Parker and Stacy(s)

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Stacy Apartment

George was walking down the hallway of the building heading to the door leading to the Stacy home, he reached into his pocket to grab his keys,


George looked up and looked around…he was sure he heard…a moan…he looked at the door,

 “Is Helen…?” He asked to himself when,

 “Ahhhh” he heard a familiar sound he had not heard in…years,

 “That bitch is masturbating…guess she misses the old Mr.big” Goerge had a grin on his face as he entered. He stepped inside and he could hear the moans…but then he heard….more moans,

 “Helen!?” George shouted as he went to the room that was almost closed shut…

  He barged in… see Helen giving him a annoyed look as she was in bed under the covers,

 “Do you mind….I was about to finish but your voice ruined it.” Helen said to him and he grinned at her,

 “How about I help with that?” He said as he was about to climb on top of her when she moved away and put on a pair of sweatpants and a T-shirt over her body,

“Ugh…we’re technically separated so you should know better than to barge in on me.” She said as she walked away and George gave a annoyed scoff,

 “How can you say that when you’re still here? Just admit it Helen you miss me and you know you overreacted so just apologize and lets have make up sex already.” George said with his own tone of annoyance and Helen looked back with her own annoyed look,

 “I’m only here to pack the rest of my things, most of my stuff is already at the Parkers. I have been taking a look at the papers to make sure you’re not gonna screw me over. What are you doing here anyway you’re supposed to be at work. Trying to see if the coast is clear for your little side dish, bring her out, I don’t care anymore.” Helen said with her arms crossed and George gave a laugh to her,

 “I came back for some papers I left for work, and if you’re here to pack….I expect you out by the end of the day….I’ll tell the boys you went on vacation or something..” Goerge said as he walked away from her with the papers and slammed the door shut. Helen sighed and rubbed her temple then she went back to the room and closed the door,

 “He’s gone” Helen said as she looked right above her, Peter let Gwen down first and he flipped off the ceiling,

 “What the hell Peter, why didn’t your Spider-sense go off?” Gwen questioned Peter in her nude form as she went to the bed to sit,

 “I don’t know, maybe it’s blocked when I’m in a heated moment of arousal.” Peter said with a shrug while Helen sighed,

 “Sorry guys…ruined the vibe huh?” She asked sarcastically with a pained smile and the other two nodded with their own painted smiles as confirmation…everyone got dressed since George’s unexpected appearance ruined the mood for everyone.

   10 Minutes Later

The trio were eating sandwiches at the dinner and chatting and anything which was still enjoyable to them,

 “So Gwen since I’m here, wanna go out or something?” Peter asked her and she shook her head,

 “Can’t, still need to do homework and help my mom look over the papers my dad gave her plus I need to know what I can do for tomorrow night.” She replied and Peter nodded, Gwen then had an idea,

 “How about you call up one of the others, gotta keep those skanks in line so give them a good treat….and here’s a gift.” Gwen said with a smile as she went to her bag and pulled out a file and passed it to him, he opened it and grinned at the materials,

 “I forgot about them…our teacher who looks like Amy Adams and the latina employee, Jasmine gave me her number and address after that session in the store.” Peter finished his sandwich and took his plate to the sink and cleaned it,

 “God that’s so hot.” Helen said with lust in his voice as she watched him, Peter chuckled as he finished and went to his bag with some things in it,

 “Okay so are you guys all good?” He asked the pair and they nodded and he smiled at them,

 “Meetup later?” He asked and they nodded with excited smiles then he left them to do their work. 

 Queens Safehouse 

Natasha was looking over the information collected in preparation for the stakeout at the port the next night a ship is set to arrive for Mr.Fisk, she was looking over the manifest while Felicia was…relaxing with her feet on the table while she laid back against the chair,

 “Can you please help me with this?” Asked a irritated Nat after having seen Felicia just doze off in front of her, Lesh gave her a shrug,

 “Relax Red, we have and know everything we need to make sure all goes well tomorrow at the port.” She replied and Nat rolled her eyes,

 “That’s what we thought about the bank and look what happened, Pete got snatched by Vulture and we lost track of the men we were tracking. No room for screw ups this time.” Nat said as she handed a file over to Felicia who groaned in annoyance,

 “Fine Fine. Jeez you’re more worked than usual Nat, what gives?” Felicia asked her as she opened the file and started to read while Nat rubbed her temple with her thumb and sighed,

 “Sorry, just been working on another case for a while and it’s been difficult to find a lead so I at least want to progress in this one.” She said and Felicia nodded at her with a smile,

 “Alright Nat, let’s make sure we have it all plnned out so that nothing happens…and we can enjoy a victory fuck after the bar.” Felicia replied and the pair laughed at her comment as they kept working, then Nat got a call,

 “Hey Pete, you need what….why?” Nat rolled her eyes with a smile as she heard Peter’s reasoning,

 “Alright fine hold on” Nat went to get her laptop and went back to the table, Lesh had a questioning look on her face and Nat gave her a smirk,

 “Peter’s adding more people to his list.” And again both ladies laughed,

 “Okay Peter listen up…her name’s Jasmine O’Hara and…she's been married since early 20’s with a couple of kids and she works in a mall as a saleswoman. Then for my colleague in midtown…” Nat continued to give Peter the information he needed to make his conquest,after that they chatted about the plan and Nat told him the basics: once they handle any security forces at the port, Felicia and Peter would go in and see what’s in the shipment while Nat does recon around the area to keep things quiet and unnoticeable to which Peter had an excited reaction to being part of a spy investigation which made Nat laugh at his childlike demeanor. 


