Parker and Stacy(s)

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Peter and Gwen breathed in and out through gritted teeth as Gwen rocked on him with her thighs squeezing him while he had his hands under her shirt on her tits, he molded the smooth squishy skin in his hands and his fingers flicked her nipples making them harder than they already were and he would pinch them making Gwen hiss and rock harder into him. The bed creaked lowly since they were trying to keep control of themselves since her brothers and mom were sleeping, the last thing Gwen wants is her baby brother seeing her naked while riding her soon to be husband’s dick,

 “Gwen ughhh ughhh ughh slow down ahhh ahhhh too rough aughhh aughhh ughhh ohhhhh Careful Gwendy!!! Ahhhh ahhhhhh ughhhhhhh Please!!!” Peter whispered his pleas feeling the heat grow inside him and Gwen just giggled and even snickered as she leaned down and placed a hand on her bed’s headboard to steady her herself as she moved on him taking him whole and fast yet at a quiet pace, she smiled down at him as he gritted his teeth feeling Gwen’s tunnel squeeze him from all sides as his veiny tool slide up and down her moist tunnel that sucked on every inch of him as she sank her lips on him, she just kept giggling while rocking hard into him,

 “Come on Parker! Ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh Hold On For Me!! Ahh ahhh ahhh ahhhh You’re a guy so come On!!” Gwen whispered her demands to her lover who grunted at her while narrowing his eyes at her and then he clamped both hands to her breasts and he used his fingers to pull on her nipples,

 “Ahhhhh!!!” Gwen screamed for a moment before covering her own mouth and she stopped her movements, both she and Peter stayed still in case they were heard. After a minute Gwen playfully slapped Peter’s shoulder,

 “Don’t do that! We have to be quiet!” She whispered to him and Peter gave her a pleading look,

 “But Gwen I can’t be quiet! Not with you!” He said to her and Gwen pecked his lips,

 “You’re so Sweet…then what do we do?” She asked now with a smile to him, she wanted Peter to let loose in her…she wanted to feel his strength, Peter licked his lips in thought,

 “Uhmm…how about we take this somewhere else?” He asked with a small smile and Gwen nodded,

 “Okay but where…your place?” She asked and Peter shook his head,

 “No it’s too far…the roof?” He asked and now Gwen shook her head,

 “Same problem sweetie, we’d be too loud and someone would rat me out to my dad.” She replied as she got off Peter and sat next to him,

 “How about…Felicia’s?” He asked and Gwen had a grin on her face,

 “Would she be home right now,will be….able to?” She asked and Peter grinned back at her,

 “Let’s find out.” He replied. 


Peter and Gwen let their happy groans and moans ring out in the apartment of Felicia Hardy….who watched the teenagers go at it on her bed as she drank her morning coffee while sitting on her armchair with her leg on top of the other and a smile on her face, this was her one condition on letting them use her place, she sipped her tea watching as Gwen Stacy’s sweaty back slithered and moved along with her hips as sweet ass as she rode her boyfriend cowgirl style with laughter coming out of her voice and Peter just grunted and hissed with a red face, Gwen looked at her lover,

 “Peter it’s okay ahhh ahhh ahhhhh give me everything!! Ohhh ohhh come on!!! Come on!! Ahhhh” Gwen urged Peter to take control but he shook his head….he had warned her about it…but Gwen wanted this…she narrowed her eyes at him and went faster making her tits shake her hair whip and her hands gripped his muscles,

 “Come on ahhh ahhh ahhh! Now Peter!!! Ahhh ughhhh Come On Spider-Man!!!!” Gwen sneered out her demands and then Peter let out a hard grunt and now he quickly gripped her waist and flipped them over, he now had her pinned underneath him with his hands gripping her waist his face hard and focused as he felt all the pressure on his dick and he just started a hard and fast tempo into her gushing slit and Gwen just groaned loudly and even laughed making Felicia sigh hotly at the sight of a teenage couple going at it like rabbits. Peter kept stabbing Gwen’s clit and pussy madly mashing his rod against her waiting folds that couldn’t grip his rod so she just felt the rough friction as it slid in and out, he rocked her against the headboard with loud thuds against the wall and Gwen hissed and groaned, she even put her hands on the headboard to prevent her head from hitting it since Peter was too lost in his lust to calm himself and he kept rocking her body like a toy and the bed was creaking so loud Gwen was sure it would break any minute,

