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rolled her neck and grimaced at the inane music blaring from a boom box set on
the bleachers. Used to love free
period until the damned drill team took over the gym for practice. Several scantily-dressed girls, all with
their hair in tight, high ponytails, lingered near the source of the music
while a few more stretched and practiced dance moves near the pile of tumbling
mats. Jubilee shook her head and tried
her beam routine again; technically, the gym was open during free period for
all those who wished to use it, but Jubilee had been alone in there since fall
semester. After Spring Break, the drill
team had decided to start practicing in there during the open time, ostensibly
because the weather was growing too warm for outdoors practice but Jubilee had
a sneaking suspicion it had to do with Kurt also using the gym during that
time, usually working on the rings. Kitty’s
got it good…damn. Wonder what Remy
looks like in a tank top… Jubilee
bobbled her landing and mentally cursed herself for losing concentration. Kurt, even with his holo on, looked good,
she realized. He paid no mind to the
drill team, or even his friend on the beam, for that matter. He was putting himself through a rigorous
set of exercises on the hanging rings, sweat dripping down his back and matting
the fur hidden under his illusion. How
the Hell does he get through last period all sweaty? I feel gross just thinking about it! Jubilee had to at least
rinse off after these sixth period sessions, and even with that she took a
thorough shower when she got back to the mansion. With a self-deprecating sigh, the arched herself into a backbend
to work out the kinks and promptly feel flat on her rear. A smiling, red-eyed face peered at her from
a considerable height. “What the Hell
are you doing here?” Jubilee twisted
herself to her feet, never taking her
eyes off of Remy. She heard Kurt falter
on the rings and knew then that she was not hallucinating—If Kurt sees him,
he must really be here…

“Jus’ come
to see you, chere.” Remy shrugged in
feigned nonchalance, one eye on the two drill team girls who were edging
closer. “I tell de receptionist dat I
be yo’ brudder et I gots a ‘portant message pour vous…”

“My brother? I’m CHINESE!” Jubilee let out a low growl and fisted her hands in her
hair. “That does it. Now I know that Miss Ibsen’s gone around the

“Quoi?” Remy stepped closer to Jubilee, making it
clear in his body language that no, girls, he was most certainly not interested
in them. The drill team girls stood
their ground, about ten feet away from Remy and Jubilee, making the Cajun raise
his brow in admiration. Dese high
school girls, dey be pernicious, eh?

Ibsen,” Jubilee waved a dismissive hand, “she’s the secretary. She tried to photocopy a floppy disk the
other day because Principal Kelly said he needed fifty copies of a memo made
for a board meeting.”

“De disk?
Not a print-out?”

disk…” Jubilee sighed “And she thinks
you’re my brother?”

she jus’ see dat my heart be pure et my intentions be ‘onorable, eh?” Remy winked at her and Jubilee felt her
insides flip over once before she regained control.

“What’d you
want? You come down here and throw me
off my groove, you got the Whore Corps[1]
all a flutter, and I think Kurt is pissed that you made him bobble.”

“He do
what?” Remy was not sure he wanted to
be part of any bobbling—it sounded dirty, and not in a good way.

up—I heard him jump the rings when he saw you.
He hates doing that…” Jubilee
craned to see Kurt; he was hanging in an Iron Cross, a difficult posture that
required great upper body strength. She
spared a mental “wuff” for Kitty and turned her attention back to Remy, only
slightly reluctantly.

