Parker and Stacy(s)

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 The neighborhood was poor and filled with low income stores and empty buildings that have rotted over time, inside King Al’s….something was happening…

   He was red and sweating as he kept thrusting into Trish with speed and and force as he had his hands on her throat silencing her as he laid on top of her…he was sweating on her..he had lowered his pants and her jeans enough to fuck her pussy and he just handcuffed her hands to behind her back and just took her as his own..he kept pushing into her hearing his hips slap her chocolate ass and she just cried and groaned into his hands which fet the tears going down her face and she was sweating from the force of his thrusts…he had a small dick but he kept pushing more and more and he was choking her at the same time…he kept going and going…they both closed their eyes…George was panting as he fucked Trish with hate and speed in the backroom of the Motel..then it happened…his imagination gave him an image of him choking Helen while fucking her ass, something she never let him do..he huffed and went faster while tightening his hold on Trish(Helen), her eyes went wide and she struggled to move but he kept tightening his hold on her throat more and more…George was panting like a dog and his hips went faster and faster, he sweated on her and finally, he cam inside Trish…he smiled happily as he imagined finishing inside of Helen, but then he opened his eyes…Trish was on the ground…her eyes teary and wide…and she wasn’t moving..

 “Shit!!God Damn it!” George panicked as he checked for a pulse but nothing…and he knew he had broken her neck by the purple marks on her…he sighed and made a crazy plan…

Natalie Rushman’s Apartment-Midnight

They had crashed around the apartment with their passionate lovemaking and now they were on the bed, Peter was in the seated position enjoying the sensation of Natasha’s pussy taking him whole as she bounced on him, her hands were on his shoulders steadying her and she wrapped her legs around his back keeping her in place and he had his arms around her back feeling up the sweaty skin and he felt her hard nipples scratch his chest as her breasts bounced against him as she moved on him, he was panting as she groaned with her eyes closed and her face scrunched from the pressure building overtime, Peter started to thrust his hips forwards and his rod went into her in an angle that made her feel like she was stabbed in her deep tunnel, she mewled and he laughed,

 “Ahhh ahhh ahhhh hahahaha Yeah ohhh Yeah ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhh ohhhhh” Natasha groaned and stared deep into his eyes and he narrowed his eyes at her as he gripped her waist tightly and then…he lifted her off him and threw her to the bed, she laughed softly,she loved being handled that way, and before she can turn around to face him…he grabbed her arm and her back and pushed her down on the bed and lifted her ass up while her chest and face was pressed against the bed, the angle helped put her ass high in the ass and he started to slap each cheek in rhythm like he was playing the bongos…he lpved hearing the sounds of her skin being hit and her sexy laughs while her ass jiggled was getting red from both sides…then he stopped and he aligned himself to her pussy,

 “Ahhhhh ahhhhhhh Peter my Love, you are amazing ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhh, and this is only the beginning my love ohhhhh ohhhhhh ughhhhh ughhhhh ughhh ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh” Natasha let out her lustful moans and gasps feeling Peter push and pull himself inside her ..he actually pulled her ass back to make the impact more deeper which she definitely felt and she gasped louder when she did, her tits swinged with her body as the bed was beginning to rock against the wall and creak from the pressure Peter was putting on both Natasha and the bed, he was panting and smiling looking down at his hands holding Nat in place now as he thrusted faster and her could see her tits swing from the impacts as well as her ass and he slapped a hand on it and gripped it, Nat ground with a smile and put her hand on top of his keeping it on her cheek,she was smiling with her mouth open as he rocked her back and forth filling her up inside. 

   15 Minutes Later 

 Peter was relaxing on the bed under the sheets while drinking a bottle of Soda and watching late night TV when the news came up with a breaking story and his eyes went wide with utter surprise, King Al’s motel was on fire, the fire department was working to put out the large flames which basically swallowed the entire buildings and rooms, he just skimmed through the channels and stop on a movie, he grew a wide and happy smile when he saw Nat walk out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped tightly around her after taking a shower to be ready for class in a couple of hours, she smiled back at him as she opened a drawer and fished out a bra and underwear. He watched as her ass crack disappeared under the black lace fabric, then her matching bra held her breasts firmly and created a sexy cleavage…She looked fantastic, like a Victoria Secret’s model. He gave her a lustful growl and she giggled at him as she got under the sheets with him,

 “You want to sleep over? We can carpool to school in the morning.” Nat said to him in a teasing manner and Peter chuckled at her as he wrapped an arm around her and pulled her close as their warm bodies cuddled into each other,

 “Sounds like a plan….I see you even brought some men’s clothing here in your place…is it for me?” He asked her rhetorically and she grinned at him and nodded, he gave her a soft kiss as they watched the action flick on TV. 

 Stacy Apartment-12:30 PM 

Gwen and Helen were arguing while playing tug-a-war with Peter’s sweater..Gwen was in her white bra and panties while Helen was in her dark blue lace panties and bra…they pulled on the sweater from their separate ends trying to claim it as they argued back and forth,

 “It’s mine” one would say,

 “No it’s mine, he gave it to me” the other would reply as the pulled on it…then it ripped…Peter’s sweater sleeve ripped from the rest of the sweater making both women fall to the ground from the force of their tugging, Helen sneered at Gwen,

 “Now look what you did, this was Peter’s favorite…give me the sleeve maybe I sow it back on” Helen said as she got up and grabbed the sleeve piece by Gwen and went ahead into her bedroom and took out her sewing machine and went to work while Gwen walked awkwardly behind,

 “Sorry…thanks for sewing back together..I’ll pay you back somehow.” Gwen said as Helen finished sewing and she gave her a soft smile,

 “It’s okay…wow we really go crazy for Peter don’t we…you should sleep now, you do have school in the morning.” Helen said with a smile and Gwen nodded with a smile of her own and went ahead to her bedroom and went to bed. 


