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“I want a man
with a slow hand, I need a lover with an easy touch…I want someone who will
spend some time…not come and go in a heated rush…[1]”
Jubilee crooned into her toothbrush.

“Dat be
real good, chere, cuz Remy do all dat…”
The voice rolled liklasslasses, making Jubilee shiver before realizing
what had just happened.

“The fuck
are you doing? Get out! Out out out out out out !” Jubilee flung her toothbrush at the Cajun,
splattering white toothpaste all over his black shirt. “Go!”

p’tite, I don’ tink you be tinkin’ clear dis mornin’…” With a mildly amused grin, Remy did the
exact opposite of what she had asked him to do, closing the distance between
them. Jubilee pushed frantically
against his chest only to have him take up both of her hands in one of his,
pressing barely-there kisses to her knuckles.

“I be ‘tinkin’
clear ‘nough, Gumbo! Let me brush my teeth in peace!”

“Look more
like you be singin’, chere,” he commented but stepped back a decorous
pace. “How you gonna brush you teeth
widout a toothbrush?” One long finger
indicated the final resting place of said toothbrush—it had bounced off of Remy’s
chest and landed in the toilet.

“Shit.” She gazed down into the bowl, not quite sure
if she should fish it out or not.

“If it
helps, dat water be clean…”

“Ew. I don’t care if Jesus walks across it in the
next ten minutes, I am not keeping a toothbrush that has been in toilet water.” Jubilee sighed and ran trembling fingers
through her hair. Damn it. Hot guy and here I am in pj’s and a foamy
mouth. She stepped back to the sink
and spit out the mouthful of toothpaste, wiping the traces from around her
mouth. Remy pretended he did not see
her, but smirked at the wallpaper. “What
the Hell do you want, Remy?”

“Now don’
be snipin’ at Remy for walkin’ in, chere—you left de door wide open…”

“Did not!”

“Wide open,
unlocked…same ting to dis thief. May’s
well just leave out a sign, eh? C’mon
in…” He winked at her then and she felt
sloshy inside. “Remy jus want to see if
you feel like doin’ somethin’ aujourd’hui.”[2]

“Huh? Oh…why?”
Jubilee narrowed her eyes at him, trying to look intimidating despite
her small stature.

“Do I be
needin’ a reason, chere? Ah…I guess I do, eh?”
Jubilee had not changed her stance and he guessed correctly—she was
going to be stubborn.

“Just give
me a rough outline.”

sighed, knowing when to be straightforward anen ten to dance around. Opting not to sit on the toilet to talk to
her, Remy chose the edge of the tub, crossing his long legs carefully but
lazily, reminding Jubilee of a panther watching prey. “I been tinkin’ bout how we actin’ roun’ each odder an’ it come
to me dat mebbe we need to spend time togedder, to see if we click.”

“Huh?” Oh, we click, Cajun…you know it and I
know it…what are you on about?

been avoidin’ me like de plague, p’tite, an’ dat not helpin’ us any, non?”

“What’s to

not be so old he be forgettin’ when a pretty fille be sayin’ she love him.” He
moved then, on his feet and across the short space before Jubilee could
respond. “We know what each other be
about, oui? We unnerstan’ each other.”

Jubilee had to pause for a breath, so shaky was her voice, “I can’t take it if
you’re just playing around.”

Lee, why you be tinkin’ I be playin’?”
He was so close that she could see a small mole just at his collar line,
so close that she could hear him breathe, so close that all she had to do was
turn her face upwards and their lips would be touching.

“Rogue.” Her answer made him suck in a harsh breath
and rock back just slightly before regaining a sense of equilibrium, but
Jubilee did not give him the chance to respond. “You flirted like it was going out of style then all but dropped
her when you decided you were interested in me. How am I supposed to believe that you’re feelings for me are any
different? Pursue me, get me, get bored and move on?” Jubilee could not meet his gaze so she stared at his Adam’s
Apple, fixated by it’s movement as he swallowed.

“Chere, I
never had Rogue, not in any sense of de word…” Remy cocked his head to one side as if realizing something. Jubilee be afraid o’me..,Oh, dis can be
fun, non?

“You hurt

“I thought
dat she be knowin’ I jus’ flirt wid her et when she be get all teary et mad
when I be lookin’ twice at you, I had to tell her I jus’ not innerested like

“What?” Rogue never said anything…

“I tell her
I like her, oui, she est tres belle, tres forte, mais elle n’est pas tu.[3]”

Remy’s voice was a bare whisper,
sliding against Jubilee’s senses like silk.
She shuddered and closed her eyes, fighting the urge to grab him and
kiss him then and there. “Gumbo, I have
no idea what the Hell you just said…”

He chuckled, “I be sayin’…”
“Shhh! Don’t tell me! Look…” She forced her
eyes open and made herself look at him, surprised at how close he was. “I’ll go out with you today. This afternoon. I just need time to get myself in order…Where did you want to go?” She felt like she was melting inside; part
of her brain was berating her for agreeing while the other was chiding her for
not agreeing sooner.

