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Summary: Set in the FOREVER universe (thanks to InterNutter
that I spawned that one…lol), this is the continuation of the events from that
story. Lots-o-Couples and of course
tons of Kurtty! Thanks millions of
times over to Foxfeather for reading this (conscripted from the get-go!) and
beta-ing all this…. J German translations are courtesy of
Foxfeather—go read her fic and admire her properly. J DISCLAIMERS:I own nothing and I am not doing this for
profit, so go on about your lives, little lawyer people…


SHIVA is meant in two ways here, two words spelled the
same. Shiva (Sheev-ah) is a Hindu god
known as the Giver God. He appears
meditating, but always happy. His hair
is matted and holds the Ganges, sacred to the Hindus, as well as a crescent
moon. He has a serpent coiled around
his neck and a trishul (a type of trident) in his hand. He is also covered in ashes. All these symbols represent that He is
victory over demonic or evil forces; his final symbol is a bull named Nandi
which represents strength. The second
meaning of the title (and the most obvious as the story grows) is pronounced shiv-uh
is the Jewish period of mourning (one must sit shiva for mother, father,
daughter, son, sister, or brother or spouse).
It lasts traditionally seven days (but sometimes three, in reformed
congregations) is very symbolic and traditional. More on that later….Anyway, on with the story.





Dear Kitty,


I’m sorry. I’m sorry I couldn’t make this work, I’m
sorry I am going to disappoint you, I am sorry we have such a hard time of
it. I’m sorry that I’m a mutant. I’m sorry that you’re one, too. I’m sorry that our families ever came to
this country years and years ago. I’m
sorry I got punished for things I could not prevent and I’m sorry I was so
angry with you, like it was your fault.
I hurt so much, Kitty. I hurt in
my soul, I hurt in my heart, I hurt in my thoughts and words and body. Do you know what that feels like, to be one
giant ball of pain? It goes deeper than
the physical. I feel like I’ll never be
whole. I feel like I am destroyed by
that which makes me. How many years
does it take to heal? Have you
healed? How did you deal with it? How do you know that you’re whole? I can’t do it, Kitty. I just can’t go on. No one loves me. No one wants me. I can’t
come to you, I can’t leave them. When
you get this, you will know what I had to do.
Remember that discussion with Rabbi Greebaum after Sarah Lonstein
died? Remember what he told us, about
the different views on it? I think he
may be right, and I think doing it that way might be right just in case… Forgive me, Kitty. I can’t forgive myself.


Shalom Chaverim,[1]

Ruth (Ruach)


The fair-haired girl sealed the envelope, taping it across
the back just to make sure the contents were safe. She padded down the hall to the communal mail drop, emptied twice
a day by one of the orderlies and picked up by the mail carrier past the
locked, cage-like enclosure the duty nurses sat in. The flat, gray lock-box had
a narrow slit in the top, large enough for a thin letter but not large enough
to let contraband through. s"> Kitty had
written her several long letters that were taken apart by the orderlies, marked
through when things might be inflammatory, and given to her in sections of two
or three pages. She missed her letters.
They were somewhere locked in the duty nurse’s desk now. Ruth slipped the letter through the slot and
stared after it for a moment, wondering if maybe she had a hidden power, aside
from the telekinesis. Something that could
make her shrink so small that she could sneak out with her letter and join Kitty
in Westchester. She had become almost
child-like over the past few weeks, resorting to impossible fantasies of escape
and talking to imaginary people, some of whom hurt her and some of whom made
her weep. Ruth sighed when she realized
that no latent powers were manifesting and resigned herself to what she knew
she must do. Her last ray of hope had
faded that morning when her own parents signed forms allowing the electroshock
therapy to continue, despite lack of meaningful progress.[2] It hurt so bad, something to do with her
mutation. The first time they did it, the machines had exploded. Ruth knew it was because she made it happen
but they thought it was faulty wiring.
The next two times it happened, one of the doctors caught on. He had heard of mutants, even believed they
existed, and he saw Ruth as the perfect opportunity to discover all he could
about the “species,” as he called them. He asked her all sorts of questions and
she cried because she could not answer them.
She had no idea what it meant to be a mutant, how she became that way,
if it was something that was forced on her or something that she was born
with. Call Kitty, she wanted to
say. Kitty lives with a lot of
them. She knows all about it…
she knew that to reveal Kitty, to reveal the other mutants, would be tantamount
to treason. At least in her mind. The experiments continued, as did the shock
treatment. She knew what her chart
said—depressed, schizophrenic, delusional…Ruth let herself wallow in fantasies
where she killed them all with a thought, freed herself and the other kids at
the facility by opening the ever-locked windows just by looking at them. In fact, she had even tried to do those
things only to find she did not have a strong enough control over her powers to
do so. She caused a power outage the
first try and given the duty nurses severe, debilitating migraines the second
try. The headache epidemic was
satisfying, but not nearly what she had hoped for and a severe drain on her
weakened state. Now, three weeks into
“the treatment,” as her parents called it, Ruth was dead inside. She calculated how long it would take for
the letter to reach Kitty in Westchester, knowing it took an average of three
days for mail to reach anywhere in the country. It was Wednesday now, and she sighed sadly as she realized that,
with the letter being picked up that afternoon and not getting out until
Thursday morning, Kitty would receive the letter on Saturday, the Sabbath. She always kept traditions. She was always better than me, stronger than
me. I love her and hate her…Why can’t I
be her?
Ruth padded to her “room”
on silent, sock-clad feet. Her standard
issue pajamas were gray, the walls were gray, the windows were gray… Saturday she would do it, before Kitty
could do something heroic and save her, she thought. Saturday and she would be