George Stacy walked inside his home calm and happy…the body burned with the building so everything was covered, he grabbed beer from the fridge and chugged it with a grin, he saw Helen walk out in her sweats and his smile grew,

 “Morning…how about a little fun before the kids wake up” George said in a playful manner and grabbed Helen’s waist from behind..she quickly moved from his grip with a scoff and a sarcastic smile,

 “Didn’t you get enough action last night?” Helen asked him and he was about to explode…but he controlled himself,

 “What action did you get at the motel days ago?” He asked her calmly and Helen froze for a second but quickly recovered,

 “I just drank with a girlfriend and we just watched chick flicks while complaining about our bastard cheating husbands.” She said with a smile as she looked right at George in the eyes and he darkened but she held her ground…it was a tense moment when…

 “Mommy do I have to go back to school?” Simon asked in a complaining tone and both parents composed themselves for the child,

 “Yes Simon you have to go back, now go back to bed you still have 1 hour to sleep.” Helen said with a motherly smile,

 “Listen to your mother son, it's too early for you to be up” George said and playfully ruffled his son’s hair who smiled and went back to bed, George just went into the bedroom and closed the door to shower and change, Helen sighed to herself…then she was pushed against the counter and her neck and face was being kissed from behind and she smiled wickedly,

 “As much as I would love to…we can’t…I need to get everything ready and I have something important to do at 10 at Simon’s school.” Helen said with disappointment in her voice and Peter huffed and planted a wet kiss on her neck, Helen sighed and reached back to caress his face,

 “Remember what I said…it’ll be harder to see each other now…so we need to be careful…like stop trying to lower my pants.” Helen said with amusement as she moved away from Peter’s hold making him chuckle lightly at her,

 “Okay fine, how about you text me whenever we can get together…but it can’t be at the station or the motel.” He said and Helen gave him a confused look,

 “Why not the motel, it’s in middle of our homes and I can drive there while you swing there…plus I wanted to invite that black girl into our lovemaking..a special treat for you” Helen said with a wink and Peter gave her a sad expression,

 “Actually….the motel burned down…and Trish died in the fire…they think she inhaled too much smoke and the flames just burned her body.” Peter said to Helen who had a odd look on her face,

 “You know….George accused me of doing something in a motel…and he’s been questioning me a lot recently…and he did leave for a while last night…” Helen said in wonder and Peter narrowed his eyes,

 “He…is a cop…you don’t think he knows about…” Peter was hesitant to ask but Helen knew already,

 “No…no way, he would’ve…I don’t know what he would’ve done but all I tell him is I go hang out with my girlfriends…I should get to work on those divorce papers.” Helen said as she went to her purse to pull out a business card, a lawyers business card,

 “You’re really gonna do it….you’re gonna leave him?” Peter asked her and she winked at him with him a smile and he grinned at her,

 “Okay…no I really gotta fuck you.” He said with heat in his eyes and she scoffed a laugh at him,

 “And where are we supposed to go??” She asked with laughter in her voice and Peter looked around and huffed dinding no secluded spot for them…until he thought of…he looked at her with a smile and she smiled back at him with a curious eyebrow raised. 

    40 Minutes Later

  George stepped out of the room adjusting his shirt into his pants and looked around for Helen…she was nowhere in sight,

 “Helen!” He shouted out and nothing happened…for a few seconds…she came out of the laundry room and walked to him ,

 “What is it George, I’m in the middle of doing the laundry.” Helen said and he went up to her and gave her a hard stare…Helen returned the stare he was giving her,

 “Just making sure you're where you belong, here, taking care of my family.” He said in a low tone and slapped her ass and kissed her hard and she pushed him away,

 “Don’t do that George, you know I’m not into that behavior” she said with disgust as she wiped her mouth, he chuckled at her and just went to grab his coat and went back to his work. Helen waited a full minute and went back to the laundry room and found a shirtless Peter Parker smiling and waiting for her,

 “And I thought I was the master of fast changing…but whoa you got all your clothes, even your bra and panties on in seconds. I still haven’t gotten my shirt on.” Peter said to her and she giggled and smiled sadly at him,

 “I’m sorry to cut things short, especially since I got an orgasam and you didn’t…I promise I’ll make it up to you” Helen said and gave him a soft kiss and went ahead to start cooking breakfast. 

   Later on Peter was enjoying a plate a home cooked pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs with the Stacy family, they chatted about anything and enjoyed it…they were just chatting and laughing as time went on, eventually the boys got ready for the carpool to arrive while Gwen was grabbing her things and Peter went to put on some of his new clothes. The boys left when the car arrived and both Gwen and Helen drooled over Peter’s appearance, he wore a slick black button shirt with dark blue jeans and new white sneakers…he smiled shyly at his lovers,

 “Well…how do I look?” He asked them and they just looked at each other for a moment; then they played a game: rock,paper, scissors. Peter raised a eyebrow at them and they played 3 times with a smile and saw that Helen won 2 out of 3 and Gwen groaned with a annoyed smile, she then went up to Peter and gave him a soft kiss,

 “I’ll see you at school…have fun” she said and left the apartment leaving him and Helen alone in the apartment….

