Parker and Stacy(s)

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Parker Residence- 11AM 

 Peter had a wicked smile on his face as he was laying in bed between May and Gwen, both fast asleep after a hardcore fuck session, he had fucked May while eating out Gwen’s pussy, then they switched and he fucked Gwen while sucking on May’s clit…the room had been filled with moans and screams of pleasure until all 3 of them popped and collapsed from exhaustation. He looked to the sides, both ladies had smiles on their faces as they continued to sleep, he slowly and carefully got up, they cuddled into each other to feel some body heat and he grinned at the sexy sight, Gwen’s tits meshed with his Aunt’s, their arms wrapping around each other as they cuddled. 

 He stepped out of the room and went ahead into his room to look over his documents about  Dr.Connors, so far he was the only one, besides his father, to engage in genetic studies and manipulation in terms of using various animalistic traits and embedding them into the human DNA meant to assist the body in dire need. He figured Connors would be the Lizard given he’d been acting odd before break after telling him he’d made a breakthrough in his research without actually saying what that breakthrough was, he rubbed his head in annoyance since he had trouble coming up with a simple approach to make towards him should he return to Oscorp tomorrow since the winter holiday is over, he heard footsteps and looked up to see Gwen in her bra and panties walk to him, she knelt down, her perfect round ass in display with her tits jiggling, she smiled at him,

 “So any ideas on how we’re gonna handle the mad scientist?” Gwen asked in a teasing manner and he scoffed a laugh at her question, 

 “He’s not mad…he’s just…I don’t know, damage…broken…either way I think he just lost his way you know?” He asked her and she just gave him a soft expression. She loved hearing his compassionate side…it was such a turn on, she smiled and just nodded her head in agreement. They worked together reviewing the data on his computer and the documents taken from Oscorp, Peter in his boxers and Gwen in her pink bra and panties…they would glance at each other lustfully  in between, but Peter had a question in mind,

 “So…you and my Aunt, how’d that happen?” He asked her and she blushed..she gave him a stare,

 “Well…I wanted to surprise you in your room, but then I saw her changing in her room after she came in and well…I just went in and kissed her, she kissed me back and things escalated. I figured you would love to join us.” She replied with a big smile on her face as he just got red at the thought of them kissing,May undressing Gwen, then ending up on the bed…he sighed and kissed her, she kissed him back, he got up and lifted her up with him, Gwen giggled as he threw her on his bed making it creak, he just got on top of her, ripped her panties off..lowered his boxers and,

 “AHHHH AHHH UGHH AH OH MY GOD OH MY GOD YES YES AHHHH AHHHHH OHHHHHHHHH AHHHHH YES YES YES!!” Gwen groaned and screamed feeling her dry pussy stuffed and pierced by Peter’s rod, it rubbed her tunnel and lips roughly..she groaned and winced feeling the dryness scratch her and it made her more sensitive as he started to kiss and nip her neck, she sighed happily at that while wincing at the dry fucking while her tits shaked in her tight bra as his bed began to shake and his headboard hit the wall making a loud thud echo in the house, they were not afriad with their noises, she screamed out and moaned as he groned loudly and his rapid thrusts with his hips on autopilot struck her cunt with her gushing wet pussy and leaking out onto his bed, he knew he had to change the sheets, shit possibly the matress at some point…he only went faster into her and her hands were on his shoulders as she gave him a hard stern stare while gritting her teeth and her groans sounded through the wall of her pearly whites,

 “Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck Me ! Fuck Me! Fuck Me!! Ughhhh ughhhh ohhhh Yeahhhh Ohhhhh yeahhhh baby ohhhh yeahhhh make this pussy yours hahahaha ahhhhh ahahhaha ughhhhhh Cum inside me, cum in my ass, ohhhhh goddddd cum in my mouth ahhhhhhh ahhhhh fill up my holes ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh'' Gwen's pleas and screams drove him over the edge, he knelt his head down and his teeth went for her bra, he bit into the fabric and his teeth nipped her sensitive skin, she mewled at the feeling, and he ripped it off without slowing down his thrusts, her tits now free were swinging and shaking like crazy with her hard nipples pointing straight up like cute tiny towers, he huffed and groaned feeling her legs wrapped around his but to hold him in place and his hands were on the mattress resting on either side of her panting gaping face , they looked at each other as he kept his thrusts going, then he said something even he didn’t expect,

 “I Love You So Much” he said to her and she grinned and wrapped her arms around his neck,

 “I Love You Too, I love your heart, your soul, and your dick” she replied and Peter laughed at the last one and she giggled, he put his face to her shaking tit and bit her nipple and sucked on the tit while swirling his tongue, Gwen screamed out feeling his mouth worshipping her melons as he switched between her tits while her legs locked around his back while his body rocked her into the headboard which hit the wall harder and harder making the sounds of their lovemaking known to anyone near the house, they kept their passion going for what felt like forever with Gwen’s gaping mouth letting out her hot groans and moans while he gritted out his own groans while clenching his teeth as he felt his dick coated in her hot walls sucking him up and squeezing his rod while their bodies interlocked in loving passion and they were close already. 

