Parker and Stacy(s)

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Helen and Peter arrived at the apartment, George had left for the night shift, Helen bid Peter goodnight with a kiss and he went to Gwen’s room. He saw her staring at a family photo..

“Hey you okay” he asked her, she looked at him with a timid look 

“So it’s true that my dad’s been having an affair with one of my friends, long before you came into our lives huh” she said with a monotone voice and Peter simply nodded, she sighed and placed the photo back on her shelf. 

 “Take me somewhere,” she said. He was about to tell her it’s very late and swinging this late would be risky but he saw the plead in her eyes..he relented and took her hand..she was wearing tights jeans with a low v neck shirt that showed some amazing cleavage from her breasts, she knew this and smiled softly at him as she walked to her window, swaying her hips showing off her ass in the tight jeans and she looked over her shoulder as she rubbed her bum with a hand 

“Take me somewhere..and I’ll let you put it in my ass” she said slowly with daring eyes with a grin and Peter slowly approached her, and opened her window… Soon they were both gliding in the air with every swing as she held her lover. 

  Midtown High School- 3AM

  The empty and dark building illuminated under the moonlight was silent in most of the areas..except for the criminology class that had very very loud moans coming out of the classroom, the screams of pleasure echoed in the room causing them to muffle to the outside as they intensified...when she heard these noises she had to see who it was...she slowly and quietly walked the hallways following the sound..she reached the door and peered at the window and her eyes bulged wide. 

  “Ohhh Yeah Ohhhh Yeah ahhhh” Gwen moaned and groaned as she bent over her father’s desk while Peter slowly thrusted into her ass from behind, her face was scruntching while sweating heavily feeling his hot rod push into her tight anal walls as they tried to push him out while he pushed through into her deeper and deeper. Peter groaned from the pressure on his rod, threatening to squeeze his semen out, but he gritted his teeth and kept his release at bay as he held her waist and looked and her sexy jiggly ass, 

“Ughhh ughhh Jesus Gwen ohhhhh ughhh” Peter was trying hard to not cum but Gwen’s own loud moans and groans would be the end of him. He kept thrusting,one thrust at a time as they both winced from the pressure

 “Ohhhh ughhh Peter...are you ughhhh” Gwen looked over her shoulder and tried to ask him but failed as her head fell flat on the desk as she groaned loudly, her throat vibrating from it, Peter understood and nodded while pushing in, 

 “Don’t worry honey ughhh ohhhh Yeah..I’m almost there ahhhhh” he said between his own groans and moans and Gwen smiled thankfully to herself, she should have thought this through, after all this is her first time doing anal and Peter is well above average, and she moaned happily as he kept thrusting...Peter let himself release and Gwen hissed feeling his pulsing rod explode inside her tight tunnel..Peter then slowly pulled out, both of wincing from the feeling, and they got dressed as they saw the sweat marks on Captain Stacy’s desk. They left the school holding hands and what Peter didn’t tell Gwen is that his Spider-Sense alerted him of a watcher.After they left, the watcher went to work.

  She had used her own skills to break into the principal's office, with her phone’s flashlight on and she skimmed through the files until she found….

 “There it is” she said as she flipped the file open and started reading, 

“Okay um...Parker, Peter….home address...and cell phone number” she memorized those two pieces of information then she put everything back like no ones the wiser, she had a smile on her face as she left the dark building and stepped into her car. 

   Peter had dropped Gwen off and now...Gwen was laying on her bed, her ass is being touched by Helen as she massaged her ass while chuckling 

 “Gwen if you couldn’t take it you should’ve told him sooner, now you can’t even sit” Helen said with a tone of amusement as she watched her daughter’s face wince as she put the cream on her red bum. Gwen huffed at her, making Helen chuckle lightly again. 

“Shut up mom okay I was trying something new” she replied. 

Next Morning 

 It was just another day in New York, the breeze blowing through the city streets while Peter was patrolling the area, after stopping a couple of bank robberies, muggings, and attempted kidnappings he took a break. He arrived at The Stacy apartment mid afternoon, it was a Sunday so The Captain would spend the entire day in the streets, or so he claimed as Peter looked at the copy phone and saw George went to meet up with MJ, he sighed and knocked on the door, Helen opened the door and smiled when she saw it was him and he smiled back. She was wearing black leggings and a tunie sweatshirt, and she still looked like a goddess even in casual wear. 

“So...where’s everyone?” He asked her

 She smiled at him 

“Gwen’s out with friends, the boys are with their cousins, and George is…well you know” she told him and he stepped closer to her making her smile widen, he leaned in and her fingers were on his lips, stopping him and he was inches from her sweet lips, 

 “Not me with some chores first..then we can have our alone time” she said with a tone of promise that made his dick hard already in his jeans. They spent the afternoon doing chores, while shooting flirty looks at each other, while they were folding laundry Peter held up a particular garment to Helen’s view, 

“Remember these?” He asked with a smirk and Helen scoffed a laugh 

 “How could I forget, I wore those the day we first had our sexual encounter” she replied with a sweet smile remembering how his tongue and lips moved in her slit and sucked on it after she witnessed a heated sex session between him and her daughter. They continued with daily chores. 