“He worry
too much….” Remy sighed. “I come to see
you, chere, cuz I be tinkin’ our date, it not end well and mebbe dat why you
avoidin’ me…”

He sounded
so sad and hopeful that Jubilee almost told him that yeah, that was why she had
been avoiding him, but she knew that he would see through her deception. Instead, she chewed her lower lip and
focused on the broad expanse of black-clad chest before her. Remy heaved a deep, theatrical breath and
she knew she had to say something, anything.
“Okay, it’s like this…” Jubilee looked around and saw the drill team
divided between ogling Remy and ogling Kurt.
“Fuck. No privacy here. Just a sec.” She jogged into the girls’ locker room and grabbed her back pack
and pile of clothes. I’ll change
later…get this out in the open first.
Remy was still waiting for her where she had left him, the four drill
team girls creeping slowly closer and giving Jubilee the impression of sharks
scenting fresh blood. “Follow me,” she
demanded, turning on her heel without sparing a backwards glance to the other
occupants of the gym. Remy followed her
closely, close enough that she could hear his footfall even over the sound of
the bubble gum-synth pop blaring out of the radio. Why does he have to smell so damned good? Jubilee had not figured out what cologne
Remy wore, only that it was subtle and made her drool. She swung the metal door leading to the
faculty parking lot open and blinked at the white-bright sun that glared off of
several cars.

“Watch out,
p’tite…” Remy murmured, bumping into her and accidentally-on-purpose brushing
her breast with his hand.

practically leapt away and spun to face him.
“Watch it, mister! I just didn’t
want an audience for our conversation.”

Remy guess—you don’ wanna see him ‘gin et you be tinkin’ dat dis be a mistake…
Remy hear dis all afore from you, chere.”

gritted her teeth, feeling contrary.
“Actually, Gumbo, what I wanted to say was that I still love you, I want
you bad and I’d take you right here and now if I knew we wouldn’t get caught.” She
regretted her words as soon as she had said them. Remy stood stock-still but he vibrated with pent up energy,
staring holes into Jubilee’s own eyes.
His sunglasses were pushed up on his head, making his hair stand out at
crazy angles, she noted absently. “Um,
let me rephrase that…”

chere, I know you be sarcastic. Mais I don’
tink you be realizin’ how true your words be, eh? You not say dese tings unless you want ‘em to be true…” Remy forced himself to relax for her benefit
and rubbed a hand over his stubbled chin before continuing. “Now you hear me out, p’tite. I jus’ wan’ a see you cuz I been tinkin’
bout our date et I wanna make it up to ya.”

“Huh?” Her head spun crazily. “Remy, you mean to tell me you came to
school just to ask me out on a second date?”
Jubilee shook her head in frustration, pressing the heels of her hands
to her eyes.

“No, chere,
I not be here to ask you on a second date…” Remy gently pried her hands away
from her face and tilted her chin so that she was looking him in the eyes. “I come here to take you on a second

Jubilee gasped. Remy was tugging her
hands, walking backwards towards the edge of the parking lot. “Remy, I can’t jleavleave school!”

not? Dat lady be tinkin’ you wit your
brudder et she prolly forget I even come here by now. If’n you get yell at, jus’ say you had girl trouble or
sumthin’.” They had reached the edge of
the lot and Remy paused to gain his orientation. “C’mon.”

Jubilee was
faintly embarrassed at Remy’s menstruation comment but decided not to show
it. Take a different tack…”I’m
not dressed for a date! I’m all
sweaty!” She pulled mightily against
his grip and failed to break it.

“Chere!” He
sounded exasperated. “You lookin’ more den fine for where we be goin’. Hien…in
the car!” They had reached the jeep and
Remy pulled the door open like a gentleman, offering a courtly bow as Jubilee
paused to give him the fisheye. “C’mon
den—don’ wanna get caught ,eh?”

sure…” Jubilee was resigned to this
adventure and threw her belongings in the jeep ahead of her. Once she was securely fastened in the
seatbelt, Remy rounded the car and slid into the driver’s seat, making no
secret of the face he was enjoy the expanse of thigh she was revealing in her
gym shorts. “Watch it!” she hissed,
tugging at the hem of her gym shirt uselessly. Remy merely smirked and started the engine, the radio blaring to
life as he backed out of the parking space.
Jubilee sank low in the seat as they passed the front of the school to
avoid being seen by anyone who might be lurking outside for just such a purpose,
elbowing Remy sharply in the ribs when he chuckled at her antics.

“What? I jus’ be laughin’ cuz you cute when you try
an’ be all sneaky.”

