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Parker Residence-8:55AM

“Wait so….he’s out of the country?” May asked carefully with a concerned face and Gwen just nodded sadly and May sighed heavily, then she looked at Natasha who was standing beside her with a mocking look,

 “World’s deadliest assassin huh? Can’t even protect your lover.” She said with a mocking tone and Nat just looked away defeated but she gave a assuring look to Gwen,

 “I have an idea as to where the ship had gone,” she started and both May and Gwen gave her a look confirming to continue,

 “After I left the house I went back to my place to look over the information Peter had sent me….Fisk has spread his wealth in order to protect his assets and finances from America’s legal system so I looked into what offshore account he opened outside of the country and crossed referenced it with all the available data on the ship I could get….Fisk has a bank account totaling millions of dollars, he owns several properties there. I assume the ship will go there since it’s listed on the route as the last location but I checked in with a colleague in the Navy as she told me that the ship has rerouted it’s path and was heading to the last location a while ago.” Nat finished her explanation and Gwen nodded after processing the dialogue,

 “Okay so what country is it?” May asked,

 “He’s going to Brazil.” Nat said and both women’s eyes went wide,

 “Alright I’ll go pack, let’s go get him.” Gwen said and Nat caught her arm as she was about to go,

 “You don’t really think you’re going are you? This is not a vacation this is a rescue mission to a country known for its drug cartels and their actions as well as the fact we will be dealing with multiple armed men and who knows what resources Fusk has in place there…plus I still do not know who were the new hired mercenaries by Fisk guarding the boat, all we know is that your Father arranged for the amaeteur hit on the boat by the docks but they were of no concern, either way its too risky for you to go.” Nat said sternly to Gwen who pulled her arm away from her grip and…slapped her across the face,hard, Nat looked at her with wide shocked eyes….and Gwen slapped her again with her other hand and gripped her chin and pulled her close up face to face…Nat was wide eyes with her cheeks burning from the hard impacts,

 “Now you listen to me you barren russian bitch…” Gwen started in a low and menacing tone and she could see that Natasha was hurt by the certain comment,

 “You went ahead and put it in my boyfriend’s head he can be a superspy at age 17, you gave him a overzealous boost of confidence and now he’s stuck in a foreign country all by himself surrounded by goons we don’t know anything about….and you left him behind on a mission you went on together….but I guess you’re used to doing that right….Soviet skank.” Gwen sneered at her and Nat just gulped then Gwen let go of her chin and smirked at the redhead who just rubbed her chin while May just backed away from the scene,

 “Alright I’ll go pack and you get everything ready.” Gwen said with a chirpy voice and went on her way. 

  Fisk’s Office 

Fisk was handling some business work which usually pertained to paperwork which always bored the crap out of him, Vanessa was looking out the glass wall that gave a perfect view of the city as she drank her glass of wine,

 “Any idea when you’ll be finished with your work? I’d like to take a walk in the park.” Vanessa said and Wilson peered at his wife,

 “Sorry my dear but this requires my full attention, they are financial documents needed to amend certain business transactions I have been dealing with for several months now.” Wilson replied and Vanessa sighed and took another sip from the glass,

 “I suppose I'll go home and take a warm bath instead….you should’ve told me you were sending our people to check things in Brazil….I would’ve gone for a suntan vacation” She said as her heels clicked on the office floor and as soon as she left his office Wilson pulled out his phone and made a call,

 “She just left….watch where she goes and report back…..I’m paying you a fortune Ms.Jones.” He said and hung up. 


Jessica smirked as she watched Vanessa Fisk walk down the street in her fancy coat and dress, Jessica had tried to call Peter to tell him of recent events like Wilson actually hiring her to watch his wife since he too had grown tired of her games and wanted evidence of her actions for a easy divorce where he won’t have to give her any of his assets….Jessica could laugh at how much she was making to investigate the same circle of people who were screwing each other over, she snapped photos of Vanessa walking down the street and she entered a apartment building and Jessica kept track of what was going on. 

   Stacy Apartment-9:45AM

George sighed as he rubbed his head from headaches he had, so far he hadn’t heard back from Jefferson and he had to make up an excuse to his wife Rio that he had gone undercover for a case, also they had gotten nowhere with the plan to steal from the mob and Fisk but Vanessa was still persistent in achieving that dream but George would rather focus on obtaining full custody of his kids…the paperwork for the divorce was ready but he and Helen had to take their time for the boys to adjust…so far all they knew was that Helen would be staying at a friend’s for a while, then there’s the fact that the commissioner and politicians are still on his ass about the gunfight at the port and so far no proper evidence has been collected since the bullets had burst on impact. He got up and went to his room to change for work, he went in and while he was changing he noticed his wedding photo….he had to admit there were amazing times with Helen….when they started dating…the first time they slept together….when she had Gwen…their wedding night and everything after that, but the fire of love burns out eventually he figured so now he was just enjoying a on-off thing with Fisk’s wife which happened by pure chance considering her husband’s a criminal and he’s a cop. 

