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Astrid was
sorely tempted to poke Logan with one of her knitting needles. “Honestly, do you think you could sit still
for five minutes?”

“Lady, I’ve
got things to do and Chuck hiding in the study with Beast is not helping
any…” he growled. “Ow!”

replaced her needle into it’s bag and smiled grimly. “You being snotty is not productive to anything…”

A small
smirk curled Logan’s lips before it was quickly tamped down. “That was uncalled for.”

“On the
contrary. It was very called for! What
is so important that it can’t wait?”

scowled and studied his feet for a moment before sighing in resignation. He say
across from Astrid in the stiff, ancient armchair and crossed his arms before
responding. “Storm is on recon for
Magneto’s prison where he held Kitty, so no news from thatrterrter, but I found
some strange things at the boarding house.”

what?” Astrid leaned forward
unwillingly, morbidly fascinated.

debated how much to tell her. “I’m only
going to tell you this because I think you can handle it, no bullshit. You’re a strong woman and I like that…”

“So does my

sighed and continued, “There’s a fresh grave at the house, but it’s empty. A body was definitely there but it’s been
moved. I found some blood and traces of
a struggle, but other than that…” He spread his hands wide. “Not even that Toad kid…”

“Him?” Astrid quirked a brow. “He’s in the rec room with Rogue. They’re hugging a lot…” she shook her head. “It’s nice to know some couples are taking
it slow…”

He felt the
color drain from his face. “Toad? Rogue?
What the fuck is going on here?”
He half-rose before Astrid stopped him.

things first, Herr Logan…Rogue and Toad…hmmm…thought it was Todd…are not doing
anything considered wrong. If they want
to seek comfort and companionship in each other, what’s the harm?”

‘The harm
is that he’s Toad, and Brotherhood.
She’s already been there once and I’ll be damned if one of my kids falls
back to Magneto’s hands!”

“One of
your what?” Astrid asked quietly, knowingly.

“One of
my…” Logan’s eyes widened. “Shit.” _I am stone…I don’t care that deeply… _

right to call you Papa Logan, ja?” she winked at him.

don’t even start with me…”


Kurt and
Kitty were tangled together in the solarium when Scott strode past, doing a
double take before darting into the room.
“You didn’t!”

right,” Kitty said stridently, “We didn’t.
Not that it’s any of your business!”
She struggled to sit up, her shoulder suddenly oozing blood and sending
shocks of pain up her arm. “Fuck!”

soothed her with a kiss to her forehead and shifted so that he was sitting up,
she on his lap. “Can we help you,

not…Jean’s pissed, I think.”
“About…?” Kitty prompted.

“I’m not
sure…I can’t say why I think that—she’d kill me…Only….damn it, I have to
know…were you two, ah, projecting recently?”

Kurt closed
his eyes in embarrassment. “Maybe…”

“Ah. Well, then…” Scott nodded as if
understanding an age-old riddle and sketched them a lazy salute. “As you were…”

Kitty said after a moment, “was weird…”
She rolled to her feet and cringed at the sight of blood on Kurt’s
shirt. “Ugh—I’m sorry.”

“Nein! It’s
not a problem!” Kurt hurried to his
feet and examined the spreading stain on Kitty’s shoulder. “Maybe we should go see Beast, though…”

Beast was
luckily in his office. He was compiling
notes on the substance found in Pietro’s syringe, disturbed by the figures and
facts before him. At the sound of
Kurt’s voice, the large man looked up sharply before breaking into a smile. “Ah, Mister Wagner and Miss Pryde…er

“Pryde is
fine,” she murmured, stepping fully into roomroom. “I think I need a new bandage!”

Oh!” Beast hurried her into the exam
room, ordering her to take off her shirt asshutshut the door between Kurt and
his girlfriend.

At a loss, Kurt wandered to the
desk Beast had been seated at when they entered and tried to hear what was
being said inside the small exam room.
The open file before him caught his eye and he guiltily skimmed the top page. _Was?
Holy shit, this place is just layer after layer of secrets… _ Kurt read and reread the page, committing it
to memory. Kitty emerged a few minutes
later from the room, holding her shoulder awkwardly, a thick bandaged evident
beneath her shirt. “Katzchen, are you

“Yeah…He just said to take it
easy. I tore it open earlier. No stitches but lots of antiseptic cream and
some antibiotics.” She rattled the
small brown bottle in his face. “I
think I need to be tucked in…” she continued through downcast eyelashes.