   NPYD Precient-11:45AM 

 George was working in his office looking at the map and the documented stores and living tenants in the area where Helen’s phone had been traced. After that one minute call, he rubbed his head while skimming through the forms he had collected through his sources and was considering a break when one of the new interns walked in,

 “Hello Captain Stacy, is there anything you need from me, coffee, forms, or anything else sir?” She asked him and he smiled at her…her body trembled already knowing that look,

 “I think you know Amanda…come in and lock the door.” He said to her and she obeyed, he got up and slowly went up to the cute 17 year old blonde in tight black jeans and a NYPD polo shirt..she looked away as his hands went to the button of her jeans, she gasped,

 “Sir please! I already did that…favor last week, you said that was only one time…please sir! That blowjob you made me give you was…my first sexual experience” she pleaded in a hushed whisper and he froze in place…he looked at her face, her eyes red with fear and tears,

 “Amanda…you’re…a….you’re a….” George Stacy struggled to ask and she just nodded shyly and looked away as a tear fell from her eye,

 “….Even Better…I’ll get to see some blood today” he said in a hungry tone and she gasped and turned to run away but he pulled her to him and covered her mouth when she tried to scream,

 “Shhh, shhhh, It’s okay, It’s okay…It’s like I said that day remember, Daddy will take care of you…come on, it’s okay Amanda, I know what to do” he said as he dragged the resisting blonde intern and he pushed her onto the couch face down, her screams were muffled by the soft fabric of the couch, she screamed as she felt his hands pull her jeans down along with her white cotton panties…she begged him to stop but it came out as muffled noise through the cushion as she wriggled her body to set herself free but he pinned her down using his knees then….

 “AHHHHHHHHH” Amanda’s screams were faint as she felt her hymen being pierced by something…George was smiling like crazy when he saw his cock coated in blood as he started to thrust into Amanda. 

 Parker Residence-Noon 

Gwen was on her hands and knees on the bed while Peter was behind her pushing himself like a madman into her pussy, he loved watching her ass jiggle while gripping her melons with both hands while her body rocked with his thrusts as her hands gripped the headboard steadying her movements to keep from falling off the bed, they were panting and sweating…pretty soon,

 “AHHHHHHHHH PETER I LOVE YOU AHHHHHH” Gwen screamed feeling her flood rush down her tunnel and coat Peter’s cock as it reached the end and leaked out, Peter gave a few last hard thrusts and released himself inside her, it collided with her juices and it made Gwen feel full down there…she let out a sigh feeling the warm sperm invade her tunnel and travel to her waiting womb, Peter pulled out and collapsed on her while she collapsed on his bed, both sighed happily and just relaxed, he shifted off her after a few minutes and got dressed,

 “Where are you going? I thought we could go for round 2.” Gwen said to him and he smiled at his lover,

 “Sorry Gwendy, I have some errands to run before school starts, like get new supplies, some new clothes and I have to check out the school. It’ll probably take me all day okay.” He replied back and she got up as well and was putting on her bra and panties,

 “I’ll go with you, I have some last minute things I need to buy anyways, so where are we going first?” She asked him and Peter gave her a questioning look,

 “Are you sure you want to come? It’ll probably be boring for you, Gwendy.” He replied and she just gave him a heated kiss, he loved her lips and she was in her cute baby blue pamties and bra, 

 “I’m sure, besides…you can help me pick pick out new bras and underwear” she said as a whisper and Peter grinned and told her to get dressed and she giggled as she did, she texted her mom saying she would be spending the day with Peter and to have fun watching the boys and being home all day while Peter and her would be fucking each other’s brains out…she had a devious smile on her face. 

   NYPD Precient 

 Amanda walked out of George’s office, a blank expression on her face as she adjusted her shirt properly, she walked back to her little desk, with a limp, as she winced from her pussy being sore, she had tears in her eyes..

 George Stacy zipped up his pants and resumed to look over the papers again…he looked at some

Liquor stores, a currency exchange, then a pawn shop…but then he found something interesting…paperwork for Al’s Motel….he remembered how Helen had said she stayed in a hotel before so he figured she did it again…but he also figured any charges would be shown in one of their bills…but from the address it was located..those coordinates are near the coordinates to the her cell phone..he read over the paperwork for Al’s while texting Gwen and Helen he would be home late..possibly til the next day. 