Peter knew what to do about the sexy latina Jasmine, who was a married woman children, he remembered taking her in the store closet and how she was moist from the idea of being taken advantage of, since he knew how and where to find her he decided to do spend some time doing patrol in the meantime. He stopped some store burglaries and car jackings whenever he sensed or saw them happening and he noticed how there were less mobsters in the street, he figured it was due to his actions lately but then again they could be planning something at the port the following night but he put the thought aside when he felt his phone vibrate and he was surprised to see who was calling, he stopped on a rooftop and answered

 “Hello…Captain Stacy?…oh really? Yeah of course Yeah, I mean Yes Sir. Okay..okay great goodbye.” Peter hung up and was left with utter confusion, George had invited him to a meet up at a burger place in an hour and Peter agreed out of fear this was a test or something so now he had to think of what he was planning to do, he removed his bag from his back and got changed.

 5 Minutes Later 

Peter was walking down the street in his usual jeans, sweater and jacket combo while on the phone with Gwen,

 “Do you have any idea what he wants to talk about?” He asked her and he heard her discuss it with her mom on their end before she replied,

 “My mom thinks its about her staying at your place and maybe about the the dicorce and how it’ll affect me…I think he wants to see what you and me are up to as a young couple since he knows you’re gonna propose to me.” Gwen said with a happy tone in her voice and Peter smiled hearing then it turned to confusion,

 “Wait, how would he know that?” He asked and there was a awkward silence,

 “Well…I’ve kinda been bragging to my friends and cousins over the phone basically everyday so he might’ve…you know heard me a time or two.” Gwen said with a put on cute voice to win over Peter and it worked since he chuckled at her answer,

 “Well I guess I should be ready for him to arrest me.” He replied and he heard her laugh which made him join in on the laughter.


 Peter arrived at the burger place and George was there already, they got their food and took their seats, next thing they did is chat about anything: George’s job, Peter’s school activities and his plans for college,

 “You know Gwen might get an all paid scholarship to Oxford, just one person to person interview is left,have you two talked about what that would mean?” George asked as he took a bite of his burger and Peter took a zip of his drink,

 “Well…it’s her dream to study molecular medicine there so when she gets accepted I won’t stop her from going, as for myself I’ll hopefully manage to get accepted in Oxford as well but NYU is most likely my safe bet.” Peter replied to George who nodded at him,

 “So Peter, how do you feel about Helen staying over at your house with you and your aunt?” He asked him and Peter had a million scenarios play in his head on how to respond to that question,

 “Oh um…it’s cool with me, I mean yeah it’s fine Mr.Stacy. Though I am sorry to hear about you guys separating, Gwen told me you guys have been together since high school.” Peter said to George who just nodded to that,

 “Well things change…hopefully things it’ll go differently for you two, but for now, enjoy your youth son, trust me when I say it’ll go by faster than you think.” George said and Peter considered his words…he was actually giving him advice…George noticed a look on Peter as he just looked at his burger,

 “Something on your mind Peter?” He asked him and Peter was in deep thought,

 “I’m just wondering…” he stuttered a bit and George spoke up,

 “Wondering why I decided to hang out with you after several months of you dating my daughter?” He asked with a smirk and Peter nodded and took some fries and put them in his burger before taking a bite,

 “Well Peter….I’ll admit at first I thought you were just a temporary crush Gwen had…but then she actually started bringing you over for dinners, family game nights and movie nights, the way she talks about you to her mother and friends, and also how she seems more confident in herself at school and at work….and I’ve heard you praise her intellect whenever you two were studying in the den, you’ve encouraged her to seek her dream as well and that has been a huge comfort to her during her senior year of high school which is stressful for any student so thank you for that.” George finished his monologue and ate some fries while Peter just had a stunned look on his face,

 “She loves you, you know that right?” George asked him after a minute of silence as he looked Peter dead in the eyes, as if to let the question sink deep within Peter’s mind, Peter looked down and smiled widely before looking at George with a huge smile,

 “I know Sir, and I hope it’s okay to say this….I truly love your daughter, It honestly still shocks me she chose me of all people in Midtown to date. She makes me happy just being around her….she makes me happy….just by existing.” Peter said and George nodded at him with a smile, then they resumed their chat about everyday things like the women getting mad for leaving the toilet seat up, the craziness of recent mob activity and how the planning of the NYPD ball would go,

 “Oh speaking of that ball, are you…going to that school event Helen is planning for Captain Stacy?” Peter asked him and George was in thought for a moment,

 “Well….I might have to work that night but hopefully I can work something out.” He replied though Peter sensed something off about that answer but he let it go, then another uniformed officer sat down with them and George greeted him,

 “Hey Davis, I got your usual, oh this is Peter Parker.” George introduced Peter to the officer named Davis, they shook hands,

 “Hey Mr.Parker, names Jefferson Davis, I’m a sergeant in George’s precinct, so you’re the guy Gwen won’t stop talking about to the female officers whenever she comes down for a visit.” Davis said with a chuckle while Peter shly looked down making George also chuckle at his demeanor.