sighed happily as Kurt rubbed her feet.
Logan’s war games (also known as paintball-gone-horribly-horribly-wrong)
had wreaked havoc on her leg muscles and Kurt felt it was his duty as Kitty’s
boyfriend to make sure she felt no pain whatsoever. “Kurt, I think the only way I could love you more is if you were
made of chocolate!”

“Ick! Chocolate fur…” A mock-shiver ran through the blue mutant and Kitty giggled. “However, I can think of some interesting
things to do with chocolate and smooth, pale skin that would be rather
interesting…” He wiggled his eyebrows
at her and was inwardly pleased at her delicate pink flush.

“None of
that, love! You wanted to wait, too, so
just hold your horses!” Kitty tried to
pull her feet away from Kurt’s hands but his grip was firm, keeping her in

“I didn’t
say we had to have sex…just…play…” He sounded so hopeful that Kitty almost
caved. Her willpower kicked in though
and he could tell from the set of her jaw that he would not be seeing any more
of Kitty’s skin than that which was already exposed. At least not right then.
With a resigned sigh, Kurt returned to rubbing her feet, gradually
working up to her still-sore calf muscles. “Harder?”

Kitty’s eyes fluttered closed and Kurt felt his heart lurch. His hands tightened briefly on Kitty’s
ankles as he forced himself to think of anything but what he knew her face
looked like in the throes of passion, what she felt like and smelled like…A
throat-clearing from the hallway made them both look up.

“Um, I’m
going now…” Lance Alvers looked
somewhere over their heads, a dull flush lighting his cheeks. He was still not quite used to seeing Kurt
and Kitty together, despite spending most of every day since Amara came home
from the hospital at the Institute.

“Oh…okay. Be back tomorrow?” Kitty struggled to sit up, finally letting herself fall back into
the soft couch cushions.

have some things to do.” Lance’s jaw
tightened and the couple knew whatever it had to do dealt with Tabitha.

“Ah. How is she?” Kitty spoke from the depths of the sofa, her feet still in Kurt’s
lap. Kurt still had strong anti-Lance
feelings and let Kitty do all the talking when the other youth came over. Instead, he would glare or ignore Lance
entirely as he did now, focusing solely on his girlfriend’s toes.

“She’s…there. She’s in and out right now. I kind of helped her on her math work but…”
Lance sighed and shrugged. Offering
Kitty what would pass for a grimace on anyone else but what she knew was a
false smile, he turned and nearly ran into Remy, coming in with a handful of


“LeBeau…” Lance and Remy exchanged head-jerks, the
universal greeting of males everywhere, and Lance slipped past him out the

I wish you wouldn’t talk to him.”

“You’re being irrational. He’s trying to be a better person, and he
seems to really care about Amara.”
Kitty finally succeeded in sitting up, curling her toes against Kurt’s

“I know,
it’s just hard for me to forget what he—what they—did. And how he treated you…” Kurt’s hands tightened into fists
involuntarily until Kitty laid a placating hand on them.

