Parker and Stacy(s)

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Hell’s Kitchen-11:30PM 

The residents in the apartment building held on to something as they felt the floor shake beneath them as their belongings dropped to the floor…the floor and walls kept shaking…

 Jessica Jones’s Apartment 

 She was caught off guard when Peter revealed his true strength and other skills since now they both rock their superpowered bodies into each other…Jessica had Peter pinned underneath her on the kitchen floor..she had a death lock on his hands over his head…he groaned as she screamed while slamming her pussy on his burning cock and the impacts of their hips caused her floor to shake and her plates to fall of and break around them..She gave him a wicked smile while gasping as she looked down at him and he gave her a hard stare while grunting…he freed his hands and they went to her smooth thighs as he was in place under her as she mewled and groaned feeling his full length go inside her and rub her walls that had been aching for months, Peter kept huffing as he gripped her waist and her hands went to his shoulders and she leaned down…now they're sharing saliva as their lips meshed together while groaning into each other’s mouths.

  They had been at it for awhile since he went to ask for her services and now they’re sealing the deal with a good hard fuck. She kept pushing her hips into him and his hands went to her nice pale ass and gripped the cheeks, she bit his lip and pulled on it and he hissed at her…he flipped them over so now he was driving himself into her..he made her floor dent underneath them and they could hear the wood creak and break from their passion…she locked her legs around him and her arms went around his neck to hug him close…her breasts meshed against his chiseled chest and she moaned loving the feeling of having someone strong and powerful screw her into the ground..she groaned as she felt her tunnel stretch and squeeze his invading rod as he kept his slow hard rhythm as he kept pounding her into the ground while glaring at her and she grinned at him and gasped….she cam…as soon as he felt her liquids he let himself go inside her…he sighed with a happy smile as he finished inside her as he heard her moan feeling the warm cum fill her up. 

   Parker Residence-Midnight 

 Peter walked in with a smile on his face, he had gotten Jessica to agree to work for him as his P.I, and to a complete and utter chance of fate…George had hired Jessica to watch Helen and her actions…so she basically handed over everything she had on them, like the photos of them in the woods so now he had that area covered. He went upstairs and undressed in his room, now in his boxers he went into his Aunt’s room and saw she was sleeping, he smiled and got under the covers with her and as soon as she felt him next to her she cuddled into his warm body with a smile as they drifted into deep sleep…until May went under the covers and pulled out his rod and started licking and sucking on it so he could have a good night’s sleep. 

 Stacy Apartment-6:00AM 

Gwen got up while rubbing away the sleep in her eyes as she went to her drawers and collected her clothing for the day. She smiled happily at the photos of her and Peter as she had placed them on top of her desk. She went to the bathroom and showered to start her day. She and Peter had made plans to meet up early and she would go to his place before they went to school so she was keen to use her time wisely. 

  Parker Residence-7:15AM 

Peter went to the front door and opened it and smiled happily seeing Gwen who smiled just as brightly back at him, they shared a sweet kiss as he stepped aside and let her in,

 “So what did you want to talk about?” Gwen asked Peter and he went to his bag and pulled out some files,

 “Since we don’t have our Oscorp internships anymore, how about you work with me with a case, not some regular car jacking or petty robbery.” He said to her and she took the files from him and opened one and raised her eyebrows at him as she read on,

 “You want to intervene in the gang turf war that’s been going on? Are you sure it’s a good idea when it’s just us?” She asked him and he replied,

 “Well…it won’t be just us,” he said and then Gwen heard footsteps behind her and she turned and her face went to one of pure shock, there stood their English teacher wearing a cool rubber looking suit that zips from the front all the way to her bottom neck…she winked at Gwen who then had a wicked smile on her face,

 “Holy Crap….you are the Black Widow…I Knew you looked familiar!! Wait…so you and Peter have been…okay now I need to list my demands for winning the bet.” Gwen looked at Peter with a stern expression and he put his hands up in surrender and said “Name it.”…Gwen gave him a happy look,

 “First off, we will take down those gangs together, I’ll help gather information via NYPD files and reports made at my dad’s precinct while you and Black Widow will kick ass on the streets and you know…blow up their gun supplies and stuff.” Gwen said and both Peter and Natasha nodded in agreement, then she grinned as she continued to speak,

  “Black Widow if you don’t mind…leave us.” She said to a shocked Natasha who looked and Peter and he gave her a wink and she went ahead and exited the room, Gwen went up to Peter…reached into his pants…and squeezed his dick very hard…Peter winced and groaned in pain,

 “You….little….man whore.” Gwen said in a whisper to him as she tugged his rod down bringing his whole body down to, 

 “How many is that…4…5…7 women you’ve screwed besides me and my mom…I’m issuing some ground rules” she said and he nodded already in agreement and she chuckled as she held his dick in her grip,

 “I screw whoever you screw, you are allowed to screw the women I’m aware of whenever you want but I manage them and you introduce me to the chicks you want to bring along to our fuck family and remember…we’re endgame..I’m the one who gets a ring on her finger and your last name.. and I’m gonna give you a ton of babies,got it sweetie?” She asked him with a smile and he nodded and gave her a pained smile and she released his rod and he winced as he rubbed the groin area of his jeans as Gwen laughed at him….so much for being in control with her, but Peter wouldn’t take her any other way…it was….sexy seeing her in boss bitch mode.