   Mall- 2 PM 

Peter and Gwen walked hand in hand as they had bought some new school supplies for the new semester and some new shirts for Peter. Gwen loved watching him try them on, she wanted to give him a blowjob but there were kids in the changing rooms so they couldn’t do anything so…adult. They kept walking and chatting about the upcoming semester and what new events will be happening, and Peter remembered about one,

 “Hey isn’t Simon’s school putting on a school play in a couple of weeks? I heard they want your mom to be in charge of the planning committee.” He said to her and she narrowed her eyes at the question,

 “Yeah…how’d you hear about that? She barely got the call from the principle 2 days ago..” she questioned him and he shyly looked away and she scoffed at him,

 “Of course she told you as pillow talk, so what about it?” She asked him and he shrugged,

 “I figured I could lend a hand if they need an engineer and a technician you know, and I heard they need some teenagers for some of the roles, you should join in” he said to Gwen and she had a blank expression as they walked, then she pulled him into a nearby Victoria’s Secret, Peter blushed heavily seeing all the lingerie and undergarments on display while being glanced at by several of the attractive female shoppers. She pulled him into the back and she pushed him into a changing room,

 “Wait here” was all she said and she went away for a couple of minutes, then she came in with a bundle of panties and bras, then she closed the door and started to strip off her clothes,

 “Whoa! Gwen what are you doing? I shouldn’t be in here.” He said in a hushed shout and she winked at him with a smile and was changing out of her bra and trying on a new purple one, it squeezed her tits and created an alluring cleavage, he was sweating already and she winked at him with a smile,

 “What do you think? Does it do my boobs justice or not?” She asked him as he stared at her tits and he smiled and nodded which she giggled as she removed it and she put on a strapless white one which also squeezed her boobs…he gulped…jesus christ it was difficult to compose himself with The Stacys…both beautiful and alluring to any man…he nodded when she asked him if it was a good bra to buy…it was a cycle like that for awhile…with Gwen trying on different bras in front of him while he kept his cool, or tried to, and she looked sexy in anything on her body, she went out of the changing room and left him alone again. 

  Gwen was smiling like crazy knowing her body was driving Peter over the edge, she’s honestly concerned he’ll pop and just fuck her right there….her eyes widened and so did her smile, but she knew the manager would blow a gasket at two customers getting it on, she looked around for the person and luckily….she saw someone familar..she went up behind her and tapped her ass, she turned around and as soon as she saw her she grinned. 

    Peter was humming a tune to himself as he waited for Gwen to come back since she told him to stay inside to avoid being seen…he waited and waited when the door opened and they walked in…he grinned like a joker as Gwen went to work on unbuttoning his shirt while Felicia, in her natural jet black hair and civilian clothing, undid the button of his jeans and tugged them down with his boxers, all 3 giggling and shushing each other, Peter’s rock hard cock slapped Felicia’s face and she gasped at the size, somehow it had gotten bigger since last time, she kissed it and Peter’s body shuddered at the contact while she stood up and started to remove Gwen’s clothes, she was left in her cute bra and underwear and she undressed Felicia, revealing her fine ass and busty chest in a tight white bra and matching panties, the girls started to grope each other while leaving kisses on each other’s neck, Peter’s cock was hot and ready, they knelt down and,

 “Whoa! Ahhhh Jesus ahhhhh ahhhhh ohhhh not so rough, I’ll cum too soon” Peter pleaded feeling their lips on his rod, Gwen’s were on his balls licking and kissing them while Felicia was sucking on his cock, she would take him whole in her mouth and swirl her tongue around his cock like a snake, he groaned at that and both of their hands went to his mouth, his groans were muffled as they slurped and kissed his cock and balls, they switched so now Gwen was sucking and kissing his dick while Felicia had her mouth on his testicales sucking on them and nipping the sensitive skin with her teeth, he kept groaning into their hands as they worshipped his member. 

    Stacy Apartment

Helen let out a bored huff as she just read her magazine after finishing up the routine chores, the boys were just in their room watching a movie on their small tv, Helen sighed and checked her phone for any calls or texts from Peter, she gritted her teeth re-reading Gwen’s last message since its true Helen can’t really leave the boys alone being that the oldest one was barley 10. She rubbed her head in thought considering hee options as to how to have on her side now that she has confessed her feelings to him…an idea entered her mind making her grin. She went to their neighbor’s Elena who had babysat the boys before so they were used to her and being a young woman also helped, Elena agreed to babysit Helen said she’ll pay her back in a big way, she grabbed her coat and kissed the boys goodbye and told them to be good for Elena, with that she walked out and went to her car and drove. 

  Victoria’s Secret-2:20PM

 Peter popped inside of Gwen’s mouth who then sucked up all his cum and kissed Felicia while sharing the white liquid in their mouths, Peter sighed happily at the sight, they couldn’t risk getting caught while fucking..that’ll be he was fine with a tag team blowjob, they got dressed and the girls walked out, only to be greeted by a angry looking manager..she gave them a furious stare and the girls just smiled akwardly at her. 

  They ran out the store and into the parking lot while laughing their asses off, they went their separate ways with Felicia being coy as to where she was going while Gwen and Peter continued with their errands as they headed to the office supply store, there Peter got some new materials for the last few months of school and Gwen got some items for her office at Oscorp since she was sure to get that head of the internship position since she’s been there since freshman year, he was done purchasing his items when Gwen tapped his shoulder and she pointed to the back door,leading to the storage and warehouse of the store and winked, Peter had a look of surprise on his face,

 “Here?! Wow Gwen what’s gotten into you lately?” He asked her in a quiet tone and she giggled at him and was pulling him by his hand to the backroom…they went in and well…things got pretty heated really quick. 

