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A/N If Foxfeather is a goddess and Studmuffin Ted is her
consort, will they have FoxyTed babies?
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Jamie was
bone weary. After searching high and
low for Kurt last night and coming up empty handed, he had collapsed into bed
near two in the morning. Breakfast
beckoned him at six, his bleary eyes barely focusing on the eggs and English
muffin on the plate before him. “Hafta
go to school?” he mumbled.

“Yes. It’s no one’s fault but your own that you
got so little sleep,” Storm responded, firmly but kindly. “Go to bed early tonight tke uke up for

eyes were glassy as she slid into the seat across from him but Jamie fancied
that she was looking directly at him rather than through him. “Hey, Jubes!” He forced his voice to be
cheery. May as well be mature,
huh? Act like it’s no biggie…Hey, I’ve
kissed TONS of girls…Okay, in my dreams, but still…

“Mph.” Jubilee
folded her English muffin in half and shoved it into her mouth before her eyes
were even properly open. Swigging
deeply from her glass of juice, she finally focused on Jamie. “Hey.”

tired?” he chirruped, striving to reinstate something akin to their old,
friendly banter.

peachy.” She finally smiled then,
albeit a weak one, and polished off her eggs in three bites. “Storm making you go to school?”


“Jamie! Language!” Storm’s voice drifted from the
rec room.

isn’t cursing…” he mutterut cut complied, shrugging shamefacedly. After some hurried chewing on his part and
juice swilling by Jubilee, Jamie cleared his throat. Bite the bullet… “About the other night…”

held up her hand in a “stop” gesture. “Don’t…just…let
it die.” She busied herself with
putting her dishes in the sink, effectively cutting off what Jamie may have
said. He merely stared at her, his eyes
faintly prickling with what he told himself was sleep but what he knew were
tears. “Jamie, I know you’re making a
puppy dog face. Stop it before I turn
around,” Jubilee gritted between clenched teeth.

not…” Jamie pretended to examine the
placemat as his friend turned and hopped up onto the counter to regard
him. “See? No puppy…”

“Hmmmm. Look at me.”


“Look at
me, Jamie Madrox. Look at me or
I’ll…I’ll make Rahne lick you!” Jubilee
said as the girl in question entered the room.

“I ain’t
licking anyone at this hour of the morning…Or any hour, for that matter,” Rahne
mumbled as she took her plate from the counter and loaded up on breakfast. “What’s going on?”

won’t look at me.”

man, look at her so she won’t make me do unearthly things to ye.” Rahne plopped herself down in the seat
recently vacated by Jubilee.

fine,” Jamie schooled his expression
into order and looked at Jubilee, his eyes wide with feigned innocence and his
mouth set into distinctly non-puppy dog lines.
“See? No puppy expression. No guilt trip, implied or otherwise…”

Jubilee squinted
at him for a moment then smiled gently.
“We good, J-man?”

“Sure,” he
waved his hand as if he could brush away the strange feelings of the past few
days, “we good. I’ll kick your ass at Tomb
Raider tonight…”

“You got
it. I’m gonna go get beautiful.” She dropped off the counter and ruffled his
hair as she bopped from the room. Jamie
sighed pee peered into his empty glass, forgetting that Rahne was in the room
with him.

“You love
her, eh?” She had a mouthful of food so
her words were muffled, but he understood her nonetheless.

“Huh? Me, love Jubes! Ha!” Jamie quickly
scraped his chair from the table and gathered his dishes. “Nope, not me…”

babbling,” Rahne noted, spearing some egg on her fork. “You never babble.”

“Um…lots of
sugar in the…uh…um…” Jamie looked at
the breakfast food, searching for something to blame.

“Eggs?” she
suggested blandly, offering him her forkful of said food. Jamie frowned deeply and put his dishes in
the sink. “Aw, Jamie, c’mon ducks![1] Don’t be mad…I’m just observant…”

“I’m not

“Don’t be
embarrassed, then! It’s natural to fall
for your best friend at one point or another…”
Rahne shrugged and made a face at her breakfast. “Ugh.
Eggs be cold…”

nothing, Rahne…Just a misunderstanding!”
Jamie turned and strode from the kitchen, Rahne’s snort of disbelief
following him. He felt a mixture of
embarrassment, hope and sadness about the situation with Jubilee, his mind
whirling through every scenario imaginable for the future of their relationship. He blindly wandered by Storm where she sat
reading the morning paper in the rec room, narrowly missed Scott and Jean
talking ely ely in the foyer and only stopped when he slammed into Remy on the

“Mon ami…”
Remy rumbled, his voice rough with sleep and eyes only half-open. Without his glasses, the red on black motif
was quite unsettling if one was not used to it.

