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Kitty snuffled into her blanket, unaware for a brief moment just where she was. A blink brought the scene into focus: she was face-down on her own bed, the room was dark, and her mouth felt like something had crawled into it and died. Making a grimace of disgust, she rolled to see her clock and noted that it was just after ten thirty and she had been asleep for around two hours. Rubbing at her eyes with the back of one sleep-ting hng hand, Kitty forced herself to stagger to the bathroom and leaned heavily on tink ink as she brushed her teeth, not even bothering to turn on the light as she did so. Wiping the last traces of mint paste from her mouth, Kitty slowly walked into her bedroom and stared at the bed. _Kurt didn't come in when he and Astrid got back...I would have woken up. _ Kitty sniffed once more, sleep slowly clearing from her brain, the feel of her street clothes suddenly too heavy on her still-tired body. With a subtle sigh, she phased through her clothes, wincing only slightly with residual weakness from her ordeal, and stepped to her dresser to fish out her nightshirt, the one she knew Kurt thought was cute. _If he won't come to me, I'll go to him. Can't sleep without telling him goodnight...well, not sleep well, anyway! _ Bracing herself, she phased through the door with minimal aftereffects and padded down the hall on bare feet towards Kurt's room. She listened carefully at the door and, hearing no sound from within, assumed that he was asleep. She passed through the door silently, thankful that the dizziness seemed to lessen with each successful phase. Kurt was a lump under the covers, breathing evenly and softly. Kitty smiled and tip-toed to the bed, pausing only when she was close enough to see him clearly in the dim light shining through the window. "Kurt?" she whispered. He stirred and, without even opening his eyes, lifted the edge of the blanket for her to slip underneath. Her heart tugging almost painfully, Kitty crawled into bed beside him, Kurt's warmth hitting her like a wave as she snuggled close. Kurt snorted in his sleep and wrapped his arm around her waist and his tail around her leg, pulling her close as he could.
"Katzchen," he muttered into her hair.
"That's me..." she whispered back, pressing her hands against his chest and inhaling deeply, reveling in the scent of his fur and skin, how warm he was, seemto tto take the chill out of her soul that had settled there of late.
Kurt came more awake then, blinking in the dark. His arm tightened around her and his tail tickles her ankle as he murmured "What are you doing here, Schatz?"
"Saying good night Ki Kitty said softly, kissing the hollow of his throat so close to her lips. "And hello..." She kissed him again and murmured plaintively "You didn't say goodnight when you came back!" Kitty kissed his Adam's apple then, letting her tongue dart out in a tiny lick.
"Um, maybe that's not a good idea..." Kurt tried to pull away, only succeeding in pulling Kitty with him with his tail around her leg. When she pouted, he explained, "Mama wanted to go right to bed...she's leaving day after tomorrow, you know."
"So soon?" Kitty made a moue and pressed closer, not able to get enough of Kurt.
"She said...Kitty! Stop that!" Kurt gently batted at her questing hands, Kitty's fingers twining in the short fur on his chest, sending delicious chills down his spine. "She said that she had to get back, that Papa would burn down the house if she left him alone too long..."
Kitty chuckled, tangling her fingers with Kurt's then, pressing her knuckles against his breastbone. "I'll miss her...she's like the Shadow,1 comes in when there's trouble then swoops off into the night when all's well..." Kitty brought Kurt's fingers to her lips and kissed his fingers lightly.
Kurt closed his eyes, Kitty's breath teasing his skin. "She said she wants me to come home for Christmas." Kurt could not help himself; as Kitty rubbed her cheek on his knuckles, his tail slid sinuously up her leg, squeezing and tickling it's length as he moved upwards.
"Are you going?" she breathed. Kurt's tail was sending rather interesting sensations through her body, feelings she did not want to ignore. Secretly, Kitty dreaded the rejection she feared was coming should she dare suggest what she was wanting.
"Probably." Kurt suppressed a shudder before continuing. "It'd be for the entire winter break."
"I'll miss you..." Kitty sighed and relaxed against her boyfriend, sliding the leg his tail was caressing forward, forcing Kurt to part his knees and twine their limbs together.
"Come with me, Katzchen." Kurt felt himself flush at his impromptu suggestion. He knew his mother would never forgive him if he did not invite Kitty, and his father had been going on and on with each letter about how he felt left out, not meeting his only son's true-love.
Kitty felt her eyes widen. It was not a question of whether or not they would be together-she knew that they would-but whether or not she cold face an onslaught of Wagners, Kurt multiplied. "Ah...I...well, that's a long way away..."
Kurt sighed sadly. "Liebes, Mama loves you to death and Papa is dying to meet you. Come with me..."
Kitty pressed her eyes shut and chewed her lip for a moment. "Well, it's over seven months away..." she murmured. Kurt drew in a breath to protest but Kitty cut him off with a sigh. "I'll say that I'll go...It's not like I have family to go home to myself."
