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avoided Jamie like the plague. As soon as she got home from school, she dashed
straight to her room rather than following her usual route to the rec room for
a snack and a round of Mortal Kombat with Jamie; she ducked behind
Rogue’s open door when she heard the younger mutant coming down the hall,
talking to Kurt, and nearly leapt out of her skin when Rogue’s voice drawled
“Anything I can help you with or you just browsing?”

“Shit!” Jubilee clapped her hand over her heart as
if she could slow it’s frantic pace.


“SHHHHHH!” Jamie was nearing the open door and Jubilee
crouched down. Rogue eyed her
quizzically but kept silent. As soon as
Jubilee heard Jamie and Kurt pass by, she rose creakily and sighed. “Hiding from Jamie.”

“Why?” Rogue fought back a smirk. Who the Hell would need to hide from that

story….” The Asian girl adjusted her backpack and made to leave the room only
to have Rogue step in front of her, holding out bare hands as an added
inducement to stay.

“My room,
you spill. Now.”

wanted to wail in frustration. Shit
fuck damn. Don’t want to embarrass the
kid…I owe him that much. He’s too sweet
and too important to me to fuck over like that. “Guy stuff.”

“Hmmm.” Rogue’s eyes narrowed but she dropped her
hands safely by her side. “Let me
think…Kurt is out because we all know he and Kitty are joined at the
tonsils…Jamie was with him. Jamie….Jamie
was upset yesterday after I saw you crying…Shut my mouth![1]
You hit on the kid, didn’t you? What
about Remy?” Rogue clapped one hand over her mouth in this surprised
revelation, false though it was.

“Fuck me,
Rogue! Do I look like Woody
Allen? Hell, no, I didn’t hit on
Jamie!” Jubilee kicked the door shut
and motioned for Rogue to sit. “If you
can keep your mouth shut, and I mean sealed tight as Fort Fucking Knox, I’ll
tell you what’s going on.” Rogue smiled
but made a motion like she was locking a padlock over her lips and throwing out
the key. “Fine. Okay, last night Jamie and I were just
chilling, you know, like we do, and I had to do some homework. Little nipper surprised me by helping out
with my science homework while I was finishing English.” She paused, waiting
for Rogue to comment and was satisfied when her friend merely nodded. “Okay.
Well, I got all hyper about it and hugged him and I guess it set off
some sort of testosterone bomb or something because wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am, he
kissed me!” Rogue squeaked in surprise
and let her jaw drop. “Yeah, I
know! So I sort of accidentally kissed
him back out of reflex, ya know and then I noticed and pulled away but he was
all ‘I like you’ and I was all ‘no way’ but damn it, he was serious. He likes me. Likes me-likes me. He’s a kid, Rogue! I love him like a brother and he is all jealous because he saw me
and Remy kissing and he all hates Remy now…ARRRRRGH!!!!!!” Jubilee finally ran out of steam and threw
up her hands in frustration. “Say

“Hmmm.” Rogue rubbed her hand over her black-painted
lips, smearing the color just a little, enough to make her look crazed. She fought a strong urge to laugh and
instead willed her expression into one of cool consideration. “Just what were you an’ Remy doing to get
Jamie all in a lather?”

“Gra! Focus, Rogue, focus!” Jubilee flung herself onto Rogue’s bed,
bouncing once as the mattress settled. After a quiet moment, she said,
“Nothing. Just kissing.”

“Hmm. Remy is all kinds of sexy without being able
to touch…makes a gal wonder…” Rogue
sighed ruefully. “Okay. Problem at hand. Jamie has a jones for his best friend. Said friend freaks out.
Jamie is all upset and feeling unmanned. Am I right so far?”

“So far, so
good…” Jubilee nodded miserably.

“Tell him
straight out that you love him like a brother.
I mean, he has to know that you care about him already. This is his first crush, Jubes. Take him down easy…” Rogue tapped her friend’s knee with the toe
of her boot. “Up and out. Gotta change and if you want to stay for
that, I charge a buck.”

“Thanks but
no…I’ve seen tits before and frankly, not that interested in doing it
again. Thanks for the help,
though.” Jubilee righted herself and
threw Rogue a wave as she slipped out into the hall, checking both ways for
Jamie just in case. She made it all the
way to her room before being waylaid by the other male she was avoiding.

