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Peter followed Felicia into the building where it was empty but they went down some stairs into what Peter believed to be a big basement but instead,

 “Wow..” Peter said when they ended up in a dance club with a bar, blaring music, and people drinking and dancing. He looked all over the place to see that there was an upstairs lounge with a bar and in some areas he saw what was clearly cocaine being snorted,

 “Felicia, what is this place?” He asker her and she chuckled as she went to grab some shots from the bar,

 “Welcome to the club, it's a club the party youth in this city know about, it’s the hotspot for parties, booze and sex.” Felicia said and Peter raised an eyebrow at the last one and once again Felicia chuckled,

 “Parker you know what goes on in nightclubs in New York right.” She asked sarcastically and Peter nodded with a mock smile as he drank his shot and…,

 “Wow…that’s strong.” He said and Lesh patted his back and she passed him another one and she too took a shot. 

    After a few more strong shots they were on the dance floor among the others with Peter behind Felicia just following the rhythm of her ass and thighs as she moved to the beat of the music and she had Peter wrap his arms around her from behind so he could follow her movements with her ass in tight jeans rubbing on his hard groin, they just kept dancing with Peter already feeling drunk from the shots and Felicia was smiling with her eyes shut as she moved to the beat while feeling Peter’s hard dick rub against her. The pair just drank and danced for awhile…Felicia just wanted to party with her lover, she had no idea why but this guy wormed his way into her thoughts, she would often think of him whenever she was alone in her place or pulling off a heist in hopes he’d show up but the cops tend to beat him so there was no need given she always got away but right now she was using their anonymous status in Brazil as an advantage to tour the city,

 “Come on Parker.” She said loudly over the music while pulling his arm as she walked them out the club…it was very late now,

 “So what are we going to do now Felicia?” He asked her as they ended up in the alley behind the club, she thought of something then gave him a hot smile,

 “I technically  get you for a limited amount of time,let’s see how long we last.” She said with a smirk and Peter had a smile growing on his face now,

 “Where?” He asked and she pulled him in for a deep kiss and her hands cupped his ass and he cupped her face in his hands as he kissed her and she moaned into his mouth,

 “….here.” She replied and her hands went to his jeans to unzip them and expose his cock…he gasped when her hand started to jerk him off and his hands went to rest on the wall she was leaning on,

 “Come on Spider…let’s see how long you last.” She said in a lustful tone with low eyes and Peter groaned when her other hand went to cup his balls…he smiled at her and his hands went to her jeans, he pulled her closer and his hand went under her thong and into her lips,

 “Ohhh godd, ahhhh Spider…” she whispered her moans into his face and they kept pushing each other to the edge with Felica’s hands jerking Peter’s dick and balls and Peter’s hands working into Felica’s pussy and clit, both were panting into each other’s mouths as they pressed their bodies together with their jeans around their legs,

 “Ahhh ahhhhh wow Spider ahhhh” Felicia kept moaning as she felt his fingers dig deep into her tunnel while his hand was caressing her ass and she leaned her head into his and they captured each other’s lips again and shared their saliva and tongues as they gasp and sighed into each other’s mouths while speeding up their hands,

 “Ahh ahhh ahhhh spider there! Right there ahhhh, wow ahhhh you’re so good ohhhh with ohhhh ahhhh your hands ahhha hhh ughhh.” She groaned and she went faster with jerking off Peter who gasped when he felt it,

 “Ahhh Jesus Lesh you’re gonna make cum augghh ughhhh” Peter groaned when his prick started to pulse and her hand movements so he did what he could do…. He moved her hand and she whined only to gasp and laugh when Peter knelt down and just dived his head in between Felicia’s legs and he put both hands on her ass to grip and caress her cheeks, Felicia fell back against the wall in the dark alleyway…she bucked her hips into his face and her hands went to keep his head in place on her pussy,