Kurt tapped her knee with his tail tip. "Of course you do. Your family is _here _ now, Schatz." He pressed a tender kiss to her forehead and Kitty sighed happily. "Ich liebe dich."
"You're going to have to teach me more German..." Kitty wriggled against him and felt unmistakable proof that her proximity was affecting him. "Want to review our first lesson?" She grinned slyly at him and was met with an apprehensive look. "Please?"
"Katzchen! It's not..."
"Kurt, with all due respect," she said, cutting him short, "_fuck _ my birthday!" She kissed him fervently then, teasing his lips with the very tip of her tongue, pressing her entire body along his. Kurt moaned and started to pull away but she pressed onward, sucking his lower lip gently as her hands took a downward course, raking her nails softly along his back and ending at the base of his tail, increasing the pressure but never causing pain.
"Kitty," he said raggedly. "Not...not tonight..."
"Why not?" She knew she sounded petulant but she did not care.
Kurt took several deep breaths. "No birth control..." he said, seizing the first reason that swam to the surface.
Kitty's lips curved seductively. "I have something..." With another lingering kiss, spanning nearly a minute, she pulled away from Kurt and darted from the room.
Kurt rolled onto his back and stared glassily at the ceiling, brain scrambling for reasons that this was a bad idea, why they had to wait until her birthday. _Verdammte state laws... _ Kitty's silent arrival and bounce on the bed by way of greeting made his heart lurch in anticipation. "Katzchen, you're emotionally hurt right need rest..." he reasoned, his heart picking up speed to something close to terminal velocity.
Kitty shook her head gently in the dark. "I think I know what I need, and it sure as Hell isn't rest." She held up one hand, a small packet evident. "Birth control."
"I thought you were allergic to condoms," he said, a moment of clarity shafting through the lust in his mind.
"Better than condoms...well, sort of. Film."
"Huh?" A brief flash of Kitty and a camera entertained Kurt but he stowed it away for later. _Much later... _
Kitty rattled the box and shifted to sit on the edge of the bed. "It's, like, this film stuff that you, um...I, put inside... You have to wait for, like, ten minutes, but after that it's good for half an hour before I have to put in more..."
Kurt felt his brows quirk. _"Inside?" _ He propped himself up on one elbow and tried to peer at the contents of the box but Kitty angled herself so as to block his line of sight.
"It dissolves." Kitty edged away from Kurt's searching fingers and stood, eyeing his bathroom door sheepishly. "Um, be right back..."
Kurt sighed. "Kitty, I've seen you touch yourself..."
"Still!" Kitty tossed her head back in futility. "Fine, fine..." She sat back down and leaned against Kurt's comforting solidity. "So you're warming to the idea, huh?"
Kurt kissed her shoulder through the thin t-shirt she wore. "I still want to wait, in my mind, but my heart and...other bits...want you so badly...right" He punctuated his words with tiny kisses. Kitty murmured wordlessly and settled more firmly against his stomach. Kurt's hands crept around her and kneading the soft flesh of her stomach, sending small shocks of pleasure to her thighs and groin. His arousal pressed into the small of her back and Kitty felt a wash of happiness at the certainty of what was to be. "Katzchen...I think you, you"
Kitty nodded and scooted forward. "Don't look!" She made a face when Kurt made a noise of exasperation but she refused to do anything until he turned to lay on his stomach, pressing his face into the pillow. Kitty struggled momentarily with the thin piece of film, dropping the wrapping onto Kurt's nightstand. Folding it as per directions, she cursed lightly when it stuck to her fingers before she was able to manipulate it properly. On her back with her knees bent, Kitty closed her eyes and chewed her lip as she deposited the film where it needed to go, only feeling a little embarrassed at doing so with Kurt bare inches away. "Okay...Ten minutes."
Kurt chuckled briefly. "Mark and set..." He rolled back to face her, finding her on her side and facing him already. Resting a hand on her hip, Kurt murmured "I would really like to wait..."
"Kurt, please?" Kitty tipped her chin towards him and Kurt groaned inwardly-he knew he was lost to all other reason at that moment in time. Sinking his hands into her hair, Kurt pulled Kitty into a deep kiss, full of wanting and need, rolling her slowly onto her back, edging his knee between her thighs as his tail moved upwards to caress her throat. Kitty sighed into his mouth and slid her tongue over his, tasting him as he did her. "Baby..." she murmured when he came up for air. "I want you so badly that it hurts!"
Kurt made a feral noise in his throat and prised her lips apart with his tongue yet again, nipping at her with his fangs. Using his tail, he edged her nightshirt up until it rested just beneath her breasts; an upward thrust of her hips drove home the fact she wore no underwear, Kurt's becoming painfully tight in that moment. Before he knew what she was about, she clasped her hands around his biceps and he felt a tug and shimmering sensation, finding himself naked in an instant. "Was..."
"Phasing's back online," she murmured, ducking her head to one side to capture his earlobe and nip sharply. "Useful, huh?"