   George was tying up his boots when he got a call, it was Gwen,

 “Hello, I’m good honey I’m just about to head to work, wait shouldn’t you be in school?….Wait what!? Hold on, are you sure your mother’s?…. Oh alright if she’s going I guess it’s fine, tell your mother to watch her alchol haha. Oh Gwen I want to mention something, I think the three of us, you,me, and Peter should get lunch or dinner at some point….I think it’s time we address certain matters okay?….Great love you too.” George hung up with a smile….he was grateful things with his daughter were still good despite the divorce. 

   JFK Airport 

The gang were waiting in the lounge at the far end of the airport…no one was around and Nat had told them to wait there. It was Gwen, Felicia, and Nat who would be going for Peter since the others had no idea what to do in these types of situations and Jessica had said she was too busy with work and Gwen had tried to play the superior bitch but then Jessica had reminded Gwen that she could snap her neck in a millisecond so Gwen just let her do her thing. They waited for a bit when Natasha walked in wearing her cool ensemble of tight Jeans, a bright red blouse with a black leather thin jacket and black boots to complete it, 

 “Alright the plane is all ready, we can make it in 5 hours if we hit it quickly.” Nat said as she led the girls down the tarmac where her special plane was waiting for them, once they entered and closed everything Natasha went to set up the navigation for the auto-pilot, once she did she went to sit at the back with Gwen and Felicia on the comfortable seats,

 “This is first class all the way.” Lesh said as she leaned back and relaxed, she had stayed in her sweats since she wanted to relax and she’ll change clothes once they arrive. Gwen reached into her bag and pulled out a bottle of booze and opened it and took a sip,

 “Alright so what’s the plan?” She asked aloud and passed it,

 “Once we arrive in Rio we will go to the port where the ship is supposed to have docked for several days, we will search for Peter and find out what exactly they are doing in Brazil.” Nat said as she took a sip and passed it on,

 “After we handle work, how about we take a few days for a suntan.” Felcia said with a smile before taking a sip,

 “Focus on finding Peter Hardy.” Nat rolled her eyes as she spoke to Felicia who simply shrugged and got comfortable on the big chair,

“Wake me when we get there.” She said to the others and Gwen asked Nat for a glass to pour her booze in and Nat got up to grab it from the bar area of the plane,but once she turned her back…she was hit with a dart….she fell to the ground and she heard another thud and Nat already knew what was going on….she was paralyzed all over and even her mouth couldn’t move…she was Gwen's feet appear in front of her…she knelt down and smirked at the redhead,

 “I think I’ll have some fun before we get there” She said with fun in her voice and she dragged Nat by her leg to the little table and just set her flat on it with her chest pressing against the glass while Gwen got her ass to rest on the corner and…she undid the button her Nat’s jeans and pulled them, and her thong, down to her ankles….Gwen giggled when she got up and undid the cute little belt of her skinny jeans and pulled them down along with her pink underwear and took them off and she went to her bag…and pulled out a certain tool, Nat was drooling with wide eyes as she felt everything but couldn’t move…she felt her bare ass being spanked by Gwen’s hand and she felt her spread ass cheeks being spread then…the hard rubber head sliding into her lips,

 “Ughhhhh” Gwen pretended to feel the walls of Black Widow, she started a slow hard tempo with her hips moving into Nat as she humped her against the glass table with her shirt sliding against it as she rocked….Nat felt her tunnel being filled and her eyes went wider and wider with each thrust…Felicia was on the floor also drugged and she watched everything happen in front of her…Gwen gave her a evil smirk as she rocked into Nat as they flew to get their mutual lover,

 “You’re ahhhh ahhhh ahhh  next Cat ahhhh ughhhh ahhh ugghhh ahhhh ” Gwen panted as she pushed the strap on deeper and deeper into the russian. 

