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Kitty was on the prowl. It was after midnight and as far as she knew, she was not going to school the next day. She was restless and had so much pent up energy that she was fairly certain she could manifest the ability to burst into flames if given the chance. No sound other than her footsteps, padding on cold linoleum, could be heard and she was mildly lonely. Unlike Kurt, she did not seek dess ess when she felt like this. She turned on every light that she passed, leaving a blazing trail in her wake. The entire downstairs was lit up like Christmas by the time she was tired of pacing, even the laundry room and the hall closet where she and Kurt had shared a heated, passionate lovemaking session what seemed like eons ago. _I've got to figure out something about birth control soon...My birthday isn't that far off and if I have my way of things, we won't even last that long... _ She reached the kitchen and sank into a wooden chair, testing her powers again by phasing her hands through the tabletop briefly. Since she had been back at the mansion, free from the effects of Magneto's shot, she had become almost obsessive-compulsive about testing her powers every hour or so, something Kurt had just noticed late that evening. He caught her phasing her foot through the couch when she was curled up, watching the news. She told him she had done it without noticing, but she could tell by the look in his eyes that he did not believe her. _Forgive me for lying, even such a small lie, my love... _ Kitty sighed and rested her head on the wooden surface, schooling her thoughts to a more linear path. _Ruth is not dead, I think...I have no idea what the Hell is going on with her. Is she dead now? Is Magneto going to come for me? I know he wanted her for her mutation, but what would he have done with it? _ Kirollrolled her head to one side, aware of a noise in the front hall. Company... A faint click and the light in the foyer went out, throwing the figure that moved into the doorway between the hall and the rec room into high relief. Kitty watched as they crossed through the room, their form making their identity obvious. "Hey, Scott."
"Enough lights on, Kit?" he said softly. He filled the doorway, leaning against the jamb with his hands folded across his stomach. "It's late..."
"Yeah. Can't sleep..." She sighed and sat up fully, the dark circles under her eyes underscoring her awake status. "What're you doing up?"
"Same as you...wandering." He took the seat across from her and rubbed weakly at his temples, his red glasses strangely juxtaposed with his nightware of a white tank top and blue striped pajama bottoms. "Are you going to school tomorrow?"
"I don't think so...The Professor didn't say anything. What about you?"
"Supposo, bo, but if I can't get my bones out of bed, I can't get my bones out of bed..." Scott sighed and leaned back, his eyes masked by his lenses but still boring into Kitty. "Are you okay, Kitty? I mean really, not just feeling fine or not in pain..."
Kitty almost lied automatically, a polite half-truth of "Yes, I'm fine, just tired," but she knew that Scott would see right through her and, unlike Kurt, call her on it. In a small voice, she responded "I'm not sure of anything anymore. I just spent the most surreal two days of my life with a supposedly dead cousin and a madman, not to mention Mystique who seems to have a split personality. I don't know why she was bringing me back and I don't know what happened to Ruth. The Professor swears to me that she's really dead, that what I saw wasn't real. I don't know, Scott. Maybe I want it to be real so badly that I constructed this...this ghost in my mind to be there with me."
"There's worse things to do..." he murmured softly.
"There's more..." Kitty took a deep breath and braced herself for Scott's reaction. "I've been seeing someone...something..." Haltingly, she related the tale of Shiva and his visitations, omitting Kurt's own experiences of late. When she finished, she waited like a child in the principal's office.
"Ah." Scott was not sure how to respond and "ah" seemed as good a word as any. "Um, I'm sure that's nothing to freak about. I mean, the Professor would have seen that when he scanned you, right? And if he didn't say anything..." he spread his hands, trailing off in suggestion.
Kitty nodded slowly. "I suppose so... I guess." Kitty sighed and closed her eyes, suddenly very tired. "What were you fighting with Jean about earlier?"
"Really shouldn't say..." he said reluctantly. He was fairly certain that Jean would have no qualms talking about her sex life or lack thereof with Kitty, but he did not want to breach his new girlfriend's trust. "Just...stuff."
"Sex?" Kitty asked demurely. At his shocked expression, she hastened to add, "You asked if me and Kurt know... and seemed upset if we had been, so I figured maybe someone was projecting and got, riled up." She shrugged.
"Way to go, Poirot.1" Scott shook his head in amazement. "I didn't say anything..."
"Lips, sealed." She mimicked locked a key over her lips and smiled wanly. "Jean really wants things to work out with the two of you..."
"Me, too..." Scott felt awash in melancholy. "I think I screwed things up tonight, though..." _Can of worms is already opened... _ "Jean wanted to, um,"
"Consummate things?" Kitty queried.
"Sure, you could say that." He colored faintly before continuing. "But she wasn't herself, so to speak. When we go to bed together, I want it to be just us, not someone else making her feel that way..."
"You mean to tell me that you've never gotten turned on by something you saw or read or heard and sought out your girl of the moment for release?" Kitty raised one weary brow at Scott's suddenly abashed expression.
"Not release, per se...I don't sleep around. I just kissed and, er, well, to be honest, second base2..."
"Not answering my question..." Kitty smiled again and let him off the hook. "I understand. Really. I know that I wouldn't want to make love with Kurt if he was coming to me all hot and bothered over something else." _But at this point I'd do it anyway. _
Scott nodded glumly. "I'm just upset that she's mad at me. I guess she'll get over it..."
"She will," Kitty assured him. She stood and yawned, cracking her jaw in the process. "I just know that I'm tired now and I'm headed to bed. You gonna be okay?"
"I'll walk you up-I need some rest if I'm going to have to go to school tomorrow..." They trudged silently up the stairs, each murmuring goodnights before disappearing into their own rooms. Kitty waited a full minute before phasing out of her door and padding down the hall to Kurt's room. Scott, after ninety seconds, peeked out of his room and, seeing the empty hall, hurried to Jean's door. He was almost certain that he heard a knocking down the hall but his red lenses masked any shadows that might have been lurking. With careful movements, he opened the door to Jean's room and slipped inside, the darkness blinding him. The door cd wid with a "snick" and Scott padded to Jean's bed. The redhead was asleep, snoring softly with her lips parted. Scott smiled at the sight and dropped to his knees next to the bed. Jean made a soft chuffing noise in her sleep and turned slightly towards him, making his heart contract in painful need. _I desperately want us to share the same bed one day...for always...please? I want to see you in the morning all bleary-eyed with bed head and morning'd still be beautiful to me. I want you to see that I love you for everything you are and aren't, I want you to stop being afraid of me and of how you feel. And damn it, I want you to havttertter timing! _ Scott leaned forward and captured a lock of Jean's red hair between his fingers, feeling it's silky texture and sliding it between his fingers. _I know you can at least feel me...I hope you remember this in the morning. When we come together, it will be just us, no one driving either one of us...I can take cold showers until then. The first time, at Christmas, was so pure and abandoned...I know it won't be like that every time, but I want it to at least be honest every time... _ Unable to contain himself any longer, Scott pressed a tender kiss to the corner of Jean's mouth and inhaled deeply of her scent, faintly that of toothpaste and soap, a tinge of her ever present peach scent lingering on her flesh. _I love you _ , he thought, then, as an afterthought, whispered in her ear, "for always." As silently as he had entered, Scott let himself out of the room, unaware of Jean's slow blink behind him.