"Mmmmm...." He forced her chin up with a nudge of his nose and Kitty willingly submitted to his acquisition of her body. Kitty's breasts pressed into his ribs and he murmured appreciatively at the feeling of her hardening nipples against his flesh. As he kissed her neckckincking the tender spots under her ears and along her throat, Kitty murmured encouragements and entreaties to please, please, please, now, now, now.... Kurt lost all track of the nonsense words she was uttering, the scent of her arousal teasing his nostrils and eradicating all thought but one: _I have to have her now... _ Kitty's legs wrapped around his waist, her hands kneading his muscular arms and back, pulling him closer to her center as he captured a pinkening nipple between his teeth. With a sharp, loud gasp, Kitty arched into him and Kurt growled, her moist heat brushing the tip of his erection. "Katzchen...can't wait..." he whispered against her breast.
"Good!" she answered, thrusting against him, teasing his arousal with her own. Kurt loomed over her then, capturing her wrists above her head in one of his hands. She cried wordlessly as Kurt braced himself with his free hand and pressed against her. Kitty arched again and his length slid partially into her opening, making them both gasp and groan at the feeling of sudden heat, filling need. Kurt released her hands and reached down to guide himself entirely into her, freeing Kitty to clutch his neck and back with desperate fingers, cries of pleasure echoing softly in Kurt's ears as the blood buzzed in his brain. Kitty was all he knew and all he could feel.
Kitty felt like a thousand butterflies were swirling all through her body. She had wanted this for so long, this closeness and completeness that could never be achieved by making out, no matter how heavy things got. She repeated his name over and over as Kurt filled her, caressing her skin with his breath and hands, his tail tracing intricate patterns up the inside of her calves. Soon she felt the hot melting sensation that signaled her peak and she tightened her legs around his waist. "Oh, close..." she gasped. He jerked his head to look at her, his eyes blazing with intensity in the gloaming of the room. "Kurt!" His name came out as a soft wail.
"Shhh...I'll get you there, Liebes," he murmured, sinking the tip of his fangs into the soft swell of her breasts, drawing a bead of blood as she bucked wildly against him, her nails leaving red marks beneath his fur. Kurt's tail snaked in between them and found the apex of her thighs, pressing firmly against her sensitive bud. Kitty thrashed in burgeoning ecstasy, waves of desire making her world blur with scarlet-gold clouds. Her internal muscles clenched around Kurt, making him hiss in a mix of pleasure and pain as his gyrations became more erratic. Kitty's wordless cry of climax, her rushing heat and wetness slicking her thighs and his fur threw Kurt over the precipice. Kurt howled into the curve of her neck as release overtook him, Kitty's internal contractions pulsing around his throbbing orgasm, making his eyes roll back in his head and the world fall away for seemingly ever, but really only a few seconds.
Shaking, they lay intertwined and heaving deep breaths on his bed, sweat-soaked sheets ignored for the moment as shaking fingers smoothed tousled hair and kiss-swollen lips sipped at each other. Finally, Kitty murmured, "Aren't you glad we didn't wait?"
Kurt smiled into her neck, his fingers finding the bite mark he had left on her breast and caressing it tenderly. "Honestly, yes...though now I don't know what to give you for your birthday..."
Kitty had opened her mouth to snap a smart response when a cry from downstairs made her words die in her throat. "No! You can't take him!"
Eyes wide, Kurt and Kitty knew who it was without asking: Amara.

"Let him go!"
"Princess, it's okay...I didn't do anything and all this is just a formality," Lance said in an attempt to be soothing. Jean held Amara back through sheer will, the smaller girl struggling against an invisible barrier. Scott and Remy looked on with a mix of consternation and curiosity.
"Was ist...oh..." Kurt padded to a halt on the stairs, fully aware of his blue and fuzzy state. "Hello, officer..."
"I knew this place was some kind of weird," the arresting office murmured. Kitty glared at him as he continued, "Mister Alvers is needed for questioning in town..."
Logan cleared his throat, looming menacingly from the study door. Just past him, Astrid was visible, her eyes seeking and finding Kurt's. "Could you question him here, bub?"
"That would be against procedure, sir," the officer said, turning to face Logan as he said this. Taking full measure of the man, the policeman hastily added, "but maybe we can break the rules this once..."
"Thought so..."
Amara snarled, "Lance didn't do anything! He's been with me all night!"
Lance winced-"Amara, calm down..." _Don't lie for me... _
"We'll just see about that..." The police officer led Lance into the study, Logan waving them in. In a line, the other mutants trailed in, unimpeded by Logan. In fact, Kitty noted as she passed, Logan was actually smiling...

A/N Okay, okay...S/J smut and other smutty bits and Astrid REALLY in the next chapter...I promise! This go they were too busy watching Kurt and Kitty...who desperately needed to get laid!

1 Old comic book character. Later made into a movie w/Alec Baldwin.

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