 Peter and Gwen were in the back seat kissing and nipping each other’s necks in Natasha’s car as she drove down the streets of Queens heading to Midtown, she looked in the mirror and smiled when she saw and heard Gwen began to gasp as Peter started to play with her tits with his hands under her blouse and sweater, 

 “He knows how to work those hands doesn’t he?” Nat asked Gwen who moaned in response…then she started to remove her sweater and shirt revealing her smooth skin and tits in a purple bra, Peter pulled her in and kissed her with fever as she caressed his muscles under his shirt, he moaned feeling her smooth hands on his skin and Peter reached out and…he started to caress Natasha’s face as his hand reached out from behind her and started to feel up her face and Nat giggled,

 “Peter stop it, I’m driving.” She said to him and yet she opened her mouth allowing him

to probe his fingers inside her mouth, she sucked and slurped on them making him groan while Gwen was tugging on his rod as she had one of her hands in his jeans and boxers as they kept sharing their lips and saliva. Gwen pulled out his cock and started to use her skills on his rod and she took it whole in her mouth and Peter gasped loudly and gripped Natsha’s face through her mouth making her groan and she slightly swerved making some cars honk at her and she laughed while still having Peter’s fingers play with her tongue,

 “Ms.Rushman…pull over somewhere quiet…and come help me…” Gwen said between gags as she bobbed her head up and down on Peter’s prick as he just laid against the window and let her take control, Natasha changed lanes and headed away from Midtown now…she figured she’s earned enough free time from her work as Natalie Rushman plus she can just flirt with the main office guys anyway, she drove them to a dilapidated warehouse and went inside it, it was huge and empty…it was perfect, Nat unbuckled her seat and maneuvered her way to the back while Peter was touching her ass in tight jeans. 

   NYPD Precinct

George was fuming as he was told by his P.I earlier that Helen was spending his money on daily shopping trips with her friends and the reason why she went to the motel was to sleep off a buzz with a girlfriend, who had been talking shit about him with Helen and was most likely her main influence. He demanded to know the name she said she needs time to figure that out since all she had was an image and George accepted that but was still angry. He would discuss with her later as he prepared to go out on patrol in the Mafia controlled area. 


The car was hot and the windows were fogged from the shaking and the movement, Peter had Gwen and Nat sandwiched on top of each other as he laid on top of them…Nat was on the bottom laying on the backseat while Gwen was on top sharing her lips with her while her hands were working into her snatch, Peter was thrusting into Gwen’s asshole that was sucking him up and her walls were squeezing the shit out of his cock making him hiss and groan as he was sweating all over his body as were his two lovers who kept sharing their lips as he rocked into her ass that was already red from the impacts and the pressure his dick was putting in her ass, Gwen groaned into Nat’s mouth and pistoled her 4 fingers into Natasha’s pussy faster and deeper…Nat groaned loudly and it vibrated Gwen’s mouth, she reached under and with one hand she pinched her nipples and she put 3 fingers into Gwen’s pussy….little did Gwen know is that Nat had to be knowledgeable about these certain activities for missions involving sexual persuasion…last time she ended up getting robbed…but this time she was in control of herself, she worked her fingers and twisted them around her tunnel and rubbed her fingertips on her wall and Gwen gasped and laughed like crazy, both Nat and Peter laughed too and he worked into her ass faster while Nat kept working her fingers, all 3 were moaning as they shook the car and created a fog around them from the heat they shared. 

