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Rogue felt
dark and alone, even though she was in a relatively crowded room. Jean was still abed and Scott hovered nearby
like a nervous mother hen, seeming on the verge of shooing people away if they
came too close. Jean was fussing,
saying she felt fine, that she could get up, and Beast even concurred. Scott, however, all but ordered her to lay
down. “Geez, Scott—can she pee on her
own or are ya gonna help her with that, too?” Rogue snarked.

“Now, now,
Rogue…he’s just concerned,” Beast soothed.
“You seem…touchy.”

_Got a
dose of Tabby…can’t be nice right now… _ “PMS,” she lied.

Beast eyed
her assessingly. “Hmmm…see me later,
Rogue. I need to discuss something with

yeah…” Rogue squeezed her eyes shut—Tabitha’s thoughts and feelings were
fighting to come through and she was having a Hellish time repressing them
all. “You feelin’ better Jean? Cuz if you are, I’m going to sleep…”

‘It’s only
seven o’clock…” Jean said, eyeing her bedside alarm.

tired…” Rogue managed, staggering to her feet.

“Ow…” Jean
had a sudden flash from Rogue’s thoughts, a confused jumble of red and black
and white, masking sadness and anger. “Rogue…”

Southern girl knew she had projected from the look on Jean’s faceNothNothing, Jean…nothing.”

going on?” Scott deman ale alert suddenly.
He looked from Rogue to Jean and back,
his hands tightening on Jean’s forearm.

Summers!” Rogue snapped, clapping a hand over her mouth at her angry tone. “Look, gotta go…see ya in the morning…” She bolted then, leaving three confused
mutants in her wake. She made it to her
room in record time, slamming the door shut behind her. _Fuck fuck fuck fuck. She’s in my head and I hate her…she fucked
Pietro! Mine, damn it! It’s his fault too…he didn’t just trip and
fall and oops! His dick landed in
her! He was actively participating… _ Rogue curled into her quilt, drawing it
up over her head. She cried quietly,
ashamed to admit even to herself how badly she hurt inside. She kept seeing the image of Pietro and
Tabby, entwined and sweaty, red with passion, playing over and over on her
eyelids. A tiny voice in her head said
to talk to Todd…he would understand and let her rave all she wanted…but she
ignored the voice and bit her lip to keep from sobbing. Todd had stayed there,
she remembered. He was lurking in the
study, alone, refusing to come out for fear of getting jumped by one of the X Men. Rogue could not convince him to go home and
finally gave up after the sixth try.
Lance had hung out with him for a while until Todd made the mistake of
mentioning Amara. A goofy look crossed
Lance’s face and he made his excuses, leaving Todd alone in short order. Rogue
almost laughed, remembering the look on both boys’ faces, but Pietro popped in
again and she swallowed hard. _Bastard. _ She kicked off her quilt in anger and rolled flat onto her
back. _Only one way to get this
done…Let it flow… _ Rogue found
that pretty much the only way to stop the torment of someone else’s mind in her
own was to let the memories play out, to let the experience exhaust itself and
by proxy, her. She was almost always
depressed afterwards and bone-weary. _ Fine,
Tabby…fuck you and the horse you rode in on.
Give me what you got…_


Jean sighed
and rolled her eyes at Beast when she was sure Scott was not looking. Beast merely chuckled and wrote something in
his notebook before returning to her bedside.
“Rest tonight and tomorrow, we’ll see what’s what. You should be able to return to almost full
activity, but your physicality will be compromised…”

soccer,” she said sadly.

soccer,” came Scott’s firm confirmation.

important that you take it easy…you’ll be sore for a while. You might find it difficult to get
comfortable at night, especially if you sleep on your side or stomach…” Beast
was almost out the door when he threw this over his shoulder.

Jean felt
herself frown. _Great. I can’t levitate in my sleep so now what am
I supposed to do? _ “Okay…” After a few more murmured instructions,
Beast left Scott and Jean alone.

sleeper, aren’t you?”

seen me…” Jean felt grumpy all of a
sudden, as opposed to just tired and sore.
“Damn it!”

come on…calm down…” Scott tried to hand her a glass of water but was the
recipient of a cool glare.