 “Ahh ahhh ahhhh ahhhh Parker don’t stop ohhh oh my god ahhh ahh ughhhh right there Spider ahhh ahhh ahhh ughhhh ohhhhhhh goddd ahhh Jesus Spider!!” Felicia just let the dam burst and she cam into her lover’s mouth who moaned as he drank her juices and she could hear the sounds of slurps and gulping which only made her weak in the knees. After a minute she composed herself and then she planted Peter against the wall,

 “My turn.” She said and then she went ahead and knelt down to take his rod in her mouth and Peter sighed happily and rested against the wall as he felt Felicia’s gums suck on him and her tongue swirled around the head of his dick,


After Felicia repaid Peter with a blowjob they walked hand in hand down the streets with smiles on their faces,

 “Did I mention that was an awesome blowjob Lesh.” Peter said and Felicia laughed at that,

 “I think the amount of cum I swallowed was enough to tell me how much you enjoyed it, come on this way.” Felicia pulled his hand into a big building and Peter wondered where they were when he saw the hallways filled with lockers,

 “Ummm Felicia, where are we?” He asked her and she giggled as she kept leading him down the halls,

 “It’s a school Spider, it's one of the only ones the government funds since it’s in the middle of a lot of tourist attractions. It's pretty shameful really since they overcharge the families to keep their kids in this place.” She explained as Peter followed her down the halls into the main offices of the faculty,

 “Felicia what are we doing here exactly? If it’s to screw around why are you being picky about it?” He asked her and she turned around and gave him a stern look,

 “Do I have to call your girlfriend and have her remind you what you’re supposed to do?” She asked him and he put his hands up in surrender,

 “Okay okay jeez, just tell me what you want to do.” He said and she pulled him for a quick kiss,

 “That’s more like it, we’re gonna rob this place.” She said and Peter sighed and rubbed his temple,

 “Felicia….you know I won’t let you steal from a school…even if we’re not in the city.” Peter said with a obvious tone and Felicia smiled brightly and Peter raised an eyebrow at her,

 “Spider….you have to do whatever I want…or else Gwen will be really upset that you won’t train her.” She replied in a sing along voice and Peter’s eyes went wide and Felicia chuckled at that,

 “Yeah Spider, she told us all about how you haven’t given her answer to her request…so do whatever we want under her orders…or she’s gonna bitch you out for doubting her.”

She said and Peter went on the defense,

 “Hey I never said I doubted her okay, I just don’t want her to be put in any unnecessary harm alright, it’s different than with you and Nat.” He said and now Felicia raised an eyebrow at that comment,

 “What’s that supposed to mean?” She asked and Peter gaped and remained silent…then he sighed again and looked for a moment,

 “Nothing…let’s go I’m pretty sure I know where…” he was cut off when Felicia stopped him from taking a step,

 “Hold on, what did you mean by that?” She asked again and he wet his lips and gnawed on his lip for a moment,

 “Talk Parker.” Felicia demanded,

 “It’s just that….we’ve been through….things you know….Gwen hasn’t really lived the whole hard knock life thing…so she doesn’t understand some things like you do.” He replied and now Felicia face soften at that,Peter gave her a shy look and smile,

 “Remember that night we…” he started and she let out a shy laugh of all things,

 “Yeah…of course I do.” She replied and Peter nodded,

 “Right so…I think it’s this way right since the biggest office usually has the good stuff right.” He said but she pulled him back and kissed him deeply,

 “Change of plans….Let’s rob a bunch of crooks instead..I wanna see you in action.” She said with a wiggle of her eyebrow and a wink,

 “Umm Felicia..I don’t have a suit here..” Peter replied rather sheepishly but Felicia patted his back,

 “I got that covered…we just gotta make a quick stop back at the hotel.” She said as she led the way out and Peter just shrugged to himself and followed her. 