 “Ahhh ahhh ahhhh aughhhhhh ughhhh ruughhhhh ughhhhh Goddd Ohhhh Goddd!!!! OH SHIT! Oh Wow!! Ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh!!!!” Gwen felt her clit and tunnel on fire….Peter really was letting himself loose inside he with his body and rod constantly rubbing her insides and her walls tried to squeeze him as a tease but his strength was too much…his dick slid roughly through her narrow tunnel and he would strike right at her womb,

 “ AHHHH UGHHHHHHH PETER!!!!AHHHHHHH AHHHHH OWWWWW!!! PETER WAIT!!!” Gwen finally pleaded and Peter instantly stopped with wide open eyes as he heard the pain in Gwen’s voice….even Felicia got up from her chair with a concerned look…. 


Peter just sat on the edge of the bed with a solemn look…he had changed into his jeans and hoodie much to Gwen’s protest who sat on the bed behind him with Felicia standing to the side looking down while licking her lips,

 “Peter I said it’s okay…come on…come to bed…” Gwen said in her soft voice while planting kisses on his neck,

 “I hurt you….” Peter replied with a tone of disgust…in himself, Gwen sighed heavily and chapped her lips,

 “Fine okay, yes you did almost…break my hip bone but…I edged you on okay, plus it’s been a while since we went at it hot and heavy so of course my body’s got to re-adjust to your growing strength right? So come on, you gave me one, you should get yours.” Gwen whispered hotly and planted kisses on him but Peter just gulped…Gwen sighed again and she looked at Felicia with a pleading look and she darted her eyes to Peter signaling to the black haired woman who gulped as well while she approached Peter,

 “Hey Spider…how about me huh? Want me to give me a tit job and you can cum on my face.” Felicia said baiting him like a mom would to their little brat, Peter actually chuckled at that lewd comment,

 “Jeez Felicia you got some way of talking someone out of a hole, I appreciate it but…I can’t…I’m sorry I hurt you Gwen..” Peter said apologetic to Gwen who licked her lips,

 “Peter I told you….it’s not your fault, I edged you on…come on, come to bed please.” She spoke to him softly and Peter leaned in and kissed her and Gwen had a eager smile on her face, but Peter gave her a classic Parker apology smile,

 “I should drop you off.” He said and Gwen sighed softly and just kissed the tip of his nose. 


Peter arrived home after dropping off Gwen at her place before her brother could knock on her mom to let her know breakfast is ready, he stretched his body after a morning swing…and stopped some typical muggers along the way, he sat on the couch and just laid there…until his phone rang, he picked up,

 “Yello.” He said,

 “I figured you should be aware that your work has impressed our employer.” Sable said on her end and Peter furrowed his eyebrows,

 “Sable? Is that you?” He asked dumbly and Sable sighed with frustration,

 “Honestly…how are you New York City’s Hero? Yes it’s Sable! Do you not recognize the familial accent?” She asked with annoyance and Peter let out a embarrassed laugh,

 “Sorry about that… Now how’d you get my number?” He asked,

 “I followed you home, used my resources to find all the information on your identity…Peter.” She said and Peter rubbed his brow,

 “Okay you got me, wait you said Fisk likes what I’m doing? I haven’t done much just my usual thing: swing and stop crooks.” Peter said with a surprised voice,

 “Well it so happens that Hammerhead is scrambling for money at the moment but I suspect he has an emergency fund he will use when it is necessary, so be ready for any increased activity in the streets.” Sable warned him before hanging up and Peter just shrugged to that, he handled a giant lizard and a flying turkey so a couple of mobsters should be easy, and speaking of easy, he got a text…from MJ, she asked if he was available for a morning fuck and Peter figured he should have a relase and he had calmed himself from before thanks to the superhero workout on the way home. He texted her yes and asked where she wanted to meet, she didn’t reply and he was about to text her again when a knock on the glass door door to the backyard, he laughed when he saw MJ in her red pajama pants and grey hoodie. MJ smiled at Peter and she knew she had done what Gwen had asked her to do: get Peter out of his negative mood.  