   NYC Precient 

George worked over the case file of the recent attempted bank robberies belonging to the mob, he was frustrated over the continued criminal acts that were clearly meant to antagonize Wilson Fisk. George huffed and set the paperwork down…then his mind went back to the motel…he was angry at himself for destroying any evidence of Helen’s activity in the motel room which could’ve proven what he thinks..that she’s having an affair! He had to figure out a way to watch her without being known and not having to leave work…he wanted to install cameras but should Helen find them well…that’s plenty of ammo for a divorce lawyer so he had to think outside the box. He went back to investigating the bank robberies and the forensic report on the stained bills from weeks ago showed that it was….vaginal liquids and semen…George just imagined the Black Cat naked and cuming on the money…he grinned and went through his desk drawer to find a old photo of Helen in a bikini and started to jack off…

   Stacy Apartment-8:00AM 

The apartment was filled with the echoed moans and groans of Helen and Peter, the whole place was clean and untouched…except for one room..there was a trail of clothing…Peter’s shirt…Helen’s sweater…his shoes and pants…Helen’s sweatpants and her bra…they didn’t even make it to the bed…they were on the wooden bedroom floor right next to the bed…he was on top of her as she had her legs wrapped around him holding his hips close and her arms were gripping her own hair out of pleasure as he shook her up and down on the floor with his lustful thrusts as he groaned and hissed while she let out her own loud groans and moans,her underwear and his boxers were next to them as they continued with their lovemaking. Helen was groaning with a smile feeling Peter’s hot cock fill up her pussy and his hips hit her groin with great impact as she tightened her hold with her legs and kissed his neck and shoulder and his hands went to her waist to hold her still while he increased his speed and force of his thrusts making her scream moan louder and he felt up her legs starting to sweat along with her body..her breasts pushed against his chest which was rock hard like a warrior god after months of superhero antics and extra excercise with his daily fucking…he felt her hard nipples tickle his pecs and he let out a laugh making her smile and laugh herself,

 “Hahahaha ahhhh Peter ahhhhhh Peter ohhhh Yes ahhhhhh Yes I love feeling you inside me ahhhhh ahhhhh it feels so good ahhhhh ahhhhh ohhhhhhh ahahaha ahhhh ahhhh ohhhhh Soooo Gooood ahhhhh ahhhh” Helen laughed and moaned as her body shook from the thrusts and her insides burned more and more as Peter pierced through her and rubbed her walls and strike her womb, she bit his ear making him ass and he slapped a hand to her butt cheek and she laughed and that as he gripped it in his hand and was now grunting making his thrusts more forceful and harder by shifting them and now Helen’s legs were on his shoulders helping his dick reach deeper into her walls and she just had a open mouth with her eyes closed in a silent scream and he laughed as he had both hands on her thighs holding them up and thrusted more faster and was grunting and sweating, he didn’t mind missing school for a bit, besides luckily his first period is a free period for him so he had till 9:30 until his next class started…Helen opened her eyes and gave him a pleading look, he smiled down at her and nodded,then they shifted and now he laid on the floor holding her waist as she bounced on him and her tits swinged along with her bounces and he felt her ass land on his groin with her wet pussy lips sucking him up her walls more and more as she looked down at him while laughing with a open mouth..he smiled back at her and his hands went to her its and gripped them,

 “I love your breasts Helen hahahaha ahhh ahhh ahhhh ahhhh they feel so heavy and soft hahahaha ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh” Peter said between moans as he tweaked her nipples, Helen laughed more and more at his actions and words as she moved her hips into him and felt up his chest with her own hands while she hugged him with her thighs as she moaned and moaned…then it happened, she exploded and she gasped loudly and groaned from her unexpected orgasm and her whole body shuddered and Peter just felt up her juices land on his rod and leak out between them, he chuckled as he watched her let out a silent scream as she felt her juices leak and she collapsed on top of him and her head landed on his chest as she catches her breath while Peter wrapped his arms around her and felt up her back and her sweaty golden hair…he kissed her cheek making her giggle softly then she giggled and looked at him,

 “Sorry I finished early…wanna go again until you get yours?” She asked already stroking his cock with her hand and he chuckled again and moved her hand away making her frown,

 “As much as I would love to…I should head to school, it’s a while til I get there and I can’t be late to my first class.” Peter said with a pained smile and Helen just sighed then smiled up at him,

 “I’ll make it up to you soon” she said and gave him a soft kiss, she got off him and he got up and collected his clothes to change while Helen just walked, bare ass naked, to the fridge and grab a bottle of beer, Peter came up behind her and slapped her ass making her smirk at him while he smiled back at her. He finished changing and went to Helen, who was now in a robe sitting and drinking her beer, he knelt down and gave her one last kiss before leaving,

 “Just so you know…” Helen started and Peter looked at her..she gave him a devious smile,

 “The paperwork’s done for the divorce…I’ll just wait til you graduate in a few months and we can have all the fun we want everyday with no secrecy.” Helen said in a hot voice making Peter gulp and sweat…he then ran to Helen and picked her up making her laugh like crazy and he went to her bedroom again and this time they did end up on the bed…Peter will need to catapult himself across the city to make it in time. 