Thief. I can be sneaky as Hell when I
need to be. Tons of people in LA are
still wondering where the fuck their shit went cause I’m so damned sneaky!”
Remy had hit a point of honor with Jubilee—everything having to do with her
thieving skills were things Jubilee was proud of and prized above any other
ability she might have.

“You know
disun nun not be meanin’ disrespect to ya, p’tite…” Remy sighed and swung the
car out onto the main street of Bayville.
“Dis date not be startin’ well, eh?”

let’s see…I’m shanghai’d from school, ogled, made fun tell me.” Jubilee crossed her arms and pouted, staring
resolutely out the window at the trees whipping by. “Going fast, aren’t you?”

“Me or de

“The car,
smart ass.”

“Ah, well,
we don’ wanna be late. We on a time
frame, cherie.” Remy smiled slightly as
Jubilee tensed in interest. “Non, I not
be tellin’ you where we goin’.” She
sagged again and he chuckled softly.

“Fine. Be that way.” She would not readily admit it, but Jubilee was getting
excited. She felt like he was sweeping
her off her feet, something that never happened in her life. Okay, so I’m all sweaty and gross. He likes me anyway, right? That’s good. Jubilee tapped her fingers to the song and they rode in
comfortable silence until Remy turned down a familiar street. “Remy? Are we going home?” Horror tinged her voice. Great.
I’m gonna fucking get busted for ditching.

why we be on a tight schedule, chere. Nobody here ‘cept me, you, and
Amara. She be in her room, we be in

“NO!” Jubilee’s eyes flashed fire at Remy then,
making him wonder if this was such a good idea after all. “Your room is a bad idea!”

dere be no where else for dis…” Remy
sighed and waited for the gate to admit them onto the grounds. “I not be takin’ advantage, d’accord?[2]”

“How can I
be so sure?” Her eyes narrowed

honor?” he chanced. Jubilee stared hard
at him for a long moment, only nodding in agreement when he pulled into the
garage. Jubilee rolled her eyes when he
slid across the hood to reach her door before she could open it, acceaccepted
his hand nonetheless, trailing her belongings behind her one-handed.

“So what
are we going to do?” She whispered,
paranoid that someone might have come home, someone might be listening.

chere—it be a surprise…” Remy led her
through the kitchen and up the stairs with nary a word. When they reached his bedroom door, Remy
stopped and faced her, a sly smile playing over his features. “Close yo’ eyes.”


don’ argue for once, eh? Jus’ do
it!” Jubilee let out a sharp huff of
air but complied. “Keep ‘em
closed!” She heard the door open, it’s
edge scraping across the carpet. The
first thing she noticed was the warm draft of air washing over her, smelling
faintly of candle wax and bayberries. That’s
what he smells like, she realized, bayberries.[3] Remy led her carefully into the room and the
door was closed. She had the impression
of dim light and flickering, letting her know a candle was lit nearby. Remy muttered under his breath and fiddled
with something before rejoining Jubilee.
He lifted her hand to his lips and she shuddered as his lips skimmed her
knuckles. “Open yo’ eyes, p’tite.”

squeezed her lids tight for a brief moment before steeling herself and opening
her eyes. The first thing she saw was
not one candle, but dozens. It reminded
her of a church, candles on every flat surface, dripping stalagtites of wax
down their sides and sending wafts of aroma through the room. Remy stood next to and behind her, anxiously
waiting for her reaction as she saw the small table he had set up, a dozen
roses in what was undoubtedly Storm’s vase taking up most of the space on the
small surface. “Oh…” Jubilee’s hand went to her lips
unconsciously. “Oh…”

“Dat be
good?” Remy frowned; Jubilee was
staring agape at the roses, an expression that he took for displeasure.

yeah…” Jubilee turned to him, her face
flushed with emotion. “Remy, this is
all…” she shook her head and made a
fluttering motion with her hands, letting her book bag and pile of clothes
drop. “Wow.”