  Brazil-Rio de Janeiro

Peter got up when he heard the door unlock and Sable came in,

 “We have arrived, should I tell you what we are doing or would like the benefit of a thrill?” She asked with a smug smile and Peter scoffed and gave a annoyed look to her,

 “I’ve been here for a long ass time and you haven’t let me call home, so give me the full details of what we’re doing here in Brazil.” He said and Sable chuckled at his response, she put her hands on her hips and walked up to him,

 “We are employed by Fisk, but I’m sure you know that. He’s been strategizing as to how to handle his rival’s source of currency, do you understand or are you too childish to handle something like this?” Sable asked mockingly and Peter got up and sighed and rubbed his head,

 “I understand but I hate answering to a woman whose overboosted self-confidence makes her unattractive, especially with a bitch smirk when you’re someone’s bitch right now.” Peter said and walked past her to the door when he felt that wonderful jolt of electricity down his spine….everything was in slow motion…..Peter had a full smile and he caught her fist and tripped her, now he hand pinned with his knee on her back and his hands had her arms locked in place,

 “Augh what in the….get off!” She sneered at him and now it was Peter’s turn to chuckle as he let her up,

 “We’re going to screw with some drug lord’s operation so he can’t send his regular shipments to the Mafia back in New York which will really screw with their revenue since they’ve screwed over the cartel before so they won’t be in a business giving mood which leaves the mob with no business incentives in the city.” Peter answered Sable’s previous question with a smirk and Sable just scoffed and led the way out. Peter had to cover his eyes from the intense sunlight in the tropical country as they excited the boat and went to the harbor of the giant city by the coast. He sighed as he stretched his body as he felt the air cool his body after being stuck in a warm room for hours, Peter looked out into the bustling big city that had the beautiful statue and mountains as it’s background and he noticed that some of the men had changed clothing, he gave Sable a little smirk as she reviewed the information on her phone,

 “I know what’s going on, you sent in some guys to pretend to be tourists craving for drugs so now we know where to go.” Peter said and Sable rolled her eyes,

 “Guess he does have a brain. I suppose you should wear the gear my men have one seeing how you left your other skin behind in America.” Said replied with a smirk at the end as she walked down to the pier while Peter groaned and he put on the armor that made him look like some kind of SWAT member. He went down to join the others and he noticed someone familiar,

 “Alright everyone listen up…” Sable started, Peter was only half paying attention, as far as he knew the Vulture wasn’t around so he didn’t have to worry about that right now and the redhead looks more like the office type than a gun carrying lunatic but this other woman who he had seen sneak onto the boat was jarring something inside his head,

 “….After that he will handle all the men inside while we destroy their supply then we rush back here and deport Immediately.” Sable finished saying her plan and all her men and women agreed and went off to their vehicles and she noticed how Peter wasn’t focused, she snapped her fingers in front of him snapping him out of it,

 “Focus child.” She said with annoyance and Peter rolled his eyes as he followed her while watching the black chick walk with the others and he swears he’s seen her. 


They were in her Sable’s vehicle driving down the city as he sat in the backseat with the silver haired woman sitting next to him cleaning her gun to prevent and jams during combat,

 “So ummm…Can I get my web shooters?” He asked with a little smile and Sable narrowed her eyes at him with a smile of her own,

 “I won’t escape and even If I did, I got no cash on me, no passport and I already checked the port for other boats….no direct ship to the states for months… so I’m stuck with you till I get back home.” Peter said with an exhausted tone since he just wanted to get this job over with and his response was enough since Sable reached into the compartment next to her and handed him his gadgets though he had to hide them underneath and use them in emergencies only. They slowed down and he noticed they were behind some resort by the coast, he have a confused look to Sable who loaded her gun and handed Peter a set of batons,

 “Since you don’t use guns, at least use these for a hand to hand advantage. Now this is the home of a drug lord who has had a strong grip for years, we take him out. It'll start an in-war faction in the drug organization which will cause havoc in their shipments since they’ll fight over control of the ports and money.” She said as Peter looked at the big house that was in the outskirts of the city, he sighed and he put on the helmet with the big goggles and he heard Sable chuckle,

 “I don't have anyone seeing my face, maybe you don’t mind having an international bounty on your head but I do.” He said and Sable just rolled her eyes,

 “Whatever, let's get going.” She said and the car doors opened and they got out and so did the others, they went through a mini forest that the owner had to show off how rich he was and they eventually got the home and Peter got a shock down his spine to the max,

 “SABLE!” He shouted and wrapped his arm around her slim waist and he used his web shooter and swung them right before,


A booby trap of claymores detonated and over a dozen of Sable’s soldiers were caught in the blast leaving the pair with a few survives who started shooting at the men who came out of the house when they heard the trap set off,