  15 Minutes Later 

Jasmine was putting the new items on the aisle with an utterly bored expression on her face. She's been working since 7AM and even after work she had to pick up her kids and handle her husband’s errands since he decided playing golf with his friends was more important. Once she was done she went to the backroom and she heard some noises she hadn’t made herself in months….her eyes went wide and she was blushing heavily…she followed the noise to a closed Janitor’s closet,

 “Hahahaha ahhhhh ahhhhh ahahahha ahhhhh” Moans and groans were muffled by the wooden door and Jasmine blushed heavily…oh god it's been months since she was fucked like that…she composed herself and just opened the door to see a muscular back and his hips pushing into a girl who had her legs wrapped around his back and her hands hugged him close, they stopped as soon as the door opened, Gwen gave the employee an awkward smile, Jasmine cleared her throat,

 “I’m going to have to ask you to….please fuck me..please fill me with what’s filling her…It’s been so long for me” Jasmine pleaded to the teenage couple and Gwen gave Peter a questioning stare, Peter looked over Jasmine’s body: fine slim body, good tits, apple ass and caramel skin..she looked like the mom from George Lopez..what’s her fucking name…oh yeah Constance Marie, she looked fine for a 40 year old milf latina. Peter grinned at Gwen and she smiled back at him and whispered in his ear, 

 “Have fun sweetie, just remember who you belong to” she kissed his cheek and he let her down from his hold. She quickly got dressed while Jasmine got inside and used her employee keys to lock the closet door and once she turned around…she eyed the incredibly muscular teenage boy with a rod capable of breaking her in half…it was at least 3 times bigger than husband’ was pulsing,red, and veiny, she gulped as she considered what she was about to do,

 “I shouldn’t do this…I’ve been married for 10 years, my husband and I have 2 little girls…he’s the only man I’ve ever been with…” she said with a voice of hesitation and Peter just huffed and grabbed her then pushed her against the wall,

 “Wait! I said I wasn’t sure I…Stop Oh My God Stop!” She pleaded when Peter started to rub himself on her ass in nice blue jeans showing off her ample Latina mild ass while he felt up her nice sized chest under the red polo uniform shirt, her ass was pretty good too, Latina’s always have nice firm asses, her jeans hugged her ass and showed off her slender her legs are and how good her hips and waist are to go along with the rest of her body. She was whimpering from his touches…she knew this is wrong…this breaking her sacred vows she took in the church all those years he’s kissing her neck and face as he held her against the wall..she tried to push him off, that made him grin like crazy,

 “You know fighting only makes him you’ll love feeling his anger and lust when he’s fucking you til your’re pregnant” Gwen said as she leaned against the door just watching the struggle while pulling her jeans over her cumfilled ass, Jasmine was then pushed to the ground and Peter laid on top of her….soon after that his hand went to her jeans while he covered her mouth with his other hand…

  17 Minutes Later

  Gwen stepped out of the closet fully clothed and ready, after her was Peter then Jasmine…she stumbled slightly and she limped..she had a huge smile on her face as she closed her eyes and sighed happily,

 “You’re right…forceful is way hotter…jesus I think I’m pregnant again…I’m so sore” She said as she rubbed her ass since he buttfucked her too as the final to their session, she winced as she moved her legs, and Peter huffed, 

 “Well all I got to see was her ass since all I could do was lower her jeans…why did you keep resisting!? I couldn’t take any of your clothes off.” Peter whined to Jasmine and she shyly looked away,

 “Well what…you were raping me…and yet I liked it when it was happenening….guess I have a fetish for Forceful sex” Jasmine said as she led them out the back door while Peter,and, Gwen watched her nice butt sway as she walked and her tits and some jiggle to them, they weren’t huge but they weren’t tiny either, she opened the door leading to the parking lot,

 “Well…thank you for shopping here, have a nice day” she said and Gwen just started walking and she stopped Peter for a moment..she handed him a card,

 “My address…license plate for my car, and my number…rape me again” that was all Jasmine said to a wide eyed Peter Parker and she closed the back door a second later, Gwen yelled out for Peter to hurry up and so he hid the card in his backpocket and joined Gwen. They walked for a while since they were done shopping after going to get Peter some new shirts and jeans…Gwen picked them out for him, and of course they showed his new muscles since the shirts were tight on him, she had given him head again in the changing room and he cam in her mouth…she had swallowed the whole load…but while they walked out Peter had mentioned colleges since they were talking about the new semester. and Gwen quickly responded by pulling him into the nearby all and begging him to fuck her ass cuz she’s so horny and he obeyed when she lowered her jeans and shook her sweet ass while leaning against a dumpter…it lasted a while and after they decided to drop off the stuff at her place and get something to eat,they got to Gwen’s apartment and noticed Helen left, they just brushed that aside as they put their things in Gwen’s room and went out to get some food. 