  Gwen was in the cafe with her girlfriends, well one wasn’t to her anymore as she heard the bitch talk about her new gift from her “boyfriend”, a fucking sweater,she just arrived after being 2 hours late, and Gwen knew why. Eventually the other girls went to the restroom so now it's just Gwen and MJ, awkward silence between them, both knowing the dark reason but MJ wasn’t aware that Gwen knew...and Gwen had an idea...she winced as she slightly moved in her seat, 

 “You okay Gwen? I noticed you’re not really sitting in the chair.” Mary Jane questioned her and Gwen leaned in close to her to avoid any bystanders listening, 

 “It's just...Peter really went to work on my ass you know” she said in a whisper and added a wink which made Mj’s eyes widen to near perfect circles as she gaped at her friend, 

 “Wh..what...Gwen you’re not a….anymore?” MJ asked in a whisper and Gwen simply smirked and nodded which made the redhead blush and scoff a laugh, 

“Well Look at you...bout time you joined us and spread your legs for some pleasure” she said with a grin of her own as both girls giggled, 

“Yeah I know...boy it was amazing too MJ, Peter really has a...long john” she winked and MJ simply smiled and said, “Yeah sure” 

Gwen narrowed her eyes at her, 

“What? You think he doesn’t” Gwen said with a tone of offense and MJ smirked at her, 

“I guy’s got a shotgun...and I’m sure Peter’s got a nice pistol” she said, and Gwen scoffed a little laugh as she was about to punch the redhead for not only dissing her boyfriend, but for actually bragging about her dad’s dick right to her face, even if Mj didn’t know Gwen knew about their affair, it was still the utter nerve of the redhead bitch...Gwen pulled out her phone,

 “You call this a pistol” she showed a nude picture of Peter to MJ and at first MJ scoffed ready to dismiss the photo then, 

 “Whoa…” her eyes went wide at the sight of Peter’s olympian muscular body and fully erect member as it stretched showing its power, MJ took the phone from Gwen and held it closer to her view all while Gwen was smirking at her friend.     She grabbed her phone back when their friends came back, they left the coffee shop. 

Peter was sweeping the apartment floors as Helen took a sip of her wine from her glass as she watched Peter sweep from the comfy sofa chair. 

   She purred at the sight making Peter look at her with curious eyes, Helen simply smiled at the teen and said, 

 “George never did house chores, he thinks it's enough to just bring in the checks” and she took another small sip of wine, she stood up and walked to him. 

“Okay you’ve done enough...let me get change and let’s go somewhere, okay?” She asked with a smile and he nodded with a smile of his own and she pecked him on the lips before going to her bedroom. Peter remembered how she had locked the door the first time he tried to take a peak, he decided to risk and he slowly approached the door and gently turned the knob and opened it slightly, then she locked it with a laugh and huffed with a smile and went to the living room to wait...the copy phone pinged, he saw that MJ was sent a George, he quickly looked away knowing it was a dick pic and he didn’t need to see that..he used his real phone and texted Gwen to see where she was, she replied that she was going head to her cousins to join her brothers while MJ meets up with...well you know….so she told Peter to wait for her. Peter huffed but remembered what he had planned for MJ and smirked, he heard the door open and Helen stepped out wearing straight leg jeans and a blue plaid shirt that was tucked in nicely which helped show her milf figure with her swaying ass and hips along with the fact she had left a few buttons undone to show a little cleavage and he whistled a cat call to her as she grinned while approaching him, 

  “cute, so where are we going today Mr.Parker” she asked him and he stepped closer looking at her pink lips with a hint of red shade from lipgloss and her beautiful eyes, he smiled 

 “You know decide, where do you want to go?” He asked her and she smiled at him. Peter's little game was working.. 

  They walked around Manhattan for some time, just walking arms linked as the first light winter snow started to fall gracefully from the cloudy sky, civilians were in smiles knowing the holidays were on the horizon, Helen led Peter, surprisingly, to the precinct Captain Stacy was in charge of.They were greeted,well more she was, by the officers and workers inside as everyone knows the captain’s gorgeous wife who was the hot topic of discussion between officers when the Captain wasn’t present. She told him to follow her, they went up several staircases,they reached the office area and soon enough..they went into a empty hallway and  reached a double door that was locked, until Helen reached into her purse and pulled out a key and unlocked it, she opened it and they entered a large office that had multiple boxes around the room, 

 “Helen what are we…” his eyes went wide as he stopped speaking….

 Helen stared at him as she was slowly unbuttoning her shirt, each button undone revealed more of her smooth skin,some cleavage..and it showed her white lace bra..she pulled of her shirt and tossed it aside, now shirtless in her sexy bra confiding her sweet breasts her hands now went to unbutton and unzip her jeans..Peter was breathing lowly as he watched her stare into him with lustful eyes… 

 “This office...was George’s first office” she said as she slowly lowered her jeans down her waist and thighs revealing the sexy white lace panties she had on to match her bra, slowly she pulled them down her legs and threw them aside too.Now Helen went around the desk and sat on the office chair behind the desk..

 “So I want to make this our official meeting place, no one will wonder why I’m here and you can just say you’re picking something up for your girlfriend’s dad..” She said and Peter slowly walked towards the desk, she grinned at him,

 “Whenever we need know.. we’ll just text each other see you at the meet and boom, pleasure city” she said with a confident smile as Peter had a cherry look...but then she told him something..

“But...whenever I text you, no matter what you have to show up, even if it means blowing Gwen off, you have to come to me and make love to me, she and I are still feuding over you so I intend to get a head start.” She said as she shifted slightly in her seat as Peter just stood and took in her one condition..he gave a lustful sigh when Helen showed him her panties in one hand and threw them to him, he caught it, it was already wet...he smelled them..and she chuckled at him, she stood up and removed her her sexy body was in full display as Peter watched her go in front of him then she hopped onto the desk and spread her legs, 

“So what do you say Peter? Are you in, or are you a coward” she dared him…what she didn’t know is that he hoped she’d make a proposal like that because that meant how much she loves his cock being inside her...he grinned and slowly walked to her. 