“Ah. Well
den. Glad you like it, cherie.” Remy motioned for her to sit on the
bed. “I, ah, forgot to be getting’ de

smirked. “Knew you weren’t
perfect…” She scooted back against the headboard
and Remy made a face, removing his glasses as he bent ovhe the table, fussing
with a small tray half-hidden behind the roses. “What’re you doing?”

“Chere,” he
sighed, “You know you make it awful hard to be romantic when all you do is ask
Remy questions.”

sorry…Get over it, though.” Jubilee
settled herself, tucking her knees under her chin and watching his movements
with mild carnal interest.

“I tryin’,
p’tite, I tryin’…” Remy hid his smile when the slight girl made a noise of indignation. “D’accord.”
With catlike movements, Remy moved to the bed, hiding the tray behind
his back. “You seem to like dese de
odder day…” He knelt beside her on the bed, making the mattress shift and dip
so that Jubilee was now closer to him than was strictly comfortable. He held a tray of strawberries dipped in
chocolate and she flushed red in memory of what eating them had led to.

“Um…” She cast about for an appropriate response
but was saved from verbal flailing when Remy set the tray down and popped the
first berry into his own mouth. “Ah.”

eh?” he murmured, nudging the tray
towards her. Jubilee smiled slightly
and took a smaller berry, savoring the cool feel of the delicacy against her
lips for a brief moment before biting into it.
She licked he trickle of juice from her lower lip and felt a tingle of
satisfaction as Remy’s mouth tensed in reaction.

“So, you
kidnapped me to eat strawberries?”

be such a harsh word, chere…” Remy grinned, selecting another strawberry and
swirling his tongue around the tapered end obsecenely.

swallowed hard, her eyes riveted to Remy’s lips. “Liberated?”

“Mmmm. I like that much better.” With graceful movements, he rearranged
himself so that he was lying on his side, propped on an elbow, next to
Jubilee. “I jus’ be tinkin’ dat mebbe
we kin spend some time together afore we get all…”

She suggested, fingering a large berry somewhat absently.

“Belike. I was gonna say afore we get interrupted by
everyone else…”

Jamie. “Hmmmm.”
Jubilee saw how Remy’s eyes followed her fingers as they traced circles
on the melting chocolate on the berry.
A wicked idea formed then…He’s had the upper hand so far, hasn’t
he? Well, welcome to the new century,
baby. Women’s lib in full effect. Jubilee affected nonchalance and licked her
finger clean, making a yummy noise as she picked up the now-gooey berry,
chocolate melted from the heat of her fingers.
“These are good…” She
licked the coating off the berry with slow laps of her tongue, still pretending
that she was acting in all innocence.
The strawberry that Remy had been holding dropped from his fingers and
rolled toward her, but neither moved to pick it up. Taking a bite of the strawberry, Jubilee let the juice stain her
lips and trickle down her chin before scooping it up with one finger. “Aren’t you going to have any?” She held out her sticky finger to Remy, who
had gone very, very still. His eyes
flared with desire and Jubilee could see the trembling in his hands that
indicated how tightly he was holding on to his self control.

like dis, chere,” he finally managed.
His voice was strong and even, but Jubilee could tell he was holding
something in check.

you talking about?” Jubilee made her
eyes wide and her lips slightly parted, a look she knew men fell for because it
projected innocence.

he all but groaned, “I know what you playin’ at….I play dis game, too,
oui?” Remy shoved the tray to one side,
taking the rogue strawberry with it.
Jubilee felt her moue slide into a frown as her took her hands in his
and rubbed his thumbs in small caresses across her fingers. “You don’ have to be like dis wid me.”


“Seductive…” He pulled her back before she could roll
away in anger. “I unnerstan’ dat dis be
how you tink love be, mais ce n’est pas vrai.[4]”

“What do
you mean? I’m not playing any game!”
Jubilee felt her eyes sting with shame.
Remy would not let go of her hands and he was gazing at her with raw
emotion and demanding answers. “Remy,

“Chere,” he
said quietly, “calm down…I not be mad at you. I jus’ want you to know dat, when
you ready, you come to me as yo’self, not dis sex kitten.”


and bein’ seductive…” he trailed off, his eyes involuntarily seeking her lips.