“You don’t
forget. You forgive. You move on. What good is holding it against them when they are both in so
much pain?”

“You feel
that way about your parents?”

“Low blow,
homme.” Remy said from the hall,
sorting mail into piles.

“No, it’s
okay. I’m angry, sure, but I am trying
to heal. That’s in my past now. I’m no longer theirs and they are no longer
mine. Problem gone.”

“If you say
so, Liebes.” Kurt stroked her feet and
looked away, the anger he felt over recent events still too fresh to trust his
temper. His own mother, before she left
for home, had told him to watch his mouth around Kitty, that she knew how it
could run away with him when he was upset.
I’ll try, Mama…

“All dese
in de house an not a-one check de post afore dark…” Remy slapped the last handful of mail into it’s pile before
scooping up three smaller groups. “Mail
call, mes amies. Kitty, deux pour vous…[4],
Kurt deux….” Remy reached a long arm
over the back of the sofa and dropped their mail into their laps. “An’ now pour Jubilee… you two be seein’ de
p’tite lately?” Remy almost masked his
eagerness but Kitty still bit back a smile at the sudden enthusiasm in his

“She’s with
Logan in the Danger Room. Pafs
and claws are flying, so watch out.”

“Merci, ma
belle…” Remy swept up Kitty’s hand and kissed it in one movement. “Si dat Kurt ever get too dull pour vous,
jes give ol’Remy a call, oui?” He winked and was gone, silent on much-practiced

growled low in his throat and was the recipient of a sharp jab from Kitty. “He’s only being himself.”

“He can be
himself with someone else’s girlfriend.”

cute when you’re angry.”

enough for a kiss?”

“Mmmm.” Kitty smiled and leaned towards Kurt’s
waiting lips, pressing her own against them, darting out her tongue to tease
him. He gasped a little and she,
feeling a little wicked, slipped the tip of her tongue into his mouth and
briefly ran it across the tip of his.
Kurt felt his heart contract and expand before his hand shot up to cup
her chin, holding her face still as he sought her warmth, drinking it in to his
core. Kitty leaned closer to him as he
let his fangs press against her lower lip, clenching her hands in his
hair. His mind a pleasant haze of
desire and Kitty, Kurt leaned against her until she was against the arm of the
couch; her legs were draped across his thighs and their torsos were pressed
together, Kurt braced himself with one hand, keeping the other on her
face. Kitty let her hands slide down
his back, one resting between his shoulder blades and the other dropping to run
eager fingers down his tail. Kurt moved
his attentions from her mouth to her chin, then down her throat to the notch
where her collarbones met. Letting his
tongue lave her gently, Kurt all but wagged his tail like a puppy when she
moaned softly and arched into his kisses.
The crinkle of paper between them made them both pause. “Mail,” she gasped.

“Mail…” Kurt let his forehead drop, closing his eyes
against Kitty’s shoulder. “We need to
stop, don’t we?”

“I guess

your birthday again?”

weeks…” Kitty sighed. “You ask that everyday.”

“I’m hoping
that it’ll miraculously be that day.”

“Eventually. Until then, cold showers.”

“Speak for
yourself. I’m getting a sore wrist!”

“Kurt!” Kitty swatted at him and he laughed

“You think
I’m kidding?”

really don’t.” Kitty more than empathized with him. “We’d better cut it out before we get carried away.”

just need a moment.” Kurt shifted so
Kitty could sit up but remained half-laying down, breathing slowly and trying
to think un-sexy thoughts. Kitty separated their mail and bit her lip
worriedly. She felt bad about leading
Kurt on, but he had agreed to wait until her birthday… Kurt sat up a few
minutes later, looking strained but giving Kitty a smile nonetheless. “So…who’d you get mail from?”

letter from someone in Illinois with no return address, and a letter from
Ruth.” Kitty tapped the letter from her
cousin against her hand, eager to read it alone but torn about spending time
with Kurt. “You?”

from my parents and an overdue notice from the library. Trade?”

ruffled his fur and shot him a smile.
“Nah. I think I’ll head
upstairs, though. I want to…” she
hesitated to say “bathe” because she knew where his mind would leap to. She settled on “get ready for bed” and took
her chances.

“Ich liebe dich, Katzchen.”