   40 Minutes Later  

 Peter’s pants and boxers were around his ankles, his shirt removed as Helen hugged him tightly while her legs wrapped around his back, he had a hand on her tit,the other swinging proudly as it shined with sweat with her whole body vibrating from his hard thrusts,his other hand was on her mouth...she was screaming into his hand as he did his best to keep his grunts low as possible since his hips were on autopilot pistoling rapidly into Helen’s dripping wet slit as the desk shook from the force. She was moaning into his hand, the sound muffling but he was so close to her face he could it clearly and beautifully, he kept his rapid pace,afraid someone might notice the sound of the desk shaking,and she bucked her own hips wanting to keep the pressure going as she kept groaning in his hand while her hands went to his hair and tugged hard making his head fall back, he winced, 

 “Ughh Fuck Helen” he said lowly and she laughed, he narrowed his eyes at her and...his hand went to her ass and he spank it,hard, making it jiggle and Helen winced and hissed..she narrowed her eyes at him and he smirked then…

Spank, Spank, Spank!! 

Peter’s hand slapped her ass hard multiple times and the last one he gripped her juicy flesh,the sweaty skin molded in his hand as she groaned low enough it vibrates her throat as she scrunched her face,Peter never stopped his rapid thrusts as their juices leaked out onto the desk and floor, they were close..

“Peter ughh ughhhh uhhhh...please ughhhh ughhh please ughhh ughhhh” Helen said between low groans as her forehead was on Peter’s, 

“Please ughhhhhh ughhhh hahhh what Helen baby ughhhh Jesus ughhh” Peter replied with his own low groans and moans, Helen just held his head to hers as they rocked together in rapid speed, the sounds of their hips meeting sounded in the room with squish squish. 

“Haaa hahah ughh Please...pick me, pick me damn it ughhh ahhhh” She pleaded with a tone desperation that caught Peter off guard as he cam into her from her sexy begging voice, he spurted into her waiting tunnel that was now sucking up all his cum as her river spurted out and dripped onto the desk...they both panted to catch their breaths lowly,they shared a sweet wet kiss,Helen held him close as Peter hugged her while meshing their lips together, they eventually separated and got changed. They exited the office and precinct and were now going to a secluded parking spot in the alley back of the precinct, Peter decided to go his own way,even when Helen said they could go for round 2 but Peter simply said maybe later as he made his way to a particular location.

   Midtown High School - 7PM

  She walked out of the locker room wearing her red one piece swimsuit, it hugged her figure perfectly, her toned thighs and legs along with hips and a waist to die for as her breasts meshed together making a very appealing cleavage. She enjoyed her usual sunday swim in the school pool to help her relax and enjoy the late evening of Sunday before the start of a new week. She had her towel placed nearby as she dived into the pool beginning to do her workouts, her body gracefully moved through the clear water, her red hair tied in a bun, her ass slightly appearing out of the water,that ass had some bounce and muscle on it, as her toned legs and thighs pushed her forward from one end to the other..though she felt a shiver go up her spine, she stopped and saw someone on the high chair, 

 “Mr.Parker what are you doi…” her serious tone was cut off by Peter who was sitting with a smirk, 

  “Watching a wonderful show, don’t mind me Natalie keep working out that body” he said as Natalie simply gaped at him, she swam to him with a really annoyed look on her face, 

“Mr.Parker...Leave now” 

Peter smirked at her, 

“Or what?” He asked her and she huffed at him and got out of the pool, Peter gave her a classic whistle cat call as he watched her sexy, wet, body walk to him and he could swear she’s adding sway to her hips as she walked. 

“Come, I’m going to take you home and tell your aunt your behavior towards me” she said with hands on her wide hips that he would love to grip, he huffed at her 

“Seriously, remember all the times you gave me flirty looks in class since you showed up out of nowhere and became our substitute and I know you check me out when you're acting as a lifeguard when my class has P.E in the why do we keep fighting this, I know you’ve been checking out my house too Natalie” he said in one monologue as she only had a furious expression on her face, though she panicked inside as she has been surveying his house,and what he didn’t know is that she’s even been inside when they’re sleeping. She’s even watched him sleep peacefully on one occasion as she was infatuated with his adorable sleeping face. But she had to play her usual poker face that helped greatly in..other types of situations that her work has put her through, 

  “Mr.Parker, that's enough! Now let’s go I’m going to drive you home it’s dark out now” she said with her sexy authoritative voice she used to scold interrupting students in class and had her hands on her hips, wow what an image. He got up and went face to face with her, he saw her gulp as she was clearly nervous, he narrowed his eyes and considered his options...he decided to risk it all…

Peter gripped her arms and her eyes went wide and in one swift motion he pulled them both into the pool, he locked his legs and arms around her slender sexy frame,feeling his arms mesh against her strong breasts while his legs locked around hers, now she can’t move her arms or kick her legs...they sank deeper into the pool as she struggled to loosen his grip. She held her breath as best as she could, the more she tried to escape his hold the more air she lost..eventually everything went dark…

  She felt warm air go into her lungs,she felt soft lips on hers..before she sat upright and coughed up the water in her throat and lungs as she gagged while Peter patted her smooth back exposed by the sexy red suit, Peter laughed as she stared daggers into his eyes, then he stood up and she was about to yell at him when he pulled down his pants,exposing his cock and in one swift motion he pulled her head to his member as she gagged and slapped his waist as the hot rod invaded her mouth. She resisted but then...her lust for her A student gave in...she moaned happily and she let him slide his cock slowly in and out of her mouth..Peter saw that she had her eyes closed and had a peaceful look on her face while his rod slid in and out, he felt her tongue swirl around his rod and he gasped and smiled wickedly. He put his plan in motion…

He pulled his cock out as it popped out of her mouth and he saw her face was one of disappointment. He chuckled at her and she quickly composed herself and slapped him hard across the face with a furious expression and went to the locker room while he was laughing. 