“Why you
hidin’ from moi, cherie?” Remy drawled
from behind her.

Fuck. “I’m not hiding, Remy. Just been busy.” Jubilee fiddled with her lock and gave up on the key. Sliding her jeweled hairpin out of her coif,
she neatly picked the lock and threw open the door to her room. Remy’s low laugh filled her ears and she
shut the door without looking back. She
knew he would follow her in and braced herself for his entry, steeling her
nerves and squaring her shoulders.

“You not
been too busy for Jamie, p’tite. You
been playin’ video game wit dat boy every time I look for ya.” Remy did not even need to pick the
lock—Jubilee had not bothered to secure the door, saving him the trouble.

“Jamie is
my friend.”

“And Remy

‘Didn’t say
that…Jamie…leave Jamie outta this!”
Jubilee turned then, facing him dead on. “I haven’t been avoiding you.”

Remy stepped closer, his scent washing over Jubilee and making her feel
horribly vulnerable and young, “ever since we come back from de lake, you not
talk avec moi, you not look at moi, you not do nuttin’ but skitter off like a
skeered rabbit when you see me or hear me.”

you…How do knowknow that? That I
skitter off, as you say, when I hear you?” Not that that isn’t true…She
willed her eyes not to drift shut, her body not to sway forward and press
against his broad chest.

“Remy got
ears to hear, chere. Dis thief, he can
tell tings. He hear all sorta tings
when people be tinkin’ he not lissen.”
He shrugged and added “Dat Rogue, she got a big mouth, oui?”

“I’ll kill
her later…Look, I’ll be straight with you, Remy. I’m a little freaked out now.”

“ ‘Bout
me? Chere, you know I not…”

held up a hand in a gesture of silence.
“That’s just it, Remy. I know
you. I know how you treat women, how
you act with us. I can’t believe
completely that I’m something special to you.
I can’t just follow you around like a lost puppy because you kiss like a
devil and look like an angel.” Did I say that aloud?

Remy smiled
his slow, lazy grin, the one that made females melt into pools of estrogen at
his feet. “You be tinkin’ dat, ma

“Shaddup. Get out of my room and shaddup.” Jubilee pinched the bridge of her nose in
frustration, drawing a sharp breath when she felt the Remy’s lips brush her

remember what I say dat night…not until you ready…but I tell you now, when we
happen, it be firework pour both of us, oui?”
He was gone before she opened her eyes.


Kurt had
finished all of his homework early for once, intent on finding Kitty to try and
apologize to her for that morning. He warred
with his own conscience all day over the apology, part of him saying that he
was in the right, that surprising Kitty like he had was the only way to show
her that he was serious about teaching her German. The other part of him whinged that he should wait until Kitty was
ready, until she came to him on her own.
He finally compromised with his warring factions in constructing an
apology during last period class which would tell Kitty that while he was sorry
that she was unhappy with him, he was not sorry about how he went about his
impromptu lesson nor was he going to take back wanting her to learn the
language. He searched the mansion and
the grounds for her, coming up empty on both passes. It was nearing dark and the other mutants were eating, his own
stomach demanding that he do the same, when he caught a glimpse of her through
her bedroom window. She was brushing
her hair, bent at the waist to scoop it into a high ponytail. Kurt stood on the small hummock of soil in
the garden and stared up at the square of warm light framing Kitty. Her dark hair shone even from his standpoint
and he gasped as she stood up. Katzchen,
remind me to tell you to close your blinds! She was topless, the waistband of her pajama bottoms visible
above the windowsill. As her arms moved
to twist and turn her hair into her favored style, her breasts jiggled and
moved enticingly, making Kurt feel extremely animalistic as his mouth watered
at the sight of her. Kitty, oblivious
to her audience, finally got her hair how she wanted it and stood, turning a
profile to Kurt as she looked in the mirror.
Kurt took one staggering step forward before catching himself. Self control…she’s still in
mourning. Besides, she’d kill me if she
knew I was watching her. Or would
she? Gah! Kitty was seemingly examining her breasts in the mirror, lifting
them gently and releasing them, seeing if gravity was still her friend or
not. Kurt was saved from an early death
by heart attack when Kitty turned her back to the window and slipped a shirt
over her head. In a moment, the light
went out and Kurt figured she either went to bed early or left the room. He stood there for five full minutes before
a sharp pain in his stomach reminded him that, despite his now-raging hormones,
he had to eat something. Forcing
himself to walk calmly into the mansion, then into the kitchen, Kurt nearly
screamed in frustration when he saw Kitty standing at the sink, drinking deeply
from a bottle of orange juice. Jubilee,
Bobby, and Evan sat at the table finishing their dinner and a stack of plates
in the sink awaited the unlucky individual who had dish duty that night. Storm was wrapping leftovers and gave Kurt a
bare nod, indicating a plate on the counter, covered in plastic wrap, that she
had prepared for him. “Danke,” he
managed to croak out. Kitty swallowed
her juice hastily and wiped her mouth, making Kurt’s mind take a decidedly
southward turn at the images that provoked.[2]