 10 Minutes Later 

The trio left the restaurant and were about to head their separate ways,

 “Hey Peter, do you need a ride before we head back to the precinct?” George asked him as he and Davis stood at the doors of the cruiser,

 “No thanks Captain, I’ll be fine.” He answered and the officers left in their car….Peter walked down the street and went into an alley where no one could see him, he jumped and crawled up to the roof to see his phone….he had used a brief 3 minutes that the other two had gone to the bathroom before they left so he used the new gadget Nat gave him to sync all the content from Davis’s phone to his, Peter did that when after a few minutes of meeting Davis…he remembered why he looked familiar….he was one of the men with George and Vanessa before the heist….now he has a name to another member of George’s little plan to rob both Fisk and the mob. 

  Peter looked through the content from Davis’s phone and he saw how he had frequent messages from George and two unknown numbers, he would check those out later, he checked out his call history and it appeared as usual, friends, family and fellow officers, he then decided to check out other stuff and,

 “Holy Shit!!” Peter said aloud when he saw a sexy ass Latina woman appear on the screen when he checked out his photos, this woman is Davis’s wife and she was a total bombshell, a Latina with huge breasts, wide thighs and a ass to kill for and plow into, 

 “Jesus Christ, she looks like Selma Hayek.” Peter groaned as he looked at the woman through various photos on the phone, they were vacation photos and she was in a sexy blue one piece swimsuit that did nothing to hide her alluring and provocative body…he looked at her huge melons meshed together by the swimsuit and her fine wide thighs that led to her sweet legs and her caramel skin and beautiful face,

 “Oh jesus Fuck it.” Peter groaned and he leaned against the rail, then unzipped his jeans and started to jerk off to the photo. 

  NYPD Pricient-6:00PM

George was with his fellow officers as they had to plan out how the ball would go, all the men were bored out of their minds,

 “Jesus fuck why didn’t get the female offfocers to do this shit.” Officer Jacobs complained, 

 “My wife would kill to plan something like this.” Said Officer Henrys, the men kept trying to work out on the details,

 “Helen is planning something at Simon’s school so I can’t ask her for help on this…especially since she’ll just mock me for not being able to.” George said with an annoyed sigh, his phone then pinged and he looked at it and saw it was a message from Vanessa, she asked if he would be available and he texted back saying he could meet up much later on, he kept working on the details of the benefit with his fellow officers.

   Fisk Office

“Sir she’s asking to see you.” Tess said to Wilson who was drinking a glass of scotch while watching a newsreel of the recent attack on Spider-Man as he sat on hit big leather seat, he sighed and rubbed his brow,

 “Alright let her in.” He said and Tess went out and told her to enter. She stepped inside and Wilson motioned for her to sit across from him which she did,

 “So what did you want to discuss?” He asked her and handed her a glass of scotch and she took it and took a sip,

 “I want to join you.” Said Silver Sable to which Fisk just gave her a deadpan expression,

 “I’m well aware that you have been working with my opponents for the past month now by supplying men and offering your own services so now why would you go about changing sides?” He asked her with a sly smile and she smiled back and leaned back, she was dressed in civilian attire to avoid being sighted to easily since she had to go through multiple channels to arrange this meeting, well it was more difficult since she had to handle the men who were tracking her for the mob since they had doubts about her true intentions being in New York.

 Silver Sable sighed as Fisk waited for an answer from her, though he had no personal quarrels with this woman she does prove to be a difficult opponent should she become one but so far she has only been involved in 3 jobs while the Mafia have been a pain in his ass for years now and as far as he knew, she was the CEO of some private security company in a country called…well that doesn’t matter, Sable took another sip of her glass and spoke in her accent that made her sound soft yet firm, passionate and stern at the same time,

 “You see….I require assistance in acquiring American currency in vast amounts from reasons that are only to be known to myself…but I assure you it will not involve this city, I first approached the one called Hammerhead to make arrangements…essentially I wanted to use his petty war with you to gain millions of American dollars by means of simple bank heists to avoid any international detection, at first it appeared as though he had everything figured out but, well clearly he does not. This city is plagued with multiple forces yearning for control of either the city or the money and I had made the mistake of choosing the side that will lose in the end being that they wish for a world that has long died out, they are past…while you and I…I believe are the future.” Sable waited for Fisk’s reaction before continuing and seeing how he was interested so far was a good sign for her,

 “You use the broken and corrupt economic and political system to your advantage while others complain and whine over the misfortunate in their lives, you seek what you want and you use the resources available to you to obtain it, whereas I am a simple businesswoman who has thousands of well trained men and women for hire in a private company that is well protected by the way we carefully navigate within a country’s legal system….but the Mafia want to make their currency by exploiting the youth of this city to narcotics that will eventually break their souls….I’m aware you dug into my background as I did to you…so we both know the harm it does and what it leaves behind.” Silver and Fisk shared a look of understanding….both grew up in terrible environments and witnessed things no kid should see, now Fisk spoke,

 “So what exactly do you want Ms.Sable?”, he asked her,

 “Simple….I’m offering you an exclusive package Mr.Fisk, 400 of my men and women at your services including myself and I know how to bring in the engineer who built the contraption that you obviously admire…I’m sure Adrian would be happy to provide his services to you seeing how his relationship with Hammerhead has deteriorated overtime. All I want in exchange is……500 Million American Dollars…..I’m also aware of your….vast wealth that you accumulated throughout the years.” Sable waited for Fisk to respond….but he stood up and she was ready for an attack…instead he went to his cabinet and…she smiled at what he grabbed, he went to her with a smirk,

 “I always bring out the good stuff when finishing an agreement with someone, he poured her a glass and she was about to take it when he pulled it back,

 “But I need to make 2 requests from you….they’re simple.” He said and she nodded,

 “I want you… find out where Hammerhead’s personal safe is so I can take everything in it and the second is…..I want you to convince him to join us.” Fisk said as he pointed a finger to the TV screen and Sable smirked,

 “It will be done.” Sable said and she took the glass and stood up and went to the screen,

 “He’s actually been an interest to me recently….so looks like fate is on my side.” She said as she and Fisk clinked their glasses together as the video of Spider-Man continued playing on the news. 

