and pulled her in, she giggled and nipped his neck,

 “Yeah, she loved it.” Peter whispered into her ear and she shuddered slightly and ran a hand up his arm,

 “Was she asleep when you tucked her in?…” she asked as she held Peter’s hands in hers as they just looked at each other with Peter smiling at her and she gave him a loving smile in return,

 “Yep…she fell asleep before it ended, so what do you want to do Ms.Romanoff?” He asked Natasha (Scarlett Johansson) who gave him a smirk and showed him her hand with a certain accessory,

 “That’s Mrs.Parker to you.” She said with heated eyes then…she tripped him and pinned him on the floor and Peter just laughed while she chuckled as she looked down at him, she sat on him and held his hands in hers as she hovered over her husband,

 “I love you.” Natasha had look of love and openness in her eyes as she stared at Peter and he put a hand on her bun to let it all down, he liked seeing all of her scarlet red hair, he put a hand on her face and she kissed his palm,

 “I love you too.” Peter whispered back and Natasha grinned at him then she reached for the door and closed it, now they were alone in the laundry room kissing,nipping each other, and their hands were roaming over each other’s bodies. Peter felt her wide thighs, her ass that was bigger and firmer while her breasts were also a bit bigger after being used as milk jugs, Nat sighed into his mouth as her hands went under his shirt and caressed his muscles. Natasha let out a low breath when she pulled away and her hands went to her sweater to pull it off but Peter stopped her making her frown,

 “What about..” his question was cut off by Nat who kissed him again and grinned when she pulled away,

 “I love it when you put her first, let’s check on her together then go to the bedroom.” She whispered then bit Peter’s bottom lip making him groan, Natasha got up and fixed her mom sweats,that still showed off her Milf figure, then her hair was fixed before she opened up the closet,

 “I’ll be there in a sec, I wanna check something.” Peter said as he stood up and Nat nodded at him then she playfully spanked his butt making him chuckle at her as she went up, Peter wanted to see just what the hell was this place so he went to the living room and the first thing he saw was a family photo of him, Nat, and their daughter. Peter just smiled at the photo then he saw something adorable that drew a laugh out of him, it was a cute drawing his daughter made of herself and her mom along with a blonde woman who she wrote as ‘Auntie Gwendy’ so Peter just let out another laugh at it and he went upstairs where he saw Nat smiling at him as he went to the door, Natasha slowly opened the door enough for her and Peter to peer in, they saw the adorable child sleeping peacefully in her bed with a smile on her face as she hugged her Spider-Man plushie. 


Natasha led Peter in by hand into the room and he closed the door to ensure privacy, he saw Nat let out a sigh as she stretched her body with a yawn,

 “I’m tired, I think I’ll watch the news. Can you do me a favor and put those clothes in the hamper please?” Nat asked Peter as she climbed into the bed in her sweatpants and plain white shirt, Peter just replied a ‘yes’ and went ahead to do as he was asked, he wondered what the hell was going on….now his dream has actually given him another life!? He just decided to go along with it and hope he’ll just fuck Nat and go home to reality, Peter gave Nat a grin and she raised and eyebrow at him with a smirk,

 “What are you thinking Parker?” She asked with a sly tone and Peter just undressed into his boxers drawing a chuckle from his wife who patted the empty spot next to her,

 “Just get over here, we’ll have fun after the news, okay? Just wanna wake up a bit so I’m not just laying there….or is that what you want husband?” Natasha said with another sly smile and Peter just smirked back as he crawled on top of her getting a giggle from her,

 “Wife….just lay there and let me do all the work.” He whispered and Nat giggled again as Peter started to kiss at her cheek then her neck leaving loving bites along the way making her gasp, he felt up her body in her sweats as he got under the covers with her and she giggled again and gripped his crotch in her hand making Peter groan,

 “Ohhh Nat…let me feel your skin, your heartbeat…let me taste you….” Peter whispered to Natasha who giggled lightly and nipped his ear,

 “I guess we can have a quick one..” she replied and she gently pushed him off and gave him a smile and heated eyes,