She went to the door after the repeated knocks which got annoying after 6 of them, she opened the door and her face was one of pure stun as her eyes went wide and her mouth opened but nothing came out, not even an awkward noise..she just stared at her in shock as she stared daggers at her,

“We need to talk” was all Helen said as she stepped inside the Watson home with a still shocked MJ standing at the open doorway, a few seconds later she shook her head and closed her door and went to the living room where Helen sat at the armchair and motioned for MJ to sit on the sofa next to her…MJ sheepishly obeyed, the wife of the man she has been sleeping with is with her now…and no one’s home…MJ just looked at the floor as Helen looked at her in the silent living least it was until Helen said something surprising,

 “I need your help” and MJ heads shot straight up and she again gave Helen a shocked expression, Helen cleared her throat and took a deep breath,

 “Listen…Yes I was furious at you for sleeping with my husband, and spending our money, and being his whore whenever he needed one…at least I was until someone we both know came into my life, and into me…I know about you and Peter Parker…because I have been sleeping with him too, for you it's lust but for me it’s more than that…I love spending time with him, the sex is a great bonus but he listens to me, he helps, and he makes love to me in a way I can’t describe…you following me so far?” She questioned MJ and she just nodded, 

   Yeah…you and Gwen are banging Peter but you clearly like him enough to fight for him…and I’m safe in terms of being shot or stabbed to death for banging your husband who by the way, doesn’t have much to go on…I was relieved when Peter started screwing me” MJ replied and Helen nodded and cleared her throat again,

    “Alright so hear me out…you guys are graduating soon and I heard from Gwen that you are going to ESU on some theatre major or whatever so anyway, Gwen’s going to Oxford and she is definitely going to try to convince Peter to go with her and unless you got the money to make booty call trips to another country like I don’t….then we need Peter to stay here so we can have him to ourselves while my daughter is crying her eyes out in class…so what do you say….do you want to join me?” Helen asked MJ as she. held out her hand for a handshake, MJ was in deep thought…she looked at Helen, then the hand, then back at Helen….

   NY Finest Dine-Manhattan-5:30PM 

Peter and Gwen at their food while happily chatting about nothing but being with each other was enough to make any topic exciting, they smiled at each other while discussing the new trends in movies, like strong female characters in Hunger Games and superhero movies, the rom-coms becoming more complex and dramatic, then it happened…they started talking colleges,

 “So are you looking into ESU’s admissions? I got mine set and already sent it in…I have a uh…connection in the admissions office who will help me out and if you hurry I can get you in for sure.” Peter said happily to Gwen who simply gave him an awkward smile as she took another bite of her pizza slice, Peter waited for a response but she just smiled at him and kinda took a little longer to chew her food….then she swallowed and sighed,

 “Peter….I got an email from Oxford…they selected me as a possible recipient of a scholarship grant that will basically set me for 3 years over there while I work on my studies and actually intern in one of their labs…and I kinda…got one of girlfriends to hack into their database and…you’re going to get an email about the scholarship too!” Gwen said with pure joy as Peter nearly choked on his burger, he quickly drank some soda and cleared his throat,

 “Say what?? Me…get a scholarship…Oxford…England??” Peter said in utter confusion and Gwen just nodded with her huge smile,

 “Yeah Peter…I mean yeah it’ll mean we’ll compete for it but in the end…two spots will be given and if we work together I know we can get in so what do you say? Are you willing to give it a shot?” She asked him and he gulped..then he took a deep breath,

 “How about this…you try out for ESU and I’ll do the scholarship thing and we will see what happens…then we make a choice together agreed?” Peter asked her as he held out his hand and she nodded with a wink and shook his hand pledging their deal,

 “Alright Peter Parker, we have ourselves an agreement. They continued to chat about other things as they ate their food in the diner with the sun going down and the city darkening, after a few more minutes they left with their arms wrapped around each other,

 “I have to think of a way to get him to come no matter what…but what” Gwen thought in her head as she put on a happy face as she held her lover’s hand as they walked…then her dad called and said to come home and watch her brothers since he would be going into work soon, she sighed and Peter gave her a pained stare already knowing who it was and he hailed a can for her since he’ll just be going out on patrol for a bit before heading back and getting some rest before tomorrow, she left in the cab with one last kiss and she was gone and Peter went into a nearby alley and changed then he started his patrols. 

    Watson Residence-7:00PM 

“Wow….that was….something else” a naked MJ said as she laid on her bed breathless and sweating while her busty chest heaved as she breathed in and out,

 “You said you wanted to see what I can do, well now you know” said a smiling Helen as she was putting on her bra after putting on her panties, MJ watched her sexy form move and her ass in the sexy thong…MJ got her phone and took a picture of Helen who stuck her tongue for the photo making MJ giggle,

 “So I take this to mean you’re in with helping me to get Peter to stay here?” Helen asked Mj and she nodded with a smile and Helen smiled back at her,

 “You know…my aunt has a thing for Peter too…” MJ said with a tone of amusement and Helen giggled and told her to get her in on their group. Afterwards she and Mj shared some bottles of booze together as a fully changed Helen sat next to MJ on the bed they chatted for a bit when Helen got a text…from Peter who said he wanted to meet up…she and MJ grinned and she told Peter she was already at his place,

 “Come on, his Aunt’s not home and I have an idea” Helen said and MJ climbed out of bed,earning a whistle call from Helen who watched her bare tits and ass swing as she got changed. 


