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Peter kept thrusting and thrusting, he pushed and pulled his member in and out of the moist lips and tunnel that leaked and squished against his balls as they moved with his hips, he was sweaty and grunting…while she was huffing and panting feeling her whole body inflame from the hard hot pressure being put below her, she wrapped her legs around his back and used her hands to grip the bedsheets as she was rocked roughly against the bed which was also being rammed against the wall making loud thuds with the couple’s united grunts and pants like horny dogs in the early sunday morning,

 “Ahhh ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhh ughhhhhhh ughhhhh ahhhh ahhhh ughhhhhh” She kept groaning and moaning, she balled up the sheets in her hands and her toes curled on feet, her body was also covered in sweat at this point so she had a alluring glow especially on her thighs, chest, and her face with eyes closed and a open mouth letting out her lustful noises which only made Peter harder and more persistent with his attempt to bring her to her climax as he kept pumping his tool deep into her, she moved her hands from the sheets to his back, she even dragged her nails down his back making his groan and hiss which made her grin and laugh as he kept going. They had been at it for a while now, Gwen had gone to bed in May’s room allowing them to use his room since his bed has grown accustomed to his rapid moves, speaking of which, Peter huffed and he turned her to her side so now Peter held her leg straight up with his arm gripping her sweet thigh while her other leg just went numb on the bed as he now had a clear shot into her leaking cunt with her sweaty breasts out in the open, fully erect and shaking with the bed, her head collapsed on the bed and she just moaned and moaned,

 “Ohhhhhh Peter ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhh Yesssss Ohhhhhhh Yessssss!!!!! Ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhhhh Faster!!!Faster ahhhhhhh ahhhhhh Faster!!!!” She kept groaning and yelled her pleas to her lover and she heard him chuckle and grunt, he then did something unexpected…he got up on his feet…he pulled her waist up with him so now her legs were straight up in the air on his shoulders….her upper back and head was flat on the bed while the rest of her body was curved upwards…her tits shaked like crazy…she felt her pussy ignite and burn with his rod fully stabbing her insides and her hands went to her hair to tug on it from the pressure…her toes curled…Peter’s hands were on her jiggling ass cheeks…his leaking rod kept stabbing her leaking cunt…he grinned as she hissed and bit her lip trying to stay quiet, Peter huffed, slapped a hand to her ass and changed his speed: now he was going in hard and slow with each thrust shaking her body and the bed,

 “Ahhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhh Myyyyyy Goddddddd ahhhhhhhh Yesssss Right There!!!! Right There Peter!!!!!!” She couldn’t hold in her screams or words, they leaked out of her like her juices as her lover kept jabbing in his tool with force, her ass jiggled and her thighs shaked on his shoulders,

 “Jesus Christ….ohhhhh fuck!!!!” Peter grunted feeling her walls squeeze him more and more as he kept grabbing her ass in his hands so maybe that’s why it kept getting smaller inside but Peter still hit her womb and he could tell she was getting close with the dazed look on her sweaty face and their combined juices left stains on his bed already,

 “Ughhhhh ughhhhh ughhhhh ughhhh ahhhh ahhhhh” Peter sped up his tempo since he felt his end coming too, his balls had dammed in the excess sperm he had so now the wall was breaking, Peter moved a hand from her butt cheek to her breast, he molded the squishy tit in his hand and she smirked at him with a open mouth letting out her gasps, Peter grinned back and he was now jackhammering himself into her so now the bed creaked and creaked and she started to scream so loud it was sure to wake up everyone in the house, even the neighbors,

 “AHHHHH AHHHHHH YESSSSS!!!!YESSSS!!!!!OHHHHHH YESSS PETER PARKER!!!!! YESSS PETER!!!!!AHHHHH AHHHH AHHHHHHH PETER!!!!!!!!!” She screamed out his name and Peter couldn’t hold it in from hearing her,