 “Remember the rules: we have to be quick, we have to be quiet, and I get to be on top.” Natasha said with a smirk and Peter nodded with a stupid grin,

 “Gotcha, now show me what you got mamma.” Peter whispered with a wink and Natasha just let out a snort of laughter and playfully swatted Peter’s shoulder. Once she calmed she gave Peter a look of pure love which made Peter nervous and horny at the same time, Natasha leaned in for a soft kiss and Peter could feel her tongue on his lips, she pulled away and she just started to remove her sweats revealing her milf figure with added roundness on her ass shown by her black lace panties and her breasts were bigger and her nipples a bit bigger as well, she then let her hair down which went below her shoulders. Peter just stared at the fine woman in front of him and he noticed a certain scar….he gently ran a finger over it and Nat sighed with her eyes closed,

 “Bye Bye Bikinis…Hello Motherhood, more than fair trade.” Natasha whispered with love to Peter as his finger drew a circle around the scar that brought the little girl into the world, well dream world, Peter inhaled deeply and gave Nat a heated look and she returned it, then there kissing and groping, moving the bed sheets as Peter pulled her under the covers while hasty removing her underwear while she fished out his cock that was prime and ready it even pulsed in her hand making Natasha moan as she moved on top of Peter with her tits sagging a bit and her thighs holding him underneath her as her hands rested on his chest, she breathed deeply then she reached for his hard rod and aligned it to her slit, she grinned hearing Peter hiss as she rubbed his cock against her moist lips teasing him,

 “Come on Nat, show me what mamma Parker can do.” He said to her with a smirk and she narrowed her eyes at him…lifted herself lightly…then she just let gravity take her down right on the hot pulsing member that slide right in all the way deep into Natasha’s tunnel that opened wide for him, in that second Natasha put a hand over Peter’s mouth to muffle his groan and she controlled her own groan and just gritted her teeth while breathing through her nose, Peter’s hands went to to grip her waist and Natasha let out a dry laugh and she just started to bounce on him with glee, her hand silenced her lover’s sounds of pleasure as she moved her pussy and ass right onto Peter and she felt his rod move around inside her so she used her walls to clamsp him still, she felt Peter’s hard groan vibrate her hand and his grip tightened on her waist, Natasha decided to tease herself so she put a hand to tweak her own nipple as she kept bouncing on Peter, thanks to her skills from her previous life she was able to keep the bed steady enough to just make squeaks in the room. Natasha’s body moved in slender form into Peter’s waist, she changed it up so now she was grinding on him moving her great mom ass on him sliding his rod back and forth, teasing the both of them while it breached deep into her getting to her womb, Peter was a daze now…this was new…he just let Nat take control…his hands fell off her waist and just laid there on the bed as his body shaked with the bed with Natasha’s hard grinding with her breasts shaking all over with hard nipples, Nat smirked as she looked down at a dazed Peter Parker who just enjoyed the ride,

 “Like it honey…” She said more as fact than question and she went harder and faster, her ass shaked with her movement and the sound of leaking liquids could be heard now too, Nat kept hissing and sighed, she felt her body begin to overheat from the holdback…she was trying to make this quickie last, she wanted to be loud too but…she couldn’t risk Yelena seeing how the miracle of her creation came to be. Natasha smiled brightly at the memory of that day…she giggled and leaned down as she kept her fast tempo, Peter just breathed through his nose as he felt his end coming, he watched as Natasha’s skin started to glow a bit from the building of sweat, her tits were hard as a rocks, he could hear their juices mixing with her ass sliding on him and he felt her hands on his shoulders so now he had to control his sounds,

 “Nat…are you…” he started to ask but then Nat did something….she bounced on him hard while clampsing his rod tightly inside her…he felt his tip strike her womb…he felt the bed shake roughly…he felt his dick being pulled by Nat’s body as she went up before falling during her bounce,

 Nat!!!” Peter’s plea would have been heard had it not been for Natasha’s hand covering his mouth and he exploded right into her without warning but he knew she had an idea what he was going to say, he emptied right inside her tunnel that held him in place, he shot right into her womb, he felt her release too…he then felt his body go limp…he got sleepy..his eyes slowly closed as he watched Nat quiver from her afterglow. 