“I be tinkin’ to ask you dat same
ting.” Remy felt like dancing a
two-step. He had been cockily sure that
she would agree but to hear her actually say yes was something else
entirely. “Where you want to go, chere?” He surreptitiously inhaled, taking in her
scent. It was all her, no perfume or
hair gunk or anything else aside from the faint mint of toothpaste. I tink I get used to dat…

Jubilee licked her lips
nervously. “You know, no one’s ever
asked me that before.” She shrugged,
affecting nonchalance. “You pick. I trust your taste in movie and ice cream,
so why not for an outing?” Ignoring
Remy’s raised eyebrow, she purposefully turned her back to him and took up a
bottle of facial cleanser. “Now scoot
so I can get beautiful.”

“Too late pour dat, chere…” Remy
sketched a bow anyway and was almost out of the room before Jubilee stopped

“What time?”


“Time? What time do you want to go…” She already had a daub of cream on her nose
but looked so serious that Remy could not laugh.

“I come find you ‘bout one, oui?”

“Oui---er, yes. One.”

“A bientot, chere…”[4]

“Er…yeah…ditto.” She sketched a backwards Sign of the Cross
in reply to his salaam before returning her attention to the serious business
of balancing her T-Zone.


Remy whistled under his breath as
he bounced down the stairs, thoughts already racing ahead to where he could
take Jubilee on their “outing,” as she called it. Jamie stepped in front of him at the bottom of the stairs,
though, bringing him up short. “Allo,
mon ami.”

“I thought we were friends, Remy.”
Jamie sounded as cold as he could, still not up to par with Logan or Storm but
Remy could tell he would be on their level in a few years.

“ ‘Course we are, homme…Why you be
tinkin’ we not?” He dropped to sit on
the last step and Jamie stepped back to look at him.

“Why’re you messing with Jubilee?”

“What?” Remy did not mean to laugh, not really. It just fell out of his mouth.

Jamie riled in anger, fists balling
at his sides. “She’s my best friend,
damn it! There. I said it!
Damn it! She’s my best friend
and you’re messing with her like she’s a toy! Stop it!” Jamie stamped his foot for emphasis.

“Jamie, mon ami, I not be playin’
wit Jubilee.” Remy knew that to talk
down to him would only make Jamie more angry and feel childish, the last thing
he wanted to do. Instead, he spoke to
him the way he would to Scott or Kurt, like an equal.

“She giggles about you. She never giggles about any guy.”

Giggles? “What you be talkin’

“Rogue said something about you and
Jubilee giggled. Like Kitty!” To Jamie, this was the worst betrayal of
Jubilee’s cool nature, giggling like the girliest girl he knew.

“Homme, des filles, dey giggle
sometimes. Mebbe she be tinkin’ Remy a
funny old man, eh?”

“Humpf. I heard you upstairs.”

“You eavesdroppin’?”

“You’re loud.” Remy knew this for a lie—he had made sure
that no one could hear them.

“Am I? Or was you jus’ comin’ up to talk to her and you see me in dere
already so you stop to lissen?”

“Er….maybe.” Jamie flushed hotly and looked at the tops
of his shoes. “Still, though, you were flirting
with Rogue before you started with Jubes and I saw how pissed Rogue got…”

“You gots a mouth on you, boy…You
like Jubilee, eh?”

“Course! She’s my best friend!”

“Ah…I mean, to use a phrase Kitty
be usin’ one time, you like her, like her?”

“Oh. Um. YeahIkindado.” Jamie could not look up at Remy. This was the first time he had ever admitted
his feelings aloud, made them real. He
had always thought Jubilee was cool and funny and smart, but lately he had
wanted to be with her more than usual. He was no longer content with playing
video games or pulling pranks on the other mutants. He wanted to hold her hand and maybe, he confessed in the deep
recesses of his mind, kiss her. She’s
not that much older than me…It could work…

“Ah. I be seein’ de prollem, den.
Tell you what, homme,” Remy stood and clapped Jamie lightly on the
shoulder, “Me an’ Jubilee, we jus’ be hangin’ out, oui? I not be takin’ her ‘way from you. She like who she like an’ we both accept
dat, like men, oui?” His face was grave
but inside, Remy was chuckling.