    Midtown High School-9:25AM 

 Gwen sat and looked around for Peter, she knew he had a free first period but now he had an actual class and he was already going to be late on the first day back, other students chatted and toke their seats then…A panting sweating Peter Parker came, well crashed, into the classroom making wveryone laugh and Gwen giggle and her lovable clumsy lover. He shyly looked down as he walked to take his seat next to Gwen,

 “Talk about making an entrance, where were you? You were about to be late.” Gwen said and he gave her a wink, Gwen scoffed already knowing what he meant…then she looked at him with a little smile,

 “We’ll have our own fun sweetie” was all she said and Peter blushed, then everyone sat down when the teacher walked in, of course all the guys smiled and watched as she walked,

 “Good morning everyone, I trust you all had a relaxing vacation. Now let’s get back to tactics and start on the chapter, open your textbooks to page 136.” Natalie Rushman said as she turned and began to write on the chalkboard as all the boys looked at her nice firm ass clad in the black pencil skirt and her body and chest hugged by the white button shirt that was tucked into the skirt and a black blazer to complete the outfit…a teacher of pure lustful desire. All the girls gave annoyed looks at the boys reaction and all the ones with boyfriends have death glares to them…but Gwen noticed something odd…Peter was gawking at Ms.Rushman, she raised an eyebrow as she looked to see all the boys watching her butt as she wrote on the board then at Peter who simply took notes on the subject of Romanticism and narcissism in Shakespeare, she just shook her head and went ahead with taking notes too,unbeknownst to her…Peter didn’t need to imaginate how Ms.Rushman looked underneath…

  Unknown Location 

  George panted as he kept going…pushing his hips more and more, he had his shirt on since it was a quickie, he panted as she moaned, he gripped her tits and…he cam,

 “Wow…that was great.” He said breathlessly,

 “It surely was, thank you for coming. I thought you would not be able to make it.” She said as she settled into the bed while George was putting his pants back on,

 “Haven’t I been making it the past few weeks, you’re so much better than the redhead with daddy issues” He said making her laugh lightly as she grabbed a cigarette and started smoking,

 “You should leave now…my husband will return shortly from his meeting.” She said to him and he nodded and went on his way out, but before he did, he turned and looked at her,

 “I almost forgot, did you find anything on..?” George asked and she got up and grabbed a file from her locked drawer,

 “This was all I could have my men find, just a receipt and some photos of the vehicle as well as your wife and this companion” she said and George grabbed the photo only to scoff,

 “That’s Parker,he’s dating my daughter. Do you have anything else?” George said dismissing the photos and she just shrugged her shoulders,

 “That’s it, we’ll keep trying but it looks like she just goes out and drinks for relief.” She said and Goerge nodded and gave her one last kiss before leaving. He got into his police car and began his shift, which technically started an hour ago.


 Everyone was chatting or relaxing during the lunch period, they either sat and ate or just hung out with friends around the school until the next class period. Gwen was sitting with her friends in the cafeteria and they were talking about something…interesting,

 “Come on Gwen, how big is it??” Sally asked Gwen who blushed heavily while her other friend Gloria nudged her shoulder in a playful manner,

 “Fess up girlfriend, we notice how you limp after meeting up with your cute nerd hipster boyfriend…he’s gotta be packing to make you scream like you did at the party.” Gloria said with a scandalous tone and a wink making Gwen blush more and almost spit out her water she was drinking, the other girls in their group giggled as Gwen cleared her throat,

 “..wh..what do you…like at the party?..” Gwen asked carefully and Liz scoffed at her with a smile,

 “Girl you really need to know your limit, at Flash’s party you dragged Parker to a random closet in front of everyone and you locked the door but we…could still hear what you guys were doing, well we could hear your ass screaming and saying things like ‘Do me Harder, Get me pregnant, I’m better than her right?’….what’s the last one mean anyway??” Liz asked her and she just gulped and said she referred to a pornstar she caught Peter watching..Liz accepted that and everyone just went back to badgering Gwen about Peter’s…tool, then Peter came up to them,

  “Hey Gwen, mind if I sit here today?” He asked her and she smiled at him teasingly,

 “There’s an admission price?” She said playfully and he smiled back at her,

 “Okay, what’s the price?” He asked her and she grinned, she knew this would bring him to her side and away from her mom…she turned to look at her friends,

 “I’ll see you guys later.” She said to them and got up then took to his hand to lead to a secluded area in the school, the gym’s large supply closet. Peter grinned at Gwen who simply pushed him inside and closed the door. She smiled at him and he returned her lustful smile, 

 “I’ve been craving for some action…” she said as her hands went to the button of her jeans, she unzipped them…then she turned around facing the closed door and she pulled her jeans down slwoly..Peter got a hard on from the tease as the black material went down her ass then revealing her pink thong…now her creamy slender thighs and legs are visible…the jeans were left on her knees, she looked over her shoulder at him,

 “We can’t get fully undressed so it’ll have to be a that oka Ahhhhhh” Gwen’s gasp and scream was covered by Peter’s hand who in seconds had his jeans and boxers around his ankles and just started pisoling into Gwen’s sweet lips, she was already wet so it made it easy for his cock to slick up and down her tunnel while her walls stretched due to his length and hugged his hot rod and even squeezed it making the both of them groan and Peter quickly got her to lay face down on the ground with him right on top of her, he kept his fast pace going bringing them both close already, 

 “Ughhhhh ughhhh ughhhhh ohhhhh yeah you feel so good Gwendy ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh so soft and wet ughhhhhhh” Peter whispered to her ear making her more loose and wet as his hips hit her ass making it jiggle and her breasts were pressed against the door, Peter’s hand covered her mouth and he felt her hot breath on his palm as she gasped feeling his rod stuff her inside….


The rest of the school day went by quick thankfully since Peter was itching to get to Oscorp and hopefully talk to Dr.Connors about…his little experiments so as soon as the last class finished he went straight to his locker and collected his things for Oscorp, then he felt a tap on his shoulder, he turned and smiled at Gwen,

 “So what’s the plan? We go with good cop,bad cop? Or just straight up tell him to surrender?” Gwen asked him as they walked out the school into the streets while holding hands, he gave it a thought, 

  “I think I should go alone…we did work together a while before everything if something happens I don’t want you getting caught in the crosshairs so head home for now okay” Peter said and Gwen nodded at him and they kept walking. 