Peter kept his pace slow and steady but it was enough to make MJ moan and laugh while

her ass was placed on the kitchen counter with her bare legs around Peter whose pants were around his ankles, he moaned too as he kept thrusting into MJ who giggled and laughed feeling her pussy being stuffed with every inch of his cock sinking into her moist pussy that was begging for friction inside given she had grown to love Peter and his dick, the thrusts continued making her tits jiggle and Peter had a hand on her shoulder to steady while the other was gripping her thigh, squeezing the firm flesh, MJ does a lot of yoga and pilates,

 “Ohhhh ohhhh ohhhhh Yesss ahhhhhh Yesss Yesss Yessss ahhhhhhhhh ohhhhh my godddd Peter Yes Baby! Yes! Ahhhhhh Yesss!” MJ happily let her moans and cheers out and Peter started to grunt hard with his thrusts feeling his end already,he pushed MJ up a bit showing the power of his thrusting and she gasped everytime he pushed himself whole inside her, she kept gasping with wide eyes on him and Peter grunted right in her face,

 “Ughhh ughhhh ughhhh Say My Name.” Peter demanded while he grunted and MJ gapsed louder and louder unable to say the name with her body being rocked and stuffed,

 “Say MY Name!” Peter demanded again,

 “PETER!” MJ screamed and Peter laughed and he gripped her ass while she had her hands on his face as she rocked herself into him now,

 “Tell Me You Love Me!” Now Mary Jane wanted make commands and Peter nodded then upped his tempo,

 “I ahh ahhh ahh Love ughhh ahhh ohhhh rughhh ughhhh You Mary Jane ahhh ahhhh” Peter replied with increased thrusts and MJ just gasped and groaned with a happy smile…then she growled at him,

 “Harder.” She said and Peter grunted and switched it back to hard pushing thrusts into her waiting pussy, she hissed and groaned as she growled in her throat with sweat covering her face and it also become a bit red from pressure,

 “Are ughhhh ughhhh ahhhhh you okay ahhhh ahhhh Mary Jane? ahhhhh ughhhh ughhh'' Peter wanted to make sure he didn’t over do it and MJ just winked at him and sighed in his face and he felt her body jolt and shudder,

 “Ohhhhhh my goddddd ahhhhhhh! Anhhhhh Yessss ohhhhhhhh Godddd I’m cuming ohhhhhhh Godddd ahhhhhhhhh!!!!” Mary Jane yelled out with a smile and she popped, Peter felt a rush of warm juices coat his rod and squirt out of her pussy,

 “Holy Shit MJ!!! Ohhhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhhhh God Here It Comes!!!!!” Peter cam feeling and seeing MJ’s dazed out look from her pussy exploding and she hissed feeling Peter sink himself deeper to let his semen go all the way inside her, Mary Jane sighed feeling his warm liquid travel through her tunnel. After a minute they both calmed down and just laughed at the climaxes, Peter pulled himself out and he grabbed a rag to clean to leaked out juices when MJ hopped off the counter and went to grab her pants while Peter pulled his own back up,

 “Well that was fun.” MJ said after getting dressed again, Peter looked at her with a smile,

 “Yeah it was, breakfast?” He offered her and she smiled at her old friend and kissed his cheek,

 “You’re sweet Tiger, but no thanks, all your sperm is warming up my oven and its making me sleepy so I’m going to bed K.” Mary Jane went ahead up the stairs so Peter just grinned knowing she was going to his room to sleep, Peter decided to have a quick shower. 


“So did it work?” Gwen asked MJ through text and MJ replied,

 “Yeah but I think he was holding back…he would slow down without me even having to tell him and it was weird cuz he looked like he was struggling…” Mary Jane texted her reply and a few minutes later Gwen sent,

 “….okay…get your aunt and Aunt May to get busy with him at some point today okay…I’ll tell everyone else…we have to break him out of his little cautionary attitude before he decides to hold back all together orders as head of this pack.” Gwen sent her command and MJ did her part and sent voice messages to May and her Aunt.