“Me, too,
Fuzzy. Night.” Kitty untangled herself from him and gave
him a chaste peck on the cheek.

‘Ja…later…” He watched as she trod up the stairs and
sighed to himself. I’m beginning to
think there’s something to Logan’s salt peter idea.[5]


tied her robe over her night shirt, her shower-damp hair falling limply across
her shoulders. She had tried to be good
after leaving Kurt, she really had…Being in the shower had made her thoughts
take some rather interesting turns, though, so she ended up needing another one
just to rinse of the results of the first go-round. Now, tired and damp, Kitty wanted nothing more than to throw
herself into bed, preferably with Kurt but she could deal without, and go to
sleep. The letters on her pillow
beckoned, though, so she opened the one from Chicago first, surprised when a
letter from a law firm fell into her lap.
Skimming it quickly, Kitty felt her jaw drop into her lap. Impossible…I said they could have all the
The letter stated simply
that Kitty (Aikaterine Tzeitel Esther Prydakos, actually) currently had three
million dollars held in trust until her eighteenth birthday, the sum of her
grandmother’s money intended for the possessor of the necklace and the
book. I thought I cleared all this
up. I don’t want the money! But God, how useful would that be? College, a home…I wouldn’t have to worry about
much for a while… And Kurt! I could
help Kurt with school—he wouldn’t have to worry about how to hide his true self
if I could help pay for one of those home study college programs!
Kitty felt excitement war with confusion in
her breast and decided that she needed to talk to the Professor as soon as
possible. It’s eleven o’clock? Will he still be up? Where is his room anyway? With disregard
to her state of undress, Kitty stuffed both letters in her pocket and hurried
from her room, phasing through the door in her abstraction. She sent out a tentative mental call to the
Professor and was met with silence. Is
he even here? He might be using
Lost in thought, Kitty ran
smack into Kurt, who was coming up the stairs after almost an hour of self
inflicted torture in the gym, working off the sexual frustration first begun on
the couch. “Kitty!”

“Huh? Oh!”
She seemed manic in his eyes, like she was a live w He was now officially concerned—Kitty was present at the meeting
earlier where Professor Xavier apprised the residents of the Institute on the
importance of this conference, how there would be policy decisions made there
that could affect any future laws pertaining to mutants. Kitty had even asked pertinent questions
about the people speaking at the conference and the topics being

“Um…I think
I remember that.” In truth, Kitty’s
mind felt like a hive of bees, buzzing with new information, creating mental
confusion with all the conflicting data.

what’s wrong?” Kurt tugged her by her
arm towards her room, intending to make her sit down at the very least.

nothing! Something could be very, very
right…” She broke away from him and did
a very uncharacteristic pique[6],
landing in a giggling heap on her bed.

“Have you
been into Lance’s funny cigarettes, Liebes?”
Kurt narrowed his eyes at his girlfriend and edged closer to the bed.

“No! Goofball!
I just got some maybe-good news!”
Kitty sat up and bounced on her bed, her hand shooting out to grab
Kurt’s wrist and drag him down to join her.

“Vas?” His
query was only a token protest—he readily kissed her and she gave as good as
she got. Quickly, she was lost in his
touch, responding to his gentle licks and nips with growing enthusiasm. “Katzchen,” he gasped, pulling away, “what
about waiting?” It was quite obvious
that the kissing was going to progress beyond simple making out that evening.

Kitty was
overcome by desire mixed with a giddy euphoria at the thought of how she could
help everyone she knew with her grandmother’s money. She looked at Kurt and saw the want in his features, how his
hands trembled with pent up desire and how his lips moved to speak her name
even though no sound emerged. “We, um,
we don’t have to have sex. Like you
said earlier. I just want to share how
happy I am right now and you’re what makes me happiest. If you really want to wait, go to bed now
and I’ll….get over it. Just don’t stay
here expecting…something that won’t happen.”

“What do
you want to happen?” Kurt did not
honestly care, so long as he got to touch her, to feel her and kiss her. Release was secondary to experiencing

“Just…us.” Kitty was so close that he could feel her
breath on his face.

She kissed him then, as his eyes
shut against the faint tickling she was causing. With their earlier activities still preying on their minds, the
two were soon lost in a tangle of limbs in the middle of Kitty’s bed. Kurt’s hand found her breast, covered by the
robe and long shirt she had on, giving the soft flesh a squeeze before throwing
his head back to receive her sharp nips along his jaw line. “Mein Gott! Kitty, I want to see you…”

“Kurt, you know what I said…” She continued her ministrations along his
neck and jaw despite her protests.