 “Madam! Are you injured!?” A soldier asked over his walkie talkie as he and the survivors took cover and fired back while Peter and Sable used the commotion to sneak away by crawling away using the trees,huge bushes and tall grass, Sable led while Peter followed behind….seeing her toned butt,

 “I’m fine, keep them occupied while the asset and I breach the home.” She replied and the man responded “understood”, Sable and Peter crawled away for a while since the actual compound was larger for operations, they eventually reached the gated area and Sable peeked out and saw they were the pool area and she scoffed,

 “What is it?” Peter asked still laying low on the grass, 

 “It appears that Paulo is throwing a pool party for his Lieutenants and their mistresses.” She answered and Peter’s head shot straight up,

 “Wow…” he said as he saw so many hot chicks in bikinis and one suits,

 “So what do we do?” He asked and he heard Sable cock her guns,

 “What the hell are you doing!?” He said in a shouted whisper while grabbing her wrists and Sable grunted while trying to shake him off while remaining in stealth,

 “He is right there with his trusted men, we kill them all right here and now, you want to go home as soon as possible right.” She said more as a statement than a question and Peter sighed and rubbed his head,

 “How about this, let me handle this, I mean why the hell did you kidnap me and bring me here if not for this mission. Let me try something so that we get him out of the way without any bloodshed.” Peter replied with a determined face which caught Sable off guard since this is the second time he’s stood his ground towards her, she was in deep thought,

 “Alright….what do you have in mind?” She asked him and he looked at her and smirked,

 “Has anyone told you that you look like Jennifer Lawrence?….” He asked with his eyes roaming over her body and Sable narrowed her eyes at him…

   Elsewhere in Rio 

Gwen, Nat, and Felicia walked around the port keeping their eyes open for any odd activity nearby or hopefully a certain webslinger swinging around, 

 “Any sign of him or the crew from the boat?” Nat asked the others who continued to peer around the area and they both shrugged,

 Nope, no sign of him.” Lesh said and Gwen rubbed her chin in thought,

 “Peter’s here with no cash so he can’t get Stateside on his own which means he’s being used by the ones who took him.” Gwen said as she looked out into the city and Nat came next to her while Lesh kept looking around,

 “Did he say anything about the boat before I arrived at the safehouse? The crew? The motive?” Nat asked and Gwen scoffed with a roll of her eyes,

 “If he did, don't you think I would’ve told you already.” Gwen replied and Natasha narrowed her eyes at her blonde student,

 “I understand your frustration over not knowing Peter’s wellbeing and my part in losing him at the docks, but don’t play word games with me beacuse I’ve grown tired of having to observe your oh so precious life throughout my time at Midtown.” She said Gwen was caught off guard at the last sentence and now it was Nat’s turn to smirk as she peered at Gwen, Felicia was talking to some girls behind them while the pair were having a spat, Nat gave her smirk to Gwen who gulped,

 “Peter told me about your little dream to be by his side on the field…but unfortunately Ms.Stacy….you don’t have the gull.” Nat sajd and Gwen sneered at her,

 “Hey before you claw each other’s eyes out, listen up..” Felicia said as she approached the pair who stopped their little spat and paid attention to her,

 “I was talking to some civilians around here and they said they saw a really cute guy dressed in some military uniform with some other people who look like they’re in a cult before they drove off to the east which is where some big shot criminal lives.” Felicia said with a triumphant smile and the girls all sighed with relief as they now had a direction to go, 

 “Alright I’ll lead.” Gwen said as she led the way down the street and Nat scoffed to herself and walked, but Felicia put a hand on her shoulder to stop her for a moment,

 “Widow, you should know something…” Felicia started and Nat gave her a curious expression,

“They mentioned a really cool looking woman, white clothes with a trenchcoat…and Silver hair…” she said carefully and Nat’s eyes went wide,

 “We have to find Peter and get out of here.” She said as she hurried to join Gwen and Felicia followed suit. 

   Druglord’s Mansion-Night 

Peter had his eyes roaming all over Sable’s body as she stripped down to her bra and underwear,

 “Wow….” He said aloud and Sable looked over her shoulder,

 “I can’t believe you talked me into this…” she said with a exhaustion and Peter chuckled,

 “Hey it’s a pool party so I figure it'll work as a bikini til you get Paulo alone in his bedroom then we knock him out and leave him to the cops.” He said as he looked at Sable’s ass in her white thong that showed her spankable ass that was hidden under her gear,

 “You really expect the authorities to hold a drug lord who has thousands of dollars in his name?” Sable asked with sarcasm as she shivered a bit from the exposure to the cool air, she rolled her eyes at the young man’s roaming eyes on her chest,