Peter arrived at home looking for Helen, only to find his porch vacant and his home empty, he looked around and didn’t find her, then his phone pinged to go to the garage. He went to the back and went inside to something surprising, Helen was there…with Mary Jane Watson…and so was her Aunt Anna…only MJ and Heen were wearing…Midtown Cheerleader outfits which hugged their bodies in all the right places showing off their fine asses,legs,and busty chests…then Anna was wearing a catholic schoolgirl’s uniform with the knee skirt and white button blouse along with the long white socks and black shoes, her hair was in a ponytail and she wore glasses to give that milf nerd effect…Peter’s cock clearly showed itself as it made a point dent on his jeans…all the girls giggled, 

 “So Peter…which fantasy first… slutty cheerleaders or virgin catholic schoolgirl?” Helen asked him and he gulped as he considered his options…

  “Schoolgirl” was all he said and Anna walked up to him and played the role of the innocent middle aged virgin in nerd glasses and a revealing uniform,

  “Can you please help me? I need to feel a man’s penis before it’s too late for me since I’ve held my vows but I yearn for a man’s love organ” Anna said in a desperate hot tone to Peter who grabbed her and threw her to the couch and pounced on her…and within seconds he ripped off her clothes,her panties and quickly lowered his pants and he was pushing himself into her with speed and force and Anna responded by screaming and gripping the sides of the sofa as her body,and the couch, was being moved by Peter’s thrusts, he was panting as he watched her face scrunch with a smile as she groaned, then he heard movement behind him…MJ reached out to pull his shirt off and Helen was kissing his bare back after it was revealed, Peter moaned at the soft lips touching his skin, then MJ went to the side of them and started to grope Helen’s body through the tight cheerleader outfit she had on, Helen did the same to MJ by reaching under the skirt…neither of them wore panties…she put 3 fingers into her folds…MJ gasped with a smile and slapped Helen’s bare ass under the skirt, all while Peter was pushing into Anna as he panted and she groaned feeling him fill her tunnel and he held her legs in the air for easier access…Anna’s screams filled the garage….

   15 Minutes Later 

He was panting like a dog on a hot summer day, his hips were on autopilot as he pushed into the tight,moist,leaking pussy while his hand slapped her bare ass now she was disclothed from the outfit…he went faster and faster as he watched the other two eat each other out on the other end of the couch…he grunted and he looked at her deep in the eyes,

 “Switch” was all he said and they quickly shifted and now he was sitting on the sofa while she straddled him and was grinding on him moving her ass back and forth with speed as she laughed and groaned feeling herself suck in his rod as it went in deep, then she pulled herself off then back on him taking him whole…his hands went to her ass,

 “Ahhh ahhhh ahhhh Yeah Ohhhhh yeah baby Yes I love how you move Mary Jane, ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhh ughhhhh you know how to work those hips hahahaha ahhhhh ahhhhh” Peter said with laughter as he put both hands to grip her ass as she kept with her rocking and she pulled his head to her heaving chest and he started to lick and suck on her hardened boobs,

 “I need some help here” Peter said outloud and MJ’s eyes went wide,

 “Hey don’t you dare AHHHH AHHHH HEY STOP AHHHHH AHHHHHH UGHHHHH” MJ’s protest was cut off when she felt her aunt put 3 fingers into her ass from behind and Helen crawled to Peter and started to caress his chest and abdomen while leaving wet kisses and licks on his face making him giggle,

 “Feels like I’m being kissed by a puppy” he said and Helen giggled and bit his ear and pulled on it,

“You sweet talker…look at her go…she’s riding you like a Texas cowgirl, look at those tits shake” Helen whispered in his ear while he did watch MJ’s jiggling breasts swing in his face, then Anna reached around from behind and her fingers started to tweak at MJ’s nipple making her niece screetch and moan and her body went limp from all the attention her body was getting…

   20 Minutes Later 

    Both Anna and Mary Jane Watson laid on the sofa knocked out and cuddling under a blanket peter put on top of them, meanwhile on the end of the garage, Peter had placed Helen on his workbench, the floor around was cluttered since Helen had tossed all his stuff aside before he lifted her up and placed her to sit on the desk and he put himself between her legs…and Helen still had the cheerleader outfit on, it fit her tightly as he caressed her body, her thighs…then her abdomen…then her chest covered in the Midtown colors with the top hiding her tits, they were kissing passionately and moaning into each other’s while Peter took his time with his thrusts, he didn’t want to pop too soon with Helen, she moaned into his lips as they were locked together both down there and through their lips meshing together and never separating…Helen locked her legs around his back as he kept pushing into her with his cock being hidden under the small skirt that barely covered her ass, she tapped his shoulder…that’s her signal to go faster which he did…he was panting now into her open mouth, Heen felt Peter’s hot breath go into her mouth and go into her throat, she smiled with a open mouth and released moans and groans as she felt his dick strike her pussy and womb way faster than before…the impacts of his hips actually made made Helen’s butt jiggle since he really was pushing deep into her making her face gap with hard eyes on his, they were daring each other to last longer than the other…their foreheads were together..he went faster and faster slapping a hand to her high making her hiss…she started to make a screaming face but nothing,no noise came out…she closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around him as she held him in a tight hug while his hips pushed into her rapidly with no limits on how hard he went…then it happened…they both popped as she gagged and swallowed her loud scream and just let out a hot gasp while he hissed as he let his stream of white liquid out into her and her legs pulled him deeper..she wanted every drop inside her, she caressed his brown hair as she smiled while placing her head over his shoulder. 