Peter awoke to the feeling of a mositness on his rod,

 “Good morning.” He said as he saw Nat move her head on his rod with a sigh in her throat, Peter let out a groan as Nat kept bobbing her head taking him deeper into her mouth, her hand stroked it whenever she pulled away to catch her breath, she licked her lips to collect the precum and she would even kiss the tip of it to tease him even more,

 “Ohhh goddd Nat…wait! What about..” he asked during a daze feeling his prick being sucked up by her powerful mouth, he heard a pop when she removed her mouth,

 “Yelena’s with Gwen out in the barn, relax and enjoy your morning treat.” Natasha said with a smile and Peter grinned at her,

“In that case..” he said and Nat grinned back, luckily she was already naked from the night before so all she had to do was get in position by sticking her ass in the air with her arms under her breasts, Nat giggled when she felt his hand slide smoothly down her back while the other spread her lips to prep her, she leaked on his fingers and Peter put them in his mouth to taste to sweet flavor of her pussy with a hum,

 “Hurry Peter! They’ll be back soon!” She pleaded and even wiggled her ass a bit to entice him which worked, Peter huffed, stroked his cock to lube it up with his precum, he breathed in as he spread Nat’s lips making her groan, then she gasped feeling it go in somewhere else…Natasha gripped the bedsheets…her breasts were meshed on the mattress, her face scrunched and red with sweat,

 “Ughhhhh ughhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh ughhhhhhhh Jesus ughhhhhhhh” She groaned and moaned feeling her asshole being stretched and punchered by Peter’s hard thrusts into her tight tunnel that held him in place so Peter had to pull to create some creation and pushing into her felt like the tunnel got smaller and smaller,

 “Wow!!! Ahhhhh ughhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh ahhhhhh ughhhhhhh Yeahhhh!!!!!It’s sooo tight!!!! Ughhhh ughhhh ohhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh shit!!!!!” Peter had a stupid grin on his face as he kept pushing and pulling into her round ass that tried to hold him inside but he rubbed her walls roughly with each tug and with each push she felt her walls burn and stretch more and more which made her body sweat like crazy and she laughed when Peter started to kiss at her back now while shliding his hands to her waist to hold her as he thrusted with his own body starting to sweat and his grunts got louder with each tug and pushout and into her ass, Nat closed her eyes and focused on remaing cool and not burst from the pressure Peter was building up in her but it was difficult seeing how he could bring her to climax with a rough ass fucking,

 “Ohhhhh ughhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhh ughhhhhh ughhhhh I’m close Peter!!! I’m close!!!! Ughhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhh You’re so rough today!!! Ughhhh ughhhhh ughhhhhh I Like It!!!!!” Nat had a grin on her face now that she felt the heat in her body put her into a daze by heating up her head and Peter’s hands on her back brought a sense of pure love and comfort. Peter chuckled and sped up his thrusts, now Nat’s ass jiggled with each impact and her toes curled all the way while she just took him whole and Peter could feel her body burning up like crazy with sweat building all over her, then Nat just let out her inner desires,

 “FUCK ME HARDER!!!!!HARDER!!!!GIVE ME ANOTHER MIRACLE PETER!!!!!!!” Nat shouted out her pleas and even got on her hands so now she was on all fours with Peter moaning and grunting as he tried to speed up his tempo but her ass clenched on his rod making him reach his end so he decided to move his hands to the moist lips of her pussy and tit which shaked and jiggled with her  ass,

 “YES!!!!UGHHHHHH YESSS PETER YESSSS!!!!! AHHHHHH AHHHHHH GIVE ME ANOTHER CHILD!!!!!AHHHHHH AHHHHH AHHHH GIVE ME ANOTHER ONE!!!!!! UGHHHHH UGHHHHH AHHHHH AHHHHH!!!!!” Nat’s screams and pleas drove Peter over the edge, his cock pulsed and struck her insides and meshed her up inside making her burning walls moist with both liquids then it happened,