 “Focus!” She snapped and Peter regained his focus,

 “Sorry…anyways I was thinking of a way to make sure that even if he buys his way out, he has no gang to control anymore. That way we handle everything at once right here at this party and head back to New York.” Peter said as he peered at the party over the bushes,

 “Alright you know what to do.” Peter said as he cocked his head in the direction of the house to Sable who scoffed at him,

 “Since when do you give me orders?” She asked with a heated tone and Peter smirked at Jennifer Lawerence’s twin,

 “Since I got you to strip.” He said with confidence which made Sable go wide eyed then narrow with a smirk on her lips with a certain glint in her eyes,

 “I underestimated you.” She said then she went ahead and went to the edge of the bushes that reached the pool and when she felt eyes on her…she stretched and…dived into the pool and came out like a model would in a commercial….and sure enough…she received applause and catcalls from the men, Peter was crawling on the ground to reach the side of the house and he waited for the men to see the fine foreign woman and Peter giggled knowing Sable was able to create a distraction as the first part of the plan. 

  He crawled up the wall and into the bedroom window  that thankfully was empty….and full of pounds of Cocaine and crack,

 “Oh my god…” Peter said in a whisper as he looked at the massive amounts of drugs in one room, then his Spider-Sense sent a jolt down his spine, he jumped onto the ceiling and ceased movement….the door opened and two men walked in, one of them was American,

 “So this is your inventory huh?” The american asked and the gang member just nodded,

 “Alright…my boss said he’ll take some of this new stuff that just came in  and uh ohh that new batch you gave to him before cuz it’s really popular with the kids you know.” The man said with certain glee in his voice and Peter had to stop himself from pouncing on the bastard…but he had to wait…Nat had said control your emotions in times of surveillance, the drug lord’s dealer approached the man,

 “And uh…when is Tombstone gonna make a face to face appearance eh?” He asked the American and he sighed and chapped his lips,

 “In time….my boss doesn’t meet his business partners until after a certain amount of time, like a trial period you could call it. But I assure you he likes what is happening between himself and Paulo so I’m sure after this deal he will make a personal appearance to Paulo when resupply is needed.” The American replied and the dealer looked in deep thought,

 “My boss doesn’t like doing business with people he hasn’t seen….especially when they work against somebody back home.” The dealer said back and the American chuckled at the reply, Peter had a moment of realization when he remembered a gang lord back in New York by the nickname Tombstone, at the last heard he was working for the Mafia which means….another scheme is afoot back in the city,the men continued speaking,

 “Okay how about this, I’ll call my boss on the phone….and Paulo can at least speak to him directly..” he said and the dealer pulled out his phone and texted someone, Peter assumed it would be Paulo….he had to improvise…he dropped behind the men quietly and,

 “Fuck it.” He said and he knocked out both men with a swift kick, he grabbed the phones and hid the bodies behind the piles of drugs, he peered out the window and saw how Sable was sitting on Paulo’s lap as her part in playing the sexy possible one night stand towards Paulo who was clearly happy having a attractive woman on his lap, then he looked at his phone and tapped Sable’s ass signaling to get off, he stood up and took her hand and led her into the house, Peter supposed he would show off his drugs to her before trying to fuck her, he jumped onto the cieling and waited, he heard foot steps reaching the door,

 “Wait for me in the bedroom baby.” He said and he entered the room, 

 “Hey carlos!” He shouted and then,

 “He’s on break.” Peter said and as soon as Paulo turned around he punched him in the face knocking him out cold, he used his web shooters to bind his hands together and his feet so he couldn’t escape, but then he heard gunfire…right outside…


“Okay so this is the place right?” Gwen asked as she looked at the many dealers and gang members with guns at the big beachside mansion, 

 “Oh yeah sure, I can smell Parker from here.” Felicia said with a hungry smile while Nat and Gwen gave her a look of confusion before Nat spoke up,

 “Anyway, we’ll handle them and clear them out since we passed all the hired mercenaries, or what was left of them, back at the road and they set off the traps for use so that was helpful, you have to stay here Gwen okay, please don’t fight me on this.” Natasha pleaded with the blonde who only sighed deeply and nodded with closed eyes,

 “Alright fine, but find Peter okay, this is the only lead we have so far.” Gwen said to Mat who nodded back to her. Natasha and Felicia prepped their guns and gadgets and walked out into the opening, the men and women were confused, 

 “You clowns got a hot American teenager here?” Felicia asked aloud and the men pulled out their guns,

 “Guess we go with plan B.” Nat said and cocked her stun guns. 