Peter was dressed in his jeans and button plaid shirt with his jean jacket on since he wanted to go on patrol but he had remembered about some upgrades he wanted to work on first so he went to the garage. He was there for a couple of minutes when there was a knock on his door, he went to answer it and raised an eyebrow,

 “Hey Jessica, I didn’t think you were an early bird.” He said to Jones who walked past him into his home,

 “There’s some things you should know.” Jessica said to Peter who closed his door and faced her,

 “What’s up? Anything new with George Stacy’s case?” He asked and Jessica nodded,

 “Yep and several other things: He used up all the money in Jefferson Davis’s account that was actually Rio Morales account so now she’s left flat broke while Stacy and Mrs.Fisk plot another lame heist. Then there’s the fact some cowboy came into the city and stirred up trouble down by the docks.” Jessica said as she went to his mini fridge,

 “Got any booze?” She asked as she opened it and she pulled out a bottle and opened it up while Peter took in her words,

 “Okay, okay…so basically Davis is gone….Stacy is using Rio Morales money to fund another crime and a cowboy?” Peter asked bewildered at the turn of events since he’s been gone. Jessica sipped her beer and nodded,

 “Yeah, I only heard about him cuz I was down by the docks watching some heiress cheating on her fiance with a limo driver and then there was gunfire and an explosion, they drove off while I went to check it out. Found some dead guys but I saw a cowboy on a speedboat with two other guys.” Jessica finished her story and took another sip while Peter decided to get his phone and make a call. Jessica just drank her booze while eyeing Peter’s bulge….she had gotten a call from Gwen pleading for her to….step up. Peter heard the ring for the call waiting to be answered, then she picked up,

 “Hello, Peter? What’s up?” Natasha asked him,

 “Hey Nat listen I need you to check your database with high clearance about any mercenaries that have a cowboy get up, I think we have another hired gun on our hands.” Peter said to Nat,

 “Alright I’m not it, just need to run a few errands first but I’ll call you with any information I get.” She replied and ended the call, Peter looked at Jessica,

 “Hey Jones, can I ask you to keep an eye on any developments with this cowboy dude? I don’t want to be caught off guard like last time with Conners and Toomes.” Peter requested and Jessica nodded while taking a sip,

 “Sure thing since I’ll also be needing a favor from you in return.” She said and Peter raised an eyebrow,

 “Uhmm Yeah sure thing but what favor could you need from me?” He asked her and she finished her beer and tossed it with perfect aim into the garbage bin,

 “I’ll tell you after.” She replied,

 “After wha…oh…” Peter’s question was cut off when Jessica walked to the bed he put in his mancave while undoing her belt and jean buttons and removed her jacket and shirt, soon she just looked at him in her grey bra and thong,

 “Remember….I can take it.” She said with a smirk and Peter’s cock rose sky high and he gulped.


  “SHIT!FUCK!FUCK! FUCK ME RIGHT THERE YESSSS!! AHHHHH AHHHH!!!!!” Jessica felt Peter’s power as he pushed himself furiously into the only superpowered woman he knows…it’s not like he knows invisible woman or She-Hulk who could handle his super-powered body, he was sweating as he pushed deeper and harder into Jessica while holding her legs up to have easy access to her gushing wet pussy, they both groaned and moaned shaking the bed that had already broken one leg stand making it lean a bit but it didn’t stop them from this. Peter ket pushing harder and harder into Jessica who wrapped her legs around his back and laughed feeling her insides being roughed up.


“Okay so….Rio needs a loan to pay off bills and crap since David stole all her money huh? And she’s interested??” Peter asked with glee as he zipped up his jeans while Jessica pulled her jacket back on and she rolled her eyes at Peter’s excitement,

 “Yes but don’t think she’ll fuck you on the first meeting, so you’ll do it?” She asked and Peter nodded,

 “Just tell me where and when to meet.” He replied and Jessica nodded as she finished getting dressed and so did Peter,

 “No problem, just remember you have to come as Spider-Man and don’t mention anything about her husband. If you say the right thing she might give you a blowjob if you’re lucky.” Jessica said with a smirk and she left the garage, Peter put his suit on the table and prepped it for upgrades. 