   Peter was huffing as he kept working his hips into Gwen, then he smirked and…pulled out, Gwen whined like a little girl, Peter just smacked her ass and kissed it, then he aligned to Natasha’s asshole all the way at the bottom so he had to angle himself, he told Gwen to turn around and she grinned at him then she winked at Nat who winked back at her student…Gwen turned around and was now facing Peter while her ass was right on top of Natasha’s face who marveled at the soft yet firm rear, Gwen Stacy certainly has a tushy boys would kill to smack at least once…and she’s seen Peter smack Gwen’s ass in the hallways, the cafeteria, even in the parking lot so now she knew why her ass was so appealing as she caressed her butt cheeks with both hands and Gwen giggled as she puckered her lips to Peter who leaned in too, they began to kiss with passion while Peter jammed himself into Natasha’s tight asshole that was struggling to take him in whole but Peter pushed through…Natasha was gasping…her face was beet red from the pressure and she was sweating like crazy as she gripped Gwen’s thighs making the blonde groan in Peter’s mouth and she planted her ass right on Nat’s open mouth and she instantly started to lick Gwen’s pussy and stuck her tongue into her tunnel and she mixed in her fingers by putting 3 of them into her asshole, Gwen’s eyes went wide and she let out silent screams right in Peter’s face who was panting and sweating while thrusting into Natasha’s asshole while she was eating out Gwen’s cunt and fingering her asshole and Gwen decided to pinch Nat's nipples as she reached back and started playing with her big breasts, Peter grinned at the sight and wrapped his arms around Gwen's nude back and pulled her in close and he dipped his head into her heaving chest and licked all over her tits and bit into the sweaty flesh…now Gwen started to let out her screams in the shaking car in the empty warehouse, 

 “AHHHH AHHHH STOP IT!!!STOP IT PLEASE I CAN’T!!!!AHHHHH AHHHH AHHHHHH OHHHHH GOD PLEASE!!!PETER!PUNISH HER NOW!!!!” Gwen screamed out as Peter started to thrust harder in Nat’s ass and she groaned and hissed into Gwen’s pussy and she bit her clit…that was it…Gwen moaned like a songbird and she cam all over Natasha’s face who had her mouth opened and was swallowing the sweet juices, Peter kept going into Nat as he felt her tunnel start to loosen so he can easily penetrate her ass, 

 “Ohhhh ohhhh ahhhh ahhh ah ah ah ah Peter, My Love…please….fuck my pussy…ahhh ahhh ahhh I’m close!” Natasha begged him which was something she never did and Peter chuckled at her and at Gwen who was already sleepy from her orgasm, he pulled out of the red head’s ass and slammed into her gaping pussy that was waiting for him, Gwen collapsed and landed on his chest as he started to set a fast,hard, tempo with his cock and hips as Natasha just gripped Gwen’s ass while letting out her groans feeling her pussy getting stuffed. 

   20 Minutes Later 

 Peter got out of the car while pulling up his jeans and he smiled widely as he looked behind him, Gwen and Natasha stepped out of the car in just their bras and underwear, school was now an after thought to them at this point. He went to the trunk and grabbed his polaroid camera while the girls got in position on the hood. Peter had said he wanted a memory of this hot threesome so the girls wanted to do a improv photoshoot and Peter was excited to say the least as he watched Gwen in her purple bra and panties pose next to Natasha in her jet black bra and panties as she posed as well, they both did an alluring pose together on the hood: Gwen was showing how perky and big her breasts were for a 17 year old that were confide in the tight material while Natasha was showing off her ample, toned ass as she was shaking it while on all fours with her hands resting on the glass and Gwen spanked her ass, Peter got the picture and he grinned at it. The photoshoot went on for about 5 to 10 minutes with Peter happily stepping closer and back snapping away his photos with Gwen and Nat cuddling on the hood with them touching each other’s breasts, ass and thighs while giving the camera seductive,lustful smiles. 

    Stacy Apartment-10AM 

Helen was about to head out when she bumped into Peter and they both grinned at each other, 

 “Peter! What are you doing here? You know you still have school?” Helen asked him sarcastically and he leaned in and planted a sweet kiss on her and she moaned happily into his mouth, he pulled back and was nose to nose with her as she had a bright smile on her face, he knew how to make her blush and leak, he gave her another soft peck,

 “I wanted to see you…you got a few minutes to spare…” he asked softly and she sighed into his lips and gave him a soft peck,

 “I have to go to Simon’s school today…I have to ohhhh” Helen moaned when Peter started to plant soft kisses on her neck and she sighed and smiled with her eyes closed as he kept kissing her neck,

 “Peter please, George said he was coming to get something he forgot so I wanted to leave before he got here..” Helen said to him but she grinned when he narrowed his eyes at her with a smirk,

 “How long until he gets here?” Peter asked her and she grinned,

 “…20 Minutes..” she said and he leaned into her ear and whispered…she grinned and blushed as she took his hand and led him inside the apartment, Peter loved watching her ass swing in the grey pencil skirt that went with the tight cotton shirt that was tucked firmly into the skirt showing her milf figure..