   Present Time 

Peter heard the gunfight start outside and he had no idea what the hell was causing it, he went to the room next door for Sable only to find it empty, then he felt a tap on his shoulders and he turned to see Sable in her gear already,

 “Get ready to run.” She said as she cocked her hi tech guns and Peter sighed and rubbed his head,

 “What about this guy?” Peter motioned his hand to the unconscious drug lord…only for Sable to simply shoot him in the forehead and he was dead in a second, Peter was silent…then he pinned her to the wall with a angry face,

“What the hell was that!? Why did you kill him!?” He shouted at her and she shoved him off and picked up a desk to throw at the big window creating an exit,

 “Talk Later, Let’s move!” She shouted back and Peter groaned and followed her out the side and they ran down the the hills into the forest to gain distance from the gun fight, they kept running in the same direction when…,

 “Aghhh ufffff!” Sable groaned when she ran through a bush and collided with something,

 “Aghhh, what the hell!?” Another voice said and Peter had a huge smile on his face when he heard a familiar soothing voice,

 “Gwen!?” He shouted and ran to her as she got up from the ground and she too had a huge smile when she saw Peter running to her, the pair embraced tightly and Peter felt Gwen kissing his cheek repeatedly while holding him tighter,

 “What the hell are you doing here!?” He asked with a shocked face,

 “Here to get you duh.” Gwen replied back and Peter just scoffed with a laugh, but then he heard a gun being cocked,

 “Sable, what the hell are you doing?!” Peter shouted and he put Gwen right behind him as Sable aimed her gun,

 “Move! We cannot have any witnesses, now stand aside!” Sable shouted back….only to be hit in the head with the butt of a pistol, she collapsed to the ground as the assailant stepped out of the bushes,

 “Nice one Lesh, now I don’t have to worry about getting out of here without her help” Peter said to the black haired beat who kicked Sable to see if she was conscious and Nat came behind them after putting her awesome electric batons to her sides,

 “Seems like luck is on our side for once, we were able to handle all the gangbangers, destroy the supplies and I even got myself a little souvenir.” Nat said with a satisfied smile as she pulled out a shiny machete that is clearly fatal in her hands,

 “Still what the hell are you guys doing here? I thought you’d guys be pissed I messed up..” Peter said the trio with a ashamed look and all three women had utter disbelief on their faces,

 “Peter you really something else.” Gwen said with a lovely dovey smile on her face and Nat also gave him a warm smile and even blushed,

 “You continue to surprise me Mr.Parker, I only there will be a day where I can surprise you.” She said and now Peter was confused and Felicia rolled her eyes with a smirk and came up to him to give him a cute playful punch to his shoulder,

 “Stuck in a third world country and you still take the fault, come on guys lets head back to the city and have some fun.” Felicia said with a excited smile but Peter stopped her,

 “Hold on two things: first we need to get back to the city so that we plan out how to handle the outcome of this craziness and two…what about her?” Peter asked and motioned a hand to the knocked out woman on the ground, Nat cocked her head, then she pulled out her gun,

 “No! We don’t kill her. We’ll take her with us.” Peter said and he picked up Sable and three her over his shoulder,

 “I assume you handled some armored men on the way so we’ll take their car, let's go I know which one and I have a bunch of new info.” Peter said and he led the way with the others following him. 

   New York City- Fisk Office- 2 Hours Later 

 “So it’s been handled?” Fisk asked Tess and she nodded her head, Fisk let out a sigh with a smile on his face,

 “Now that Sable’s handled Hammerhead’s supplier he won’t have any income coming in which means he’ll have no way to pay off those cops and lawyers on his payroll, and no way to out buy me when I take all his store fronts and turn them into condos.” Fisk said with a laugh and Tess joined in on his amusement,

 “It’s incredible she was able to pull it off sooner than expected, it’s only a matter of time before his allies turn against him and as soon as she finds his personal stash…he’ll lose everything.” He said with a smirk as he poured himself a glass of scotch, then he poured another one and offered it to Tess,

 “Thank you sir,” she received a text and she checked her phone,

 “Uhmm….It appears that your wife has left your home, do you wish to have her followed?” She asked Fisk and he shook his head as he drank his glass,

 “No need, I’m well aware of her actions now, no doubt the opposing faction were hired by hire since I noticed a certain amount of money has been withdrawn from the account. Also my P.I has already found evidence for me.” He said as he finished his glass and poured himself another, Tess finished hers too,

 “So…when will you deal with the Captain and his little friend?” She asked and Fisk chuckled as he relaxed into his seat,

 “In time Lutessa, I have several ideas as to how to handle those annoying men but first….I need to ensure there will be no….negative outcomes from my actions.” Fisk rubbed his chin in thought and Tess only could wonder what he meant.