“Um…” Jamie stammered, staring up at the man who
took Jubilee’s heart. “Bye!” He dodged to the left and ran two steps
before he sprang back like a yo-yo, Remy’s grip firm and sure. “Hey!”

“Homme, I
be tinkin’ we need to talk, eh?”

“I gotta go
to school!” Jamie struggled a little,
but Remy showed no quarter.

“I drive
ya. We talk, I drive, d’accord?” With a small shove, he sent Jamie stumbling
towards his bedroom and turned back down the stairs.


Rogue had
not slept at all and categorically refused to go to school, even accepting
Storm and Logan’s threat of no note to excuse her absence the next day in order
to miss class. Instead of returning to bed as she had said she would do after
meeting with the adults, she skulked her way to Beast’s lab, sinking to the
floor outside the private entrance to await the doctor. He returned from breakfast near seven a.m.,
bagel clutched firmly between his teeth, coffee balanced on a stack of file
folders. He knuckled his way down the
hall, oblivious to the presence of the teenage girl so near. As hecaricariously rose from quadrepedal
form to his legs alone, Rogue silently stood and asked softly, “Can I help?”

reaction left something to be desired.
“Gah!” he cried, somewhat higher than his usual speaking voice. Coffee and files went flying down the hall,
the bagel dropped to the floor and the two jumped away from each other as if

“Sorry! Thought you saw me…” she muttered, face
flaming red and eyes fixed on the ground.

dear! You children are going to me me
a heart attack one day, what with one thing and another…” Beast shook his
massive head and bent to scoop up the papers, shoving them willy-nilly into a
stack. Rogue took this cue and
hurriedly picked up the coffee cup and bagel, the dark coffee spreading in a
Rorschach test[2] across the
wooden floor. “I’ll, um, get some paper towels…”

“No, no,
Rogue…Come into my office. I’ll clean
it up…” Beast ushered her into the sparse office just off his lab and deposited
his armload of papers. Rogue looked
around almost embarrassedly, placing the doctor’s coffee cup and abused bagel
on the corner of his desk blotter. “Now,”
he said, hustling back through the door with a handful of soggy paper towels, “what
can I do for you?”

“Um, I was
wondering if, uh, you had a chance to look at that stuff in the vial.” Rogue sank carefully into the chair in front
of Beast’s desk, tucking her knees up under her chin so that her feet rested on
the seat. “I mean, it’s cool and all if
you haven’t…you’re busy…Kitty and all.”
Rogue felt a pang of despair at the unreal situation of her friend being
missing but she swallowed the coppery tang of fear. She’ll be home soon… She’ll be home soon…

I have.” Beast examined his mauled bagel and sadly shoved it to one side along
with his coffee cup. “The test results
are by no means final, but I can assure you it is no drug or chemical I know of…well,
let me refine that. It is not solely
one drug or chemical I know of. It is a
cocktail of some sort, and I do not think it is narcotic in nature.”

Rogue let
out a breath she did not know she was holding and let her spine curve in
relaxation. “So what does it do?”

“That, my
dear, I don’t know. I need to run more
tests…” Beast was secretly thankful to
have a task to keep his mind off of Kitty.
The police had called that morning with no news other than the principal’s
story checked out—he had been in his office when Kitty disappeared. They had no more suspects officially.

“Like what?”
Rogue dared not let her voice sound worried.

question. Biological compatibility
tests, for one. See how it reacts with
biological matter. Maybe that will help
determine what we’re dealing with…what Pietro was going to do, perhaps.” Beast rocked back until the chair was
balanced on two legs and steepled his fingers thoughtfully. “Tell me, Rogue, what is the nature of your
relationship with Pietro? Is your
mutation, ah, hindering…things?”

“I’m not
sure what you mean….” Dirty old
man! I’m not gonna tell you if I’m
getting laid!

“I think
you do, Rogue…I’m not asking for details…Heavens no! I just need—want—to know how close the two of you are. If this,” he gestured vaguely, meaning the chemical
in the vial, “is something of a, ah, nefarious nature, I don’t want another
tragedy on our hands the likes of which we may be facing now.”

It took a
moment for Beast’s meaning to sink in. “You
think… you think Pietro would hurt me?”
She was outraged but did not let it show, settling her face and posture
into mere curiosity.