  11 Minutes Later 

Peter was smiling with his eyes closed as he laid his head back and outstretched his arms on the sofa as he sat and let Helen do her work as she bathed his rock hard dick with her moist gums and lips as she took his prick whole in her mouth as she swirled her tongue around his member like a slick snake slithering around its prey,

 “Ahhh ahhh ohhhh god Helen, shit…ahhhh godddd” Peter moaned as she bobbed her head up and down on his rod repeatedly and she did her part in adding her own moans and sighs as she sucked on him and took him deeper and deeper into her mouth and reached the opening to her throat…she gagged as it rubbed the side of her throat and he laughed and she slapped him across the face and he licked her fingers that lingered there and she stuck them into his mouth when he started sucking them. 

  She slurped and gagged on his rod and she had her eyes closed to focus on the movement of her mouth and tongue to coat his cock with her saliva…she felt his hand reach down and caress her ass clad in the grey skirt..he rubbed his hand on it and gripped it…Helen let out a moan as she kissed his rod several times and then…like a pornstar…she slapped his dick on her own face and she made popping noises as it hit her open mouth and she looked at him with horny lust as he stared at her the same way. He dug his hand under her skirt and felt her legs,her thighs…then her panties…he maneuvered a hand under the soft lace fabric and…

 “Ahhhhh Peter…glurp ahhh gwahhhh ahhhh” Helen was taking his rod back in her mouth and while she slurped and gagged on his hot,veiny rod, he had 3 fingers digging into asshole as he stretched it out and twisted them around in her making Helen groan and moan through her throat that was taking in his rod. Peter moaned with a happy smile as his fingers worked into Helen’s ass while the other was on her blonde hair as she bobbed on his dick,

 “Helen ahhh ahhhh ohhhh god I’m gonna….” Then….Helen made a pop sound as she moved his prick out his mouth and he frowned at her,

 “I…want to try something…don’t move.” She said and she…looked shy despite everything they’ve done. She removed her sweater, revealing her breasts in a blue bra, she unhooked it and put it aside..then…

 “Whoa…ahhhh Helen…ahhhh that feels good ahhhhh” Peter’s head landed back to its position when Helen moved her tits to hug his dick on both sides…then she moved them up and down on his rod…it was a titty fuck…and a great one at that…Peter’s moans filled the apartment as he felt her soft, smooth skin hug his rod and the warmth that radiate off them drove him close to his end as it was tugged by her melons and he even felt her hard nipples rub against his length…then she leaned in and started to kiss and lick the tip of his dick with her lips and tongue which made him gasp and grip her hair which made her groan and increase the speed of her tit fuck as she meshed her breasts against her rod more roughly and tighter than before while licking his tip….then,

 “Ahhhhhhhh'' Peter sighed happily with dreamy eyes as he exploded with his eyes closed…he heard sucking and slurping as he cam…once he finished he sighed again and slowly opened his eyes…he chuckled softly at the sight: Helen had cum all over face and in her mouth and he saw her gulp and swallow the cum, he laughed and she grabbed some tissues to clean her face as she smiled at him. They just looked at each other for a moment with heated stares and eyes full of lust, the desire to finish what has already begun, Helen got up and reached for her panties under her skirt…she tugged them down and off….then she put them on Peter like a hat and he grinned at her as she straddled him, she reached down and was about to put it in her moist lips when….the door was being unlocked…they both groaned in annoyance. 

   15 seconds later 

George Stacy walked inside expecting to see his wife and when he didn’t he remembered she said something about some school PTA meeting so he went to grab his case files he had forgotten so he went to his office to collect them and then he went to the living room to grab his locker keys on the table when…he sniffed as he noticed a strange aroma in the air and a stain on the couch, he groaned figuring the kids spilled their soda on the couch again and he left the apartment. 

  Simon’s Elementary School 

Helen drove into the parking lot of Simon school and looked to her side,

 “Thanks for earlier, I needed a release. Wanna come with me?” Helen asked Peter and he gave her a look and she knew what it meant,

 “Don’t worry, It won’t be as boring as you think. I just need to correlate between the PTA and the school board to help decide what fundraiser event we’ll have for the spring, come on please. It’ll be better with you there and…I’ll make it up to you afterwards, are you still gonna say no?” She asked him rhetorically with a smile and he smiled back at her,

  By the way, where’s Gwen anyway? Is she in school?” Helen asked him and he said,

 “She went to Oscorp, she’s gonna see if there’s any other intern spots in the genetics department since Dr.Connors is gone now, and I figured a blonde with a skirt and tight button shirt would have a better chance without me there.” Helen smirked at his answer and took his hand to lead him inside. 