     2 Hours Later-10PM 

 Anna and MJ home and had said they can’t wait to ‘share’ Peter again which will be more fun now they know how to make each other scream, then he and Helen went back to her apartment and he swung them there to save time, he landed on their roof and she went ahead and went downstairs, but before that she gave Peter her duffle bag with the outfit in it and she winked and he just blushed at the promise of using it again. She went home as usual and of course she was met with an angry George Stacy for having to pay the babysitter when Helen should’ve been watching them and they argued in their bedroom with the door closed so the others won’t hear, but he could hear them clear through the wall,

 “Well how about you take care of your own sons for once, you spend more time on the streets than you do with them” Helen snarled at him and he scoffed at her,

 “How about you stop with this mid-life crisis you’re having! Jesus Helen I don’t need this crap everytime I come home from a long shift okay” George replied and she narrowed her eyes and let out an amused sarcastic laugh,

  “That’s funny, because I call your office and they always tell me your shift is done like hours before you even get home…so tell me my husband…where the hell do you go for hours before coming home??” Helen questioned him and he just dismissed her with a swat of his hand in the air,

 “I don’t have time for this, I’m going to the office to finish up some paperwork since I had to come home early and relieve the babysitter…and why don’t you answer me a question….why the hell were you in Queens a few nights ago?” He asked her and Helen already had a reply and excuse ready,

 “I was with my friend Zoey, she lives out near Queens so I paid her a visit, we just went out and I ended up sleeping over her place. Now answer my question: Where the hell do you send 300 dollars every few days or weeks….is it to your little whore?” She asked and he scoffed and just walked away from her and exited the bedroom…then left the apartment leaving an upset Helen standing there in the room…she sighed and rubbed her head and went to the wine cabinet and poured herself a drink. She heard footsteps behind her and rolled her eyes when she saw who it was,

 “What do you want?” She asked Gwen and she gave her an understanding smile and patted her back,

 “Dad’s a jerk…I know for a fact he’s been to MJ’s recently and he’s been staying out later and later…you deserve some fun of your own” Gwen said softly and gave her mom a soft kiss, she pulled away slowly and toke hold of her hand with hers,

 “Come on…Peter’s waiting” was all Gwen said and she led her own mother by hand to her bedroom, Helen couldn’t help but watch her butt mover with her slender hips in her grey sweatshirt and her boobs bounce under Peter’s grey sweater…Helen recognized it….because she had it first when Peter made love to her in the van months ago!! She stopped them and Gwen looked at her with surprise,

 “Give me that sweater back, I had it first and I know you took it from my room, so just give it back and we can go into the room” Helen said and Gwen just scoffed with a annoyed smile,

 “Fine” she replied and she took the grey sweater off,revealing her bare chest, and gave it to Helen…who stared at her daughter’s breasts…Gwen smiled at her,

 “I showed you mine, now show me yours” Gwen said as they stood out in the hallway, the boys were in their room luckily, and Peter came out in his boxers and approached the Stacy Women,

 “Come on ladies..let’s get this show on the road” and he went to kiss them when….his phone ringed..with a specific ringtone he set for someone,he went to his phone quickly,

 “Oh crap…Hello…wait what….Now?! Seriously?! Okay, okay I know, I know, I’ll be there soon.” He replied on the phone and hung up and went to change…but he decided something..he went to both women and…picked them up using his incredible strength making them laugh and giggle as he went into the bedroom and closed the door with his foot. 

    Queens-11:30 PM 

An exhausted Peter Parker landed on the small balcony of the apartment in Queens he had visited before, he panted to catch his breath from the rapid webslinging after….satisfying his women, it was easy now he knew how to make them pop…Helen loved being sweet talked during missionary and in the doggie position while Gwen loved being slapped on the ass or even her face should things get hot enough for them and she would always start with the dirty talk while he was fucking her ass, something she had gotten used to luckily so he spent at least 9 minutes with each one working to bring them over the edge and he did…once he saw them cuddle to sleep he left. 