    Manhattan safehouse-6:30PM

Peter was in the den just relaxing after spending some more time on patrol after having a nice meal with George. It was weird…it was actually fun, but he had to remember how he plans to steal the money from the mafia and from Fisk’s accounts. He was just sitting on the sofa when a knock on the back door interrupt his cooldown, he was curious as to who it was when he went to answer it….no one was there….Peter immediately went inside and locked it and did what Nat had told him to do, activate the security system inside the house that would scan the whole house to identify any unfamiliar persons in the home since Nat had set it recognize him,Gwen,herself and Lesh. The A.I told him that no one else has been detected so he wondered who it could have been, then….he felt the lighting in his back and he caught the fist that was heading for the back of his head and he smirked when he saw who it was,

 “Another test.” He asked and Nat smirked back,

 “I wanted to see how you’d handle being spooked and I wanted to see how good your ‘Spider-Sense’ is.” she replied and he chuckled as he went to to open his bag,

 “So are we all set to go?” Peter asked and Natasha nodded and he smiled and went to the dresser in the room and grabbed some spare clothes while Nat watched with heated eyes,

 “Alright so we head to Helicarrier and talk to Vulture and find out how he and the rhino got their gear then we just review our data and plan out what to do after we infiltrate the ship tomorrow night.” He said and Nat nodded in confirmation, he walked down the hallway,

 “Ok I’m gonna shower since I’ve been sweating all day.” He said and he smiled when he heard footsteps behind him,

 “I’ll join you.” Was all she had to say for his cock to grow.


Peter had to admit it was terrifying seeing how high they were when glancing out the window, they were right above New York which looked like a bunch of fireflies in the distance below him….he gulped and Nat rubbed his shoulders with a giggle,

 “Relax….if we fall…We’ll die of a heart attack long before we hit the ground.” She said and Peter gave her a WTF look which made her laugh as they waited in the holding area for the prisoner to be brought out. The guards brought out the bald man who sneered at Black Widow and Spider-Man as he was seated on the chair across from them. Nat give him a look and Peter exited the room, he waited out in the hallway deep down the helicarrier, Peter still couldn’t believe he was on Shield’s air base headquarters high in the sky and he got there by some teleporter in the basement of the safehouse after Nat showed him how to use it in case of emergencies. He whistled to himself as he waited for Nat to finish her interrogation of the vulture for what seemed like 10 minutes and then she walked out with a smirk and looked back,

 “Thank you for your cooperation.” She said and walked down the hallway and motioned for Peter to follow, he did and he saw the guards grabbed the heavily beat up man and took him away back to his cell. Now he and Nat walked down the hall into the working areas of the ship and Peter saw how diligent everyone worked and how much respect, or fear, Natasha had garnered throughout her work for Shield and she was already famous to them as a mercenary for hire who would on occasion be employed by their enemies but now she is a fully fledged Shield operative. 

  She led him to the computer lab and they went to a workstation and she logged into her account and started to pull up the data collected through the hacks of the bank and Oscorp Tower, Peter looked over her shoulder as she sat down and typed away,

 “So Adrian Toomes was Oscorp’s top engineer during their start in the 90’s and he worked up quite a reputation for himself.” Nat said as she pulled up Toomes information on the screen,

 “Wow he basically built Oscorps’s entire engineering foundation, he hired all the engineers on staff and he set up the power grid on the tower. So why is he stealing from his old job?” He asked and Nat pulled up some more documents which detailed how he was removed from his position while Oscorp legally secured all his work and projects that were in development and he was not even given an exit package, that was done by Osborn himself,

 “So they screw him over and he steals his old stuff to move forward in his life of crime….What’s the point?” Peter said and Nat pulled up a poster on the screen for an event and Peter raised an eyebrow at her,

 “So he wants to make enough money to build his own company….kinda dumb to become a criminal when he literally built a fully operational suit.” Peter said with confusion and Nat shut down the computer,

 “Crime pays well, trust me I was paid very large amounts in my past life so it's no surprise he decided to join the Mafia agenda to rob Fisk of his fortune being the mob would pay for any assistance against the new hero of New York.” She said with a smirk to him and Peter couldn’t help but blush and Nat giggled, then her eyes soften and her lips curled to a smile to match it,

 “So…what’s the plan Spider-Man?” She asked him and he rubbed his chin,

 “I’ll leave it up to the pro this time.” He said sheepishly and Nat giggled again making his heart race, 

 “Alright, so want to help me out with something?” She asked him and he raised an eyebrow with a smile,

 “Like what? mission impossible type stuff?” He asked excitedly and she gave him a pained smile,

 “Not exactly.” She said and walked ahead down the hall and Peter just followed with a confused look. 