“And…that should do it.” Peter finished fusing the wires together in his web shooters to finish the last upgrade he made, he had stretched out the fabric of his suit to allow more mobility, his lenses were smaller to allow more focus power with his eyes and he added some rubber and plastic to the bottom of his shoes to soften hard landings, and finally he added some darker shade of red and blue to his outfit while adding some new features to his web shooters, Peter took off his goggles and gloves when he heard a knock on the door, 

 “Come In!” He shouted from his seat as he started to stitch the new symbol on the chest: the Spider symbol was a tad smaller with the body of the Spider a bit bigger than the legs, it showed more red and blue but he enlarged the red symbol on the blue back of the suit to even it out, he heard the person enter as he worked,

 “Ohh I see my stitching lessons are paying off.” May said as she came next to Peter, Peter glanced at her with a smile as he kept stitching,

 “Hey May, how was the hospital? Rough shift?” He asked and he heard may sigh heavily, he glanced at her rear and boobs in her nurses outfit, despite them being bright blue scrubs her body was alluring with her pretty face, elegant hair and she was wearing her round glasses that…made Peter a bit hot, 

 “Hello? Peter? Are you there?” May snapped her fingers at her nephew who was just looking at her and he stuttered,

 “Sorry what?” He asked and May rolled her eyes,

 “You didn’t hear a word I said, of course you didn’t.” May said with humor and Peter just licked his lips and finished up his suit,

 “Sorry May I was just checking you out, anyways, what do you think of the change?” He asked as he showed her the updated suit and May nodded with a impressed smile,

 “I still can’t believe my nephew is Spider-Man, your mom would be proud.” May said lovingly with a matching smile but Peter had a solemn look,

 “Uhm May….after everything…maybe we should never mention my mom and dad…or uncle Ben.” Peter said giving a knowing look to May who now gulped and nodded while biting her lip,

 “Right…of course…terrible to mention them….especially now…” May replied and then she sucked her breath and clapped her hands together with a smile,

“Okay then, now what do you want for breakfast?” She asked Peter and he thought it over,

 “How about…pancakes.” He answered and May nodded with a smile,

 “Pancakes coming up, with a side order of scrambled eggs and bacon. How about you go on your little patrol around the neighborhood while I make the food.” May suggested and Peter smiled at that,

 “Sounds like a plan.” He said as he changed while May left the garage to head into the house. 


Spider-Man helped out with some traffic jams and car accidents then some petty burglaries around the neighborhoods, he hated how petty crooks can be to rob a mini mart or a corner store so he would web them up upside down letting them be scared and whine much to the public’s amusement. He just kept working and swinging for a while then he headed back home, at least he was when he got a call, he stopped on a rooftop to answer it,

 “Hello.” He said into the phone,

 “I require your assistance.” Silver Sable said on the other end and Peter snickered,

 “Wow a CEO of a mercenary company needs my help, should I be honored or terrified?” He asked with sarcasm and Sable groaned into the phone,

 “Just get to these coordinates Now, unless you want Hammerhead to gain a new supply of Cocaine and prescription pills for the New York Youth to die on.” Sable replied and hung up….Spider-Man just stood there for a moment….then he ran fast as hell and swung like a bullet actoss the buildings as he looked at the location Sable sent and it was the docks, he called someone…someone for backup,

 “Hey Babe, what’s up…wanna try again?” Gwen asked sweetly but Peter went to the point,

 “Gwen, we need to get the NYPD to the docks! There’s a drug resupply happening and we need the good guys to get ahead on the trail before the others do! I’m on my way there now but I can’t take em all on.” Peter said as he swinged and Gwen responded after a minute to think,

 “Okay..Okay, I’ll call the others and send them to you and…idk I’ll think of something to get the cops attention to the docks! Be careful!” Gwen replied and Peter hung up and swung. 


“So much for Saturday Funday…” Gwen said to herself as she texted Natasha and Felicia who of course went to action as soon as Gwen mentioned Peter in danger….which only aggravated her more over not being able to join in on the action alongside Peter but she plans to change that. Thankfully her brothers and Mom were out for now so Gwen had the apartment to herself to think and her dad was currently on patrol in ChinaTown so there’s no chance he can plot another heist…Gwen paced her room thinking of way to get the cops to the docks…she rubbed her head…then she remembered something…she went to her dad’s office to find the rolodex..she flicked through the cards until the one she wanted was found…Gwen smirked and giggled. 