   He knocked on the glass door and she opened it with a stern expression on her face,

 “You’re 4 minutes late Mr.Parker” Natasha said to him and he shyly rubbed his head and she turned and walked into her apartment she used as the english teacher, he followed her and she motioned for him to sit down on a chair set in front of a table, he sheepishly sat on it and she went to the other side…he felt like she was about to interrogate him like a cop would to a suspect…he gulped as he looked at her..she was in her business attire..a women’s pant’s suit with black pants with a belt tied around it to show off her frame and ass( Jesus he cannot believe she looks like Scarlett Johansson of all people…a total babe), with a black blazer and a white button top. She looks irresistible in the outfit and she gave him a soft smile with her eyes looking deep into his..her scarlet red hair was down with curls at the end, she was adorable,

 “So…are you ready to join the big leagues?” She asked and she slid a file across the table to him, he raised an eyebrow at it and looked at her, she nodded with a smile and he opened the file up…it’s him,

 “Wow…you really gave me a positive evaluation Nat…even after I…screwed up and lost the Lizard while getting my ass kicked” he said with a pained smile and awkward eyes and she giggled at him, god he loved that sound, she put some kind of round decide then…multiple holograms showed news reports and cell phone footages on social media…they were all of Spider-Man, 

 “I think these actions more than make up for your little screw up, I mean look at this…you stopped a out of control elementary school bus before it crashed into a gas station, you stopped a carjacking, stopped a bank robbery, and even used your webs to make a makeshift bridge when a apartment building was on fire. Trust me Peter…other recruits have done worse than you” Natasha said to him with a tone of humor at the end and Peter couldn’t help but blush at her statement and the videos of his daily heroics..and he thought he spent too much time having sex… he looked back at the file while Nat removed the device and the holograms disappeared, he read over the information Natasha put for him, 

 “So…I’m officially a Shield agent?…” he asked her and she gave him a smirk,

 “In a way yes…you get recognition for any cases you do when assigned or cases you bring in the lizard creature, we didn’t know about it much til you helped us. But you won’t exactly get security clearance to the most secure Shield facilities but you do get access to some of the safe houses and main office buildings here in New York, or Washington D.C, London, South Korea, Mexico, and many others…you owe me for getting you that bonus, also you get to enter The Triskelion when you’re with me” She said and he was utterly shocked and excited..Nat laughed softly at his fanboy expression then he had some questions in mind,

 “So who exactly would I be reporting to, and working with on missions?” He asked her and she just grinned at him,

   “Me…all your doings will be done with me…so technically…you’re my subordinate trainee and I’m your mentor” she replied with a grin and he smiled back at her…then they both jumped from their seats and kissed on top of the table, they both landed on it with a struggle over who will be on top as they kissed hotly and passionately as the breathed through their noses while removing each other’s clothing…

   20 Minutes Later

  Peter lost…he just groaned and feeling while Natahsha bounced on his prick as he laid on the table..he gripped her waist and pulled her down as she raised herself up..her body was bare with all their clothing around them on the floor. She moaned and groaned as she moved her body on him and she had her hands on his exposed chest to steady herself as she started to grind on him and he hissed feeling her hot pussy suck him up and he knew she was moving her hips in a way to squeeze his rod as it moved inside her..he groaned and smiled up at her as she smiled wickedly at him,

 “You like this my love ughhhh ha haha ha ha ha ha hahaha ohhhh ohhhh ohhhhh” Nat moaned as she rode him fiercely showing how she is in control and he let her to keep the incredible sensation going as he gripped her tits in his hands and she laughed and him and scratched his chest making him groan and he pinched her nipples making her groan too and grit her teeth, he then moved his hands to her ass and he gripped the firm smooth skin as they kept rocking into each other in the dark room. 

   King Al’s Motel

George Stacy walked inside and banged on the bell with a hard expression on his face, Trish came out and her heart stopped for a second, she composed herself and went to the front desk,

 “Hello, Welcome to Al’s…” Trish’s standard greeting was cut off by George,

 “Was she here a few nights ago?” He asked her and held up his phone to a photo of Helen, Trish stopped breathing for a second and put on her best poker face,

 “No…no Officer sorry, I ain’t never seen that woman here before.” She replied and George huffed at the answer,

 “Do you work here alone?” He asked her,

 “I work the night shifts, but my friend Shantel does the morning shift to maybe you could ask her” Trish replied hoping it was enough to get this cop to leave…she never thought the husband would come by after a while but here he was..and he gave Trish a stare that made her sweat,

 “Yeah the thing is…” he said and then he laid out some photos on the desk…they were all street cameras and local store cameras,

 “See these…my wife is walking down the street here and then she stops here at a liquor store..then a blindspot but she clearly enters another building on the corner…and she’s carrying bags with her and she’s walking in a neighborhood far from home…” George said to a now shuddering Trish who did not want to make eye contact with him…George leaned in closer,

 “I talked to the store owner across the street, where this picture was taken…he said she came right in here after buying some things…now why are you telling me the opposite..Trish” he asked her in low tone and he saw her gulp as her sweat went down her face…he grinned at her and walked to the other side of the desk..she slowly backed away as he walked to her,

 “She was here wasn’t she….she was here…spending my money on a pathetic binge drinking night. But she wasn’t alone…WHO WAS SHE WITH!?” George yelled at Trish who let out her tears and he huffed angrily and grabbed her by her braids and pulled her close as she cried,

 “Don’t be such a baby! Now who was she with?!” He asked her again and Trish…spit in his face and kicked him in the shin and ran when he released her from the pain…she tried to run for the door but he recovered fast enough to tackle her and pin her…then he got up and dragged her legs as she helplessly reached for anything to stop the dragging but nothing worked..she cried and screamed as he pulled into the backroom and slammed the door shut muffling her screams.

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