“So long as it isn’t strenuous,”
Beast’s voice came from the small room where he was cleaning up his exam.

Kurt rolled his eyes. “I’ll walk you to your room…”

Kitty sighed but followed, the
couple taking a winding route to the second floor, moments of silence broken
only by murmured greetings to other mutants.
Finally, she said at her door, “You can come in…lay with me…” Kurt nodded and let her lead him to her bed,
careful to remain outside the sheets when she slid between them. “What’s wrong?”

“Katzchen…I pried while I was
waiting for you down there.”

“Oh?” she yawned.

“What did Magneto inject you
with?” His voice was hard with anger
directed at the man, but Kitty cowered away just the same. “Katzchen, please…”

“I don’t know! I just know that I couldn’t use my powers
for a long time afterwards.” She
sniffed, hiding her tears from Kurt’s seeking eyes. “I don’t know what it was…It made me feel sick, though.”

“Beast found something…Actually,
Rogue did.” It had been right there on the top page, he knew. Her name had been written in bold letters
right on the first line.

“What? How?” Kitty was wide
awake now, sitting up against the headboard with wide eyes.

Kurt shook his head. “I don’t know…I didn’t get that far. All I know is that she found a syringe
somewhere and it had this stuff in it…Beast wrote that it seems to block
mutations for a time, but he isn’t sure what the side effects are or long term

“I think I may be sick again…” Indeed, Kitty looked green.

“Katzchen,” Kurt snuggled close and
drew her head to his shoulder. “It’s
going to be alright. Storm and Logan
are looking for Ruth and Magneto, Mystique is long gone,” _I hope _ ,
“and we’re together.”

Kitty sniffled into his fur before
wrapping her arms around his waist as if seeking an anchor. “He’s so close, isn’t he? Mystique brought me here and I know it
wasn’t a long trip. Rogue finds a
syringe of the same stuff Magneto most likely gave me…He’s close.”

Kurt felt fierce—he wanted to kill
for his love, to make her a gift of their heads if need be. “I won’t let him near you, Schatz.”

Softly, she whispered, “I
know…” before pressing a furtive kiss
to his neck. “I know…”

“I’ll kill them if you want,” he
whispered, only half serious.

“I know that, too. But you’d have to get past me first. I’ll
kill them if Ruth is hurt…”

“Katzchen, how do you know Ruth is
still….with them?” he asked, editing his statement.

“I just do…she’s with them in one
way or another.” Kitty’s voice was firm
with conviction. “I have no blood kin
left but her. I’ve been disowned by
every faction of my family but her. It
is extremely important to me that she’s found.”

Kurt closed his eyes against rising
pinpricks of emotion. “Kitty, I love
you more than life itself. I’d die for you
if you asked me to. I really
would. I don’t know what we’ll do when
it comes to a battle—I’d have to force myself not to throw myself in front of
you every time it looked as if something could happen to you. But Kitty, it’s very important to me
that you realize this may not have a happy ending. I don’t want to hurt you, but you have to face reality.”

Kitty stiffened and Kurt braced
himself for an outburst and was marginally abashed when she melted against him,
sending a hot wash of tears against his chest.
“I know…I just don’t want to believe it!” She sobbed openly now.
Kitty clutched at Kurt’s shoulders and wept like a child, tears burning
her cheeks and breath hitching in an effort to expel her grief. “I can’t believe she’s dead! Not again!
I’ve say shiva for her! I’ve
fucking talked to Shiva for her! My
life is fucking insane and Ruth being dead all over again won’t help at all!”

Kurt drew her as close as he could
and pressed her face to his throat, soothing her with soft words and calming strokes
along her back. “Katzchen, I didn’t
mean to upset you…”

“No, no…you’re right. I just don’t want to believe it. I can’t…” Kitty shuddered again and hitched
her crying to a near-halt. “I’m not

“Nein, Katzchen, you’re all
yourself. It’s just that I don’t think
you want to be yourself…”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I mean…I’m not sure. It’s what came out when I opened my mouth…”
He squeezed her in apology for his lame explanation.