“I just have to see you…to look at
you…” Kurt moaned this last, almost in
pain from his state of arousal.

“You want to just look at me?” Kitty pulled away then, her arms anchoringr tor to Kurt.

“Ja…Is that okay?”

“Sure…look all you want.” She scooted out from under him and spread
her arms. I don’t get it, but okay…

“Um, Katzchen,” he said after a
long moment, “I meant naked.”



“Oh.” Sure, he had seen her naked before, but it was always in the
throes of passion, never just looking.

Kurt rose to his knees, resting on
his heels to regard Kitty despite his very obvious erection drawing her
attention. “I want to see all of you,
to…to explore you. To…make love to you with
my eyes.” Kurt ducked his head, hotly
aware of Kitty’s incredulous gaze.

“Oy. Um…” She felt hot and
cold all .

“Just wait for it, okay?” Nerves made her sound impatient and she
prayed that Kurt would not take it the wrong way. He seemed not to, rising to his knees again and staring at her
with yellow eyes wide open. Swallowing
against the golf ball sized lump in her throat, Kitty let her robe drop to
reveal her shoulders. Kurt sucked in a
deep breath and stopped her from continuing.
“Want me to wait?”

“Ja…just let ook.ook.” Kitty felt like she was under a microscope
but it was not entirely unpleasant since it was Kurt looking at her. She was acutely aware of real and imagined
blemishes, scars and her birthmark, shaped like a heart, that stood out vividly
on her shoulder blade. Unbidden, Kitty
turned so that Kurt could see what was revealed of her back, her neck racing
with gooseflesh at the feel of his eyes on her skin. When she faced him again, his eyes were hooded with a dark
emotion that bother teenagers were only beginning to understand. “More?”
Kitty nodded and let her robe drop a little further, the soft swell of
her breasts emerging from the folds of fabric.
Kurt made a strangled noise and moved forward on the bed a little, his
tail whipping back and forth unnoticed by his forebrain. Kitty went ahead and let the robe drop to
reveal her breasts entirely, earning a soft gasp and sigh from Kurt. “You are so beautiful, mein

“I’m not…not even close…” Kitty bowed her head and let her hair fall
over her eyes; she knew her skin was red from embarrassment. She did not like how she looked naked and
did not understand how Kurt could say such things to her. He’d never lie to me…maybe he’s got bad

“Kitty, to me, you’re perfect. Everything about you…” He got up off the bed then, pacing slowly
towards her so as not to startle her.
Kitty’s eyes were still pressed tightly closed but he knew that she was
aware of his proximity by the sudden tensing of her shoulders. “Katzchen, mein Schatz…” Tentativehe hhe hooked a finger through the
tie to her robe and pulled. Her hands
clutched at the fabric briefly before letting it go, the terry cloth falling to
the floor with a muted thump. Kurt
stepped back and felt stupefied, as if seeing her for the first time. I guess I am, in a way, he
thought. All the times they had been
together, he had never really just looked at her. Her head was still bowed and Kurt was put in
mind of a goddess, proud and ashamed at the same time. “You glow…your skin glows in the light…like
you’re marble or a jewel…”

“Kurt…please.” Her voice was shaky. “Don’t tell me things like that.”

“Why not? It’s true.” He was a
little taken aback. He had expected her
acceptance of his words, maybe a little rrasrrassment but acceptance.

“I’ve seen me. I’m pale, I’m soft, and I’m not all that interesting
to look at.” She pried her eyes open
then and forced them to meet Kurt’s, the fire burning in his making her gasp
and feel even more exposed than she thought possible.

“Your eyes shine like jewels,
too. Your lips are so soft and taste so
good…I have spent forever imagining your kisses, tasting your mouth and skin,
even before you were mine and I was yours.”
Kitty trembled visibly then and Kurt stepped so close that he could feel
that rat rising from her skin. “Even
under the smell of all your soap and shampoo, of all the perfume, I can still
smell you. Kitty let out a
strangled gasp then and a tear spilled down her cheek. Kurt brushed it away with his thumb and sank
his hand into her hair. “Engelchen,
what’s wrong?”