“Don’t call
me Jeannie…”

sorry…” Scott sighed sadly and folded
his hands in his lap.

Jean looked
at him from the corner of one eye and her heart melted. _He looks like a lost little boy… _ “C’mere,” she scooted painfully to the far
side of the bed and patted the bare spot on the mattress.

“You sure?”
he asked, but he was already moving, carefully, slowly, placing his weight just
so on the mattress. Jean still
winced as the bed shifted slightly and Scott noticed, feeling guilty as he
settled next to her, taking care not to touch her side. “Is this okay?” He slid an arm around her
shoulders and she smiled.

fine…” she sucked in a breath and leaned sideways, resting her head on his
shoulder. “You want to know what I


okay…I’d rather tell you than anyone else…”
Jean tilted her chin to look at Scott’s face, taking in the features she
knew like the back of her hand. Her
gaze lingered for a moment on his lips and she felt a flush rise on her neck at
the sliver of abandon she felt at thinking lustful thoughts instead of
carefully controlled ones. _Get on
with it so you can get to the fun parts, Jean _ , she snapped to

“I know
about the Kitty nearly drowning part…” he whispered. “Don’t tell me again…”
Seeing Kitty when she came in with Kurt had been like a knife to his
heart. It made her seem closer to Death
in his mind than she had ever been before.
He felt guilty for not being able to deal with the reality of Kitty’s
situation and knew that he would one day see things more horrific happen to
people he cared about and mentally chided himself for feeling this

Jean felt
his self loathing and slid her arm across his waist. “Don’t…I’m scared, too…and, if you really want to know,” she
lowered her voice conspiratorially, “so are the adults.” She felt Scott’s start of surprise then
relaxation as her words sank in. “Don’t
you want to know why?”

“Kitty?” he

“Worse…” She tugged on his arm, bringing his ear to
her mouth. tiqutique has been here…she
may still be here.”

Scott was
up and moving before he knew his feet were on the ground. “Where?” he demanded, striding to the door.

Sit!” Jean barked, sending spikes of
pain through her body as she jostled her broken ribs. “I don’t know!”

“What do
you mean you don’t know?” he demanded, the scowl on his face as black as

“I mean…”
she gritted out, struggling to her feet before Scott could stop her, “ that _I
don’t know!” _

“Jean!” His
anger was transformed into concern as he tried to edge her back to the bed.

listen to me! The woman who came in
with the others…she was Mystique. No
one knows where she went. The Professor
knows it was her.”

“What do we
do?” he asked harshly, face lowered and fists clenched.

“We wait…”


Kurt woke
to the sound of splashing and a small gasp of pain. “Katzchen?” he whispered groggily. Sleeping in the same bed with her had felt as natural as
breathing and he was not at all surprised that her lack of presence in bed made
him feel bereft. “What are you doing?”

she whispered back. “Washing.” Her words had a tight quality that made Kurt
realize she was in some discomfort and bring him to his feet.

In the dim light of the room, he
saw Kitty leaning ast tst the sink that Beast used for washing his hands, her
clothes on the floor beside her and the bandage over her shoulder peeled back,
hanging by a corner. Kurt took a moment
to yawn wide and rub the sleep from his eyes before half-staggering to her
side. “Katzchen, you should be in bed,”
he murmured, close enough to feel the warmth of her skin and smell the
antiseptic soap she was using to scrub at the dried dirt decorating her

“Not tired…I just want to get this
all off of me…” she said, scrubbing at a streak of blood down her arm. “I can’t stand the thouof tof this….this
stuff all over me! It’s like it’s
holding me in place.”

Kurt sighed softly and slid his
arms around Kitty’s bare waist, bringing a halt to her scrubbing by drawing her
to his chest. Kissing her lightly on
her shoulder blade, he said, “That soap will make you itchy.”

“Can’t be helped,” she muttered,
dropping her hands to lay atop his where they rested, interlaced over her
navel. “That’s all he has down here.”