“Oddly enough, I think you made
sense.” She lifted her head to look at
her boyfriend, her expression deeply thoughtful. “I started seeing that Shiva guy because I needed something to
make sense of what was going on…I needed someone outside myself to tell me what
to do, what to see.”

“Then why did I start seeing
him?” Kurt frowned, not sure what to
make of the explanation.

Kitty pondered this for a moment
then answered pseudo-brightly. “I guess
I’m just contagious!”

“Schatz, you have no idea how deep
under my skin you are…”


Tabby stared at the hole in the
ground, formerly occupied by the girl in the bag. Pietro was moaning unconscious on the ground at her feet, the
only clear words being “Magneto” and “fucked.”
Where the hell did she go?
Corpses just don’t get up and walk away…Often… The body bag was in shreds, pieces scattered
here and there on the lawn. A smear of
blood decorated the porch and Tabby wondered briefly where Todd was. Toad goes squish…typical of this place… “Wake up, Pietro!” she shouted, kicking him
with the toe of one boot. “We gotta get

“Where?” he crd. d.

“Away…c’mon!” She strode into the house, flinging doors
open in her wake. Pietro was far
behind, stumbling with nausea. “Pack a
bag—we’re leaving!” she shouted.
Quickly choosing the few things of value she could easily pocket and
pawn, stuffing underwear and a toothbrush into a rucksack with a few items of
clothing, Tabby bodily dragged Pietro with her from the house. Minutes later, the beater left by Mystique
roared to life in the garage and set off at a high speed down the streets of
Bayville, heading north.

When the taillights faded,all all
and lanky form detached itself from the shadows of the porch, a scowl firmly
fixed on his features as he lit a cigarette.
“Got you big time, Tabby…”


Beast rolled his words around in
his mind, deciding how best to tell Rogue of the contents of the syringe. Finally, he settled on being blunt. “The chemical in there was designed to
suppress mutations. From the little bit
of experimentation I could perform, it is long lasting and has unknown side
effects. For all I know, it could cause
cancer or the like.”

Rogue sat frozen in her seat. Why did Pietro bring that? Did he want me to use it? I could touch…be
touched…God, did he want to have sex?
Well, Hell, Rogue! Obviously…
Look at him and Tabby—he certainly didn’t need that drug for her, did
he? “What…how did he get it?”

“That, my dear, is the sticky
wicket. All signs point to his father,
I’m afraid…” Beast sighed and circled
the desk to lean on it, crossing his arms while regarding her with
concern. “Rogue, did Pietro ever…give
you anything? A drink, a

“What? No! Never!” It was on the tip of her tongue to say that
he cared for her, but that afternoon would make her a liar. If he cared for me, he wouldn’t have
fucked Boom Boom. “We only met a
few times and even then…” she ducked her face, suddenly embarrassed. “ I don’t want to talk about it.”

Beast sighed. “So long as you can tell me with certainty
that he never gave you this drug…or any, for that matter…”

Bitterly, she spat, “I never got
anything from Pietro that I haven’t gotten from tons of other people!” Her scowl rendered her face the picture of

“Rogue, I don’t know what happened
between the two of you and honestly, I don’t really want to. I just want to make sure you are safe and
healthy. I worry, you know…”

“Thanks, Dad,” she said
sarcastically, then found herself meaning it.
He really does care...they all do, don’t they? “Sorry for being bitchy.”

“Understood…everyone has their
days…” he soothed.

She rose and murmured a farewell,
letting Beast lead her to the door before asking, “So you had to destroy all
that junk from the shot?”

Beast clucked in his throat and
shook his head. “Oh, my no! I barely
used half of it! I think I might be
able to retroengineer it to find out the components…”

Rogue’s mind whirled with
possibilities as she exited the lab.
Unbidden, her feet led her down the hallway to where she knew Todd was
lurking. He’ll understand if anyone
will…fuck me…three days ago, I’d never believe it if someone told me I’d be
seeking out Todd Tolensky for a chat.
Or hugging him in the rec room.
Or even fucking kissing him!
Shit. My life is weird…



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