baby,” she said quietly. Jubilee and
B exc exchanged looks, and, noticing their smirks, Kitty motioned for Kurt to
follow her. She lead him into the study
off the foyer and took a seat on the edge of the desk. “Sit?”

“Nein…” His
jaw worked against the stream of words threatening to pour out, all of them
abject apologies preceding him throwing himself at her feet in worshipful lust.

“Still not
speaking English to me, then?
Okay…Look, here’s the thing. I
did a lot of thinking today and someone helped me out a little and well, I’m
not mad at you.”

“Was?” He was sure her eyes were bugging from his

sighed, her chest rising and falling with the action and drawing Kurt’s eyes
downward. A flick of her tongue across
her naturally pink lips made him look up sharply as he experienced visual
whiplash. Kitty, unaware of the
reactions she was causing, twirled a lock of hair around her finger and eyed
Kurt dejectedly. “I’m sorry I was such
a bitch earlier. I’ve been really upset
lately and you’ve been nothing but there for me. I’ve been a spoiled brat, expecting everyone in the mansion to
follow my lead like I was the damned Pied Piper of Hamlin and here you are,
trying to get me to do one thing for you and I pitch a fit. I’m sorry, sweetie.” Kitty took a few tentative steps forward and
held out her hands. “Forgive me?”

leaving brain…can’t form coherent thoughts…Kitty closed the distance and
wrapped her arms around his neck, his hands reaching for her waist of their own
accord. Drawing in a deep breath of her
heady scent and feeling her soft contours pressed against him, Kurt gasped “Du
treibst mich in den Wahnsinn!”[3]

tilted her head back and considered him carefully. “Holda sea sec…I caught part of that but I need to check
something…” She twisted out of his
grasp and darted over to the desk, pulling out a small book. Murmuring Kurt’s words over and over, she
flipped through the pages. Kurt stared
at her, confused and highly aroused, debating if throwing her down on the desk
and having his wicked way with her would be too inappropriate in the
study. Kitty’s eyes widened suddenly
and she looked up. “I’m driving you
crazy? How?”

what book is that?” Kurt felt amusement
tinge his strong desire.

“Oh, um…I
was kind of given some books to use while you try to teach me…” She showed him the dictionary, the grammar
book and the phrase book. “See? I’ve been learning new words today.”

“Really?” Kurt smiled broadly. “Who gave them to you? It wasn’t Logan, was

smiled now and shook her head.
“Nope. You’d never believe me if
I told you…Want to hear what I’ve learned?”
She bounced on her toes and wrinkled her nose in suppressed

sure…Why not?” I can think non-sexy
thoughts for a few minutes. Long enough
to correct pronunciation, at least.
Kitty sidled past him to sit on the love seat and he joined her, sitting
close enough to feel the heat rise from her body. As affected as he was by her nearness, she seemed just as
unaffected, happily rif thr through the pages of the dictionary and producing a
small stack of index cards from inside the front cover of the grammar

“Okay. I just started small, like names for body
parts and stuff. Little words…”

gritted his teeth. “Body parts?”

let’s see…” She squinted at the cards and smiled, coloring slightly. “Promise you won’t tease me too much?”

nodded, a new and rather lascivious idormiorming. “Katzchen, feel like a tutoring session?”