They landed on a rooftop across the street from the very tall building in yet another penthouse, Felicia had been in the city before so she knows where to find certain lairs loaded with drugs and cash,

 “You sure this is the place, Felicia? Looks like a fancy shmancy place for a rich dude not exactly a gun-tolling lunatic like you said.” Peter said while he peered inside to see a regular guy drinking booze with some hot women, Felicia nodged his shoulder with a smirk,

 “Yeah trust me this guy is the rival to the other man we handled earlier, we take him out it’s another all out scramble but he had security right outside…so what do you wanna do Spider? By the way…the suit looks good on you.” She said with a hungry smile already and Peter blushed under the mask,

 “Well, thank you for making it for me…I never thought Spidey would have an all black suit.” Peter said with a impressed smile as he was wearing a black Spider-Man with his lenses and Spider-Man symbol less whitened to allow more cover in the night, He readied his web shooters while Felicia cracked her knuckles,

 “So we just go in, beat him up and his crew right? Sounds easy enough.” Peter said but Felicia interjected,

 “Actually it’s a she, look there.” She said as she pointed to the end of the room and Peter’s eyes followed it to see it was a woman who was wearing a robe and chatting on a phone while two armed men came in and guarded the door,

 “Oh shit it is a woman, alright so I handle the guys and you handle the chick.” He clarified and Felicia giggled,

 “What’s the matter? Spider can’t hit a girl?” She asked him with another giggle and Peter sighed embarrassingly. 

   24 Minutes Later 

It went as usual, Black cat and Spider-Man just broke through the window, the female drug lord called in her men and the fight went amazingly,

 “Head’s up!” Shouted Black Cat as she threw a thug across the room, while fighting other men,for Spider-Man to land a hard sucker punch to his face, then he fired a web string to another guy and yanked him towards them,

 “Over to you!” Shouted Spider-Man as he swung the man to Black Cat who jumped to avoid a tackle from men at her sides and she landed a hard kick to the guy Peter had thrown and he went flying towards 2 other guys knocking them down along with him with loud thuds on the ground,

 “Come on! It’s Just Two People!!” Shouted the female boss who pulled out her gun and started shooting at the spandex wearing duo who took cover behind the bar counter in the large penthouse,

 “Okay I’ll admit…This is fun!” Peter shouted to Felicia with a grin as the glass bottles around broke and shattered all over the place along with the glasses and plates on the counter,

 “Okay how do we handle them now!?” Felicia replied when more bullets were fired by the remaining men who joined in, now it was a hurricane of gunfire in the large fancy apartment in the middle of Rio, 

 “Hold on! I’ve been upgrading this baby so let’s see how she does!” Peter replied and pulled out a red shiny sphere and he pressed a little button at the top and it started beeping…he threw it over the counter and they heard in clink and roll towards the shooters who were confused as hell,

 “The hell is that…?” Asked one man,

 “It’s a toy!” Said the woman with a laugh which brought laughs from the other men and Felicia gave a deadpan expression to Peter who smirked at her reaction,

 “Wait for it…” he whispered and a second later…..


the room shook for a second and Felicia just gaped at him then she looked over the counter,

 “Holy shit…” was all she could say when she saw the whole room was covered in very thick webs which included the gunmen and the woman was latched into the pillar like a fly to a Spider’s web,

 “Wow! Now that’s a gadget, can I have a few?” Felicia asked with a smirk and a nudge at Spider-Man’s shoulder who chuckled as they approached the woman,

 “Before you say ‘no speaka English’….Just know I know about you Ana, how else would I know where you live and when you’d take a little break from running your drugs.” Felicia said with a huge smile towards the woman who tried to free herself from the web which proved pointless, Felicia chuckled and tapped Ana’s head who grunted furiously at her then she looked at Spider-Man,

 “Free me and I’ll pay you millions.” She said to him only for Felicia to punched her hard that she instantly knocked out,

 “Enough from you, alright check this out.” Felicia said and she led him to the bedroom where several briefcases were on the floor and bed,

 “What’s this?” Peter asked then he saw Felicia open one and she pulled out a buttload of cash,

 “These are meant for police captains here and some politicians who look the other way…about a few million in American currency, baby. Wanna celebrate?” She asked and she grabbed a bottle of booze nearby and started drinking,

 “Umm Felicia, what about the cops??” Peter asked with a nervous smile and she pulled him close and pulled up his mask to expose his mouth,

 “Come here..” she gave him a deeply heated kiss,

 “It’s called corruption Spider…I called them off while you were in the bathroom getting dressed…” she replied when she pulled away now Peter had a smile on his lips and scoffed a laugh,

 “You plan ahead for after fun don’t you.” He said back and she giggled,

 “Lucky for us this room wasn’t hit by the webs…” she whispered to him and her hands went to the zipper on her back…

 “How much time do we have left?….” Peter whispered as he hovered his lips over hers and he felt her hot breath travel down his throat…..