 “UGHHHHHH UGHHHHHH FUCKKKKKK NATASHA!!!!!!!” Peter let out his loud groan as he felt his dam burst and he popped inside of Nat’s tunnel, he coated the inside with his seed and he felt her loosen up while collapsing on the bed letting out a groan of her own and that’s when Peter noticed the liquid spilling from her pussy,

 “Wow babe, you cam just from me fucking your ass!” Peter said with a laugh while Nat laughed too and sighed happily feeling her body go numb as she just catched her breath on the bed with Peter pulling out carefully to not hurt her asshole more than he already has, they both hissed feeling the rod slide out of the tight hole even with cum acting as a lube it was still rough to pull it out all the way,

 “Oh God that was a great way to start the day.” Nat said with a relaxed sigh and Peter let out a chuckle as he catches his breath after his incredible release and he held Natasha close to him as she too cuddled to him mixing their sweat together as she rested her leg on top of his and carrassed his chest muscles while he felt up her smooth arm and sweaty glowing hair, they shared a deep after staring into each other’s eyes and Nat let out a giggle when they seperated,

 “One More?” She asked him and Peter grinned like crazy and she felt his cock pulse on her thigh and it grew larger within seconds,

 “Well I guess that’s the answer.” Nat said with a laugh as Peter climbed on top of her and nestled between her legs with Nat putting her legs on his sides to let him come as close as possible to her center, Peter felt up her warm smooth thigh while she reached down and pumped his cock to become a rock which only took a few tugs to do and each one made Peter hiss,

 “Come on Honey, I need you to bring me another miracle child, I want Yelena to have a sibling…” Nat said as a demand as she kept going with her handjob to make Peter’s cock as hard as possible. The precum already leaked out onto her fingers making a slick sound as she moved her hand from the base of his balls to the tip, Peter felt his member harden like a stone and it started to burn,

 “Nat stop! That’s enough!” Peter begged and Natasha gave him a smirk and she let go of his burning tool,

 “Looks like you need something warmer” she whispered then…she put both hands on his ass and using her legs and hands she pulled Peter right into her waiting lips,

 “Ohhhhhhh Shit Nat!!!!” Peter groaned and hissed feeling her tunnel expand for him, Nat moaned with her eyes closed feeling her pussy being jammed when Peter’s hips moved on autopilot so both of them were enjoying the ride, 

“Ahhhh ahhhhhhh honey you feel so hard ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh ughhhhhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhh ahhhhh” Natasha was already gushing out her pussy with her body warming up already and she hugged her body tightly to Peter and wrapped her legs around his back to hold him. Peter put his head on her shoulder and nipped her neck while his hips worked into her shaking her and the bed with his tempo and speed increasing as the fire built up inside them, Peter put his hands on her waist to hold her when her head started hitting the headboard, Peter felt her body stick to his, her thighs stuck to his sides, her breasts were meshed against his chest and her hands went to hold his head on her neck as they both were lost in their bubble of pleasure with two bodies shaking on the bed that creaked and scratched the floor and their bodies glowed with sweat all over,

 “Peter!!! Ahhhhhh Peter!!!!!! I’m Close!!!!!!! Ohhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh ughhhhhhhhh Yes!!!!!! Right There!!!! Yesss!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh ahhhhhh” Natasha felt her pussy flame up and her insides twist and turn at Peter’s cock as it stabbed her womb again, Nat had a full smile on her face as Peter pumped himself right into her womb like last time that led to the miracle named Yelena Romanova Parker. Peter decided to let this end quick when he heard Nat’s voice start to squeak and her pussy was about to pop, he squeezed his hold on her waist and raised himself up so now he got a full view of her shaking tits and her sweating body as it moved with the bed with her face red, eyes closed, and a gaping mouth where her moans and sighs came out of,

 “Nat!!! Nat!!!! Nat!!!!! Oh My God!!!!! Ohhhh Shit!!!!! Ahhhhhh ughhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Ohhhhhh Shit!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhh Yeahhhhhh!!!!!!” Peter felt his cock pulse inside her walls, he pumped faster and harder, his groans increased with Nat’s, both of them gasped loudly and….they both popped again and groaned in unison with Nat laughing lightly as she caressed Peter’s hair enjoying her dazed feeling after her pussy leaked out, Peter just kissed her neck and rested on her body as he pulled out and just laid on her and she kept her legs on his back keeping him close to her,

 “I love you.” He heard her say before he dozed off to sleep after another intense session. 


