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“NO!” Kitty was on her feet, fists pounding
against Magneto, thumping solidly against an all-too-real chest. “Zedye was never a Nazi guard! You lie!
You’re trying to make me frightened!
Fuck you, Magneto! Fuck
you!” She sobbed harshly and landed a
heavy-handed slug against his jaw, making Magento’s eyes narrow in sudden
anger. Kitty found herself swung off
her feet and slammed against the nearest wall.

“You listen
to me and you listen well—your life is mine now. You were mine since before you were born, you were mine since
before you knew of your gift…How unfortunate,” he hissed close to her ear,
“that your special gift is so useless.”

His words
found it’s intended mark—Kitty’s pride was stricken to the core. How did he know? How did he know how useless I feel?
Rallying quickly, she jerked her face away from Magneto’s voice and spit at
him. Her voice low and as vicious as
she could make it, Kitty growled “I belong to no one!”

surprised her then. He laughed. “Of course you do, child. You belong to me. In exchange for not revealing him to the proper authorities, in
exchange for never revealing hart art in the, what’s the term? Oh, yes—crimes against humanity—your
grandfather gave me his granddaughters.”

Kitty struggled
in vain then, the veins in her neck bulging under Magneto’s iron grip. “I was never his to give or keep!” A sickening thought occurred to her then,
one that made her suddenly hang limp, her breath being squeezed from her
throat. “Where’s Ruth?”

smiled beatifically, like a tiger sighting prey. “In time, my dear…in time…”
He dropped her, letting her fall in a heap onto the cold metal flooring. Kitty bit her lip to keep from sobbing,
tasting the blood that rose through the small tears in the tender flesh. A memory of kissing Kurt swam through the
panic in her brain, of kissing him and his fangs nipping her lower lip, the
feel of his tongue lapping at the small drop of blood. No matter what happens now, I’m in
him. She closed her eyes tightly
against the sight of Magneto’s booted feet cris-crossing the room, readying one
of the pallets. Her mind flashed
through images of her best beloved: Kurt smiling at his his teeth pressing
into his lower lip in that way that made her heart skip a beat, Kurt leaning in
close to whisper to her, sitting in the
library reading some comic book behind the text he was supposed to be studying,
twining his fingers through her hair as they lay on his bed, whispering so
softly that they could barely hear each other; Kitty’s mental slide show flashed
through every single memory she had of Kurt, even the bad ones, making the
tears lodged in her eyes spill over onto her cheeks. “Now, Kitty,” Magneto’s voice came very close to her ear, “don’t
cry for what cannot be changed…”

I want
Kurt…”Please….let me go. Let us go…” She was positive now that Ruth was somewhere
in Magneto’s prison, positive that her cousin needed her.

afraid, my dear, that is quite impossible.
As I said, you are to be the final test for my grand experiment…come
along.” He dragged her to her feet and
took her to the contraption along the far wall. She tried to go limp, break Magneto’s hold again, but Kitty found
herself being manhandled into the manacles, her ankles, and her thighs
first. Kitty gave into the inevitable
and slumped against the metal as Magneto pressed his shoulder against her ribs
to hold her upright while he fastened the restraint over her hips tightly, making
her bend awkwardly at the waist as he adjusted the shoulder and arm straps
before making her stand straight. “Now be
a good girl…” Kitty held her breath, the
snaps of the restraints sounding like gunshots to her ears. Stepping back to admire his work, Magneto
smiled—a genuine smile that made Kitty cringe.
His eyes traveled from her tear-streaked face to her neck, widening with
surprise for a brief moment before the smile faded. “You wear this as if it can help you…” One aged finger lifted her necklace from her sweater. “It never helped me.” He let it drop with a dismissive snort.

“It isn’t
yours to help or harm…” Kitty did not
think he heard her but the pause as he walked away told her otherwise. She braced for rebuttal, but none came. Magneto merely left the room, making Kitty
feel horribly aware of her aloneness. She
tried to drop her head but the restraints stopped her, making her bark out a
cry of frustration. “Fuck!” Damn that drug…what the Hell was it? How did he get it? Grand experiment…sounds sinister. How long does this take to wear off? She tested her wrist restraints, only getting chaffed for her
trouble. Was that a little give I
felt? Damn it, of all the times not to
be double jointed or all flexy like Kurt or Jubilee…why did I have to have such
huge bones? Kitty wriggled one
foot, fully aware that she was most likely being watched. “Shit!” she hissed, sagging again as much as
the restraints would let her. Another
careful test of her wrist restraints showed her that, yes, there was some
intermingling of molecules but she was nowhere near full power. She gasped and refocused her energy to being
solid, the effort it took to phase while the chemical was in her system too
much for her overworked nerves. God
save me…I don’t think anyone else can.