 “More than enough…” she whispered back.


Nat was drinking a beer at the outside bar near the beach that was conveniently located by their hotel, she had decided to go on her own since things were still uneven between her and Gwen…since it was decided Hardy would get the first day it left her and Gwen on their own which left them in awkward silence in the room….they didn’t even feel any heated attraction which only made things more difficult so at some point Nat simply said she’s getting a drink and left Gwen alone in the room,

 “I can’t believe I left the room cuz I can’t stand a 17 year old girl…” Nat said with a bitter voice as she drank her bottle while ignoring the lustful glances she was getting from the men since she was in shorts and a tank top for the heat.


Gwen was just watching Tv while updating her dad on the “surprise trip” to her cousins which Helen had backed her up on, she sighed as she laid back on the bed,

 “Stupid Romanoff…acting all high and mighty…. ``Look at me, I'm a badass Assassin….who can’t get a guy my own age.” Gwen mocked Nat with a chuckle and she checked her phone since she set a timer to let her know when Felicia’s time was up,

 “God Peter will be worn out by the time I get him…but his Spider powers should juice him up.” Gwen said with a smile as she planned how she would use her then since she’ll make herself second after Felicia,

 “Let’s see…first in a pool…then in a restaurant bathroom…oh and on the rooftop of a skyscraper..” Gwen listed a few ideas to herself for a bit since she didn’t want to be around Natasha for the time being,

 “He did save Peter…but he wouldn’t need saving if she didn’t ditch him on the boat…but then again I wasn’t there so…but I’m not there cuz he won’t train me!” Gwen said with a grunt and slapped a hand to the pillow next to her, a knock on the door was given,

 “Room Service.” Said the voice and Gwen got up to open the door,

 “I didn’t order any…oh it’s you, why the phony voice?” Gwen asked Nat as she went back in and she followed,

 “Would you have opened it if you knew it was me?” Nat asked her and Gwen just looked away,

 “Thought so….alright look, we should talk…” Natasha said to Gwen who sighed heavily and looked at Nat,

 “Yeah…we should probably talk.” Gwen replied. 

 Penthouse-10 Hours Left 

They had crashed all over the bedroom in frantic pace and hurried hands trying to remove each other’s suits, Peter’s black suit laid on the floor entangled with Felicia’s tight outfit next to the bed that was shaking and bouncing as they fucked, technically it was Spider-Man fucking Black Cat since Peter had left his mask on while Felicia kept her white wig and eye mask on as well….she had told him she wanted to spice things up a bit,

 “Ughhh ughhh ughhh jesus ahhh ahhhhh ahhh whoa Fuck ahhh aughhhhh ughhhh ahhhhh Come On!! Come On!!! Ahhhhhh ahhh ughhhh Fuck!!” Peter kept grunting louder and louder as he kept thrusting madly into Felicia’s pussy while they were standing up on the bed and her hands were resting on the wall while her ass felt the hard hits of Peter’s hips and dick against her body, their bodies were sweating making them slick and soft which Peter enjoyed feeling when he ran his hands down Felicia’s back and he reached to rest his them on her shaking chest and he hugged her holding her close all the while he increased the impact of his thrusts making her groan louder,

 “Ahhhhhh Ugghhhhhhhh Goooddddd Spider You Work me into overdrive!!!! Ughhhhhggg gaghhhhhh owwwwww! Ahhh ahhhhh!!!!!” Felicia let her moans out and her voice squeaked when Peter pinched her nipples and she reached back to grip his butt check which made him chuckle. Peter started to slow his speed but increased the impact of his thrusts which made Felicia whine and groan,