Kurt inhaled deeply of her skin,
happy that she was alive and not caring that the scent he loved so much was
hidden beneath antiseptics and the dirt Beast did not clean off in his hurry to
tend to her wound. “If you’re not
tired,” he said slowly, almost not daring to speak his thought, “I can help you
upstairs…to your own room. You can shower
there. I’ll keep an eye on you so you
don’t fall…”

“An eye on me?” she responded
softly, an arrow of heat shivering down her belly. _Hey—I’m alive after all… _

“Innocent, of course. I promise, Schatz.” Kurt turned his hands over to grasp
hers. “I’m rested…I have something in
my stomach…I can ‘port…”

“Was Astrid here earlier? I remember
hearing her…” Kitty asked a tad nervously.

“She’s here,” he confirmed,
suddenly remembering that he never went to see her as promised. “In fact, I should go let her know that
you’re okay.”

“Do that. I’ll make my way up on my own…won’t do to get lazy…” She tried to
pull away but his strong grip stopped her.

“Let me, Katzchen…Please?” _Let me help you—I need to help you…Show
you…please? _ He trembled and
chanced another kiss against her shoulder blade.

Kitty sighed. “I missed you Fuzzy….Okay. But no more porting tonight…”

“Promise,” he whispered a mere second before they
vanished, leaving Kitty’s clothes in a pile on the floor. Kitty’s knees went a little wobbly as they
appeared in her room and Kurt shook woozily, letting her go to sit on the bed
as he tried to gain his senses.
“Liebes, I have to get real food in my system…”

“I understand…Tell you what…Go eat,
let me nap then come back. I think do
need rest…”

“Be here when I come back?” he
asked unnecessarily, seeing her eyelids droop even as she tried to remain
upright, nude as she was on the unmade bed.



Astrid was only mildly surprised
when Kurt knocked on her door. He had a
mouth of of something and an armful of snacks. “Kurti…” she said, subdued but eager. “Sit, sit…” Kurt edged past his mother and deposited himself on
her bed, dropping his armful of food in his lap.

Astrid took a seat next to him, leaning against the
headboard and taking up his tail in a gesture she had not performed since Kurt
was much younger. “Warum passiert sowas immer nur dir?”

Kurt sighed. “Ich hab einfach nur Glück...” he said
around a mouthful of food.

“Das ist noch nicht mal ansatzweise
lustig” Astrid snapped.[1] Kurt’s wide eyes told her that he realized
he had gone too far. “Sorry…Kurt, you
have no idea how worried I was…how worried we all were…”[2]

“I know, Mamma…I was worried about
Kitty. I know how much it hurts…” Kurt
swallowed his last mouthful of apple and snuggled againis mis mother. “I wanted to die.”

“No matter how much that hurt,
Kurti, thinking that your own child, your heart, is missing hurts a thousand
times more.”

Kurt shook his head
emphatically. “Nothing could hurt more
than this did…Kitty is my heart….when she was gone…Oh, Mamma…I wanted to
die. I felt like I was so empty. I wanted to fold in on myself and just go
away…” Tears tracked down his face and
her buried it against his mother’s neck.

“Kurt…” Astrid was at a loss for
words. She had known Kurt loved Kitty
but hearing the extent of his pain made hers flare anew, knowing how deeply he
loved the girl made her at once weary and proud.

“How long are you going to be
here?” he finally asked, sniffing back more tears.

“As long as I need to be…” was her
reply. She smoothed Kurt’s hair back
from his brow and kissed him soundly on the cheek. “You need to go to bed.
You’re not going to school tomorrow—I’ll see to it myself if I have to!”

Against his feelings, Kurt chuckled. “Jawohl, Mamma!” He eased off the bed and kissed his mother goodnight. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

“No running off to fight evil or
whatever it is you kids do…” she teased.

returned her wan smile and gathered his snacks back up. He gave her one final kiss before he let
himself out of the room and hurried to Kitty’s room. _Be awake, be awake…

baby,” Kitty said softly from somewhere to his right. He whipped around to face her and felt a familiar surge of
desire. Kitty was sitting at her
vanity, dragging a brush through her tangled hair. She was still naked but had ceased to care about that fact long
before. Her skin was just something to
hold her bones together at this point, she thought. “See Astrid?”