Misty Knight was at her desk and across from her was her partner Yuri Watanabe,they were both working on their case files to catch up on paperwork to start their casework on whatever Davis was doing on the side. So far from what Knight has told Yuri it appears Davis was indeed working alongside someone else to gain a sum amount of drug money by means of robbing the local gangs around the city and using the NYPD as a backup system but they need to find more connections and more importantly evidence. All of the sudden the phone rang on Knight’s desk,

 “Detective Knight.” She said into the phone,

 “Go the docks! There’s a drug shipment coming in!” Said a deep staticy voice that hung up and Misty just blinked at looked at her partner who raised her eyebrows,

 “Everything okay?” She asked and Knight shook her head,

 “No…we gotta go.” Was all she said to Watanabe. 

   THE DOCKS-11:18AM

“Shit! Shoot him already!” Shouted a gang member to his men who were firing their guns at the annoying webslinger who had already taken down most of their guys and it didn’t help he had two sexy females with him,

  “Damn she's fine as hell!” Shouted another thug who was distracted by Black Cat’s ass in tight latex only to be kicked in the head by Black Widow,

“Men…typical.” Romanoff said after she decked another thug in the face before grabbing his pistol and shot a guy aiming a gun at Spider-Man who shot a webstring for Black Cat to use as a swing to air kick two men coming at them while dozens more came out of the ships nearby surprising the trio in costumes, 

 “Damn it…this was fun when we thought it was just like 20 of them but now there’s like 50 or 60!” Black Cat complained and Spider-Man cracked his knuckles,

 “We’ll be fine…I can hear the high pitch of the police sirens and you have a sexy Russian spy and a wannabe SHIELD Agent for backup.” He replied and Cat rolled her eyes while Romoanoff shoved his shoulder,

 “Do you have a real plan or not?” She asked and Peter nodded with smile,

 “Yes of course, it’s easy and I wonder why you’re asking me for a plan…is it another test?” He asked and Nat shrugged her shoulders,

 “Honestly no…just mentally exhausted so what do you got?” Nat asked and Spider-Man sighed,

 “We’ll talk about that later…. anyways Widow you throw some of your smoke splurge bombs at them and Cat you throw one of your mini flashbangs you got while I handle the rest!” Spider-Man took command and issued the orders to the others then swung up while the other watched,

 “Wow…that’s hot!” Cat said as she prepped while Nat did the same. 

  Peter swung into his spot and prepped his web shooters while the men charged at them, he had an idea on how to handle these men and even how to handle Captain Stacy and his little side activities….Peter had been lucky to see a familiar face since he got back.


“Move In! Move In!” Shouted Knight to her fellow officers who had their guns ready in hand, they moved onto the docked ship while Watanabe led another group to the other ship,

 “Be ready for anything…what the hell?” Yuri said over the radio and Misty was about to reach for hers when she and the other officers stopped on the ship,

 “What the hell?!” Was all she could say when they must’ve found what Yuri and the others did….a bunch of thugs glued to the ground in what looked like black webbing melted to rubber while the others were dangling from harness wires and were clearly beaten up, Misty reached for her radio and called in to Yuri,

 “Yuri, come in! You find what I found here?” She asked with a still shocked expression on her face but she just heard static,

 “Yuri!” She called in again and this time she responded,

 “Knight, listen! We found one still conscious with a note on him…it says,

‘Need to meet up, from yours Spider Guy. 

P.S- Brazil’ 

What the hell is this? Over!” Yuri asked over the radio and Misty didn’t respond since her eyes were on the blue and red hero standing on top of the crane and waved before swinging away and she just gulped as Yuri asked for a response over the radio.  