 “UGHHHHHHHH GODDDDD UGHHHHHHH UGHHHHHHH FUCK HELEN!!!!!!!!!!” Peter let out one last hard grunt then he sighed with a gleeful smile as his member throbbed and spurted out all his cum into Helen’s waiting tunnel that held his rod in place which allowed it to let out all of the white liquid into her womb… 


“Mom!? What are you doing here?” Gwen asked completely shocked to find her mom in the Parker home once she had Peter had left her own car, Helen smiled at Peter as she walked to him, dressed in usual mom jeans and a coat, she kissed him deeply and Gwen rolled her eyes and sighed with total annoyance,

 “Let me guess…you left my brothers with a babysitter so you can come here and…okay whatever, babe have fun just make sure you put the bitch to sleep for a while okay. I’m going to bed.” Gwen said to the couple making out who probably didn’t even hear what she had said…


Peter and Helen laid on the bed cuddling and caressing each other’s bodies, Peter held her close as he drew circles with his finger on her thigh while Helen had a hand stroking his hair,

 “I can’t believe you drove out here Helen..” Peter said with a chuckle and Helen giggled as her lower body was numb was the intense session of lovemaking,

 “Well I had to get my release…I just didn’t expect you to make me cum more than twice…” Helen said with a light laugh as the sun began to creep in through the window, Peter breathed in as he put a hand on Helen’s butt which made the blonde milf grin and she put a hand on his chest feeling his muscles,

 “I should head home..” Helen said more as a suggestion to herself than an actual statement and Peter pulled her closer making her smile widen and she could feel the heat building,

 “Or…” Peter whispered and Helen gave him a smirk with low eyes…


Gwen was eating cereal downstairs in the parker kitchen while watching the morning sunday news, they had discussed the explosion and the attack by the trio of men who disappeared afterwards without a trace, they showed bystander videos of Spider-Man along with Black Cat and Black Widow dodging the incoming gunfire by the men and how Spider-Man took a rocket blast when the big one fired one at the women. Gwen’s grip on the spoon tightened when she thought what she would do to those bastards who hurt her Peter but it’s not like she can kick ass like Natasha or Felicia…speaking of which, Gwen pulled out her phone and sent a message to Natasha about her combat training and when she sent it she heard someone behind her, she smirked at her,

 “Hey Mom, I see your limping…take it in the ass?” Gwen asked with a laugh and Helen Stacy pinched her daughter’s ear making her yelp and whine while wincing from the sharp pain,

 “Watch your language young lady! I am still your mother, understand??” Helen asked sternly and Gwen nodded and repeated said yes, once Helen let go she rubbed her ear from the pain,

 “I’m gonna tell Peter you’re being mean to me.” Gwen said with a smirk and Helen rolled her eyes at her daughter as she went ahead and started to prepare a breakfast meal, Gwen just kept eating her cereal while watching tv,

 “So he’s still asleep?” Gwen asked aloud and Helen smirked to herself,

 “Well I don’t mean to brag…” she said and Gwen narrowed her eyes at her and smirked back,

 “Well he won’t asleep for long.” Gwen said with a smile and Helen gave her a wince,

 “Actually…” she started and Gwen gave her a confused look until….she heard loud moans and the ceiling creak above them from Peter’s room,Gwen gave a deadpan look to her mom as the moans continued,

 “Aunt May?” She asked though already knowing answer which was confirmed by Helen’s nod of the head,

 “Great…” Gwen said with a sigh….then she smirked and went to the stairs anyways, Helen gave her a shocked look and Gwen giggled as she skipped to the stairs,

 “Threesome!!” She cheered and she went upstairs. Helen just stood there shocked and she heard the creaking stop for a few moments then…..

 “Ohhhhhh Peter!!!!!! Yessss!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!” Helen rubbed her head with a groan hearing her daughter from Peter’s room…she just went ahead and kept cooking as the creaking grew louder and soon all three could be heard moaning and groaning. 