“It isn’t
him I am worried about…It’s who he knows.”
Beast rose then, gesturing towards the door. “Now, I think you need to head to bed. I’ve got lots of work to do and if you’re going to miss school
today, get some rest. I’ll be up to
check on you when I check on Amara…” He
ushered Rogue out the door, firmly shutting it behind her.

and brimstone, she thought, paranoia must be catching around here. First Kurt, now Beast…


Kitty did
not know how long she was out, only that she hurt. Horrible flashes of the evening before blinded her, making her
cringe and cry in new terror. She
rolled onto her back, feeling the cold metal beneath her skin and knew two
things: she was in a cell again, and she was naked. Kitty had a vague recollection of Mystique releasing her from the
table, catching her as she fell forward.
Ruth had not been Ruth anymore, Kitty knew. Ruth was dead and gone.
This…this…creature from the previous night had been someone using her
cousin’s body for evil purposes. Kitty sobbed
quietly as she remembered crying out for Kurt, for Logan, begging for
help. Her body was singing with pain,
Ruth’s wounds echoing on Kitty’s nerves, the outward signs lacking but the pain
strong as if she had been cut herself.
Kitty curled into a tight ball on the floor, letting her mind go
blank. A whisper in her mind grew to a
steady chant, Om Namah Shivaya…[3]
She mentally shook herself, fighting what she knew was coming. I will not hallucinate…Shiva my ass…all I
need is strength. And Kurt. Kurt Kurt Kurt Kurt Kurt. Save me.
I would give my right arm for telepathy right now…Where am I? What if they think I’m dead and stopped
looking for me? How long have I been
here? The image of Shiva that had
been taunting her for days swam clear of the fog in her mind, but Kitty erected
an invisible barrier, making him tsk his disapproval, smiling kindly nonetheless. I know, I know…call on you. Fine.
I’m calling…Remove evil or whatever you’re supposed to do! Kitty growled low and tasted blood, her
parched throat cracking with effort.
She slipped into unconsciousness then and was only faintly aware of a
blue face peering at her. “Kurt, love…”
she whispered, only half aware. The
face vanished and she cried again, her tears burning her flesh. Kitty fell through myriads of nightmares,
most involving Kurt dying trying to finder her, his flesh torn by Ruth’s sharp
knife as she watched from within restraints.
She rolled to one side, the cold of the floor barely waking her. “Mve,”ve,” she murmured again.

a voice whispered back.

Kitty sat
up quickly, eyes wide but blurry.
Nausea roiled in her stomach but she fought it, trying hard to
stand. “Kurt?” The voice was so real!

“Liebes, I’m
here…” Out of the shadows in one corner
of the room, a sight that made Kitty weak with ecstasy and relief stepped
forward. Kurt was crouched low, eyes
glowing in the dark . He wore his
uniform and Kitty had a flare of hope.

“Baby, are
you real?” She reached tentatively for
him, stopping short of touching his fur.

“Of course,
Kitty…” He seized her hand and pressed
it over his heart. “Real.”

“Kurt! Thank God!”
She threw herself into his arms, sobbing dryly now and burying her face
in his neck. She was incoherent with
joy and he stroked her back and matter hair, mindless of her nudity. “Get me out of here!” she husked.

“Of course…I
have Ruth already…We have Ruth already…” Kitty did not notice this subtle
correction, so intent was she on pressing kisses to his cheeks and chin. “Liebes, stop, please! We have to go!”

“I’m sorry...but
Kurt!” She embraced him tightly and
pressed her face against his shoulder.
After a second, something struck her as wrong. He doesn’t smell right…”How did you get in here?”

“Kitty, we
have no time…Magneto will find us!”
Kurt was pulling hard at her arm, trying to drag her to the door.

frowned but let him lead her. The door
slid open automatically and Kitty froze.
“You’re not Kurt.”

Kurt sighed
and bared his teeth in a grimace of impatience. “Kitty, please!”



“You’re not
Kurt. You don’t smell right…This
doesn’t smell right…” Kitty tugged
again at her arm only to find it trapped in a vice-like grip.

“I’m trying
to help you child!” Mystique shifted
then, becoming her true self. “If you
won’t cooperate, I’ll make you!” Before
Kitty could open her mouth, a strong uppercut sent her sprawling to the


[1] I have a
Scottish friend who calls everyone ducks…have no idea if this is a regional
thing or just her…

[2] aka Ink Blot

[3] “I bow to
Lord Shiva”

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