“Thanks again Peter, I really appreciate the help you have no idea.” Nat said as she typed away on the computer to upload all her mission briefs and reports she had never bothered to turn in but now she was being hounded to do it so….she had Peter help her out by sorting her paperwork into the archive files while she updated her logs and reports, Peter was sitting across on a wooden table looking through Natasha’s papers on her cases the past few years,

 “No problem Nat…though I’ll admit its funny that the most deadliest spy in the world is terrible at paperwork.” Peter said with humor and Nat gave him a stare with a smile and Peter chuckled at her,

 “Come on you can’t be mad, I mean I’m saving you a ton of time and I’m almost done too….just these files left and that’s it baby.” Peter said with bravado which made Nat laugh softly at his attempt to seem overly confident….she found it very adorable…like a cute little puppy trying to act tough for its owner, Nat smiled softly at Peter as he sorted through the paper, she resumed her typing but at a faster pace, after a few minutes she got a text and smiled again before replying. 


Nat led Peter to the transport room after they finished sorting through her work, 

 “I have to stay here to talk to Fury for a while so I’ll probably meet up with you at the safehouse by Red Hook Terminal okay?” She said as she stood by the keypad and Peter nodded with a smile,

 “See you soon, partner.” He said and Nat actually blushed as she typed in the coordinates then a big flash made Peter cover his eyes and next thing he knew…he back in the basement of the Manhattan safehouse, 

 “Totally cool.” He said with a fanboy smile as he went upstairs into the kitchen and grabbed a sofa from the fridge, then he got a call and smiled when he saw the photo ID,

 “Hey babe what’s up?” He asked Gwen and his smile grew bigger when hearing her soft raspy sweet voice,

 “Just checking in on you, mom and I are pretty much done looking over things here so she’s hanging out on the balcony with her friends while my brothers are watching a movie, are you gonna go on patrol again?” She asked,

 “Yeah for a bit like at least an hour or two before I head home.” He replied,

 “Alright, Meet up at your place then?” She asked and her voice gave away her adorable voice with her cute voice that always made Peter’s heartbeat at 4 times the speed,

 “You know it, late night movie?” He asked and she simply said ‘definitely’ with a clear smile in her voice.


Spider-Man was doing his usual thing of stopping crime and helping civilians any way he can, some even asked to take a photo with him which he would shyly agree to since he still wasn’t used to the fame that came with being a superhero but he was still sought against by the police since he would get in the way sometimes but why let them be in danger when he can literally fly and swing in the air to handle crooks with ease. He stopped some muggings, car thefts, and petty thugs harassing women who were just walking down the street. He was swinging around the buildings just listening for any cries for help when his spider-sense alerted him of something, he landed on a wall and looked around when he saw her….she was standing on a roof looking right at him….she was in a cool all white armor suit with a long white trench coat with her pure white that was clearly real unlike felicia’s wig that she wore to cover her jet black hair, the silver haired woman just kept staring at Spider-Man,

 “You should know….these eyes never blink so you’re gonna lose this game.” He said mockingly to her and she did nothing…she just stood there…staring….Peter was honestly creeped out….his spine felt another jolt and he focused on her…she had an alluring body and face,

 “So…are we gonna talk or….?” He shouted at her and she once again…did nothing and kept staring….then poof….a smoke bomb went off on the roof and Peter leaped onto it and looked around, she was gone and nothing was left there to indicate she ever was,

 “Okay…that was weird….time to head home…” Peter said aloud to himself, even though the woman was very attractive…he was still creeped out…he figured it's a new baddie he’s gonna have to handle but that will be dealt with later on. 


Peter came out of an alley in his usual clothes and went into the pizzeria…and not just any pizzeria…it was Gwen’s favorite cuz of the way they make their crust, he bought two small pizzas with fries and sodas, the cute cashier girl was smiling bashfully at him,

 “Hot date tonight.” She asked with a smile and he shyly replied,

 “Yep.” He paid her and he left, the cashier girl sighed,

 “Lucky bitch…I’d be fucking him in the back right now if he was my boyfriend…” she said to herself..

   Parker Residence-11:00PM

Peter entered his home and he saw Gwen just relaxing on the sofa while watching tv in her pajamas which was just a pair of varsity shorts and a all black t-shirt with a red graphic heart on the chest area, Gwen’s face grew a huge smile,

  “Fat Tony’s Pizza!? Yay!!!!!” She cheered as she followed Peter into the kitchen where he set the food down with his own smile,

 “I knew you’d love it, I even got those garlic bread sticks with the sauce you love.” He said with a wink and she made a fist pump with a happy crunched face to show how excited she was which made Peter all the more happy to be able to make the girl he is in love with as happy as she makes him. 

  They were in the living room cuddling on the sofa while eating pizza and watching a movie Gwen had brought with her,

 “Okay there’s now way that would happen for real.” Peter said with humor as he watched the rom-com play on the tv,

 “What do you mean? It’s adorable.” Gwen replied,

 “Come on Gwen, she just ditched her long time boyfriend and went straight to the bar to make out with Ryan Gosling and now that they were about to do it they got all giggly and chatty….totally unreal.” He said as the pair watched Crazy, Stupid,Love which was one of Gwen’s favorite movies and it coincidentally starred her doubleganger Emma Stone, they were watching the romantic scene between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone,

 “Come on it's so adorable, they talk to each other and fall in love instead of throwing something special away with a one night stand….” She said to him with a loving smile as she remembered that day in September, Peter’s own smile grew on his face as he watched the movie and remembered that day too,

 “That’s true….technically we did talk to each other for some time at school, you invited over for dinner and a study session…we texted before I showed up…” he said and Gwen giggled and pecked his cheek with her lips,