Natasha looked over the files as other agents went along with their own activities, she had reported to Fury about Parker and she had told him his skills were improving and that his abilities were also advancing as well being that he healed from a rocket blast in less than a day, Fury had asked about her actions in New York and she assured him she has things under control so afterwards she decided to read up on Sable in the files room which had some information as to her last known whereabouts given she uses various alias and shell companies to mask her actual work and so far she had been in Africa, London, and most recently before New York, Iceland. Nat kept reading over the reports of strange deaths occurring in residential areas so she knew that Sable had gone through these areas for possible work related business,

 “So what exactly are you up to Nat?” Clint Barton asked as he approached her with a confused smile and Nat offered him a playful innocent smile,

 “What do you mean Barton?” She asked and he scoffed with a laugh,

 “Getting involved in a gang war, going to Brazil on an assignment, and training a hero rookie?” He asked with sarcasm and Nat gave him a shrug,

 “What can I say, trouble seems to find me no matter where I go.” She said playing the innocent tone which made her longtime colleague laugh,

 “Whatever Romanoff, just let me know if you need a hand or an arrow.” Clint said with a reassuring smile and a friendly punch to the elbow as he left and Nat chuckled,

 “Will do!” Nat shouted at her friend who threw a thumbs up in response. Natasha went back to looking over the reports and she found that Sable’s home country was in the middle of some sort of civil war and that the rebels were getting assistance from an unknown source so Nat already knew what Sable was up to working with a crime boss and using Peter as a superpowered asset, she then pulled out the drive she had gotten from the safe in Sable’s office and she made sure no one was around before she plugged it in and she saw the drive contained videos and photos…of Peter….and her… Natasha went red in the cheeks as she saw a photo of Peter in his Spider-Man suit holding her and kissing her against the wall on a random building and the video was one from the time she had taken him to bed and done it doggystyle after he had webbed up her hands together. Natasha decided to keep those memories in her mind so she went ahead and deleted everything on the drive before she pulled it out and crushed it in her bare hand. 


George paced and paced and he thought of a plan to do with the remaining funds he had in hand, he had to think of a way to obtain some of Fisk’s money which Vanessa has confirmed is being moved into a high security bank in the city so now he to come up with a strategy, also there’s the growing activity of the Mafia’s men going around the city attempting to make drug collections or payment collections but Spider-Man always stops them and the annoying bitch trio seem to always get there first so he couldn’t swindle anything out of there so that left him with few options being that he spend a fortune on divorce lawyers which ended up screwing him over being that he got a shit deal in terms of alimony and Gwen is 17 so it’s even more money just for her, he pulled out his phone when it beeped and he saw it was a message from Vanessa asking about any plans to get the money and George groaned in frustration. 


She squirmed in her bed as she moved her thighs together when thinking of him…his muscles covered in spandex and his bulge that every woman in New York noticed with eager eyes, she sighed in her sleep as she pictured his body rubbing against hers…his bulge rubbing in her pussy while his gloved hands went to squeeze her ass, Rio Morales hasn’t had a wet dream in a long time so she kept moving her body to find some relief from the heat inside her as she rubbed her thighs more and more. 


Peter was eating breakfast while looking at some files Natasha had sent him via his black laptop and Gwen was watching with eager eyes while Helen and May were chatting in the living room drinking tea,

 “Gwen…what’s with the excited look? I’m just looking at some things Nat sent me.” Peter said with a side smile while looking at Gwen’s giddy face,

 “It’s just cool….you’re basically a secret agent in the most secret intelligence group in history…and I’ve slept with him.” Gwen said with a grin and Peter gave him a scoffed laugh,

 “And what about the fact I’m Spider-Man? That doesn’t turn you on anymore??” Peter asked with feigned offence making Gwen giggle at his playful manner,

“It always turns me on babe but adding your a SHIELD Agent makes me leak like a faucet down there.” Gwen replied, making Peter laugh at her now, the couple just shared a laugh when there was a knock on the backdoor, Peter got up to answer and since his Spider-Sense didn’t go off he knew it wasn’t any danger so he opened it and he smiled at the visitor,