   She went to her duffle bag and looked for her clothing, her eyes went wide when she noticed two particular garments were missing, she heard the door open and snickering as she turned and narrowed her eyes at Peter.. he was holding her black lace bra in one hand and her matching panties in the other, he was smiling at her as she huffed with annoyance, 

 “Peter...just stop and give me my stuff back” she said with annoyance but a little plead in her words, Peter just grinned at her, 

 “Okay...tell you what..take off that swimsuit in front of me, and I’ll give them back.” He said and she was truly shocked the teen had the nerve to make such a proposal but she had no choice, she slid the suit off her body, slowly, Peter let out a lustful groan when heer sweet melons came into view, they were round and nad firmness in them and her areolas were a cute light pink shade with her hard nipples showing she was indeed turned on by the situation. Her slim waist and belly showed and soon..her smooth loins and thighs were revealed, her pink wet slit was shown as she shuddered from the cool air of the locker room hitting her nude body making her nipples harden to his amusement, she stared daggers at him, 

“Okay, give me my bra and panties now Mr.Parker”, she said but he approached her nude form, she stepped back but each step she took back, he stepped forward, eventually her back hit the lockers and that’s when he latched his lips on hers...she groaned in protest then he started to grope her body, first her breasts, then her ass, now his hands went to her head as he kissed her and at this point she gave in to lust and returned his kiss, but once she did he pulled away and smirked. 

“Ms.Rushman...did you just accept a student’s cock and you can’t say it was by I can say you forced yourself on me” he said feigning an innocent boy tone and expression on his face as she gaped at him, he smiled and walked away but before leaving the locker room he turned to her and said, 

“I hope no one tells anyone about our activities...and I assume you have my phone me so I can have yours, and...let’s see what happens Natalie” he said with a grin and she gulped, now knowing she had been caught by him and he left her there, standing naked and wet ready for action. 

   11:00 PM 

  Peter decided to put his next phase of plan into motion as he carried a 6 pack with him, he knocked on the back porch and the door was opened, 

 “Hey..what are you doing here this late...and with those?” She asked with a curious smile pointing at the booze. Peter smiled at the foxy redhead, 

“Well...we always used to hang out and I know school shit puts us in different I figured I try to step into yours for a while” he said while holding up the booze to Mary Jane who had a smile on her face, 

“So what do you say...wanna catch up? '' he asked and she answered by moving aside, letting him pass into her home. She closed the door, and texted a certain Captain she can’t meet...cuz she has her grandmother over she had texted him.


 Peter and MJ were laughing their butts off talking about the time Flash accidentally got diarrhea during a football game and ran to the bathroom after making a game winning touchdown, they had a beer in their hands as they drank and talked about the old days..eventually they calmed down and just stared at each only hit Peter she looks like that chick...Elizabeth Olsen yep that’s it, he noticed she was eyeing him in a particular way with her beer dazed eyes and wobbly expression...she did drink most of the 6 pack...and she had her own supply...leftovers from her dad.. and given he never drinks Peter did feel slightly intoxicated despite his overcharged metabolism. 

“Hey Peter...can I see your penis?” She asked nonchalantly taking another sip of beer and Peter chuckled thinking it was a crass joke, but when he saw she was serious his eyes went wide, 

 “Whoa Mary Jane...where did that come from?” He asked with a nervous smile on his face, she took another sip and sat closer to him, 

“ I want to see what all the fuss is about…apparently there’s word out in the school that Gwen Stacy’s first boyfriend has a really powerful weapon at his disposal” she said with low eyes as she put a hand on his groin, he sighed lowly and ran a series of scenrios in his head: he can fuck her right here right now, or keep it slow, or reject her completly.He decided to go with a different idea, He went ahead and pulled down his jeans, revealing his member despite it not being erect it was still long as Mary Jane simply sighed and nodded, 

 “Shit…no wonder Gwen limps when she walks..your’s way bigger than my guy’s” she said as she reached for his member..until he pulled his pants back up and she looked at him with confusion, 

 “You have a guy...and I have a girl...we should have boundaries” he said mockingly as she scoffed a laugh, then she looked at him with heated eyes, 

 “Fine..but I’ll get you Parker” she said with a flirt, he leaned in, 

 “Not unless I get your first’ll never see me coming” and with that he captures her lips in a passionate drunken kiss that she happily returned, the taste and smell of booze on both their breaths. He pulled away and sighed, then went on his way to her back door, he looked back at her, 

“We shouldn’t tell Gwen about this..after all...we are close to more ways than one right?” He asked with a sly smile and Mj worried he knew about… no, no way he she simply nodded and he went on his way back home.

   The next day Peter made his way to school early, he knew she’d be there. He went in her classroom, where she sat at her desk doing some paperwork, she looked up and huffed in annoyance, 

“Mr.Parker honestly this is getting a tad about you go out and find some bimbo who will fall for this disgusting macho act you have pathetically resulted in for attention” she said mockingly to him with a smirk...he walked to her desk..her eyes never leaving his as he stepped closer..he took in what she was wearing. A blue Chambray shirt and a Floral skirt that fell to slightly above her knees and her beautiful scarlett red hair was in a sexy braid...he grinned as he surveyed her body and Natalie felt a heated shudder run through her body, Peter then looked around the classroom, noticing the door leading to the backroom he entered it despite Natalie’s protests..he saw stacks of regular boxes..a copy machine, and some spare chairs with some desks...but his eyes widened and a smirk appeared on his face, he turned to face her, 

“ you have a cot in there?” He asked with a grin with a thumb pointing to the backroom, Natalie shifted slightly in her seat, 

“Sometimes...I end up working late so I just sleep here from time to time” she answered with hestotation and Peter knew that was a lie...he chuckled and sat on the chair, 

“Tell you what..let’s play a game, we have over an hour before class starts..” he started and she considered his words, she simply nodded, 

  “Let’s play...Truth Or Dare” he said with a whisper and Natalie scoffed a laugh,

“What are 7...fine, anything to get you out of my classroom, it’s bad enough I have to deal with your disgusting stares during class time” she replied with a grin of her own, but Peter raised a finger at her, 