Jamie set
his jaw and nodded curtly. “Right. She’s her own woman.” He stuck out his hand and Remy shook it with
all seriousness. “Okay then.” Jamie blew out a puff of air and looked
askance around the foyer.

“Mebbe Evan
be needin’ help wid his ramp?” Remy
suggested. Jamie’s face brightened and
he took off in the direction of elevators to meet Evan in sublevel five, home
of his latest half pipe. Remy sighed
and rubbed his lips with a finger, willing himself not to burst out
laughing. How de Hell I get caught
up in dis place?

“Excuse me.” Kitty’s voice was so soft that Remy almost
did not hear it.

“Quoi? Oh…”
He turned and swept her a bow, letting her pass him to get
downstairs. When he straightened, he
realized how she was dressed. “P’tite
chatte, qu’est-ce que c’est…[5]?”

“Shiva.” She shrugged a little, then jumped as Kurt ‘ported
between them. “Hey, honey.”

“Katzchen…Remy.” Kurt nodded to the Cajun before turning his
attention back to his girlfriend. “The
Professor told you to rest!”

“I’m not
tired, just sad. I need to do some
things…” She accepted his hands and let
him pull her to his chest. Remy sighed
inwardly at the open affection, silently chiding himself for being such a

“I know
this, but you don’t handle stress well, Liebes. Let me help you.” Kurt
stroked her hair and sighed as she pulled away, her expression akin to hurt.

please…the touching!”

“I’m sorry…It’s
my nature to comfort you.” Kurt spared
Remy a bare glance and stepped closer to Kitty again. “Tell me what needs to be done and I’ll do it.”

someone gone?” Remy knew the answer before he asked but to be polite and show
concern, he asked anyway.

The couple
turned to him, exchanging looks, before Kitty replied, “My cousin Ruth
died. I can’t go to her funeral so I am
going to sit shiva for her here.”

nodded. “I see. My condolences, p’tite chatte. Lemme know if’n
you need anyting’.” Remy nodded his head in an informal sign of respect and
decided to take his leave, to let Kurt and Kitty sort out whatever it was that
needed sorting. Mebbe Scott have
some idée what Jubilee be likin’ to do best…

Waiting until
Remy was out of earshot, Kurt asked “What can I do to make this easy?” He so desperately wanted to tell her what he
knew, that Ruth may still be alive, but he bit the inside of his cheeks,
damning himself for lying by omission to Kitty.

will make it easy.” She twined hair
around her fingers for a moment before realizing what she was doing and tucking the offending hand into a fold of
her skirt. “This may sound silly to
you, but can you cover all the mirrors for me?
Just in the rooms I go into….It’s forbidden to engage in shows of
vanity.” She swept a hand over herself,
indicating her appearance. Her black
blouse had slashed sleeves, a show of mourning usually reserved for
ultraOrthodox sects. Her own family
usually only cut a small slice out of their collar or wore black ribbon, but
for Ruth, Kitty wanted her grief to be obvious, to show how deeply she felt her

“Of course,
Liebes. What else?”

“Just be
with me. I know it’s annoying that I
won’t let you touch me, but this is the one time I really need to stay with
this whole no-sex thing. No making out,
no footsie under the table…Just be with me?”
Kitty was crying, her tears silent against her shaking voice.

“Where else
would I go?” Kurt reached to hug her
but caught himself. This is going to
be harder than it looks. “I’ll get
your homework tomorrow and Tuesday, ja?”

“Ugh. Forgot about homework. In a way, I guess I’m glad I’m doing
short-shiva. Seven days of missing
school would be too hard to catch up with.”
Kitty sighed and bit her lip. “How
can I think of school when Ruth is dead?”

growled to himself, furious with Logan, the Professor, Magneto, Mystique and
anyone else who may know if Ruth were really living or dead. “Schatz, she’ll always be alive in your
heart, ja? She’ll never truly be dead.” Kurt pressed a hand over his mouth, the urge
to cry for Kitty’s pain growing great.

“I guess so…and
she’ll come back in time.”


come back in time…reincarnation, you could call it.” Kitty took on an expression most often used by teachers when
explaining elementary concepts to a rather slow student.

“I didn’t
think you believed in that…I thought that was Buddhist or Hindu…” Kurt let his hand drop and stared at Kitty,
trying to fit this new facet of her personality into his perceptions of her.

believe in reincarnation…It’s like…okay.”
She took up Remy’ abandoned seat on the stairs and seemed to mull her
explanation for a moment before continuing.
“The body holds the soul and when the body is dead, the soul goes back[6].”


“Well, you
could say God. All souls go up and
eventually we come back.”

“So you don’t
go to Heaven?”