was nearly in a doze keeping an eye on Ruth.
The girl had been sitting in the same corner of the room for two hours,
staring at nothing and everything. The
monochromatic monitors did nothing to keep Mystiques attention but stare at
them she did, wary now of Magneto’s ire.
Ruth moved slightly and the blue woman came to attention, turning up the
volume on the monitor. A creaking joint
was heard clearly as Ruth stood, obviously shaking from the effort. She has been overusing her powers these
past few days…Magneto needs to calm down over this… Mystique felt an almost
guilty twinge at this thought, but it was gone in a blink. Ruth was pacing slowly, very slowly, along
the wall next to her bed, trailing her fingers along the cool metal paneling.
She stopped after the fourth pass and turned stiltedly towards the camera in
the upper corner of the room, near the door.
See me, girl? I see you…

Ruth bared
her teeth in a sudden show of fierce anger, something new since she had been
imprisoned. “I know you’re there!”

could not help herself: she grinned broadly in the dim room. Casually flipping the intercom switch,
Mystique purred, “Good…do you know why you’re there?”


learning…Destroy who?”


“Too broad,
child…Destroy who?” Mystique
felt giddy—get this right!



“She’s the
linchpin. My proving grounds. A catalyst.” She spoke stiffly, reciting a litany of memorized phrases.

licked her lips in anticipation. “You
repeat your lessons well…we just have to see you you execute them.”


Amara let
Toad help her out onto the narrow ledge outside her window, dropping his hand
as soon as she had her balance. She
eyed the ground warily and Toad sensed a tremor of fear as she noted the
distance between them and the earth.
Lance made a snorting noise and nudged the now-struggling white bundle
at his feet. Toad rolled his eyes and made a potentially dangerous
decision. “Hold on!” he said, gripping
Amara tightly around her slender waist and pushing off from the ledge. Amara made a squeaking noise and briefly
clung to his neck as Toad bounded from the ledge to the ground in one swift
movement, landing in a crouch with little jostling to her fragile, fractured
skull. Under Lance’s hard stare, Todd
released Amara quickly but carefully, not quite the jerk most people thought
him to be. “Here ya go.”

straightened herself, thrusting her chin out in a royal manner. “Thank you…Todd…” The name was a struggle
for her, the urge to call him Toad or something worse strong in her mind.

He flushed
hotly and muttered, “No problem, yo…I mean, No problem, Amara…” before ducking
his head to avoid Lance’s imperious gaze.

the taller youth whispered, taking several tentative steps towards his
girlfriend, hands outstretched but not grasping, reserved even in an onslaught
of passionate feelings. Mine now…now
you can’t turn me away…now you have to see!

me!” Amara’s voice was light and sharp with excitement, making Todd’s ears
prick and his back almost straighten. When
he looked up, Lance was smiling like a lovesick dope and kneeling next to the
Tabitha-heavy bundle. “We’re close—too close—to
the house so be quiet!” Amara rasped, her hands clasped behind her back as if
she were awaiting a grand present.

Lance fumbled once with the knots
but soon pulled back the sheet to reveal Tabitha’s sweat-soaked, red face. Sucking in deep, gulping breaths, Boom Boom
tried to heave herself upwards only to be forced back down by Lance’s
hand. Her eyes found Todd, pale against
the darkness and obvious in his distance from the group. “Toad!
Get me outta here! I won’t kill
ya…I promise!” Despite her bravado, she
sounded less like herself, scared, even.

Amara gave Todd a sharp look that
stilled him. Bending low so that her
hair brushed Tabitha’s face and made her nose itch, the Nova Roman hissed, “His
name is Todd.”

A trio of voices chorused “What?”
but Amara waved a hand, brushing them away.
“Tabby, you’ve been a very naughty girl…”[1]
Tabitha’s face slid into a mask of terrified shock. Amara let the world fall away, becoming the proud princess she
once was, kneeling regally next to her prone subject. She held her hands out as if she were cradling a baby, her eyes
rolled upwards to gaze at the stars.
All surrounding her looked on as she slowly began to rock back and
forth, murmuring “Poena” over and over for almost a minute. After a long time, she turned her eyes to
Tabitha. “You don’t know my gods, do

“What?” Tabitha had the good sense to stop struggling—she knew that even
if she got free, Amara would be on her in a second.

“Her gods, “ Lance murmured, his
eyes wide and hands clenched, focusing solely on Amara. Todd crept closer and tried to remain
unobtrusive. “She wants to know if you
know about Nova Roman gods.”

Tabitha’s jaw fell slack and she
stared up at Amara, beginning to regret her attack on the girl and trying like
mad to formulate a plan for escape. “No,”
she answered softly. Maybe if I
scream, someone will come out and save me…Damn it. The one time you need a freak, the only one nearby is

“Too bad…I think Poena would be
quite interested in you…She’s the goddess of vengeance, you know. Wait, you didn’t did you?” Amara rose and
began circling Tabitha, eyeing her clinically.
“I wanted to kill you.”

Todd and Lance both noted the past
tense of the verb, but they could not help the sudden tenseness in their
muscles, waiting to spring forward and break up a murder if need be. “Wanted?” Tabby asked.