“I was just
about to show you what I learned…” She
frowned in disappointment.

“Are you
out of shiva?” Kurt’s heart was
pounding and his throat was dry. Please don’t think I’m an ass for asking…

“Yes…why?” Kitty narrowed her eyes against the stab of
grief. Kurt clamped his hand aroher her
wrist and, before she could say a word, she felt the faintly familiar tug and
disorientation of ‘porting. “Erg.” They appeared in Kurt’s room, faintly
smelling of sulfur and very woozy.

telling me! I’m starved! I should know better…” he muttered to
himself. Kitty heard this, though, and
frowned deeply.

here…” before he could respond, she had phased through his door. She was back moments later with a
medium-sized jar of candy. “My secret
stash. If I didn’t love you like I do,
you’d be on your own…”

Kurt fell
on the candy with gusto, making Kitty count her fingers to make sure they were
all there. He polished off the jar in
moments, turning embarrassed eyes to his girlfriend. “Sorry, Liebes… “

“Hey, I can
get more candy. More fuzzy elves are
hard to come by!” Kitty ruffled his
hair and leaned in for an embrace.
Before he could respond in kind, she scooted away and wriggled into a
cross-legged position. “Now. Tell me
how bad I sound, okay?”

Kurt smiled
happily. “Kitty, you can’t sound that
bad…I mean, you speak Yiddish and some of those words are the same.”

frowned slightly. “But not always. I mean, some words I know in German from
Yiddish are really different-sounding…”
With a sigh, Kitty shook her head.
“Just don’t make too much fun of me, okay?”

promise.” Kurt leaned back on his
elbows, still slightly hungry but the sugar coursing through his system making
him feel a buzz. Kitty took out her
index cards and proceeded to rattle off the most painful-sounding German that
Kurt had ever heard. After the tenth
word, Kurt gritted his teeth and, willing himself not to clap his hands over
his ears, took the cards from Kitty’s hands.

bad?” She looked like she wanted to

“Liebes, I
don’t know how else to say this, but it sounds like you’re trying to gargle
with battery acid[4].” Kurt steeled himself for the emotional
outburst he was sure was coming but found himself surprised at Kitty’s

nodded sadly. “I had the same problem
with Hebrew.” She sighed and twisted
her fingers in her pajama legs. “Bubie
said I spit worse than a camel.”

Kurt tried
his best but he could not stop the laughter that started as a snort and bubbled
into guffaws. “I’m sorry, Katzchen!”

smiled wanly and nodded. “I know, I
know…it is funny.” Kitty giggled
a little then and nudged Kurt playfully.
“So why don’t you show me how to do it correctly, then?”

smile settled into something more feral than before. He sucked his lower lip between his teeth and peered at Kitty
through hooded eyes. “wantwant me to show
you?” His voice came out with a tinge
of a growl, his desire for her simmering just below the surface of calm he was

seemed to miss the nuance in his voice and nodded enthusiastically. “Yes, please!”

swallowed hard, his vision hazing with rising lust. “You are sure that you want me to show you…”

“For the
last time, show me!” Kurt was on her in
a flash, pressing Kitty back against the mattress. “Oh!”

“You said
you were learning body parts, ja?”

can’t…” Kitty licked her lips in
nervousness. Kurt’s face was mere centimeters from her own and she could feel
his pulse against his ribs where he was pressed to her.

won’t. Just answer my question.” Kurt was feeling very dominant, a surge of
his own masculinity making him want to show Kitty just how in control he could
be. Kitty nodded mutely, her eyes wide
in fascination and sensual fear. “Let
me see…” Kurt narrowed his eyes. “What’s something easy? Something that you will use…” Kitty’s hand had been tracing circles on his
back, moving lower and lower, finally brushing his tail. “Ah!”
Kurt gently removed her hands from his back and pinned them above her
head with one of his own. Tapping her
on the nose with his tail, he said clearly, “Schwanz. Tail.”

giggled briefly. “In Yiddish, that’s
what you call…[5]”

ja…just say it.” Kurt tapped her again,
then let his tail slide down the side of her face to her neck where it tickled
her chin.