  NYPD Precient 

 George was looking at Jessica’s pictures of Helen taken a few days ago, she was walking with Gwen down the busy street with a lot of shopping bags…he slammed them on his desk, he figured that’s where the 600 dollars went to, a shopping spree. Then there’s the fact one of his friends says he saw her go out running with a male friend..someone he didn’t recognize and they had been smiling at each other at the moment…George had to think of something…he knew Helen would be careful as to where and when she would go out since she’s aware of his friends and how tight knit they all are, he grinned when he had an idea and went ahead to meet with someone on a different subject. 

   Elementary School-Noon 

Peter was helping Helen put away the supplies before they left the school, he had witnessed how she handles annoying people during the meeting and discussions over the fundraiser event, they had decided to have another meeting next week to make a final decision. Peter had gotten a hard on watching Helen take authoritative control over the meeting and practically had all the mens’ balls in her hands since he saw the fear in their eyes when her tone was serious with sarcasm in the mix,

 “That was awesome how you controlled those guys, I’ve never seen a group of grown men and women be scared of one woman” Peter said to her as he folded the last chair and put it aside with the others while Helen was watching with hungry eyes as she leaned against the door,

 “Well I have experience dealing with simple minded idiots, like my husband and his side of the family.” She said and they both chuckled at her comment, Peter went up to her and checked behind her for a seconds, then leaned in and pecked her lips, she grinned at him as she played with his hand with hers,

 “Peter listen…I know Gwen likes to invite people….to your activities, so I am willing to partake in….a threesome, so who would you like to invite? Keep in mind I don’t normally do this so make this fun for yourself” Helen said to him and he grinned like crazy as he went through a list…they walked out separately to avoid odd glances and he met with her on the next block as he went in the car,

 “I know who to invite but it’s gonna be a little crazy, so where do you wanna go?” He asked her and she said to text the person to meet up at his place. 

  Parker Residence 

 Peter led Helen inside and she laughed when she saw them….Peter invited several people rather than 1, she gave him a stare with a smile,

 “Listen…” he said to all of them: Helen, Gwen, Aunt May, Mary Jane and Anna Watson, Debra Whiteman, Natasha Romanoff and Carol Danvears,

 “I think we can all agree that we all want what we want….so how about this: we meet up and fuck whenever we can and go our seperate ways afterwards until next time…but Gwen has a condition. Babe,” Peter said motioning to Gwen Stacy who stood up in front of the group of women who’ve slept with her boyfriend,

 “Alright listen up hoes, especially you Watson, he’s mine…he has a ring with my name on it and we’re gonna get married after we graduate in a few months….so if you want to screw okay, but if you get pregnant…well that’s your problem” She said to them and asked if they had any questions…Mary Jane Watson raised her hand,

 “Yeah umm….is it cool if me and my Aunt borrow him for a weekend?Like non-stop sex for 3 days.” She asked Gwen and she gave her a hard stare,

 “Only if…I’m invited” she said to her and MJ got up and went to her…and kissed her and knelt to her like a commoner to their Queen and Gwen nodded and she went back to her seat, then another raised their hand, Natasha,

 “Just wanted to give my apparent alpha female a heads up that Peter and I will be traveling together from time to time, but I suppose bringing you along wouldn’t hurt since you’re good at what you do” she said to Gwen and she winked at her, MJ then looked at Nat,

 “Oh yeah….since when is Ms.Rushman part of this sex cult?” She asked and Nat winked at MJ,

 “Some things are better left to mystery Ms.Watson….and now you have a way to make up for your tests and lack of homework completion” Nat said with a smirk and Mj blushed and smiled back. Peter couldn’t believe this was real…a bunch of chicks getting together to organize a fuck schedule.

Carol raised her hand,

 “Yeah um….how do none of us have HIV yet? I fucked him raw and I’m pretty sure so did everyone else.” That moment all the women had curious looks on their faces as they looked at Peter,

 “Well….let’s just say I have a type of immunity to illnesses now kinda, I haven’t gotten sick or even a sore throat in months, and Gwen went to get checked at the clinic every few weeks so we can make sure she's perfectly healthy…in fact…” Peter gave Gwen a smug smile and all the women looked at her with curious expressions and she shot a smirk at Peter before speaking to the group,

 “Peter’s sperm….has nutritional benefits for the body…basically once it enters my body it gives me all the nutrition and energy Peter has in his own body…everytime we have sex I feel great and energized, plus its like a hormone enhancement” Gwen said with a smile and Peter grinned at her,

 “How do you think this stays so perky” he said then slapped her ass making her jolt and giggle and the other girls roll their eyes at the lovey dovey couple, then another person raised their hand..Helen,

 “Can we invite others?” Gwen raised an eyebrow at her question and she clarified as she looked at Peter with a smile,

 “My friends in Simon's school are also aggravated housewives who want some fun on the side, did I mention their total milfs.” Helen said to him and he gave Gwen a pleading look and she rolled her eyes with a smile and sighed,