 “Ughhhhhh Jesus God ahhhhh It’s so deep and hot whoaa wow God damn it ahhhhhhh” Felicia felt the pulsing rod invade her walls and rub them roughly and slowly creating a hot stinging sensation that made the walls hugging Peter’s duck erupt some juices inside her and travel down and out of her pussy which made the sweet noise of slick wet sounds from her pussy being jabbed now…but Felicia wanted something else,

 “Spider pull out.” She looked over her shoulder and Peter gave her a WTF look to which she grinned at,

 “Trust Me Spider…” she said and Peter  sighed and pulled out with a hiss since her walls had  started to grip him in place, he saw her pussy juice leak out while she hopped off the bed making her tits and ass swing deliciously as she went to the balcony door and opened it,

 “Cat….what  are you…?” Peter watched as a naked Black Cat leaned down to grab his web shooters and threw them to him then she climbed the rail high and stood facing him while her nude form was exposed high above in the skyscraper in Rio,

 “Cat!? What the hell!?” Spider-Man asked with his hands on his head and Cat smirked at him,

 “Catch me.” She said and she leaned back and she disappeared,

 “Cat!!!” Spider-Man lunged out after her and after a few seconds of falling he caught her…though it was a spur the moment thing so he too was naked…which is what she wanted,

 “Cat!? What the hell was that!?!?” Spider-Man asked her only for her to smirk again then….it was like everything was in slow motion for Peter, Black Cat’s silver hair blowing in the wind as they swinged while her piercing blue eyes looked into his….then Black Cat used the next swing from one web string to another for her plan….she quickly locked her legs around Peter’s waist and when Peter let out a web to latch onto it, she moved her waist and planted her herself firmly on his rod taking him whole…..Spider-Man latched onto a wall, well more like crashed into to,

 “Holy Shit Cat! Ughhhhh.” Spider-Man let out a groan when he felt her start to grind on him making her walls swallow him up while he leaned them against the wall high in the city with the wind cooling their heating bodies, Spider-Man kept his hands and toes planted on the wall while Black Cat used her legs wrapped around his waist and arms around his neck  to hold herself while she grind and bounced on him since it was up to her to create the necessary friction for them,

 “Ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhhh ahhhh How’s this cutie-pie huh!?! Better Right!? Ughh ahhhh aughhhhh augghhh ughhhhh Huh Tell Me!? Ahhhhh” Black Cat demanded an answer from him and Spider-Man just grunted and made dents in the wall with his hands with the pressure he was putting on them while he felt Black Cat’s breasts meshed and rubbed on his chest while her body slid against his with her grinding and rocking,

 “Fuck! Fuck! Oh shit it feels so weird but so good Cat!! Ughhhh Fuck I’m close! Fuck!!!” He groaned and hissed, feeling her tight walls squeeze and suck his raging rod that was pulsing and hot from the sheer pleasure and heat it was feeling which threatened to make his body go limp should he let the euphoric feeling go to his head but it appears Cat knew that so….she went faster and she moaned loudly into his ear and rocked on him harder and faster making her ass jiggle in the air with the cool wind striking Peter’s back,

 “Ahhh ugh ughhh Let it out baby!!! Let it out inside me Now!!!” Black Cat hissed into his ear and then she bit it making him groan and he felt her walls squeeze him one more time and..,

 “Ughhh ahhhh Fuck Cat Fuck!!!!! Oh my…augghhhhh.” Spider-Man let out a hiss and he cam into the hot tunnel that was squeezing and sucking up his cum and then he heard Black Cat let out a laugh and he felt her walls expand and moist…he felt her tidal wave of cum collide with his rapid river of sperm so now it was leaking out in between them as they kissed and breathed deeply high in the sky,she was held by Spider-Man as he stuck to the wall. 