    Oscorp Industries 

Peter had dropped off Gwen at her building since she wasn’t needed that day, he went up to the genetics floor and went to the small corner office of Dr.Connors and he frowned at the sight…he was pale…thinner than usual, and clearly in a state of withdrawal since he was rummaging through his things to look for something and Peter knew what…a list of labs and incoming shipments of a particular chemical needed for the work to duplicate the serum which he had done several times…but once Peter had worked out which chemical was essential…Nat had the entire supply cut off and now it was clear that Dr.Connors was in deed searching for another dose. Peter went in and approached him,

 “Hey Dr.Connors hope you had a good holiday, you..looking for something?” Peter asked and Dr.Connors didn’t even stop looking through his stuff or look at Peter when he answered,

 “Peter please not now, I am working on something that will evolve humanity for the better! No more suffering from physical deformities, illnesses, and healing them will happen in seconds once I work out the final method.” Dr.Connors said in one long run on like a crack addict, Peter sighed and tried again,

 “Dr.Connors, is there anything I can help you with, anything at all sir? If you need to talk about anything I’m here and I..” Peter was cut off by Dr.Connors

 “Peter, please enough! I need to be alone and work so please leave me alone, besides you should be helping Ms.Stacy. I hear that her time here is short lived.” He said and Peter narrowed his eyes at that reply,

 “What do you mean?! They’re gonna fire Gwen!? Why she’s the smartest intern here, heck they’re making her in charge of the entire program here!” Peter said in shock and curt scoffed a laugh at that as he packed his bag with his notebooks and some flash drives,

  “You mean she was considered the smartest one here…until you showed up, they saw how excellent your work is here during break and even before that you’re name alone was enough to earn you a spot,since your parents worked well here and made friends with the old suits,and they removed two other interns to make room for you.. then there’s the fact they prefer to have a man be in charge of the interns than a blonde scientist who will just distract everyone. Now please I’ve had enough!” Dr.Connors pushed Peter aside and left his office in a brisk pace and he went into the elevator. Peter just stood there in the ransacked office and sighed heavily and rubbed his eyes with his hands in frustration as he sat down on the couch. Then he felt a hand on his shoulder, he looked up and smiled sadly at her,

 “I tried…but he’s in too deep.” He said and she rubbed his back and sat down next to him and gave him a soft sad smile,

 “You did try…you tried your best, I could hear the desperation in your voice when you told him he could come to you if he’s troubled…you truly are something else Mr.Parker.” Natasha said to him and he smiled at her as he held her hand,

 “Thanks, so are you…you could’ve just taken him down right here or before I got here but you didn’t…you waited for me to try to talk him down. Thank you for respecting my opinion Natasha.” Peter said and he leaned in slwoly and she met him in the middle and their lips met in a soft kiss. When they pulled apart they just grinned at each other,

 “I’ll leave the rest to you, he clearly wants to indulge in his habit despite hurting others. So what’s the plan?” He asked her and she got up and….she removed her leather jacket and then her shirt revealing her sexy abs and fine breasts in a white lace bra, Peter blushed heavily and she smiled at him as her hands went to undo her belt then unzip her jeans,

 “We’ll use a shipment of the chemical as bait..then once he shows up in the secluded warehouse where we’ll store it, we ambush him and hit him with every tranquilizer we have…but first…I’m going to make you feel better, my love.” She said as she teasingly dropped her jeans down her slender legs revealing her matching white panties, she kicked her jeans aside and just stood there giving Peter an expected wink and he sighed and started removing his own clothes while Nat went to close all the blinds, there was no one there but still anyone can come up. After that he went up to Nat and picked her up into his hold and she wrapped her legs around his waist and he walked them to the desk as they kissed, he had his hands under her ass holding and gripping it tightly making her sigh in his mouth while she caressed his hair, she felt the table on her butt and she reached back and cleared it of the paper and clutter, they kissed more passionately and Nat rubbed her legs on him making him chuckle and he bit her lip making her moan, he reached to unclasp her bra and she moved her arms allowing him to strip her of it and he immediately went to kiss and suck on her breasts, she gasped loudly and smiled while holding his head closer to her chest and she started to hump into him making Peter groan and he pushed his dent forward, they were dry humping…but after a minute they had enough teasing and both reached down to remove each other’s underwear, right after that Peter pulled her down and he turned her around and bent her over the desk, he knew Nat loved this position and he was proven right when she moved her bare ass on his rod daring him to push into her, he huffed and he gripped her ass cheeks while she gripped the edges of the desk to ready herself…

  He pushed into her asshole and started thrusting hard and fast rocking her and the desk making loud creaks mixed with her loud moans as she felt her ass being pressed and violated from the inside and Peter put a hand on her back and made her lay her chest flat on the desk …she sighed feeling the cold glass on her tits making her nips hard while she heard the loud flesh slaps of Peter’s dick and hips hitting her ass cheeks..her grip on the desk tightened..she moaned more and more as he grunted feeling her anal walls squeeze his rod as he tried to push through but it was like thrusting into wet slide in and out into a tight,hot, wet tunnel that got smaller the deeper he went, he kept pushing into her at a fast pace shaking her body and he was starting to sweat and he could feel her ass cheeks start to warm up and he felt her hot skin turn cold from the sweat..he leaned down and licked her back up to her neck..Nat smiled like a maniac and let out a laugh loving the feeling of his tongue on her bare skin, he then licked at her neck and then her face like a dog while never slowing down his thrusts into her and she spread her legs more allowing him to neslte in between them…he pulled her up by her arms so now her chest was shaking and her tits jiggling as he went faster into her shaking her whole body as it went limp letting him set up the tempo, 

