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Logan sighed heavas has he slid the car into park before the mansion's portico. He knew without having to be told that Kitty had hared off after Magneto on her strange quest for vengeance. He knew as surely as he knew his own heart. _She's mine, after whatever weird family dynamic we have here. She's my daughter and I know that she's on her own out there... _ Logan was torn between pride and terror-pride that she was independent and strong enough to take the initiative and terror because she was on her own, facing someone who could defeat even the powerful Wolverine, armed only with attitude and blind vengeance. Kurt was staring moodily out the passenger side window, chewing on his lower lip. He had not spoken since Astrid's plane took off except to murmur assent when Logan asked if he would like to go through the drive-thru for a burger and soda on the way home. Logan knew he would have to say something soon, before Kurt flew into a blind rage when he found Kitty missing. "Kid," he said gruffly, suddenly stuck for words.
"You know Kitty's strong willed, right?" Logan's hands flexed on the steering wheel, eyes fixed firmly on the air bag symbol.
Kurt turned slowly, eyes yellow pools in the dark car. "Of course." Face pinched from stress and sudden suspicion, he toyed with his dormant holo rather than look Logan directly in the eye. "What brings that up?"
_Well begun is half done. _ "I need to tell you something and you ain't gonna be happy. In fact, I can say with great certainty that you're gonna be pissed as Hell." Logan sighed again and half-turned to regard Kurt. "Now, don't tell anyone I'm telling you this, but I think you're a pretty...mature...guy. And I think you can handle what I'm going to say."
"Damn it, Herr Logan! Just tell me!" Kurt's hands were digging into the vinyl seats with frustration. He had a sinking feeling that the bottom was going to drop out of his world again, an occurrence that was becoming far too common of late.
"Fine. Kitty's gone off to find Magneto."
Kurt's breath hitched once then he fell silent. He was silent for so long that Logan very nearly reached over to check if he still breathed but Kurt's sudden head-shake startled him. "Vas?"
"I can say with great certainty that Haint int has gone off to find Magneto on her own. She was relatively alone, no one to stop her, so she took off...I know I would've."
Kurt slammed a fist into the dashboard, rattling the windows. "You're guessing, you have no idea!" he snarled. "Kitty wouldn't do that!"
Logan bit back a snarl of his own and replied as gently as he could, "You're right, I'm But I'd be willing to place money on it, Elf. Kitty's got a thirst for vengeance that's totally unlike her, and I know that something like that..." He shook his head. "Kid, I've had that thirst before, for lesser things that what Kitty's had thrown at her. It's hard to ignore...damn near impossible."
Kurt brought his face as close to Logan's as he dared. "If she's gone...if...we find her, ja?"
"Of course, Kid....what kind of father do you take me for?"

Remy is useless as tit a b a boar hog.1 Rogue chewed her thumbnail in consternation, pacing in the hall outside the library. Scott had told her to wait until he was done with his project, which, as far as Rogue could tell, was making time with Jean. Remy had vanished into Jubilee's room twenty minutes ago, mere minutes after they emerged from his room, with the promise that he'd "be out in jus' a sec, chere...". _Bastard Cajun hormones... Fuck it. They're out of the loop. I have to find Kitty myself. She and I can come up with a plan without the boys. Chowderheads. _ She could hear Scott's low murmur from behind the door and she sent a glare his direction. "Stupid boys," she spat.
"Um, that go for all of us?" Todd had scarcely dared to speak as Rogue paced the hall; he had hidden, crouched in the shadows where the walls formed a corner, his dark coloring and still nature making him all but undetectable.
"'re alright." Rogue managed a crooked grin and stopped her pacing. "What're you doing?"
"Lurking." Todd managed a few tentative steps towards his girlfriend _(She's mine, isn't she? Is she?) _
"Why?" Rogue closed the distance, coming as close to Todd as she could without actually touching him, realizing belatedly that she had left her gloves on the table in the library when she had gone in to talk to Scott. She folded her hands behind her back and tilted her chin at him quizzically. "Checking on me?" _Todd a p a protective streak...kinda cute... _
"No!" he blurted, flushing pink beneath his olive tones. "I mean...maybe. Kinda. Damn it!" He hurtled himself back into the corner and crouched into a ball, glaring at his knees. "Never mind!" _No way in Hell am I gonna tell her I'm jealous of Remy. Never ever ever ever ever ever ever. _
Rogue twisted her fingers into a knot behind her back, fighting her natural impulse to shake Todd for being stupid. "Look, if you want to do this whole girlfriend-boyfriend thing, you're gonna have to tell me stuff. Stop hiding like I'm gonna hit you or something!"