 “What’s up Hardy..whoa!” Peter was pulled out back into the porch and Felicia closed the backdoor to keep their talk private,

 “Did you see my message??” Felicia asked with a stern voice, Peter just gulped nervously and he nodded with a equally nervous smile,

 “Then why didn’t you show up? Oh I see, your little blondie needs her fill right? Well what about your wife huh?” Felicia asked with sarcasm and Peter covered her mouth to silence her only for her to lick all over his hand while moaning,

 “Knock it off Lesh! Just relax okay.” Peter said trying to calm the angry woman who smirked at him,

 “And what if I go tell blondie we’re married.” She countered and Peter sighed heavily,

 “Why do you have to threaten that?” He asked with narrow eyes and she smiled widely,

 “Does it piss you off?” Felicia asked with high sarcasm in her voice with a smirk which did irritate Peter and Felicia grinned,

 “Oh it does…then do something about it.” Felica said with a mocking tone and Peter huffed,

 “Bitch.” He replied and then he turned her around, bent her over the small table they had on the porch, and he made quick work of her jeans and underwear and they were around her ankles in milliseconds, Felica was already panting like a horny bitch,

 “Give it to me! Give it to me!” She begged and soon enough….she gasped and gripped the edges of the table and shook it as her body was rocked by Peter’s panting thrusts and he put her leg on the table to spread her holes which he took advantage of by playing with her clit and her asshole which of course made her leak,

 “You blackmailing bitch” Peter leaned his body against her back which dug his cock far into her and he put more of his fingers into her ass and Lesh was just going red,sweating, and panting and gasping while her shirt was getting wet with her tit sweat as they rubbed against the table while Peter was working her holes over. 


Mary Jane watched from her window how Peter was really going into Felicia with speed and force as she listened to them groan and gasp, she could see Felicia’s ass jiggle from Peter’s cock and MJ could even their faces go red from pressure and how Felicia gripped the table more tightly with each impact into her pussy and Peter pushing 4 fingers into her ass,

 “Wow Tiger…you really know how to work it…” Mary Jane said with a sigh as she kept watching while rubbing her thighs together since she was just in her thong and a fanmade Spidey-T-Shirt,

 “Jesus Parker! Right There Yeah!!!!” Felicia shouts could be heard from afar and MJ laughed as Peter covered her mouth again as he went even faster, the table shaked like crazy, their bodies rocked against each other’s with Peter putting his head right next to hers as he pistoled her asshole more and more. 


“Wow! How can he  keep going at this rate?” Helen asked with amusement and Gwen laughed at the question as she sat next to her on the couch,

 “He’s been building his stamina…I plan to take full advantage of that soon.” Gwen said with a hot smile and May chuckled as she drank her tea,

 “Be careful dear, you may get more than what you bargain for if you’re not careful.” May said with a wink and Gwen giggled happily at the inference,

 “I’m planning on having Peter’s kids so the sooner the better if you ask me, I can keep my body if I have kids before 30.” Gwen said with a smile and Helen gave her wide eyes,

 “You are still going to college aren’t you young lady?” Helen asked her daughter with a bit of shock and Gwen laughed at her mother’s reaction and question,

 “Of course I am mom, I can be one of those college mommy girls, with my husband waiting for me at home with our child.” Gwen said with a serene look as she daydreamed about the idea and Helen rolled her eyes,

 “Well let’s see how things turn out.” She said nonchalantly all the while the moans continued out back along with Peter’s grunts. 