 “Fine, but here’s my last condition that involves everyone…to make sure this stays quiet…” She said as she went to her bag and pulled out something that made everyone raise their eyebrows and some even had nervous expressions…it was a video camera,

 “So…this goes up to a full 4 hours…I wonder what kinky stuff I’ll see.” Gwen said with hot eyes to everyone…Peter was excited beyond belief…all the women looked at each other..they were embarrassed over being seen by each other.Then Debra raised her hand,

 “Umm….why the camera?” She asked and Gwen gave her a sly smile,

 “Insurance…need to keep this little activity of ours quiet…I’m sure you don’t want your family to know you're doing it with a teenager right?” Gwen asked, already knowing the answer as Debra blushed heavily and looked down in submission, Peter went next to Gwen,

 “Each of you will star in your own video, but Gwen will keep it in case anyone wants to spill on this little thing of ours or if you really piss her off, you don’t have to make one in front of everyone just bring yourself over here and we’ll just do it. So now that’s out of the way…we need your help.” Peter said with an awkward smile and all the women gave him and Gwen odd stares. 

   35 Minutes Later

 Everyone exited the Parker home except for a few after they discussed their problem with a certain police captain…basically everyone agreed to use each other’s homes as meet up places for anyone…and Peter remembered about a feline burglar…as well as a latina milf who gave him her card with a address on it and a P.I who is now working for him and who had left a message about George’s recent activities so he planned to meet up with her later, right now he was about to head out as well when someone tapped his shoulder, he looked back and smiled, it was his Aunt, and she had a smile on her face, Gwen closed the door after everyone left…almost everyone. Gwen went up to Peter and kissed his neck,

 “I figured we should all be on a tape, how about it honey?” Gwen asked Peter as he looked at a smiling Helen and May,

 “I say…Get your clothes off.” He said to them and they grinned and began to undress…


They were in the bedroom, May’s bedroom, the large bed was perfect for this,

 “Ohhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh” one woman moaned out while being eaten out,

 “Ohhhhhhh ugghh ughhhhh ughhhhhh ahhhhhh ohhhhhh” Another woman groaned and moaned while being stuffed inside,

 “Whoa ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh ohhhhh ahhhh ahhhhh” the last woman groaned from her nipples being twisted and her ass being slapped making it red and hot from the impacts. 

   Peter was laying on the bed flat on his back while he was smothered by heavenly skin, breasts and asses every man desired as both his hands were busy being used to twist and curl inside tight tunnels while his rod was being swallowed up by two mouths and someone was sitting on his face…he was almost suffocating if not for her grinding her pussy letting him breathe in between grinds, he used his mouth and tongue to suck on her pussy and he maneuvered his face enough so that he can tease her asshole too making her mewl and groan as she faced the other 3 ladies who faces were also letting out moans and groans that filled the whole house, Peter’s moans were muffled by the amazing ass that was sitting on him and now he darted his tongue into her asshole while his fingers worked into the other woman’s pussy and his other hand went to work on her ass too while his dick was now being sucked up dry by the rapid bouncing and he could hear her flesh impact his waist and thighs. 

   Gwen was taking his dick up her ass with her bouncing as her tits swinged in the air until they were gripped and tweaked by Helen who was grinding her lucious ass on his mouth with him eating her out making Helen shriek with joy and a full smile on her face and everyone’s hands were working on May who was being tugged and caressed all over her body…Peter’s hands were working into her pussy and asshole while Helen and Gwen’s hands were tweaking her tits and squeezing her ass while she groaned out loud. The house was filled with their moans and groans. 

   5 Minutes Later 

  Now Peter was watching a pretty crazy sight while his rod was being sucked on by Helen who worshipped his cock like it was the holy grail, she swirled and twisted her tongue along his shaft and balls coating them with her saliva as she ran her tongue up his rod and engulfed it whole when she reached the tip…like a lollipop she continued that routine…slurped up his rod,reach the tip,engulf it into her mouth and started bobbing her head on his throbbing member making the sweet squishy sound of her gums and throat taking him in. He standing in front of the bed while Helen was on her knees, on the bed in front of them was his future wife…who was panting and sweating…he could see the sweat build up on her sweet slender porcelain back as he watched her move her hips forward…her waist was covered with black strings….he was surprised she had brought that and left it in his house…she kept panting while May was groaning feeling it invade her anal tunnels,

 “Take it bitch!!! Take it!!!! You Deserve Worse!!!” Gwen yelled at her as she watched the blue rubber strap-on disappear into May Parker’s asshole as she kept thrusting and pushing the sex toy deeper and deeper into her,