“Wanted. But I decided,” Amara leaned in close again, “that would be too
good for you…I want to make you feel pain like I did, I want you to know how it
feels to hurt, all the way down to your soul.”

“Amara, man…er, woman…be careful,
yo?” Todd husked. He did not like the
way things were looking and apparently, neither did Lance. At some unspoken signal, the two boys moved
as one, reaching out to grasp Amara’s arms.
She saw their shadows coming and, gritting her teeth against discomfort
that came with her healing body, flamed up.
Lance flinched slightly but forced himself to stand in place. Todd winced and stepped back, circling
around behind Amara and Lance to come up on Tabby’s other side…just in case, he

“Amara,” Lance said in a low,
warning tone.

“No, Lance…It’ okay. I’m not going to hurt her.” Amara still had not taken her eyes off of
the blonde, seeming to devour every nuance of the girl. “In fact, come here…” She held out a hand to
him and he came like an obedient puppy.

Todd knew what was coming was
something he did not want to be a part of but he could not bring himself to
leave. Instead, he crouched down and nudged
Tabitha on what he guessed was her arm.
She turned scared eyes to him and he tried to give her an encouraging
look, but she just shook her head and turned away. Fine…she don’t want my help, she don’t get it… Whatever
good will he had been feeling towards her was gone and he moved back a few
paces, giving Amara room.

“What do you want me to do?” Lance had a death grip on Amara’s small
hand, so desperate was he to touch her.
She’s like a drug to me…


“What?” Lance seemed startled, as did Todd. Amara’s voice was a silken purr and Tabitha seemed to be
confused. She narrowed her eyes at the
Nova Roman and wriggled hard, working a shoulder free of the bindings. “Sit still, Boom Boom!” Lance snapped before
turning back to his girlfriend.

“I want to hurt her, maker her soul
bleed…Todd, think you can get her up to my room the same way you got me down?” Amara turned quick, wet eyes to the boy
known as Toad, her breath coming in short hitches.

“Uh, yeah….” He was about to add “But
I don’t want to!” when Amara gave him a dazzling smile that made her seem
almost human.

“Good…Get her up there and
wait. Lance and I will be along
shortly.” Keeping Lance’s hand tight in
her own, Amara disappeared into the darkness around the mansion.

“Toad…Todd…let me go! Get me outta here!” Tabitha tried her damnedest to look
innocent, forcing tears to trickle down her cheeks.

Todd glowered at her and bit out, “You’ve
fucked me over too many times, Tabby. I
owe you now loyalty!” With a quick movement, he covered her mouth with his
green goop, something Tabby was coming to expect and dread with each encounter. He scooped her up and noted she was heavier
than Amara, telling her so just to get a rise out of her. Before she could get too physical, he had
leapt to the ledge and bobbled, the extra weight throwing off his balance. Todd scrambled for a moment and found
purchase, pulling himself up and into the room with Tabby in tow. He landed somewhat heavily on the floor and
paused to hear if his thud had rousey suy suspicions. Hearing no thundering footsteps or shouting voices, He dragged
Tabby to the bed and heaved her up there. She was crying angrily, her eyes
flaying him so that he chose not to remove the layer of organic slime over her
mouth. “Keep your trap shut, huh?” he
smirked. Amara’s door slowly opened,
making Todd duck for cover until he realized it was merely Amara and Lance
sneaking in. “Took you long enough…”

“Had to sneak in the back,” Lance
explained, eyeing Tabby. “Now what?”

Amara smiled gently at Lance before
turning to Todd. “You really shouldn’t
be here for this part, but we may need you to help get her back to the
Seeing his chance to break
away from a potential felony, Todd said “I saw the lake—I could go hide down
near there, yo.”

“Good…good…Go and do that…Don’t be
seen!” Amara murmured, turning her attention back to her captive. Todd’s departure scarcely made a blip on her
radar as she considered her options.

Lance licked his lips
nervously. Amara had not said a word
all the way into the house. She had
silenced his questions with one look and he followed meekly, letting her wend
them through a maze of corridors and empty rooms until they reached her own
bedroom without anyone seeing them. He
had heard crying in some rooms and murmured conversation in others, but Amara
did not offer to tell him what was going on so he let it go, filing it away as
a question to be asked later. “Baby,
what’re you going to do?” He noted
perversely how Tabby’s eyes flamed when he called Amara “baby,” and he had an
inkling now as to Amara’s plan.

“We are going to play…Tabby
likes games. She likes it rough, don’t
you, blondie? She likes to see me get
hit…and wouldn’t you know it? I like to
get hit…in certain situations.” Amara
turned to Lance and pressed her small frame against his lanky one. He could feel her turgid nipples through the
thin fabric of their summer-weight clothes.
“I want to play a game, Lance, and I want her to watch.”


A/N I promise—Kurt in the next
chapter…the next one will most likely be kinda long, too!



[1] The line is
actually “You’ve been a very naughty little girl” (I think). Either way, it’s from the movie of INTERVIEW

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