“Schwanz. Tail.”
Kitty snickered again then sighed as Kurt let his tail drop back to his
side. She made a moue of displeasure as
he shifted, lifting away from her and leaving her feeling bereft without his
heat and presence. Kitty’s eyes drifted
shut, however, as Kurt moved down her body and reached her feet. “Ticklish…”

“I know,
Liebes…shhhh.” Kurt took a steadying
breath and took Kitty’s bare feet in his hands. “Füβe.” He rubbed
his thumbs across her insteps and she sighed, melting into the mattress. “Füße.” Keeping his eyes
on Kitty’s face, Kurt dropped several small kisses along the path his thumbs
were caressing, making her nerve endings send jangling signals to her back

Taking the
hint, Kitty answered “Füße…feet?”
She sighed again as he flicked the very tip of his tongue on the arch of each

“ Kurt paused for a brief moment,
considering his options. Kitty flexed
her toes in pleasure and a smile lit his face.
Seizing her littlest toes between two fingers, Kurt said “Zehen,” before
tugging each toe in turn, making Kitty writhe in a fit of giggles.

“Zehen! Zehen!
Zehen means toes!” She gasped
between giggles, “Next one! Pl!”

Kurt was
beginning to really enjoy himself.
Sliding his hands back across her feet, he rested his grip on her
ankles. Kitty’s eyes fluttered open and
she bit her lip in anticipation. Kurt
smiled at her and gently massaged her joints.
“Knöchel.” Tiny kisses pressed
to the sensitive skin there made Kitty moan quietly.

she breathed, her accent a fair sight better than before Kurt started his
tutorial. Kurt slid his hands upwards
and came into contact with the fabric of her pajama bottoms. Frowning slightly,
he tugged at the garment but Kitty grasped the waistband with both hands. “Nuh-uh.
Not…not now.” She shook her head
frantically, knowing that she was a razor’s edge from losing what little virtue
she had left.

discontentedly, Kurt pushed the legs of her pants up as far as they could go
and then let his fingers drift first up one side of her leg, then down the
other, repeating the action twice on each side before murmuring “Bein.”

“God, I
hope Bein means leg…” Kitty’s voice was
throaty with need and she moaned urt urt repeated his stroking “Fine, fine…Bein means leg.” Kurt murmured happily and kissed each

Oh, boy. He had reached the more…ticklish…part of his
tutorial. Kitty’s pelvis was the next
section on his way up her body and he so badly wanted to just fall on her then
and there, ravishing her and making her scream his name over and over, but,
with almost superhuman effort, Kurt controlled himself. He closed his eyes and took several deep
breaths, concentrating on the matter at hand.
Namely, using a German lesson as an extended make out session. Shifting so that he lay side by side with
his girlfriend, Kurt rested a hand on one of her hips. “Hüfte.”
Kitty turned slightly towards him and he squeezed the curve of her hip
and repeated himself, softer this time, his breath brushing against her ear

“Hip...” Kitty breathed, her own breath stirring the
fur on his neck, making him groan.

decided that it was time to move to a relatively safer area. He propped himself up on one elbow and let
the hand on her hip move to her hair, twining one dark lock around his tridactyl
hand. “Haar.”

easy. Hair.” Kitty smiled sweetly at him and he tugged on the strands gently,
inhaling the sweet scent of her shampoo and incense rising from her. “Next?”

Kurt sighed
inwardly. Playing with Kitty’s hair was
a secret pleasure of his that would have to wait for another time. Kurt trailed his fingers from her hair,
across her cheek and to the corner of her eye.
“Augen.” He pressed gentle
kisses to each lid and murmured “Augen” against each one.

Kitty breathed.

“Ja…” Kurt
nuzzled her cheek and traced the outer curve of her ear with one finger. “Ohr.”

“Mmmm. Ear.”
She arched her neck like a cat, pressing into his touch. “I like that…”

Kurt grinned
openly then, spending several extra moments toying with her ear. The curve of her neck drew his attention,
though. His face still pressed against
her cheek, he traced the curve of her jaw down to her neck, teasing her nerves
with a slight scratch of his nails.
Kitty growled low and soft in her throat and Kurt pressed two fingers to
the soft flesh over her voice box.