“I didn’t
say that. I don’t know about that. I like to think good people go to Heaven.” Kitty shook her head. “Ruth has to be in some sort of Heaven.”

forgive me for saying this, but if her home life was anything like yours seems
to have been, I am sure she is being justly rewarded wherever she is.” Kurt felt bad saying so, reminding Kitty of
her family problems, so he was relieved when Kitty gave him a sad smile.

right, Kurt.” Kitty’s eyes grew wide
for a brief moment and her mouth made a small “o” of surprise. “I was heading to the kitchen—Storm called
for me there. Walk with me?” Kurt nodded and they went into the kitchen
to find Storm setting out a place setting.
The woman saw Kurt and reached for another plate. “What’s this?”

“Ah. The Professor requested I take care of this
part of your mourning ritual, Kitty. He
said that he would have done it himself, but something has come up that
requires his most dire attention.”
Storm took the cover off of a bowl and revealed several boiled
eggs. Another bowl held lentils and a
plate bore a round loaf of bread. Kitty
looked at the weather goddess, her lip quivering, and threw herself at her in a
hug. Storm staggered back for a step
then returned the embrace. “There,
there, child. Eat your food. I’ll be in the rec room with my needle work
if you need anything.” She patted Kitty
on the back, turning her back to the table and Kurt, before leaving.

what is all this?” Kurt sat across from
her, waiting for Kitty to start eating before he did.

“Tradition. You eat round foods to show that Life and
Death are part of a circle. And to show
that there is hope even in Death.”
Kitty pushed the bowl of eggs towards Kurt and he selected one before
she continued. “This is called seudat

nodded, his mouth full of boiled egg. Kitty
continues to amaze me. I knew she is
Jewish but I never knew that she keeps her traditions, I never knew how
strongly she feels about her faith. Washing down the egg with a long drink
of water, Kurt asked, “Katzc doe does it bother you that I’m not Jewish?”

She seemed
taken aback, staring at him for almost an entire minute before answering. “No.
Sure, it may be a little tough raising our kids to follow both or either
religion, but being Jewish is not a prerequisite for me loving you. Why do you ask?”

“I was just
worried that maybe you’re tired of having to explain all of this to me.”

“Oh. I’m
sorry—I’m being pushy, aren’t I? I
shouldn’t try and force all of this on you!”
Kitty hid her face, looking down into her plate of lentils.

‘No, no…I’m
not mad or anything. Look, I’ll make
you a deal. For everything you tell me
about being Jewish, I’ll teach you some German.”

looked up at him, narrowing her eyes. “Why
are you so intent on me learning German?”

proclivity?” He shrugged. “Look, we’ll talk about it later. After you’re done mourning, ja?” Kitty nodded and fell silent, slowly eating
her lentils. Kurt pushed his around on
his plate, feeling suddenly guilty. “I’m
sorry I brought it up, Liebes. It’s
neither the time nor the place…”

“Oh, Kurt,
don’t worry about it. I’m not upset
about you saying that. I’m just
wondering what was so bad that Ruth couldn’t come to me. I mean, she could have found a way…” Kitty shoved her plate away roughly and
buried her face in her hands, sobbing roughly.

Kurt damned his manners and
scrambled over the table to kneel next to her.
“Katzchen, please…let me hold you?”
Kitty did not answer and he was too respectful of her state to break his
promise, so her merely rested his head on the corner of her chair, willing his
comfort to seep to her somehow.

Lance paused in the foyer, able to
see straight through the rec room into the kitchen where Kitty sat. Damn.
What happened to her? She looks
like Death warmed over… He was able
to see the top of Kurt’s head level with Kitty’s elbow and snorted. Hanky panky in the kitchen. No morals…like I have room to talk. Lost my virginity in a garage, for fuck’s
sake. A movement in the corner of
his eye brought Lance’s attention to Storm, sitting in a wing backed chair and
crocheting. Ah. Good.
Someone who might be able to help.
On quiet feet, Lance approached the woman and cleared his throat

Storm looked up at him, her eyes
lacking surprise and slightly disconcerting Lance. “Yes?”

“I need to speak with the

“Pardon me?”

“I need to speak with Professor
Xavier…” he spoke slowly this time and
earned a sharp glare from Storm.

“Might I ask why?”



“I’m joining the X Men. Again.”



A/N Next chapter…more of
everyone. And what is Pietro sneaking
off to do every night?





[1] Pointer
Sisters, Slow Hand. Side note,
song’s about premature ejaculation.
Nice to know…

[2] Today

[3] She is very
beautiful, very strong, but she is not you.

[4] Until later

[5] what is it
or what is…

[6] Current Jewish
teaching. Not all Jews believe this but
it’s the current rabbinical stance.

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