 “Hold about we raise the stakes a bit...whoever chooses to not tell a truth or do a dare will lose the game...and the loser has to leave Midtown...still in Natalie?” he asked her while she had a blank expression on her face...then she offered him her hand, 

 “It’s a deal...I hope you enjoyed your time here at Midtown Mr.Parker” she said with a chuckle at the end, Peter scoffed a laugh of his own and said,

“Ladies first” Natalie thought about what to say..eventually, 

 “Tell me the truth...why do you behave this way?” She asked sincerely and Peter simply said, 

 “I guess I have an overt sexual understanding” he answered honestly, and now he considered what to do…

“Okay Natalie...tell me the truth...have you ever killed anyone?” He asked her..and she admitted yes she has..but in self defense which is true..and also a lie for the ones who didn’t see her coming. He felt his Spider-Sense tingle slightly, that told him she just lied..but given the subject he had to be careful so he moved on, Natalie looked in thought as she considered what to say, 

 “Okay Mr.Parker...Dare time: call your Aunt and put her on speaker and tell her everything you did to me.” she said with a tone and look of overt confidence..though it quickly fell when Peter pretended to be scared, then just whipped out his phone called his aunt, he showed her the screen to let her know it was in fact his Aunt, then he put it on speaker as it was picked up, 

 “Hello. peter? Don’t tell me you forgot your lunch again.” May said over the phone with sarcastic annoyance, Natalie looked at Peter and he smirked at her, 

“Actually Aunt May, I’ve been sexually harassing my AP English by giving her flirty smiles,almost drowning her just to perform CPR then I forced her head on my dick then I used her bra and panties to make her strip...but she liked sucking my cock Aunt May” he said and Natalie simply watched with perfect circle eyes and a gaping mouth in shock, and then the phone line went dead, May had hung up. Peter smirked at his teacher.

“Nice try Natalie, now it's my turn...I DARE you my Aunt May...and tell her how much you enjoyed that cock in your mouth” he said with glee and Natalie had a blank expression..then she pulled out her own own and called May, 

 “Hello..Mrs.Parker...I liked how slender and thick your nephew’s cock felt in my mouth and how it rubbed against my tongue and slid to my throat..It made me wet” She admitted with shame in her voice, and she heard May gasp and hang up. Natalie wasn’t sure what she was feeling felt good, she stared at him, 

“My turn...Truth...what do You think about me when we’re in class?” She asked and he smiled at her, 

 “I think about what color your bra and panties are...about how sweet it would be to plow that ass” he was heaving as he spoke with lust..Natalie grew more and more nervous and stepped back but he followed her steps as he spoke, 

“...about those tits and my dick sliding between them..taking you anal in front of everyone” He finished as she was blushing red now, he stepped face to face with her,

“Dare…kiss me” he spoke and she had a blank expression...then she scoffed,but then planted her lips on his, it was short and sweet, Natalie stared at him,

“Dare time Mr.Parker...Take Me!” She said as she sat on the cot as her busty chest was heaving and she spread her legs..Peter smiled and leaned in, she puckered her lips, he backed away, 

“Later Natalie..It’s been fun” he said simply and left her there dumbfounded. 

    The school day went as average as usual..Peter will keep the deal from the game...her reaction will give him a direct answer if she seeks him out, Peter made his way home..where he was greeted by his Aunt May with a slap to the face, he smirked at her and walked past her. He spent the day ignoring texts from Helen and Gwen as he was busy making adjustments to his suit, and his gadgets that proved very useful in last minute situations, it was sunset by the time he was done, he left through the window and began to patrol his city, some robberies, carjackings and simple out of control vehicles or construction equipment were handled, nothing to hard and nothing too simple. It was late, though he didn’t know how late until he checked his phone: 2 AM. He decided to get some naturally he went to The Stacy Apartment..but he could see through the window next to Gwen’s something interesting...Helen and George arguing...very angrily..he peeked and saw George leave the room, then he could hear him leave the apartment, he looked out into the streets and saw him go on his own late night patrol in his squad car, or at least that's what they think, he’s totally going to MJ’s. 

 Peter let himself in through Gwen’s window , she was sleeping, he passed her quietly and went to Helen’s room, she was drinking a glass of wine and she smiled softly at him when he entered the room, 

“I asked him point blank if he’s cheating...of course he denied it...he even called me crazy, said I should focus on our family instead of crazy ideas because i feel insecure” she practically chugged the glass of wine, and her voice was already one of intoxication at that point, 

  “Can you believe it...the bastard calls me crazy and insecure when he’s been cheatin on me for months before you came into my life..and he calls me insecure...when he doesn’t know I got a fuck machine at my side” she said with a lustful grin as she stood up and walked to him..she put her arms around his neck, 

 “How about we get it on baby..come on” she started to kiss his neck and he sighed at the pleasant feeling, 

 “Come on...just tell me what you want” she said in a lustful daze as she kept kissing his neck and collar bone, Peter was thinking of a thousand ideas at once, he stopped at one that made him smile...he put his mouth by her ear and whispered his idea...she looked back at him with utter shock..then she chuckled as her hands went to grip his, 

 “Come on then baby..lets go” she said as she led him to when...she collapsed...she’s too drunk...oh god she’s snoring 

“God damn it are you serious” Peter huffed with pure annoyance. 