“Kehle…” He
repeated, stroking her throat with a feather-light touch.

“Oh! Throat!”
She sighed happily. Kurt
murmured agreement and sighed against her skin. His hand fell to rest on her collarbone, exposed by her pajama
top. After a long moment where they
just breathed in the presence of each other, Kitty whispered, “Would this be
easier if I had my shirt off?”

“Was?” Kurt was startled from his sensual reverie
but her question. “What about not

“Like you
said, we don’t have to.” Kitty shifted
away, albeit hesitantly, and pulled her shirt over her head. Quickly, she slid
back into Kurt’s embrace and shuddered at the feel of her bare, sensitive flesh
against Kurt’s shirt-clad torso. “Just
thought maybe it would be easier…you know, to finish the lesson.”

lesson.” Kurt groaned aloud as Kitty
moved again, her breast brushing his arm.
With a shaking hand, Kurt touched the spot above her left breast
tenderly. “Herz.”

heart. I know that one…” Kitty took his hand in hers and pressed a
kiss to his palm. “Herz,” she said
before pressing the palm against her breast.
Kurt felt a silent pop behind his eyes and knew that he would not be
forming a rational thought for the rest of the evening.

his hand softly squeezed her breast.
Kitty made a mewling noise of pleasure and arched against him, making
him repeat his actions. Kurt caressed
the curve of her breast with seeking fingers, memorizing the texture of her
skin and it’s resiliency beneath his touch.
Gently tweaking her nipple, Kurt felt am electric shock shoot to his
groin as she moaned loudly. Kitty shifted
again and Kurt moved to her other breast, making her moan even louder this
time. “Zart…” he groaned, knowing that
he would not be able to contain himself much longer.

“I…oh! I don’t know that one…” Kitty pressed his
hand against her flesh enthusiastically, letting her head loll to one side in

skin.” Kurt husked.

“Oh…I guess
that’s good in this case.” Kitty

She made a low noise in her throat
as Kurt let his hand move downward, across her stomach. He paused there, idly stroking the warm
skin. “Du bist blass.”

“Huh?” was the best response she
could manage.

“You’re pale,” he said, translating
through a red-white haze of passion.

“That good or bad?” she murmured, only half-processing what he
was saying.

“It’s you.” Kurt pressed a kiss to her chin, then her
throat. Kitty moaned and took his
wandering hand in his. “Was?”

“Let me?”

“Let you what?”

“Let me show you some more words I
know?” Kurt nodded mutely and Kitty
nudged him so that he was on his back and she was on her side. “I looked these up special for just such an
occasion,” she murmured seductively, making Kurt wonder just how innocent to
his game she had been in the first place.
Still holding his hand, she guided it to the aching center of her need. “Fuecht[6].”

Kurt nodded frantically. “Ja…fuecht…”

Kitty bit her lip and leaned
forward, leaving his hand pressed against her center. She let her fingers trail down his stomach to his own burgeoning
need. “Hart….very hard.” Kurt bit his
lip and closed his eyes tightly, praying that he could last through whatever
sensual onslaught Kitty had in store for him.
He already felt close to the edge of his control. Kitty leaned forward and pressed her lips
against his ear and murmured “Heiβ.”[7]

Kurt growled then, unable to remain
the gentleman. He pushed Kitty onto her
back and savaged her mouth with a kiss, plundering her with his tongue and
lips. Kitty cried into his mouth from
the sheer shock of feeling. Kurt’s
hands pinched and squeezed Kitty’s breasts, drawing moans and cries from her
breast. He frantically squeezed at her
sides, making her move against him in muted need. “Ich brauche…[8]bitte…”
Kitty felt like she was on fire in every single nerve, and those points of
contact with Kurt were singing with a desire so acute that it was near
pain. He seemed to sense this and
pressed more fully to her, increasing the amount of contact. She broke the kiss, gasping for breath and
tightened her arms around Kurt’s neck.
He fixed his burning yellow gaze to her fevered eyes and murmured