   After a few minutes they swinged back inside the penthouse to collect their items before the cops showed up so now they were just strolling down the beach in civilian clothing,

 “So how much time left?” Peter asked her and she checked her phone,

 “About 7 and a half hours….any ideas?” She asked with a wink and Peter’s eyes roamed over her body…Felicia and Peter had stopped by the room to find Nat and Gwen enjoying some drinks together, they had gotten changed and left their suits behind as well. Gwen had reminded Felicia not to overdo it with Peter since she and Nat still had their turns, so now Felicia Hardy was wearing a blue floral mini sundress that hugged her tits and showed off her ass while it only reached to her mid thighs which made every guy turn their heads to gawk at her moving thighs, ass, and breasts. Peter let out a dry laugh while she played with his hand as she held it in hers,

 “Come on Parker…we barely hang out back in the city….this is to make for lost time.” She whispered and pecked his earlobe only making Peter’s smile widen and he walked ahead and led her down the beach. The pair walked down the dark lit beach with the ocean waves sounding out in the background,

 “Where are we going?” Felicia asked with a laugh while Peter kept leading her by hand to a more….isolated area,

 “Peter? Come on, already give me a hint?” She asked with glee and a slultty voice so Peter pulled her into a corner where there were trees and bushes around them and since it was dead of night….not a lot tourists or citizens were around this area and it was clear it was not patrolled with the dilapidated lifeguard shack nearby as well, so Peter took advantage of this and he practically threw Felicia onto the sandy ground and she had a cheshire smile and hungry eyes on him,

 “You said you wanted us to fuck on a beach.” Peter said as he unzipped his shorts and pulled them down while Felicia let out a giggle and she reached under her dress and pulled off her blue panties,

 “That I did, now come here sweetie.” She said and Peter got down and he was on top of her, his face looking down at hers like a few hours ago on the wall,

 “Peter…go slow this time…” She whispered as she spread her legs for him and Peter adjusted himself into position with Felicia’s dress ranked up enough for him to put his groin on hers with his shorts and boxers at his ankles and her panties laid beside them,

 “You got it Felicia, whatever you want.” He whispered back and slowly put himself inside,

 “Hsssss, ahhhh hssssss ughhhhh Slow Peter….hssssss” Felicia let out her hisses and moans as she once again was feeling the dick she had grown to love. 


“Jeez they’re having sex on a beach….how do I top that?” Gwen asked to herself as she watched the pair get it on from far away through her night vision binoculars as she sat down on a lounge chair wearing a short skirt and a button shirt tied to look like a crop top, she put the binoculars down and took a zip of her drink she had brought from the outside bar, 

 “Hey baby…” a voice said and Gwen already rolled her eyes at the wannabe casanova,

 “You look like a fellow tourist like me…wanna go get some drinks with me?” He asked with a confident smile and Gwen just looked away,

 “No thanks, I got a boyfriend.” She said and now he scoffed,

 “Then where is he?” He asked and now Gwen looked back at him with annoyed face,

 “He’ll be here as soon as I yell…” she said with dark eyes matching her tone as she started daggers into the guy who clearly doesn’t take no for an answer….and yet Gwen was enough to make him shrivel and back away,

 “Yeah that’s what I thought, beat it!” She commanded and he almost tripped on his sandal as he ran on the sand,

 “You could’ve taken him.” Natasha said as she sat down next to her wearing shorts and a tank top,

 “I could’ve….but Peter wouldn’t have been here to see it…” she said bitterly and Nat rubbed her shoulder with a supportive smile and Gwen smiled back,

 “It’s crazy how we have a talk and now we’re all good.” Gwen said which made the duo laugh from the true craziness of the situation,

 “Don’t worry, remember what we agreed….problems out in the open from now on and I’ll train you so you can truly impress Peter.” Replied Natasha and Gwen gave her a smirk,

 “Wanna go….?” She asked and Nat took her hand and led her away. 