 “Ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhhh ahhh ahhhhhhhh Please!!!!!! Please Not There!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh” May pleaded while her face got more red from the intense pressure she felt in her ass that was getting more and more friction from the depth it was reaching, Gwen just laughed and spanked her ass repeatedly making the bedroom fill up with noise of May’s asscheeks getting the harsh treatment and Gwen just increased the speed of her thrusts making her tits jiggle like crazy and she moaned like a guy would,

 “Ahhh ahhhh ahhh ahhhh Yeah May you feel so good ahhhhh ahhhh how’s it feel to be raped ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhh YOU MOLESTER!!!!!FUCK YOU!!!!!! AHHHHHH AHHH I’M GONNA WRECK YOU!!!!!” Gwen let out her screams at May….she remembered what Peter had told her. 

   Several months Ago 

Peter and Gwen were cuddling on her bed after a few rounds given it was a friday night and her parents went out to a play and her brothers were asleep. Gwen cuddled her nude body closer to Peter who was deep in thought since he just told Gwen everything…

 “Do you….forgive her for it?” Gwen asked him softly and he sighed as his arm was wrapped around her holding her close,

 “I….don’t honestly know…she raised me as her own….there were good parts to living with her….and she didn’t do that often after a while….” Peter said more to convince himself than Gwen and she understood what he was doing so she just kissed his cheek as he drifted to sleep, she had a grudge in her now..

   Present Day 

 Peter was sweating as he was thrusting into Helen’s asshole as she was on all fours next to May on the bed while Peter was next to Gwen…both thrusting into the assholes of the fine women in front of them on their hands and knees, everyone was sweating profusely while mixing their moans and groans together as a eoritc symphony in the bedroom, Peter and Gwen turned their necks and started a heated lip lock while gripping their lover’s breasts making them hiss and groan as they tweaked their hard nipples while expanding their tight tunnels as they went inside and mashed up their leaking walls. After a few more minutes…someone groaned and leaked out. 

  10 Minutes Later 

 Peter was now thrusting into Gwen’s ass while she was now pushing into Helen who was on her back on the bed…May Parker was knocked out on the floor after being used for awhile. All three were panting with their sweat dripping on each other with hips thrusting and bodies shaking and breasts heaving…Peter grunted as he worked into his girlfriend’s sweet rear that was vibrating from his thrusts and her asscheeks were jiggling from the impacts and he saw Gwen grip Helen’s shaking tits and she started a heated lip-lock with her mother as they both moaned from being filled at the same time, 

 “Ahhhh ahhh ahhhhh ahhhhh grhhhh grhhhhh ghrrrrr ahhhhh ohhhhhhhh ahhhhhh grhhhhhh ahhhhhhh” Peter kept moaning and groaning as he watched the Stacy mother and daughter fuck and kiss each other, he could hear the sweet sounds of their lips meetings and meshing along with the dildo going into her leaking pussy while Peter was going into Gwen’s gaping asshole. He leaned into her back and reached for her breasts and held them firmly in his hand while increasing his speed and force making Gwen groan into Helen’s mouth and she too increased her speed as she now laid on top of Helen smushing her into the mattress that was creaking loudly since the old wood can’t handle this type of activity, all three kept enjoying each other’s bodies.. 

    15 Minutes Later 

  Gwen was on her knees as she was taking his rod whole in her mouth to end their session, Helen and May were cuddling while sleeping on the bed while Peter was smiling like a mad man as he held the camera in his hands…he was taking a POV video of Gwen giving him head after the camera had captured everything they did before since Gwen put it in front of the bed on top of the dresser, she moaned as she slurped and kissed his rod that was leaking precum and she sucked that up into her gums and twirled her tongue around his shaft as her hand was gripping his balls making him groan while her other hand traveled up his chest and…she put her fingers in his mouth to play with his tongue and he started to kiss and suck on her fingers as she sucked on his dick with wet passion and she gave him a hot stare with her big green eyes as he stared down at her with his hands holding her head as she started to bob her it up and down on him taking him whole….Peter couldn’t take it anymore….

 “Gwen ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhh I’m ahhhhhhhh” Peter exploded inside her mouth and he closed his eyes feeling the euphoria of an orgasm and he heard Gwen sigh happily  in her throat and the sound of gulps and sucking made him grin…he loved hearing or seeing her swallow his seed, she sucked on him more to get it all out of him and she licked his shaft clean of cum…Peter sighed again and collapsed on the bed…the camera fell to the side recording the floor and Gwen’s naked knees..until she crawled to it…picked it up to her face, with it showing her bare pussy…thighs…breasts…once she had the camera pointing at her face…she winked at it with a smile and stuck her tongue out to the camera  like a child,

 “My name is Gwen Stacy….and I’m a police captain’s daughter…and my boyfriend is Spider-Man, this is our relationship.” she said with a happy tone and she went to Peter’s room with the camera, recording her feet as she walked and put it in front of Peter’s desk…Gwen looked at the camera shyly with a smile as it only showed her neck and head, 

 “Okay umm….Peter….okay….I guess you could call me a coward for saying this to a camera lens and not to your face but….well….okay alright…just listen…” and Gwen started to say her message to the camera. 