 “Forget that old bag…” he heard a voice and looked up, Gwen was there at the door way, wearing his Navy blue hoodie, that fell to her upper thigh, and nothing else as she gave him a heated lustful stare, 

 “Come to mommy..Let her remind you why you picked her first” she said softly as she began to walk to the bed while swaying her hips. She got on the bed and was on her knees as she pulled the soft sweater off...she was only wearing her cute pink panties…

    4:00 AM 

   “Oh god yea yea.. ahhhh ohh ahah ha ahhh right there baby oh goddd yesss ohhh” Gwen moaned loudly as she was on all fours gripping the bed sheets as Peter rammed her from behind, they were sweating profusely as Peter’s dripped on Gwen’s sexy bare back as he watched his rod disappear into her leaking slit while her ass jiggled from fast hips colliding as he held her waist while groaning, 

 “Jesus Gwendy...oh goddd ohhh ughhh yea ughhh Your So Wet ughhhh” he kept pushing in and out of her, 

  “Ahhhh ohhhh ahhhh only for you baby ahhhh ohhhh ughhhh Yes,” Gwen looked over her shoulder at Peter with dreamy eyes, 

 “Mommy takes care of her baby ohhhh ahhhhh ughhhh ohhhhhh” She said and she groaned and moaned louder than before since the statement made Peter go into overdrive on her as her body shook while the bed sounded like it was in a damn earthquake...while Helen just slept through her alcohol buzz on the floor, much to Gwen’s triumphant amusement, 

 ‘I might not handle anal but at least I can handle my booze and wine’ she thought to herself with a grin then scruncthed her face when she felt the sea of butterflies and liquid creep down her belly...she was close, 

“Ohhhh ahhh ughhh Yes Peter...ohhh godddd Yesss almost there baby ahhhh ohhhhhh” She groaned and moaned while Peter kept thrusting, 

  “Hold on...hold on ughhh yeaaa ughhhh” he wanted to hold his release til he couldn’t hold it anymore..Gwen whined loudly as her body was ready but she used her willpower to keep the dam up while her breasts jiggled proudly and were seized by Peter’s hands making her scream as he kept bucking his hips into her dripping wet cunt that was leaking on the bed. 

“Peter baby please..ahhhh goddd ahhhh abhh I can’t, I can”t ohhhhhh ahhhhh” she pleaded and he huffed and bis thrusts went from fast to slow, and hard as he pushed deeper into her on each thrust…

“UGHHHH UGHHH OHHHHH” She groaned like  she was being tortured as she felt his rod reach her womb...she let the dam burst, 

 “AHHHH OHHHHHH GOD YESSSS” She had a smile on her face as she exploded on his rod,

 “SHIT GWEN I AHHHHHH” Peter couldn’t finish his statement, his rod let a hot river of sperm invade her snatch as it collided with her ocean of liquid pleasure as they both sighed and groaned, letting each other finish releasing…

   10 minutes later 

  “...and then we ended going in a circle again and we had to yell out for help” Peter finished his story with a laugh as Gwen was cuddling him on the bed under the covers while her sexy voice was laughing at his story,

 “Jeez how do you get lost in a Maze 9 times in one day, just do it once and stay out” she said ending with a loving chuckle, Peter just stared at the blonde vixen beside him as she stared at him…

“Ugh what the hell…” a voice sounded out on the floor at the foot of the bed, Helen was awake now..

 “Ugh damn it...Wait where’s…” her panicked look and question fell when she saw them…

 “Excuse me, that is my bed so If I’m not the one being fucked then no one else should be on it!” She said in a high tone to the pair of naked teens, Gwen let out an annoyed huff as she cuddled closer to Peter,

  “Shut up mom, you passed out drunk cuz dad hurt your feelings, and you left Peter with a raging hard Thank You for that” she said with a smirk and wink and Helen’s eyes went dark…

 “I’m going to sleep on the couch..see you in the morning Peter” she said with a tone of promise as she gazed at Peter..Gwen simply scoffed when she saw Peter’s face grow with excitement.. 

  Next Morning 

  The boys went off to school while Peter, Gwen, and Helen were cleaning up the breakfast table, 

 “Come on Peter we need to get going” Gwen said as she grabbed her school bag and sweater while Peter simply gave her an awkward smile, 

 “Actually Gwen...I won’t be going to school for a while, I made this bet and...whatever it doesn’t matter point is you go on ahead” he said as he put the plates to dry while Helen was smirking behind Gwen’s back. 

 “Then what the hell are you going to be doing all day?” Gwen asked and her eyes narrowed when Helen put her hands on his shoulders and whispered in his ear..she saw Peter giggle and she walked away from the kitchen..Gwen simply walked up to Peter and slapped him across the face, Peter smirked and...slapped her too, Gwen looked at him with shock and he gripped her chin, 

 “Don’t...fucking...hit...Me...I’ll pick you up later okay” he said as he planted a soft kiss on her lips..Gwen melted into his hold and stumbled slightly when he released his grip and she left without another word..he saw Helen walk in wearing her cotton robe that was tied in the middle, he smiled at her as she approached him, she gave him a soft kiss,his hands went to the knot and undid it,his hands were about to remove the robe when she gently pushed his hands away and gave him a lustful smile as she stepped back slowly, her eyes never leaving his that were full of heat and lust..

 “ are something else” Peter said as he watched the blonde milf slowly remove the robe..she was only in a sexy pair of matching lace dark blue bra and panties..he huffed and walked to her, Helen was giggling like a horny school girl when he put his hands under her sexy thighs and lifted her into his hold as she put her legs around his back, they just stared at each other taking in the anticipation as Helen stroked his cheek with her soft hand, Peter leaned and and so did she, their tongues meshed together as they breathed through their noses while exchanging saliva and nipping each other’s lips..Peter began to walk, he took her to the big sofa in the living room and Helen let out a sigh when she felt her back on the soft cushions as Peter laid her down gently, he was kneeling while she was on the sofa, her chest heaving with every breath she took and Peter’s eyes darkened with lust..Helen could feel the intensity in his eyes and her hands went to his jeans, Peter just watched as her hands went to work on undoing his belt buckle, then the button of his jeans followed by them being unzipped, 

 “Take these stupid things off” Helen breathed with lust as her hands then went to Peter’s plaid shirt, she sighed happily when his demigod body came into her view. 