Kurt was curled into a dark ball in the middle of a dark bed, almost impossible for Kitty to see if she had not had much experience looking for her boyfriend in the dark. She had phased into the room and was moving silently as the cat that was her namesake, dodging a book bag and a stack of what she knew to be Fangoria3 magazines. Kurt was unaware of her presence, at least outwardly, as she waved by the bed. She stared down at his form and sighed, wishing that he would wake up and open his arms to her, make love to her and let her see that she was not only alive but capable of making someone else feel their own vibrant energy through her actions. He snuffled into the pillow under his face and rolled onto his back, his tail flopping out to tap idly against the mattress in anolenolent gesture, indicating his dream-time. Kitty bit her lip and crawled delicately into bed, pausing to make sure Kurt did not awaken. With small, slow movements, Kitty eased beneath the covers and shuddered at Kurt's radiant warmth. _I'm going to have to take him to bed with me more often come room is always so cold then... _ Kitty held still as Kurt murmured in his sleep, her limited German picking out the words for sleep and goose. _What the Hell is Fuzzy dreaming about? _ Smiling at the image creeping into her mind of Kurt surrounded by geese, Kitty let one arm slide around Kurt's waist, resting on his chest where she could feel his normally rapid heartbeat beneath her fingers. Kurt tensed, then sighed, still sleeping. Kitty took the opportunity and scooted closer, pressing her body full length against what she could of his. Kurt sighed against and unconsciously laced his fingers with hers where they rested against his fur. "Ich Liebe dich."
"Me, too, Fuzzy. Me, too." Kitty whispered into his fur. She closed her eyes, the feeling of sleep creeping over her. _Just a little nap...I just need to feel him near me. He won't mind... _