George was handling various tasks as he was in charge of planning that stupid charity police ball that will happen in a few days, he handled all the important crap but the miniscule tasks were a bother so he just had Amanda do it for him and of course she did it. Now he went to his office and decided to handle some case files before heading to the street, once he finished a few he decided to check in on Jefferson but he had not answered or responded to his messages…he then got a call from Vanessa,

 “Hello….I told you I would tell you when he contacts me.” He said with a sigh,

 “It’s been hours now and there’s still no word from him, what if he’s dead?” Vaneesa asked and Georgr grunted with annoyance,

 “Then I have to come up with some way to fake his death here and find out where he stored his stash!” He replied angrily and Vanessa only laughed at his reaction,

 “My my Captain, is it wise for someone in your position to lose their temper so easily.” She said mockingly and George only sighed again and rubbed his head,

 “Enough already….when do you wanna meet?” He asked and Vanessa let out a scoff,

 “You expect to have to sex with you today after that little act, just call me when Jefferson responds.” Vanessa hung up and George gritted his teeth….then he got another call,

 “What do you want Helen?” He asked with a exhausted tone,

 “Howard asked me where I keep my coin jar for the train….why didn’t you take your sons to school!? Howard had to drop them off and then he was late to class.” Helen said with her authoritative tone she only used to voice her high anger and disbelief, George rubbed his head,

 “Helen, he's hold enough and he knows where and how to get there plus I had a lot of paperwork and planning to handle here at the precinct so I couldn't stay there all morning alright.” George replied with his tone rising and he only heard silence…til,

 “And yet you want full custody…” Helen replied with humor in her voice and George simply said,

 “Fuck you.” And hung up, he got up and got ready to head out into the streets, luckily things have calmed down with the Mafia for now. 


May had gotten home after her shift and she sat down on the couch with a relaxed sigh, Helen came into the room from the kitchen,

 “Hello May, how was your shift at the hospital?” She asked while offering her a cup of coffee from what she had already prepared, May took it and relaxed into the couch,

 “Exhausting, you have no idea what idiots this new generation is.” May replied with a chuckle and Helen laughed at that, then May’s phone rang, she had a excited face,

 “Speaking of youthful idiots…Hello? Peter!?” May asked over the phone and Helen was excited too. 


The group had gotten into a hotel to rest using some funds Nat was able to get through the ATM systems, they had snuck in the silver haired woman by pulling A Weekend at Bernie’s and pulled her into the room, Peter was on the phone while the girls were prepping the bags for their return trip,

 “I’m okay May, everything’s all good so we’ll be back soon alright. Just keep telling the school I’m sick or something okay. Great, love you too.” He hung up and relaxed on the bed while Nat was on her phone,

 “Alright so I have a plane on standby at the airport so we can go whenever we want, so Peter will this assault on the drug supply really cause an uproar back in New York?” She asked him and he nodded,

 “Yep, basically Hammerhead uses these guys to supply his drugs to his dealers which is the mob’s main source of revenue, without the drug supply coming in it’ll be hard for him to pay off his guys and any people he’s bribed.” He replied with a sigh as he felt the comfortable fancy mattress on his sore body, he then got up and breathed in,

 “Okay, enough rest. Let’s head back and I say we leave Sable here while he rigg her ship to malfunction, without her men and a ship she’ll be stranded here for a while. If everyone’s ready let’s head to the airport.” Peter said and he grabbed his bag when…Gwen put a hand in his shoulder,

 “Actually sweetie…let’s stay for a bit.” Gwen said with a cute smile and Felcia let out a cheer,

 “Yay! It’s party time in this shindig!” She said happily and went to the booze cabinet in the fancy hotel room and popped one open and started drinking, though Peter grabbed it from her,

 “Wait! Wait! Hold on Gwen you really mean to stay here for a bit while we still have school, work, and this little gang war to handle.Plus what the hell do we do with her?” Peter motioned a hand to a unconscious Sable on the floor, he then looked back at Gwen with a sad expression,

“We can’t stay Gwendy I’m sorry, but I promise during Spring break we’ll ughhh” Peter groaned when he was hit on the head from behind and fell to the ground…Gwen gave the woman a shocked expression while the other woman did too,

 “What?” Nat asked the pair,

 “Hey I deserve a little beach and sun after the craziness in the city, so what do we do about her?” Nat motioned to the woman and all three had smiles on their faces. 