"Everyone else does..."
"I'm not Lance, I'm not Pietro-ugh-and this ain't the Boardinghouse. If you're gonna be here and if you're gonna be with me, then you'd better stop holding it all in." Rogue sank into a half-lotus position before Todd's crouched posture and stared steadily at him. "I keep secrets, too, but I don't hold it all in until I want to pop, ya know?"
Todd chanced a glance at her and was floored once again by the fact someone like Rogue wanted to be with someone like him, had done things with someone like him. "Why do you like me?"
"Huh?" Of all the responses Rogue had been expecting, that question was not one of them.
Todd shifted slightly to better look at Rogue and he stared openly, eyes hungrily taking in her skin, her hair, her body, her everything. "Why. Do. You. Like. Me?" he asked clearly, enunciating as if she were simple.
"I" It was Rogue's turn to flush, averting her gaze from Todd's piercing green eyes. From his stony silence, she knew that her answer was no whnearnear good enough. "Fine, fine... I'm all about being out in the open and how can I expect you to be honest with me if I get all gun shy, huh?" She took a calming breath and forced herself to face him steadily. "I like you because you don't force me to. I like you because you know what it's like for people to avoid you. I like you because you actually want to touch me for the sake of touching me, not because it's a thrill or because you covet me."
"Covet you?" Todd snorted. "You have no idea..."
Rogue looked away then, part of her unwilling to let Todd's sexuality come to the fore in this discussion. "I don't treat me like some prize, like you get to touch me and live so you're some sort of superman or something." She sighed and hunched forward, her hair falling in a dark curtain over her eyes. "I like you because you're weird. Because I'm weird. Because, damn it, you're you and you surprised the Hell outta me and kissed me and I liked it. It felt like I was a live wire, exposed and raw and hot and I liked it. A lot."
An uncomfortable silence stretched into something warm and deep, both parties trying to form an idea as to what to do next while bonded in a mutual, nascent passion that was confused and tangled with biological fact and romantic fancy. Todd spoke after some time, when the silence had gone on nearly too long but not so long as to be painful. "I've liked you for a long time, yo. A really long time. Ever since you were Brotherhood." He sank into a sitting position, giving his seemingly indefatigable legs a rest. "You were I mean, you were all kinds of bitchy and strong, and...beautiful. More than pretty. Man, you just made my knees go weak!"
"Coveting..." she mumbled.
"No...more than that....I wanted you for...ya know...but it was like you said. Like a live wire. I mean, other girls were hot but you're Rogue! You're scary and smart and all mysterious...never for a guy like me, ya know." He reached for Rogue's hands but drew away just slightly, not fast like most people. "You really want me for your b...b...boyfriend?"
Rogue smirked at his stutter. _Nervous cute... _ "Yeah...I'm sure. I think we're just weird enough to work." She winked broadly at him when he looked up sharply. "Besides, if you think about it, we kinda compliment each other." Rogue leaned forward, giving him a nice view of the swell of her breasts through the mesh of her bodysuit, resting her hands on his denim-clad knees. "Some toads have poison skin..."
"You're not the toad...I am!" he managed around shortened breaths. She was so close that her scent was intoxicating, making him think wicked thoughts about nice ways to get rug burn on his knees. "You're too pretty to be a toad."
"You flatter me." Rogue leaned closer, her breath whispering against his ear and making him bite back a soft moan. "You want to tell me what you were so upset about earlier?"
"You'll think I'm stupid."
"Never." Her words were so close to his ear that he was not sure if he felt them or heard them.
Shaking almost visibly with her nearness, Todd whispered back, "I thought you went to see Remy. I thought you came up here because you like him still...I know you used to...He's better looking than me and really smooth and all..."
"And he's property of Jubilee now, you know," Rogue said huskily, her fingers tugging on Todd's sandy-brown hair.
"But if he wasn't..."
'Then he'd be out of luck, wouldn't he?" Rogue pushed his chest so that he leaned against the wall and took the chance to straddle his lap, towering over him and making heel eel very male and powerful. "He'd have to fight you for me, wouldn't he?" she teased.
"Ur....I suppose..." Visions of getting pummeled by Remy danced before his eyes but Todd was easily distracted when Rogue pressed a kiss to the collar of his shirt.