 “Yeah Yeah Yeah Take it Ms.Rushman!! Ohhh Yeah I’m your top student ohhhh ahhhhh let me get my reward ahhhh” Peter said in a hot whisper to her ear and he actually felt her gush in her pussy from being turned on by his foreplay, she started to let out her moans and her arm reached around his neck to hold herself close to him as he thrusted,

 “Ohhh ohhhh ah aha ah ah ah ahhhh ahhh ahh ah ah ah ahhhhh Yes Mr.Parker like that ahhh ahhhh ahhhh you’re the only student worth teaching ahhhh ahhh ahhhh ahhh ohhh ohhhh you deserve my body ahhhh ahhh ahhhh ahhh seek your reward Mr.Parker ahhh ahhh ahhhh ahhh ohhhh Yeah!” Nat said between moans and groans and Peter huffed and groaned as he tried to thrust faster, his body was on fire and he was feeling lightheaded, he felt Nat start to go limp too along with her breathing as they worked into overdrive during this session and soon enough…they both cam and groaned loudly from the incredible release. 

    Parker Residence-9PM 

  Peter had arrived home after seeing Nat off after their little quickie and he went on patrol for a couple of hours to clear his head, first off the talk with Connors failed so now it's on the offense led by Natasha which should be interesting to be a part of, then he learned he was going to replace Gwen at Oscorp while she would be fired…it would help his case for her to stay in NY since getting fired from a research company wouldn’t exactly look good from Oxford’s perspective…but he can’t be that selfish…he has to find a way to keep her spot secure whether or not she does get fired and if she does..he’ll find a better place for her to work. 

   He went into his home and saw his Aunt in her red shirt dress, it’s been a while since he’s seen her…last time he saw was when their little threesome with Gwen happened…and to be honest, Peter was looking forward to expanding his relationship with May. They just looked at each other in a type of trance….


They were under the blanket on the couch, the lights off in the entire house with the moonlight shining through the window, they just cuddled while doing something they should’ve done from the start: talk,

  “So why me? Why did you do it?” Peter asked his aunt as he did little circles with his finger on her back while she caressed his abs,

“I…don’t know…maybe some part of me was messed up enough to do those things…but why are you initiating this?” She asked as she rubbed her leg on his and his hand went to her face and her gave her a light kiss,

 “ Honestly, I just love your body” he said as he gripped her bare tit making her chuckle and kiss his neck and his other hand went to her ass as their lips met for kisses. 

  10 Minutes Later 

 Her ass was in his hands, she was on all fours with her hands gripping the armrest of the couch while she groaned feeling her ass being plowed by Peter’s burning hot rod as it pierced through her tight tunnel and he felt her pussy squeeze his cock threatening to pop him, he was going slow and hard, he’d pull back slowly…then just slam himself whole into her making her groan and hiss when she felt her ass take him whole while hearing his hips hitting her ass and making it jiggle while his hands was on her waist holding her still as he thrusted into her,

 “Ahhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhh” May just moaned as she was rocked forward then pulled back in a slow but pleasurable tempo feeling her walls stretch to hold his rod and squeeze it as it throbbed inside,

 “Ohhh ohhh ohhhh ohhhh ahhhh Ohhhh May ohhhh May you feel so tight ahhhhh” Peter groaned and moaned, he started to increase his tempo bit by bit but they both felt the difference in an instant and they hissed and groaned in unison as he went faster into her ass shaking her body more and more, his hand went to grip her shoulder to steady her while he put the other one on her ass and gripped the skin into his hand and May mewled at that and her head landed on the arm rest to let out her groans and she stuck her ass higher so he can push himself faster and easier, 

 “Ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh Ohhhhh Yeah ohhhhh Yeah ohhhhh Yeah ahhhhh ahhhh” May moaned and groaned feeling her body start to heat up and her pussy started to leak out again and his precum worked great as lube making the feeling of going into her ass a lot better as he groaned and hissed, then he heard a knock on the door, they both ignored it as he went faster and faster.

    They ended up switching, now he was laid down on the sofa as she grinded and bounced on him, her tits swinging, her thighs hugging him, and her pussy sucking him up while he gripped her jiggling ass, they were going fast and hard…they were close…

 “AHHH AHHH AHHH OHHH AHHHH PETER AHHH AHHH UGHHHH” May groaned finally feeling a release after a while since that little fling with him and his girlfriend..she had been nervous about this but…it felt so good when his sperm went into her as she moaned with a smile and collapsed on his chest catching her breath while he finished inside her and panted catching his breath too, after a few minutes they fell asleep right there in the unlight living room. 