"Where you goin', chere?" Remy's low voice rumbled in Jubilee's ear as his arm, tight as an iron band, held her to his bare chest.
"I've got to pee, Gumbo...lemme go!" she whispered in the dark. Remy's sheets were tangled about her legs and sweat was drying on her back, making her stick to her lover.
"You sure you ain't runnin' off?" he whispered back. He kissed Jubilee's bare shoulder, his stubble making sharp contrast with his soft kiss.
"I'm sure," she said quietly. _Damn...he can read my mind! _ He let go his hold and Jubilee scooted from the bed, naked as a jaybird, and trotted to the bathroom. She made sure the door was shut before turning on the light, the sound of Remy shifting in the bed letting her know that he had turned in hopes of a glimpse of her nude form in the bathroom's light. She peered in the mirror, critical of her smudged eye makeup and disheveled hair. _Three hours of sex will do that to you... _ Memories of the recent past came flooding back, making Jubilee turn cherry-pink in shy reaction. _I had no idea you could do most of those things in bed...He should write a book! _ Finishing what she had come in the bathroom to do, Jubilee washed her hands and took one final look in the mirror. _I guess I'm okay...Not great...okay... _ Her body felt electric since Remy had made her cry his name so many times; she felt alive, down to her very soul. And, true to his word, he had made her feel cherished and adored, taking possession of her body and heart in so many ways, making her shy and uncertain in so many wonderful ways that she had forgotten she was not a virgin, this feeling like what she had imagined her first time should feel like. With a final sigh, Jubilee shut off the light and padded back to bed. "Scoot over, Cajun," she whispered and he complied.
"You sleep here tonight, chere?" he asked almost pleadingly.
"If we get caught..."
"Remy got de mos' amazin' luck, cherie. We not get caught." His assurance was punctuated with a nibble on her earlobe and she giggled in the dark. "You be tinkin' dat funny, ma chou?"
"I'm not your cabbage, Remy!" she snapped playfully. "Now, if you don't let me sleep, no nookie for you tomorrow."
After a noticeable pause, Remy murmured, "Tell you what, I promise to let you sleep if you promise to never say "Nookie" again..."
Jubilee burst out laughing and nodded happily. "You got it, Gumbo..."

Logan was sipping the last of his beer, propped against the jeep in the garage with the door open to the night air. With a final guzzle, he chucked the empty can into the waste bin and stood, popping his back as he stretched in tiredness. _Must be getting old...Even the metal bits are sore. _ A rustle from the driveway snapped his eyes forward and he growled low, hands clenched and ready to pop claws if need be. _If this is a damned raccoon, I'm gonna gut it on principle... _ A white form materialized out of the night, Storm's silver hair gleaming in the yellow light of the garage. " 'Ro," he muttered, relaxing but still glaring.
"Logan," she said tiredly. "Is Charles still awake?"
"What'd you find?" He jerked his head in direction of the door and let her take the lead, lowering the garage door in the meantime. "And where's the jet? Didn't hear it land..."
She looked mildly startled before answering. "I had to leave it hidden...I know where Magneto kept Kitty and I think I know where her cousin is..."
"Really? Done better than me by half..." They were in the kitchen and Logan had picked up a strange scent. He stepped close to Storm and made no secret of inhaling deeply.
She looked steadily at the man and calmly said "I've been inside Magneto's lair for over half a day...of course I smell strange."
"If you say so..." Logan growled but lead her out of the room, parting at the stairs. "I'm going to see Hank about that syringe thing. Chuck might be in his upstairs study if he's still up..." With a mildly suspicious salute, he left Storm on the stairs. The woman who looked like Storm smiled faintly then, eyes flashing briefly yellow before she maer wer way up the stairs.

1 Famous fictional detective.
2 The base system for those who don't know: first is kissing, second is feeling up above the waist, third is below the waist and Home is
3 Horror movie mag. Kinda cool.

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