 “You were so nervous it was cute and funny, we got to know each other then we….made love in my room.” She said and he kissed the top of her head with a smile and a sigh,

 “We truly are in love….but come on Gwen no way that crap will happen…now look they fall asleep together with no action at all and she stays overnight…really?” Peter said with a sarcastic smile and Gwen rolled her eyes with a smile,

 “It shows how she wants to be with him even after spending one night with him, and he didn’t pressure her at all because he knew It would drive her away.” She said as she motioned a hand to the screen to emphasize the point and now Peter rolled his eyes with a smile,

 “Yeah sure babe…the hotshot sexual predator who repeatedly sleeps with women will let this one pass by….in real life he would have raped her but then again a real person wouldn’t do something as crazy as walk up to a guy and kiss him and lead him on to a promise of intercourse then chicken out like this Hannah character did…she would’ve been raped in the damn living room.” He said while Gwen was laughing at his horrid humor but there’s no denying it was true,

 “Alright fine, we’ll table this discussion for another time…oh look the fight’s happening.” She said with a laughing smile and Peter wrapped his arm around her as they kept eating their pizza slices while watching a group of men get into a fight over total misunderstandings in the movie…the pair were laughing and enjoying each other’s company. 

    Later on

 The duo were chatting on the sofa with only the lamp light on, they had been talking since the movie was over and they chatted about anything and right now Gwen was telling Peter a story of spending time with her grandmother when she was little,

 “She would make this delicious boston cream donuts for me after we would spend time in her huge garden, I helped water flowers since I loved the smell they made and the butterflies and hummingbirds would always be around them…God I miss her.” Gwen said with a sad smile and Peter rubbed her shoulder with loving support with a matching smile and she gave him a loving gaze,

 “Okay before I start crying, tell me your favorite childhood memory.” Gwen said with a soft giggle and Peter nodded and thought of one,

 “Okay um…there was this one time….I was with my mom and we went to a Observatory that her friend worked in. She took me there at night while my dad was away on business so she wanted to make up for it I guess and man…she totally did. We went into this big room with a massive telescope…she helped me look into the piece and I saw the surface of Mars and a very close view of Saturn and even Uranus, they had the most advanced equipment there….” Peter said with a big smile as he remembered that day and Gwen just listened with her own big smile that even shower her pearly whites as she listened to her boyfriend’s wonderful memory with his dear late mother….she truly wishes she could have met her…..she wonders if she would approve of Gwen dating her son…being the things she’s done, Peter kept going with his story after eating some fries,

 “Afterwards she took me into another room, this time is was a auditorium and we were the only ones inside, we sat on the soft cushy seats and then…a star and planet hologram show started playing…like the whole thing from the big bang to the formation of comets and black holes with narration done…by a recording of my mom’s voice….that’s my favorite memory.” Peter finished his story and Gwen actually blinked a tear away with a chuckle to herself,

 “Wow…I said my favorite childhood memory and you gave me a tearjerker…” she said and Peter chuckled with her and he looked down with his own sad smile,

 “You really miss her.” Gwen said more of a statement than a question, now it was her turn to rub his shoulder for support with a loving smile,

“Yeah I do…” he said more to himself, 

 “Let’s change the subject…tell me something funny that happened this past week.” Gwen said and Peter chuckled while rubbing his forehead with his thumb in thought,

 “Okay umm while I was out on patrol…”


The pair had kept chatting and sharing stories…it was just them….like an ordinary couple without the mention of Spider-Man or a gang war…or Peter’s harem….and now the TV was on the 24 hour news channel as background while Peter was sitting on the couch while being straddled by Gwen who wrapped her arms around him as they exchanged tongues and saliva through their mouths, they went slow and breathed deeply into each other,

 “Damn it….you’re right.” Gwen whispered and Peter replied,

 “Huh?” and Gwen smiled at him while caressing his cheek with her hand,

 “After spending some time talking to you….getting to know more about you….I wanna bang you.” She said and hopped off him and Peter looked at her with a curious face,

 “Come on Parker….We are gonna bang.” Gwen copied Emma Stone’s character from the movie along with her lines…Peter grinned and got up then took off his shirt,

 “Fuck! really!? It's like you’re photoshopped” Gwen complained with her adorable face as she gazed at Peter’s increasingly built body, Peter let out a chuckle, he decided to play along,

 “You’re adorable.” He mimicked the line, Gwen let out her cute snort with a offended smile,

 “No I’m sexy….hotter than prude Emma Stone sexy….I’m R Rated Sexy baby.” Gwen said with confidence as she ran her hands down her chest while swaying her hips showing off her ass and legs as she walked to Peter who gulped seeing his dream girl show her seductive side,

 “Umm Ye-Yeah……s-sure….are.” Peter broke his charade and stuttered while Gwen giggled at his reaction to her flirt,

 “So what’s your move?” Gwen asked,

 “What do you mean?” Peter replied, Gwen gave him a smirk,

 “I mean, what’s your move to make the girls fall for you?” She clarified and Peter grinned while lowering his head and touched his nose with hers making the blonde smile widely. 