Stacy Apartment-6:20AM 

  Gwen got her hair ready after taking a nice hit shower to wake her up now that school is back in session, she walked out her bathroom with a towel wrapped around her nude form, she went to her desk and sighed as she viewed the letter she received in the mail..she had made it to the next step in her interviews for one of the spots in the Oxford program and while she was excited about it, she worried whether or not Peter held up his end of the bargain since what she also received is a letter from ESU saying they wish to meet with her for a possible position in one of their developing labs, she honestly didn’t know where she’d end up…she rubbed her head in hard confusion then she heard a tap on the window, she turned and smiled happily at her boyfriend who was returning her loving gaze with his own cute puppy look, he grinned at her attire and she winked at him as she went to let him in,

  “What are you doing here? I thought we were gonna meet up at the school?” Gwen asked him and he leaned down and kissed her which she gladly returned,

 “I wanted to surprise you, plus I wanted to give you this” Peter said and pulled out a bouquet of flowers….well it was a bouquet at first…now its bended stems and worn out petals and almost dead flowers…Gwen tried her best not to laugh, Peter gave her a defeated smile and nodded,

 “Go ahead.” Was all he said and Gwen let out her laughs and giggles at her lovable oaf of a boyfriend, who would put a bouquet of flowers in their backpack, she calmed down after a minute and smiled lovingly at him,

 “Thank you Peter, I know its not what you had planned but still….its the thought that counts” she said with a smile and he smiled back,

 “Well I guess…but good thing I got you this.” He said and showed her a beautiful necklace with a ruby heart at the center in a Pandora box…Gwen’s eyes went wide to near perfect circles and she was unable to form a sentence much to Peter’s amusement, 

 “I wanted to give you something special” he said and just laughed and hugged him tightly then took the box out of his hands and she put on the necklace, it fit perfectly and she had happy tears in her eyes, she gave him a heated stare,

 “…I wish my family wasn’t here…I’d make you scream my name all day” she said a hot whisper and he chuckled and kissed her forehead,

 “Calm down sweetie, plenty of time for that later..for now I just want to see you happy” he said to her and she pecked his lips and told him to she was going to change, she covered her letters the second he wasn’t looking and dropped the towel exposing her nude form and she giggled seeing his drooling face in the mirror as she got dressed. 


 They decided to stop by and grab some breakfast at a restaurant before heading to school, they smiled at each other as they ate and chatted about anything like Gwen’s new ideas for some projects at Oscorp…which only reminded Peter of the knowledge that she might get fired pretty soon and he bit his tongue to keep from revealing it, he listened with a smile of her excitement and then it was his turn to talk…he had a moment of thought before he asked her how’s the Oxford program going, he saw her struggle to find the words…he took her hand in his on the table,

 “It’s okay…we’ll…figure something out and we’ll be fine right?” Peter asked her with a smile and she nodded with one of her own. 


Peter and Gwen were thankful that they had most of their classes together..and one of them now is P.E, it was a great way to spend the rest of the school day. They grab their gym supplies from their lockers and went on their way to the first floor gym, along the way Peter asked her something,

 “Oh Yeah I almost forgot to ask, do you have any tips on how to shmooze Oxford’s interviewers?” Gwen’s head turned so fast Peter flinched and she gave him a wide eye look,

 “Why?? Are you..actually applying for it?” She asked and he took out his phone and showed her his email,

 “More than that, according to this email, and a letter I got in the mail, I made it to the next step in the interview process. So since you know all about those guys already, do you know any secret handshakes, inside jokes or something I can use to make a good first impression?” He asked and she stopped him from walking, he raised an eyebrow at her and she started to pull him into an empty,unused classroom where she pulled him into the backroom and pushed him against the wall and started to kiss him with passion and started to rub his groin and he stopped her making her whine,

 “Gwendy wait….not here…I’ll lose control…plus the class is down the hall so someone will hear us…just wait a little while and I’ll take us to a motel close by okay?” He said and kissed her soft hand with promising eyes and she huffed and nodded with a smile, he smiled back and was about to lead her out when she stopped them,

 “We’re already in here, might as well get changed for P.E.” said Gwen and she started to undress,first she unbuttoned her shirt and revealed her sexy thin body and breasts in a pink bra..she gave him a heated stare and teasingly unzipped her jeans and slowly lowered them…her slender thighs and legs…her cute pink panties and perfect ass in his view,

 “Are you sure you don’t want to?” She asked him with a wink and he started to sweat so…he ran…Gwen was laughing her ass off watching her horny boyfriend run away,

 “If he’s reacting like that….he’ll miss me for sure if I go to England…enough to join me and come to Oxford” Gwen thought with a smile as she was putting on her gym clothes. 


The class was put into teams, classic boys vs girls volleyball…the girls won,they bragged the rest the class,especially Gwen who scored against Peter several times, he just smiled and nodded as she kept mocking him. They all went to change back since it was the end of class. 

 Girls Locker Room 

“Hey Gwen,” said one of the girls to Gwen who turned her head to look as they were all changing,

 “So you and Parker…how’d that happen? Like I totally get it he’s so cute and he’s clearly buffed up these past few months but even before that wasn’t like the entire football team after you?” Asked Stephenie and some of the other girls started to agree and ask her why Peter Parker out of everyone in their senior class and Gwen blushed red and smiled as she zipped up her jeans and reached for her shirt,

 “Well what can I say….the heart wants what it wants, plus it helps when the jocks act like idiots..especially Flash like that time he beat up Peter for not taking a picture of him beating up another kid in the courtyard” replied Gwen and some girls nodded in agreement,

 “Still…it’s one thing to date him but you’ve been telling us how you guys are gonna get married right after graduation.” Sally said to Gwen making her blush red again…then a voice,

 “Doubt it’ll happen, most high school romances end during or before college starts,besides I heard you might go to England and Pete’s a shoe in for ESU here in New York…long distance doesn’t usually work out.” said Mary Jane Watson and some of the girls moved out of the way allowing Gwen Stacy to glare at her well known rival in Midtown,

 “We will….it’s not like a typical romance, it’s not like we argue everyday, get on each other’s nerves…we do but we work through it…you know moat just quit after disagreeing over what pizza toppings to get” Gwen replied and the entire locker room was silent, Gwen had made a diss reminding MJ of the time her first serious boyfriend Tommy dumped her over a petty argument over pizza…now it was MJ’s turn to glare at her rival who smiled as she got her things ready to go,

 “Well who knows what’ll happen….maybe he’ll decide to trade up…like someone you know…who knows maybe he already did” MJ said with a smirk and Gwen’s head snapped to look at her and MJ smirk dropped when she saw the deadly look Gwen was giving her….