"Want to know why I came looking for Remy and Scott?" She moved to assess him with languid eyes, her fingers twisting in his flannel shirt as her thighs braced around his. When he nodded, she continued, almost changing her mind at the last second. "I'm gonna help Kitty get Magneto back. I have a plan...she doesn't like it, but I think I can jimmy it so that she agrees to it. Remy and Scott heard me plotting I cut them in on it."
o weo were you plotting with?" he mumbled thickly.
"Can't say..." Rogue saw him open his mouth to question her further so she silenced him the best way she khow-how-she ground against his lap, pressing her torso against his, feeling his flannel-clad warmth seem through her layers of mesh and thin cotton. Todd's hands flew to grasp her back, fingers kneading her spine through her shirt. "Mmmm. That feels nice," she sighed, melting a little against him. "Boots can be Hell on your back..."
Todd felt giddy inside. "Want me to rub your back for you? I'm good with my hands..."
Rogue giggled a little and said " or where?"
", I guess...where you're at is fine..." She was still astride his lap, leaning against him and braced against the wall with her hands to avoid brushing him inadvertently with her exposed skin. She sighed as he continued to knead at her tense spine, pressing and rubbing slowly up her back. When Rogue looked down at him, she saw that Todd's face had an intense look of concentration, his eyes narrowed and the tip of his tongue protruding between his teeth. She smiled broadly and then moaned as he hit on a sore spot, his fingers working the tension out and sending melting warmth to the apex of her thighs.
"You should look into doing this professionally," she murmured, making Todd laugh. "Keep doing that...mmm....I think I pulled a muscle..."
Her tiny moans and soft murmurs were driving him mad. It was bad enough Rogue had haunted his dreams in some form or another for years, but to have her tormenting him in person was almost more than his hormone-addled body could bear. His hands stilled between her shoulder blades and he took a deep breath, willing his arousal into submission. _Years of practice are useful sometimes... _ "Rogue," he murmured. A slamming door downstairs interrupted what ever else he was going to say.
"Katzchen!" Kurt's voice echoed harshly up the stairs. Rogue and Todd stared at each other for a flash before falling away from each other and scrambling to their feet. Kurt was 'porting in and out of rooms, calling for Kitty, as Logan slammed doors in his wake. "Kitty! Liebes!" Kurt appeared down the hall from Rogue and Todd, Scott and Jean coming out of the library as he cried out one more time. "Katzchen, bitte!"
"Dude, I think she, like, went for a walk or something!" Todd offered hastily. He was sure he had seen Kitty through the window in the rec room but did not recall hearing her leave, so wrapped up was he in images of a silk-swathed Rogue.
"When?" Kurt lunged at Todd and shook him heartily. Scott moved to pull him off but Jean held up a restraining hand. "Tell me!"
Todd wriggled away and lurched towards Rogue, seeking a port in the sudden storm. "I don't know! An hour ago? Maybe thirty minutes!"
"Fuck!" Kurt bit out.
"Kurt, want to tell me what's up?" Jean asked, her brows drawn down in confusion.
"Kitty's gone after Magneto alone," Logan rumbled from the staircase.
"What?" came a chorus of varying voices. Lance and Amara coming up the stairs behind Logan joined in the confusion.
"She can't!" Lance cried. Todd had taken on a distinctly pale cast; he and Lance exchanged glances full of panic. Rogue seemed ill at ease, as well, but did not share the deep fear of Magneto that the more recent members of the Brotherhood did.
"She can, and she did," Logan nodded curtly. Kurt was in a near panic. "Elf, sit down before you fall down."
"Nein...if she left an hour ago, we can get her before she gets too far!"
Lance cleared his throat and eyed Todd. "She probably went to the boardinghouse, to start. I mean, that's where she knows Magneto contacts, right? Let me and Todd go after her. It won't look so weird if we go back, but if all of you guys show up, Magneto, if he's nearby, will catch on, He ain't stupid, you know."
"I'm going with you!" Kurt cried. "And don't try to stop me-I'm not letting her alone this time!"
Logan sighed. "Fine. Here's how it's going to be. Scott, you and Jeome ome with me to the Blackbird-we'll recon over Bayville for her. Rogue, you and Amara use the jeep to cover the ground. Take Rahne with you-let her sniff out the tracks if need be. Jamie's gonna end up coming along-those two are thicker than thieves lately. Todd, Lance-I don't believe I'm doing this...I'm trusting you here. You guys and Kurt hoof it back to the Boardinghouse. Kurt, go all shadowy and lurk. Don't be seen. Got it? Good. Rogue, while we're at it, get Remy and Jubilee outta her room for fuck's sake. We're gonna need all the help we can get. Kitty's about to stir a hornet's nest."

1 Really an expression where I'm from. Really.

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