After Felicia, Peter had eaten his breakfast with the ladies and they all discussed their planned activities for Sunday and Peter had said he would be working much to their disapproval being that they wanted him all day long which made him nervous being that he could get them all knocked up at the same time. Peter went ahead and was doing his usual patrols while Felicia went to handle her own errands and Gwen went home with her mom, he did the usual swing and catch stopping criminals here and there and preventing and fatal accidents whenever he could, although he did keep an eye out for Hammerhead’s men out and about so he can keep his end of the deal to keep Captain Stacy safe for the time being but Peter knew he had to come up with a way to handle Fisk without putting a hit on the entire Stacy family. Peter was brought out of his thoughts when he felt the bolt of electricity going up his body,

 “CRAP!” He shouted and he dodged a rocket and he webbed it to throw it high in the air where it exploded without damaging any structures, everyone around started screaming and running, 

 “Go! Go! Get outta Here Now!!” Spider-Man shouted at the civilians as he swung to the large man on the nearby rooftop,

 “Okay Cowman! Let’s get this show on the road!” Shouted Spider-Man as he swung to the large man holding a grenade launcher as he shot his weballs at him,

“THE NAME’S OX!!” He shouted back as he fired another one which Spider-Man caught and launched into the air,

 “Keep going! I need to practice my pitches for the upcoming season!” Spider-Man said his joke with a laugh but then he dodged incoming gunfire from below, it was another one,

 “Keep talking bug! You’re goin down boy!!!” Shouted Fancy Dan as he fired away his pistols while OX fired his grenades….the block was a mini war zone. 


 “Hurry Up!!! What the Hell Is Going On Down There!!!??!” Watanabe shouted from the passenger side while Misty drove the squad car at high speed to get to the source of the explosions,

 “I’m trying not to hit running civilians!!!” Misty said back and she saw them,

 “Ohh come on..” Yuri Watanabe complained as Misty called in for backup upon seeing Spider-Man combating two heavily armed men who look like they belong in the Wild Wild West…and now here comes a third cowboy with…..something,

 “What the hell are those?” Misty asked Yuri as they drove closer and closer and they saw Momtana raise his large techy pistols…right at their car…they both gasped when they saw a bright ball of light come at them….


“What the hell is going on over there??” Gwen asked utterly shocked to see a cowboy launch a car into the air via a news chopper, then she saw Spider-Man catch it before it could slam on the ground, the other three men kept shooting at him and he helped the officers find safety,

 “He’ll be fine, he’s handled worse.” Helen said as she sat next to her daughter on the couch as the news showed the escalating firefight in Harlem,

 “He sure has, like the Lizard and Birdman, he can handle 3 cowboys like nothing.” Simon said with confidence in his idol making Gwen and Helen smile warmly at him and he did have a point, Peter has taken hit after hit and each time he comes back stronger so he should be able to handle himself…but just in case, 

 “I’ll be right back..” Gwen said aloud and she went to her room and texted Nat and Felicia asking them for help in Harlem. 


The shots kept coming and so did the laser from the gun Montana had, he just had to shot once wirh it and it made a big explosion,

 “I have to get that gun!” Spider-Man shouted to Misty Knight and Yuri Watanbe who were behind him as they took cover behind some rubble, thankfully the area was clear from innocent civilians,

 “We can flank them and give you an opening.” Yuri replied and he nodded, he watched Yuri and Misty move stealthily into the rubble to avoid detection…he kept shouting jokes at the men to keep their focus of fire on him now that he was jumping around to make them confuse,

 “God damn it he’s quick!!” Fancy Dan complained and Ox scoffed,

 “Just him with this!” He shouted and fired a grenade which he dodged, webbed, and launched into the air,

 “Just Shoot Him Already!!” Montana said and aimed his laser gun right at Spider-Man’s chest then,


“DAMN IT THEY BEHIND US!!!!” Ox shouted and he and the others turned to see the two female officers firing their pistols at them but they aimed their weapons back but then even more gunfire came at them from the other side, finally some fucking backup arrives…


“What do you mean they escaped!?!” The commissioner yelled at everyone present, including Captain Stacy, Yuri, Misty, and Colleen who was a rookie, and the other officers,

 “Captain we had them cornered and locked in the bookstore and we made our approach to apprehend them but then…” Yuri was about to finish her sentence but she stopped and George huffed,

 “What?? What happened!?!” He asked with impatience and Colleen spoke up,

“They just vanished.” She said and George narrowed his eyes and clenched his teeth,

 “What do you mean they vanished??” He asked and now Misty spoke,

 “It happened like this sir” Misty started to say….