   5 Minutes Later

Gwen was heaving and moaning just from Peter kissing and licking her neck as they sat on the sofa, Peter left some hickies on her lower neck and Gwen had tried to fish out his cock but he kept pushing her hands away much to her frustration,

 “Wow Peter…that’s some move.” Gwen sighed as she felt his lips leave wet marks all over her neck. Peter pulled away and smirked at her and she smiled back,

 “So…it's past midnight and we have the whole house to ourselves, where do you want to…?” Gwen asked him with a shy blush on her cheeks and Peter just kissed her cheek, gave her a loving look….then he pulled her down making her lie flat on her back on the big couch, Gwen smiled and sighed awaiting what was to be a loving session with her true love, she gave him an enticing stare while he just marveled at her thighs and legs that were revealed by her shorts that barely made it to her upper thigh, he ran his hands gently over them and Gwen sighed again while rubbing her legs closer to him,

 “What would you have done….to Hannah in the movie?” She asked with low heated eyes in a whisper in the empty quiet house and Peter leaned into her and Gwen wrapped an arm around his neck to pull his head close to hers, he sighed into her face…his hot breath tickling her cheeks,

 “I would have done it with her….even if she was shy….I would just start kissing her neck…go down to her belly and lick it…then I would just start kissing her down there then….let what happens…happen.” He whispered and Gwen giggled as she kept rubbing her thigh against his side…then he leaned in and she leaned her head up a bit and their lips met in a wet kiss. Gwen happily moaned into his mouth as they kept kissing while groping each other, Peter then did what he said…he started to trail down her body with wet loving kisses making her moan and wither slightly making him chuckle…he raised her shirt enough to kiss and lick at her belly and he trailed his fingers over her ribs, she flinched and giggled at that,

 “That tickles…” She whispered and moaned again when Peter rubbed his hand on her thigh feeling her skin and the soft fabric of her shorts while she felt up his chest and arms with a sigh going into his mouth and he kissed her softly and she gasped into his lips then her hands went to his sweatpants and tugged them down so now he was in his boxers and Peter let out a gasp of his own against her mouth when her hand rubbed his groin gently, Gwen felt his tool enlarged and ready…but they will take things slow tonight. 

   Peter’s moved slightly so now he was kissing and holding her legs close to him and he ran a hand on her thigh making her laugh and giggle when she felt his wet lips leave a trail on her leg, Peter nestled between her legs and his eyes were low with lust as his hands played with the band of Gwen’s shorts…he heard her pant slowly from the excitement she felt and her hands went to his hair and she stroked his hair gently,peter looked up at her and she looked down at him with her own eyes low from the intense lust in the atmosphere,

 “I’ll take care of you.” Peter whispered to her…then he pulled her shorts off to her knees, he leaned in and breathed into her white panties making Gwen giggle as she spread her legs a bit for Peter who took advantage of the space and got right in front of her pussy clad in the garment…Peter teased her by kissing and licking her underwear as if he was reaching her pussy through it, he put both hands to grope her breasts through her shirt, Gwen groaned as a complaint,

 “Peter, don't tease me.” She begged him and he let out a dry laugh against her panty, 

 “Okay Gwendy, I’ll give you everything.” He whispered with a happy tone then he bit the side of her underwear and….he ripped it off her making Gwen gasp with a horny smile, he threw it aside and dove in, his head dived in the space between her legs to start his assault on her moist lips with his tongue and teeth and Gwen’s head fell back and her hands went to the grip either side of the couch and her toes already curled from the amazing treatment she was receiving from her lover,

 “Ohhh ohhh my god ahhh ahhhhh ohhhhh ahhhhh Peter ahhhhh Like that Yeah….ahhhh Like that ahhhhhh.” Gwen gasped and moaned as she looked at the top of Peter’s head as he swirled his tongue and licked around her pussy and clit and even left kisses on the folds, Gwen couldn’t help but laugh as she felt the heat increasing in her belly reaching down, Peter let out his own moans as he swallowed and tasted Gwen’s leaking juices that stained his face while his hands felt up her breasts and he could even feel her erect nipples, then he felt her hand take his and she gripped while her gasps became more frequent since he increased his movements on her lips,

  “Ohhhhhh ohhhhhh wow ahhhhh ahhhhhhhh ahhhhh ohhhhhh Peter ohhhhhh baby ahhhhhh” Gwen’s breathing went up as did her pants and moans when Peter sucked on her like crazy as if he was trying to suck out all her juices from inside her, she felt her stomach heat up and her loins burn from the lust and desire. Peter rubbed her thighs smoothly which only increased the heat she felt as he kept eating her out while letting out his moans of tasteful pleasure and Gwen was caressing his hair with both hands as her head laid back and her mouth stayed open to let out her sighs and gasps,

 “Ahhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh ohhhhhh Peter wait!! I’m gonna ahhhhhhh ughhhhhhh” It was too late….she released her juices into Peter’s mouth and he happily drank her juices as it spilled into his mouth while Gwen was gasping feeling her whole body heat up and her loins go limp. Peter finished slurping up her juices and he crawled to her and was now looking at her as she calmed her breathing and once she did she smiled up at him and reached into his boxers and stroked his member,

 “Ahhh ahhh” Peter softly moaned into her face and Gwen giggled at his reaction,

 “Switch with me.” She whispered and he nodded then they maneuvered themselves so that now Peter laid on the couch while Gwen was on top of him feeling up his chest, then her hands went to her top and she pulled it off, Peter’s hands automatically went to claim them and Gwen leaned down to start planting kisses on his face,neck, and chest,