“Ja,” Kurt
breathed. “Let me?” he strode to her,
throwing his food carelessly onto her bed before taking the brush from
her. “Bath or shower?”

“Bath would
be nice but I don’t want to soak in dirty water…” Kitty closed her eyes as Kurt’s dexterous fingers worked on a
nasty tangle.

“I think
you got a lot of the dirt off downstairs,” he murmured, rising lust subsumed
momentarily by concentration on the knot of hair.

“Still…” Kitty yelped as he pulled on the knot.

Liebes…” Kurt sighed and dropped the
hank of hair. “Shower first, then I’ll
comb your hair.” Kitty submitted to his
lead, letting him guide her to the half-bath and start the water, checking it’s
temperature before motioning her into the stall. “It’s nice aarm…arm…”

moaned involuntarily at the feeling of the water on her tired flesh. “Mmmm…this feels so good!”

Kurt sucked
in a breath through his teeth and closed his eyes. _She’s hurt…don’t even think it, Kurt! _ When he opened his eyes, Kitty was staring
at him through the barely-fogged glass of the shower stall door. “Was?”

“Can you,
ah, scrub my back?” she asked
meekly. Kurt was in the shower before
his brain could fully form a coherent answer.
“That’s a yes…”

“I’ll be
good, Katzchen…” _Good-good, not* Good-good * …unless
you want me to be…just ask and I’ll be your willing slave… _

curved her spine, making the wound on her shoulder gape anew. With a hiss of pain she jerked away, making
Kurt jump back. “Damn it!” she
snapped. “That burns!”

it’s a fresh wound…it’ll hurt for a while…”
Kurt found that he could not look at the sore, evidence of her
ordeal. It was the size of a quarter
and ragged, deep into her shoulder, stopping only where it hit bone. Beast had said that stitches would do
nothing, let the wound drain. _Draining
sounds awful. Kitty should never have
to drain… _ Kurt shuddered and focused on Kitty’s neck. “Are you okay?”

just need to bandage it later…” With a
forced sigh, she straightened and indicated that Kurt should continue. “Please?”

nodded, dimly aware that she could not hear him. _Huh…still dressed _ , he realized. _Don’t care…Kitty needs me… _ With careful hands, he soaped her back with
the lavender wash she loved to use, making patterns with trailing fingers in
the suds on Kitty’s pale flesh. “Where did these marks come from?”

shuddered and almost did not respond, then sighed. “Honestly? I can’t quite
remember…the Professor said I was blocking things…parts I don’t remember must
have been painful or really bad…I remember Ruth, and Mystique…she left me to
drown…” her voice shook and she hunched again, this time clutching at her
stomach in silent anger and residual fear.
“Magneto…I know he has Ruth…I know I’m not supposed to be here…”

dropped the sponge with a wet splat and, heedless of his already-wet clothes,
pulled Kitty to him. “Liebes, you are
supposed to be here…I don’t know how it happened, but somehow you were brought
here, you escaped and you were saved.
As far as I’m concerned, you aren’t ever supposed to be anywhere else. Always with me…” he rambled against the nape of her neck.

“Me to
Kitty husked.
Kurt felt
his need rise against her bottom and pulled away, feeling a hot rush of
shame. “I’m so sorry…”

“Don’t be!”
she cried, turning to face him. She
pulled him close again and pressed her face to his chest. “I missed you…I knew you would save me…”

I didn’t save you…I just found you!” Kurt felt like crying again as he hugged
her tightly.

“You saved
me the day I fell in love with you. If
I didn’t have you,” she whispered against his e“I n“I never could have made
it. With you, I have something to live
for. I knew I couldn’t go on without
you and I knew you would never be at rest if I died. I lived for you…”



A/N Ruth’s in the
next chapter—I promise!


[1] In
order…”Why are these things always happening to you?”

lucky, I guess.”

not even close to being funny.”

[2] Just pretend
it’s in German…

[3] Erk. Another line from Bujold. A Civil Campaign. Miles rules!

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