   Port-Late AfterNOON

“You guys sure this is a good idea?” Gwen asked over the radio as she strapped Sable to the chair in the storage room while Nat and Lesh were in the control room,

 “Don’t worry about it Gwen, we leave alone on the ship with plenty of food and water. The ship will drift for a few days and eventually another ship will spot her and help out.” Nat replied as she tampered with the communications board and Felicia was setting the ship’s route since it was a fancy one that cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Gwen kept doing her task and left to join the others, Felicia finished setting the route and she approached Nat,

 “You sure you wanna handle it like this Widow…you know she'll just come back to NY in a matter of weeks….plus there’s no doubt she knows about Parker.” She said and Nat sighed and rubbed her forehead,

 “I know, but at least this will buy time for us to figure out how to handle her. If we do something to her here Peter will know by the looks on our faces…that boy sure knows how to read people.” Natasha replied and Felicia nodded,

 “Yeah he does, he knows when I want it up my ass just by looking in my eyes.” Felicia said and Nat rolled her eyes and stuffed Sable into the closet. 


George was with his sons eating out since he was done for the day, they talked about their day’s activities for a while and they would ask questions about the current situation of their parents marriage and he simply dodged them to let Helen deal with them, he got a call and excused himself to answer it in private,

 “Hello, what is it?” He asked Vanessa,

 “I got word that a criminal drug lord was recently killed and many of his supplies were destroyed  and his men were killed in a massacre, I know for a fact this man was an associate of my husband’s rival.” She said and George chuckled at that,

 “That means the Mafia will start to lose money so now when I arrest them they’ll be more leinany to talk for a deal.” He said and he heard Vanessa sigh with irritation,

 “Focus, I also heard that some other bodies were unidentified because they were foreign and had more advanced weapons than the other men….has Jefferson called you?” She asked and George was dead silent…he had received a message from Davis saying he had infiltrated the unknown group and was waiting until they had returned to the city. 


Helen worked her fingers into her pussy as she laid on Peter’s bed to smell his scent on the sheets…she struggled to find the right angle and groaned in frustration unable to climax,

 “Damn it Peter, hurry home soon..” Helen said and she had gotten texts from the other women asking where Peter’s been as well.


Peter felt the pressure on his head from the hit, he moaned and he felt his body awaken,

 “Whoa…ughhhhh” Peter groaned and scrunched his face when he felt wet gums and teeth on his rod…he was mixed with soreness from the bump on his head and the pleasurable sucking happening below as he laid on the bed…he opened his eyes only to close them when he felt her bob her head repeatedly while swirling her tongue around his hardened rod, 

 “Oh my god ahhh…ughhhh ughhhhh Jesus…” he moaned and sat up a bit and he saw her maneuver to show off her ass as she knelt down to keep sucking him off, Peter chuckled and ran his hand through her hair,

 “Ahhhh Lesh… where are the others?… ohhhh” Peter moaned as he laid back down while Felicia kept licking his dick while running her hands slowly up his chiseled chest…the girls and undressed Peter after coming back,

 “They went out…Gwen had an idea while you were asleep… wanna hear Spider?” She asked him in a teasing voice while sliding his dick on her face and he groaned while she smirked at him,

 “She wants a little vacation here…and since we helped save your ass…we each get a day with you…” Felicia said in a sweet innocent girl voice to bring eortism to the foreplay and she put the head of his dick in her mouth and she licked it with her tongue while sucking on it using her gums,

 “Ohhh man Lesh…why would Gwen suggest that??” He asked and sighed while his body withered from the cat burglar skills at giving head…she let it out and sighed,

 “Spider…why would you question something all men would kill for.” Felicia said more of an annoyed statement than a question and Peter just shrugged and Felicia just groaned and got up and went to her phone. 


After a quick confirmation call to Gwen who confirmed they would stay in the tourist city for 3 days…Peter was told he had to obey each woman’s demands…starting with Felicia. She had told Peter to get dressed since she now had plans on how to use her day. 

   Peter dressed in a casual set of white T-shirt and dark blue jeans that Felicia had said his butt looked great in, he saw Felicia come out of the bathroom in tight bright blue jeans and a tight red button shirt that showed off her cleavage and body while her jeans hugged her ass and thighs very well and she had her hair in a ponytail that allowed her pretty face to be shown and expose her blue eyes,

 “Wow…so what are the plans for Rio at such a late hour Hardy?” Peter asked her and she smirked at him,

 “You forget I’m an international criminal right…I know the fun spots.” She replied with a smile and Peter raised an eyebrow at her.

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