 “Ohhhhh Gwen…ahhhh” Peter moaned as he felt his body being marked by her lips while her hand fished his cock out of his boxers…they both gave lustful looks at each other…Gwen raised herself up and slowly swallowed up his member through her pussy…the moist walls allowed his rod to easily slid inside her filling up the tunnel inside almost reaching her womb,

 “Ohhhhhhhh”Gwen let out a low long moan as she sat on him and Peter held her thighs close to him making her completely relaxed into him, they both sighed as they felt each other’s heat,

 “Gwen….I love you.” Peter whispered against her ear and Gwen kissed his hair then…she started to grind on him with incredible pace without the need to build up the speed, she was grunting as she focused on moving her hips into him as Peter just had his eyes shut and groaned while holding Gwen close to him making her breasts mesh against his sweaty chest and she had her head resting on his shoulder as she just groaned and sighed making herself do the work for this session,

 “Ahhh ahhhh ahhhh ohhhhh ughhhh ughhh” Gwen let out her noises as she worked into him and Peter’s hands went to caress her sweating, smooth, moist back….she let out a happy sigh with a smile when she felt his soft touch on her body, now they sat up against the couch to allow more friction which made the pair have focused crunched faces as they tried to hold the dam as long as they can,

 “Ohhhhh Gwen ohhhh god you feel so hot!! Ohhhhhh ughhhhhhhhh” Peter groaned into her ear and Gwen let out a laugh and she increased her speed which only made his groans intensify,

 “Hahaha Yeah baby!!! Ahhhhhh Yeah You Like it!? Huh!? Ahhhhhh hahahaha” Gwen’s lustful laughs and moans filled the room as music to their rocking session with their sweat moistening their bodies making the movement more slick and fast. They just kept groaning and moaning and they even started kissing each other’s necks leaving marks on each other as they breathed deeply with burning lust in their bodies. 

  Later On

The moon shined brightly into the living room providing a soft glow in the Parker home with the sound of moans and sighs filling it, 

 “Ohhhh ohhhhh Peter Yeah !! Yeah !! Right There!! Right there !!! Ahhhhh Right There Sweetie.” Gwen felt her ass get filled while Peter gripped her rear as he pushed into her with speed as he was reaching his limit and he could feel Gwen’s own orgasm coming from the amount of juices she was leaking from her pussy as he was tweaking her folds as they fucked in the doggystyle position on the couch, they groaned while the couch scratches the floor with their speed and force and he increased his movements with his fingers as his cock worked into her, Gwen’s hands gave out and so she landed on her elbows on the cushion with her head laying down panting and sweating,

 “Peter!! Ahhh ahhhhh ahhhhh Spank Me!!!!!” She pleaded and she had her eyes shut so she just heard Peter let out a low chuckle then….she felt a sharp, and hard, slap on her left butt cheek,

 “Ahhh…ahhhhh…ahhh” she shrieked again and again when Peter’s hand continued to land on the same cheek making the soft yet tightly firm flesh jiggle and bounce with each slap,

 “Hahahaha I love spanking you.” Peter said with a laugh then he spanked her again and she laughed too. Peter fet the surge of heat in her body as he kept pumping into her ass and he felt her anal walls squeeze his dick with so much force he was about to pop and he even felt her back her ass into his rod as he pushed in and out at a fast pace. They kept going and going trying hard not to cum….but as usual,

 “Aahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ohhhhhhh Goddddd” Gwen let out her groan and pants when she felt her pussy explode on Peter’s fingers,

 “Gwen you…..fuck it.” Peter pulled out of her ass and jammed himself into her pussy which made her laugh and sigh feeling her tunnel stretched and pierced then Peter put his hands to grip her waist to keep her still as he pushed himself more and more,

 “Ahhhh ohhhhh shit Gwen!!! Ahhhhh godddd shit! Fuck!!!!!!” Peter let out one big groan then he let himself finish inside her….Gwen sighed as she felt the hot sperm travel inside her, the white liquid rushed inside her tunnel for over a minute which showed how much he was holding back at the time. Peter chuckled as he pulled out and Gwen winced from the feeling, Peter leaned down and kissed her neck,

 “More…” She whispered and Peter looked at her with excitement, she turned her head slightly and gave him a lustful grin,

 “Let’s go to bed..” she said to him and moved off the couch and went to the stairs, she put a hand on her hip,

 “Come on bugboy.” Gwen said softly and Peter walked to her, breathed lowly and gripped her thighs and pulled her up into his hold, Gwen wrapped her legs around him as he walked upstairs while they nipped each other’s necks.

   Sunday Morning

Peter awoke first, he rubbed his eyes and he saw the clock next to his bed, it was 10 AM, he and Gwen had indeed slept in after a night of passion after a cozy movie night. He smiled as he looked at the sleeping girl next to him, she was on her chest so half her back was exposed by the bedsheets, she had a smile on her face as her hands and head rested on the pillow…Peter trailed a finger down her back and she sighed in her sleep and moved slightly without waking up which made Peter’s smile grow wider, he loved watching her sleep…knowing she’s safe right here….instead of walking around a city that has freaks and creeps around every dark corner…Peter can’t count the number of attempted sexual assaults he’s stopped in one week, he shook away the thoughts and gently kissed Gwen’s back before climbing out of bed and going to Aunt May’s room to shower. 

  Peter sighed as he felt the hot water wash his body, he grinned when he heard footsteps…then the movement of the shower curtain along with steps going behind him in the pouring water, he felt soft hands snake around him…then he realized those weren’t Gwen’s hands..

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