“Nothin! I’m just…just…” She
sniffled then and Kurt knew what he wanted to do more than anything.

“Can I touch you?”

“You are…”

“No…I mean…touch you.” He whispered this last, letting his lips
brush her ear. She nodded shakily and he pulled her to the bed. “Lie down.”
She did, crossing her arms over her stomach self-consciously. Kurt lay down along her length. “Close your eyes.” Kurt dropped small kisses on her eyelids, down her cheeks and
across her chin. He nibbled at each ear
and shushed her frantic moans as they rose in her throat. He trailed kisses down her neck and to her
shoulders, murmuring endearments the whole while. Kitty fairly vibrated with the feelings rocketing through her. She could not form words as Kurt’s mouth
made a trail across her shoulders, nipping and sucking at her collarbones and
then wending a path between her breasts, his body moving over hers and pressing
his arousal against her needy center.
She cried aloud, albeit softly, as he laved and suckled each breast in
turn, her heat welling in a damp ache against his own throbbing desire. Kurt fought back his own wants and licked
his way down her stomach, nuzzling her waist and navel, skirting around her sex
purposefully. He nipped the inside of
her thighs and she moaned his name, her limbs shaking visibly. Kurt made his way down to her ankles,
licking and kissing the whole while. He
chanced a look at her face as he reached her feet and had to stop and catch his
breath at the sheer, wanton desire and love playing across her features. Driving anew to make her believe his words
from earlier, Kurt dropped small kisses along her insteps and toes, eliciting a
giggle amidst her gasps. Slowly, more
slowly than before, he made his way back up her legs, nipping harder with his
sharp canines, drawing new, desperate nerve responses from Kitty’s brain. When he got to her knees, he stopped and let
his eyes find the source of her desire and his goal; Kitty’s scent intoxicated
him and the sight of her slick, hot center made his brain loose all coherent
function. Lever himself slightly, Kurt
whispered her name against the dark curls protecting her core. She cried his name then, arching her hips to
meet his mouth. Kurt made love to her
then, drawing every response imaginable from her, from the purely feminine to
the virtually animal, her nails scoring the back of his neck and his name
emerging from her lips alternately as a growl or soft cry. Her release against his mouth trigger his
own, the warmth seeping down the his front as he gasped against her ultra-sensitive
nether regions. Kitty cried out in
second release as his tongue laved her pearl of desire frantically, his hips
grinding against the sheets in desperate need.
After several gasping moments, Kurt moved to lay next to Kitty again,
pulling her against him spoon-fashion.
“Now do you believe me?” Kitty
could not manage a coherent phrase so she merely nodded. “I love you, Kitty. More than life itself, I think.” She nodded again and he knew that she was
telling him that she felt the same way.
His fluids were quickly becoming cold and uncomfortable against his skin
and he knew that Kitty could feel the damp press against her backside. “Let me go clean up and I’ll be back, okay?”

“Mmm,” was all she could
manage. Kurt ‘ported away then,
returning several minutes later through the door. “You okay?”

“Ja…just too tired to ‘port
back…” He stepped on something then,
something that crinkled. “Hey, you
didn’t open your cousins’ letter…Katzchen?” She was already asleep, softly
snoring into the pillow. Kurt smiled
and lay next to her, only intending to lay there for a little bit. Well, the letter will keep until
morning. No one sends anything urgent
through the mail, anyway…


A/N Had to throw smut in


sha-loam khavareem (if you can’t make the “kh” sound, huh is fine…just in case
you wanted to say it ever) It’s from a very haunting Israeli/Jewish folk song
and means “Peace, my friend.” The whole
song is a round and the words (in English) are “Peace, my friend(s) until we
meet again.” Bergen County Band has a
wonderful version of it…

[2] Electroshock
therapy is not widely used and is much more controlled than in previous decades
but can still be damaging in the wrong hands.
For some people it is very good treatment but for others…

[3] people

[4][5] Salt peter
inhibits male arousal. The military
used to put it in food to keep the men in line…

[6] Quite a nice
spin-move in ballet and other forms of dance where the dancer steps out, pointing
their toes and drawing their other leg up to their inner thigh. They spin as they draw themselves upright on
the pointed leg and then extend the drap lep leg to repeat the action. Covers quite a bit of area in a dance.

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