  She sat upright and now she was on top of him as he sat on the sofa with Helen straddling him..he started to kiss her and she was about to pull his member out of his jeans when...he felt a jolt go up his spine, his eyes widened as Helen had a confused face then Peter looked at her and said, 

 “He’s back” he quickly put Helen off him as she ran to grab her robe while Peter was putting his clothes together...the keys were put in the door. the knob is turning, Helen turns around and Peter is nowhere in sight.. George walked in, 

 “I hope your done with your little insecure drama Helen, I don’t want to argue right now I’m just here for a shower then I’m on my way” He said without even looking at her and Helen just scoffed at him, 

 “Wow what a wonderful way to greet your wife George, I feel so was your mistress?” Helen sarcastically said as George went to grab some things for his shower and he just gave her a scolding expression and went inside, Helen huffed, then a pair of strong arms wrapped around her waist and he planted soft kisses on her neck, she sighed at the feeling, 

“ husband is here” she sighed with a peaceful smile as peter left wet kisses on her skin, he put his mouth to her ear, 

 “Let’s go to my place..” Peter whispered and he knew what to say to get her moving, 

 “...Gwen hasn’t been in my room yet..” and Helen immediately went on her way to change clothes. Peter grinned watching her ass,George’s behavior is making it easier to nail the sexy milf and the more he pushed her away, the more she was giving herself to Peter. It took her 10 minutes to change and George was still showering, she came out in a dark blue Denim dress that fell to her thighs just above her knees, she was smiling at him as he eyed those legs he loved having wrapped around him, she went the bathroom door and gave one knock on it as the shower was running, 

 “Hey honey, I’m gonna go have sex with Gwen’s boyfriend okay” she said bluntly and they both heard a laugh, 

“Yeah yeah whatever, just make sure he knows how annoying the after talk is” he sarcastically replied and Peter pointed his head to the door and Helen simply took his hand and they left. 

   They arrived at his place, it was midday at this point so the neighborhood was quiet and peaceful. Peter and Helen went in as May was in the kitchen and eyed them both, 

 “Peter...Mrs.Stacy..what are you two doing here,Peter shouldn’t you be in school?” She asked with utter confusion, Helen went up ro May, 

 “Wow May you gotta tell my girlfriend your secret for looking so young, you’re a dead ringer for Marisa Tomei you know” Helen said with a smile and May just gave her a confused reaction and Peter walked up next to her, 

“I won’t be going to school for a while May, but don’t worry I’ll make up for it by going to Oscorp and getting some work done for my internship, heck they might even offer me a job way before I go back” he said to her and again, May just gave a confused reaction that turned to shock when she saw Helen go upstairs, 

 “Where is she..” her question was cut-off,

 “We’re gonna be in my room ok, so either be quiet or go somewhere else for awhile” Peter said and she just scoffed at him, 

 “What is the matter with you? What are you doing with these Stacy women and Mary Jane Watson? I see the way she looks at you and she has a boyfriend as far as I know” May said sternly to Peter and he met her serious face which made hers fall into his intimidation, 

 “You know what’s the matter with me May” he said and… he grabbed her face and gave planted a heated kiss on her lips and she groaned in his mouth and pushed him off, she was wiping her lips with her hands with pure shock and horror on her face, 

 “Peter! I am your Aunt, how could you..!” She was cut off by his low voice,

“We’re not blood told me that one time remember” he said with blackness in his eyes and she simply gulped and had a fearful expression on her face, she immediately grabbed her purse and left the house, Peter grinned and he went upstairs. He went into his room and Helen was just looking at some photos he has taken, she smiled at him and walked up to him and planted a soft loving kiss on his lips,then she slowly back away from him and undid the belt that shaped the denim dress against her heavenly waist showing how sexy her thighs and hips were, the belt fell to his floor, he was grinning, she smiled lustfully and slowly undid a button at a time, her smooth skin was slowly revealed and she dropped the dress to the floor and sat on his bed in her sexy white lace bra and panties, he walked close to her and her hands went to unbuckle his pants, her hands undid the the belt and then unbuttoned his jeans before she tugged them, and his boxers, down and his erect member slapped her cheek and she giggled, 

 “Someone’s ready for action” she said as Peter laid her on his bed and was now on top of her when he pulled his jeans off, he was kissing her sweet neck as her legs slid up to his waist, her hands caressing his chest and abs after removing his shirt  as they moaned into each other’s mouths. Peter’s hands were caressing her cheeks as she broke the kiss and stared at him, then she pushed him and now she was on top while he laid flat on his bed, his hands rested on her thighs while hers went to unhook her bra, she pulled it off and her hard nipped breasts were in Peter’s view, she knelt down and meshed her lips with his in wet passion as he sighed when her tongue went in his mouth and her hands went to his face and she held it while kissing him. Peter’s hands went to her back and felt up the smooth skin of the blonde milf as their kisses intensified, Helen put her hands to Peter’s boxers and yanked them off then she pulled her own panties off. They both just stared at one another, Helen on top of Peter as his erect cock stood ready while her slit was moist and ready for intrusion while her nips were rock hard as her breasts heaved with her chest..her hands ran down his chest and abs slowly, 

 “How could he look for someone else, when you’re right here” he said as he knew how to tame this woman and he knew it worked when she huffed and grabbed his tool, raised herself up slightly and put his cock under her slit, she slowly lowered herself and winced feeling the hot rod stretch her walls as she took him full, Peter was smiling like a mad man feeling his tool being crushed from all sides while being bathed in hot juices. She started to rock her hips while placing her hands on his pecs ro steady herself while he put his on her on her delicious rear and he molded the flesh in his hands and she moaned at his actions as her tits began to swing from her increasing rocking speed as Peter began to groan feeling her temp engulf and heat his rod as her walls swallowed him, 

“Ahhh ahhhh ohhh hahaha haaa ohhh” his groans and moans filling his room while she laughed at his reaction to her hips moving, 

 “Haaa haa ha ha ohhh Peter ohhh Peter ahhhh” Helen started to moan as well watching his face scrunch from her pussy hugging him tightly and his hands were on her swinging,now sweating, tits holding them as she kept increasing her temp. Peter’s bed was creaking as Gwen’s sexy mom was bouncing on Peter while letting out lust filled laughs that hot Peter bucking his hips upwards which only made her fill his whole house with her sexy laughs as she was pierced all the way to her womb.