“Alright we almost got them!” Colleen Wing said with bravado as she and the others closed in on them,

 “Okay remember…approach with caution..” Misty said readying her gun while Yuri walked with her,

 “Okay they went to the second floor so we just…WHAT THE HELL!?!” she shouted and everyone covered their eyes when a bright light came out of the window of the second floor,

 “Shut Your Eyes!!!” Spider-Man shouted as he swung inside and they heard blows being exchanged before…..



“…they escaped in a white light?…” George asked carefully and Misty scratched the back of her head,

 “Well Sir, we think it was an upgraded flashbang that disoriented everyone close to them, including Spider-Man who swung away to look for them as soon as his vision cleared, we decided to collect clues and evidence while patrolmen searched the area for any sign of their whereabouts.” Yuri finished the explanation and George sighed and rubbed his forehead,

 “Alright alright, let’s see what we find from the evidence you collected and hopefully those men will run into the vigilante and give themselves away.” He said as he walked away to supervise the forensics team, the trio made their way to their vehicles.  


“Okay so this is everything about Jefferson and what he did?” Peter asked as he read the file while Jessica was getting undressed,

 “Yeah, basically he took whatever Rio had in her account and emptied it out so I’m pretty sure Captain Stacy is the one who has it all, you think he spent it yet?” She asked while Peter watched her remove her jeans and reveal her panty covered ass,

 “I haven’t seen any heists or attacks by him or Vanessa so maybe they still have it…I just have to find it and maybe we can return it to Rio.” Peter said as he ran a finger over her thigh and Jessica smirked at him as she put a hand on her hip, she was just in her bra and underwear…ready and wet,

 “I’ll leave that to you, it should be easy for the captain's daughter's boyfriend to sneak around and find a bag of cash….alright enough talk…lose the pants.” Jessica commanded and Peter let out a laugh as he undid his jeans…


Fisk, Tess, and Sable were in his office watching the news play footage of the fight in Harlem, Fisk rubbed his head while Sable stared daggers at the men on film,

 “Those bastards destroyed my office and killed the innocent workers below…I want their heads…” she sneered and Fisk sighed heavily as Tess was on the tablet looking at information sent by their asset,

 “Spider-Man has located a trail they left behind with the minor harmless radiation that ray gun left behind each time it was fired, he followed them back to the docks where they disappeared again, but he believes this attack was an attempt to test his skills.” Tess finished explaining and Fisk nodded at her,

 “At least we know who they work for, Hammerhead truly is desperate…now that Toomes has what he needs…we can follow through on the plan, Sable I need you to get him on board for this one.” Fisk said to her and she nodded,

 “So long as I get my full payment and I want what we agreed upon.” She replied and Fisk gave her a reassuring smile,

 “Handle the last job without trouble..and you will have what was promised. Should be no trouble getting the vigilante to be onboard with this.” Fisk said as he rubbed his hands together in thought. 


Natasha walked down the hallway of the massive airship base and she was approached by a familiar face,

 “Hey Janet how’s things going?” She asked her friend who has fought alongside her many times, Janet sighed as she rubbed the back of her head,

 “Oh not much Nat, just been working in the labs the past few weeks and thankfully all seems calm in terms of global catastrophe so things have been pretty mellow so let me know if you got time for a girls night out.” She said to Natasha who smiled and nodded at her,

 “You got it but what about Hank? I thought you guys were….?” Natasha wiggled her eyebrows playfully at Janet who swatted her shoulder with a smirk, 

“Knock it off, and we uhm….kinda lost our way..” she said with a uneasy smile but then she smirked devilishly at Nat,

 “But I heard you got yourself a great way to let off steam…” she said and Nat rolled her eyes with a smile as she walked away while Janet let out a laugh,

 “Least let a girl have a taste for herself.” She heard her friend say as she went to her spot. 