Peter escorted Helen and Gwen home after everyone woke up from the intense session they had…his Aunt was still knocked out cold much to their humor. He drove them home in the Stacy van and of course George had hired a babysitter rather than watch his sons himself, it pissed off Helen more knowing he wasn’t due in the station until 8 so where the hell was he? She dropped the question out of her mind as she paid the babysitter, then Peter had asked Gwen about the tape and she said that she will hang on to it in a safe place and he agreed and kissed her goodbye, he then kissed Helen goodbye when the boys went to their room. All three shared a loving smile at each other since now they reached a new sinful level of their relationship…and Peter was working on how to further his plan to have the biggest family imaginable which was slowly working together since now every woman would surely fall for his enhanced cock that clearly releases some hormonal energy into his his partner, he never would’ve suspected Gwen Stacy to be such a sex machine but here she was…the alpha female who will mainatin control of his harem as he builds it. 

  Somewhere in Manhanttan 

George kept his thrusts going as he was about to pop while gripping the smooth waist of the woman in front of him, he was grunting as she was moaning, she felt better than Watson who has officially ended things between George and her much to his displeasure since it was fun to fuck around with a teenager but now he was fucking someome his own age. She kept moaning and then…he finished and she cam too, they both sighed happily and he removed himself from her and they both started to get dress,

 “Okay, first off…that was amazing, second…are you sure your wife doesn’t suspect anything?” She asked him as she zipped up her pants and then hooked up her bra,George gave her a sly smile,

 “No way, she’s too clueless to know anything about you. She’s been out with her friends getting drunk and going on shopping sprees to give a crap anyway…besides like I said…I called my lawyer” he said with a smirk and she chuckled at him as she put on her blazer and coat, then grabbed her gun and badge,

 “Well when you’re single and promoted higher than captain…you know where to find me” she said hotly as a whisper and he slapped her ass as she walked out of the abandoned building. 

  Across the Street 

 If there’s one thing Jessica Jones can do amazingly, it’s sleuthing, she was hidden in the dilapidated store that was empty for some time. Jessica watched through her camera lenses as the woman went into her unmarked vehicle and drove away. Jessica snapped photos of her and the vehicle for any distinguishing marks and then she got photos of George Stacy walking out and was clearly exhausted after a heated fuck session and Jessica rolled her eyes at his behavior as she snapped her photots away of him walking to his car, and of course the smug man didn’t bother to change his plates and she chuckled at that. She waited a few minutes for them to leave and went on her way back to her place while texting Peter to meet up. 


Peter was swinging around the city on afternoon patrol, he did his usual routine of scouting various areas around the city stopping any criminal activity he saw from muggings to carjackings he acted on them and apprehended the criminals with his banter annoying the crap out of them, he had just stopped another mugging when he saw her again and this time she was on a high rooftop waiting for him, he swung to her and landed in front of her,

 “Hey, it's been awhile since I last saw you.” He said to her as she walked to the rooftop edge and leaned against a large pole,

 “Been away…you have no idea how much dough those snooby brits have in their high class castles and mansions…too bad you’re not international…we could’ve fucked in Buckingham Palace” she said with a sly smile and a wink and he chuckled at that as he went to her and took the flashdrive she was handing to him,

 “ this everything?” He asked her under the mask and she faked an appearance of offence,

 “Are you doubting my abilities as a thief?” She asked him with sarcasm and he laughed lightly,

 “Not at all Cat, just making sure. Thanks for the favor, I promise I’ll make it up to you….except looking the other way.” He said and she huffed at that exclusion then the smiled up at him and wrapped her arms around his neck and purred as she got closer,

 “How about…you and me…” then 


Felicia was kicked aside and she slammed into the wall of the rooftop with a grunt and a thud and Peter’s eyes matched his lenses as they were wide on the woman who just kicked the crap out of Black Cat, she gave Peter a stern look,

 “Web here up…and follow me” she said to him and Peter immediately fired his web shooters at Cat and webbed her up in a cocoon up to her neck and she started swearing her ass off at Nat who walked up to her…and kicked her in the face knocking her out cold, Peter just picked her up and followed Natasha to the unknown destination as they got on street level and they went into a SUV.

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