She responded by wrapping her legs
around his waist, pulling his arousal against her own, bucking her hips against
his. Kurt groaned, not caring how loud
he was, and pushed against her softness.
He ground against her, making her wail against his shoulder in
increasing need and pressing desire.
She murmured endearments and encouragements as he mimicked their
lovemaking through their layers of clothes[9]
until his lust-fogged brain sent him a clear impulse. He needed to feel her heat, her desire, without intervening
clothing. He hurriedly worked his hand
beneath her tbantband and nearly came himself as she cried out in sharp relief
when one of his fingers probed her silken folds. Panting against her neck, he ground his pelvis against her thigh
and worked his finger in and out of her secret places, brushing the pearl of
nerves that would take her over the edge of desire. Soon, he could see her end coming by the way she writhed against
the sheets, arching her hips to meet his thrusting digits and tossing her head
from side to side. “Bitte,
Kitty…bitte…” He needed her release almost as much as she did. He needed to know that he brought her some
pleasure in her otherwise unhappy life, that he could make her feel something
so good and pure and wonderful that she would cease to be herself for no matter
how brief a time and just be.
Kitty keened his name and arched off the bed, clutching the sheets in
one hand and his forearm in the other.
With great gasping breaths, she professed her love for him and called
his name over and over until he could feel her muscles relax and the energy
drain from her, leaving her a loose-limbed pile of humanity on the sheets. Kurt slowed his ministrations to a halt,
stroking her outer lips in a final caress as he moved to lay against her
again. Kitty’s eyes were hazy and
dilated but fixed on his face nonetheless.
When he was sure she was seeing him, he raised his sex-damp fingers to
his mouth and suckled off the juices there. “You taste sweet. Wie Zucker[10]…” Kitty’s eyes snapped into focus, letting him
know she understood his words.

could feel his arousal pressing urgently against her thigh and her own
throbbing, sated sex against his stomach; Kitty let her hands move to his waist
and she gently nudged him to one side.
“Let me?”

“Let you what?” he asked roughly,
his voice shaking with desire.

“Let me do this…” She was unfastening his pants and he knew
what she was about to do. Letting Kitty
do this was somewhat of an uneasy idea for him, no matter how much she said she
did not mind. He wanted it, no
question, but he half-feared she found it disgusting. Before he could overanalyze the situation and lose his pleasant
fog of desire, Kitty had freed him from the strictures of his jeans and boxer
shorts, exposing his member to the cool air of the room and raising gooseflesh
on his stomach and legs. Kitty smiled
sultrily and ran a finger across the head of his erection, gathering the
moisture there. Kurt moaned and felt his eyes roll back slightly before he
blinked hard, forcing himself to watch her. She laved the tip of his arousal
with her darting pink tongue before taking him into her mouth bit by bit, then
sliding him out. She repeated this over
and over, increasing suction and rhythm with each pass until Kurt could no
longer take the experience. He fell
back against the mattress and pressed his hand against the back of her head,
holding her in place when he bit out her name, his release following in spurts
of hot fluid into Kitty’s mouth. She
made a muffled noise of surprise but swallowed him, licking the residue of his
release from his softening member as she released him from her mouth. She moved up his body and curled against his
side, feeling him shake as he wrapped his arms around her. They were silent for a long time, Kurt
staring at the ceiling in amazed satiation and Kitty murmuring contentedly
against his chest. “I love you, Fuzzy,”
she finally said softly.

“Me, too, Liebes…” Kurt managed
between still-ragged breaths.

“Kurt…” she said slowly, making him
look over at her in mute askance, still unable to speak quite clearly. “Want to teach me some more German tomorrow


[1] I don’t know
why we say that down here. Guess it’s
more polite than “Oh My God!”

[2] If you have
to ask….

[3] You’re
driving me crazy! (thanks Foxy!)

[4] Almost the
exact words my Hebrew teacher said to me on the first day of class.

[5] All the
German is from Foxfeather. And yeah,
schwanz is also Yiddish slang for a guy’s….ya know. If it wasn’t for Foxfeather, I wouldn’t have known (at least not
now) that it the word also used in German for the same thing—slang, of course.

[6] Damp

[7] Hot

[8] I need…

[9] In layman’s
terms, dry humping. Sounded too crude
to put in the scene…

[10] like sugar

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