“Daddy!” Peter snapped himself awake after hearing the cute little voice call out to him, he rubbed his eyes and he felt his daughter’s little finger tap his shoulder, Peter noticed his body had been covered in the bed sheets up to his shoulders and Nat was already gone from the bed,

 “What’s up sweetie? Where’s your mommy?” He asked as he grabbed his jeans from the floor and he pulled them under the sheets with him so he can change without exposing himself, Yelena gave him a adorable smile,

 “Mommy is with Auntie Gwen in the living room, me and Ben wanted to go play outside but mommy said we can only go if you say it’s okay, so…can me and Ben play outside daddy? Please? Please?” Yelena begged with her hands together in front of her to add desperation which made Peter smile warmly at,

 “Sure thing sweetie, just uhh stay close to the house okay and I’ll be out soon to check on you guys okay….and who is Ben?” Peter asked carefully and Yelena let out a laugh,

 “Daddy! You know he’s Auntie Gwen’s son! You’re really silly!” Yelena said with laughter as she went out of the bedroom leaving Peter alone with wide eyes…suddenly, the closet door began to shine brightly, Peter knew what it was,

 “Okay time to go now.” He said as he got up and went to the door. He put his hand on the knob and he was about to turn it when he realized something….if Ben is Gwen’s son in this world…who the fuck is the father!?” Peter knew he shouldn’t dive into this fantasy but…curiosity got the better of him, 

 “I’ll uhm…Be right back.” He said to the door as if it were a person then he ran downstairs and he could see through the window his brunette little girl playing with a blonde little boy, Peter now had to know. He made his way to the living room where he found Nat in regular mom jeans and a sweater sitting next to Gwen who looked older and sexier…she wore tight jeans showing off her legs and milf ass with a white button blouse that did wonders to show her slender frame and fine chest that was larger thanks to motherhood, Gwen gave Peter a happy smile,

 “Hey Peter, Nat was talking about your little case of amnesia this morning, do you remember me?” She asked playfully with a smirk, Peter decided to work with this,

 “Uhmm…let’s say I did…care to remind me? And about Ben?….” Peter asked as he played dumb making Nat and Gwen chuckle at his game,

 “Okay fine dork..” Gwen said and she put her coffee mug down and she got up while giving Peter a heated stare with Nat watching with a smirk,

 “We were together in high school once upon a time, then you became a superhero after our teacher aka Black Widow started training you…and fucking you, then she got pregnant and me being the loyal girlfriend that I am…had sex with you a bunch of time and then I too became pregnant with your child. Though Nat begged me

to let her take you as a husband since she had to go into hiding and,” Gwen was cut off,

 “So Ben’s mine?” Peter asked and Gwen nodded,

 “Thanks bye!” He said leaving the women confused. Peter ran back upstairs and he saw the door was still glowing and so he just ran to it and went inside the light. 


“Hahaahaha I knew it I knew it!!!!! Hahaahha!!!!” Gwen just kept laughing as she looked at Silver Sable’s…..cum stained face as she stood next to Peter who laid resting still, Gwen had come down after the others left and she saw Sable standing over Peter while putting her down at a certain spot…it was easy to tell what it was so Gwen waited for Peter to finish on her face before she started laughing, Sable shot a smirk at the laughing blonde,

 “Well I’d like to see you get this much semen from him.” She said with pride and Gwen stopped laughing and shot daggers at her,

 “Just watch me.” She said with determination and she unzipped her jeans, pulled them off along with her underwear exposing her fine legs and ass, she tossed them aside and swayed her ass at Sable as she went to her sleeping lover,

 “Ready for a real treat sweetie.” She whispered to him as she climbed onto him and straddled him, 