   Peter was waiting in the hallway for Gwen while the other guys were heading to their next class, then all their heads turned to the locker room where screams and shouts could be heard..Peter got close but didn’t go in but he could make out some words being said,

 “Guys knock it off” shouted one girl 

 “Gwen stop punching her face” said another 

 “MJ stop pulling her hair” said another girl,

Peter eyes went wide and then he saw Natasha rush in and the fight along with the noise quickly stop, 

 “All of you get to change and go home now! Except you Watson and Stacy go to the principal's office right after!” said a scolding Ms.Rushman and in less than a minute all the girls got changed and rushed out, Peter saw Gwen and MJ head to the main office,Gwen gave Peter an apologetic smile for not being able to meet up, he just smiled at her as she kept walking, Natasha came next to him,

 “Do you have any idea what it is about them? Ever since I got here it’s been Stacy vs. Watson with everyone” asked a bewildered Natasha to Peter who simply sighed,

 “I honestly don’t know…I don’t know why they’ve never got along…but now there is a reason, MJ’s been sleeping with her dad these past few months…and she’s trying to steal me from Gwen apparently.” Peter replied and Nat just nodded along,

 “So…what’s the plan for the doc?” asked Peter to Nat and she told him to walk with her,

 “We’ve collected all his equipment and data from that little hideout you found so now it's just a matter of time before he tries to steal some new supplies…we have surveillance teams on every chemical plant in the city, when he strikes so will we.” she replied as they walked to her classroom and she gathered her belongings,

 “So how long do you think Gwen will take with the principle?” Peter asked her and she gave it a thought,

 “Well it was a physical altercation so first they need to be examined by the nurse, then security takes their statements on what happened and then the principle will talk to both of them separately then together in his office…so she’ll be out by 4 at least.” said Nat with a chuckle when Peter groaned in annoyance and he sighed with a smile,

 “I Guess I can do some homework in the library in the meantime.” He said to himself out loud, Nat patted his head and he smiled at her, luckily all the students were itching to get out of school as soon as the bell rings so it was nearly empty except for a couple who stayed behind, so little chance of being seen, he slapped her ass and she gave him a stern look with a smile and went on her way as usual and Peter went to the library to wait for Gwen, he texted her where he would be. 

   Midtown Library 4:00PM 

She walked in after seeing him through the widow..she smiled as she slowly walked behind him..he had fallen asleep while reading..she giggled and looked around…no one was around..not even the librarian…she grinned and leaned down to plant soft kisses on his neck..Peter chuckled lowly and woke up as he sighed contentedly,

 “Ahh…that feels good…it tickles a little…” he said to her and she giggled again and nipped his ear, he turned his seat and smiled at her,

 “So…what’s your punishment?” He asked Gwen who smiled down at him as she caressed his hair,

 “Well believe or not…MJ and I managed to sweet talk the principle into letting us work things out ourselves since the fight was just us.” Gwen replied and Peter raised an eyebrow at her and asked if she really did work things out with Mj…and she just said they reached a mutual understanding, he nodded and just let it go for now since he did want Mj and Gwen to get along.

 “So I heard you had a little fun with my mom, MJ and her aunt..” Gwen said as they walked down the now empty hallway and Peter gave her a bashful smile and Gwen scoffed,

 “Wow…never thought my mom would sleep with you and the girl who’s been sleeping with her husband these past few months….come here.” Gwen said as she pulled him down the hallway and she stopped them at a door,

“Look in there and tell me who she looks like to you?” Gwen whispered and nodded her head to the classroom, Peter looked inside carefully through the small window on the door and he smiled at her,

 “She looks like Amy Adams,cute redhead with a nice body…mom boobs and a nice ass…total milf” Peter said and Gwen grinned at him and winked…his eyes went wide,

 “Wait…you want…her to….?” He asked without filling in the words and she giggled and dragged him to the empty room across the hall,

 “I was thinking we could make a game out of this….” Gwen said already excited to talk about it and Peter raised a eyebrow and remained silent so Gwen took her cue to continue,

   “Listen..her name is Lois Peterson…47 years old…happily married since she was 24, has 2 kids with him…her marriage is still going strong and she has the loving support of her husband, the perfect happy life…” Gwen said with a tone of humor…like its funny to her now to see a happily married woman…guess everything with her mom really screwed up her perception of certain things. He gave her a look of confusion,

 “And you want me to…?” He asked and she huffed annoyed with his cluelessness,

   “I want you to sleep with her…turn her into a little slut who betrays her husband and vows by letting you screw her.” Gwen said to him and he just stood there..then grinned,

 “So what’s the game here?” He asked, Gwen grinned back,

 “Let’s see how long it takes you to get that loyal wife to sleep with you…I bet you can’t do it by the end of the month.” Gwen said and Peter got close to her with a grin,

 “I bet I can nail her before the end of the week.” Peter said boldly and Gwen gave him a smirk,

 “You really think you can pull that off?” She asked him and he nodded…she chuckled and once they set the terms and the reward for the winner they shook hands and shared a kiss to seal the bet. Then Peter pulled her into an empty class room and shoved her into a broom closet, they kissed and sucked on each other’s necks while working their hands on each other’s jeans, they wasted no time in this…

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