  45 Minutes Later 

   May stepped into her home, she instantly heard loud female moaning coming from upstairs, she sighed heavily and perceded to go to her room, however her eyes bulged wide and her mouth gaped open when she saw Peter had left his door wide open, she Helen’s bare ass and back ride on her nephew while his hands were now on her juicy,moist, smooth as while she had her head held high looking up at the ceiling with eyes closed and loud moans coming out of it as his bed was bouncing and creaking loudly as the old wood was giving in to their rapid passion. She looked at them

for a minute before shaking her head and stepping into her room, closing the door with a thud. 

   Helen looked over her shoulder while her rocking kept Peter groaning as he held her ass in his hands while it moved against his hot member, 

 “Peter ha ha haa ohhh I think phhhh ughhh May saw us ohhh ahhhh ah hahaha haaa” she said with a smile and Peter just kept groaning, 

 “Ughh ohhh ughhh Let her ughhh ughhh ohhhh Yea ohhhh she’s seen me masturbate” he said as Helen now put her hands to her head as her hips were now on autopilot moving vigorously on Peter’s steel cock, Peter sat upright and pulled Helen close as his arms wrapped around her back while she too wrapped her arms around his him and both were now thrusting their hips against each other as the liquids between them meshed and leaked out, 

 “Ohhhh ughhh hahaha haa ohh hahahaha” Helen moaned right in his face and he focused his strength and lifted her slightly and planted her on her back to his bed,

“Whao ohhh ahhhhh ohhhhh!!” Helen let her voice yell out as Peter laid on top of her stabbing his prick into her like a madman as she mewled and laughed wickedly while being stuffed by her teen lover, she opened her eyes and looked up at him while panting and groaning, 

 “Ohhhh ohhhh ahhhhh hahaha haaaa haha ahhhh Ohh God Yes Yes!!!” helen panted and moaned with a wicked smile as her legs were held up to the air by Peter’s hands allowing him full access to her leaking pussy and she grabbed her tits that were swinging like crazy and grabbed her own perky, sweaty flesh to add some icing on the cake and Peter growled at the sight as the sweat from his forehead was falling down his face, he was grunting as he felt his release building, his bed creaking loudly, his half open window surely letting their sex session known to the quiet neighborhood, and he knows the thin walls are letting May hear everything he is doing to this woman, he went faster and grunted lowly at the thought, 

  “Ahhhhhh ahhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhh god I’m gonna cum!!! Ahhhh ahhh haaahahha” Helen meweled and groaned with her eyes shut as her body went limp and let Peter take his pent up lust out on her body and she groaned and groaned,she was about to burst..Peter was now a jackhammer going sideways into the gushing wet slit that was staining his bed, the first girl to be on his bed,

 “Helen..Ughh ughhh ohhh You’re….ahhhh ughhhh The First ahhhhh ughhhh….On my Bed ughhhhh ohhhhhh” He reminded her and she opened her eyes and they turned to lustful aggression and she smiled like a joker at him,

 “I ahhhhh ughhhh Can’t wait ahhhh ohhhhh to Tell Gwen ahhhhhh hahah ughhhhh” sje said and laughed when Peter gave one last hard thrust and released his pent up sperm into her waiting canal as she just laughed and laughed, feeling something warm going up inside her as Peter catches his breath, 

“What..what is it?” He asked with a smile at the smiling,laughing,heaving woman on his bed, 

  “To think…weeks ago you introduced yourself to my pussy…in my husband’s class…and now…I’m in your bed” she said with soft laughs and giggles in between, Peter simply kissed her…and then flipped her over so now she was laying with her chest on his mattress and he re-inserted himself,thanks Oscorp Spider for the adrenaline,into her pussy while gripping her sweating ass and she groaned loudly…. 

    3 Hours Later 

  Peter was looking at the woman under the bedsheets sleeping peacefully, she had a satisfied smile on her face. They went at it for a while until she said enough before she fell asleep from pleasure and sure enough…they fucked 3 more times and she fell asleep. Peter grinned at her as he was putting on his sweatpants, 

 ‘She’s getting more easy and easy to fuck’ Peter thought to himself and went downstairs to drink some orange juice, he heard someone walk behind and he turned to the person with a certain expression on her face,

 “What?…She came her here…she was part of it too you know” Peter said between sips of his juice as May just gave him a blank expression,

 “What are you doing with these women Peter?” She asked him and he put his juice down and have her a solid look, 

 “Whatever I want…whenever I want” he said and….he pushed grabbed her shoulders and pushed her into the walk in pantry and closed the door…she was trying to fight him off when he started to roughly kiss her neck and cheeks while groping her body that was in black sweatpants and a simple white T-shirt, she groaned in defiance as she did her best to push him off…and he retaliated by…Slapping her across the face,twice, that made her stop moving enough for him to turn her over, shoving her against the shelves,knocking down cans of and boxes of food, and he put a hand to her mouth while the other wrapped around her waist then he…started to dry hump her with his already hard pointy groin rubbing on her nice ass and he could feel her screams and groans of protests vibrate his hand and he laughed as he kept roughly rubbing himself on her as she tried to push him off put to no avail. She just waited for him to stop and he felt tears hit his fingers,he grunted in annoyance and just kept his fast rubbinf tempo.

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