 “Okay, just let me…” she said more to herself as she held his still erect cock in her hand and was about to gently lower herself when….Peter put his hands on her waist and pulled her down right on him, Gwen took him whole and so she yelled out a laugh and put her hands on her hair when Peter started to move his hips with force for the both of them, he grunted as he was wide awake with a smile on his face seeing Gwen pantless taking his dick with her tits shaking under her shirt and he could see Sable was nearby watching them. Peter kept pushing his hips upwards into Gwen’s lips that parted for him and so did her moist vag tunnel which was burning up already, Peter could see her face getting red and sweaty, he moved his hands to her butt and gripped the smooth flesh molding it in his hands only making Gwen warmer inside and out which he felt on both ends with his rod and his skin rubbing on hers,

 “Ohhhh ohhhhh ohhhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhh PETER!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!! AHHH AHHHH I LOVE YOU!!!!! AHHHH AHHH AHHH AHHH OHHHHH AHHH” Gwen panted and groaned just leaving her hands on Peter’s chest to let him do the work with his hips and she leaned down and planted her lips on his as they mixed all their liquids together. Sable just watched with observing eyes: the fast tempo, the sweat building on Gwen’s ass and legs, Peter’s body jolting at the feeling of the blonde teen’s pussy and body as he kept grabbing her ass with both hands even spreading her cheeks drawing a giggle from Gwen as she kept kissing her lover while her pussy was inflamed and leaking, Peter grunted like it was workout as he moved his body on her slick, slender, fine frame with her pussy burning up and he could hear the squishies in between them with her erect nipples tickling his chest, Peter kissed Gwen with passion and force that she kept gasping for air but he wouldn’t let her as he kept putting his lips back onto hers, Geen kept gasping and moaning as she was rocked around by Peter with only her legs acting as standing posts for her not fall over on either side, Gwen put her hands on his chest and she dragged her nails down his chest making Peter hiss and ground loudly which drew a laugh from Gwen,

 “Oh Yeah!” Peter exclaimed before he pushed her off his rod making her whine and pout but then he grinned at her and she already knew,

 “Oh Boy I’m In Trouble…” she said to herself in a whisper as Peter came closer to her with dark lustful eyes and a leaking cock…


Peter’s sweaty body dripped all over Gwen’s as he was right on top of her pushing her against the wall of the basement with his hips bucking,well more like slamiing, right into her pussy that leaked on the floor her tits were cold and erect, her face red and sweaty with her mouth wide open and a stupid dazed look on her face, Peter gave out one final grunt before he ended the session and cam into Gwen making her groan feeling her hot walls being cooled dowm by his sperm as it made it’s way to her pussy, she felt Peter push in deeper while putting his mouth next to Gwen’s ear as she kept sighing feelimg her body cool down,

 “If we have a son…we’re naming him Ben.” Peter whispered to her. 


Gwen and Peter finished getting dressed while a impatient Sable waited nearby,

 “Can we move this along? We lost valuable time while you two were screwing each other.” Sable said with annoyance and Gwen shot a smirk at her as she pulled her shirt down,

 “Oh yeah well you didn’t have to stay and watch, plus I saw you put your hand down your pants don’t deny it.” Gwen shot back making Sable go red,

 “And you also gave him a blowjob while he was sleeping.” She added and Sable rolled her eyes while Peter gawked at her,

 “Wait! So you!?” He said to Sable who scoffed at him,

 “Oh calm down, like you didn’t want it to happen before. Now let’s get moving.” She said dismissing the event as she went upstairs with Gwen following suit,

 “Come on sweetie, Natasha and Felicia went out for info on the guys who attacked you so we’ll just head home for the night, okay?” Gwen said to Peter who nodded,

 “Okay sounds great, though I should do some patrol before I.” Gwen’s irritated shouted interrupted Peter as he spoke,

 “No Peter! You literally just woke up from a coma after taking a rocket blast to the face! You are going home with me to sleep and tomorrow we start to work but no web slinging for you until Nat gets you checked out, got it!” Gwen said with total boss bitch attitude that Peter cowered a little bit with the angry face and voice she was giving him,

 “Okay, okay! Whatever you say babe! Your wish is my command.” Peter said sounding like a total wimp…which made Gwen grin from ear to ear,

 “Now that’s what I like to hear, now come on you’re taking me home to bed.” She said as she took his hand into hers and led him upstairs.

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