“Remy,” she
said carefully, “you ever think that maybe I’m doing that because I want you to
want me?”

“Cherie, I
can’t want you more’n I want you now…”
Remy closed his eyes in an uncharacteristic show of weakness.

“Right now,
you just want me for sex. I mean want
me.” Jubilee took a long, shaking
breath before continuing. “Remy, I’ve
told you I love you before and I know you haven’t said it back. I don’t want you to if you don’t mean
it.” She pressed a finger to his lips
to stem his flow of words, though the contact made her nether regions flood
with warmth.

“Chere, I
never say nothin’ I don’ mean.” His lips moved against her finger and, despite
his own inner protests, he tilted his head so that her finger slid into his
mouth. He suckled gently, enjoying the
way her eyes widened then became hooded as he laved her finger with his tongue
briefly and slid it out of his mouth.
“Nothin’.” Jubilee stared at him
dumbly, the wind out of her sails. Remy
leaned in close, his lips close enough to her ear that she could feel the
stubble of his chin brush her skin.
“Soon, chere, soon…” Neither was
sure if he meant their lovemaking or his declaration.

There was a
sudden popping noise and the smell of sulfur.
“Katzchen…where…seen?” Kurt was out of breath and shaking hard. Jubilee rolled to her feet in an instant.

you on about, Kurt?”

gone! She wasn’t in class this
afternoon and no one’s seen her since lunch!”
Kurt dissolved into German babble, allowing Jubilee to lead him from the

“C’mon. Let’s go see Beast and get you calmed
down…” she gave Remy one last, linger
look before disappearing out the door with the blue mutant.

Remy sighed
to himself, fear rising in his breast mingling with the lust that lingered
there. Held hld hear raised voices and
pounding footsteps outside his room. Kitty
prolly jus’ gone on a walk or somethin’… Blowing out the candles and
fingering the roses, Remy repeated this thought over and over, finally
realizing that he would never convince himself that Kitty was gone of her own


He found
the rest of the mutants by following the silence. They were gathered in the study, Kurt huddled against Jubilee
still, twisting his tail in his hands and shaking in fear. The Professor nodded to Remy and motioned
for the Cajun to take a seat. “We have
a problem, students. It seems that Kitty is missing.” Kurt made a strangled
noise and the Professor paused for a moment before continuing. “She never showed up for her afternoon
classes and she was not waiting after school for her ride… Kurt says that the
last person he saw her with was Principal Kelly, but according to the assistant
principal, Mr. Kelly left school at lunch today after a sudden bout of food
poisoning. This does not match with
Kurt’s eyewitness account.” There was a
murmur of panic through the students as the Professor closed his eyes,
seemingly collecting his thoughts.
“Where is Lance?”

“He said
something about stopping by the boardinghouse to pick up some things,” Bobby

“You don’t
think he…” Kurt asked faintly.

“No, I
don’t.” The Professor was firm in his statement and Kurt felt compelled to
believe the man. “When he returns, we
break up into groups and search for Kitty.
I have spoken with the police and they are starting a search even as we
speak.” The Professor did not add that
the officer he spoke with offered disheartening statistics based on the length
of time Kitty had seemingly been missing.
The chances of her being found alive narrowed with each passing hour if
this was, as the officer put it, “a garden variety kidnapping.” Kurt was murmuring to Jubilee, who was
trying her best to soothe him but looking panicked at the responsibility. “Kurt,” the Professor said softly, “we will
find her. She will be safe.” Lord
love a liar.

Katzchen will be safe……”



[1] Sorry to all
you drill team girls out there. When Is ins in high school, we called the drill team that because they had rather loose
morals, the lot of ‘em…


[3] I have no
idea why, but for some reasonlwaylways figured Remy would smell like
bayberries. Kind of sexy and earthy
without being corporate or flaky.

[4] It’s not

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