   Beach-Few Minutes Later 

Felicia was now on top with her hands resting on his shirt while her sundress covered a certain area that would not be suitable for children to see, she was moving back and forth on him with her pussy gripping him like if it was a mosit hand giving him a hand job and Peter had his hands grip her waist and he kept hissing as he kept the mental barrier in place to make this last….Felicia could tell so she would swirl her waist making his dick move side to side which made Peter gasp and his head fell to the ground,

 “Ughhh ahhh ahhhh ughhhhh Jesus Lesh Stop That!! Ughhhhh God damn it I’m close Felicia ahh aughhhhhh Oh my aughhhhhh.” Peter let his groans sound out and Felicia just giggled at his reactions so she went faster and even started bouncing on him to create more friction between their bodies and Peter got a full view of her heaving chest, her black hair in a ponytail and she was gasping and sighing with a smile on her lips,

 “Come on Parker! Ahhh ahhhh ughhh Come On Parker!!!!!! Yessss!!!! There!!!!” Felicia went fast with her bouncing now so Peter reached up and gripped her tita through her the thin fabirc and she laughed while he grunted and even started putting his hips up to match her speed,

 “Owww ahhhh whoaaaa aughhhh Oahhhhhhh ooooo whoaaaaaa Shit that’s so deep Peter!!!!! Ahhhhhhh'', Felicia felt his dick all the way inside her rubbing her insides like it was a mixing her from the inside out whenever he pulled back and forth, her pussy lips were on fire with sensation from the hours of repeated penetration…and there was more to come, Peter sat up now and pulled her in for a kiss and she cradled his head in her hands while he held her close by wrapping his arms around her waist and back so now they were grinding on each other with Felicia wrapping her legs around him and  to secure herself she locked her feet together and luckily the ocean waves was drowning out their lustful noises. The pair kept kissing while fucking, Felicia gasped into his mouth whenever he bit her lip and she would insert her tongue to snake it around his mouth and he would moan into hers then he would grip her ass through the dress and he would feel the vibrations of her groans in her throat, they were close now….

 “Peter….ahhhhh Ahhhh…..Peter please!!! Ughhh ahhhhh Please Peter!!!! Ohhhhh ohhhhh Please…..” Felicia kept repeating the word through gasps and sighs, Peter grunted and raised an eyebrow at her,

 “Ughhh aughhhh aughhhh Please what Felcia!? Ughhhhh I’m almost there so hurry and tell Me!!!” he said through his own sighs and Felicia looked….scared…. Peter kept working into her while she gave him a shy look which caught him off guard, she looked adorable yet truly vulnerable, 

 “Ahhhh ahhhh aghhh Please…Peter Please……MARRY ME!!!!!” she yelled and Peter exploded at her words and he released his pent up sperm into Felicia who cried out happily right in his face and he felt her hot juices bathe his rod. 


The room was filled with the sighs and happy moans of two women on the bed,

 “Wow Ms.Rushman….you’re really good at this… ahhhh.” Gwen said to her English teacher who was currently eating her pussy at the end of the bed. She moved her mouth on Gwen’s pussy and pushed her tongue into her walls and swirled it around like a snake hunting for it’s meal which only made her sigh louder and even giggle. 

   RANDOM CHURCH-4 Hours Later 

Peter carried Felicia bridal style out of the church, both drunk out of their minds but still able to laugh and kiss….even able to get a tux and a cute white dress, Felicia had even gotten a set of rings which they wore on their fingers symbolizing the crazy ass thing they just did. 


At this point the sun was shining brightly in the sky invading the room that had been ransacked by two drunk lovers who were now laying on the bed with the bed sheets covering some parts of their bodies since the rapid movement on the bed kept shaking them, 

 “Ow… head.” Felicia said as she slowly moved to sit up on the bed and she rubbed her temple and she blinked her bleary eyes several times to clear her vision, she looked around the room and looked down to see she was naked and of course Peter was sleeping….right on her groin, Felicia giggled as she gently caressed his brown hair..and she saw the ring on her finger, she took in the memory of the night before,

 “Shit….that wasn’t a dream…” she said to herself.

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