She put her gear into her duffle bag and she went to her closet to change clothes for the later assignment, she removed her blouse and her jeans when she looked up at her reflection in the wall mirror….she just looked at herself….she was actually self aware of her attractiveness now, before she didn’t pay any attention to it since it was always there and it was very useful during her time in Russia and working abroad but now she was judging herself….she scoffed at herself as she grabbed her suit and civilian clothes,

 “That kid has me worrying about my ass.” She said with humor as she was about to put on her suit but…she eyed the reflection of her ass on the mirror,

 “I could do some squats first…” she said and she grabbed her workout clothes…


Felicia watched the newsreel of Spider-Man fighting the armed men again and again…while working her fingers into herself and her other hand played with her tit, she squirted all over the chair as she watched her secret husband’s move his muscles as he swung and punched the men,

 “Ahhhh baby!!! Look at you go!” She said with glee as she watched him land another punch and she worked her fingers faster and deeper with her core getting warmer and warmer,

 “Jesus he gets me so fucking wet!!” She moaned out as she pinched her nipple and she squirted some more on her fingers as she used her nails to scratch herself inside, she groaned and hissed as she kept watching her husband,

 “I need his cock later!!!!” She groaned as she rubbed her legs against her arm as it thrusted her fingers like crazy. 


The trio were in Yuri’s office discussing the information they gathered from the crime scenes the past few weeks: the bank hiests, the harbor attack, and now the bombing downtown. Misty and Colleen read through the forensic files while Yuri was on her computer looking through the data,

 “Okay so we know Jefferson was working with someone else but whoever it is really knows how to cover their ass, but we do know it’s about the Mafia and their goods being taken and destroyed by a rival group.” Misty said as she sat the file down on the table and grabbed another while Colleen let out a exhausted sigh,

 “We’ve been all over the city cleaning up after Spider-Man’s battles with the super freaks that keep coming and coming…we need to find the reason why and he has something to do with it.” She said as she was in deep thought and Yuri rolled her eyes,

 “Quit this fascination about the vigilante and focus please, so far the men we’ve gathered have refused to talk so whoever hired them has connections besides Jefferson, speaking of which….has Captain Stacy said anything about it?” Yuri asked and Misty shook her head,

 “Nope, he hasn’t even brought it up which is off given they spent some time together during patrols, he helped with the bank robbery cases,the Lizard attacking Roxxon, and the birdman thing. But I know he knows something about it and he always seems to be on edge more so than usual and..” Misty was cut off by a ping on her phone, when she looked at it she just had a blank stare,

 “…and I gotta go handle something, call when you guys find something for me to search while I’m on the street.” She said as she walked out and closed the door to the office and Yuri and Colleen both have a questioning look to each other,

 “…what does she have to handle?…” Yuri asked aloud and Colleen shrugged,

 “You think….she knows…?” She asked Yuri and she scoffed a smirk,

 “No…no way…unless you’ve…” she said carefully and Colleen smirked at Yuri then stood up….and went in front of her desk…and leaned down,

 “…I don’t tell her everything…” she whispered and captured Yuri’s lips with hers as they both felt each other’s smile on their lips.


The men were arming themselves while looking over a map of the city while Montana spoke with Hammerhead nearby about final provisions and planning,

 “Okay so the bug was on our ass for a while but we lost him and now we know how he attacks and just how to catch him off guard…use civilians.” Montana said to Hammerhead who smirked at him,

 “Good…now I’m entrusting you and your men with the shipment along with several of my own for more gunpower to guard and transport it, understand? I need this one to work out.” Hammerhead finished his explanation and Ox chuckled at his worry,

 “Nothin gonna happen to it, we got this one in the bag.” Ox said and Fancy Dan smirked at the newcomer walking in,

 “Is this your new techy goon along with birdboy?” He asked and Hammerhead let out a snicker,

 “Well as it turns out Toomes had wanted to leave and join in with Sable but well…my new friend here took care of that problem.” He said as the newcomer smirked at everyone,

 “This is gonna be fun.” Was all he said before he went off to grab a shotgun as they continued to prep for the upcoming job. 

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