The trio went to the safehouse after leaving the thugs and drug supplies it to the good cops before Stacy can learn about it. Peter let out a exhale and stretched as they got in his civilian clothes,

 “I have to admit….I actually missed being in the chaos of daily crime…does that make me a bad person?”  Peter asked with a wince to Natasha and Felicia both in tight jeans but Nat was wearing a red cotton sweater matching her hair while Felicia wore a black jean jacket, Felicia gave Peter a hot smile,

 “Now way Cutie-Pie, it means you prefer the excitement and unpredictable over the dull and easy, like Me.” She said with a wink and Nat rolled her eyes,

 “Don’t do that Hardy…Peter perhaps it means you are aware of your abilities and so you yearn for conflict to absolve it.” Nat with a reassuring smile to Peter who took in her words and nodded at her,

 “I guess that makes sense…even in Brazil it wasn’t until after the whole druglord thing and the cop did I miss being in New York.” Peter said more to himself but he still caused confused expressions on the girls’ faces,

 “What Cop?” They asked in unison and Peter snapped out of his self trance,

 “Oh Yeah! I forgot to mention…I kinda ran into a cop in Brazil, a cop who will be useful when I tell her everything…and of course Gwen’s in on it…which is why she called her desk.” Peter replied with a smile,

 “Oh God are you planning on more distractions!” A voice complained from behind them and all three looked at the newcomer,

 “Oh Yeah I forgot, Sable was the one who told me about the docks.” Peter said as Sable walked in and Lesh smirked at her,

 “Of course your stalking him too.” She said and Sable rolled her eyes,

 “I’m merely keeping an eye on my employer’s assets. So tell me what you're planning to get a NYPD officer involved in.” Sable demanded and Peter chuckled at her,

 “Sorry, can't say. It’s a private plan but I swear I’ll fill you in when it’s time, anyways….who wants to fuck.” He replied with a smirk and Felicia let out a growl of sexual hunger annoying the other two women. 


“How the hell am I supposed to know everything that happens in the city?!” George asked outraged over the phone,

 “Are you not a police Captain? I would have thought that title has benefits.” Vanessa retorted on her end and George let out an annoyed grunt,

 “Captain of one district, it’s a huge city and I wasn’t even told about the docks becasue it’s not my district so there was no need to call me specifically got it, what about you?” George shot back at her and she scoffed,

 “What about me?” She asked with annoyance and she heard George chuckled,

 “You're a crime boss’s wife! Why haven’t you heard of this incoming shipment from your husband’s rival huh? What have you not blown him in a while or something?” George asked with a laugh and Vanessa just hung up. George inhaled then exhaled at the craziness of this…from what little info he could get for now it was Captain DeWolff and her two supporting detectives who led the charge were…Misty Knight and Yuri Watanabe, two cops who used to work in his district til they both transferred to another area, George figured he could try to see what information was gathered to set another bust or raid of Hammerhead’s supplies, George snapped out of his thoughts when a knock on the door woke him,

 “Hey Dad, the movie’s about to start.” Howard called out and George said he’d be out in a minute, his sons had come over to hang out in his new place while Gwen helped her mom rearrange some things back at the apartment now that he’s officially moved out but he still had to know what Helen’s been up to and now he had an insider who said he’d get some information soon. 


Gwen and Helen sat on the couch watching tv just relaxing on a early Saturday afternoon, 

 “So….what happened between you and Peter?” Helen asked her daughter who had a shy look,

 “What do you mean mom?” She asked and Helen narrowed her eyes,

 “He hasn’t come over at all yet and I heard a little tif you two had early morning. So talk missy, what happened?” She replied and Gwen sighed and licked her lips,

 “Okay okay, well….Peter and I were…going at it and….I kinda….edged him on…and…” Gwen was now blushing and she kept dodging her mother’s eyes  who can guess what happened, Helen chapped her lips,

 “Ohh I see….couldn’t take it huh?” Helen asked with a giggle and Gwen rolled her eyes while Helen giggled even more,

 “Not like that….okay sort of like that…anyway he’s saving me for last so he can just pity fuck me and go to sleep…but I’m not gonna settle for a pity fuck.” Gwen said with a smile and Helen took a sip of her water,

 “Well I’ll be sure to have him prepped for you.” Helen said with a smirk and Gwne playfully kicked her foot while they both laughed at the comment, after a moment to calm themselves Gwen let out a sigh,

 “I…love him so much.” Gwen said aloud and Helen put a hand on her daughter’s knee,

 “I see the way he looks at you, even in his sleep he says your name. You don’t need to worry about his love for you.” Helen said assuring Gwen who gave her an appreciative smile in return. 

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